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Video: Joys of Two Wheels with Ronnie Renner & David Lieb In the past few years, the lines between motocross and freeride mountain biking have blurred with events like Darkfest and the Fest Series. These gatherings push the limits of what's possible on two wheels with riders going as big as their motorized counterpart.

Giro Launches Sector and Sector W Shoes A classic style mountain bike shoe with not-so-classic technology.

Video: A Dog's Life Diaries, Ep. 3 South Africa You've seen the latest episode of Brendan Fairclough's antics from the dusty, flat-out tracks of South Africa, so now it's time to dig into the full experience of making the episode with 'A Dog's Life Diaries'. "Join myself, the crew and Amaury Pierron as we explode some dusty South African tracks on our downhill bikes!

OneUp Components adds 12 speed Shimano Switch chainrings, 34.9mm dropper posts, 12mm Axle-R OneUp Components have come a long ways since those early days of cassette adapters. The availability of cheaper wide range cassettes has likely decreased demand for such adapters, but fortunately for OneUp - their product range has rapidly expanded since then.

March Mountain Bike and Gear Reviews We reviewed a ton of mountain bike gear in March.

Video: A True Story of Colorado Adventure with Joey Schusler - BIKE Mag A Colorado native who spent his youth roaming high in the Rocky Mountains on bikes and skis, Joey is a product of the wilderness that forged him, just as a metal casting assumes the form of its mold.

Joey Schusler Explores the Rocky Mountains. World Cup downhiller turned professional adventurer and photographer, Joey Schulser has explored some of the World's most extreme environments on a bike.

WWE news: Edge says a mountain bike incident was the moment he knew he could return in-ring for WWE Edge has said during a recent interview with ESPN that a mountain bike incident was the moment he knew he could return in-ring for WWE. Edge made his surprise return to the WWE ring earlier this year at the Royal Rumble, his first match for the company in nine years since his sudden retirement due to a neck injury following WrestleMania 27.

Christo Gallagher Escapes the Flat on His Nukeproof Digger. If badminton with your flatmate has lost it's shine the do what Christo did and grab the gravel bike and go for a cruisey lap of the local.

Team Wideopenmag's Natasha Bradley Heads to Scadson Freeride Park. Before the World went mad, one of Team Wideopenmag's newest recruits, Natasha Bradley headed to Scadson Freeride Park.

Mobius Wrist Brace X8 in review A nasty crash caused Lars to rupture the SL ligament of his wrist. While at first he didn't realise how much damage the crash had caused in his joint, overtime the untreated injury forced him to hold his hand in unusual positions, which in turn lead to irreparable cartilage damage between the scaphoid and radius.

What are the benefits of training solo? - Outside of current restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to make the decision on whether to say yes to your mates and go smash the local group ride or to clip in for a few soul searching solo miles a bit more informed we at Mind Matters Athlete Coaching have outlined some of the key training points associated with each option.

It's Spring, so Where's the Spring in my Stride? If you're feeling slower on your mountain bike this spring, don't be too hard on yourself.

Is this the Only New Mountain Bike Trail Opening for March 2020? Many mountain bike trail grand openings have been put on hold indefinitely, and even trail building efforts have slowed considerably over the past few weeks. As a result, we expect a surge of delayed trails to come online later this spring and summer.

For the Love of Trails We're mountain bikers, and singletrack is our solace. Lines of dirt, decorated with rocks, leaves, grass and the marks of compatriots that came before us. Bends and straights that arc, tantalizingly and satisfyingly, into the distance.

Giro Sector combines Synchwire & BOAs for top level off-road XC & Gravel Shoe Now that Giro has honed their composite layered construction for the road, it looks like the off-road crowd is about to get their fix. Most recently highlighted on the Giro Imperial road shoe, Giro's Synchwire one-piece composite layered uppers make for a super light shoe that offers zero stretch while still being breathable and supportive.

Fresh Produce: Ion Scrub AMP Ion's updated Scrub AMP shoe sports new tech in the way of a stickier rubber compound, but still holds on to its stylish roots.

Brady Tweedy is Seriously Styling on his Revel Bike Brady Tweedy brings BMX style to mountain biking in this exciting edit.

Video: BAWAVERA feat. Hugo Robenek Hugo's skills and old school vibe in this video blend perfectly with these abandoned haciendas.'"

Tested: SE 2oz Stainless Steel Flask - $6.50 Our most low-tech product review ever is probably our most high-class. Gear Editor, Travis Engel, talks about a component he brings on almost all of his long rides.

Get Fitter, Faster, Stronger on the bike with pro training tips from Nino Schurter Most of us will never be the next Nino Schurter. But all of us can train like Nino Schurter. To do that, Nino is giving us all a peak into some of his usual training routine. Episode one focuses on his circuit training routine that was shown to Nino 17 years ago by his coach, Nicolas Siegenthaler.Advertisements eval;.

How This Mountain Biker Stays Sane in Racing Limbo And then comes the virus." Bishop has spent the last two decades dominating the mountain-bike endurance scene, topping the podium at some of the most renowned stage races in the world. He's been a member of the U.S. national mountain-bike team 16 times and won gold at the Pan American Games in 2003.

Star cyclist Nic Dlamini back in training after Table Mountain ordeal Nic Dlamini broke his arm during an altercation with rangers on Table Mountain last year.

Edge On How A Mountain Bike Accident Led To His Royal Rumble Return, Says WWE Sent A Ring To Him To Train Edge's return at the 2020 Royal Rumble was one of the biggest moments of the year so far and the Rated R Superstar put things into perspective on how big of a personal moment it was for him.

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