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Fraud: How Criminals Steal Your Bank Account You ignore the spammy text messages. You report the emails telling you to log into your bank and update your details. You hang up on the convincing con from HMRC. But, sometimes, even when you've tried to avoid being scammed, they can get you anyway. The banking industry is trying to put a stop to it.

What are robo advisers? Robo advisers are a new breed of investment websites that make investing super easy. I love idea of robo advisers, even though they aren't run by robots and don't give advice. The theory is great for new investors. You just answer a few questions online, choose a level of risk, hand over your cash and er, that's it.

Super Relaxing Sweet Dreams Whipped Body Butter…. You should know by now that we LOVE a good DIY beauty product in this house and I can't wait to share this Sweet Dreams Whipped Body Butter with you because not only does it leave your skin feeling smooth and silky but it also helps relax you ready for sleep if you use it after your night time bath before bed.

My jeans split, my scale is discontinued, ThredUp photos are coming! This post contains affiliate links, which earn revenue for this site at no extra cost to you. I've got some miscellany for you all today! You know how I've mended them a bunch of times? Well, they ripped AGAIN by the bottom of the zipper and I think I'm just done with them.

In The Veg Box This week we received potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, spring greens, cauliflower, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Here's what we ate Roast veg and butterbean pie with houmous, sweet potato fries and pesto spring greens.

Vaccinations… Each year, your vet invites you for annual booster vaccinations for your pets. Do they actually need them all every year? Are you simply paying when you don't need to be and for the convenience of the vets? Below is a link to vaccines commonly available in the UK and just how often they need to be administered see here.

Buy Less, Buy Better With Tara Button From Buy Me Once In today's episode I'm chatting to Tara Button, the founder and CEO of Buy Me Once, and author of A Life Less Throwaway.

Best UK Cashback Sites To Earn £100s When You Shop Online Cashback sites enable you to earn money while shopping online. Here are the best cashback sites in the UK as well as ways to earn free money.

Super cute washi tape home sweet home sign…. This super cute washi tape home sweet home sign will look amazing in any home! For someone who isn't a natural crafter, I seem to have accumulated a ridiculous amount of washi tape so today I thought I'd share a quick and easy washi tape craft with you.

Five habits of DEBT FREE families Five habits of DEBT FREE families! Being a debt-free family doesn't have to be hard but there are challenges that families face that couples and singles just don't have. School shoes for one. Half term entertainment for another. Throw a fussy eater into the mix and your batch cooking plans can go right out of the window!

How We Homeschool in High School I always thought I'd send him to public school for high school, but now the time is approaching I'm not so sure. I've searched your blog to see how you homeschooled your son through high school. I know the focus of your blog isn't on homeschooling, but I'm super interested in hearing how you made sure you planned and organized high school!

When You Don't Know How Want to do something, but think you don't know how? You'll learn exactly how to solve this problem in this podcast episode.

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10 Other Foods You Can Cook In a Rice Cooker Rice isn't the only food you can cook in a rice cooker. This versatile and cheap appliance can cook a whole range of foods. Here are 10 ideas. The rice cooker was poorly named. Why? Well yes, it can cook rice and cook rice rather well, so the name seems pretty accurate.

Ten Easy Water Saving Tips I"m sure you don't need me to tell you that water is a vital resource - not only for us to drink, but to enable us to grow crops and raise livestock. Access to clean, fresh water will become more and more of an issue as the global population continues to rise, and our waterways become ever more polluted.

Chocolate and sour cream loaf - courtesty of Waitrose The recipe for this can be found here. Haven't tasted it yet but here it is fresh from the oven: And with its milk chocolate topping:…

Tuesday Tip - Fix tarnished jewelry with foil + baking soda Ok, plus salt and vinegar too. But the post title was getting a bit long. If you've got some tarnished jewelry, you should really give this Apartment Therapy tutorial a try. I've done it multiple times, and as I was polishing a batch this weekend, I was reminded that I should tell you guys about it!

5 Everyday Items That Are More Valuable Than You Think…. Today's post is a guest post from the very lovely Ricky and Naomi who run the fantastic Skint Dad blog! Day time TV programmes like Cash in the Attic may feel like they're for people who have decades worth of heirlooms in their homes, but it's not just old antiques that are sought after.

How a Lifetime ISA can help us to buy our first property together One of our big goals is to buy a house this year, and in this post I have teamed up with The Nottingham to tell you about how a Lifetime ISA could help you to purchase your first home.

Supermarket Offers, Deals and Bargains This Week from Aldi, Asda, Iceland, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose and More The supermarket savings on meat are:. Obviously, they are only in store while stocks last. There is a whole lot of savings to be made when buying groceries from Amazon! Ready for this? Rather than just buying food, pet food and toiletries straight off, make sure you add Amazon Pantry vouchers to your basket to get a further 25% off.

What Would John Bercow Do? Aka I would love a dishwasher. I probably wouldn't ever use it, but believing there was the option of not washing up is very appealing as is the idea of not making bread, or houmous, or anything else for a while.

Can You Be Eco-Friendly On A Budget? I have been thinking more and more about our impact on the environment and how eco-friendly we are. About how we are great at recycling but perhaps there should be less to recycle in the first place.

Five Frugal Things - Free soap pump, Goodwill silverware, and more I like foaming soap because it seems to be a lot less wasteful than regular liquid soap. But the last two dispensers I got from Method became nearly unusable after just one refill. So, I called them and it turns out that they had a manufacturing defect recently, so they sent me two new pumps to go on my existing bottles.

Monday muddles My Monday has gotten off to a muddled start this week. First I forgot Gman's backpack for preschool which meant an extra journey this morning. The extra journey meant I missed the post which is a pain as it's DD1s birthday tomorrow so I'm worried I've missed something important.

Homemade Healthy Roasted Tomato Soup…. My homemade roasted tomato soup is absolutely amazing and I guarantee that once you've made it once, you'll make it again and again! I love the smell of tomatoes that are sold on the vine as it reminds me of watering the tomatoes with my dad in his greenhouse when I was a child.

How To Make DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs I'm a huge fan of bath bombs and have recently got hooked on making my own! A perfect treat to do is to create your very own Easter Egg shaped Bath Bombs. These are super simple to make and can be a fantastic Easter activity to do with your children. These eggs are super simple to make, all you need is:.

The Frugalwoods Guide to a Simple, Yet Rewarding, Credit Card Experience Frugalwoods and I decided to do some research and-wonder of all wonders-sign-up for the credit cards that make the most sense for us. We landed on:. Wondering what on earth a "credit card strategy" is? Wondering what "rewards card" even means? Well, my friend, you've come to the right place.

From High School Band Director To Million Dollar Business Owner - Natalie Bacon Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life Series! If you're new here, this is a series where I interview people who have designed their dream life. You can find all the interviews here on the Design Your Dream Life Page. I'm so happy and excited to have Bobby Hoyt on today!

Tasks… If the weather forecast is correct, we should have around 5 hours of sunshine. Hoping it is true, there is one line blowing in the gentle breeze. Another wash is on to fill the other line. We needed some bread so instead of using the bread maker to bake us a large loaf, we are trying the smaller medium loaf.

3 Key Strategies for Creating A More Effective Budget In this episode, I share three key strategies for creating a more effective budget. In this episode, I'm going to share 3 key strategies for creating a more effective budget. You can listen to the podcast below or continue reading the article / transcript.

Just When You Think…… Just when you think things are going to improve a little, doesn't life sometimes throw you a curved ball? It certainly did this week. The shop got broken into, and of course, it was the night before my shift, so I had the job of cleaning up and getting the police in, etc.

