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Trapped! Holding planning meetings away from the office makes a lot of sense. Take everyone away from distractions and the team can focus on layout down ideas for the next few months.

Estate coach in 006.5: interior detailing… James Sent from my iPhone.

Faversham Model Railway Club 2017 Exhibition - Model Rail Forum Model Rail Forum > The Engine Sheds - Community Forums > Clubs and Events topic_rate.settings = ipb_var_image_url + '/folder_topic_view'; topic_rate.languages = "Rate this topic, click on desired star to send rating"; Faversham Model Railway Club. Two day exhibition on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2017 at The Abbey School.

Train society's bid to attract new members The recent picture spread featuring old photos of South Shields Miniature Railway Society members prompted the club's honorary secretary to get in touch - with a plea to the public. Jim Thompson said although the society is still going, it needs new blood, something which an open event, being held this weekend, is hoping to address.

What's On Listings 17-23 Aug To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email [email protected] Theatre. Lancaster. Treasure Island: join Jem's search for treasure through the paths and woodlands enjoying songs and fun along the way. Williamson Park, Lancaster. Tel: 01524 598500.

Electrical things in BRM plus cakes! The September issue of BRM has gone all DCC - which as all fules kno is the work of the devil. Nevertheless, I have had a bit of a look at accesory decoder modules, which I have to grudgingly admit could massivly reduce the amount of wire under a baseboard.

Model boost for Rail Museum It has been said there is a train driver in every grown man, so perhaps this is true of David - who has a lifelong interest in rail and has spent his working life in the industry. As regular walker of the Flitch Way from Braintree to Rayne, he was impressed with the museum, which is housed in a 1968 carriage at Rayne Station.

Estate coach in 006.5: fitting out… So the estate railway coach, based on the Motor Rail and Tramcar Co Ltd examples built for the Dalmunzie estate in Scotland, needs fitting…

Produce shipping boxes in HO scale There are two possible meanings to the title of this post: the individual HO scale boxes themselves, and a suitable representation of a stack of such boxes. I am going to write about the latter meaning in this post.

Murray River Bridge new layout construction end day 19 Here is Murray River Bridge at the end of day 19 of construction. A state of the Australian Model Railway "hobby" - A tale of two exhibitions I find that exhibitions seem to reflect the way "the hobby" sees itself.

Scottish estate coach… Text to follow James Sent from my iPhone.

West Bay Day hailed as best one yet THIS year has marked the most successful West Bay Day yet, with hundreds of people visiting the coast. West Bay was filled with stalls, games and vintage cars, accompanied by live music throughout the day.

Rock Formation Himself was down in Wales a week or so ago volunteering on what was once known as 'Kids Week', the FR's pioneering, and long-run… The cocktail sticks and cotton are still threading their way around the layout.

My Sound Decoder Function Standard For a number of years I have been thinking through the problem of some sort of standard for function assignments on sound decoders. As we know each decoder manufacturer has decided to use their own 'standard' to suit their particular decoders. I have found this somewhat annoying so hence my 'thinking'.

Something to Model It's about 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and we're in Ipswich looking down on part of a stabling point for the western arm of the Brisbane suburban network. You'll notice that the yard here is long and narrow with part of the old town on one side and the double-track mainline to Toowoomba and points west on the other.

Warehouse Wednesday: More tea driver? Bet you can get a cracking sausage, egg and chips along with a good, strong cup of tea. There's probably even tomato shaped bottles on the table for red sauce. It scores well on Trip Advisor although there is concern at the sausages. Found in Hereford bus station, for some reason, this reminds me of the Wills SS67 Wayside station kit.

Model railway society staged first open day The golden age of steam was recreated on a miniature railway in Thornes Park. Small scale locomotives Engines from Oxford, Cumbria, Goole, Leicestershire and Yorkshire all got a turn around the picturesque half mile-track through the parkland on August 5.

Memories stirred at model railway exhibition CORRIS Railway Society holds its annual model railway exhibition at Y Plas in Machynlleth on 26 and 27 August. There will be a variety of layouts in a number of different scales and one of the larger ones will feature Playmobil equipment and offer children a chance to drive the trains.

Flashdance offers up a musical theatre first for a1's Ben Suspect sought over theft of bottles of wine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns Former students' reunion 50 years after Afghanistan expedition FLASHDANCE - The Musical opens at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this week, and singer Ben Adams can't wait.

EiM and Garden Rail in the shops It's a big day - the first issues of Garden Rail and Engineering in Miniature magazines I have been responsible for hit the news stands. Starting in the garden, I've filled it with lots of construction articles, some of which cover topics that I've always wondered about.

Celebrate history and wildlife in Abbeyleix this Laois Heritage Week Laois Heritage Week is just around the corner with over 40 events coming together to celebrate the history and heritage of the county. A huge variety of events will take place throughout the week, August 19 to 27, suitable for all ages from history talks and walks, open days at museums and family fun days.

Oberon Gets Its Wood As long-term followers of our layouts will know, u… Our approach to scenery is reassuringly traditional and our favourite way of creating bumply and lumpy ground it's the tried and trusted… It hasn't taken Himself long to get the new house painted and glazed - including that rather fiddly conservatory.

Western Austerity While on holiday in Devon, I popped into Osborn's Models in Bideford and had a mini splurge on 'N' gauge buildings and rolling stock. I also picked up a 'OO' gauge laser-cut wood kit from Arch Models, depicting a GWR Austerity signal box.

Near disaster paint job Painting started with a coat of Humbrol 120. I'm not sure why I picked the colour other than it was late, I was a bit tired and working under artificial light. The next day, I knew I'd made a mistake. It wasn't terrible, but the colour just wasn't the one I'd envisaged when I'd been building the model.

Save money for your trains: make your own textured paint If you build brick, stone or brick models for your railway the finish is all important. Normal paint is okay but texture paint gives an infinitely better result. But what about that cost! Textured paints produce a much better look than usual paints for brick and stone work, adding dimensionality, depth and ultimately realism to your models.

5 ways to instantly make your railway look better Even with the best intentions, things don't always work out how we'd planned. This is never truer than with model railways. Inspired by pictures of exhibition model railways we dive into building our own. And after months of money, effort and time it's finished.

The Green, Green Grass…. I have finally started to add some colour and texture to the landscape of my 009 project. At this stage the process is very much the same as I would do in 7mm scale so I thought I would share some images here.

Waybills, Part 60: more about resources In the long series of posts I have been creating about waybills, I have alluded in passing to many resources for those seeking more information.

Back along the back I have done enough work around the trestle now, so I looked for another area to commence on. The track has been laid and ballasted across the trestle. I decided to start on the 'left' hand side of the trestle. This section joins the rock section towards the waterfall on the right to the section that will run into Broadwater.

Queens Wharf Comes Home Something like 3 years ago I was in a situation where I had sold the house I was living in but didn't have the space to store my small portable layout Queens Wharf in my new home. I asked Phil, a modelling friend, if he could store the layout for a time and he agreed.

Fencing and Trees Added Around the Layout I had a short week this week, by having Friday off. So what better to do than do some work on the timetable. As I have recently added an extra train to the timetable, I had to update the sequence numbers on most of my timetable cards. So that was accomplished before lunch.

The Other Layout A few years ago I started to model in N gauge as well as 00 and having no room for another layout the one I did have would need to be scaled back. The 00 layout ended up half its former size and I now had two layouts, both 3' x 4', one in each scale.

Accucraft open day 2017 Accucraft threw open their doors last Saturday for their annual open day. As well as a skip full of bargains, there was trade support from Swift Sixteen, Model Earth Design, Talisman Brass Castings and Trenarren Models. The crowd quickly demolished the pile of bargains.

