Netball Podcasts

A roundup of the best netball podcasts featuring interviews, reactions, phone-ins and plenty of discussion.

181: Sky Sports Off The Court : Defender of the Season The first of our specials on Off The Court - we look at our Defender of the Season YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE RUNNING ORDER Caroline Barker and Tamsin Greenway - Sky Sara Bayman - My Netball Nation and Andy ! PARISH NOTICES Shop Mizuno here Buy Geva Mentor Leap via Amazon on this link NHS ADVICE. The Netball Show
180: Claire Maxwell Claire shares her thoughts on Sirens opening games and the victory over Storm and how they are keeping themselves occupied as we await the leagues decision at the end of the month. RUNNING ORDER Claire Maxwell PARISH NOTICES Shop Mizuno here Buy Geva Mentor Leap via Amazon on this link NHS ADVICE. The Netball Show
179: Netball Players Association Sarah Gandon from the NPA shares the NPA's role with the current suspension of the league until at least 30th April NHS ADVICE RUNNING ORDER Sarah Gandon PARISH NOTICES Shop Mizuno here Buy Geva Mentor Leap via Amazon on this link. The Netball Show
178: Niamh Cooper Netball NI and Surrey Storm player Niamh Cooper is a Doctor and she has some important advice. The Netball Show
177: League postponed NHS ADVICE RUNNING ORDER Dr Caroline O Hanlon Liana Liota and Melissa Bessell ahead of their first victory of the season against Wasps Mikki Austin on decision to play on Saturday's home game against Thunder Dan Ryan Claire Nelson on Netball Scotland's stance Melissa Bessell on Stars steps PARISH NOTICES Shop Mizuno here Buy Geva Mentor Leap via... The Netball Show
Ep.103 - Where Do We Go From Here? On a SUPER brief episode, we go into the future of netball and professional sports as well as our current plan for future episodes of the show while the world fights COVID-19. The Goal Circle
176: Maggie Birkinshaw & Camilla Buchanan Great news for Leeds Rhinos Netball fans as Maggie has joined the team and after watching Pulse v Dragons on Monday Camillia Buchanan from Mavericks shares her thoughts on that game and the NSL 2020 season so far RUNNING ORDER Maggie Birkinshaw on joining Leeds Rhinos as Assistant Coach and how you can now watch her weekly on YouTube ! The Netball Show
175: NSL Round 3 Round Up We look back on Round 3 of the 2020 Superleague, Hear about this weekend Isle Of Man Mens trails and your final chance to enter the 2020 Goalden Globes. The Netball Show
174: Newfield Senior League Preview : 06th Mar 2020 Becky and Rhi are back with this weeks Newfield Senior League Preview. The Netball Show
173: EXTRA : Fran Williams post Mavericks Amy Foster speaks to Wasps Fran Williams after their win over Mavericks. The Netball Show
The International Show: Lacking Vitality & The Launch of the ANZ Premiership London, we've got a problem! Our Vitality coverage is lacking this week and we tell you WHY! So we found ourselves taking a sneak peep at the launch of the ANZ Premierships and doing some cheeky coverage of the upcoming NZ netball season! Who's the scariest! The Goal Circle
172: NSL Round 2, Dan Ryan and Imogen Greatbatch Round 2 reaction, Dan Ryan on Leeds Rhinos session this weekend for Boys Netball and Imogen Greatback on the benefits of Volunteering. The Netball Show
171: Season Opener Review The second part of the season opener with reaction from Mavs v Stars, Lightning V Bath and Wasps V Lightning. The Netball Show
170: Season Opener Review 2020 season is finally here and there's reaction from Sirens V Pulse and that amazing Dragons v Storm game 1/2. The Netball Show
The Goal Circle: International - Trailer! The Goal Circle: International is ON THE WAY! Join us as we cover the Vitality Superleague and the ANZ Prems, but before we take-off Nick has a little suggestion for Luke! Find TGC International on all your favourite apps! The Goal Circle
169: NSL 2020 Season Preview Part 02 RUNNING ORDER Hannah Wilkes from Sky Sports Netball We take a look at the opening games of the Netball Superleague 2020 with a quick skip around the teams taking part. The Netball Show
168: NSL 2020 Season Preview Part 01 RUNNING ORDER We take a look at the opening games of the Netball Superleague 2020 with a quick skip around the teams taking part. Look out for part two online by the end of the week. The Netball Show
167: Sheelagh Redpath A very special episode as we hear from honorary life member Sheelagh Redpath who shares some of her stories ahead of the Goalden Globes 2020. The Netball Show
166: Tamsin Greenway & Sam Bird We speak to Tamsin Greenway about her new role at Netball Scotland and find out more about the London Pulse R&D partnership with Mizuno. The Netball Show
165: Mel Mansfield We get reaction from the last round of pre-season games and hear from Wasps Mel Mansfield who shares her thoughts on the season ahead. The Netball Show