Double Chocolate Guinness Brownies, 12p Firstly, for the budget-conscious among you raising eyebrows at the use of a bottle of the authentic black stuff in a batch of brownies, fear not, for this recipe makes 24 of the little tinkers and uses a little over half a can at that, so you could stretch to 40ish from a single can if you've a crowd to feed.

Five frivolous frugal things this week How do you cut the costs of clothes, hair and makeup? Do share in the comments, I'd love to hear! For more money savings tips, do join the Much More With Less #MoneySavingYear Facebook group. I post a new tip each day so do come over and join us here - there are well over 600 members so far!

In my fruit and vegetable garden this year… Only beds 1 and 4 are available for vegetables, as last year, bed 2 had rhubarb transferred into it and bed 3 strawberries. Tomatoes and beans will go down the garden wall near the garage as well as a few tomatoes in pots on the patio. I quite like begonias but rarely grow them.

40 Foods to Freeze to Save Time and Money Wonder what foods freeze well? A lot more than you imagined! Discover the 40 best foods that you can freeze to save time and money. Your grocery budget will thank you! In my opinion, a good freezer is worth its weight in gold. And you know how much those things weigh, right?.

Iceland Food Opening Inside The Range - New Stores Are Coming! After a trial, Iceland Food is opening up in The Range stores across the country. Take a sneak peak at one opening near us.

50 ways to save money THIS WEEK Whether you are embracing a new frugal lifestyle or you are trying to make it to pay day, there are plenty of ways that you can save money this week. Here is a list of 50 ways to save money this week. Of course you don't have to do all 50 this week, but these will give you lots of ideas for saving money.

How to Get Free Samples with Amazon Alexa It's really easy to get free samples. Just ask your voice-assistant to "Send Me a Sample". So you say the startup name you have programmed and go from there:. "Hey Google, Send Me a Sample" or "Alexa, Send Me a Sample" For Alexa, after you've asked for your free sample, head to the Alexa app and link/register your account.

Four Things You Can Do If You Can't/don't Want To #climatestrike I'm sat here writing this on the 15th March, a day when hundreds and thousands of young people, in over 100 countries around the world have left their lessons and gone on #climatestrike.

Latest Co-op £5 Meal Deal including Cadbury Crunchie Ice Cream The latest Co-op £5 frozen meal deal gets you 5 items for just a fiver! It's a favourite with savvy shoppers saving you over 50%.

Fordham Car Boot Sale Dates 2019 Fordham car boot sale is an extremely popular car boot in Cambridgeshire which takes places every fortnight during its season. Here are the Fordham Car Boot Sale dates. Fordham car boot sale is found in Fordham, Cambridgeshire. The exact address is Market Field, Collins Hill, Fordham, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5PD.

What I Spent, What We Ate - plus a slightly snarky story This post contains affiliate links. In case you happen to be new here: every Friday I write a post detailing what I spent on groceries and also what we ate. I used to publish a menu plan, but I eventually decided it was better to chronicle what we actually ate, vs what I aspired to have us eat.

Life Update #23 Have you had a good week? I think this week has absolutely flown by, mainly due to the fact that our building work has finally started. I'll be honest, I have been very anxious about the building work starting.

A one sided affair…. DB is one of the most laid back people I know, I am not quite as chilled and am prone to turning the air blue, especially when stuck playing a level of a video game. DB when he plays, has to put up with me having quick intakes of breath, giving him earache, trying to offer usually unwanted help.

My Stitch Fix Men Review This was great news for my husband. Previously, he'd only been able to get clothing from Bombfell online styling company. I'll be honest-as a busy executive, he didn't have time to do the signing up. So I did it for him. If your significant other is busy like mine, go ahead and sign him up.

Cheaper Alternatives to Sky, Virgin and BT, So You Can Ditch Your Expensive TV Subscription However, we no longer need to miss out when there are cheaper alternatives to Sky. What if I told you that you can ditch your expensive subscription TV, save money and still watch your favourite shows? It sounds almost too good to be true!

Right to Buy Homes Being Resold Quickly for Huge Profit Right to Buy has made homeownership possible for millions, but many are cashing in on quick sales. Now, I'm in two minds about this. There is already a massive issue with housing. People are living in emergency housing, scraping by to pay private rents, having to move their families back into their parent's home to get by sofa surfing.

Amazing Blueberry Lemon Sugar Scrub…. This homemade blueberry lemon sugar scrub is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling super smooth and smelling amazing so if I were you, I'd get making it ready for a bit of pampering! Both me and Miss Frugal are huge fans of body scrubs and can whip one up in no time at all but this is one of my favourites because I love the lemon scent.

One-Pan Chicken and Veggie Ramen Bowls I'm posting this because I shared some step-by-step photos of these chicken and veggie ramen bowls on my Instagram stories last week, and my messages got flooded with requests for the recipe! This is from the October / November 2017 issue of Cook's Country, and I've made it lots of times over the last year.

Life On The Veg After much discussion and procrastination we decided to start getting a veg box delivery. Ours arrives on a Thursday, which is ideal for me, ordering is easy and delivery is very simple as we have an outdoor store so I don't even have to be in when it arrives.

27 People Share The Best Money Saving Tips They've Ever Been Given We've got an amazing bunch of people in the Skint Dad Community, and they've shared with us some of the best money saving tips they've ever been given. Maybe you've heard some of them? Perhaps you already do some others? Hopefully, some will be able to help you with your own financial journey?

Free printable Yearly Saving Goals Planner You can easily organise your savings goals with our yearly savings planner template which you can download and print off completely free of charge. The handy editable planner will help you to get a better grasp on your savings.

New £5 Family Meal Deal from B&M Saves You £35 The new B&M £5 meal deal will fill up your family, and save you more than £35! The five-piece meal deal even includes Cadbury Marvellous Ice Cream.

Should I Be Stockpiling Food for Brexit? Keeping a stockpile of food is a good idea for an emergency, but is it worth starting one now in advance of a no-Brexit deal?

DIY Reusable Make-Up Wipes…. Many of us are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and these little DIY reusable make-up wipes are just what you need to help you achieve that!

How much money do you need to retire with? I don't know about you, but I find thinking about saving for retirement really difficult. I still feel relatively young, and perhaps there is a lottery win in my future meaning I don't need to save for my retirement? However, planning for the future it something that we all need to be doing.

Is it cheaper to make trail mix or to buy it? Does it make sense to DIY trail mix? I deconstruct a bag of mix from Aldi to find out!

What Other People Think - Natalie Bacon Do you find yourself worried about what other people think? Whether it's starting a business, changing careers, or doing something against the advice of your closest family members, the result is the same - you're thinking about what someone else is thinking about you.

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National Minimum Wage Goes Up in April 2019 For Over 2.4 Million Workers The minimum wage up to 6 April 2019 is:. Apprentice pay only applies if you're under 19 or if you're over 19 years old and on the first year of your apprenticeship. The National Living Wage is the absolute minimum you can get paid for workers who are over 25 years old.

Can You Still Get Compensation from Wonga? Took out a loan with Wonga? Shouldn't have had the loan? If you're one of the thousands of people in the country who took out a short term, payday loan with Wonga, the chances are you shouldn't have been given the money in the first place. We've had many loans from Wonga in the past…and they start to form a pattern:.

Get 50% Off Travel With a JobCentre Plus Travel Discount Card You can use the Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card on Stagecoach. You're able to get half-price single and return tickets. Just show your card to the driver when you buy a ticket. They will simply knock 50% off the price of your bus ticket. So you're aware, you can't get cheaper travel on Megabus, Supertram or Citylink services.

