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Superhero Bits: Justice League: Mortal Costumes, Deadpool 2 Reshoots Continue & More What cartoon character would Stephen Amell want Arrow to cross over with? Have you seen any of Marvel Knights Animation's Black Panther? Is Jerome becoming The Joker on Gotham or what? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Get a look at "Unwilling to Do," the upcoming 14th episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD coming tomorrow.

Westworld Season 2 Poster: 'Chaos Takes Control' We are exactly one month to the day away from Westworld returning to HBO. Game of Thrones has long since held the title as the poster child for premium storytelling on the network, but that's a title that Westworld may very well pick up as the former series meets its end.

How The Doctor Doom Movie Will Be Similar To Captain America But this Doctor Doom movie is also just one of numerous superhero movies being delivered to the masses, which is why Hawley is looking to how Captain America: The Winter Soldier effectively mixed genres in order to stand out.

The Hulk Hogan / Gawker Case is Getting Its Own Movie Hulk Hogan may be coming back to the big screen - not as the latest member of the next Expendables cast, but played by another actor in a dramatic retelling of the most talked-about chapter of Hogan's life.

Game Over, Man! review – painful Netflix comedy is Die Hard with dick jokes A staggeringly unfunny film plays out like a wretched take on the 80s action classic with added gay panic humor and a trio of charmless performances.

Avengers: Infinity War Gets A Logan Parody Trailer Last week, audiences got a hefty dose of Avengers: Infinity War when Marvel released a full-length trailer for the film. It ran over two minutes in length, and it was chock-full of action goodness. But action wasn't the only thing it had. Perhaps most importantly, it had some potential character backstory for the film's big bad Thanos.

What Jeff Goldblum Enjoyed About Returning To The Jurassic Park World The character hasn't been seen in the franchise since The Lost World and he has been missed. Well, much like life, Jeff Goldblum finds a way, and he will reprise his iconic role in this summer's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Cool Stuff: TRON Legacy Lightcycle LEGO Set Coming to Shelves This Month And now another movie-inspired LEGO set is coming to shelves at the end of the month. TRON Legacy may not have been the most critically acclaimed revival of a classic Disney property, but it was a visual feast with one of the best soundtracks of the decade.

Steven Spielberg Doesn't Think Streaming Movies Deserve Oscar Noms We're experiencing a time of rapid change in the filmmaking and film distribution landscape. As recently as five years ago, audiences would largely head out to the theaters to get their film fix.

Shane Black's The Predator will be converted to 3D, trailer coming soon The ever shifting release date of THE PREDATOR has left me wondering whether we'll ever see Shane Black's film on the big-screen, but according to co-writer Fred Dekker, we should be getting our first look at the sequel fairly soon.

The King: Joel Edgerton Cast in Henry V Netflix Film Joel Edgerton will join Timothee Chalamet in the new royal Netflix drama, The King, according to Variety. David Michod will direct the film, he co-wrote with Edgerton. The King is a modern-day Shakespearean adaptation from the screenwriting duo, who also worked together on Animal Kingdom, which Michod directed.

Is Cryptocurrency a Viable Fundraising Option For Hollywood? The concept of cryptocurrency has been around for years already, but it looks like Hollywood is starting to take notice. The producers of a planned Atari movie about the founding of the influential video game company are looking to raise as much as $40 million through a new cryptocurrency to secure enough funds to complete the film.

Tomb Raider's Alicia Vikander Circling Netflix Thriller For the past couple years, Netflix has been securing prime talent for films on their streaming service. More recently, we saw the mini-blockbuster Bright star Will Smith, and last year, Brad Pitt led a war satire film in the form of War Machine.

'Elvis Presley: The Searcher, Parts One and Two': Film Review - SXSW 2018 Having never left the US except with the Army, he wanted to tour Europe and Japan, but the Colonel had reasons to quash such ambitions. Throughout the two-film doc, Zimny has returned to footage from the 1968 "Comeback Special," presenting us with an example of how superstardom could be compatible with authentic artistry.

What Can We Expect in FX's Fargo Season 4? FX and Noah Hawley's Fargo has accomplished something that few other film-to-TV adaptations could imagine: extending and expanding the core narrative without sacrificing the magic of its source inspiration. After three wildly different seasons - including new casts, eras, and settings - there's really no way to know what to expect next.

'The Rain' Trailer Looks Like Netflix's Answer to 'The Walking Dead' Watch The Rain trailer below. It's been approximately 10 seconds since Netflix announced another original program. Thankfully, The Rain is here to fill that gap! The Rain looks like Netflix's answer to The Walking Dead - a post-apocalyptic drama where survivors band together and find that their own petty, human problems are the real issue at hand.

Check Out the Superfly Teaser Trailer! You can check out the Superfly teaser trailer below! The new Superfly movie has Watchmen writer Alex Tse on script duty. Director X is helming the new movie. Super Fly was directed by Gordon Parks Junior. Super Fly starred Ron O'Neal as Priest Youngblood, a cocaine dealer who was trying to do one last deal before he left the drug business forever.

Chaos takes control in first poster for Westworld's second season It's been well over a year since our last visit to Westworld, but the second season of the HBO series is now a mere month away and will hopefully quench our thirst for mysteries and endless theories.

Why Cosmic Locations Are Extremely Important to Avengers 3 & 4 During Screen Rant's Avengers: Infinity War set visit in June 2017, our own Rob Keyes heard from Avengers 3 and Avengers 4 writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus about the locations explored in the two films. Naturally, a lot of the action will take place on Earth in both movies.

You Can Watch a Double Feature of 'Cobra Kai' and 'The Karate Kid' in Theaters for One Night Fathom Events is hosting a one-night theatrical screening of The Karate Kid alongside an advance screening of the first two episodes of Cobra Kai, the YouTube Red series that follows the misadventures of an aging Johnny Lawrence, according to Variety.

Rampage Tracking For $35M Opening Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hit theaters last year, and despite sort of a middling enthusiasm for the film initially, it still managed to break $940 million at the worldwide box office.

What You Need To Know About Thanos' Black Order Lots of attention has been paid to Thanos, the mastermind villain who's finally stepping out from the shadows in Avengers: Infinity War. The writers and directors have gone as far as to say that Thanos is the main character of the movie, but that doesn't mean he's the only bad guy in the picture.

Check Out What The Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Is Changing The Wench Brides To Obviously the dialogue has been changed now too to accommodate the change in story, with Redd pitching spirits and the pirates responding, "We wants the rum!" instead of "We wants the redhead!" Needless to say, for fans who have been riding Pirates of the Caribbean since they were kids, this new scene will take some adjusting to.

Captain Marvel Details Tease Lashana Lynch's Character New details on who DeWanda Wise was set to play in Captain Marvel may offer a hint as to who Lashana Lynch will be playing. Production is officially underway on Brie Larson's first solo Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

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