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Save Money on Train Fares by Train Hacking - AKA Split Ticketing This Guide Shows You How to Easily Save Money and Bag Cheap Train Fares by Train Hacking - Ticket Splitting and Book Online to save a fortune on your journey.

Front Inner Circle Garden… We were lucky last night, as the storm seemed to have passed us by. We had 4 mini powercuts in about 15 minutes and about 2cm of rain. Today is supposed to be the worst day so we will have to wait and see. The poppies have finished but were cut back yesterday to save them flopping over onto their neighbours.

How To Set Up A Reusable Party Package For Kids Birthday Parties In Your Town I had the great pleasure of chatting to Tillie Mabbutt recently for Episode 37 of the Sustainable podcast, where she shared with us her amazing business Frome Eco Party Packages, and her top tips for anyone wanting to start up a similar thing near them.

How And Why To Set Up A Reusable Party Package For Kids Birthday Parties Kids birthday parties can be a nightmare when it comes to the waste and plastic tat that they generate. Yet we all want our little darlings to have a fun and memorable party don't we? And ideally we want to do it with the least amount of stress and work!

Tuesday Tip - Our favorite mineral sunscreen This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. There's been some slightly troubling news in recent years about the ingredients in regular sunscreen; enough to make me a little nervous about slathering it on our skin at the beach and pool.

Book a trip New York on a budget…. Today, I wanted to share with you a few ways that you can save money when booking a trip to New York because as expensive as it can be, there really is a way to get to New York on a budget - believe me, I've done it myself a couple of times.

Temporary Curtains…. Although our front room is north facing, the sun pours in from its western aspect late afternoon to evening. It is almost impossible to see what is on the tv!

Public Pools Are Gross - Protect Your Family's Health Thinking about taking the family to a public pool? You might want to reconsider. Here's why public pools are bad for your health.

First day of the Ration Challenge Rice is the only ingredient I have in any great quantity, living for a week on the same rations as a Syrian refugee in Jordan. Nearly 2 kg of rice, plus small amounts of oil, flour, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and sardines. Somehow food that normally would get used up in 3 or 4 meals has to stretch to 21.

Easy Plastic-free Ideas For School Fundraisers As we approach Summer fair season there's been several posts in my Sustainable with Kids FB group asking for ideas for reducing the amount of single use plastic / plastic tat that is used by PTAs and schools for fundraising. Sadly school fairs and stalls are pretty synonymous with…

MealPlanningMonday - Sausage and Pesto Pasta Bake…. For this week's #MealPlanningMonday, I thought I'd not only share our week's meals with you but also one of the meals we'll be having - Sausage and Pesto Pasta Bake.

How to stay motivated with a long term financial goal There are some financial goals that don't happen overnight, and in fact they can take years and years to achieve. For example you might be working towards paying off your debts or saving for a house deposit.

Chocolate Cookie Bears I'm getting a late start today, so here's a recipe from my archives. If you have small kids to bake with, you really should give this a try. It's been a hit with 100% of the kids who have visited my house, not to mention my own kids!

The List That's More Important Than Your To-Do List Because from a clean place where I'm thinking as if I'm the person who has those results, I feel and act very differently. If I stayed thinking the same thoughts that got me to six figures, it doesn't matter how much action I take, I won't create seven figures.

Why You Should Never Pay For A Credit Report Today's article is a guest post from Sara Williams, who blogs about everything to do with debt at Debt Camel. I read Nicola's recent post Why Financial Knowledge Should Be Part Of Your Self Care Routine and you might be surprised that I liked the fact that she didn't mention knowing about your credit rating.

Greedy Factor Today on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show I am talking Money In The News The Greedy Factor. Join me and Let's Talk Saving, Making an Having Fun with Money! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail.

Oh my goodness We were just about to go out to a local do when the heavens opened, a proper cloud burst is currently ongoing. If it stops, we'll have a check as we pass, on our afternoon stroll with Ruby. Don't hold out much hope though. Looking forward to tennis at Queen's tomorrow.

Well done…. Dom Inglot and his American partner A. Krajicek on winning the doubles title at Hertogenbosch. Shame that yet again, this win was not mentio…

The Weekend Edition #84 I hope you've had a good week? Ours has just been a quiet one thankfully, though the weather has been awful. We have our heating set quite low in the summer months but it has clicked on occasionally this week, which just shows how cold it has been, especially at night time.

Hiring Summertime is almost here and it looks like the job market is taking a upswing. The reason I say that is because everywhere I look I see these signs " Were Are Hiring". So there is no excuse for you not to get a part time job if you need one. Heck I am thinking of getting one.

My Un-Riveting Story I don't really have an amazing, grab-the-headlines story to put in my sidebar…rather, my tale is one of faithful plodding along the frugal path. I've never been a big spender.

A Beginner's Guide To Climate Change In my social media bubble, my timelines are full of talk about the climate crisis. To the extent that I think I've started to take for granted that everyone knows about it.

Speaking Up About The Climate Crisis I know that I personally am guilty of not sharing the extent of the climate crisis because it's scary, and it's overwhelming and I worry that it will paralyse people and they won't take action because it's all too much. And I guess a lot of other sustainable living blogger have done the same.

Its a good job…. I didn't read the reviews on this product before I bought it, as they were all, with the exception of one, very negative. What product: A tin of curry. I must admit, I trialled it anyway with a little bit of trepidation as most other canned meats products haven't rung my bell.

More, More, More More work, more sleep, more rain, more doing, more fun, more stuff, more cooking, more failing, more trying again. That just about sums up the week. It finally stopped raining yesterday so I'll say no more about that.

Taking the Ration Challenge The Ration Challenge involves living on the same rations for a week as a Syrian refugee in Jordan. Turns out that's not very much. Not very much at all. Meanwhile any money I raise in sponsorship will go towards food, medicine and education for Syrian refugees plus Concern's wider work tackling hunger and extreme poverty.

Amazing Frugal and Free Fathers Day Gift…. Today I wanted to share with you how to use my Christmas Family Traditions Poster Maker to make an amazing frugal and free Fathers Day Gift. If the Dad in your life is anything like Mr Frugal, he'll pretty much buy himself the things he needs as and when he needs them and don't really want 'stuff' for the sake of giving a gift on Fathers Day.

Revolutionize Your Money In July: The Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge Is Back! I know you can't start your summer without knowing whether or not the Uber Frugal Month Group Challenge is happening in July, so consider yourself informed: IT'S BAAAAAAAACK!!

16 Fabulously Fun Pool Party Themes for Summer Your husband especially!Amscan Tiki Party Invitation Cards, 4 7/8″ x 6.25″, 20 Ct. This party is always number one because of the ease in which you can find decorations. The kits are an easy way to get this this done quickly.

What I Spent, What We Ate - I skipped Tuesday's cooking I spent $151 at the grocery store and $25 on my Hungry Harvest box. So, $176 total. Week 1: $160. Week 2: $176. Mr. FG and I went out to Five Guys for a quick date night. Five Guys is always a great option for staying within our date night goal of $20.

The highs and lows of shared ownership Today I have a guest post from Sian who blogs at Little Miss Frugal. As well as her blog you can also find Sian on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

We have been…. On the hunt for a piece of secondhand furniture to adapt into a nice looking lockable sleeping area for Ruby. Why is it, that when you are looking, nothing is available? We visited a huge warehouse yesterday. Loads of stuff, ridiculous prices. Having thought more about it, we visited a place we have bought from before to explain our dilemma.