I will actually write a post tomorrow. It is considered to be very bad blogging etiquette to pop on and say, "sorry for not posting!", but here I am. I have a couple of posts in the works but none of them are quite ready to publish and I don't have time to finish any of them this morning.

Homemade Toilet Fizzers - the most fun you'll have cleaning your toilet…. I love homemade cleaning products for most cleaning in my house - the exceptions are any surfaces where food is prepared or eaten and the toilets.

The World's Most Sustainable Pet Food - With Tom Neish From Yora Welcome back to Sustainable! Today I've got an interview lined up for you with Tom Neish who is the founder and head honcho of Yora pet food, a new pet food brand that claim to be the world's most sustainable pet food. So what makes them so sustainable I hear you ask?

What To Do With Unexpected Income In preparation for our building work we have been doing some decluttering. For a family of four who I thought didn't buy very much, we have a lot of stuff. Things that we haven't looked at in years. Paper work that I don't know why we've kept for so long.

Morrisons £10 Meat Pack Can Feed a Family for 2 Weeks Morrisons has started selling a meat pack for £10 and claims it can feed a family of four for two weeks. But can it really? We are a house of meat eaters. I know we probably eat too much, but we do enjoy eating it. We could certainly save money if we ate fewer portions each week, and do try to have meat-free at least once per week.

Wash, wash, wash… It is only the 2nd time since being toilet trained, that Ruby has wet her bed. Her bed was the first and bedding the second wash. Finally came our bedding. All are billowing happily on the line, in sunshine and a stiff breeze. The weather for the rest of the week looks dire but today, though quite cold, is gloriously sunny, yay!

Financial lessons I have learned from running my own business Check out my list of free money offers with over £200 to be made. I started my blog back in 2010 as a way to stay accountable when it comes to earning money online. By November 2015 I was earning more from my blog than my full-time job and I made the leap into going… Read More about Financial lessons I have learned from running my own business.

Reader Case Study: An American In France Georgia and her husband Seb live in a French village along with their darling baby daughter. All is wonderful, except that they're not quite sure what to do next! Case Studies are financial and life dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh in.

Homemade Chilli Cheese Breadsticks Recipe…. You need to prepare the dough in exactly the same way but when you're ready to form the breadsticks from the dough, you need to roll it out into a rectangle shape with the width of the shape being the length that you want your breadsticks to be.

How To Stop Caring What Other People Think Do you worry about what other people think? I used to be so worried about what other people thought about me. When I quit practicing law to become a certified financial planner, people had a lot of opinions. A few years later, when I quit financial planning to become a life coach and online entrepreneur, people had even more opinions.

Three Easy Ideas For A Plastic-free Red Nose Day No sooner has World Book Day come and gone, then Red Nose Day is upon us and the kids are being invited to wear red noses into school and donate to Comic Relief. Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion to help disadvantaged communities here in the UK and abroad since it's inception in 1985 and does a brilliant job.

A Few Dollars Hello Family Today I am talking about a few dollar in your pocket…

Super-easy 5 minute funfetti mug cake…. This super-easy funfetti mug cake is so easy to make that you can literally be sat at your table eating it less than five minutes after you've decided you need a cake fix! Miss Frugal's developed a bit of a love for mug cakes - mainly because she's quite impatient and most definitely doesn't like to share her cake!

Wet… We managed to get Ruby out for her morning walk before the next batch of rain came. The winds are due to pick up around 1pm for about 8 hours. Rain, sleet, snow and strong winds are all happening this week. So far, unless it changes, Tuesday should be sunny, but who knows.

Building Wealth Ideas Hello Family How Are You Today? The don't to having fun and still building w…

My Weight Loss Journey - Week 7…. Progress is slow at the moment but I'm still feeling good as any progress is progress, right? I've got nothing too interesting to report this week but seeing as I never got time to write up last week's success I thought I'd do a bit of a two in one post!

In and out…. I have put my washing on the line, then brought it in, twice. It will now dry indoors. It is such a windy day, I had hoped to get it dry in a couple of hours, but no: I am happily married to my lovely hubby DB. We have a fantastic son DS., and a lovely DDiL.

5 Items in Your Loft That Could Make You Rich You may just think of your things as stuff you played with as a kid, but they could now be worth a fair bit of money. It's worth spending some time to see if any items in your loft could make you rich.

Rare and Expensive Coins That Could be Hiding in Your Change Get ready to hunt down the back of the sofa for rare coins that you may not realise are expensive coins! Find out how much these valuable UK coins are worth.

3 ways women can stretch their pension after retirement Fight back against the gender pension gap, with 3 ways women can stretch their pension money after retirement. We live longer so our money needs to last!

Free Printable Monthly Budget Planner Need help organising your finances? Print our FREE monthly budget planner. The PDF template allows you to set out your monthly income & outgoings, so you can utilise what if left for saving.

Reader Suggestions: How To Save Money On Pet Care Our beloved greyhound, Gracie, passed away a year ago and I thought it would be a fitting tribute to devote a Reader Suggestions to the topic of frugal pet care. I miss everything about Frugal Hound. Compiling your advice and seeing your adorable pet photos was a wonderful way to celebrate the integral, loving role that pets play in our families.

What I Spent, What We Ate - Happy Birthday, Sonia! Sonia is now 15 years old! Let's see! I spent $109 at Aldi, $25 on my Hungry Harvest, and $32 elsewhere. That makes my total $166 for the week. Week 1: $76. Week 2: $166. This was Sonia's birthday party night. She chose fettucine alfredo topped with chicken, a fruit salad, garlic pull-apart bread, and a layered Oreo dessert.

The true cost of moving house We have recently moved home into a converted chapelmoved home into a converted chapel, and I have been keeping a list of the true cost of moving house. The costs in this blog post are for the actual move and don't cover anything like mortgage fees or tenancy applications.

How Your Money Is Protected at the Bank with Brad Evenson You don't need a lot of money to start a business or side hustle. Just take it from Nathan Latka, author of How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital!

Enjoying A Day At Home Today, I'm on the first of a couple of days off work and I'm thoroughly enjoying being at home pottering about. It's been a tough week, as I am in the middle of a volunteer recruitment campaign at work. Our numbers dwindled so much ,that we got to a very critical point and it had to be done with bells on.

Are You Taking Part in the 40 for 40 Challenge? Get involved in the 40 for 40 challenge in the run up to Easter and you'll be surprised how many people you'll be supporting!

Don't Forget FREE Books on World Book Day World Book Day is upon us! It can be that awful time of scurrying around the house looking for something half meaningful to make look like a costume or putting your hand in your pocket and buying an outfit from the shop. Schools do things differently.

All clear Post op wise, Ruby has the all clear. Her 3 mini scars have completely healed. The milk she was producing has reduced from thick cream to watery, her breasts are staying soft and reducing in size. She was at the beach yesterday, having a full run plus 3 mile walk.

Five Frugal Things - free Oreos, for one I realized last night that we hadn't had one of these in the last two weeks. I am here to rectify that today! Sonia needed some sulfate-free shampoo for her dyed hair, so I popped into CVS. I had a mailer coupon, plus I loaded up some coupons on the app and also printed some coupons from the kiosk in the store.

Our $225/Mo. Grocery Budget: My Weekly Grocery Haul Curious what I buy on a $225/mo. grocery budget? Here's my weekly grocery haul showing exactly what I bought and how I made my budget work!

Homemade Coconut Soap… A while ago now, I shared my first attempt at making soap with you. My lovely Honey and Oatmeal Soap was so lovely that I decided to have a go at making a coconut soap because as the weather gets warmer, coconut is definitely one of my favourite scents.

