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7 Alternatives to Pay Day loans this Christmas…. Please do remember that these ideas for alternatives to Pay Day loans aren't long-term suggestions but they may be helpful if you do find yourself in the position where they feel a payday loan is your only option.

A $10 offer just for Frugal Girl readers This post is not sponsored, but it includes an affiliate link that TopCashback sent to me. The affiliate link will give readers a $10 bonus. As you guys know, TopCashback is my fave cashback website for online shopping, and they sometimes offer $5 bonuses for people who are new sign-ups.

Up to date and a discussion item for you. Firstly, welcome to 99to1percent, Elaine Baron, Hannah Williams and Jen on Bloglovin. Thank you for your comments about my Dixie tribute. For some reason I am not receiving any notifications that there have been any comments. I am trying to find out why.

How Snowballing your debts will help you pay them off quicker AND save you money…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Next Stage of Advent Tree The tree is now the green colour that we want and the boxes have had 2 coats of red. We decided to spray it with satin varnish rather than gloss.

Motivational Quotes To Help You Save As I continue to do reading around simple living, frugal lifestyles and money saving projects, I come across more and more phrases that make me think. I love finding things that make me feel more motivated than ever to continue doing what we're doing, because I believe it's the right thing to do.

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer Hey My Cheap Cheetah Family I might have to spend some $$ to see this in the Movie Theater. It looks to good to watch on my regular TV when it comes to DVD. What do you think? Have a great Cheap Cheetah Day and Save that Money!!! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc.

I'm doing a freezer challenge this week! My grocery budget has been a little overstretched so far this month, and my freezer could use a little decluttering. Which means that it seems like the perfect time to take inventory and spend a week trying to use up some odds and ends. Want to see what I'm starting with?

The Five Stages of Switching to Real Food The Five Stages of Switching to Real Food is familiar to anyone who has ever gotten fed up with the Standard American Diet. And perhaps along the way, they found their head stuck up their own ass. Over the last few months, I have been digging deep in my archives and updating old posts.

100 Self Improvement Tips Notify me of new posts by email.

Make money with Job Spotter Making money from my smartphone is one of my favourite ways to make money. It is really easy to do and can often be done out and about. If you find yourself out and about with your smartphone, there is a really easy way to earn money with this app.

Menu Planning - I Take It All Back As I mentioned last month over the summer I haven't been menu planning and it had worked really well. This month, everything has fallen apart and I haven't had a clue where I am.

Mid-month Weekly Meal Plan - From The Freezer With this week's focus being on family fun and exploring the outdoors before the weather turns, I didn't want to plan evening meals which require a lot of preparation and cooking, so I turned to my trusty freezer for some easy meals. We had a stir fry for our evening meal last Monday and it worked out really well for us.

Faggots for winter… In this country, a faggot is a meat based ball. Using the recipe from the link on my recipe tab Faggots adapted, I decided now was the time to get started on a batch of them for the freezer as well as one meal. This time I used 1lb minced pork shoulder steaks, you could use bought pork mince or mince your own belly pork.

Planning ahead to save money I went to a Poundland today to pick up some cleaning products and broke my frugal fast. It's the cheapest place to buy knee highs that I wear under my trousers at work. They'll keep me going until Christmas. Whilst I was there, I bought four baskets to fill with little gifts for Christmas presents.

It's been one of those days…. I'm writing this sat at my dining table, counting down the minutes until my Hubby walks in the front door. He has precisely 5 minutes to get himself organised before I disappear to the bedroom for half an hour with some hot tea and my delicious peanut butter treat.

October Cash Envelope System - Dave Ramsey Inspired Money Management Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Cash Envelope System, Getting out of debt the Dave Ramsey way The meal plan for August is complete and the main food shop is done and dusted.

Sunday Morning Power Hour When we got home from the football yesterday, we noticed that our neighbour has removed the damaged fence panel that backs onto our garden. We also noticed that we have a lot of food that needs to be eaten. So we decided to split up and deal with each of these.

Family Holidays in the UK: Devon…. I've mentioned last month that I was planning on a bit of a blog mini-series sharing some of the great areas to holiday in here in the UK and we kicked it off with Suffolk which is a lovely, lovely area to holiday in that not many of you had really considered.

The Weekend Edition #67 This week seems to have gone by more quickly than the last. In fact, I feel like I'm always trying to catch up at the moment. Chasing my own tail, so to speak. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late. I need to get back to writing lists and being more organised; I've let it slip and it's starting to show.

Curry Chicken and Rice Soup This Curry Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe is a delicious twist on an old classic! It's easy to make and totally a family friendly meal. There are affiliate links in this post - please read my full disclosure policy. You all know by now that I love soups!

5 Good Reasons to Shop Locally and Support Australian Farmers Australian producers are world-renowned for safe, disease-free, high-quality food products and because of that, our products are in high demand overseas. Part of the reason for the high quality is because the food industry is highly regulated from farm to plate.

Are we saving enough for retirement? Whilst we're in the middle of our month long fiscal fast we take the time to re-evaluate our long term finances. As retirement in the UK is at 67 year, then our desires to retire at 60 are effectively hoping to take early retirement.

The Homemade Cranberry Sauce Homemade cranberry sauce to help you rock the holidays this year. Four simple ingredients create a deliciously easy make-ahead cranberry sauce. Ok friends, let's be clear about one thing. This is not the canned cranberry sauce that your great aunt slops into a bowl for Thanksgiving.

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