Aberaeron Model Railway Exhibition. - Model Rail Forum Model Rail Forum > The Engine Sheds - Community Forums > Clubs and Events Aberaeron Model Railway Exhibition., On today. 1000am - 1630 ish. topic_rate.settings = ipb_var_image_url + '/folder_topic_view'; topic_rate.languages = "Rate this topic, click on desired star to send rating"; I've just remembered so I thought I'd mention it.

Murray River Bridge new layout construction end day 18 I have been busy getting the girder sections all sorted out, and planting the base for the scenery. Next step is the three through truss sections, and the river itself. Another complicated build awaits at the Murray Bridge end abutment.

Little Train Meets Big Train Himself was down in Wales a week or so ago volunteering on what was once known as 'Kids Week', the FR's pioneering, and long-running, event to enthuse the next generation of volunteers. He took with him our model of the new observation carr 150 so that it could be inspected by some of the team who built the real one.

Saturday film club: ex-Donegal railcar in G For reasons that will become apparent tomorrow, the ex-Donegal railcars on the Isle of Man are on my mind at the moment. I've seen them before restoration started and climbed on them a couple of times since the project has stalled. They are lovely looking machines.

Weathering the elements Just occasionally I manage to be moderately organised. I've got a couple of projects coming along that mean I need to know how to make rust and weathering effects.

Rowlands Castle station may yet house museum PLANS to convert part of Rowlands Castle railway station into a museum are back on track, according to members of an East Hampshire group. And the building may yet house the model railway which the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre acquired last year for around £8,000.

Detail and prime Just a few little details to add now, mainly door hinges made from lengths of micro-rod fitted with superglue. The gap-filling properties of this bed them into the body to remove the "just stuck on" look. After this, the motor, wheel and rods are masked with a mix of tape and kitchen foil.

Was it “just another operating session?” I have just held two operating sessions, in the afternoons of August 8 and 9, partly so I could have my packing house for tree fruit still operating. That packer is shut down for most of the year, so I really like summer sessions to involve carloadings there.

The True North strong and teeny He assembled a team of craftspeople and, in 2014, began construction on "Our Home and Miniature Land." Since then, he's contributed $4 million of his own money to fund the project, and his team has put in more than 60,000 hours of work building it.

Hiatus - How to bridge Gap in Blog? Due to personal life effecting events this blog came to a grinding halt in June/August 2016. However life carried on as did my photography. My partner had been diagnosed with uterine cancer in September 2015. During the operation to remove the cancer her urethra tube was damaged.

Track Cleaner v3.0 Well, it's the end of my Woodland Scenics' 'Tidy Track' cleaner. Just under five years ago, I wrote the first of three posts about this tool. Two and half year years later, the shaft broke and I fitted a sleeve that allowed it to continue to function.

Done My Bit As I wrote last time, for Himself it is making tre… It hasn't taken Himself long to get the new house painted and glazed - including that rather fiddly conservatory. It does look very… Broadcaster, writer and railway modeller.

What's On Listings 10-16 Aug To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email [email protected] Theatre. Chorley. RSC Live - Titus Andronicus: the decay of Rome reaches violent depths in Shakespeare's most bloody play. From £10. 7pm. Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley.

Footstep restoration "It appears you've lost one of the footstep mounts." said Anonymous when I started this project, and he/she was right. Sorting this out was easier than expected. All the support brackets are plastic mouldings that plug into the diecast footplate without any glue fixing.

Hundreds set to flock to annual Ellesmere Summer Festival Ellesmere Summer Festival will see the town filled with activities and exhibitions from Friday to Sunday. Over the three days there will be a craft market and art exhibition featuring work created by local talented artists using a variety of mediums, staged in the town's market hall.

Murray River Bridge new layout construction end day 16.5 I have uploaded three short videos of my progress on Murray River Bridge all the hard work is starting to pay off. A state of the Australian Model Railway "hobby" - A tale of two exhibitions I find that exhibitions seem to reflect the way "the hobby" sees itself.

Townstreet Goods 2 Back in June, I mentioned that I'd been renovating a wonderful cast plaster kit from the Townstreet Models range. Having repaired the damaged areas, filled a few gaps and constructed a new interior platform, the building has been completely repainted and weathered.

Warehouse Wednesday: Presco Buildings hut This is one of those buildings that ought to be available from the model railway trade, but as far as I am aware, isn't. Little fibreglass hut like this were a common feature of many linesides from the 1970s onwards, but have since vanished.

Installing the farmhouse I have started to install the farmhouse on the layout. I have always been a fan of railways especially narrow gauge. I have been modelling narrow gauge for over 25 years first in HO and then O since 2004.

School Of Rock One of the major jobs left on Bron Hebog is to complete the rock faces of Cutting Mawr. As long-term followers of our layouts will know, up until now we've been in the habit of using real Welsh rock as a scenic material, but that does have consequences for the weight of the layouts.

Organic Farmer We serve healthy food for all ages by Model Railway right to your table. Home of the RailBurger and Railwich. Plus Salads, Appetizers, Beverages, Beer and Wine - all arriving direct to a table by you! Enjoy local farm fresh organic produce with all natural grass fed meats.

Book review: P50 Peel engineering's extrordinary legacy by Barry Edwards Publisher: Lily Publications ISBN: 9-781907-945762 Size: 210 X 210 Softback Price: £16 At first glace, you'd think this book was about the Peel P50 microcar - known to many people from an appearance on Top Gear but very famous before this as the world's smallest proper car.

DC or DCC? A good friend and very fine modeller recently said to me that, in his opinion, DCC was the 'spawn of Satan. He went on to argue that operators seemed to spend more time staring at a screen or handset that looked capable of powering the Starship Enterprise than they did driving a train… ….

Dia 51 Test Build - Part 2: Nearly There I no longer affix roofs firmly to the body of my coaches as makes both the building and the painting much easier. The downside of this is that there is the challenge of keeping the roof on tight without there being any visible joint between the two as this looks terrible.

Modeling grade crossings, Part 2 I have shown and mentioned some of my layout grade crossings in previous posts, but several of them were covered in more detail in the post that, logically, precedes this one. I have done all-paving grade crossings, and ones that combined paving plus railroad ties, as well as a couple of them using ties only.

Images from Locomotion: The National Railway Museum's model railway event in Shildon MINIATURE planes, trains and automobiles were at the heart of an annual modelling event at the North-East's national railway museum. Locomotion: The National Railway Museum, at Shildon, held its popular annual Model Mania on Saturday and Sunday which featured an array of models from clubs and individuals across the region.

Model review. A while ago I picked up a 3D printed railway house from Trademe. These are available in a variety of scales. Mine was printed in white strong and flexible, which I think is a nylon based plastic, and cost $35. The Shapeways shop shows a variety of other buildings available.

Holly green Locomotive livery can be a very emotive subject. On the Isle of Man, most people think of the engines running in India Red, a sort of bauxite colour. There have been others however. Ailsa Green, a pale apple green, was a major feature of the line and Hutchinson was turned out in blue back in the 1990s.

Ship Ahoy Again After a couple of months away from the modelling bench as I struggled through a drawn out home renovation I finally found myself with a Sunday somewhat free from household tasks so that I was able to get some modelling done. I did essentially three main jobs today:.

Back on the Tools I've turned my attentions back to making carriages again as I tried to get some models finished for the Early Days Convention back on 22/7. I still took some along of what I'd been doing with some MLV's but didn't take any of the Milk LV's I'd been working on.So here's where we're at with my Louvre Van Fleet.