7 Frugal Money Rules I Try To Live By Today's post is from Simon over at Pennies for the Piggy Bank, a blog about simple tips to help you save and make money. Being frugal is often misunderstood and seen as "tight" or "cheap". However, what being frugal really means to me, is making the most of the money you do have by making sensible financial decisions.

What I did with yesterday's Hungry Harvest My Hungry Harvest yesterday was mostly vegetables. In fact, I think the only fruit was a bag of large apricots and some kiwifruit. This is fine, but I find fruit to be a whole lot easier to eat than vegetables. Not only is it sweet, it also requires almost zero prep to be delicious.

Quidco New Member Offers Including £16 FREE After Cashback! Grab an extra cashback bonus of up to £16 with these Quidco new member offers. You'll earn money each you shop on your everyday purchases.

How To Talk To Our Kids About Climate Change Today I'm chatting to Helen and Joe, co-founders of EcoTales, who have been friends since meeting each other at school at the age of 12. EcoTales is a podcast for primary school children that aims to share nature knowledge and inspire future generations to love and defend the planet.

15 Classic and New Pool Party Games For All Ages Looking for a fun way to enterain your guests at the your next pool party. This is a list of 15 classic and new pool games to help had fun to your party!

Wifi Improvement Supplies And Other May 2019 Expenditures Frugalwoods embarked on a wifi improvement plan earlier this year. Phase One. Involved upgrading all of our networking equipment-router and access point-to commercial grade products, which we're very happy with. We bought the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway router and the Ubiquiti Unifi Ap-AC Long Range Wireless Access Point back in January.

Deliberate Discomfort When you do things you've never done before, you're going to be uncomfortable. You don't need to shy away from this feeling or make it mean something has gone wrong. In fact, it means something has gone very right. When you go after a goal, like designing your dream life, it means you're creating something new and different.

Five Frugal Things - $20 survey, gas savings, $0.88 flowers, and more This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. Remember that TV show I watched so I could complete a paid survey for $200? They sent me a follow-up survey for $20, and it took only about ten minutes to complete.

Fakeaway Slimming World Chicken Shawarma…. Slimming World Chicken Shawarma is going to be your new favourite fakeaway whether you're on Slimming World or you're just looking for a budget-friendly delicious alternative to a takeaway. My family enjoy it more than they like our fakeaway doner kebab!

Where’s the sun gone… By Sunday evening, we had 1/2" of rain in a bucket. This morning it measured 6". Just about 36 hours of rain fell on Monday and Tuesday, alternating between light showers and heavy downpours. Today and Thursday have showers and dry intervals forecast.

How I Narrowly Escaped Being Stuck With A Woodford Fund I have been watching the news this past week with interest; the sudden fall from grace that Neil Woodford has seemingly done. It started with investors pulling millions of pounds from his funds and ended, at this point, with any trading within his funds to be stopped, so that investors cannot even get their money out.

How We Survived a 40 Hour Family Road Trip with Kids Wondering how to survive a road trip with kids? Here are the travel activities and tips that helped us enjoy our recent 40-hour family road trip! Hopefully, they can help you have a great road trip with family too!:. I'm not someone that loves road trips.

Credit Cards 101: When and How Should You Get Your First Credit Card? Credit cards can either be a temporary solution to your financial problems, but they can also lead to bigger and longer term issues. Credit cards allow you to spend, even if you don't have the cash handy. This makes spending effortless and quick, which is a dangerous combination with most of our impulses.

Coins Hello Family How Are You Today? Today I am talking the things…

Five years since moving to the country A year since we moved to Suffolk. Two years ago yesterday. Repairing the house for the winter. Visit from the chimney sweep. Warmth from the woodburner. Three years since moving house. 10 things to think about before moving to the country. Four years since moving to the country.

Pay Your Age and Get a Build-A-Bear For As Little As £1 You can walk away with a bear for just £1! Count your candles and pay your age for a new furry friend at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Best Chili Pimento Cheese Beer Fries These crispy yet tender slices of potato topped with chunks of beef chili and creamy pimento cheese make for the best gathering fries you will have. Here's how I make the best chili pimento cheese beer fries. Do you want to create the perfect game day fries for your next Sunday afternoon sports watch party?

How to get 2 for 1 cinema tickets all year for just £1.01 with Meerkat Movies… Today I'm going to tell you exactly how you can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets for a year with Meerkat Movies.

Rhubarb at last… After lots of watering and some good amounts of rain, the rhubarb has taken off. So much so, that at last, I have been able to harvest some. A brand new rhubarb crown, needs to be left alone for at least a year, to help the roots mature a bit. This was a huge crown which I divided into four and replanted.

How to Get Free Theatre Tickets in London for Kids Week Get free theatre tickets for your children for Kids Week this summer 2019. There are tickets up for grabs at over 40 different shows.

It begins! Yesterday we had our 12 month house inspection. Which means we are finally free to redecorate our home! Within 10 minutes of the inspection team leaving I was sorting out my stash of tester pots ready to get painting. I'm starting in the downstairs bathroom with a feature wall.

2019 Summer Bucket List Every summer I make a list of fun things and productive things I want to do before summer "kicks the bucket". I post updates every few weeks to let you guys know how I'm doing. I have a LOT of painting I want to do. Is this list too ambitious? Maybe.

Use it up Instead of heading to the supermarket as often, I'm going to work my way through the cupboards and freezer, using up all the food items that never usually see the light of day. We've got all sort of half used bags of rice and pasta, packs of mixes we bought when they were on offer and all kinds of bits and pieces in the freezer.

Rules For Big $$ Hello Family How Are You Today?Your struggling with the question when is it alright to spend big money on something? Here is a simple rule of thumb to go by. 1 - Go very cheap or go for high quality even if it requires paying for it 2 - Maintain a mix of cheap things and more expensive, higher quality things.

Sainsbury's Pay You Up to £25 to Recycle Plastic and Metal Cans ️ Sainsbury's is rolling out new reverse vending machines, and you can earn 5p for each plastic bottle or drink can you recycle. Sainsbury's is the latest supermarket to launch a reverse vending machine in its store with plans to roll out more at the year goes on.

MealPlanningMonday - the 'back on the wagon' edition…. This week we're going full-on Slimming World with our meals as I try and get my head back in the game after a couple of weeks of making excuses for reasons why I can have a day off.

How To Change Your Life I will tell you right now that your life has meaning, but it's up to you to define what that meaning is. If you're in a place where you're unsure what that meaning is, create it to be whatever you want. You're the only person who can decide what you care about, what you think, and how you feel.

Book Club Ideas: Starting, Themes, Food and More Reading with friends can be a fun social gathering. Whether you want to start or need theme inspiration, here are book club ideas to get you turning pages!

What is being gubbed in matched betting? Whether you are still to start your matched betting journey, or you have been enjoying this lucrative side hustle, you might have heard the phrase 'being gubbed' and wonder what it means. In this post I am going to explain what being gubbed in matched betting means.

Using things up I bought a double packet of frozen puff pastry for Christmas and still had one of them in the freezer. Also in there were 4 big slices of home cooked ham, a large uncooked chicken breast and some pork stew gravy. The pastry was divided into 4 and rolled out.

Saving For Your Child To Go To University Today's post is a guest post by my blogging friend Lynn. Lynn is an award-winning personal finance writer and commentator. She is the founder of A blog established in 2013 that encourages healthy wealth, body and mind. She regularly features in newspapers and as a commentator on BBC Radio and TV.