How I cut our food costs to £44 a week When I mentioned cutting food costs to £44 a week to a friend, she said: "How?" I'll talk a bit more further on about the tactics I used and some surprises along the way but I reckon the five things that really made a difference are:. The food we ate didn't cost as little as £44 a week - that was just the extra shopping.

Lent With Less Today marks the start of Lent and it's now become quite popular for even those who aren't practising Christians to use this pre-Easter period to abstain from something, whether that's chocolate, or alcohol, or cake. How about this year doing "Lent with Less" and giving up something that will benefit the planet, and not just your waistline.

Six things I learned from submitting medical claims myself As most of you know, this past year I had to submit out-of-network claims to our insurance on my own. And geez, it sure was a process! But I am delighted to tell you that yesterday, we finally got a pile of checks for the bills we'd submitted. Hallelujah!

The Debt Mindset - Natalie Bacon And debt is money that you owe. That is all. It doesn't mean anything else until you give it meaning. Did you know you can make debt mean whatever you want? Your debt can be empowering. You can use it to your advantage. And you can feel good about your debt so that you pay it off from abundance instead of scarcity.

7 of the best plants to grow with kids…. Today I wanted to share with you some of the best plants to grow with kids! Gardening definitely isn't my passion but it is something that I've been enjoying more and more over the last year or so.

Pancakes and cherry and marzipan cake We made American style pancakes last night for Shrove Tuesday. We used maple syrup on some and lemon and sugar on others: We made Ruby a 2" pancake with the dregs. Obviously she didn't have any toppings on hers! The breadmaker bakes cakes. They can be a little pale on top as well as a little brown around the edges as that is where the element is.

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Happy March! Hope that March is treating you well. Here's the thing have you every thought about the desire to save money but you also feel that life is to short and you need to live a little to. That's me all the time needing to find the best bang for my buck. But also wanting to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Get Your Taxes Done Fast Liberty Tax Service's online tax preparation offers a convenient, easy-to-use, browser-based tax filing system. There's no software to download and the process is straight-forward and secure. Liberty Tax is equipped with modern tax filing tools to ensure that all of its users get the biggest tax refund possible.

30 Things To Do To Improve Your Financial Life Looking to improve your financial life but confused or overwhelmed on how exactly to do that? I totally get it. I can't tell you how many blog posts and articles I've read about people becoming financially successful, yet I could not relate at all to their tactics.

5 Minute Guide To…a Sustainable Lent Which means it's the start of Lent tomorrow - traditionally 40 days and 40 nights of fasting before Easter to remember Jesus' time in the wilderness.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Filo Pie Recipe This quick Moroccan style lamb filo pie recipe makes an easy midweek meal. Using minced lamb, it's tasty as well as easy on your food budget. Written in collaboration with Lamb. Try It Love It. It's British Pie Week! To celebrate, we've been thinking about one of our favourite pies.

What a contrast Yesterday was nowhere near as bad as we thought it would be. Today has dawned sunny and mild but with a stiff breeze. I have stripped the bedding from Ruby's cushion and crate and they are blowing on the line. She is dozing on the dining room mat in the sun.

Tuesday Tip - There are 42 weeks until Christmas. This post contains affiliate / referral links. I know Christmas is a weird thing to think about in March. But if you start doing something now to prepare for the holidays, you could save yourself a lot of financial stress in December. And January. My primary recommendation: Start a Christmas / holiday savings account and add $10/week.

Dividend Income February 2019 Another month is over already, so it's time for my favourite monthly post My dividend income updates are some of my most popular posts here at The Frugal Cottage. And this is my fourth year of dividend investing, already. I can't believe it! And one of the only things I regret is not starting sooner.

CDIC Deposit Insurance: 3 Things You Need to Know It could be because I've been living in what I call a "personal finance bubble" for the past 7 years, digesting everything I can about personal finance in Canada, but I can't help my disbelief at how many myths mistaken for facts still exist today.

How to Stop Online Impulse Buying and Vampire Shopping Whether you're an impulse or "vampire" shopper because of boredom or mental health problems, there are ways to help prevent overspending.

Eco-friendly World Book Day Costumes For the last few years I have sat back feeling smug and hugely relieved when our school has neglected to jump onto the "let's all dress up for World Book Day" bandwagon. Until this year.

Get Paid to Recycle Plastic at Tesco Earn money when shopping at Tesco by using a reverse vending machine to recycle your old plastic bottles.

Well, I tried the gratitude journal thing. A daily gratitude journal my February happiness challenge item, and while I didn't manage to get it done every day, I did write in the journal pretty frequently. Well. I think the concept as a whole is solid, but I don't feel like it had an enormous impact on my own happiness level.

The Money Mindset That Will Help You Get Out Of Debt - Natalie Bacon I turned my six figure law school debt into a six figure business. I started with $206k in debt from law school, and I have about $70k left. The kicker is I've switched careers twice in that time, and I built a business that will continue to pay dividends in the future.

Make serious cash matched betting during Cheltenham 2019 Matched betting has been a really great side hustle for me, and I made £12,000 in my first year of matched betting. Even now, I dabble in matched betting to make a few hundred pounds a month, more than two years after starting! The Cheltenham Festival is one of the best events in the year for profiting from the festival.

How I meal plan as a working Mum with NO time…. It's been a while since I shared my meal plan on here so I thought I'd share this week's plan with you and give you a bit of an update on a few changes we've had over the last few months.

Another loaf! We had a bit of a failure with the recipe for a wheatgerm loaf. I can't fathom out how added an extra 2oz of wheatgerm, but with the same amount of water, would work. It was sunk when it came out, very hard around the edges but edible inside. This time, we tried the rapid wholemeal loaf.

The Top 20 UK Based MLM Companies to Make Extra Money This list outlines the top 20 in the UK right now, including their start up fees and earnings potential. Multi-level marketing comes under a lot of fire. It refers to the direct selling of a product to earn a commission, and also earning additional money from recruiting new members.

You can take your sweet time…. Putting on my cream mummy, I'm happy here, leaning against daddy: If you take a nice long time, I am sooooo… relaxed - I shall fall asleep! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest I love hearing from you, will read all your comments and try and answer any questions you leave.

Five Days in New York on a budget - Day 4…. So far, I've shared what we did on the first three days of our budget trip to New York and today, I'm going to share our last full day with you. Trust me, it was a good day!

The Weekend Edition #82 Are you having a good weekend? I have got a cold so feeling a bit sorry for myself. It's not so easy to rest when you have children running around. Now that they can both walk, it's slightly more chaotic in our house. And more fun Frugal Baby can't quite run yet, but he keeps trying and falling flat on his face.

Get Paid to Go Walking with Sweatcoin Whether you walk or you prefer to run, you're able to turn your steps into currency with the Sweatcoin app. The Sweatcoin app tracks all your outside steps - that's if you choose to run, walk or even hop. Maybe you walk to work, do the school run on foot or take your dog for walkies a few times a day?

Whilst food shopping this week…. We had a good look at other peoples shopping on the conveyor belt. The lady behind us put on 17 cups of latte coffee. At £1 a piece that is quite an expensive way to drink coffee, at work presumably. Maybe it is too much of a faff to make up your own latte, I don't know as I only drink it when out as a treat.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Clothes for Cash Don't just let your unwanted clothes go untouched in your wardrobe. Find out how you can easily make extra money selling clothes for cash.

What I Spent, What We Ate - $76! I spent $25 on my Hungry Harvest and $51 at the grocery store. It was a light shopping week! Mr. FG and I had our date night and the girls fended for themselves. This was a here and there night…Mr. FG was out with Joshua, Lisey was at work, Zoe was out with her cousins, and just Sonia and I were at home at dinnertime.