Malkara 2017 I spent an enjoyable weekend attending the 45th Malkara Model Railway and Scale Model Exhibition in Canberra. The exhibition is a major fundraiser for the Malkara Specialist School in Garran. There were a number of model railway layouts and associated scale models to entertain the general public.

The Seats Are In It does look very… Everyone has tasks on a model project that have to be endured rather more than enjoyed. As I wrote last time, for Himself it is making tre… Broadcaster, writer and railway modeller.

A week on the Isle of Man This time last week, I was enjoying the last full day of my holiday on the Isle of Man. You won't be surprised to know that I took a lot of photos, some of which I'll link to later. Not everything appeared in front of my camera though, sometimes I did stuff and my Dad grabbed a snap as I was too busy.

Tour of Track Tuning I spent a little time cleaning up the tracks and the arrangement and it's paying off. Again, the benefit of taking my time and really working things out before moving forward. I realized that I didn't have a good solution for running two passenger trains around.

South Shore Model Railway Club holds summer open house "We love trains and we want to share that love." HINGHAM - A model locomotive slowly chugged along the tracks, passing buildings, cars, and a tiny CitGo sign. From the shoulders of his father, Russell, Joseph Bryant, two of Weymouth, watched, enthralled.

The Traymobile Growing up in the 60s and 70s I have some vivid memories of the decades that style forgot and nothing better epitomizes the aesthetic of this era for me than my father's taste in furniture. I know it can be quite trendy at the moment to fit your dwelling out in furniture and fittings from this era but I had to live through this aesthetic disaster.

Saturday Film club: Isle of Man steam Shot from the signal box at Douglas station a week ago, the film shows CH Wood and Kissack departing the scene.

Fifty shades of ugly Well, here's an ugly building, the sort of thing that makes you wonder why we bother having planning laws if something like this can get through. The Post Office used to be part of a garage / filling station, and this was a workshop and TÜV centre.

GO GUIDE: Check out Heritage Days Looking for something to do? The Scituate Chamber of Commerce will hold its 49th annual Heritage Days festival this weekend. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar.

Paul's Fantastic Workbench! Coach bodies this time, 4 of them in fact. I photographed these today whilst visiting the Wells and Walsingham Light Railway. I know little about the bodies, I believe that the one next to the platform has been refurbished inside and converted to a craft room.

Modeling highway trucks, Part 5: local owners In a four-part series two years ago, I described several approaches I have been taking to model highway trucks, both van or box trucks and also semi-trailers. In the present post I want to address one particular aspect of such modeling: including local owners.

South Shore Calendar: Aug. 4-18 Send your event information by email to [email protected] Listings information must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Please include the time, date, location, street address and town of the event. If possible, provide a contact phone number and website.

GO GUIDE: Music in Milton Looking for something to do? Curragh's Fancy will perform at the Milton Summer Concert Series on Wednesday night. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. Milton Summer Concert Series, 6 p.m.

GO GUIDE: Watch young sailors in Scituate Looking for something to do? The Scituate Chamber of Commerce will hold its 49th annual Heritage Days festival this weekend. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. The 49th annual Scituate Chamber of Commerce Heritage Days will begin at 10 a.m.

GO GUIDE: Check out the Pembroke Arts Festival Looking for something to do? The 50th Annual Pembroke Arts Festival will be held Saturday and Sunday. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. The 50th Annual Pembroke Arts Festival, 10 a.m.

GO GUIDE: Take in a classical concert Looking for something to do? Plymouth Philharmonic Brass Quintet will play a free concert tonight at 6:30 called Dances from Around the World, including music by J.S. Bach, Gabrielli, and John Philip Sousa, as well as American folk tunes. Click on the photo above to see some good bets.

Google's Tiny Street View Car Maps Out A Model City Get a closer look at one of the largest model cities in the world. Located in Northern Germany, 'Wunderland' is the largest model railway exhibit in the world.

Trackshack - Peel While over on the Isle of Man, I took the chance to go and visit Trackshack, located on the Ramsey Road on the edge of Peel. For most UK modellers, Trackshack are a mail-order outfit who offer keen prices and excellent customer service - I've been on the end of this and have seen similar comments from other customers posted of forums.

GO GUIDE: Have a fun time at the fair Looking for something to do? The Marshfield Fair opens Friday and continues through Aug. 27. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. Bridgewater State University Observatory will be open to the public from 9 to 10:30 p.m.

GO GUIDE: Check out the Satuit Band Looking for something to do? The Satuit Band will give a free outdoor concert Friday night in Rockland. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. Satuit Band, 7 p.m., Rockland Memorial Library, 20 Belmont Saint Free.

GO GUIDE: All aboard Looking for something to do? The South Shore Model Railway Club's Summer Open House will be held Saturday in Hingham. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. Ventress Memorial Library, 1837 Ocean St., Marshfield, hosts a series of Audrey Hepburn films at 1 p.m.

Michael's Model Railways Building model railway layouts in 009 scale A long weekend family break took us to South Devon, always a favourite place for me. We visited the Dartmouth Steam Railway, which doesn't of course go to Dartmouth! Well, not quite. The train runs from Paignton to Kingswear through some beautiful scenery, with views across Torbay.

Avonside in 006.5: test parts arrive… World record service, my Shapeways parts arrived earlier this week for my Avonside 006.5 project… Here they are straight out of the…

Article 404 - The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA - Quincy, MA Priscilla Beach Theatre in Plymouth will stage "The Producers" at 7:30 tonight and again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Aug. 16-19. Tickets are $30 or adults and $26 for seniors. For more information, call 508-224-4888, or visit Disney's The Little Mermaid, The Company Theatre in Norwell.

5 things to do this week in and around Norwell Scituate's annual Heritage Days celebration is this weekend, serving up lots of activities and events for the whole family, from live music and street fair to historical tours and an Irish spirit tasting. For more information on the weekend long event, visit

OOSevern: Project Arley Arley Station, in Worcestershire, on the Severn Valley Railway. For the first time I've decided to go for a real location, for several reasons really. Firstly, I prefer to watch trains go by. I'm not a massive operator, I enjoy running trains and relaxing as they run by, stopping them in the station whilst a bit of yard work goes on nearby.

Dioramas in NGW Spotted in the August 2017 issue of Narrow Gauge World magazine is a short piece about the joys of micro layouts and diorama by editor Andrew Charman. Obviously, this is my sort of thing but for added interest, most of the photos used to illustrate the piece are shots I took at the 7mm NG AGM a couple of months ago.

GO GUIDE: All aboard! Looking for something to do? The South Shore Model Railway Club's Summer Open House will be held Saturday in Hingham. Click on the photo above to see some good bets. To see even more, or to submit your own event, go to our calendar. Blue Hill Observatory will hold a program from 6 to 8 p.m.

Images of South Shields Miniature Railway Society Who can resist the lure of a model train display, with scaled-down locos and tiny trees and houses? Here we feature a selection of photos, taken in the 1960s and '70s, showing members of the South Shields Miniature Railway Society with some wonderfully detailed displays.

Doing The Chores The bare grass at the back which I showed you a few days ago has had… Our approach to scenery is reassuringly traditional and our favourite way of creating bumply and lumpy ground it's the tried and trusted… It hasn't taken Himself long to get the new house painted and glazed - including that rather fiddly conservatory.

EHLR in 006.5: basic trackwork… It's been a little while, and considering how simple the track plan is, and the baseboard is just a sheet of 12mm ply, I've no excuses othe…

Warehouse Wednesday: Welshpool canal warehouse Recovering some old photos the other day, I found this one taken at Welshpool back in 2010. Home to the Powysland Museum, the building is a genuine canal warehouse on the Montgomery Canal. The building was extensively restored in the 1980s, the work being very sensitively done as this photo from the Victorian Powys website shows.