The 10 Best Websites to Find Cheap Holidays & Last Minute Travel Deals From all inclusive package holidays to booking separate flights and hotels, we're all down for Saving Money when Booking a Holiday, so here's the sites you need to check out… My number one go-to website for finding discounted holidays and last minute deals.

Trimming paws Ruby, being a Springer, grows quite a lot of fur between her toes, this needs to be trimmed occasionally otherwise it spreads her toes. She walks every day on pavements, so her nails don't get massive but also do need trimming occasionally. We tackled two paws yesterday and two today.

Free Printable Girl Power Wall Art…. Today I've got some super pretty free printable Girl Power wall art prints for you to print out. They look amazing when they're framed - even in the cheap certificate style frames you can pick up in the pound shop.

A Week of Catcing Up It's been a week since we got back from Center Parcs. We had a nice break despite some disagreements. Sometimes people seem unable to just enjoy a relaxing break, without creating drama. Anyway, the weather was a bit changeable, but we managed to do lots of swimming, cycling, badminton and I did a couple of classes whilst there.

The lady came… To get the correct measurement for the lounge curtains. Quote given and accepted. They will be converted from pencil pleat to eyelet as well. Expected to take about 2 weeks then the lounge will be finished. Hooray! Wet weather has finally arrived. We had one heavy shower at 11:30 last night and it's just started to get heavy now at 10:15.

Moana Birthday Party Ideas & Planning Made Easy Ready to throw an awesome Moana Birthday Party? This post is ready to inspire you with fun food, creative decor and more! Throughout the article I provide ideas, how-to videos, shopping lists and more!

1930's knitted hat I've just finished knitting this cute bobbly beanie from a 1930's knitting pattern in my stash. Consider the pattern is well on its way to hitting triple figures, I don't think it looks dated. It's supposed to be stripy but I opted to use some self striping yarn from my stash.

Quick & Easy Father's Day Lunch Ideas Creating a fun sandwich bar or your Father's Day lunch is a great way to make sure that everyone can enjoy their favorite combinations and eat to their hearts content. If you have a counter top grill press, you can also do paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches too.

Five frugal tips when visiting Venice Venice is far from a frugal place to visit. Beautiful, yes, with all the canals, islands and palazzos - but hardly bargain basement. However, there are still travel hacks to make the most of your money. Here, after our family holiday last week, are five frugal tips when visiting Venice.

Investment Returns Are Virtually Guaranteed With U.S. Treasury Bonds In all of my research, I am learning that there is one investment option, especially for investing newcomers, that offers essentially guaranteed returns: U.S. Treasury Bonds. United States Treasury Bonds are fixed-interest, federal debt securities that can have maturity dates spanning a decade, 20-years, or 30-years.

Happy Friday Just want to say have a great weekend enjoy life, loves and don't spend to much money dong it! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail. Powered by Blogger.

How to pay off persistent debt As you may know, a few years ago we paid off £15,000 worth of credit card debt, and one of the driving factors was knowing how many years it would take to clear the debt whilst just paying off the minimum repayments.

WIS, WWA - You should try BLTs Lisey's way! See Tuesday's meal for the BLT mention. I didn't get a Hungry Harvest this week, and I spent $160 at the grocery store. Pizza night! I bought pizza instead of making it. We had breakfast for dinner; French toast, bacon, and orange juice. Stir-fry, with frozen potstickers on the side.

Paws and bones Time to make Ruby up some vegetable and extra nibbles to add to her food. This time we minced up carrot, spinach, broccoli. Added to this was some linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Then a tablespoon of ground eggshells and a whole egg, plus two minced lambs kidneys.

What Dads Really Want for Father's Day So that's why when RetailMeNot in Canada provided information on what dads really want for Father's Day-in Canada-I figured it was worth sharing for American children looking for father's day gift ideas from daughters and sons. We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

5 Super Simple Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen While your food bill may shock you each week, when you get into the kitchen, you can still overspend. A few changes in your habits can see you saving money in no time. Meal plan. Meal planning may sound like a chore, but when you get started, you'll realise how much money it'll save you.

Thrift shopping haul I've had a lovely afternoon enjoying the sunshine and thrift shopping with my mum. First I found this baffling framed cross stitch picture. I love the slightly bizzare vibe to it with the gothic text and cheery goose scene. I also found a king size Thomas the tank bedding set.

My Friend Always Wanted To Be A Mom; Then She Got Prenatal Depression When my friend Emma told me about her struggles with prenatal depression and anxiety, I begged her to write about it.

How a humble ice cube tray revolutionised my meal planning…. Today I'm going to tell you how a £1 ice cube tray has revolutionised* my meal planning. Not long ago, when I shared my post about how to build a frugal pantry, I mentioned that I used ice cube trays in my freezer to help with my meal planning and prep and I got lots* of messages asking me to reveal my secret.

Pressure cooking meat Doing the beef in the cooker wasn't so successful even though it was still pink when it came out, it cooked more as it rested, losing its pinkness. The result was a bit dry, not surprising as we don't seem to produce beef in this country anymore, that has nice ripples of fat throughout it.

Your Investing Questions Answered with Jessica Moorhouse The home you live in is not an investment. It's part of your net worth, but I wouldn't consider it a real estate investment because you are living in it. This may be a controversial take, but that's just my point of you. If you own real estate and rent it out, then yes that would be considered an investment.

Results are in, decisions are made I'm to commute to Queen's in Bir…

25 Father's Day Activities & Experiences Going to a rock climbing facility is a great way to experience rock climbing without having to worry about the bothers of the outdoor arena - my hand + bugs in crevasses = cringe just thinking about it. Indoor versions of rock climbing provide all the safety equipment necessary and helpful guides for the inexperienced.

I'm not passionate about cooking. I just like to eat. I think there's a difference. People who are passionate about cooking seem to really enjoy the process. They like to play around in the kitchen, and cooking seems to fulfill some creative desires inside of them. But I think for me, kitchen endeavors have always been largely driven my desire to eat something good.

Get over £25 from these offers paid within 3 working days If you are looking to make money quickly then I have some great offers to share with you that can earn you over £25 - and best of all, you can receive your payment within just 3 working days! OhMyDosh is a get paid to website where you give a little bit of your time to complete offers or tasks and then get cash for it.

Leave When You're Happy The truth about endings is that they are always going to happen. Just like the seasons changing, you're going to go through seasons of your life that end. The key is to accept that they happen and to not make them mean something has gone wrong. When it comes time to leave something behind in your life, only you are going to know when that is.

Upcycled magnetic baking tray memo board…. This magnetic baking tray memo board is my new favourite thing! I made it in about five minutes and it looks so cute on my kitchen shelf. It's one of the few crafty things that I've ever made that looks in reality like it did in my head which is a huge win for me!

Through the front window… I used to have about 8 of these but have whittled them down over the years as they collapse and cause problems for other plants. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest I love hearing from you, will read all your comments and try and answer any questions you leave.

Solutions for Your Student Debt with David Carlson I chat with Willful CEO and co-founder Erin Bury about why everyone needs a will and how to check it off your to-do list now.

Bleedredthinkgreen - The World's First Reusable Tampon Applicator In this episode I'm chatting to Celia Pool one of the co-founders of DAME - a sustainable self-care brand on a mission to turn our bathrooms green. Did you know that globally we throw away 100 billion sanitary products every year? Which is enough to circle the globe 250 times.