Ep.102: The Lisa Alexander Emergency Episode! Lisa Alexander and the Diamonds have parted ways, so we fired up the podcast turbines and taped an EMERGENCY EPISODE! We discuss Lisa's time at the Diamonds, the future of the team and Netball Australia's handling of proceedings! Enjoy! The Goal Circle
164: Lightning 15 Years Special At the weekend Lightning begin their fifteenth year celebrations with a pre-season against Wasps. Enjoy our Lightning special ahead of the weekend. The Netball Show
163: Kim Commane & Leah Middleton We've Kim Commane on Team Bath Netball's pre-season, Kat Ratnapala on Nike Kit deal and Leah Middleton on why she decided to join Surrey Storm for 2020. The Netball Show
146: Karen Rollo Karen Rollo is the Executive Manager at Netball Northern Ireland and she's been speaking to us about their 2019. The Netball Show
145: Jess Thirlby The Netball Show hears from Jess Thirlby on her squad selection for the Nations Cup in January. The Netball Show
144: Liz Nicholl In a very special year for the INF - We speak to their president Liz Nicholl and look ahead to driving the game forward in 2020. The Netball Show
143: Jackie Mizon August saw the retirement of popular member of Team White Jackie Mizon - here are some never before heard parts of the special interview we had with her about her career. The Netball Show
142: Netball Ireland Our Mizuno winner is announced and we hear from new coaches at Netball Ireland Leigh-Anne and Teresa. The Netball Show
141: Kat Ratnapala As Saracens Mavericks win the Big Showdown we hear from Kat Ratnapala and theres debutants, new jobs and search for players too! The Netball Show
139: Superclub and a Storm first RUNNING ORDER Mel Mansfield and Tamsin Moala from Wasps ahead of Super Club Tania Hoffman with her views on the New Zealand teams involved Surrey Storm Podcast launch info - get involved Mizuno Netball Competition - WIN SOME NEW TRAINERS ! The Netball Show
138: England Win in RSA Reaction from England's 2-1 win in the test v South Africa and Nat and Sacha discuss their feelings on this 'new look' squad of players. The Netball Show
137: Netball Show : Jo Vann We catch-up with Jo to find out more about her return to Team Bath and find out more about her new role as Head Coach. The Netball Show
136: England in South Africa Nat, Laura, George, Sophie and Kate speak to us ahead of South Africa and the latest from the Isle of Man. The Netball Show
135: Newfield Senior League Rhian and Aalish look ahead to this weekends fixtures in the Newfield Senior League in the Isle Of Man. The Netball Show
134: Mikki Austin We hear from Mikki on Storm;s pre-season so far and a Thunder themed second half as Karen talks Invitational and Debbie tells us about running the franchise in "close-season" The Netball Show
133: Newfield Senior League Rhian and Becky Dunne chat about this weekends fixtures. The Netball Show
131: Netball Show : Ama Agbeze Ama Agbeze talks to The Netball Show about how the decision to join Severn Stars for the season ahead - and if youve seen the pics THAT CAKE! The Netball Show
130: Netball Show : Sue Gaudion Sue is spending some times at Sirens ahead of their new season and theres your chance to be in the audience for "An Audience With" The Netball Show
129: Netball Show : Fran Connolly Fran Connolly is confirmed as the new CEO of England Netball - An extended interview with Fran on her plans. The Netball Show
128: Netball Show : Gretel Tippett An interesting and special episode of The Netball Show this time around as Andy and Sacha speak to Diamond Gretel Tippett. The Netball Show
127: Netball Show : Jess Thirlby Jess Thirlby brings us up to date on the recent England tour and we get her thoughts on Jo, Serena and Geva taking a short time away from the sport. The Netball Show
91: Netball World Cup Scanlan Scribbles As our home nations take a day training of preparation ahead of their crucial games tomorrow - heres a chance to find out more Scanlan Scribbles. The Netball Show
90: Netball World Cup Podcast Thu 18th July The Netball Show brings you the latest Netball NI, Thistles and England reaction and MORE from the 2019 World Cup. The Netball Show
89: Netball World Cup Podcast Wed 17th July The Netball Show from the 2019 Netball World Cup. The Netball Show
88: Netball World Cup Podcast Wed 17th July Helen Housby speaks to us about how her game has grown since being part of the Suncorp. The Netball Show
87: Netball World Cup Podcast Tue 16th July Niamh Cooper on her 50th Cap and Dan Ryan - Diamonds Lisa Alexander and Caitlin Bassett. Anna Stembridge views on the World Cup so far. The Netball Show
86: Netball World Cup Podcast Tue 16th July Fran Connolly tells us more about the activities around the Arena and another chance to hear from England Netball President Lindsay Satori about her role. The Netball Show