Braybrook locomotion commotion The romance of rail, albeit it in miniature form, will be on full display at a model railway exhibition in Braybrook this weekend. The Sunshine Model Railway Club will host the event at Braybrook College on Ballarat Road on Saturday and Sunday.

Rolling on the new tracks. No tears! Loving the new setup 95%! Not bad. Not bad at all! The one thing I'm going to look at incorporating is a track I can simply park passenger cars on. I think I have the room…somewhere.

A fun scene to model I think this would be a fun scene to model!Ine-cho, Kyoto ä¼Šæ ¹ç”º Fishing village, Kyoto Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: asia, Events and Locations, fishing, japan, layout, model railroad, n-rail, n-scale, nrail, nscale, photography, planning.

Murray River Bridge model railway construction day 14.5 Well after a long holiday I am back working on Murray River Bridge, here is a quick video of the progress 18 points and 70 lengths of track laid in 2 days! A state of the Australian Model Railway "hobby" - A tale of two exhibitions I find that exhibitions seem to reflect the way "the hobby" sees itself.

Figures, Part 7: more on placement In several prior posts about model figures for layouts, I have described some approaches to painting and repainting figures, as well as modifications you can make to some figures. The most recent post talked about placement of figures, that is, effective ways you can position figures on the layout.

An Inspirational Estate A recent trip to the National Trust's Belton House in Lincolnshire has found a few little inspirational thought for modelling projects, especially for anyone planning on modelling an estate railway in O9.

Frustration mounts over Carnforth Station repairs Delays to roof repairs at Carnforth railway station are hitting businesses in the pocket. Bosses at the station's micropub and model railway shop have spoken out after months of uncertainty waiting for work to start.

Hornby Adds Partner Of Bidder Phoenix Asset Management To Board Wilson is a partner at Phoenix Asset Management, which owns 71.5% of Hornby and which is currently attempting to buy the remaining shares. In June, Phoenix made an offer of 32.375 pence per share for Hornby, after increasing its stake to 55% and therefore triggering a mandatory cash offer for the entire company.

Honking great big headlamp The railbus roof should sport a great big headlight. If you are building the kit as intended, this is obtained from the Bachmann body. Sadly, it didn't come with my kit so I had to improvise. Inspiration came from the book "Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge" by Harry W.Brunk.

Model Mania event returns to Locomotion in Shildon MODEL planes, trains and automobiles will be on display at the return of this year's Model Mania event at Locomotion, The National Railway Museum at Shildon. The event takes place this Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6, and will feature a variety of models from clubs and individuals across the region.

Wiveliscombe Flower Show at Kingsmead School WIVELISCOMBE Horticultural Society's 103rd annual show features much more than just flowers and vegetables. The event at Kingsmead School on Saturday, August 19, from 2pm, also includes crafts, along with children's entries, photographic classes, a raffle, teas and a model railway.

Larger and faster models flown at the Melton and District Model annual show "A better environment for flying" were the words used by Melton and District Model Club's chairman to describe the group's new chosen venue for their two-day annual show. This year the public event on Saturday and Sunday was switched to Asfordby Acres, the home of Asfordby Amateurs football club from Tesco playing fields on Thorpe Road.

Were you in Chingford the day Walt Disney came to town? The day Walt Disney came to Chingford will live long in the memory. When Mickey Mouse's creator heard about Chingford's famous model railway, in Ridgeway Park, he made a beeline for north east London.

Poolside in secondswater chute from the first floor drops you straight into an indoor swimming pool at £900k Peak District house The underground swimming pool at Shaw Bottom Farm in the Peak District National Park is one of the many unusual features of this vast property that began life nearly 400 years ago as a simple one-up, one-down hill farm cottage.

Check your goo Before starting work on this kit, what I really should have done is worked out how the parts so far assembled had been fixed together. Looking inside the roof, you might think solder. Judging by the quality of the solder work, the owner thought, "Stuff this.

New York port railroad maps For the map enthusiast, a few more hours of tracing rail lines…. From the UMSL Digital Library, maps of the port of New York, prepared by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors. These maps are a set from 1932 of the Port of New York. Fascinating sets of lines that weave their way between buildings, and sometimes end up on a car float.

Morpeth Shakes Off Some Dust I had a couple of train friends over yesterday to give me a hand on running some curve tests to see what locos would run around the curves on the new layout I'm thinking about building.

Model Railway - Tyne Tees - ITV News Get the latest Model Railway news in the Tyne Tees region on ITV News. Videos, stories and updates.

Pacific Power I was visiting my local model shop the other weekend and I spied a 00 gauge A4 Pacific fitted with DCC and sound for under £110 pounds. This was surprisingly cheap for a model fitted with sound but as payday was a distant vision I had to pass. However… I now feel the need to add an A4 Pacific to my roster of locomotives.

Blue DMU I don't normally share magazine stuff too far in advance, but here's a little scene from a forthcoming project.

The Buckland store There is a new business opened in the village of Buckland. Hunter and Green is the place all self respecting inhabitants of Buckland and surrounds come to for their grocery and hardware needs. The store is a kit from Chooch enterprises that I bought second hand off the internet.

Nostalgic journey into colourful railway past In time for the 150th anniversary of the day when the first train steamed into Kandy, the National Trust of Sri Lanka has published "Ceylon Railway Heritage." This magnificently produced book of 208 pages packed with rare photographs and full of fascinating, if arcane, facts, has been sponsored by the Brown's Group.

My latest column in MRH As part of the ongoing series of columns with the series title "Getting Real," by several columnists including me, in the on-line magazine Model Railroad Hobbyist, I have a contribution in the current issue for August 2017. Like all issues of MRH, you can read it on line or download it, for free, at any time at their website,

Attention model railway enthusiasts: This is one exhibition you don't want to miss The Railex North East 2017 event is organised by the Blyth and Tyne Model Railway Society. It will be held at the John Spence Community High School sports hall in Preston Road, North Shields, on Saturday and Sunday. Among the exhibits is a layout of the railway at Seahouses by Ray Stewart.

We can now cross that bridge when we come to it…. If you had been a previous follower of the HO South Coast Rail, I hope the last post and the link to the Flickr photos brought back a few memories. I was reading the August Australian Model Railway Magazine today and looking at the new products pages you would hardly believe that this hobby of ours is slackening off.

Saturday film club: A ride on the Groudle Glen Railway All being well, as you read this, I am on the Isle of Man enjoying the enthusiasts events and dodging the rain. With that in mind, what could be better than a ride on the Groudle Glen Railway?

And there was grey The Körschtalbahn's railcar in the process of being primed, which is something of a milestone as the half finished body spent nearly five years lurking on my desk, gathering dust and generally making me feel guilty whenever I looked at it.

Bexhill model Exhibition - Model Rail Forum Model Rail Forum > The Engine Sheds - Community Forums > Clubs and Events topic_rate.settings = ipb_var_image_url + '/folder_topic_view'; topic_rate.languages = "Rate this topic, click on desired star to send rating"; Make a note of the date. Sat 12th Aug 2017.

Men Most Likely To Be Model Railway Enthusiasts Is your name on the list? If your name is on the list then you're most likely a model railway enthusiast. Completely unscientifically and just a bit of fun, based on the 20,000 plus model railway enthusiasts who follow / subscribe to Model Railway Engineer.

If Games of Thrones Had Trains This is precisely what designer Michael Tyznik has done with his incredibly detailed maps of an imaginary railway network across the across the continents of Westeros and Essos as set in the books A Song of Fire and Ice and Game of Thrones and the award winning HBO TV series.

