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Medical Improv Podcast with eBook Give-Away - Time Sensitive! Believe it or not Medical Improv can help nurses claim our power and be positive change agents, for ourselves, our patients, our colleagues and our organizations. Power that can turn the healthcare ship in a direction that is safer and healthier for patients and staff!

'Help is always available, you just need to ask' But don't take our word for it, register for free and unlock 7 days of unlimited access to subscriber features and benefits Speak with a member of the team about providing Nursing Times for your whole team Are you a student nurse? Take advantage of a discounted rate by clicking here.

How To Be A Gastroenterology Nurse: A Complete Guide Whether you are a new nurse looking for a specialty to start your career with or you're a veteran nurse thinking of switching specialties, you should consider becoming a gastroenterology nurse. Despite what most people think, the job is one of the most interesting specialties you can work in.

A Guide for Writing a Nurse Application Letter You just completed nursing school and have passed the board exam, now the most important part of your journey is to find the perfect job. Keep in mind that when you send out your nursing application letter and resume, employers have dozens of applications to look at on a daily basis.

I've seen countless deaths in my time nursing, but I'll never forget my first It’s a privilege to be with someone in their final moments, and how we treat those who are dying matters.

Expansion of budgets for personalised health and care support announced The government has announced plans to give personal health budgets to up to 200,000 people by 2024.

NHS prescription charges from April 2019 Regulations have been laid before Parliament to increase certain National Health Service charges in England from 1 April 2019. In the 2015 spending review, the government committed to support the Five Year Forward View with £10 billion investment in real terms by 2020 to 2021 to fund frontline NHS services.

Improv for Wellness & Lifting up Lives of Those who are differently abled! Mary Fellenz, OTR helped improvisor, Craig Price tailor his improv skills to help benefit children with autism, sensory deficit, and other abilities!

The Nationwide School Nurse Shortage and How It Impacts Students A new bill in New Mexico, House Bill 476, would require a full-time nurse to be present at all public schools, including charter schools, with 250 or more students. Currently, many schools in the state are forced to share nurses, which can limit students' access to care.

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Elderly Drivers Among drivers, those who are highest in years have a pretty bad rap. Even a consistently safe driver is often suddenly assumed to be a threat to others on the road upon passing 75. Is this fair, or an ageist prejudice that deserves some pushback?

Dr. Oz and the Future of Nursing in China That's why he traveled to China in May to help stimulate a passion for nursing there. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was warmly invited to facilitate this process.

20 Funny and Inspiring Nurse Retirement Quotes Do you have a colleague who is retiring soon? Here are funny and inspiring nurse retirement quotes you can greet your nurse friends with. Whatever your age, whether you're a new nurse or a veteran nurse, retirement is something that will come to all of us.

Mental health and wellbeing support for NHS staff: government pledges overhaul The recommendations will be considered as part of the 'workforce implementation plan', which will be led by NHS Improvement Chair Dido Harding and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Chief Executive Julian Hartley.

I'm a Nurse, and I Nearly Committed Suicide. How the Change Curve Brought Me Back. As a nurse, I've dealt with a lot in life. I've seen a lot of death, I've seen a lot of life. What I hadn't experienced before now, is loss. I'd gone through life pretty unscathed, and so my reaction to a lot of what I experienced at work was compassion, but with a thick skin.

Future Headline - Nurses Speak Up to TeamSTEPPS & Move Needle on Patient Safety! If a lot of us send one email or make a quick phone call, we just might move the needle on patient safety and create cultures where nurses are respected and can thrive! TeamSTEPPS has a recommendation in their Pocket Guide re: standardized communication called "Two Challenge Rule".

What They Don't Teach You in Nursing School An attribute of the healthcare field that comes across as something that is so minuscule when it comes to overall care. When in fact it plays one of the greatest roles in providing exceptional care of your patients, their recovery and ability to progress through their current situation.

Gifts For Nurses: 15+ Gifts for Every Occasion I've worn one on my badge for years. I never have to look around for a penlight because it's always on my badge. Plus, it's not heavy so it doesn't weigh my badge down.

Advice to Future Students Lourdes Celius, an MSN student and soon-to-be DNP Family Primary Care NP student, shares advice for future students.

New code of conduct for artificial intelligence systems used by the NHS The code will also mean the NHS is fairly rewarded for allowing companies access to its data pool to build life-saving artificial intelligence systems. The code is made up of 10 principles that set out how the government will make it easier for companies to work with the NHS to develop new technologies and what the NHS expects in return.

NHSX: new joint organisation for digital, data and technology The unit will take forward digital transformation in the NHS, allowing patients and staff to benefit from the latest digital systems and technology.

How to Pass Nursing School: Ace Your Nursing Test Questions Or just re-read flashcards until you get them all memorized. All nurses know the joy of mnemonic devices. I wrote about my favorite mnemonic devices before. Either find some that others found easy, or don't be afraid to create your own. Everyone uses them because they work.

And Still More Work to Do Hae-Ra Han, PhD, RN, FAAN was named the 2018 Isabel Hampton Robb Distinguished Scholar. Like our inaugural Superintendent of nurses, she arrived at Johns Hopkins with credentials, compassion, and promise that her work would impact many people for years to come.

A Pixar Short Film Shows Why Companies Struggle With Workplace Diversity Pixar's short film, Purl, emphasizes the lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

7 Fantastic Nurse Gifts For Graduation Do you have a loved one who is about to graduate from nursing school? Are you a former patient who was deeply touched by a soon-to-be-RN? Regardless of the scenario, giving a gift is one of the best ways to make someone feel special. But choosing the right gift may not be as easy as you think.

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