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The Atkins Diet #2 Re-Release In this episode Chris relays his experiences at the Layout Design and Operations weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Operation weekends are becoming more and more popular all across North America such Minn Rail, Prairie Rail and the always secretive Pro Rail. a ModelersLife
Episode 79: Chris Adams What does an avid New Haven Railroad fan, bicycle racing, Connecticut State Legislature, pineapple pizza and brownies have in common?? Well if you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Chris Adams and his Connecticut Valley Branch Railroad. a ModelersLife
TSG Multimedia Podcast August 2017 Sponsored in part by Podomatic This month's podcast comes out in video form on YouTube, and the audio is posted to Podomatic, iTunes, and now in the GooglePlay store! This month, we'll cover topics such as: - The previous month in review - The next Chasing Trains! The TSG Podcast
Download the August 2017 Podcast! Scotty & Mike talk about Scott's upcoming trip to the Azores, Scott's in-progress article on Dick Elwell's layout for Model Railroad Hobbyist, while Mike talks about family, friends, his recent op session, addition plans, and The Month of Eating Dangerously. Mike and Scotty Live
Virtual Hobby Shop Number 1 Re-Release This is a re-release of our once a month podcast committed to the $5 and up level subscribers on our Patreon site as a thank you for their support. The regular AML gang discussing all things model railroading and a few other topics as well. a ModelersLife
The Model Railcast Show 223 From Here To There And Back Again Https:// Craig Bisgeier is our honored guest this show! Brief Update - I've moved! More to follow! Roundhouse: Craig's Car Forwarding - what it does - vs switch list - commodity needs dictating carload needs Outtakes. Ryan Andersen's Model Railcast Show
The Uncle Larry Show #8 Ever wonder what the DC-Car System is??… Me neither but when Uncle Larry started talking about it, we here at the ole’ AML Network got interested so we figured it would be worth listening to. If who’ve ever wondered what model railroading with cars and trucks might be like, the DC-Car System is an interesting addition to the hobby. a ModelersLife
Episode 78: Mt. Albert Scale Lumber This is our second visit with Tim Warris the owner of Fast Tracks and it seemed like an ideal time to talk with him again as he begins a new adventure as the owner of Mt. Albert Scale Lumber. Additional space at the home office in Port Dover, Ontario was acquired to accommodate the unique requirements needed. a ModelersLife
Model Rail Radio #134: Architectural Plans Terry Terrence will be co-chairing the 50th O Scale National Convention, August 22-26, 2018. Jim Gore will be giving a clinic on paper and card-stock modeling. Jim is preparing for the Orlando NMRA National Convention and wants to see more local NMRA podcasts. Model Rail Radio
AML Picnic Preview It's a preview of our first ever AML get together at Rochelle, Illinois. a ModelersLife
Ashland and Oshkosh The “WhizKid” and “Straightball” are going Free-mo. The Ashland and Oshkosh has been born, give these guys some lumber a few wood screws, a Kreg Jig, some track and you never know what they're going to come up with. a ModelersLife
MRH17-07_01 How we are spending our summer vacations. Vintage Blue Box remotoring and more. Model Railroad Hobbyist
Episode 77: Bob Fallowfield Born in Woodstock, Ontario Bob enjoyed nothing more as a young boy then heading down to the CP rail yards near his home to watch trains. Now as an adult he models CP's Galt Sub in what can only be described as spectacular fashion. a ModelersLife
Download the July 2017 Podcast! Scotty & Mike talk about Mike's recent trip to his modeling area in Pennsylvania on the Lehigh Line, Scott confuses Mike with "another" Union Railroad, Mike talks about "hangar queens", and gives an update on his potentially insane expansion project. Mike and Scotty Live
TSG Multimedia Podcast July 2017 Sponsored in part by Podomatic This month's podcast comes out in video form on YouTube, and the audio is posted to Podomatic, iTunes, and now in the GooglePlay store! This month, John is flying solo this month, but Dan joins us as a special Skype guest. The TSG Podcast
Layout Design RoundTable This podcast was originally aired on our Patreon site on April 6th, and we're making available free to all those interested in the podcast. It's not impossible to build a model railroad layout without a trackplan but it's considerably more difficult. a ModelersLife
Episode 76: Todd Arnett It’s the second installment of month. In this episode we speak with Todd Arnett who is the Norfolk Southern expert for this very ambitious model building company. Todd is an enthusiastic modeler form the Charlotte, North Carolina area with an interesting story and gives us more insight into Enjoy. a ModelersLife
Model Rail Radio #133: Bequeathed the Chocolate Rob 'Bambi' Grootarz has been meeting the local luminaries. Jim Lincoln is back in the hobby. Ron Klaiss has been diverted into a switching layout. Brad Howard has been six months in the hobby and has utilized YouTube to build his layout Jim Gifford reflects on the year since his and Ros' epic tour. Model Rail Radio
ViewerMail Flight #58 Still trying to get that old Kool-Aid stain out of your favourite leisure suit? Convinced dinosaur farts could have been a huge source of renewable energy. Service dogs are convinced your dog is unemployed. a ModelersLife
Download the June 2017 Podcast! Mike & Scott's excellent adventure visiting the Grafton & Upton, Scott's visit to the Seaview Railroad plus Mike's potentially insane basement expansion project. As always right click and "save as": June 8th 2017 Podcast The post Download the June 2017 Podcast! Mike and Scotty Live
Episode 75: It’s the beginning of month so a return interview with company president Shane Wilson seemed like the logical place to start. Lots of progress and excitement has taken place since we last visited with Shane. a ModelersLife
TSG Multimedia Podcast June 2017 Sponsored in part by Podomatic This month's podcast comes out in video form on YouTube, and the audio is posted to Podomatic, iTunes, and now in the GooglePlay store! program - The topic for our next episode of Model Railroading 101 - EPIC June, July, and beyond! The TSG Podcast