Saturation point At the beginning of half term I bought a net of satsumas in home bargains. I say a net, it was more like a trawler bag. At this point the entire house is sick of them 😂 I've sneaked them into as many places as I can. Tomorrow we will have a couple in a trifle but I still have 9 left!

Investing for beginners: the cost of delay Because what really matters when it comes to investing is time. I took ages to get started, which meant I missed out on a big chunk of money. Find out how I got hit by the cost of delay - so you don't have to! Over the long term, stock markets have tended to rise.

Cheaper alternatives to Audible Audiobooks are so convenient to listen to when you are out walking, doing chores, commuting, or even just enjoying a relaxing night in. Audiobooks have come a long way since the audio tapes of the 90s, with experienced storytellers adding drama and suspense to any book.

Hopefully…. A laughable palava is how we describe her treatment first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She slings herself on her back against DB whilst we apply the cream and dress her up. She doesn't budge until we are finished.

March Aims February seemed to fly by, but ended up being much more spend-y for our finances, so I'm hoping to pull this back a bit in March. March is generally quiet for us, though it's our wedding anniversary at the end of the month. But, the big thing happening this month for us is that our extension work finally begins.

It's raining, it's pouring… Where did our lovely sunshine go today? Instead of my original plan of pottering in the garden, I spent the morning pottering in the kitchen with Gman. We made nearly 2 dozen chocolate nests using some wheat biscuits no one fancied for breakfast. In the afternoon I popped into town for a coffee and cake with my mum.

Failure I failed in these last 2 months when it came to saving money. Here's what I am talking about. Since January 2019. I have written down my expenses on my calendar. Expenses like lotto spending, food spending, mystery shop working income, coupon saving etc.

5 Things That Are Making Me Happy I needed to make a list today, so I thought I'd post it. And if you need a little happiness boost, you can join me in the comments. I don't enjoy the hour switch in and of itself, but I really, really love having an hour more of daylight on the later end of the day.

How to Get Free Paint for Any DIY Project There is no need to part with your cash as you may be able to get free paint! With the Community RePaint scheme, which has been sponsored by Dulux since 1993, you're able to put other's unwanted paint to good use.

A Beginner's Guide To Grow Your Own - With Sara Venn Today's episode is all about Growing Your Own. It's the stereotypical image of sustainable living isn't it? The kind of Good Life image of being self sufficient in veg, and the temptation is to go all out right from the start, take on a huge allotment plot, and then before we know it it's taken over our lives.

Ways to Make Money Online & Work From Home in the UK Does getting up for work and not even having to take your PJs off sound like your kind of job? This ultimate guide will show you all the legitimate UK based WAH ventures.

Another checkup…. We were at the vets today for a post op check with Ruby. Pain free and doing well. We have to use the cream until Sunday then stop, it is very slow to heal. After that, we can swap to a skin balm to carry on if necessary. He advised us to find a way to cover her inner thigh more, especially at night, to stop her licking it.

This Month On The Homestead: When Your Internet And Your Truck Conspire Against You I greeted each child with a tender kiss, made breakfast, got Kidwoods ready for preschool, and hummed as I emptied the dishwasher. Regular mother-of-the-year over here. Our adopted grandma neighbor-knowing I was solo and because she is a canonized saint-offered to drive Kidwoods to preschool and Kidwoods was ready to go when she arrived.

February 2019 : A Month In Review It feels like it's been a strange month, not helped by the fact that I now have some kind of virus and feel dreadful. Fun, when you've got a three year old and a one year old! One thing I definitely miss now that I'm a parent is sleeping, especially when you feel rubbish.

Easy Homemade Caramel Frappe Not only will this homemade frappe save you money, but it's also a great way to use up leftover coffee! There are affiliate links in this post - please read my full disclosure policy. I am a sucker for beverages, especially coffee beverages.

First garden goodies I couldn't hold out any longer to use my chives in the greenhouse. I've pinched off the odd stem to chew on as I potter about with sowing and watering, but today I cut the first handful. With all this beautiful weather we've been having you can almost sit and watch them grow by the hour.

10 Ways to Ditch the Disposables in the Kitchen Here are ten practical ways to ditch the disposables and reduce kitchen waste. Are you trying to cut the cost of groceries and reduce kitchen waste? Make an instant impact on your weekly grocery bill and your waste pile by switching from kitchen disposables to reusable items.

How we manage our finances as a married couple Advertorial post with Aviva. It is fair to say that Tony and I have seen our fair share of financial struggles during our time together. When we first started dating Tony was unemployed and lived in his overdraft, and over time we had a combined credit card debt of £15,000 which we paid off before getting married.

Five Days in New York on a budget - Day 3…. So far, I've shared what we did on the first two days of our budget trip to New York and today, I'm going to share our third full day with you.

Breaking Bad Habits - Natalie Bacon The extra glass of wine after a long day. The sweets after dinner. The binging on Netflix at night. These are bad habits. We do them in an effort to avoid negative emotion. Your brain is wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and aim to be efficient-even to the detriment of your life.

5 #LifeUpdates That Could Save You Time and Money Take a look at the video below and check out our tips on the #LifeUpdates which only take a little bit of time but could end up saving you money - or making sure you're not out of pocket.

Post Op pictures… You can see top left, one of her patches of shave rash/clipper burn: It is the worst one. She had two smaller patches which have now responded to healing cream. The one above is going to take a bit longer methinks! She still has a few raised shaving pimples as well.

How to Make Work Optional with Tanja Hester You May Also Like… Why My Husband and I Don’t Combine Our Finan… Why I’m Not Planning Out My Retirement What Is FIRE? — Financial Independence Retire Earl…

Town discovery Today we discovered The Little Free Library near Eastleigh town centre. Isn't it the most fantastic idea? What a fab thing to have in your garden for the community to enjoy. I left one of the free books I recieved through Facebay, and Gman helped me choose another.

10 Last Minute World Book Day Costumes Getting a costume ready for a school theme day or World Book Day is easy enough. It doesn't have to cost anything and can be put together last minute quite easily. Take a look at some of these ideas and have a rummage at the back of your wardrobe. "This must be a simply enormous wardrobe!' thought Lucy, going still further in…"― C.S.

Get Paid to Go Walking with Sweatcoins Whether you walk or you prefer to run, you're able to turn your steps into currency with the Sweatcoins app. The Sweatcoins app tracks all your outside steps - that's if you choose to run, walk or even hop. Maybe you walk to work, do the school run on foot or take your dog for walkies a few times a day?

Tuesday Tip - Sometimes a deal is not the cheapest option. I've noticed that especially when people are first learning about frugal living, they tend to be a little overly focused on discounts and deals. I do love a good deal, of course, and deals have their place in frugal living! But often the best savings are not to be found in deals and discounts.

Ten ways to reduce your water bill…. If you're on a water meter then I guarantee you'll be able to reduce your water bill come down if you follow the steps below - and I feel like I can guarantee that because I did them and mine has reduced drastically.

Useful? If anyone is interested in textile recycling but happened to be asleep at 3.06 this morning World Hacks on BBC World Service was talking about how we currently reuse fabrics and how we might do it in the future, available to listen again on BBC Sounds.

Investing for summer After having to buy drinjs for everyone on Sunday, I popped to Home Bargains this morning for some new drink bottles. They are easy to tell apart, sturdy and hold 600ml of liquid. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Hello I'm Sarah.

5 Important reasons to include good images in your blog posts…. Every now and again, I break my rule about blogging about blogging and today I'm doing just that - I'm going to share just how important images can be for your blog posts. If you own a blog, then one thing you really need to consider as a huge priority is optimising photos and images for Google.

