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Allotment / Garden Update - June It's been quite a while since I did an update of what's happening at the allotment, largely due to the fact that I haven't been there much of late. OH has been popping in regularly to water and I popped across to put in some cucumber and courgette plants last weekend, but otherwise, it's been a couple of weeks since I did any real work there.

John Lewis Pays You For Unwanted Clothes Your unwanted clothes will either be:. Martyn White, Sustainability Manager at John Lewis said:. They also recycled materials from 55,000 mattresses. So, if you've got a few odd socks, an old coat that no longer fits or a pair of trousers with a busted zip, this is an easy way to make a few quid back on your clothes.

Speaking from Experience: How to Keep Yourself Out of Debt? Getting out of debt is one thing, but how can you stay out when you get out? As someone who is naturally spontaneous, trying not to spend money can sometimes be hard! I know I'm a very spontaneous person, which has both its ups and its downs. The kids love it as we do fun stuff at the drop of a hat.

The big chest freezer cleanout - Basket #1 & Compartment #2 I'm working on cleaning out my chest freezer this summer, one basket / compartment at a time so that I don't get overwhelmed and give up on it entirely. Here's how things went with my basket challenge from last week.

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How to make money from bed & breakfast To cut down on the amount of spare bedding needed, stick to white in the same sizes throughout. This saves money, because you need fewer spare sets of bedding to cover changeovers and accidents. You might think one set of towels in the room, and one set in the wash, would be sufficient.

LoveYourLeftovers - Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Baked Potatoes…. I've shared my recipe for slow cooker pulled pork a good five and a half years ago now and over the years, it's become a firm family favourite that regularly features on our meal plan.

The Only 2 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn't Making Money They don't mean slow down. They don't mean something has gone wrong. All they mean is that your brain is trying to protect you and keep you alive. For me, knowing that any time I try something new my brain is going to freak is helpful. I expect it. And I sort of have a pep talk with my brain where I say "I see you brain - I know what you're doing.

Monday Money #9: How to keep your budget cool in hot weather Despite our best intentions, sometimes this means that we don't stick to our budget plans, and money saving can go out the window during the hotter months. Of course, it's so important to still enjoy ourselves during the summer but what are the best ways to do that whilst sticking to a budget?

How To Survive On Maternity Pay As I'm writing this, I have exactly two weeks left of my own maternity leave left with Frugal Baby. On Sunday 1st, I officially return to work. I can't believe how fast it has gone the second time around. I am so not ready to be leaving both of my babies behind and going back into the world of work.

5 Benefits of Inner-City Apartment Living The Great Australian Dream might traditionally be a house in the suburbs on a quarter acre block, but there are a lot of perks to inner-city living that we overlook when we dream of owning our own home.

Making the first steps to selling your profitable business If you are one of the lucky few who has grown a wildly successful business - congratulations! If you are someone who is making the steps to get there - you can do it! If you fall into either of these camps, you may have already thought about how you might go about selling a business in the future.

Boxes! Sorry I've been quiet, but something wonderful has happened. We have a council house! This time next week we will be carting all our belongings 30 miles up the motorway and beginning a new life in Eastleigh.

Happy Saturday Hello Family Thought you might need a laugh today. Have a great day! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail. Powered by Blogger.

Homemade Bath Jelly…. Remember my homemade pink prosecco gummy bear jelly sweets? They taught me a valuable lesson in life - that you can add gelatin to pretty much everything and you'll end up with a jelly. Sooooo, I thought we could investigate making some homemade bath jelly and the results were fab!

My new money-saving column for Woman & Home! I've very overexcited to be writing a new financial column for Woman and Home magazine, and the first issue is out now! Grab a copy of the July issue, with Jane Fonda on the cover, and you can find out why I'm so passionate about helping people make the most of their money, and how I save money across all areas of our family life.

Creamy Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream The only thing better than local strawberry season is making Creamy Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream! Fresh, bright, and full of flavor, this is the best strawberry ice cream you'll ever make at home. No ice cream maker? No problem! Both my mom and mother-in-law were summertime berry pickers.

How to store your reselling stock at home Last month saw us move our eBay business into office space, and I am so grateful to be claiming back rooms in our house. Growing our eBay inventory has been key to our reselling success, but with more stock comes the challenge of where to store your inventory.

What I Spent, What We Ate - I got a $25 Hungry Harvest and then I spent $139 at the grocery stores. So, I'm at $164 this week, which isn't too bad. Especially compared to last week. Oy. Week 1: $235. Week 2: $164. I made pulled pork, using the pork from my first clean-out-the-chest-freezer basket.

Freebie And Bargain Of The Week A couple of things made their way home with me this week. Firstly some books picked up on our trip to Colne on Saturday. A copy of The Highway Code, 50p. hospice shop A couple of Ladybird books to add to Dan's childhood collection, 90p each also from the hospice shop.

Amazing Frugal and Free Fathers Day Gift…. Today I wanted to share with you how to use my Christmas Family Traditions Poster Maker to make an amazing frugal and free Fathers Day Gift. If the Dad in your life is anything like Mr Frugal, he'll pretty much buy himself the things he needs as and when he needs them and don't really want 'stuff' for the sake of giving a gift on Fathers Day.

Sourced Locally meal for Fathers' Day Just a reminder that if you haven't entered already, I'm running a giveaway at the end of this post so you can win gin. And not just any gin - a gift pack containing a bottle of Adnams Copper House Dry Gin, voted 'World's Best Gin' at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2013, and a pair of Copper House Distillery glasses.

Honey Simple Syrup Learn how absolutely easy it is to make your own Honey Simple Syrup for mocktails, cocktails, iced teas, and lemonades. Once you try the amazing flavor of honey in your drinks, you'll never go back to refined sugar syrups. We love to create fun little mocktails around the Cook house, but try to keep them healthy for both us and the kiddos.

Miscellany - chicken, a star map, a car, a hydrangea, and more Time for some randomness! I still don't have my first order, but if you want to get some of their chicken breasts, click here and then use code FALLFRESH at checkout to get the $0.99/pound price. They said it's close to selling out, so get your order in quickly.

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