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A pop of colour We have been on the lookout for something to liven up the front room after it was decorated, it just needed a little something and a few days ago, we found what we were looking for.

After The Election: How To Do Something When Everything Feels Pointless As last night’s election results flickered onto my television screen late last night and in the small hours of this morning, I started to recite Neil Kinnocks 1987 election night speech to myself o…

After The Election: How To Do Something When Everything Feels Pointless And Awful As last night's election results flickered onto my television screen late last night and in the small hours of this morning, I started to recite Neil Kinnocks 1987 election night speech to myself out loud.

The Christmas Cookie answers Last year, no one got them all right, so I had to sift through the guesses and find the closest one. But this year, Rhonda got them 100% right. Rhonda, check your email! Here are the correct answers for all of you. Our cookies are always a little quirky, and I love them.

Chimera baking I pulled out a bag of flour, rubbed in margarine and lard, to make pastry. I was just about to add water when I realised I had picked up self raising flour or instead of plain flour - doh! Whilst I do like to add a smidge of self raising flour to my pastry,, all self raising flour was completely wrong.

More wrapping paper - third time lucky! This next sheet was mistakenly done on the shiny side of the wrapping paper. As well as that little problem, the white pigment ink has gone very watery and sat in little blobs on top of the stamp.

How to Take Great Holiday Photos with Your Dog Portions of this article first appeared on According to a survey from BarkBox, nearly nine in 10-or 90%-of pet owners include their pup in holiday celebrations in some way. The most popular ways dog people include their pup in their holiday traditions?

The 2019 Cookie Guessing Game! Joshua wasn't able to join us this year, so I just have five cookies for you, which should make things very slightly easier. I was going to point out that Lisey will eventually move out and probably not join us as well.

The cookie guessing game is coming. We decorated cookies earlier this week, but I've been pretty sick since then and haven't manage to put together a post. And I was working on it this morning, but ran out of time before an appointment. I promise I will do my very best to get a guessing post up here this afternoon.

White glass crockery A few years ago, we changed over to white glass crockery from Ikea. At the time we bought dinner and side plates and small / cereal/soup/dessert bowls. When we went back the other weekend whilst away, we found some larger bowls in two sizes. One size was too big for our needs so we bought some of the smaller ones.

Cool Hanukkah Presents for Pet Lovers Here are some ideas for cool Hanukkah presents to get you through the season. You can find lots of idea for pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers over on Amazon and their "Pet Paw-lidays Gift Guide." I kid you not, people use the amalgamated word chewish-get it?

40 Frugal Non-Toy Gifts for Kids that Cost $35 or Less This list of frugal non-toy gifts for kids is full of ideas that are educational, inspire creativity or are just fun and practical. So many great ideas and they're perfect for birthday's, Christmas gifts or any other special occasion! There are affiliate links in this post.

Are You Bernard or Bernadette? Get a FREE Turkey From Iceland In Time for Christmas If you're lucky enough to share your name with a very famous poultry brand, you can land yourself a free turkey from Iceland this year. Whether you're on a tight budget or you just like a freebie, you may be able to sort out your Christmas Day dinner.

All Set For Relaxation Like many people for us December tends to be a busy time filled with things to do. Not this year! We finish work for the year on Friday and are having a luxurious break right up to 9th January.

Iceland Discount Code Gets You £5 Off Your Next £40 Spend + More Promotions Grab this Iceland discount code to get £5 off when you spend £40 online. Plus other discount codes and all the latest Iceland deals. Iceland has a red hot offer! Hopefully, it won't defrost all their stock!. Iceland has launched a new discount code offering £5 off when you spend £40 on your first online order.

Year End Reflection Have you looked back at the last 12 months? Before you plan your future, set goals, or can live an intentional life, you need to take a look at what you've been creating up to this point. Looking back at the last year is the perfect way to evaluate what's working, what's not, and how to set yourself up for future success.

Instars Review - How to Earn INSTAR Crypto You can now earn INSTAR cryptocurrency simply by taking photos of your receipts, and completing short surveys and polls. Plus win tokens and bonuses. Written in collaboration with INSTAR is a new digital currency - a cryptocurrency. It was created was to help keep our data under more control.

How To Calculate Your Net Worth There are lots of ways to track your finances to see if you are on the right track. Creating a budget, tracking expenses and saving money are all ways to show how your finances are doing, month to month. But your net worth can also be an indicator of how well your finances are.

The Life-Changing Reason You Need Emergency Savings with Sharon Epperson You never know when something can happen, and all you can do is line things up to protect yourself if something does.

Winter stores I took few pictures this summer but here is one I just had to take. This is one Turks Turban squash plant. It rambled and rambled over the peas and along the broad beans and I eventually had to stop it before it pulled the beans down. There were twelve fruits on this plant all of which grew bigger than shown on this pic.

A few thoughts on joy December is a time of year that promises joy. Joy from family, joy from traditions, joy from peace, joy from gifts. And of course, joy from spending. The problem with a lot of our sources of joy is that they are outside our control and so sometimes, they do not deliver.

Get FREE Carrots For Christmas Dinner from Morrisons Morrisons is giving away 125,000 bags of free "wonky" carrots in the run-up to Christmas, as well as free oranges for your stocking. Whether you're after a freebie for your Christmas Day dinner, or you want to spread some magic with your children, it may be worth heading to Morrisons soon.

Books For Super-hero Kids Who Want To Save The World I don't know about you but I struggle a bit when it comes to how to talk to my kids about the climate crisis. I mean, it's a HUGE thing isn't it? It terrifies me, so I can only imagine how scary it could be for our children, and it saddens me hugely that this…

Homemade Gingerbread Wreath…. Last year, Master Frugal made the most amazing Gingerbread wreath at school and it looked amazing! It looked that good that when I shared a photo of it on Instagram, I got about ten DMs asking me to blog about it. I tend to shut my laptop over Christmas though so I never got around to sharing it - until now!

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