Want to save money with renewable system but I need advice

Conversation started by Eleanor Robins

Eleanor Robins • Dec 13, 2017

Has anyone heard of Solar Assisted Heat pumps and know whether they are any good?. I have recently moved to a new house which requires work so amongst all the chaos am looking at renewable options to try to save on my water bills. I came across this brand and thought it looks like a pretty good option for hot water heating but Is there some sort of catch?
Any advice?


Thanks Eleanor

Lauren Alderson • Dec 14, 2017

Hi Eleanor,

I have quite a keen interest in renewables and regularly research what's out there. I took a look at this website and i think it seems like a good option although I would recommend that you do some research yourself and maybe contact the company? Be sure to check whether they have any accreditation's too. ERP rating is their energy efficiency rating.
There's also a video that I found on Youtube which explains a little more about how it works. The technology itself is called thermodynamic water heating I believe.

Hope that helps?

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