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From Graduation to the Front Lines: How You Can Recruit the Next Generation of Nurses It's all hands on deck in the healthcare industry. Communities and hospitals across the country are urgently calling for more nurses and doctors to help treat the growing number of coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus deaths of two nurses lead to calls for more protection One nurse in north London resigns after being prevented from wearing mask she bought herself.

HealthCare Workers Are Using Social Media To Lift Their Spirits Even though they are going through the toughest time right now, they still manage to keep a good sense of humor. Take a look at how these healthcare workers are spreading positivity.

We've clapped for carers. Now boo for bankers - Brief letters Brief letters: Blame for the crash - MPs’ votes on pay rises for nurses and themselves - Beards and PPE for doctors - Feast or Famine? - Key worker Steve Bell.

What to Do If You're Short on PPE During the Coronavirus Epidemic As the coronavirus epidemic continues to overwhelm hospital systems across the country, many healthcare workers are being asked to reuse their personal protection equipment when caring for patients. Others are being reprimanded for bringing in their own safety equipment, including face masks and shields, hazmat suits, and gloves.

It’s time nurses got the recognition they deserve - Letters Letters: Nurses are highly competent clinicians who must be treated with respect, writes Prof Louise Condon, while one anonymous reader describes student nurses undertaking long shifts with no pay and another feels her skills are not being valued.

New personal protective equipment guidance for NHS teams The UK Government and NHS leaders from a range of medical and nursing royal colleges have published new guidance about personal protective equipment for NHS teams who are likely to come into contact with patients with coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses are dying for lack of equipment. Is Johnson up to this? - Gaby Hinsliff In 1915 a shortage of shells for soldiers brought down the government. A century on, the prime minister faces a similar challenge, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff.

NHS nurses resort to online wishlists to source everyday items Hospital staff post requests for essentials from teabags and energy bars to iPads and pens.

'This is a calling': A nurse's journey from UFC fighter to Covid-19 frontline Phillipe Nover was trained to inflict damage on his opponents in the octagon. Now he is helping save lives in a city stricken by the coronavirus outbreak.

On the NHS frontline – podcast Laura McClelland is a consultant anaesthetist in an intensive care unit at a busy south Wales hospital. She describes being on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.

Nurses! Please Take 5 min for fun amidst the chaos, fear, exhaustion, & stress of working in the COVID-19 Era Many of you are running on fumes and just trying to get through the shift. One shift at a time. A few minutes of playing together could reduce stress, enhance resiliency, and boost your immune system. Forget, for now, all the potential communication and soft skill-building that medical improv strategies offer.

COVID Considerations: Nursing Homes In episode #8 of COVID Considerations, Dean Patricia Davidson talks about nursing homes.

NYC Calls for One Million Healthcare Workers After Deadly 24 Hours The governor issued his plea after another 235 citizens died from COVID-19, bringing the state's total death toll to 1,218, the deadliest 24 hours since the outbreak began. If you work as a healthcare provider in an area that has not yet been affected by the virus, consider going to New York to help those in need.

Business Secretary's statement on coronavirus : 1 April 2020 Business Secretary Alok Sharma gave the 1 April 2020 daily press briefing on the government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NHS staff making masks from snorkels amid PPE shortages Doctors Association UK says medics buying kit from hardware stores or asking schools for help.

ItCantWait - Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine It's times like these that show the overwhelming evidence of why nurses are the world's most trusted profession, why they should be able to practice to the top of their license, and why they must be recognized as experts within the media.

UK to automatically extend visas for NHS front line workers The Home Office has announced any doctors, nurses and paramedics with visas due to expire before October 1, 2020 will have them automatically extended for one year as part of the national effort to combat coronavirus.

How To Build Rapport With Your Patients And Become A Likeable Nurse Having a connection with patients helps to heal them faster. Here are time-tested tips on how to build rapport with your patients.

NHS staff 'gagged' over coronavirus shortages Doctors and nurses warned not to discuss lack of protective kit, medics claim.

First new ventilators to roll off production line this weekend as industry answers call to step up manufacturing Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove said:. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:. The Government has provided a number of letters of intent to purchase potentially thousands more ventilators with companies who have credible designs, subject to them passing the regulator and strict safety tests.

5 Tips for Caring for the Elderly in Quarantine Millions of Americans are currently sheltering in place as the country struggles to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. For many, sheltering in place means spending more time with loved ones, including kids that are home from school and elderly parents.

13 Tips to Help Those New to Social Distancing Rebecca Wright shares 13 tips to help people at home adjust to social distancing.

View from NHS staff in frontline of battle against coronavirus Hospital and ambulance staff share their experiences of working with Covid-19 patients.

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