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Help and support needed.Paul Hill
Britannia with driverPeter Baldwin
Stowmarket Model Railway Exhibition 2017Christopher Martin
Scarborough Model Railway ShowChristopher Martin
Modely H0e: Výstava železničních modelů KŽM P7 Bubny na Smíchově 2017Milan Koleckar

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Cymru, 2018. Dydd 4 Dydd Mawrth 14eg o Awst, 2018. We must have all been very tired after our 10km walk yesterday because we've only just got up! Time for breakfast and then off for the day! We're all a bit sluggish today, but we're finally on our way!

Still more thoughts on frittering I have written several posts over the years spanned by this blog, about the general topic of planning, and about getting things done. One obstacle for many of us, certainly including me, is what I call "frittering," meaning occupying oneself with lots of little and moderately necessary tasks, instead of digging into big ones.

Sentinel Steam Loco 7109 In conversation after the formalities, I met Norman Smedley… After the retirement of the two 7109-like Sentinel locos in Brazil in October 2014, they have now been moved from the Amsted-Maxion Steelwo… Back in April 2013, in a previous article, I wrote about the curved main steam pipe which was to be remade by Mendip Steam Restorations.

Some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge. I have been doing some work on some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge. Are grain operations the industrial shunting layouts of today?

Marukomushinia kitbash makeover It was my late Father's birthday today, so this weekend I revamped the small kitbash I made in his honor. I wanted to make it look a bit less like a market with a building on top of it. :::grin::: The origial was just that - a market with a building popped on top.

Making sawdust I managed to find some time this past week to get a start on the benchwork for "Phase 1." The Ivar shelves are working out pretty much as expected. I did need to lower the grid framework to clear a light switch. Murphy's Law saw to it that the height of the Ivar shelves would have put the benchwork dead center on the light switches!

"Evening Star' - Class 66-style! Due for release about now is the Graham Farish N gauge Class 66 finished as GBRf No. 66 779 'Evening Star'. Named after the 9F locomotive of the same name, the choice of name was made with this particular EMD Class 66 being the last to roll off the production line in common with the last BR Standard 9F No.

UNIMOG ODYSSEY, Part 2 Last month, I posted a blog about a 1/24 scale Revell kit that I'd started, of a Mercedes Benz Unimog. While the kit is not without its challenges, I've managed to make significant progress, with the chassis now assembled and painted, ready to receive the bodywork.

Fun for all as Stafford railway show back on track The club's first open day was set for December last year, but had to be postponed due to heavy snowfall. It was soon rearranged for a scorching July weekend of this year, but despite the hot weather members deemed it a success. Director of Stafford Railway Circle Ian Rae joked the day was helped along by two huge industrial fan blowers.

Century Castings Commlock I've built a lot of models, but never had a go at a full-size film or TV prop before. One of my favourite TV shows is Gerry Anderson's Space 1999 - at least series one of this before the curse of Fred Freiberger hit. It had the best looking and most practical spaceship in the Eagle Transporter and the special effects were great.

Project 1F Part 2 Moving on to the body of my 1F i removed the plumbing on the right side as my chosen prototype didn't have vacuum brakes. I also replaced the splashers with scale sized ones from Brassmasters. I decided that the lamp irons were a bit too chunky so replaced those too.

Book Review Time Among other things I've been reading, I picked up a copy of "A West Coast Engineman" by Ian Tibbles. Ian was a fireman on the west coast from 1962 to the end of steam in mid 1969. In this time he worked on every line on the coast. There's a good collection of photo's in the 250 odd pages.

Thanks Allan Click on the photo to enlarge There are many ways to weather models, here's a Dapol water tower/tank kit after a blast of a few primers. I usually start with the black and mist over the other shades. The yellow filler primer is fairly new to me, you can use it for lightly misting over Model trees along with the red for an early autumn look too.

Manx Trasnport Hertiage museum, Peel Tucked away among the smelly kipper factories on Peel quayside, is the Manx Transport Heritage Museum. Houses in a small brickworks office, it's a treasure trove of delights. The most famous exhibit is a P50 microcar. Built just over the bridge, it's what most visitors will have come to see.

Low Cost Inspiration I've always been of the belief that seaside shops selling all manner of cheap toys ought to be a source of low cost modelling opportunities. I think this belief was instilled in me many years ago on an early trip to Cleethorpes whilst I was deep in bus modelling territory.

Video of an operating session on my layout Last spring, one of the young operators in our area, Adam Palmer, did a school project to make videos of operating sessions at some local layouts. All have now been posted on YouTube.

Terminus in a Box Some progress with a little Colonel Stephens style branch line terminus commission. Next to go in will be the backscene which is currently at the printers and some brighter than normal LED lighting which arrived a short while ago. I'll then be able to perform the scenic work which will transform things dramatically.

Saturday Film Club: Barrington Quarry Railway After a quarry shunter yesterday, I had a quick look for some quarry railway action and found this from 2005 showing Barrington Quarry, the last standard gauge operation in the UK during its last days. I particularly like the diesels, which hopefully still survive.

Open Wagon One important, indeed essential feature of the covered van, is that they are enclosed on both sides, so this week was pretty much a repeat of last week with a new set of mistakes. I think I got away with most of them but it's probably good that you can't see both sides of the van at once.

Wombat models 30T update Hi all Just some pictures showing the mods I've done to the Wombat models 30T I got my hands on a set of Lloyds slide bar covers which made life easier with only a little filing required to make them fit. I tidied the funnel up with some puttyand made some track guides out of some scrap brass.

Planning consent for 93-apartment scheme Planning permission has been granted for the development of 93 apartments on the former Klondyke Works site in Ashford. Canterbury-based Clague Architects designed the proposed one - and two-bedroom apartments for East Street Homes, a London company which specialises in bringing forward brownfield sites and buildings for residential development.

Bardon Barclay Spotted in the yard at Quorn a couple of weeks ago, this industrial Barclay shunter. It used to work the Bardon Hill quarry in Leicestershire, so hasn't had to travel very far to its new home. The loco appears to be ex-quarry. It's certainly not been prettied up, and to my eye, looks all the better for this lack of care.

Coming soon Kirkmellington will feature in ModelRail No. 252. On sale date 30-08-2018. Tags: article, chris nevard, Kirkmellington, Model Rail. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 60 other followers.

The road less travelled After getting a blister on my thumb from the appropriately named hot glue gun, I had a bit of sulk and didn't do much. However I had a couple of hours this morning with time to kill so I popped out to the garage.

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