Conversation started by Rob Haward

Rob Haward • Apr 5, 2017

Hello ,with our current squad performing so poorly at the mo surely a spark more like a blaze is needed tonight ,therefore can someone explain why Madders shouldn't be selected ? He's been farmed here there and everywhere at the mo ,his inclusion to start tonight and the omission of the pathetic defence would be a massive improvement .I can't believe how many times we keep relying on the dreadful pairing of Martin and Whittaker Bennent is no better ,they aren't going to improve now .We can't go down lets get as many youth lads in the side as possible to instal enthusiasm and the will to win . With Wes back and Maddison in we will be able to react max chances score the 1st goal against a HTFC side who are in slight disarray themselves at the mo .So come on play MADDISON why not WHY ?

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