Scarborough Model Railway Show

Conversation started by Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin • May 9, 2017

We had a model railway show here in Scarborough on the 6 May 2017. This was the first in 20 years. We are two local modellers who decided that it was time that changed. It was a small start but clearly the people in Scarborough were ready for it because 678 adults and children came through the door. If you live in the Scarborough area and would like to know more look for our website in Simplesite, its called Scarboroughshow. Next year will be 5 May 2018. We are aiming for 11 layouts and three traders. As we are not part of a club with bills to pay we can plough all the money back in to get bigger next year. Met with several people who have exhibition size layouts who have never got an invitation because they have found it hard to break into the system. We are prepared next year to give a chance to those people.
If you want to help send a message. Happy modelling.

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