Buy It, Pay, Go Home Every time I buy something online I remember how much I dislike buying things online. The absolute joy of the veg box is that the ordering system assumes lots of people aren't going to be in 9-5 so it leaves a nice space for you to put specific instructions for the delivery driver.

Almost finished…. The carpet in the lounge and hallway was laid yesterday. Just the curtains to order and put up so a couple more weeks yet: The light to the left of the computer, will go elsewhere once we have found a replacment shade. DB painted the base in baked terracotta, same paint as on the front of the fireplace.

3 super easy ways to make £50 this month…. Do you want to make some extra money this month? Today I'm sharing three super easy ways that could earn you at least £50 by the end of this month… This is the third post in my new series on here where I'm going to be sharing three ideas each month that will help you to make some extra money without too much effort.

Free Day Out With Open Farm Sunday Open Farm Sunday on 9 June 2019 allows free access to real working farms all over the country - perfect day out for your family. Bored of scouring the internet, looking for free or mega cheap things to do to keep your family entertained? Most things I come across cost an arm and a leg so we just don't bother.

KOHO Review: The App to Help You Curb Your Spending Want to know what the deal is with KOHO? I go in-depth about this app and share how it could help you with your overspending problem.

Human Guinea Pig for Medical Trials - Worth the Money and Risk? Basically, becoming a human guinea pig for money. New drugs are usually tested on animals first. If they prove successful, then they begin testing on humans. There are many different kinds of such opportunities. This kind of medical research may not even require you to visit an office.

Dividend Income May 2019 Another month is over which means time for my favourite update. It honestly makes me so happy writing these updates; it proves that our plan is working. The one thing I'm trying to not do with my investment account is check it daily.

Colors, colors, colors This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. For the last few months, I've been taking a photo a day, using prompts from Fat Mum Slim. It started out as a one-month happiness habit trial, but I'm carrying on because it's a lot of fun!

MealPlanningMonday - the one where the slow cooker works overtime…. This week is going to be one of those week's where there simply aren't enough hours in the day! First up, let me share this week's meal plan with you:. Today, I'm going to be reheating the amazing Goulash that I made yesterday using a recipe from the Pinch of Nom cookbook.

How To Know When To Quit Your Job All good things come to an end. When we embrace this fact, endings become easier. You're able to expect endings and prepare for the better things that lie ahead instead of dwelling on the past. As you hone in on your career path, there are going to be new opportunities within and outside your expertise.

How to become a mystery shopper Mystery shopping is one of my favourite ways to earn extra money - after all, who doesn't want to get paid for shopping or eating out. If you have thought about becoming a mystery shopper, or a secret shopper then I am going to show you exactly how to become a mystery shopper in this blog post.

Shedding The Things That Hold Me Back It's not all decluttering. After all the discussion about fast fashion, who made my clothes, textile waste and over consumption I started thinking about craft supplies, where the fabrics are produced and under what conditions. So I began to work through the fabrics I own to make a scrappy quilt.

Level Up Your Money Event Recap Me and Erin Lowry's "Level Up Your Money" event took place on May 7 in Toronto and here's the full recap with video!

Ah well… As Ruby entered our driveway, she lunged to one side, luckily, still on her lead. A baby sparrow. It was saved that time. Later on, as she went out to the loo, she missed seeing it huddling behind her water bowl. I grabbed her once she had finished and put her inside.

Homemade moustache and beard balm…. This homemade essential oils moustache and beard balm is a perfect gift for Father's Day, obviously presuming the Dad in your life had a moustache or a beard!. Mr Frugal decided a little while ago that he wanted to grow a cheeky beard and I'm not going to lie, we all hated it!

Summertime Cheap Today we are talking Summertime Fun on the cheap right here on Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail. Powered by Blogger.

Well done Joe and Johanna You might not have heard of our doubles tennis player, Joe Salisbury but he and his US team mate, Rajeev Ram, have just won their quarter final match. Not that you would know as ITV 4 aren't showing doubles. Johanna Konta is also through to her next round so well done both of you.

Saving, Spending, Hopefully Eating AS I mentioned last week we on a water efficiency drive, so the main aim for June was to buy and fit a water butt. Due to the position of our drainpipes there was only one possible location for a butt, so we could only buy a 100l slimline model.

Shop and Win Prizes with Kerching If you like winning prizes, then you want to take a look at the shopping site Kerching. Each time you shop online, you get credits to enter competitions and have the chance to win up to thousands of pounds in prizes! Written in collaboration with Kerching.

Win Prizes when you Shop…. Today sees the launch of a brand new website where you can earn prizes as you shop! Kerching is the only website that allows you to win prizes when you buy online so when they asked me to tell you all about it, I knew that it would definitely be right up some people's street!

The Power of Positive Peer Pressure I promise I didn't do all the alliteration on purpose. Peer pressure usually gets a bad rap, but I've noticed that the right sort can have a very positive impact on the way that I view my finances. Back when I first got married I made my way through The Tightwad Gazette for the first time.

Phew! It is 19.5C outside at the moment and I have been gardening since 08:45, more than enough. I am now hot!!! I have been busy pulling up most of my euphorbia, but leaving some roots so they come back up. They were a Mother's Day present from DS many years ago and can be a bit of a thug.

Pina Colada Bread, 15p, from Tin Can Cook This is a brand new recipe from Tin Can Cook - 75 store cupboard recipes by Jack Monroe - which is available here, and there is a fundraiser to donate it to foodbanks here. I first made this on a dismal October morning after a long, uncharacteristically hot summer that had beamed in from mid-May until that particular drizzly day.

June Aims I am not at all sad that May is over; I have really struggled for the past month so I'm glad it's a new one. June should be fairly quiet as we don't have anything on. Just the usual work/home routine. I'm going to take it a day at a time and see how it goes.

Your Car Isn't a Moving Van - Don't Overload It Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

WIS, WWA - Oh right. There are five Fridays this month. I did my end-of-month numbers round up last week, because I forgot that May actually had one more week. Whoops. I'm just gonna add them into today's post, with updated numbers. I skipped my Hungry Harvest box this week because I had too much produce to use.

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice…. My Instant Pot Chicken and Rice recipe is one that I've been promising to share for a couple of months now but I've never gotten around to it as it isn't a 'pretty' meal that looks good in photos.

How To Make Money Selling Printables There are so many ways you can make money online nowadays. From reselling products, completing surveys to getting remote work, the options are endless. One way of making money that has become increasingly popular, especially within the blogging circle is by creating and selling printables.

Cannelini Beurre Blanc, 38p, from Tin Can Cook Sometimes, when testing new recipes, I have a moment of hesitation, wondering how to frame it to reduce the petty background chatter around what I consider to be 'food for everyone'. And then I carry on.This was one such recipe.

May 2019 - A Month In Review Well, I'll be the first to admit that I'm glad May is over. Firstly, it seems like it has gone on forever, plus I have found this month to be particularly difficult. In fact, for the first time since I started this blog in 2014, including when I had my children, I have had a posting break for two weeks.

How to freshen up your mattress… One of the best feelings in the world is that new bed feeling that you get when you get into bed after changing the bedding! Clean, fresh bedding is amazing and worth the faff of changing the bedding but imagine how much better it would be if you freshen up your mattress at the same time as changing the bedding!

