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25 ways to use up bananas…. One question that I've seen come up at least three or four times in our Facebook group is the question of how to use up bananas so today I thought I'd share a few ideas! Bananas are one of those things that I buy every single week when I do my food shopping.

I'm Under Investigation from "HMRC" "We have received a legal lawsuit against your name" HMRC are investigating me and I am the primary suspect in their case. My stomach just somersaulted! It was a proper curdling feeling that wasn't made any better considering I've just eaten. It's been a very busy day.

Five Frugal Things I've done this week…. Every week I share five frugal things that I've done during that week just to show you that the small things you do all add up to a great frugal lifestyle where you can learn to live a fabulously frugal life.

WIS, WWA - I'm under, but not really. Oof. I got a Hungry Harvest delivery. I spent $34.11 on an Aldi run, and then $32.45 at another local grocery store. And lastly, Mr. FG and I made a quick stop for bananas, carrots, and milk, and that ran us $4.43. I'm coming in at $95.99, so we'll just say $96.

Fordham Car Boot Sale Dates 2018 I love visiting car boot sales, whether it is to find a bargain or to find something to resell on eBay. One of my favourite local car boot sales is in Fordham, and here are the Fordham Car Boot Sale Dates 2018. Fordham car boot sale is found in Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

Protect Your Home with Life Insurance Cover For most of us, our mortgage is the largest debt that we'll ever incur. According to The Money Charity, the average mortgage balance in the UK is £121,687. But what is the most effective way of protecting your home, so as not to burden your loved ones with a crippling debt if something were to happen to you?

What's The Difference?? Ordering the lobster but not leaving tip? Cheap. Buying a cheaper gift even though it's not what someone wants? Cheap. Making a gift that has significance? Frugal. Finding a cafà that will let you meet there for free: frugal. Not ordering something: cheap.

How to make your house more lovely for $0 If you have a big fat home-improvement budget, then making your home beautiful is no great challenge. But since most of us have a lot of other things vying for our money, I thought I'd make a list of ways to make your home feel more lovely for a grand total of $0.

Allotment Tales 2018 - March It's that time of year again, namely time to start work on the allotment. I got an email from our allotment society the other day saying they expected plot holders to have started work on their plots by the end of this month.

20 Cheap Date Night Ideas You'll Love These 20 cheap date night ideas will help you have loads of fun without blowing your budget! They're all $20 or less and many of the date ideas are totally free. Yay! For years, we struggle to have dates, especially once we had children.

Shopping At Kohl's: Percent Off Coupon vs Kohl's Cash Shoppers can get deep discounts on clothes shopping at Kohl's by using either coupons for 15, 20 or even 30 percent off sent through the mail, or by earning Kohl's Cash in one purchase to save money on the next. Standing at the register while shopping at Kohl's with my wife over the weekend, it occurred to me these two discounts affect each other.

Cinnamon Swirls You may remember me mentioning a while back, about the ready to bake products I bought in Lidl. Today, it was the turn of the above.

Venturing into the Garden at Last After working all day Tuesday at the CS, I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling exhausted and just had to have a lie in with a good book and the dog at my feet. By about 9am I was ready to get up and by 10.15 am I was out with the dog. It was a lovely sunny morning with blue skies and much milder than it's been of late.

Forced Positivity Online…. Today's post is about forced positivity online which is a roundabout way of saying that it's about how some bloggers only share the positive parts of their lives. Does that mean they're not being real with their followers or simply that they're choosing to only share what they're comfortable with sharing?

10 random things about me Sometimes on Instagram, people do Friday Introductions posts, where they share some random things about themselves. I always love to read those and I figured, hey, why should Instagram have all the fun? So I thought I'd do one here. It's gonna be pretty much completely off-topic, but hopefully it'll be a fun diversion.

Help to Save Scheme: This Is What You Need To Know This is a guest post from Warren Shute CFP, a Chartered Wealth Manager and CISI Financial Planner of the Year. You can find him over at Have you heard of the brilliant new savings scheme being offered by your government, to help you save?

8 Free Things To Do At The Weekend Weekends are a time for slowing down, savouring the time available and spending time with loved ones. There was a time where I thought weekends were all about spending money, going out and wasting the hours. I used to spend a fortune by just going into town on a Saturday, wandering about the shops and buying things I didn't need.

Worry-Free Money with Shannon Lee Simmons And it could be because when I met Shannon Lee Simmons, author of Worry-Free Money and founder of The New School of Finance, for the first time, I immediately clicked with her.

Money Quote Just wanted to share this great Money Quote I found and to tell you Happy Tuesday…

Promise for the Planet for Earth Hour Earth Hour is the biggest movement to protect the planet, and last year over 9 million people in the UK alone took part by switching off the lights for an hour to show their support for the planet.

Salad-bag Pesto, 9p Bagged salad is one of the most wasted foods in Britain, with over half of it ending up in landfill. I have had this recipe in mind since my first cookbook, A Girl Called Jack, and although it is something I make for myself on a regular basis, absorbed into my household as a common staple, it has never been committed to paper until now.

Desert Island Reading List If you suddenly found yourself marooned on a desert island for an extended period of time, what do you wish you had on hand? What foods would you like? Which creature comforts would you need ? And most importantly, what would you read? What is your Desert Island Reading List?

Living The Life You Love That's a phrase I see about the place a lot. But there must be more to it than holding an egg in both hands or doing a star jump on the beach. Lots of live loving seems to take place in the countryside, which would be the opposite of living the life I love.

How YouTube can save you money…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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