Chugging ahead However, in 1988, the lack of space forced Ghosh to dismantle the old model. It remained locked in storage for 20 years, until Ghosh decided to restore it in 2008. "Every component had become defunct," says Ghosh. It took him a year and a half and long hours of back-breaking work to restore the components.

When does an old car become a classic? This is my 1.6 GLX 5d Peugeot 206 when I bought it back in 2008. Now 19 years old and looking just as good as it did back then, I need to sell it on. The new job requires an awful lot of mileage and for accounting reasons, it's cheaper to stick me in a pool car than pay mileage.

Pevensey and Pevensey Bay SCARECROW 2017 :Just when everyone is getting used to the bizarre scarecrows at the roadsides the Ceremonial Bonfire to mark the end of 2017 Scarecrow Festival will be held on July 22nd at 7pm at Sharnfold Farm. There will be entertainment from Pentacle Drummers and a catering van from Mama C.

Chailey TOY AND RAIL: Collectors Fair is at the Bluebell Railway this Saturday and Sunday. At Horsted Keynes station there will be stalls on the platform and in the station car park from 10am to 4pm with Railway Artefacts, Model Railway Equipment and many other goods to be found.

A Model Railway - Life in Miniature Both model and prototype. track improvement. Exhibition Reviews. Peter Denny. Ramblings.

What's On Listings 27 Jul-2 Aug To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email [email protected] Theatre. Chorley. NT Live - Angels In America Part Two - Perestroika: live from the National Theatre on to the cinema screen. From £10. 7pm. Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley.

Monorail toy Knowing you liking for monorails I finally dug out one that I was given as a present back in the early to mid 1970's. See attached pic. Still works back and forward including the headlight. Not the quietest of things.

Stock Train of Sheep for Agistment A couple of weeks ago I was browsing in a camera shop looking at a top line DJI Phantom 4 drone and of course was approached by a sales assistant. We were discussing the drone when I noticed some tripods and asked if there were any that had a smooth head for panning with a video camera.

Waybills, Part 59: more on op session set-up Setting up my layout for an operating session requires more time and effort than might be evident. Most action on my layout is switching, and I described how I identify industry needs for cars in a post some time back, and I still use the schedules shown there.

Space Saving Idea: The Disappearing Fiddle Yard A neat idea for small, space restricted, modellers. For many modellers, it’s hard enough finding space for a layout let alone a fiddle yard. The fiddle yard, if you’ve new to the idea, is an area of track hidden from view when observing the layout where trains can be stored and manipulated prior to running on the layout.

Wood End and Beyond 'Which one do you want?' I asked the customer. He pointed to the pub. Yuk. My least favourite and least convincing of the range. It took me most of the day. They're very well designed, but I literally just put the bits together without any refining.

End of the line for railway modeller Since then he has created more than 600 models which have been exhibited all over the country. Now six decades after founding Macclesfield Model Railway Group, Ken has decided its next annual exhibition, in March 2018, will be his last. Ken, of Springfield Road, said: "Everything comes to an end.

Community News: Aberaeron THE latest community news from Aberaeron. Aeron Valley Railway Society. THE society met as usual at the Feathers Hotel on Wednesday, 19 July, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the arranged speaker could not attend.

Warehouse Wednesdasy: Newsons on the quay This week we have something I believe was really a warehouse, right on Douglas quayside. In the years I've known the building it has been operated as a retail establishment, the sort that sells "workwear" for roughty-toughty types, and me once when I needed a sweatshirt while on holiday.

Cool, little businesses to give your layout some local flavor Note: Please excuse my inactivity. I have been swamped a bit with life and I am doing a little soul searching on the layout. For some reason, my research of late has been focussed on the Northern Pacific in the arid West of 1969 of all things!

All aboard for model train expo The Hills Model Railway Society show will be open from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 9am to 4pm on Sunday at the Harvey Lowe Pavilion at Castle Hill Showground. Tickets are $25 for a family, adults $12, seniors $8 and children $6. For more details visit

The Name Game Looking for a realistic British name for your model railway. Here’s 200 to get you started. “A model railway isn’t a model railway until it has a name”. I can’t remember who told me that but it’s a rule I’ve always stuck with. Giving your layout makes it feel more real.

Help bring steam back to Shillingstone The weekend is designed to demonstrate the diversity of restoration projects and to recruit more volunteers as the Trust moves forward to becoming an operational heritage railway. Thousands of pounds have been invested in the project to date, with huge contributions of time and donations from many steam enthusiasts.

Fencing Continues It does look very… Our approach to scenery is reassuringly traditional and our favourite way of creating bumply and lumpy ground it's the tried and trusted… Or more likely polycarbonate….but that pun doesn't work so well. I've had a go at making up the roof of the conservatory, which… Broadcaster, writer and railway modeller.

Ladder The railbus roof has a luggage rack at the back, so we need some way of getting up there. Provision is made for a ladder in the kit but some of the parts were missing. I improvised with some long handrail knobs to the hold the vertical wires the right distance from the body.

Grab rails and door handles More railbus progress - grab handrails to help miniature people climb up the front steps and door handles so they can get inside. The sharp eyed will notice that the wire handles have been filed flat before fitting. I'm such a detail freak! Both are attached too long and then cut once soldered.

The not so dirty dozen I've nearly finished of another batch of a dozen wagons. Some are repeats of types that have gone before, some are variations and some are typed I've not done before. Below are the repeats A LMS 5 plank open from the Cambrian kit. 2 shockvans and a 9 plank private open from Parkside kits.

Using Weathering Solutions decals I have described previously some of the interesting products that I saw at the St. Louis RPM meeting last month in Collinsville, Illinois. A very intriguing product I mentioned was the wide variety of weathering decals from Weathering Solutions.

Craig's Shed This week I received a phone call on Monday that my long awaited 12mm points were in at the hobby shop. So I checked my diary for the afternoon and I had nothing scheduled, so I left early and made my way to the hobby shop before they closed.

VR Western Victoria A flat top T does the duties and we can see the following loading on today's No.59 From the front, we have an ELX wagon which will be shunted to the Goods Shed, followed by a M wagon for the cattle loading spot which is adjacent to the Goods Shed. Behind this, we have a TW or oil pot.

3D bus scan party! I mean, why would you fly all the way from Canada to scan a Birmingham bus? And then why would you decide it's a sensible commercial decision to produce this in 1:76 scale with breathtaking levels of detail? Jason seems very taken by the Guy Arab bus he has decided to produce.

In Praise of Cellulose Paint A few months ago I was criticised for preferring to use cellulose paint when I spray; the concern being that cellulose thinners are aggressive and will damage the air-brush. On the basis that I am of the view that "if it works for me" then I am going to carry on using it I am doing so.

Major model railway show includes Brunel's South Devon viaduct A massive model railway show has steamed into the English Riviera on Saturday - the perfect opportunity for fans both young and old to see more than 12 carefully crafted model railway layouts from Brunel's viaduct at Hookhills to Hobbiton End in the Lord of the Rings.

Cheap Tip! This Web Site and any of its contents may not be copied, translated or distributed in any manner without the prior written consent of Chris Nevard. Contact. We actively seek out copyright violations in print and on the Internet and will use full legal force to deal with any Copyright infringements.

Modern Class 20… Due for imminent release in N gauge by Graham Farish is a modern version of the Class 20 as No. 20 205. The full size locomotive has seen use on the main line in recent times, sometimes paired with No. 20 189 or No. 20 227 in LU livery which will also be offered in N gauge.

Track Layout At Holt Junction After posting queries on a few railway modelling forums, I've come across two useful websites. The first is the website of the Signalling Record Society.

A joy ride The capital city is poised to get another tourist attraction - a miniature railway that will give visitors a comfort ride across the zoo and Kanakakkunnu Palace premises. Tourfed, the government agency behind the project, said they are in the final stages of preparing a detailed project report.

