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10 ways to have fun at the beach this Summer…. We live about two minutes drive from the beach so it's only natural that it's one of our favourite places to visit as a family.

Five frugal things on holiday I wrote a post about what to pack to cut the cost of a staycation earlier this week, but here's five frugal things that saved money while we were away. Going on holiday in the UK really saves on travel. Forget flight or ferry tickets - we could just load up the car and pay for petrol.

What I Spent, What We Ate - $100.89 I didn't spend much on groceries this week, actually. Even when adding in our road trip snacks and Monday's Chick Fil A trip, I'm only at $100.89. Week 1: $166. Week 2: $100.89. Brats and hot dogs over the fire at my friend Mia's house! We'd just gotten back from Ohio, and at first we thought we weren't hungry.

Make money online with Swagbucks Everywhere you turn there is a different way to make money with Swagbucks. Let's explore some of these further with 12 ways to boost your income on Swagbucks. You can filter these offers to find what works best for you - you might want to aim for the highest paid offers, or the offers that won't cost you anything.

Bedroom makeover plans…. It probably won't surprise people who know me when I say that I love a good old list writing session.

Your Questions Answered about Making a PPI Claim The 29th August 2019 seemed far away when it was first announced, but it's fast approaching and the banks are busier than ever. Lloyds Banks Group expects 13,000 claims per week until the deadline and has set aside nearly £20 billion to cover the influx of new PPI claims.

Some wise words on contentment A few tidbits to encourage you today…. -Socrates. I'm iffy on luxury necessarily being artificial poverty, but oh, I love the first half of this quote. -Socrates. -Germany Kent. I hope your Thursday is full of contentment and gratitude. Want more inspiration to be content?

Toes… If you have any form of toe or foot pain, here is a good link to work out what might be happening.Wearing normal everyday shoes / boots, I can walk around the street for quite a while and not get sore toes. Most days but not all days.

5 Money Saving Back to School Tips for an Organised Mum…. OK, We're not just over two weeks away from the kids going back to school so I figure I should probably start getting organised at some point soon, shouldn't I?

Five Frugal Things, road trip style We loaded up at our home Aldi for the trip out there, and then before we headed back home, we stopped at the Aldi in Ohio. So convenient to have an Aldi in both places. And snacks and drinks at Aldi are so much cheaper than snacks and drinks at gas station shops on the highway.

Cactus cooking Yesterday was DH's birthday. We had a lovely meal at a local Pizza hut and then a little wander around some nearby shops. One of which was a rather random discount store that seemed to stock the oddest things! One of the things we found were these sweet little cactus growing kits for £1 each.

The Dave Ramsey Zero Budget Method…. I should say up front that the Dave Ramsey Zero budget method is definitely not my favourite way to budget and it's not one that I've used for more than about half an hour as I just couldn't get away with it. But I have had a few people ask me to explain it so I thought I'd share the basics of the zero budget method with you today.

Wasps… I don't know about you but I think the wasps are very bad this year. We must have a nest somewhere nearby as we were inundated with dozens of 1cm long baby wasps a month ago. So far though, not many of the larger French wasps are around.

Expenses To Cut Back On When Things Are Tight When looking at your budget and trying to find areas to cut back, it can be tricky. You might be saving for a holiday, an unexpected bill or something bigger like redundancy, finding spare money within your budget can be hard.

How to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

All about Ohio! So, we're back from our little trip to the Midwest! I'd been through Ohio a lot of times as a kid on my way to Iowa and South Dakota to visit my grandparents, but this was Sonia and Zoe's first time. Mia, one of my best friends, moved to Ohio in January with her two kids, one of whom is one of Sonia and Zoe's best friends.

What to pack to cut the cost of a staycation Skipping off on holiday with only a passport, credit card and big smile sounds super spontaneous. It's also likely to be super expensive. It's all very well trilling "Oh, you can always buy stuff when you're away!" to people who overpack.

The Best Time to Redeem Your RBC Rewards This may be hard to hear, but it's officially back to school time! I know, I know, it's still summer. I'm trying to savour every last sunshiny minute too, before locking myself inside for the 8 months of winter. Still, there's no denying that the start of the new school year is right around the corner.

The 15 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults In a holiday that's sure to be full of Eleven costumes, these best DIY Halloween costume ideas will guarantee that you stand out. DIY Cereal Bowl Costume by Studio DIY. DIY Taco Costume by Aww, Sam. DIY Cookie Monster Costume by The Joy of Fashion. DIY Gumball Machine by Make It, Love It.

I'm heading back today I'm still in Ohio as of the writing of this post, but the girls and I are going to head back home today. We've had a great trip here and it's such a bummer to leave. Sigh. But we've decided that we will just have to come back very soon. See you tomorrow!

Lidl "Wonky" Veg Boxes Are Just £1.50 And Are Being Sold At These Stores However, we've found a list of 91 Lidl stores who are stocking the £1.50 fruit and veg boxes. Do you have one near you? Here is the first of the 122 stores that are selling fruit and veg that are no longer perfect, but are still perfectly good to eat:.

Thomas the Tank engine at the Watercress line We spent a wonderful day riding trains and investigating train stations yesterday. The weather was a bit grey and drizzly but we managed to avoid any dourpours and 90% of the time we were undercover anyway. Baby W spent the day with Nanny being loved on and shown off to neighbours.

The Money Mindset That Will Help You Get Out Of Debt I turned my six figure law school debt into a six figure business. I started with $206k in debt from law school, and I have about $70k left. The kicker is I've switched careers twice in that time, and I built a business that will continue to pay dividends in the future.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes with LloydsPharmacy I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just over two years ago now, and managing my blood sugar levels has been a struggle for me. I have teamed up with LloydsPharmacy to tell you about the services that they offer to people with diabetes, or people who are worried they might be diabetic.

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