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Managing Stress During The Holidays With less daylight, spending more time indoors and the sense of isolation it can bring, dealing with the cold, and extreme weather conditions, can be quite depressing unless… you love outdoor winter sports!

Nurses in Northern Ireland are on strike. The DUP and Sinn Féin are to blame - Brian Coney The Stormont deadlock standoff has prevented health workers’ concerns being heard, says Belfast writer and editor Brian Coney.

The NHS is set for a post-election windfall – but staffing must be the priority - Richard Vize Pledging a monsoon of extra funding won’t help a service in complete flux, where almost one in 10 clinical posts are unfilled.

6 of the Riskiest Medical Procedures Today Going in for surgery can be terrifying for some patients. While some procedures are considered routine, others can have deadly side effects, which is why we're taking a look at some of the riskiest medical procedures being performed today.

HHS vs. Gilead: The Future of PrEP and HIV Prevention Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturer Gilead, the company responsible for developing Truvada, or pre-exposure prophylaxis. When taken daily, the drug prevents the HIV virus from taking root in HIV negative patients, but the drug isn't exactly cheap.

13 Tips to Survive Finals Your First Semester Johns Hopkins Nursing is a magazine for students, alumni, faculty and staff of the school as well as nurses of the Johns Hopkins medical system.

NRSNG is becoming in 2020 The NRSNG Family is becomnig the Nursing Family in 2020. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.

Telling the truth is important – but it’s a thankless business - Seamus Jabour Lying has never come easy to me. But to think how simple it would have been if I had just called in sick.

Life Expectancy on the Decline: Working-Age Americans May Not Make it to Retirement A new study shows life expectancy is on the decline for most working-age Americans. Those between the ages of 25 and 64 are now less likely to reach the age of retirement than at any point in recent history. For many of us, this news may come as a bit of a shock.

HP HC Edition 800 G4 AiO Built with Nurses and Clinicians in Mind I recently reviewed the HP HC Edition 800 G4 AiO. Let's look at some of the exciting features and why I would recomend the HP HC Edition 800 G4 AiO.

Universities warned Cameron in 2011 that trainee cuts would cause nursing shortage Ministers turned down pleas over many years and instead predicted over-supply of British nurses.

Beyond World AIDS Day: Reducing AIDS/HIV Rates Around the World Sunday, December 1st is known as World AIDS Day. The event was designed to raise awareness regarding AIDS/HIV treatment and prevention, and there's still more work to be done. Here at Scrubs Mag, we think one day isn't enough time to discuss this important issue, so we're taking the conversation beyond World AIDS Day.

Introducing Project THRIVE: Improving the Health and Safety of LGBTQ Youth Many young people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer can endure increased suffering from physical violence, harassment, and emotional distress, including depression and thoughts of suicide.

Retail Healthcare: Visiting Your Doctor at Walmart With the country getting ready to celebrate Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, we're turning our eyes to the rise of a new trend known as "retail healthcare". Major retailers like Walmart and CVS are starting to offer healthcare services in-store in an effort to expand patient access to care.

Healthcare Data Security Breach: What to Do If Your Records Have Been Hacked Cybersecurity is on the rise in the healthcare industry. Just this year alone, we've seen some of the largest and most alarming healthcare data breaches in history, including those related to the American Medical Collection Agency, insurer Dominion National, and Inmediata Health Group, just to name a few.

2020 Is The Year Of The Nurse The World Health Organization, has declared 2020 as The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. It is celebrated in honor of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth.

We Were Named One of's Top Nurse Blogs for 2019 Johns Hopkins Nursing and On The Pulse-the magazine and blog from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing-have been named one of's Top Nurse Blogs for 2019. In 2019 we've had some incredible submissions.

My Unique Experiences Help Me See Patients Differently. Johns Hopkins Embraces That. And yet it took over ten years, two previous masters' degrees, and a whole other life before I found nursing. I wouldn't have it any other way-my unique life and educational experiences allow me to see patients, situations, and solutions differently than my peers.

15 Fun Nurse Christmas Ornaments Nurse Christmas ornaments are a great way to show professional pride in your nursing career during the holiday season. There are so many available and range from the cute and cartoony to the delicate and beautiful. Every nurse show own at least one ornament that celebrates his or her chosen profession.

Does NRSNG work for NCLEX prep? You've invested 2-4 of your best years into nursing school. You've gone into debt. You've ignored your family, your friends, your pets. All for this moment… you've passed nursing school… but now? You've got to pass the NCLEX! Your friends keep talking about NRSNG.

Legally deaf nursing student who uses a wheelchair is hero trying to save BART stabbing victim Anita Lesko, a nurse with Asperger's syndrome helps others with autism spectrum disorder Anita Lesko, RN, MS, CRNA So how does a person with Asperger's syndrome move forward to become a nurse anesthetist, military… Andrea Dalzell, Ms. Wheelchair New York and disability advocate becomes a nurse!

Health visitor numbers in England 'fall by a third' under Tories Exclusive: Labour study shows 3,378 fewer posts, raising fears for health of parents and children.

'Re-Write Cancer' campaign aiming for new £150m research facility The largest group of scientists, doctors and nurses in Europe are set to be brought together in new cancer research facility to further the progress for cancer patients. The campaign will be launched by radio broadcaster Mark Radcliffe.

'Research effect' can benefit all NHS Trusts says RCP The Royal College of Physicians has launched the next phase of a campaign for more research to be used in NHS trusts to further build on patient care. The next phase, launched yesterday calls for 'protected time for research' to be undertaken by doctors, nurses and other clinicians.

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