Shane "the Young Gun" meets Lionel "the Old Guy" Most people think Shane and Lionel first met in the 1940’s during the height of the big band era but truth of the matter is they really began their relationship on May 27th, 2016. Did they bump into each other at the Dairy Queen in Liberty, Missouri or were they both standing trackside while rail fanning in Ottumwa, Kansas?? a ModelersLife
The Tee-Shirt Show Still can't decide what to wear on that big date? Camouflage just isn't working for you? Well, fear not! Just in time for Mother's Day, the AML Spring Collection is here to solve all your fashion needs. Once again you’ll be able to impress friends, family and even co-workers with your uncanny fashion sense. a ModelersLife
Download the May 2017 Podcast! Scott asks Mike all about his first "test" op session after 18 months of "Layout Kaboom", Mike's plans for expansion and our plans to visit the Grafton & Upton in four days. As always right click and "save as": The post Download the May 2017 Podcast! Mike and Scotty Live
Episode 74: Mike Ostertag It’s the second installment of Green Bay month and it’s S scale or nothing according to Mike. Once again not far from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field we discover model railroading is alive and well in Lombardi country. His Dad worked for the Milwaukee Road, Escanaba and Lake Superior and they both worked for the Wisconsin Central. a ModelersLife
Tape 2 Tape #2 This show has nothing to do with model railroading and everything to do with hockey. Shane ”the Young Gun” and Lionel like to talk and they like to talk about hockey. So sit back with a tall glass of warm ice shavings, a bowl of old hockey tape and enjoy!!! a ModelersLife
Model Rail Radio #132: Toggle Switch to Keep the Generations Happy Tom's a little under the weather but MRR can't be stopped with a little assistance from Mike Slater. Dana Driskel introduces his 1920s layout. Martin Coombs provides an update on Ken's annual open house, a year ago visited by Tom himself, and a number of other updates. Model Rail Radio
The Uncle Larry Show #7 Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to figure out what CV 29 is?? What if you want a train to run in the opposite direction on CV 29… Make it an odd number. Are you lost?? Me too but Uncle Larry and Shane ”the Young Gun” Mason are here to explain it to you. a ModelersLife
MRH17-05_01 - Tsunami 2, how do you do? George and Matt from Soundtraxx provide some sound advise to DCC installers. Groan. Model Railroad Hobbyist
TSG Multimedia Podcast May 2017 Sponsored in part by Podomatic! This month's podcast comes out in video form on YouTube, and the audio is posted to Podomatic, iTunes, and now in the GooglePlay store! The TSG Podcast
Tape to Tape Episode: 1 What do John Colombo, Zimo decoders, Peter Borcherds and hockey have in common?? Well John has a very cool YouTube channel featuring all sorts of locomotives and the sound he manages to get from them primarily using ESU LokSound. a ModelersLife
MRH07-03 - Charlie Comstock interview Paul and Ryan interview Charlie Comstock, who discusses his approach to model railroad photography. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH08-01 - Les Halmos Developing and applying Free-Mo standards in the construction of a club's HO railroad. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH08-04 - TraintekLLC, part 2 Gary and Phil talk about the MTH DCS system capabilities. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH08-03 - TraintekLLC, part 1 An overview of hobby trends and developments in DCC for all scales. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH09-03 - Scott Mason and the 4th Annual CSS Show Scott provides insights into how the CSS convention began and provides an overview of what to expect at this years show. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH09-04 - Scott Mason and - DVDs, craftsman kits, and the Scotty Mason Show podcast Scott talks about how he started his model railroad business producing and selling instructional DVDs, craftsman kits, and doing the first model railroad podcast. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH09-01 - Jeff Shultz and the NMRA Convention Jeff gives us a little of the back story to his NMRA video interviews. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH09-02 - Michael Duggan, owner of Paw of a Bear, LLC shines a light on his products for the model railroad hobby. Paul and Ryan talk with Michael Duggan of Paw of a Bear, LLC about his craftsman kits. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-04 - Traintalk with Traintek 4 Phil Greenberg of Traintek, LLC answers listeners' question on DCS for large scale. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-05 - Traintalk with Traintek 5 Gary Paulino of Traintek, LLc answers listeners' questions on train control and DCC. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-01 - Traintalk with Traintek 1 Gary Paulino of Traintek, LLC answers listeners' question on DCC. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-02 - Traintalk with Traintek 2 Phil Greenberg of Traintek, LLC talks about DCS and large scale train control. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-03 - Traintalk with Traintek 3 Gary Paulino of Traintek, LLc answers listeners' questions on train control and DCC. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH11-02_02 - The 2011 NMRA Convention Preview Preview of the NMRA National Convention in Sacramento this coming July. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH11-02_03 - Jack Burgess: Steve Cavanaugh's Western Pacific and Kermit Paul's Lone Pine and Tonopah Paul and Ryan discuss the Jan and March MRH cover articles written by Jack Burgess. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH10-06 - Marty McGuirk interview Paul talks with Marty McGuik about how model railroad cars are manufactured. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH11-01_01 - MRH Publisher Joe Fugate Paul discusses where MRH has been and where its going with creator and publisher Joe Fugate. Model Railroad Hobbyist
MRH11-02_01 - Jack Burgess and the Yosemite Valley Railroad Paul and Ryan talk with Jack Burgess about his 30 plus years model railroad adventure. Model Railroad Hobbyist
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