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Life as an NHS nurse in the 1940s: ‘You have to forget about yourself’ Evelyn Lamb, 86, born in Belfast, started training in July 1948. She is a retired district nursing sister and chair of the New Forest NHS Retirement Fellowship.

The Observer view on Gosport War Memorial hospital - Observer editorial A culture of openness has to be initiated to protect the vulnerable and the core caring values of the NHS.

New NHS investigative body to examine suspicious deaths Campaigners say body could block public from knowing truth behind people’s deaths.

Dean Podcast on Social Determinants of Health and Vulnerable Populations Dean Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN, discusses the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual factors that impact health and well-being.

Other hospitals are 'likely' to have similar practices at Gosport, safety expert and nurses say This was a problem at Gosport. I don't think it has." New structures had been put in place but they had not had the intended effect, he said. "There are ways of alerting at each trust. They have a guardian for whistleblowers. But the actual whistleblowers say are fired, gagged and blacklisted." "Nobody dares whistle blow in the NHS," he said.

Nine Most Memorable Nurses in Pop Culture History Despite the name, this movie isn't about a nurse, but rather a woman who believes she is one. Renée Zellweger plays a diner waitress from Kansas who enters a fugue state after witnessing her husband's murder. She thinks she's living out her favorite soap opera, A Reason to Love, and that she's truly a nurse named Betty.

Patients with cancer have a 20% greater risk of suicide Patients with mesothelioma had the highest suicide risk at 4.51 times the risk faced by the general population, equating to 4.2 extra deaths per 10,000 person years. This was followed by pancreatic cancer, oesophageal cancer and lung cancer. The overall mortality ratio for suicide among patients with cancer was 1.20.

Poor providers of urgent primary care are not making the best use of nurses, health watchdog finds In its latest report on urgent primary care services, the Care Quality Commission found that at services deemed inadequate or requiring improvement, staff, including nurses, were often being asked to fill in gaps in the GP rota and work outside their competencies.

NICE: staff should be trained to understand dementia patients' identity The document - Dementia: Assessment, Management and Support for People Living with Dementia and their Carers - is the first comprehensive update of NICE guidance published in November 2006. It states that every patient diagnosed with dementia should have a care plan that is reviewed annually.

Darzi review: Automating some tasks could free up nurses’ time Ensuring services are properly staffed is one of the key priorities in his 10-point reform plan amid "overwhelming" evidence that staffing shortages harm the quality of care. However, the report also emphasises the need to make the most of new technology and artificial intelligence to fill gaps in staffing and boost efficiency.

'We cannot afford to alienate people only for them to become sicker' In the broader context of nursing, when we judge the health risk behaviours of the obese, smokers and others with the singular focus of curing people, we miss an opportunity to connect with them and to create a space in which they can make small, manageable changes.

The Taboo Topic of Women's Hair Loss You may not have considered hair loss as something that might impact a woman's career, but here are 4 ways it might do just that:. Have you suffered or do you suffer from hair loss as a woman? You might want to try Cheveux, a product that was formulated for women, by women and is specifically design to target hair loss.

Automating some tasks could free up more than a quarter of nurses' time, Darzi review says "Given the scale of productivity savings required in health and care - and the shortage of frontline staff - automation presents a significant opportunity to improve both the efficiency and the quality of care in the NHS," says the report.

Today, My Patient Tried to Commit Suicide I swipe my badge at 1859, one minute early, not bad. I cheerfully smile at the tired faces of my coworkers all scrambling to see who they are passing their patients off to. I'm a few cups of coffee in and ready for the long haul. I don't sit, I quickly write my room numbers down, so I can get my day shift friends home to their families.

Ear wax removal should be offered by GP and community clinics, NICE says Ear wax should be removed when the build-up is contributing to hearing loss, causing other symptoms, or making it hard to examine the ear or take an impression of the ear canal, the guidance states.

Nurse Suicide Is A Real Problem We Should Be Addressing When caring for patients, you are exposed to everything from debilitating diseases to traumatic situations.

Numbers of Men in Nursing are Rising in China Furthermore, as the minority in nursing, male nursing students and male nurses have to face more pressure due to gender role stereotypes in a traditional patriarchal society like China. Considering the awkward situation for men in nursing at that time, my male classmates and I felt hesitant about being a nurse after graduation.

Not Until Cairo: A Flight Nursing Tale The cabin of the Learjet is dark, the heart monitor a metronome over the drone of the engines and pulse of the mechanical ventilator. I've been watching my patient's cardiac rhythm, with ominous hackles rising on the back of my neck while my partner naps.

Charity begins pilot of online bereavement services The service was developed through "discovery days" with current online community members and "cold users" to see how one-to-one video support would work.

Coach Staff with the GROW Model Sherman, RN, EdD, NEA-BC, FAAN. We know that nurse leaders play a key role in both staff recruitment and retention. Your success today in being the type of leader that is a magnet for nurses hinges on your willingness to change your approach to leadership and develop new skills.

Inquiry: nurses who raised concerns about painkiller overuse were ignored A long-awaited report published today, which highlights the "bravery" of the nurse whistleblowers concerned, shows nursing staff were the first to raise the alarm about the inappropriate prescribing and administration of opioid painkillers but their concerns were dismissed.

Secretary of State's oral statement on the Gosport Independent Panel report Mr Speaker, this morning the Gosport Independent Panel published its report on what happened at Gosport Memorial Hospital between 1987 and 2001. Its findings can only be described as truly shocking.

Scotland ramps up efforts to recruit nurses from overseas The announcement was made by health secretary Shona Robison who said additional international recruitment activity would focus on specialities and professional groups facing the worst shortages and most likely to be hit by Brexit.

Ebola Vaccine - Have We Considered Sustainability? Ebola is a devastating disease, and not a way anyone would want to die. As a nurse who worked in a 120-bed Ebola treatment unit in Liberia in 2014, I have seen the horror of this completely ravaging disease on individuals, families, and whole communities.

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