Saturday Film Club: Cosford Large Model aircraft Today, I should be telling you about the joys of the Large Model Aircraft event at Cosford. Sadly though, as we headed along the motorway we discovered that when the Met Office tells you there will be "occasional light showers" that they mean is monsoon conditions.

Ploughing ahead That's what is going on here. And I'm making it harder because I'm plain fussy. The easiest way to fit a snowplough on a model train is to glue it nice and solid onto the coupling bar. This way it can waggle about with the coupling when the railcar goes around the track.

Third Rail Tips Building a modern era electric track layout? Wondering about that third rail? Here are a few tips to get you started. My Wandle Valley model railway is a 1980s themed layout. As such many of the trains will be electrical variety so the track will need a third rail.

OO gauge vs N gauge Overall, N is fun and I’ll continue to model in it and run trains but if I was starting from scratch or perhaps returning to the hobby after a break and starting over I’d stick with OO. What’s your experience? Do you agree? Add your thoughts in a comment below and share with the Model Railway Engineer community.

Growing Season I've had a go at making up the roof of the conservatory, which… The cocktail sticks and cotton are still threading their way around the layout. In the last couple of weeks Himself has changed around the… It hasn't taken Himself long to get the new house painted and glazed - including that rather fiddly conservatory.

Wisbech & Upwell Tram Loco The Summer issue of Model Rail magazine hits the shelves next week and features my illustrated build of this great little steam tram engine in 2mm scale. Built from a whitemetal kit, produced by N-Drive Productions, it features a pre-assembled chassis, with only the bodywork requiring assembly and painting.

Brandbright coach in Garden Rail In the last issue before I take over as Editor I'm building a 16mm scale coach kit from Brandbright. Compared to the small scale models I normally build, it's a big model at a foot in length. Clever design makes the panel painting really easy, even when you are rushing to hit a deadline!

Ninfield and Hooe THAT'S IT FOR ANOHTER YEAR: It's going to take some time to recover, it's such a full on event and the last bits and bobs still need to be tied up, but this year's Carnival was absolutely fantastic with everything happening as planned, and the feedback from people since being very complimentary.

Interesting products at Collinsville Last month, I attended the Railroad Prototype Modelers meet in Collinsville, Illinois, as I described in a brief report. I mentioned in that post that I had seen some intriguing products at the meet, and in the present post I want to say more about them.

Maxwell Colliery by the Glasgow & west of Scotland MRC Perth Model Railway exhibition part 5 I was impressed by the straight up concept of this layout, a working coal loader and great snaking typical scenery. Its a large layout without a cute as pie station, well executed, and great gentle curves. inspiration pictures are a nice touch on the side of the layout.

Newcastle line pt2 This poster on the wall of Civic station made me laugh. Travel with Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Two in the one year! Good grief, what is happening! Or, building a HV 'Redfern' passenger brake van. Modelling The Railways of NSW Convention blog and new website.

What's On Listings 20-26 Jul To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email [email protected] Theatre. Chorley. NT Live - Angels In America Part One: live from the National Theatre on to the cinema screen. From £10. 7pm. Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane, Chorley. Tel: 01257 264362.

Stations, footbridges, water and hedges in BRM August is the BRM Scenery Special issue, so you won't be surprised that I've been getting my hands dirty. We start with buildings. New Andy has built a station kit from 4Ground models and has made a few beginners mistakes.

Wordless Wednesday #159 A blog about model railroading - specifically prototype modeling in HO scale in the steam-to-diesel transition era.

The most awesome landscape feature to add to your layout Vote on the landscape features you love to make and see if Model Railway Engineer’s agree and build the same. /* Main Container……………………………….

A quiet afternoon at Kisten Torfwerk… 'I took a wander down the old lane to Kisten Torfwerk this afternoon to see what was moving about at the old peat works… All seemed…

Tried And Trusted Our approach to scenery is reassuringly traditional and our favourite way of creating bumply and lumpy ground it's the tried and trusted method of chicken wire covered with Mod Roc and then plaster. With the houses fixed in position Himself has moved on to creating the landscape behind them.

Warehouse Wednesday: In the back streets of Bourne My regular trips to the Warners offices in Bourne mean I'm getting ever more familiar with the town centre, at least the bit between the office and lunchtime pub. Walking along the street, I can't help looking down the alleyways between shops.

Desirable 'Desiro'. Bachmann's colourful OO gauge South West Trains Class 450 arrives… Overall, the Class 450 finished in outer suburban SWT blue livery is a stunning looking model and is common with modern EMUs, translates in a very attractive model. They are worthy successors to the 4-Vep, 4-cep and 4-Cig they replaced alongside the 'Desiro' Class 444.

Halls Creek Bridge 4 Never let it be said that progress on Philip's Creek moves at any speed other than ultra dead slow! It's now just under three years since the most recent article dealing with the completion of my model of the Hall's Creek bridge. Since that time, very gradually, scenery construction has moved forward as these 'before and after' photos show.

In Memory of……… I had a call last night from Marcus Ammann. He was asking why the link to my HO South Coast Rail Flickr photos wasn't working properly. So with a little massaging, we got it working properly.I hadn't visited that site lately and going through it once more opened up the memory floodgates of my old HO South Coast Rail Mark 1.

Sentinel Steam Loco 7109 Joyce has taught me a thing or two about operating a heavy piece of steam machinery, particularly the bits I didn't address during restoration. This innocent looking axle box oil filler cap is one example. The lid can be swung out of the way for filling.

Phoenix increases stake in Hornby Phoenix UK Fund has increased its shareholding in Kent-headquartered model railway and collectibles group Hornby to more than 70 per cent. The investment manager said it has "received valid acceptances" in respect of more than 13.74 million Hornby shares, taking its stake in the historic business to 71.5 per cent.

Getting exhausted As supplied, the railbus exhaust is just a bit of tube. To my mind this didn't seem right. Surely the rain would get down it? What we needed was one of those funky tops that bob up and down in the fumeflow, shutting completely when the engine is off. Like those things you see on trucks.

Upgrading an Accurail reefer, Part 3 This project began as an uncompleted model I inherited from Richard Hendrickson. He had stripped off the molded-on grab irons and ladders from the Accurail car body, along with removing the B-end brake gear, and all sill steps. He had built up most of the underbody brake gear.

Avonside 'Empire' in 006.5… With my recent forays into the new scale of 006.5 I've been building some scratchbuilt models for…

Phoenix UK Fund Holds 71.5% Stake In Hornby After Valid Acceptances LONDON - Phoenix UK Fund Ltd on Monday said it now holds a 71.5% stake in model railway and collectibles retailer Hornby PLC, representing 60.4 million shares.

Lorry Loads Of Fun I was rummaging inside a box of scenic accessories and came across a kit-built lorry that I built a couple of decades ago. Alas, it was in several pieces, the cab in particular suffering from severe crush damage. My first impulse was to shrug and confine it to the bin or, at best, salvage some of the parts for future use as scenic scrap.

Adding the "nose" Most of the bodywork for the railbus arrived ready assembled but it still needed a bit of cleaning up to sit down on the Bachmann chassis properly. I'm wondering exactly why this kit ended up for sale as filing away the excess solder in the corners for a good fit would have been one of the next jobs surely.

Not Watching Paint Dry I've been on a break from work for the past two weeks. At a social gathering with my staff on the final Friday work afternoon we were talking about what we were going to be doing over the break to which I replied "painting my train room". They all laugh at my eccentric hobby but they were also well aware that I was dead serious.