A strange day…. Today Ruby had her ovaries removed by laparoscope. All went well, and she has 3 tiny incisions. Recovery time is just a few days rather than the normal 2 weeks. DB took her out after waking for a walk around the village before popping her into her car crate.

Frugal things for February half term Ideas for fun on a budget, for a frugal half term. Check out activities from den building and free cinema tickets to £1 pizzas.

8 thoughts after a year of owning a cat This post contains affiliate links. At the beginning of 2018, we adopted a 7 year old cat from the local animal shelter. I'm not gonna lie; I was pretty apprehensive about this. I've never lived with a pet that has roamed cage-less through the house, so there was definitely some fear of the unknown for me.

Paper Clutter I have a real problem with paper clutter, actually I have a problem with any tidying that involves dealing with little bitty bits of stuff, but today it was paper. Recycling, shredding, another barely used pad or notebook, obviously it's something I could use, but how much scrap paper do I need?

We moved into a chapel to save £400 a month What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe in fate, so get settled for story time with Emma whilst I tell you why we moved into a chapel and are saving £400 per month. If I were to list my hobbies, visiting Rightmove would be up there.

Is an Instant Pot worth the money? I wanted an Instant Pot for a good year or so before I actually bought one but even though I kept adding it to my basket on Amazon, I always took it back out again as I really wasn't sure if the Instant Pot would be something I'd use regularly or whether it would end up gathering dust like my breadmaker is at the moment.

7 Steps To Break A Bad Habit - Natalie Bacon You know that one little pesky habit that you want to break? I have the step by step process to break a bad habit-that actually works. Most posts about how to break a bad habit will give you hacks and solutions focusing only on the action to take. But my process is different.

Nearly there We are almost at the end of half term. Just one last day left tomorrow. The 3 eldest all have inset days or as DD1 insists on calling it Insect day. It's been a bright and beautiful day outside warm enough for us all to walk to the park without coats.

Still Love I don't care what people say I still love my dollar stores. If you know what your buying and stay away from the junk stuff you will find some good bargains in there. Just emptied out my coin jar and I rolled $110 dollar worth of coins. I am happy this money will be put toward my coin investment challenge.

Well, that’s a first for us… Yesterday though sunny, was a bit chilly for sitting in the garden. Today was a different kettle of fish. After cooking our Sunday meal, we…

The Weekend Edition #81 Have you had a good week? I spent Mon-Fri at my parents house with the two boys, which was lovely. We had lots of days out, doing different things. They had an amazing time and were shattered by the end of it! I've been on holiday for the past week so it was nice to have a change of scenery.

How To Live On $3 a Day - One Dollar Meals - Day One - Hey Family, How are you today? I was watching this guy and the creative meals he made for $3 a day was interesting. Even though he used a lot of beans and things the meals did look healthy and tasty. He even did this while living in New York. which we all know is pricy food wise.

My Weight Loss Journey - Week 5…. As far as Slimming World goes, 'oh dear' pretty much sums up my week as I was determined to enjoy my holiday in New York as much as possible so I rather generously gave myself a week off Slimming World.

The beach…. We took Ruby to the beach the other day. The sea was quite a way out but the beach was busy with people and dogs. Eventually we worked our way past them all and got to the sea. On the way, she decided to try and catch a gull. Taking off like a rocket, ears flapping in the breeze, she was a sight to behold!

Port And Other January 2019 Expenditures Our kitchen faucet joined the ranks of the no longer living. As you might recall, Mr. Frugalwoods put in a herculean effort back in October to keep this faucet among that which is operational in our home. His plumbing fix worked. Until it didn't.

How to Boost your Reselling Income Reselling has been one of our biggest incomes streams over the past few years and it's such a great way to earn some extra money. It's not the easiest side hustle but it is very rewarding if you're willing to put the upfront effort in.

WIS, WWA - I got a lot of nights off! I got my $25 Hungry Harvest box, of course. And I spent $140 at the grocery store. So my grocery spending totals $165 this week. Week 1: $109. Week 2: $165. Mr. FG and I went out for our weekly date night, and I cannot for the life of me remember what I made for the girls.

More fun at the zoo We spent another day at the zoo today enjoying our annual passes. We focused less on the animals and more on the playgrounds as usually we'd skip them. After paying around £80 to get everyone in the idea of wasting most of the afternoon on the slide seemed a bit daft when we could visit playgrounds for free!

Taxes. A shrimp recipe. FIRE. And updates on Sixth Continent. This post contains affiliate links. It turns out that I earned less money than I thought I did and oddly, that's a relief to me,. That's because I'm ending up owing a lot less money than I thought I would. Woohoo! I used Turbo Tax, OF COURSE, and as usual, it was a simple process.

Our MP’s Are a total disgrace at the moment. Deceased die hard voters must be turning in their graves. No matter the party, they are squabbling like children, each refusing to budge one jot and dragging our country into chaos over Brexit. The EU must be rubbing their hands with glee.

Relax & Make Money??? Here is a list of ways that you can make $$ while relaxing. Some of these are pretty easy. Some you have to work on a bit. Tell me what you think? Become a referral source for local businesses.2. Write a book and get royalties.3. Create an online course and get paid for it.4.

Ten ways to save money on fuel…. Last week I shared 10 ways to save money on your energy bills so I thought today, I'd share 10 ways to save money on fuel. You might have read recently that my daily commute is a little bit longer than it used to be which has, in turn, increased the amount of money I spend on petrol.

When You Don't Feel Like It Do you ever wake up and just not feel like it? Or, maybe it's after work when you're supposed to go to the gym, and you don't feel like going. Or, on that Saturday when you committed to working on your business, but you just don't feel like it. Sometimes, you don't feel like doing whatever it is you have to do.

Four Frugal Things - and one fail He got his first flat, and after Mr. FG helped him put on the spare, we got ready to order a new tire and Mr. FG realized that we had a warranty on these tires through Tire Rack. Joshua took the tire to Midas, where they confirmed that it was unrepairable, and then we got our claim going with Tire Rack.

Living Debt-Free with Shannon Lee Simmons Instead, Shannon shares stories and advice on how to tackle your debt by adopting a new positive mindset and asking yourself some of these helpful questions:. Having clear answers for these questions will help you stay on track to paying off your debt.

Healthy Apple Weetbix Pikelets Use up the crumbs at the bottom of the Weetbix box in these healthy Apple Weetbix Pikelets. Great for kid's lunchboxes or as a healthy snack. Is collecting Weetbix crumbs too frugal? I feel it kills two birds: it reduces food waste and I don't need to crush Weetbix when baking with them.

Happy Birthday Ruby Out of all the pictures we took, this one made us burst out laughing: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest I love hearing from you, will read all your comments and try and answer any questions you leave. Please leave comments in English.

Tuesday Tip - How to find posts / recipes on my blog! This is not a money-saving tip, necessarily, but it's a question that I get somewhat regularly…people write to me wondering how to find a recipe or a DIY that I've posted before. Honestly, this is the method I use when I'm looking for an older post of mine!

Get a free share worth up to £100 You know how I love a freebie, especially when it is free money. Today I want to tell you about how you can grab yourself a free share worth up to £100 with Trading212. Trading212 are the UK's number one trading and investing app. They have over 14 million downloads and have been rated by over 40,000 customers.

Five Days in New York on a budget - Day 1…. If you follow me over on Instagram then you'll know that right now, I'm in New York with the kids. I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm a bit of a strict budget and so many of you have messaged me to ask me what we're getting up to if I don't have much money to spend so I thought I'd share our days with you.