5 Best Amazon Echo Hacks for the Kitchen So what are the 5 best Amazon Echo hacks for the kitchen? Let's start the countdown. Do you how many tablespoons are in a stick of butter? Well, yes, you can likely just look on the butter package for the answer-which is eight, by the way. But your Echo Dot can get the answer for you.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats, 26p, from Tin Can Cook This is a brand new recipe from Tin Can Cook - 75 store cupboard recipes by Jack Monroe - which is available here, and there is a fundraiser to donate it to foodbanks here. Overnight oats became something of a phenomenon a couple of years ago; the act of soaking porridge oats overnight in milk or yoghurt with a topping of choice.

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May's Happiness Habit, plus what I'm trying in June In May, my goal was to read a chapter a day, and I think I exceeded that. I finished seven books in May, actually! Four of them were pretty short, though, so this sounds more impressive than it is. But here I'll just say that my two favorites from this month were non-fiction, which is not surprising for me!

Super Cute Soapy Unicorn Sugar Scrub Cubes…. These Soapy Unicorn Sugar Scrub Cubes are so cute that the kids are going to love using them! They're so cute and I can definitely see these in different colour schemes for other themes - different pinks for a princess theme, and some blues and greens for a mermaid theme.

Taverham We go to Taverham every 2 months or so. We stop at the garden centre for a drink and mooch around. Whilst there, we managed to get two birthday presents for our walking buddies and two presents for the festive season. That has got to be a record for us.

Scams to Avoid When Buying a Used Car Buying a car can be stressful, especially when there are so many used car scams. Here's what to watch out for when car shopping.

Personal Note You know that I am still doing the dollar a day challenges. Also I have been keeping records of my spending on stuff daily with my calendar. I do a monthly total. Anyway this month has been spendy for me in that my addictions of playing the lottery and eating cake is costing me big time.

Pasta e Ceci, 48p, from Tin Can Cook This is a brand new recipe from Tin Can Cook - 75 store cupboard recipes by Jack Monroe - which is available here, and there is a fundraiser to donate it to foodbanks here. Pasta and chickpeas is a classic Roman dish, and I have upped the 'tin factor' on this version by making it with tinned spaghetti hoops because, why on earth not?

Five Frugal Things - homeschool books, taco truck sauce, and more She finished school last week and I listed, sold, and shipped her non-consumable textbooks. Yay! I'm not super motivated re-seller, but books don't feel super overwhelming to list and sell. And that's why this was so prompt. I used eBay for both of these sales; I tried Facebook but got no bites.

50 Shades Of Green The older I get the more I resonate with the concept that there is no black and white. As a teenager and a young person, I had a definite tendency towards black and white thinking. Things were either right or wrong. I was either in or out. And maybe that's why I jumped right in…

Overalls And Other April 2019 Expenditures I do not like wearing shorts. Even in the smolder of summer, I detest short pants. Do you know what I do like to wear when it's hot? Dresses. I like to wear loose, breezy, dresses. Dresses with pockets are a particular favorite. Cotton is also good. I do not like sleeveless, or backless, or tank-topped dresses.

10 things I do to teach my teenager how to manage her own money…. I've written before about the different ways that I've taught my children how to manage their own money but things have changed as far as Miss Frugal is concerned now that she's 16 so I thought I'd update you.

Nonewjune With Mcr Love Your Clothes Every year an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK. In the UK we buy more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. It takes over 2000 litres of water to make one single cotton t-shirt. 17% of young people said they wouldn't wear an outfit again if it had been on IG.

How to Become Your Best Self with Mike Bayer I interview New York Times best-selling author Mike Bayer about how we can all be our best selves.

Apparently… Some of us are going to have a mini heatwave for a few days so I might change our menu plans a little. We both had chiropractic treatment today and feel better for it. After all our efforts decorating, we had a few lumps to be worked on. Our walking friend E., asked if we fancied a walk with the dogs.

Tuesday Tip - Make disposable products inconvenient. This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. If you're trying to avoid using disposable products, make it inconvenient to use them. And on the flip side, make it as easy as possible to grab a reusable item.

Positivity One thing that's been on my mind for a little while but it has been hitting me in the face during my holiday is how much negativity I encounter on a daily basis - not directed towards me, just a general vibe.

Willful vs. Lawyer: Best Way to Make a Will? Not sure how to get one done? I compare using Willful to hiring a lawyer, and have a special 15% promo code to share!

Biscoff Crumble Key Lime Pie, 66p I'll be frank with you, this pie is something of a commitment. It needs starting the night before, with two separate trips to the oven and two to the fridge, but the result is fantastically worth it.

My Little Green Actions - May How you spend your days is how you spend your life is a phrase that keeps popping up, and it's one that's quite fitting for me at the minute. I seem to be spending the year improving myself one way and another, whether I like it or not. It's now over 5 months since I drank alcohol, I've cycled every week Monday to Friday since January 1st.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 These items have been gifted. Father's Day is fast approaching, coming up on Sunday 16th June and I've compiled a list of unique gifts you can surprise the special men in your life with! These gifts can suit pretty much any interest so if you're stuck for ideas on what to get the man who has everything, maybe this post will spark an idea for you!

How To Change Your Past More likely than not, there's a memory from your past that bothers you, or maybe puts you in a specific state of mind. I'm telling you right now, you can take back the power that your past memories hold over you. Your past is over. What happened, happened.

MealPlanningMonday - How I make my family's meal plan Slimming World friendly…. Today, I'm going to share with you how I make a Slimming World friendly family meal plan. So, you probably know by now that I love a good meal plan and in the past, I've shared our weekly meal plan on here along with a bit of insight on why we're eating what we're eating that week.

Cracking up…. Being the Bank Holiday weekend, we thought we would take Ruby for a walk to see a food and drink fayre. We finished what painting we needed to do for the day, got two small rucksacks ready the other to hold anything we bought whilst there. Off we went only to find just as we arrived at the first sign, that it is another weekend - doh!

Saving Money Memorial Day Weekend Just wanted to share with you some random thoughts and ways you can save money this holiday weekend. Right Here on the Cheap Cheetah Money Show Have A Great weekend and Cheap Cheetah Day all while saving that $$$ Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc.

My Boring Photo Collection But sometimes boring, mundane things are the things that make me happy. Quite a few years ago I bought a couple of compost bins because composting is the right thing to do, we have the space and all that stuff. We filled both of the bins and then just didn't do anything with them, they've just sat there for years doing who knows what.

Pressure cooked gammon I have cooked a whole chicken in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Although it came out white, it was moist, tender and tasty. I have cut up a shoulder of pork into one inch cubes, cooked for 15 minutes, left to depressurise naturally, they came out pulled pork tender and tasty.

Gardening mojo returning I have at last started sowing a few vegetables, beetroot, radish and lettuce. The driveway garden has three tomatoes and three French climbing beans: Some of the beds have a bit of fleece around them to help the plants against the cold wind until they get established.

5 Places To Find Clothes You Love Secondhand I will preface this post by admitting that I am very much not a fashionista. So for me, a slower approach to fashion and embracing the world of #secondhandfirst was actually something of a relief.

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. My kids aren't enormously fond of plain banana muffins, so they really appreciate the chocolate chips in this recipe.

Busman's Holiday - What I Bought In May We've been off work for the past two weeks, but I've still spent much of my time in charity shops. Thankfully for me I haven't spent all that much of my money in them. It's been an expensive month, mainly due to having a couple of family events, but I'm happy we haven't bought all that many things.

Money Pit Projects That Will Tank Your Home's Value Finances and Money - Home. 3 weeks ago - Comments. As I get older, I steadily realize that a homeowner must assume a banker's mindset relative to home maintenance. The value of home and property must be maintained at all costs. That can be hard to do, considering how often a person moves around in a lifetime.

