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Five Reasons Change Doesn't Stick Introducing change is challenging but the biggest challenge comes in making it stick. I have talked with many nurse leaders over the past few months who are struggling with keeping bedside rounding alive on their units.

IV Hydration Therapy When I met Vee the NP I could feel the confidence oozing down the phone. but rather an air of graciousness and gratitude that comes with an entrepreneur of her level. Vee, as we'll refer to her, has been through it all and I had the pleasure of spending an hour learning all about it.

Mental health ‘first aid’ added to nursing course curriculum The university's faculty of health and society will make the topic part of the curriculum for all undergraduate nursing courses this October, following a successful trial with around 100 students.

RCN warns of 'continuing down same path' as Bawa-Garba case Her appeal was funded by other doctors who said the original ruling would discourage clinicians from being open when reviewing mistakes. A nurse, Isabel Amaro, was also found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of gross negligence, after her monitoring of Jack Adcock's condition and record-keeping were criticised.

Inspirational & Uplifting Nurse Poems That Make Perfect Gifts These 3 nurse poems capture the essence of nursing. I chose them because of their beauty and the emotions they portray. If you send any of these poems to a friend, don't forget to credit the poet that wrote it. Nurses are compassionate and caring, With love in their hearts for all.

Nursing student left struggling after losing bursary while off sick Louisa Higgs is in the final year of a paediatric nursing degree at London South Bank University but she has been off sick since mid-May for stress due to issues in her personal life.

Routine use of opioid painkiller 'could halve need for epidurals' The RESPITE trial compared two drugs given for pain control during child labour and assessed how many of the participants later required an epidural. The first and largest trial of its kind, it involved 400 women giving birth at 14 UK hospitals between May 2014 and September 2016.

Call for action on social care nurse shortages as population ages Sharon Allen, chief executive of Skills for Care, the workforce development body for adult social care in England, said the ONS report showed that "demand for social care support will increase as our population ages which makes it essential that we continue to promote social care as an attractive and fulfilling career option for nurses".

Risk of fractures increases after gastric bypass surgery The study was based on the records of 38,971 patients who underwent gastric bypass operations, of which 7,758 had diabetes and 31,213 did not. Those who had had the operation were compared with an equally large group of individuals who had not been operated on and who had the equivalent morbidity and background data.

New NHS App One of the first comments Matt Hancock made as new minister for health is that more NHS Apps were on the way. He stated : ""The NHS needs to be more convenient for you, but also to help clinicians so that doctors' and nurses' lives are easier." It has been announced this week that the NHS are working on a new App.

North Yorkshire health visitors gain Unicef recognition This award adds to those previously received by the trust's maternity unit and special care baby unit at Harrogate District Hospital. The majority of maternity units and health visiting services - 91% and 89% respectively - across the UK are currently working towards Baby Friendly accreditation, according to Unicef.

A Need for Gender-Based Violence Prevention Programs in Somalia Humanitarian emergencies increase the risk of gender-based violence, or violence that occurs based on socially ascribed gender differences.

Is This Child in Pain? While it is often harder to assess pain in children than in adults, most children have a narrow range of "pain behaviors" that are easily identifiable. This isn't true of children with medical complexity; some may even seem, from their expressions, to be laughing when they are in pain.

Nursing Times inducted into nurses' journal 'hall of fame' The Nursing Journal Hall of Fame has been created by the International Academy of Nursing Editors. The list of journals is a new initiative that was started at this year's INANE conference in Boston in the US, which took place on from 6-8 August.

Your Nursing Job: The Same Old Bed of Nails or a Comfortable Old Shoe? Career advice for savvy 21st-century nurses from holistic career coach Keith Carlson Some of us have nursing jobs that are feel like a bed of nails, and some of us nurses have jobs that feel like comfortable old shoes. Have you ever fallen into either of these categories in terms of your work experience as a nurse?

Nursing needs gender-neutral rebranding, say researchers The study found the "inherent" perception of nursing as a woman's job was one of the biggest factors deterring men from the career, while the term "male nurse" was identified as reinforcing the female nurse stereotype.

13 Affordable But Awesome Nurses Week Celebration Ideas These are the best Nurses Week celebration ideas that are sure to make memories for everybody. Distribute different shirts for every shift and ask your nurses to wear them throughout the week. Make them color-coded or dedicate different prints for each shirt.

Exceptional Nurses! I am Donna Maheady, EdD, ARNP, founder of, the nonprofit resource committed to inclusion of people with disabilities in nursing. We facilitate inclusion of students with disabilities in nursing education programs and foster resilience and continued practice for nurses who are, or become, disabled.

25 Funny Memes for Nurses Who Need a Dose of Encouragement Here are 25 encouraging memes for nurses who need a good dose of encouragement and motivation. You might be suffering from a bad shift, a toxic floor, annoying patient relatives, exams, or any of the 101 trials and tribulations of a nurse. Sometimes, all you need to get through the day is one good laugh.

RCN announces election candidates to be next president RCN members will vote for their next president and deputy president by post from 11 October to 14 November. The candidates for RCN president are Sue Hill, Celia Manson, Marion Mason, Professor Anne Marie Rafferty, Robert Sowney and Professor Rod Thomson.

Labour criticises continued NHS reliance on agency nurses He added: "What's more there is a big human impact for staff who are expected to carry out unpredictable shifts, often at short notice for months on end.

Nursing director becomes chief exec of hospital trust Ms Stead takes over the role from Paula Head, who has been appointed as chief executive of Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. Speaking on her appointment, Ms Stead said: "I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the trust. It has already been a big part of my professional career and I have loved every minute of it.

Fears for public health services as council unveils £70m cuts "That's not to mention the other work done across the county like keeping green spaces open and housing that affect public health." Cheryll Adams, founding director of the Institute of Health Visiting, expressed concern about the impact of the Northamptonshire council's funding crisis on health visitors.

Exclusive: Plastic spouted beakers 'infantilise' patients No one seems to know exactly how long plastic spouted beakers have been in circulation for. Nurses working in the 1990s say they remember them being introduced, but they may have been around for much longer.

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