Victoria_street The layout has not had a tram cut a notch since the suspension of service notice was issued. Even if I did attempt to roll one out of the shed, the layer of filth and dust on the rails at the moment would render the tram 'insulated'. These are not the greatest days of modelling, but in the end, this will only be temporary.

Dapol Wagon Review Last weekend, on my holidays, I visited the Mid Suffolk Light Railway which is Suffolk's only standard gauge heritage railway. It's a very good railway and I recommend it if you are out and about in the East of England. The gift shop there sells 00 gauge wagons with local owner details on the side.

Butterley Garden Railway open day 2017 Needing to get out and about to see more of the garden railway world, I spotted that the Butterley Garden Railway Association were hosting an open day. Nice location on the Midland Railway and a bit of a run, but it sounded nice and I like small events as much as the big ones.

Suspicious blaze devastates Hamilton model boating club A suspicious fire turned all their equipment and treasured keepsakes to ash on Friday night leaving members devastated, secretary Bob Gutsell said. They were using the old model railway station at Hamilton Domain as a storage shed until it was set alight.

Alpine Energy 2017 Model Rail Expo a crowd-pleaser With trains and tracks as far as the eye could see, as well as a special Lego crowd-pleaser, this year's Alpine Energy 2017 Model Railway Expo has proved a success. The biennial, two day fundraiser was held at Roncalli College over the weekend. For the 1500 people who walked through the doors, there was plenty to catch the eye.

What are the minimum vertical clearances for model trains – British standards Build to British standards for minimum vertical clearance and train heights and keep your models safe.When building tunnels and over bridges for model trains to pass through making sure the train can pass through clearly without crashing in the top of the structure is obviously vital.

Bigger venue chosen for Melton and District Model Club's annual show Looking for some great value weekend entertainment? Look no further than Melton and District Model Club's annual show. This year the event is to be held at Asfordby Acres, the home of Asfordby Amateurs football club, on Saturday and Sunday with gates open at 10.30am both days.

Basingstoke & Alton Light Model Railway N Gauge An N Gauge layout based on the Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway Anyone who read our Cliddesden layout article in March 2016 Railway Modeller magazine may recall I alluded to a cameo scene recorded in Edward Griffith's book of the line that I had yet to model for the layout.

Saturday film club: Tugs "Why are you showing us a 28-year-old kids TV show?, I hear you ask. Well, it's from the same stable as the early Thomas the Tank TV shows - in the food days when it was all models and not CGI. That and I visited the Star Tugs exhibition at the Midland Railway Centre last week, where there are loads of original models preserved from the series.

Ready to post The post office is complete and open for business, even if it is looking a bit tatty. I am quite ridiculously pleased with this project, not just because it is the first vaguely succesful scratch built house I've managed in any scale but also at how inexpensive this was: almost everything in the picture is made from bits of card and wire.

July 14th Update: "One small step…" I've been making a little progress, but work has been madness of late. I managed to get some elevations dialed in. I need to plan next steps.

Police investigate model train station fire in Hamilton Model train station fire. Man seriously assaulted. Staff threatened in robbery. Joint funeral for father and son. Reports of woman kicked. Sunny Ruapehu slopes packed. Renee's battle with Tourette's. GPs confront minister over crisis. One nation under the weather.

Should you paint a baseboard and what's the best paint to use It's in shade and has insulation and is well ventilated and working on the layout there hasn't been a problem. No, what's hamstrung my shed model activities is has been enjoying the glorious weather we've been experiencing over a glass of wine or Gin and Tonic with friends and family in the garden or local pub.

More on the Kyoto museum As part of describing some interesting aspects of my recent trip to Japan, I wrote an appreciation of the Kyoto Railroad Museum, a superb facility well worth a visit by anyone with even a small interest in railroads. The core of the Kyoto facility is a concrete roundhouse, which served the Kyoto engine terminal in steam days.

The quickest way to ballast track? Beginners tip But if you’re just starting out and want a quick rather than perfect looking finish there’s a simple answer to your woes. This is especially if you’re just dabbling with a train set on a temporary work surface. All that faffing around precisely dripping the glue into place and then cleaning the track.

On30 chassis investigation and repair First job with the Inspection railcar kit was obvioulsy to plonk the Bachmann chassis on the track and and see if it works. I wasn't surprised. There was a spare motor and set of wheels and rods in the box. That didn't bode well. Still, a little diagnosis seemed a good idea.

Small-scale rail delivers big-scale joy for Timaru model locomotive enthusiasts Milliken and dozens of other hobbyists will present steam era model engines and trains, through to models of 21st century electrically-run engines, at an event that could draw up-to 3000 people over Saturday and Sunday. Among the notable entries is a model Lego setup with 20 to 30 trains, built by Christchurch-based hobbyist Grahame Reid.

Trains, meet-ups and a festival to light up the weekend Bring along a lantern and enjoy a free tour of lighting displays. Rock and Roll Party: 7.30pm at the RSA building on Wai-iti Rd, party will have a red, white and blue theme, C-Bay will provide entertainment. Saturday - Sunday.

Bring on the rejects! When a magazine want images I usually take a load of new ones and send them over for selection. Invariably they don't pick them all so here we find a selection of rejects! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name.

A massive Model Railway Show is steaming into the English Riviera on Saturday, July 22nd It is an opportunity for model railway enthusiasts, both young and old, to see more than 12 model railway layouts in a variety of scales from tiny Z gauge to O Gauge. The event is being held from 10am to 4.30pm at Churston Ferrers Grammar School. The English Riviera has a strong railway heritage especially with the Paignton and Dartmouth Railway.

What's On Listings 13-19 Jul To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email [email protected] Theatre. Blackpool. Rear View: a new interactive show viewed from a custom-made double decker theatre bus. See From £8. Starting from Grundy Art Gallery, Queen Street, Blackpool.

Is it a bargain? OK, so there I was rushing along the platform at Loughborough during the GCR model railway event. There wasn't a lot of time as I needed to have a look at the garden railway exhibits and my train to the main tent would leave in 25 minutes. This box shouted out to me from among a pile of second-hand stuff.

Evolving the plan… As with all such things when designing a layout, plans evolve and change. A quick run down on what has occurred:. What has yet to occur:. To the revised plan… The layout plan is based upon that at Shepperton as below. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Those twin imposters Mike Cougill has posed a very interesting question: how best to present ourselves to serious journalists? I have long since stopped caring about such questions: some journalists have a genuinely open and enquiringly mind, but most don't.

Building Bridges I've been working on the road over bridge that will form the scenic break between the fiddle yard and the layout on Smestow.

Warehouse Wednesday: Classic Nissen Hut Thanks to Brian Macdermott for this picture taken at Denham Aerodrome. A proper, classic, Nissen Hut. You can tell it's a Nissen hut because, unlike many models, the sides tuck under a little at the bottom. Models tend to be half circles for ease of moulding but strictly speaking this makes them more likely to be an American Quonset hut.

August 2017 AMRM is now being printed The August 2017 issue of AMRM is now being printed and is scheduled to be available everywhere by Thursday 20 July 2017. The digital version of AMRM is due to be released by Zinio on Wednesday 19 July 2017.

Another quiet day Since first building the layout 7 years ago there have been quite a few upgrades not only to the buildings but also the landscape so I thought of posting an update of the approach to the terminus. There are still a couple of things to upgrade like the signalling so hopefully as time allows I will be able to carry them out.

Traditional summer fete a grand occasion for villagers THE Wrecclesham village fete was bathed in sunshine last week, as visitors enjoyed a lively mix of music, exhibits and entertainment.

Paint schemes, real and imaginary This is an old topic in model railroading, where there seem always to have been paint schemes offered in decal form, and decorated on models, that were, to put the very best light on it, "improved" from reality.

