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So, I started a second blog. I realized yesterday that I told my email subscribers and Twitter followers about this, but I never said anything on my actual blog. So. In November, I started a tiny blog with somewhat tiny posts that are a tiny bit more personal than what I share here.

Deal Websites - Love Sites Like Groupon? Try these alternatives Looking for sites like Groupon UK? Check out these alternative Discount Deal websites for deals on Hotels, Travel, Experience days, Restaurants, Goods and more. A Bargain, a Deal….call it what you may, we all love them!

VIDEO: Jack Monroe cooks 12 meals for FIVE POUNDS on ITVs This Morning If you missed my slot on ITVs 'Good Morning' on Friday, ITV have uploaded the footage to their website - you can get it by clicking on that heavily concentrating face of mine below. All the recipes are on my site too - I've been getting such lovely comments and feedback, it was a really wonderful day.

Amigo Loans Has Put Itself Up For Sale - What Does It Mean For Your Loan? I'm not at all upset at all. But, let's move past my utter lack of uncaring and see what it actually means. Amigo Loans offers expensive guarantor loans.

Get Jo Malone Dupe Candles for £3 at The Original Factory Shop WHILE STOCKS LAST - get Jo Malone inspired luxury candles for just £3 - cause why spend more when you can have the same for much cheaper?! You'll need to be quick if you're after a bargain Jo Malone inspired candle. Discount retailer The Original Factory Shop has the luxury looking candles back in stock at just £3.

Scrapstore Haul for January It's a shop of the weird and wonderful, full of crafting inspiration and glimmers of creative ideas. I could happily live there I think. A large bag of mixed lengths of black, brown and orange yarn. I can't wait to get experimenting and crafting with this little lot.

Five Frugal Things - 100% mending This week's edition of Five Frugal Things happens to be entirely about mending, because once I get my sewing stuff out, I like to get it all done at once. We bought Zoe a handmade velour whale from Fluffyland when she turned six and in case you weren't an FG reader then, here's a whole post about her sixth birthday.

National Express Offers and Cheap Travel inc 30% off Coachcards Grab this special offer and get 30% off a National Express coachcard so you can travel cheap for all of 2020. If you're planning a long journey and don't want to drive it, your first thought may be to jump on a train.

Biscoff Ice Cream, 42p Of all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of dishes I have made for Small Boy and Mrs J, both of them instantly declared this to be 'the best' of all of them. And that's quite some compliment indeed.

Cute Valentines biscuits that hang on your mug… Did you know biscuits that hang on your mug were a thing? Well, they are and even better than that, these super cute Valentines Biscuits are just perfect to make for Valentines Day.

How To Live An Intentional Life Intentional living gets thrown around a lot, so I want to give you a better, more useful way of thinking about intentional living. This will help you set and achieve your goals and design the life that you want. I live very intentionally. My life today is unrecognizable from what it was 5 years ago.

Whilst I couldn't be vegan I have been experimenting recently with a few vegan meals. We also eat primarily vegetarian, or plant based meals about 70% of the time. So then, what vegan things have I tried? Breakfast for a start. Five days a week, I have a fruit smoothie, using two pieces of fruit, various seeds and normally cow's milk.

Give and Take Time Again It was Give and Take time again this weekend. I made sure I wasn't working on Sunday, as there was the first event of the year in our borough. For anyone who hasn't read any of my posts about these events, they are run by the council to try to prevent perfectly good items going into landfill.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 - This years Date, Best Deals & Details When is Amazon Prime Day 2020? Here's the inside info on this year's much anticipated Prime Day Date and what exciting Deals can be had for prime members. Amazon keeps very tight-lipped when it comes to their Prime Day Date, but one thing we know for certain is it will be in July.

Easy Caramel Icing You'll love this easy caramel icing recipe! It's made with basic pantry staples, takes around 10 minutes to make and beats store-bought frosting ANY day! Recipe pictures and post updated Jan. '20. It's been just over a year since my sweet 95-year-old Grandmother went to be with Jesus.

Exciting times ahead We are all very excited to announce that a 5th child will joining our little family in July. We are still a little early to find out the gender of our newest addition but Gman has told us that " it's probably a crocodile", so we are going with that for the moment.

How to Clean Your Peloton Have you ever stopped to think about how to clean your Peloton? Here's a simple reason why you should learn: sweat damages exercise equipment. Sweat also makes things smell gross, especially if you have anything cotton or another material on or near your bike.

A Vintage Thrifting Adventure Yesterday, LB and I had an exciting thrifting adventure. Having gone back to work on Wednesday after my week off, followed by attending two jazz dance classes after work, I'd planned to have a very lazy day on Thursday pottering at home. However, LB had the day off college and had decided to go thrifting in some of her usual haunts.

How To Make Money With 20Cogs This is a post in collaboration with 20 cogs. Earning money online can be so beneficial to your long term goals. I have talked a lot about our plans for early retirement and building enough income so that we don't have to work any more. Lots of this will come through earning money online.

Hello Family. Hello Family how about a funny today. This is so me if I won a lot of money. I would still be a cheapskate / frugal person. I would just have more money to do it with. What about you? Have a Great Cheap Cheetah Day and Save that $$$ Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc.

WIS, WWA - Some appreciation, from me to you This week, I've been reminded again of something I appreciate about you guys: there are so many of you that consistently show up and interact in the comments, talking to me and also to each other. As I look back on my posts, I see comment counts in the dozens and dozens on most posts, and this is a really unusual thing to see on a blog in 2020.

Creamy Mustard Chicken With Root Veg, 48p This creamy mustard chicken recipe is adapted from A Girl Called Jack and contains four of your five a day! If you're vegetarian, replace the chicken with butter beans for a similar protein hit, and if you're vegan, use your favourite plant-based milk in place of the usual stuff.

Twelve dinners for a fiver - on ITV This Morning! So I was on ITV this morning as part of their cookery segment, wait, I was their cookery segment! Showing how to create three main meals to feed a family of four, for under a fiver. So if you're still waiting for payday, in this long stretch between Christmas and now, I'm here to help!.

Salmon, Lemon and Pea Pasta, 22p This recipe was adapted from the Creamy Salmon Pasta in A Girl Called Jack - I've simplified the cooking method a bit and added a generous fistful of frozen peas to make it even healthier. Serves 4 from 21p per head. Prices calculated at major supermarkets and correct at time of writing.

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