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Local council confirms new health visitor pay scheme despite strikes Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed that a controversial career progression scheme will go ahead in October even as health visitors plan further strike action. Unite the Union has said 58 of its health visitor members will stage two 48-hour strikes starting on 27 August and 5 September, meaning they will have taken 13 strike days since July.

Nurses in Wales leaving job due to stress, report says Inquiry finds community nurses feel unsupported and view themselves as ‘invisible service’.

What Improvements Can Be Made to Vision Healthcare and Coverage in the US? Anyone who has lost a loved one to a visually-impaired driver knows the heartbreak. If we want to consider ourselves a humane and fair society, we need to expand vision coverage to all.

Nurse Gift Basket Ideas - What All Nurses Really Want Never run out of gift ideas again! Fill a decorated tote with these nurse gift basket ideas. All of these items will make any nurse thrilled - they are what nurses really want as a gift. Don't stay stuck wondering what to get someone for their birthday or other holidays.

Millions in local investment to support children and young people's mental health 3.3 million is being spent to expand 23 local projects to help prevent mental illness in children and young people.

Opposing Views: National Immunization Month and The Anti-Vax Movement August is National Immunization Awareness Month, a global campaign that's designed to educate patients of all ages on the importance of vaccinations and their ability to prevent serious diseases, including hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, influenza, and even chickenpox.

End-of-Life Conversations at the 11th Hour How often have we nurses talked to friends, family members, or each other about the importance of making end-of-life decisions well before that decision becomes critical?

LNAs, CNAs & MAs - Cultural Sensitivity Training at Dartmouth 9/4/19 - Cultural Sensitivity training - LNAs, CNAs and MAs at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center w/ Beth Boynton, RN, MS, Certified Practitioner Applied Improvisation.

Prime Minister orders urgent action to improve vaccination uptake Prime Minister Boris Johnson orders urgent action to improve vaccination uptake after more than 230 cases of measles were reported in the UK during first quarter of 2019.

Scrubs Magazine Connects with Hispanic Nurse Community at NAHN Conference What do today's Hispanic nurses want? Representation on boards. A nationwide expansion of practice authority. And white Heartsoul tote bags.

Nursing Zen: Harnessing the Power of the Present Nurse Making the most of each workday is something every nurse strives for; however, while Zen in the workplace may come easily some days, during others it's more difficult, and for a few remaining days, it seems like a lost cause.

How to become a nurse anesthetist Thinking of becoming a nurse anesthetist? It's a good idea-the profession's been listed among U.S. News and World Report's "best jobs" consistently since 2016 and it's the #3 "best health care job" for 2020.

There's a new cure for the deadliest strain of tuberculosis. So what's that mean for the REACH Initiative's HIV research in South Africa? Doctor Farley's Center, The REACH Initiative, is currently enrolling patients in a clinical trial in South Africa, which includes patients diagnosed with many different types of TB, including XDR-TB.

New non-emergency phone service launched in Gwent A new non-emergency healthcare telephone number has been launched this week in the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board area, as part of a phased roll out across Wales.

One in five patients awaiting new hip 'suffering extreme pain' Researchers measured more than 2,000 people waiting for a total hip replacement and found that 19% were in extreme pain or discomfort - a state defined as "worse than death" by the EQ-5D. Some 12% of the 2,000 plus patients waiting for knee replacements said they were in a similar condition.

HIV patients at greater risk of CVD, COPD and fractures People with HIV are greater risk of developing illnesses that are normally associated with age, such as increased incidence of heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bone fractures.

Call for nurses to risk assess patients amid IV feed shortage "It is important to us that we are assured that each patient has been risk assessed and a contingency plan put in place and to this end we would ask that you confirm this, so we have a clear national picture of where any remaining increased risk sits," he said in the letter.

Filipino nurses arrive on Isle of Wight after recruitment drive "Overseas recruitment has been such a success in the past that it made sense for us to return to the Philippines again this year and shows our commitment to increasing the number of nurses on the island," she said.

Personalised health checks to be considered in new review A review of the NHS Health Check service will explore new intelligent, predictive checks, taking age, risk factors and lifestyle into account.

'Joined-up' working approach improving older patient care The quality of care for older patients at a hospital in Swindon has improved thanks to a new specialist and multi-disciplinary team approach, which has meant decisions are made sooner and the risk of delays has been reduced.

Voices from NAHN 2019: Three Hispanic Nurses, Three Incredible Stories Hector Hugo Gonzalez, PhD, RNNAHN President, 1982-84. Recognized as a "trailblazer" by the ANA, Doctor Gonzalez was the first Mexican-American RN in the U.S. to earn a doctorate degree., serving as a prominent nurse leader until his retirement in 1991.

New student nurse numbers 'nowhere near enough' Despite the increase, the number of new students accepted onto nursing undergraduate degrees are down by 1,360 people in comparison to 2016, when the government scrapped the bursary which covered the cost of nurse tuition fees.

Antiseptic cream as good as antibiotics for impetigo, says NICE The common bacterial skin infection impetigo can be effectively treated with antiseptic cream without the need for antibiotics, according to latest draft guidelines.

Exercise ‘delays progression’ of advanced colorectal cancer Metastatic colorectal cancer patients who engage in moderate exercise while having chemotherapy tend to have delayed disease progression and fewer severe side effects, according to a US study.

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