Decluttering Without Landfill Many of us have houses that are full to bursting with 'stuff', much of which we probably can't even remember buying - it just sneaks it's way in and accumulates until there's nothing for it but to grab the black bin bags and start chucking in all the stuff we no longer want or need.

Could you spare a few seconds to help me out? Could you spare a few seconds to help me out? I'm very excited because one of my posts has made it through to the third round of a blogging competition over on the big US website, Rockstar Finance. I'd really appreciate any votes for 'Crazy' in Game 16: Rockstar Rumble.

A rail fares system fit for the future I know I've said this so many times before but travelling by train is definitely my preferred way to travel.

How To Do What You Have To Do When You Don't Feel Like Doing It Sometimes, I don't feel like it. So, what's the solution-the secret to doing what you have to do when you don't want to? Here's something I know will help… But first! Join the 7 day Design Your Dream Life Training by adding your email below. I'll send you Day 1 right now!

Tax Free Ways to Make Money When exploring various side hustles and ways to make extra money it can be easy to forget that a lot of ways of earning money on the side are sadly not exempt from taxes. Having to shell out some of your hard earned money for tax is really painful. Luckily, I have some fantastic, profitable ways to earn tax free money.

Yuck and yum… For tea yesterday we tried a tin of curry sauce, it was disgusting. Now my MiL used these to make a nice beef curry so I can only presume the recipe has changed. I added several things and it was still unpleasant. I won't be buying anymore! My new bread maker also bakes cakes so we gave one a whirl, ginger cake.

The Fundamentals of the Good Life Obviously, it's a value I feel is important. Being conscious of your values and letting them guide you can be a deeply rewarding way to live and, I believe, is fundamental to living the good life. Because the good life isn't just about what you get out of life, it's about what you give.

First day of half term 10 days of enjoying my small people before school restarts again. We kick the holidays off with a visit to the local zoo. The overcast weather seemed to keep most people away and although it was still a popular place to go, it wasn't to busy. We took the opportunity to purchase our annual passes so they won't run out till this time next year.

The Secret to Finding Deals on Amazon UK How to Find the Best Deals at Amazon, our insider tips and Amazon search Hack enables you to save a fortune on everyday products and Goods at

Torn Hello Family How are you? Me I am torn between two loves. One love is that I love being a cheapskate and finding ways to save money. The other love is spending money so that I can travel and enjoy my life the way I am suppose to. What two loves are you torn between?

What I Spent, What We Ate - It's the start of birthday season here FG and I had our weekly date night, and the girls ate mac n cheese at home. We ate dinner at Mr. FG's parents' house, and I brought two loaves of French bread. I made a chicken taco salad so that I could use up some dry corn tortillas by making fried strips to top the salad.

How I Saved Tons Of Money During My Baby's First Year So no, I don't miss when my infants screamed for milk every two hours around the clock and no, I don't miss my painful recoveries from childbirth, and no, I don't miss pumping at 3am every day. But I am nostalgic for their tininess. Their downy heads and miniature bodies.

What to do with your two 'free' council tax months Council tax payments are an annual bill that we can choose to pay over 10 months or 12 months. For those of us opting to pay over 10 months of the year, we get 'free' council tax for two months of the year. I am going to share what you can do with the extra money from free council tax months.

Swapping spending diaries with Mrs Mummypenny And what would be different? Here's what I learnt from swapping our spending diaries:. First and foremost looking at Mrs Mummypenny's spending diary, I am incredibly, unbelievably grateful that we don't have any borrowing or debt. We use a cashback credit card for virtually all our spending, but always pay off the balance in full every month.

Life Update #22 It feels like this week has gone by so slowly, though I'm not sure why. I think it's because I've been waiting for the weekend, as I'm on holiday next week I'm going across to see my parents during it, which the boys will love. And hopefully we'll have some nice days out!

Hit the Stores for Best After Valentine's Day Sales So even more ways to save. Here are some of the best stores for after Valentine's Day sales:. Here are some deals that are great in 2019:. If you're going to go shopping for after Valentine's Day sales, be strategic with your shopping. Don't just buy because things are on sale.

How to make a tote bag from a T-Shirt…. OK, so I know this one won't be for everyone but today I wanted to show you how you can make a tote bag from a T-shirt as well as share a few other alternatives to plastic shopping bags with you.

Another investment The good thing about the UK, is that February and March depending where you live, are council tax free months. Rather than the council take this tax every month, it is taken over 10 months, giving your finances a boost this time of year. We both love home made bread but I am getting to the stage where elements of it are becoming tiring.

21+ Ways to Easily Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards There are loads of ways to earn Amazon gift cards. Here are my favourites:. Shop via Quidco and you earn free cashback on your purchases. If may sound too good to be true, but this really works.

There's more love than hate for Stitch Fix I have a bunch of smallish things to say. Which means it's time for a miscellany post! When I do a Stitch Fix post, there are always a few readers who voice some mild unhappiness about it.

John Hamilton. It is with overwhelming sadness that I find myself bitterly heartbroken by the sudden death of John Hamilton, the art director for my first book A Girl Called Jack, at Penguin. John was the man who gave that book, and my burgeoning career as a food writer, such life and vivid colour that I can scarcely believe his is gone.

Success…. The other day, despite not many of you understanding my post, I was moaning about not being able to play my favourite video games. For more than 18 months and after much research, I decided to invest in a programmable gadget to help me. It took a bit to sort it out.

Johnnyjumpsup First of all, another apology for being so absent from my blog. I'm trying hard to keep in touch and still reading as many posts as I can. Things are changing again at work.

Tax Time Prep Like a Pro with Lisa Zamparo I found the clip of the tax time Simpsons' episode Lisa and I both referenced. Honestly, it made me laugh out loud because I am 100% a Ned Flanders. Enjoy! To help you be the most prepared you've ever been this tax season, here are some resources to help you!

Best Meal Kit Delivery Services Reviewed Newly Updated Blue Apron or Hello Fresh or another of the meal kit delivery subscription services." The three companies we tried originally that allowed us to make fresh meals conveniently and affordably were HelloFresh, Sun Basket and Peapod. Yes, Peapod, the grocery delivery service now offers meal kits.

How A Lottery Winner Spent All His Cash In A Year - Blew A Bag A very good lesson on what not to do if you won a million dollars. Funny and Sad all a the sometime.Have a great Cheap Cheetah day and Save that $$$ Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme. Theme images by molotovcoketail.

The terrifying truth parents need to know about student loans Student loans aren't big enough. With horrendous headlines about students graduating with average debts of more than £50,000, that might seem ridiculous. But the reality is:. So as a parent, stop worrying about how your offspring will repay loans in the future.

Tuesday Tip - Try This post contains affiliate links. I'm a pretty inexperienced cat owner, so we've just been buying our cat's supplies at places like Petsmart or Target. Several readers encouraged me to check out and my goodness, I'm so glad I did! I can't believe how inexpensive their prices are.

Ten ways to reduce your energy bill…. If you're looking for ways to reduce your monthly energy bills then you're in the right place as I've got lots of tips for you today - including one to get £50 off your bill! Shall we get straight to the tip where you can save £50? I switched to Bulb a good few months ago as I'd hear good things about them.

An unusual lunch I made extra vegetables and mashed potatoes to give us a lunch for another day. DB had cheese added to his, dry fried to make the outside brown and crunchy, made into a sandwich: By the time I had added the leftover cabbage to my mash, to make a bubble and squeak sandwich, there was too much, so I ate it as it was: Both were delicious.