Staffordshire Finescale Group Show - 8th July 2017 On 8th July, Natalie and myself made the journey up to Gnosall, Staffordshire for the Staffordshire Finescale Group's first exhibition. A small selection of layouts were on display, including:. As expected the quality on display was high.

Getting Closer…. More work has been done on the trestle this week. All the piers have been made and were dry fitted out to see how they would fit under the roadbed. When they are finally put into place then the track can be laid across the trestle and finally proceed onto Broadwater.There is more scenery work to be done on this module.

Wonder Woman With A Shopping Bag Specifically the house painting variety, or in this case train room painting. I had set out over a week ago to have the room finished and ready for layout building by yesterday but the endless acres of plaster board were defeating me. Then Wonder Woman turned up with a plastic shopping bag on her head and she solved half my problems.

Richard Chown; 1941 - 2017 It is with great sadness that I advise that Richard Chown passed away last week. Richard was a prolific modeller, typically of the somewhat unusual prototype and always in 7mm/1ft scale.

Here Comes The Sun I shall not join it together, nor glue it onto the side of the house, just yet because Himself won't thank me for that when he comes to fit the glazing and paint it. Even so, I can pose it in position to show you what the finished effect is going to look like.

Deck clutter / details To fill the deck of the YSD derrick, I needed some "clutter" and while browsing for figure on the SGT's Mess website, I found these rather nice resin mouldings. Each ends up costing 83p so hardly expensive. Quite a big cheaper than individual items in plastic or whitemetal.

Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world's largest model cities, and the results are incredible To bring new perspective to the massive model railway, Google last year built a miniature version of its Street View car and placed it in the Miniatur Wunderland, capturing footage thanks to tiny mounted cameras. You can actually see all the various worlds within the Miniatur Wunderland on Google Street View.

Which station? This required a little - well actually quite a lot of - background reading, and the best book I chose to assist with this was 'GWR to Devizes' by Rod Priddle and David Hyde.

Perth Scotland model railway exhibition part 4 Ballyconnel Road TT scale model railway layout by the 3mm Irish group. A site for the Model Railway Layout named Barcoola. This is take on Tarcoola SA the junction between the Trans Australian Railway and the Central Australian Railway. Now incorporating "A Town like Alice", my take on Alice Springs.

YSD Self propelled Derrick With Warship day approaching, a fair bit of effort went in to bringing one of my dad's projects to the water. He'd built the basics of the YSF Self Propelled Derrik, or US Navy Wrecking barge, from a plan in Radio Control Boat Modeller. I can't date the plan as the magazine doesn't give a year but it's the September / October issue.

Two spl trains from Saharsa for Shrawani Mela soon Both the new special trains will pass through Munger railway station. The Sahebganj-Danapur Intercity Express will also run on Sundays henceforth.An additional coach will be added to the 13401 Up and 13402 Down Bhagalpur-Danapur Intercity Express from July 10.

Dream come true for Flying Scotsman fan, 6 A six-year-old train fanatic's dream came true as he took a ride on the Flying Scotsman on Saturday when it passed through the area.

THE Christmas Model Railway Show, Manchester 2017! - Model Rail Forum The exhibition will again be held in the comfortable and well appointed surroundings of the Barnes Wallis building on the University of Manchester’s remains the ONLY model rail exhibition to be held in the centre The exhibition caters for the whole family.

How I keep my track clean You can’t stop your model railway track getting dirty but it doesn’t have to cost a lot to keep it clean and your trains running smoothly. If you have a large layout it can cost a lot to keep it in tip-top condition. I seem to burn through track rubbers at an alarming rate!

Surface Warship Day 2017 We don't see many "grey boats" at our model boat club. Warships are popular subjects but being large and full of detail, they are probably a "high days and holidays" sail rather than something you take down to the club on a Thursday morning.

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N-RAIL Layout - Rev 03 Overview I had a request for seeing what the whole layout plan was. Since I didn't actually design it on the computer, I just ended up freehand drawing up the overall layout so people could have an idea of what it looks like. The bottom corner of the layout space will be another mountain / hill area.

Railway model for safety awareness Children are set to learn about railway safety with help of a model railway. Young people from Bognor Regis have built a model train set to help school pupils learn about the dangers of the railway.

Saturday film club: A ride on a OO garden railway In my new role as Garden Rail editor, I've been looking at lot as outdoor lines on-line. One thing I have learned is that garden railway fans are basically interested in the bigger scale - G and 16mm. Go bigger and it's really model engineering. Smaller and its, well model railways but not in the conventional sense.

Modellers block. A combination of conveniently warm weather and the HBB railcar looking vaguely finished had me getting all motivated to spray primer on the backlog of projects.

What's happening then? After my interest in railway modelling was rekindled, I spent considerable time dithering over choice of track gauge to use in 4mm. Eventually I decided to jump in at the deep end and try my hand at working to P4 standards with its track gauge of 18.83 mm.

Freight operations: mileage, per diem and all that One of the topics I know can be confusing to modelers trying to learn about freight car distribution and operation concerns the charges levied for use of foreign freight cars.

Greg's Railway Modelling Musings To begin with sorry for no updates in May and June but have been rather busy at work and haven't been doing much in the way of modeling. I did take the gas tanks diorama to the Club at the May monthly meeting, took some photos, received some compliments.

GMC truck shunter Last weekend, I was reunited with an old project.Always interested in unusual rail items, when Chris showed me a picture of a US GMC truck converted to a rail shunter, I couldn't resist having a go at making one. My effort isn't perfect, but it sort of looks OK.

Throwback Thursday, ballasting… Spending hours brushing ballast into the sleepers, getting the point work clean, repainting, filling the gaps afterwards? : No, me neither! However it is one of those chores that for me is included in the 'Meh!' files along with wiring. Today I've finished all the track work, it's all had a good shakedown testing so on with the ballast.

Filling the dream garage Most of us have a dream garage. Sensible people plan to fill theirs with supercars. Me, I'm going for something rarer than a Ferrari. Obviously I can't do this in real life. Cost and space issues preclude buying the real thing so I have to, like most people, make do with models.

Stawell Model Railway exhibition this weekend Grampian Model Railroaders Exhibition will feature about 80 per cent new displays. STAWELL will once again host regional Victoria's largest model railway exhibition this weekend. The 19th annual exhibition will take place on July 8 and 9 in the SES drill hall in Sloane Street, Stawell.

P4 Layout changes, MERG, and shows Not done a great deal on the P4 layout plan due to other committments recently. However, the plan has evolved a bit more to better reflect the prototype location and avoid problems with carriage siding being too sharp.

Heywood top wagon: second prototypes… The second prototype prints have arrived for Heywood top wagon in 006.5.

Upgrading an Accurail reefer, Part 2 The first post on this topic described the background of this project, which is the completion of a model started by my friend Richard Hendrickson. This post continues the story. Richard had stripped off the molded-on grabs and ladders on both sides and ends, as seen in this view of the right side of the model, and had then repainted those areas.

Mini railway buffs celebrate 25 years ALRESFORD Festival of Toy Trains celebrated its 25th anniversary with 23 spectacular track layouts featuring models ranging from 1910 to 1980. The miniature rail extravaganza brought 700 visitors to Perins School last Saturday to enjoy what is the biggest model railway event in the UK.

Conservation A snap decision to have a night out at the theatre by the ladies of the house meant I had an unforeseen opportunity to do a little more work on the house, so I decided I might as well have a crack at the conservatory.

Warehouse Wednesday: Airfield hut Found in the middle of the Cotswold Airport, this corrugated hut is slowly disintegrating beautifully. Plaster peels away from the bricks on the end walls while paint falls of the asbestos roof.

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