Memorial Day Deals for Active Duty, Veterans, and Families In the consumer rush to find the best deals and discounts, most people don't take a moment to consider the true meaning of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday of observance dedicated to showing respect to every American military member, from the past to the present day, who gave their lives in defense of the United States.

Start Your Next Side Hustle in 3 Simple Steps You all know I'm a huge lover of side-hustling and finding new ways to earn money on the side. Today I have a very exciting brand new app to share with you if you're currently interested in becoming an influencer / blogger. The best part about this app is that you don't need thousands of followers to get collaborations and earn money!

What I Spent, What We Ate - It's starting to feel like summer! This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. We are mostly finished with school, the weather is warm, and we had watermelon this week. So, basically summer. I got a $25 Hungry Harvest box, and $45 at two non-Aldi grocery stores.

The Search Engine That's Helping Save The Planet In a recent blog post, #HowMuchCO2, I shared an infographic that showed the carbon footprint of various every day activities that contained a few shocks for me. One of which was that using a mobile phone for an hour a day for a year generates 1.25 tonnes of CO2, whereas a return flight from Glasgow to London generates 'only' 500kg.

How to get lifestyle upgrades for less Saving isn’t about deprivation! It brings freedom to afford holidays, home improvements and special meals. Check out my tips on lifestyle upgrades for less.

Drink Whiskey, Look at Stars, Make Maple Syrup The air smelled like maple syrup. Every time I stepped out of the house, or got out of the car, or returned from a hike in the woods, I smelled it. It doesn't smell like when you hover your nose over a plastic jug of grocery store syrup. It's not saccharine and plasticized.

What to buy at Poundland It is no secret that I love a bargain, and pound shops can offer great value for money. Whilst some people think they are filled with tat, there are always some great bargains to be had. Let's take a look at what to buy at Poundland, as well as some extra tips to help you save even more.

I am not affiliated to…. Any political party but I think the treatment of Theresa May has been appalling. Stabbed in the back by both party members and cabinet members, whilst trying her best to fulfil the vote, by the people, to leave the EU.

Happy Weekend Wishing My Family a Great, Safe and Fun Memorial Day Weekend. Go out…

11 Top Tips For Making Ecobricks If you're an avid listener to the podcast you've hopefully already wrapped your ears around my chat about all things Ecobricks with Lucie Mann, the UK's first certified Ecobrick trainer. We go back to basics with "what is an Ecobrick", and we also bust some of the myths and controversy that surround them.

What am I going to do with an empty nest? Just read your post about having two HS grads - I think I started reading your Frugal Girl when everyone was a baby! So, I was just wondering if you had been doing any advanced planning for an empty nest? Or wising, dreaming? Potentially, this could be in FOUR years?

Sheringham Park Rhododendrons We walked here this week. Unfortunately, the early warm and dry weather seems to have taken its too on the normally magnificient bloom display. I think they are almost past their best, some have already finished, only one or two are yet to come. So, if you normally travel to see them, do it in the next few days.

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance Car maintenance and repairs can be costly and if you don't have a regular budget set aside for maintenance and repairs, it's going to hurt your wallet in both the short and long term. So how can you save money on car maintenance? Here are our best tips.

Pearl Barley, Mushroom & Lentil Risotto, 44p I have a feeling I should be calling this a 'barlotto' rather than a risotto, as the 'ris' in risotto refers specifically to rice, and I take enough liberties with that particular medium as it is, with my use of long grain rice in place of arborio to keep the costs down.

Ecobricks - All Your Questions Answered! Plastic bottles packed with clean and dry plastic that can then be used literally as building bricks for a whole variety of structures.

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How Stitch Fix Helped Me Find the Perfect Graduation Dress So how did my stylist do? Well, every Stitch Fix box comes with a little note from your stylist and a card about each item in the box. That card shows the items-style and brand name-and then offers pictorial suggestions on what you might wear those items with.

Why You Need to Show Up for Yourself with Natasha Koifman I have founder and President of NKPR Natasha Koifman on the show to talk about why it's so important to show up for yourself in life and in your career.

Get 150 Bonus Nectar Points at Sainsbury's When You Spend £1 Sainsbury's is giving away 150 Nectar points when you spend just £1 to celebrate it's 150th birthday this Bank Holiday weekend. Are you planning on shopping this weekend? Then remember to bring your Nectar card when you visit Sainsbury's. This Bank Holiday weekend you're able to get an extra 150 bonus Nectar points when you spend just £1.

Tuesday's travels After dropping the two eldest off safely to school this morning I took the two smallest to Little Thrivers. Today's theme was The Man in the Moon based around a story book we read at the end of the session. Usually a few of the children are choosen to act out the parts of the story as its read aloud.

Vintage fashion, a cereal bag reuse, and more! Time for Five Frugal Things, people. I saved the enormous plastic bag from a Costco-sized box of Cheerios because I thought it might come in handy. And it did, yesterday! I had to cut some turkey breasts off the bone for pulled turkey sandwiches, which left me with some turkey bones, plus a neck.

Thought Plateaus And Massive Thinking If you've heard me teach massive action, you know it means taking enough action to get the result you want. It's a commitment to overcome obstacles and failures in the name of success. But massive action has one fatal flaw: if you take massive action without using massive thinking, you'll never get the result you want.

DIY Essential Oils Bug Spray…. This DIY Essential Oils Bug Spray is just what you need to keep the bugs away this Summer without the harsh chemicals of the shop bought bug repellents! Both of my two have always hated bugs which was always a bit of a nightmare when we were out and about when they were younger.

Taking my pillow…. Jamie Murray, UK tennis player, has finally started taking his pillow with him when he travels. I am the same. I usually also take a sheet! When it comes to sleeping, I am like the princess and the pea. No pillow anywhere is the same as mine, and I have tried to use the ones supplied but with little success.

5 Things to Know About Mortgages as a First-Time Homebuyer in Canada This July will mark the 3rd anniversary of when my husband and I bought our first home in Toronto! It all happened in a flash too, and if you really want to know the full story, start with this blog post for all the details.

Scoring the Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales They say that the phrase, "7-year-itch," is a reference describing relentlessness, irritability, and discomfort in relation to marriage. However, it can also be a reference to mattress ownership. The average American keeps a marriage for a least 7 years, and sometimes a decade.

Memorial Day Sales Are a Great Time to Buy a New Car I am used to accepting things as they are. For example, whenever I am shopping, I usually take the MSRP or listed price for granted and just pay for the item. If you know how the system works, then you can make it work for you.

Plans to Charge Shoppers 1p to Use Supermarket Self Service Checkouts An MP report is suggesting that we should be charged for using self-service checkouts to raise money for community projects. Just the other day, we were forced to use a self-service machine at the supermarket as there were no staff around. I'm not a fan of them at all.

Ratatouille, 69p For the last two years of our courtship, Mrs J has been asking me very nicely to make her a ratatouille. Some childhood memory of a baked potato hot from a food van, piled high with soft, veg-laden ratatouille, stirs within her a bone-deep blissful comfort.

Is a Southwest card the best option for airline miles? This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. This reader question showed up in my inbox today so I thought I'd give it a quick answer. -Campground Girl. We sure do. Mr.

Join the Aldi Wine Club and Drink Wine for Free Applications are now open to join the ALDI Wine Club. The budget supermarket is recruiting 30 people to taste test wine for free! Love a glass of wine? Don't have much spare budget to add a bottle to your trolley when you head to the supermarket? No problem!