Cute Valentines biscuits that hang on your mug… Did you know biscuits that hang on your mug were a thing? Well, they are and even better than that, they're perfect to make for Valentines Day. Sometime last year, we went to a garden centre and had a sneaky hot chocolate in the cafe there and when it was served, it had a super cute little biscuit hanging on the side of the mug.

Bless her! Went to change the vet fleece on Ruby's bed this morning and it was wet, poor thing, she must have been desperate! Removed it and the fleece mattress and got them in the wash. Also washed her day cushion cover. I like to wash them every 7 to 10 days. A week late but we also applied her flea treatment.

8 things I've learned in a year of drinking coffee This post contains affiliate links. Ok, well, almost a year. Up until this past year, tea has been my hot drink of choice. I've tried coffee SO MANY TIMES over the course of my life, but it has always tasted rather bitter to me, no matter how much sugar and whipped cream I added.

7 Signs You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset Do you think you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. I didn't even know what an entrepreneur was five years ago. Now, I can tell within a few minutes if someone has an entrepreneurial mindset.

Should we be stockpiling food for Brexit? With Britain looking set for a no deal Brexit, many people are starting to stockpile food for Brexit. In this post I want to look at whether this is a real concern and whether we need to stockpile for Brexit. There is no way to know for certain what will happen after Brexit.

Renters Insurance Tips That Can Save You Money Big Time Renters Insurance Tips That Can Save You Money Big Time. Life is unpredictable, and unfortunately, catastrophes happen without prior notice, so it's always better to be safe than sorry.

The Layers of the Onion I spoke quite a lot last year about decluttering the house, including my craft stuff. This year I've made a start on my scrappy quilt and have been shocked at how much unused fabric I own. It got me thinking about other craft items in the sideboard that I know I'm not going to use but I just haven't been willing to donate.

Cheapskate Love Hello Family, Today I am talking about being a cheapskate while still saying I love you On Valentines Day. Which is this Thursday. Here are some of my suggestions. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Awesome Inc. theme.

Well done ladies…. Our Federation Cup tennis team won all their matches to get to the top of their group. It obviously took its toll on Johanna Konta as she collapsed after losing the second set, but went on to take the third and win her match. She then fell exhausted to the floor again.

The Weekend Edition #80 Have you had a good week? It's been a quiet one for us, which is not unusual. We went for a lovely walk at Richmond on Tuesday with my in laws, and they treated us for breakfast. Then yesterday we went to the same place with my parents and they treated us to lunch!

You Were Right After my recent post about being stood up by my work friend I've made a lot of excuses for them, for various reasons. But the people commenting that they're rude are actually right.

My Weight Loss Journey - Week 3…. This week was filled with temptation but I've just got back from my weigh in and surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Before I tell you the results of this mornings weigh in, let me tell you how my week went.

Planning and Epic Happy Galtentine's Day With Your Friends This year be intentional about getting together with your closests friends and use these ideas to make it GREAT!

Five frugal things for Valentine's Day If you're feeling frugal and creative, a home-made Valentine's card is both cheaper and more personal. But if you buy one, TopCashback Snap and Save* is offering 20p off any card that costs £1 or more, available right through to February 13. Just buy a card, click on the website, and send in a photo of the receipt.

A bit blowy This wasn't quite the start to the day I planned! Overnight my little greenhouse broke in half in the wind. The roof and cover were found in the nearby carpark, thankfully it hadn't cause any damage. Dragging it home up the street got a few curtains twitching.

Finally…. Ruby has left the beginners training class and moved to the intermediate one. DB had to leave halfway through as she was staring longingly at him and not paying attention. The roaring wind outside wasn't helping, making all of them a little skittish.

What I Spent, What We Ate - restocking is no joke First up, last Saturday, I got my $25 Hungry Harvest box. For those of you asking about the value of the Hungry Harvest produce, I weighed mine this week, and my box held 20 pounds of produce. So, that's $1.25/pound, averaged out.

From the North Yes, I'm now blogging from the north instead of from the east - I moved up here at the end of October, and am just about finding my way around: I still get lost but not as often as I did to start with, and rely less on the satnav to find Sainsbury's!

Reader Case Study: Longterm Planning When You Have a Chronic Illness Katie has Cystic Fibrosis and would like our advice on how to plan for retirement while still living it up with her husband, friends, and family in the near term. Case Studies are financial and life dilemmas that a reader of Frugalwoods sends to me requesting that Frugalwoods nation weigh in.

How to make your own heart shaped bath bombs I love having a bath, but buying Lush bath bombs costs a small fortune. With Valentine's Day coming up I want to share how to make these heart shaped bath bombs with you. You don't need too many ingredients to make bath bombs. You will need:. Supplies:.

One Less Trip To The Shops For what seems like the past 600 years I have been trying to make my own houmous, but it's never been all that nice. I can't imagine how many recipes and tweaks I've tried.

My 10 Minute Budget Routine A budget is one of the most personal things about personal finance. When used correctly, your own budget can tell you so much about your own spending habits, what triggers you may have and where all of your money disappears to.

Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup This easy Tomato Basil Soup with Parmesan is loaded with veggies and can be prepared on the stove top or crockpot. Simple, healthy and delicious! There are affiliate links in this post for your convenience. Please read my full disclosure policy. One of the ways we try to save money on groceries is by eating at least one meatless meal a week.

B&M Is Selling Trampolines for MEGA Cheap We've always said that buying out of season is one way to make a massive saving on stuff you may need. Like getting a winter coat in the summer sale, or picking up a BBQ when it's freezing cold outside. You'll likely get a better offer as no one else wants them, and shops look to sell stuff cheaper when there isn't a need.

5 Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill However, when it starts to get really cold, the heating just goes on. While the idea that the extra energy will be hitting our bank balances, we spend more time wondering if there will be ice all over the car in the morning, snow days and school closures.

Earn Money Giving Your Opinions with Maru Voice Join Maru Voice for FREE and start earning points for completing surveys straight away. This is a UK survey site, and survey results will help shape the decisions of boardrooms, government bodies and the media. You collect points and then cash out via PayPal, or iTunes, Amazon gift cards, VISA cards, and more.

My February happiness challenge, plus an update on January's challenge In 2019, I'm trying one new habit per month that A) promise to increase my happiness levels and B) costs little to nothing. In January, my happiness habit was to spend less time on my phone.

Kids Targeted in Making Money Website Scam Internet scams are becoming more regular, but it's a new kind of low when they try to target kids who think they'll be making money.

A New Way to Save Money with McCafé Mobile Rewards Looking to avoid the "Latte Factor", save money and still enjoy simple pleasures like a to-go coffee? Enter the McCafé Mobile Rewards via their app!

Gorgeous Homemade Wood Polish…. Over the last year or so I've been experimenting more and more with homemade cleaning products. Today, I'm sharing my latest creation - homemade DIY wood polish. I have a lovely vintage dark wood dining room table which can look quite grubby quite quickly so as well as the usual wipe down after meals, it also needs a regular polish.

Making an Impact with Your Investments with Trish Nixon What's in your investment portfolio? I talk with Trish Nixon from CoPower to discuss impact investing and how we can be more conscious investors.

Joseph Wright and Leonardo da Vinci A few weeks ago my grandson and I determined to visit Derby Museum and Art gallery. We haven't been for years and while he loves the mummies, fossils etc I wanted to see the restaged Joseph Wright exhibition. In case you didn't know Joseph Wright of Derby was born in Derby and we Derbians are extremely proud of this.

Stitch Fix - February 2019 This post contains affiliate links. Well. It's time for another Stitch Fix post, where I un-professionally model the things Stitch Fix sends me. You can read all of my past Stitch Fix posts right here. We'll start with the best thing from my fix, which is this gray funnel-neck sweatshirt.