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Conversation started by Paul Hill

Paul Hill • Jul 6, 2017

Hi, I am in the process of building a OO guage layout but I could do with some assistance. Do you or anyone you may know provide some help and support, especially with the wiring of a DCC system. I know this is a long shot but any help would be fantastic. I reside in Warrington, Cheshire.

Philip Marshall • Jan 28, 2018

i have a one off hand built electric train ,evening star built by my late grandfather mr r g marshall/its 4 inch high and with coal carriage 19 inch long.built to run on indoor,outdoor you no of any group that has these tracks so i could give it a run out?

Keith McElman • Jun 25, 2019

Hi Paul, Not sure what level you are at or how much of your railway you already completed but if you are confused (like so many) by the mountain of diy YT videos out there and need something more like from-start-to-finish (beginning with the basics) then there really isnt anything Ive come across like the "Build a Model Railway" video at While its only just come out, its already being talked about among manufacturers and shops. This is what Metcalfe Models said about it - "Build a Model Railway is exactly what anyone starting out needs! It is a really comprehensive guide for the budding model railway hobbyist, delving in to everything from electrics to track layout, tunnels to accessorising. This impressive DVD will take you on a modelling journey, guaranteeing a spectacular model railway layout to be proud of. A must have!"

Regarding the DCC, what exactly are you needing (diagrams, advice on controllers, locomotives, track layout including controlling dc line voltages, etc)? I would start with the video which will answer the typical build questions and put the DCC into perspective based on exactly what you want your setup to do.

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