Awake… I think it is fair to say, my front gravel garden is fully awake: This is about 2/3rds of it as it is the best view from this part of the window. The tomatoes survived being outside whilst we were away but I think, if I remember, to give them a bit of fleece protection for the next two nights.

Salted Caramel Banana Milkshake, 36p The weather is hotting up, and it seems like a lovely day to launch a new milkshake! But if you don't have £3 to spend on a McDonalds or Five Guys one, here's one I made earlier.

How To Make Your Own Strawberry Salt Scrub With some beauty products costing an arm and a leg, and a move towards using less plastic, you might have considered making your own beauty products. One product that I love to use is a salt scrub, and this strawberry salt scrub is easy to make as a treat for yourself or as a handmade gift for a loved one.

The Five Minute Journal: My Review After Using It For Three Years Enter, The Five Minute Journal. This journal was created and designed by Alex Ikonn and UJ Ramdas, two online entrepreneurs who dedicated the book to lifelong learners and doers because they believe that people who learn and people who act are changing the world every day.

The Best Paid Survey Sites to Earn Money in 2019 Entering paid surveys online isn't a get rich quick scheme, but if you have time you can still make a decent amount of money every month. If you find the right online paid survey sites, they are a totally legitimate way to boost your earnings without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

Heavenly Strawberry and Banana Cake… Once you've tried this amazing strawberry and banana cake, I guarantee you'll be making it again. And again. Usually, I'll make banana bread, banana muffins or even a hair mask when I have some over-ripe bananas to use up.

Butter Bean, Veg and Stuffing Stew, 42p I buy the cheap boxes half a dozen at a time and upend them, nestling the jar between the Salt and Turmeric, and with equal gravitas to both.

There's something I love We have spent the weekend away with DS, DDiL and the grand dogs. I had 3 more spaniel heads and a lab head to admire. Ruby was overwhelmed to begin with but soon found her place in the extended pack.

Cinnamon Biscoff Donuts, 14p I very rarely advocate the use of specialist equipment in my recipes, even less so something that was purchased in a flight of fancy in an evening of late night internet browsing, but dear reader, I can assure you that you won't regret this one.

Just one small part of the lounge… Other than the walls, is back to normal - the chimney breast: Carpet will go down early June, followed closely by the curtains: We are going to delay buying them until the sales, saving us 20%, same with the lamps. Also, they only come in pleated versions, so we have to pay to have eyelets put in.

Tis The Season No, I am not talking Holiday Season I am talking Yard sale, Flea Market season. This is the season for us cheapskates, frugal people to celebrate all the cheap stuff that people have to offer. this is our holiday season when it comes to buying stuff for the holidays, wedding, graduations and for ourselves.

Wednesday Baking - Hot Fudge Pudding Cake This super easy cake has a chocolate layer atop a fudgy pudding layer than forms during baking. So good with ice cream!

Ugh! I have mentioned before about going off a certain brand of chocolate I used to love. The taste has changed since the new owners took over. Now they have bought out a dark milk version. Ugh and double ugh! It is slightly greasy / slimy in texture and not pleasant at all.

Chinese Papercuts There was a small summer fete at the girls school today. A few stalls and tombolas to browse for goodies before heading home for the weekend. I found two interesting looking envelopes on the bric-a-brac stall. They looked the same both front and back.

Five frugal things with WW this week Turns out my summer clothes have shrunk cough* so this week I've been investigating WeightWatchers on a budget, with cooking, shopping and meeting tips.

What I Spent, What We Ate - I am a marinating fail. See Thursday's meal for my fail. Also, thank you all so much for your helpful comments on yesterday's post. Maria has so many good ideas to help her navigate family life without dental insurance now. You guys are the best! Let's see. I had a $25 Hungry Harvest, and then I spent $156 at the grocery store.

Getting my s together I've been feeling overloaded lately. There's never quite enough hours in the day for the things I need to do. My memory is also struggling with so many costume days, school trips, tombola donations etc etc. I've ordered myself a filofax type folder and found several website's that offer free printable pages.

Common scams and how to avoid them According to Financial Fraud Action UK, in 2016 financial fraud losses totalled £768.8 million. Whilst banks might bear the brunt of this fraud, every day there are ordinary people like us, our parents and our loved ones falling victim to fraud. Here are some common scams and how to avoid them.

Gremlins? After painting yesterday, I stood at the washing machine, stripped off dirty clothes, put them in there, filled it up with other washing. Later on, I was hanging said washing out and realised my painting tee shirt wasn't there. We double checked the machine and clothing, nope, nowhere to be seen.

Homemade Zesty Coconut and Lime Sugar Scrub…. You all know how much we love a good old sugar scrub, don't you? Well I think this coconut and lime sugar scrub is my favourite yet and yes, I know I probably always say that but I really really do love this one. Homemade sugar scrubs are genuinely the easiest thing to make when it comes to DIY beauty products.

Ask the Readers - What can you do without dental insurance? I'm Marie, also a mom of four kids. We're homeschoolers too and my husband is self employed so money is TIGHT. I just recently had a root canal done and it has cost us $2500! We're also behind on preventative visits for all of us because other financial things keep coming up.

A cool breeze Is blowing today but the sun is out so all should be well. One load of washing is billowing on the line and a final load for today is is the machine. We have put the required third layer of paint on the chimney breast and are hoping it will look better.

How to Level Up Your Money with Jessica Moorhouse, Erin Lowry, Barry Choi & Diana Stoparic Nothing on my website or affiliated channels should be considered advice or an endorsement. Please read my disclaimer to learn more.

Kids Pass Offers, Deals and Promos inc £1 Membership Kids Pass gives you massive savings on cinemas, restaurants and some of the UK's top attractions. Family days out can be expensive, but a Kids Pass membership can make things far easier on the bank balance. Starting a membership literally pays for itself on one day out with even more savings to be made!

30 Best Graduation Themes for an Fun & Unique Party Looking for a unique, classic or out of the box graduation themes for your party? Here are lots of ideas to help make your celebration a success!

Then & Now Hello Family how are you today? Have you ever hear of that saying I wish I knew…

Reader Case Study: More Frugal Than The Frugalwoods Holly, her husband George, and their two young children live a very frugal life on George's salary as an assistant coach of a college sports team. They dream of reaching financial independence and are wondering whether it's possible for them and what they'd need to change about their lives in order to achieve it.

How To Make Bunting for Parties & Kid's Room Decor I love to decorate with bunting. They are so cute and fun and they add flair to anything - from a child's wall, to a holiday or themed party. When I had my baby shower for the twins, my friends made several pom-pom style ones for the party. They looked so good that I ended up using them for room decor later on.

How I saved £117 by switching electricity supplier Switching electricity supplier may not be super exciting, but it's super easy and can save loads. I saved £117 - check out my 10 quick tips!

Progress is almost never dramatic. Big wins, sudden breakthroughs, and "aha!" moments are what we'd all love to experience. But in my experience, those happen really, really rarely. My piano skills are what they are because I've been playing for 35 years. My blog has never had a stage of explosive growth; it's just gotten to where it is due to 12 years of steady writing.

5 Reasons To Practice Yoga For Self-Care…. I'm all about self-care and taking time for myself right now and recently, I've even dabbled with a bit of yoga which is said to have way more self-care benefits than I would expect from watching people bend themselves into what look like impossible positions.

Unfortunately… I can't put any pictures on my blog until the computer is plugged back in to take them off my camera. We thought, apart from skirting and door, the painting in the lounge was finished, but no. Sitting down last night, we noticed a smear in the paint on the chimney breast.

Top 9 New Dog Essentials Luckily, the kitchen had an integrated trash can in the lower cabinets. However, the rest of the garbage cans in our house fell victim to the puppies.We ended up having to invest in all-new trashcans, with a cover you could only open by stepping on a lever.

A Beginner's Guide to Investing with Erin Lowry Erin Lowry is back on the podcast with her new book, Broke Millennial Takes on Investing. And in this episode, we chat millennials and beginner investing!

Get 5% back on Aldi gift cards with Sixth Continent This post contains referral links, which earn commission for this site at no extra cost to you. This post is not sponsored by Sixth Continent or Aldi. Ok, so, today's Tuesday Tip comes compliments of reader Emily H.

How to build a Frugal pantry…. Today I'm going to share with you how to build an old-fashioned frugal pantry which is going to help you stick to your meal plan and even allow you to cope with last minute changes without having to pop to the shop. I don't know about you but I very rarely manage to stick to my meal plan for a whole week.

Life Update #24 It seems like it's been a while since I did an Life Update post. In fact, life has been a little crazy round here lately so I thought I'd do a quick update. Firstly, we're over half way through our extension work now, which is great.

3 Printable Bunting Template Designs for Party or Home Decor Be sure to share or pin for later! Looking for a simple printable bunting template that doesn't require sewing? You've come to the right blog!! In this tutorial I provide the free printable and show you how to make fantastic bunting using felt.

A really quick Five Frugal Things It's been a good Monday morning so far…I worked out, showered, took Sonia to her tutorial, went to Aldi and another store, and did some laundry. And it's not quite 11:00 am. But I did not write a blog post. So, we're gonna just have a quick little Five Frugal Things today.

10 Easy Money Saving Strategies for Couples It's important to be on the same page when it comes to spending and saving money with your partner, these 10 tips will help you budget and save money as a team.

The Introverts Guide To Climate Marches I asked on FB if anyone local fancied joining me, and although the initial response was enthusiastic, in the end it was just me. I asked my kids if they wanted to come, and got a very unenthusiastic response. So it was just me.

Yesterday… We did a first coat on all the lounge walls plus inside the wood burner recess. A second coat on one inside window let us get our blind back up for night time privacy. Today, we are not aching quite so much. We thought we had enough paint for a second coat in the lounge and to do the inner hall but it has all been used in the lounge.

How To Land Your Dream Job Imagine waking up in the morning and looking forward to going to work. You wake up, make some coffee, go about your morning routine, all with a big smile on your face. There's no feeling of dread or pressing the snooze button five times, you're just genuinely excited to be taking part in your job.

What I ate in a week - Slimming World Style… A couple of weeks ago, I shared my 'What I ate in a week - Slimming World Style' post and so many of you messaged me to ask me to do it again as you found it so helpful. So, by popular request, here's another week's worth of Slimming World meals!

How to make money as a dog walker Dog walking sounds like a dream job for many of us! You get to the benefits of staying active and spending time with some adorable doggos AND you make money! What's not to love? If becoming a dog walker is something you would like to do, then read on ahead to find out how to get started with this side hustle.

Would you consider PAYG energy? What's the first thing that springs to mind when you consider PAYG energy? I bet it's the same as I thought - that it's way too much hassle to set up and maintain, that you'll experience random power outs or even the fact that it costs a fortune.

Johnnyjumpsup I'm half way through my days off this week. Luckily, the way the rota worked out, I have 5 days off in a row, which is great. The first two days, however, I've spent recovering from a cold and decompressing from work.

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell At this point in my life, my husband ad I have bought and sold four homes. Each time we knew we would have to do certain things to get our home ready to sell. Usually we would ask our Realtor what her best tips were for how to get our home ready to sell.

Aching… After moving some furniture out the lounge, we laid down floor protection. The remaining furniture was moved to one end and covered. DB started on the ceiling with a long handled roller but could feel his neck hurting so I took over. Using the magic white paint proved useful.

20 Mother's Day Celebration Ideas Check out all the ColorStreet manicure and pedicure options by clicking here. Why not let mom pick the movie this time? You may have a group of friends that you love to spend time with regularly. There are so many fun things to do when you have people to share the experience with.

Seafood Boil Quick & Easy Instructions for a Gathering Summertime and a seafood boil are a perfect pairing. Here's what you need to get to guarantee you have the best boil of the year!

What I Spent, What We Ate - dance week! I've been busy attending end-of-year dance stuff with Zoe…but I've also been grocery shopping and cooking. I spent $166 at the grocery store and $25 on my Hungry Harvest box. So, I'm at $191 for the week. Week 1: $119. Week 2: $191. I was at book club, Zoe was with a friend, Lisey was at work, and Mr.

New Bargain £2 Poundland Meal Deal There's a new £2 Poundland Meal Deal - with 4 items! We've taken a look to see if a packed lunch still works out to be cheaper. Poundland has launched its own budget meal deal to rival major supermarkets and is even giving Boots a run for their money.

Weather wrong, again… So much for a dry morning and a wet afternoon. So far, we have had 3 downpours. We took all our pictures off the lounge and hall walls yesterday in preparation for painting. We were supposed to be going to see DS and DDiL but they are both ill, so we shall go another time.

Bank accounts for Matched Betting Matched betting has been a great side hustle for me over the years, and if you are looking for a bank account just for your matched betting then I have some great suggestions for you. Matched betting is a way to make some serious guaranteed profit by utilising the free bet offers that bookmakers offer to both new and existing customers.

How I Improved My Sleep I have always been a terrible sleeper, even when I was very young. Then as I got older there were late nights studying, all those nights on the town, crashing on sofas in houses that weren't my own, working shifts and good old coffee, all things to ruin a good sleep routine.

Discipline You see everyone else going, doing ,spending, You want to do that do but. Ways to find discipline when it come to saving money. 1.You have to find a motivation that will get you started. After a good start, you begin to thrive on it. After a while, frivolous spending will leave a bad taste in your mouth.2.

A Beginner's Guide To Plastic-free And Eco-friendly Periods When people start talking in code. CSP stands for cloth sanitary protection or cloth sanitary pads. Basically reusable pads made from fabric that you wash. You can get panty liner type ones, and different sizes for different flows - the choice is yours!

There's a leek. I spent most of yesterday in the company of my mum. We spent the day catching up on family news and gossip, and drinking many many gallons of tea. Before I left she gifted me with a bag of rhubarb and leeks from the allotment. I may have been lucky to get them all home.

Chickpea and Aubergine Rendang, 66p I love a rendang curry - the first time I ever made it, it was with slow roasted pork belly, finely sliced and slowly cooked in the sweet, sour, spicy sauce. It was so rich, so flavoursome, so fulsome and delightful, that I dared not attempt to recreate it again for many years.

Walking in the rain Our walk this week, see This Norfolk Life, was conducted in the rain. We were not looking forward to it as the forecast said heavy rain. As it turned out, it wasn't too bad. We walk in all weathers and only holidays or injuries stop us. The rain has done wonders for the garden.

May Happiness Challenge - Read a chapter every day In 2019, I'm trying one new habit per month that A) promise to increase my happiness levels and B) costs little to nothing. I allllways seem to be late posting about each new month's challenge. Maybe in June I will actually post about the challenge at the beginning of the month.