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Your first code blue I remember the first time one of my patients coded. I was a pretty new nurse in the ICU and I was taking care of a patient who'd had a "big belly" surgery, meaning that it was a BIG surgery. The patient's main issue was an infarcted bowel which can cause soooo many problems in your patient.

FtP cases set to be mostly heard in private under NMC plans Public hearings, which are "costly and time-consuming," would only need to take place in "exceptional circumstances," when there is a dispute, according to NMC proposals.

Scottish and Welsh ministers pledge to invest in NHS staff pay The Scottish government has already pledged to at "least match" the deal being offered in England, while ministers in Wales have promised to invest the extra funding they will receive into staff pay.

Dialogues in Health Equity: In the U.S., Access to Safe Water May Depend on Race and Ethnicity Clean, safe and affordable water is easy to take for granted. However, access to potable drinking water varies widely across the United States, depending not just on geography, but also on race and socioeconomic status.

Exercise Your "Say No" Muscle with "Yes and…" Improv! If you have trouble saying "No" as many of us do, myself included. You might enjoy developing the skill through the paradoxically helpful exercises of saying "Yes and…"! We know that in the clinical arena dissenting opinions and positive deviants are extremely important, right?

Care home staff say neglect is 'common' but driven by pressure They also noted that measuring harm to vulnerable people anonymously created "ethical dilemmas", because the abuse could not be directly addressed. However, they highlighted that not measuring it at all, so that it remained "invisible", was a "greater harm".

Caring with Intention: Palliative Care and the Human Family Around this time, as I was walking down the hallways of the palliative care unit, I noticed a cat and a dog walking side by side with our recreational therapist. The two animals, though different in so many ways, were there together to provide comfort to the dying.

Essex acute trust exits 'special measures' after improving care The trust had previously been rated "inadequate" overall by the CQC and placed into special measures following an inspection back in June 2016. The CQC returned in December 2017 and inspected six core services - urgent and emergency care, medicine, surgery, critical care, children and young people's services and end of life care.

Class of diabetes drugs may be linked to increased risk of IBD Overall, use of DPP-4 inhibitors was associated with a 75% increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease, compared with use of other antidiabetic drugs, said the researchers in the British Medical Journal.

Tai chi 'as good as or better' than aerobic exercise for chronic pain Tai chi 'as good as or better' than aerobic exercise for chronic pain. Chenchen Wang.

ITV and Mirror to celebrate 'NHS heroes' in major TV awards The 12 award categories included "hero nurse", celebrating an outstanding individual who has excelled in roles including midwifery, accident and emergency, paediatrics and community nursing. Other categories focus specifically on areas like mental health, innovative care, lifesaving and fundraising.

Negotiators pin recruitment and retention hopes on new pay deal Further clampdown on agency spending by regulator. Josie irwin.

Sitting and inactivity may increase risk of urinary tract symptoms In the journal paper, the study authors stated: "Prolonged sitting time and low physical activity levels were positively associated with the development of lower urinary tract symptoms." Lead author Dr Heung Jae Park said: "The results support the importance of both reducing sitting time and promoting physical activity for preventing lower...

Emergency admissions at end of life to 'sky rocket', warns charity Data collected by Marie Curie has revealed there were over 1.6 million emergency admissions for people in the last year of their life in Britain in 2016, amounting to around 11 million days in hospital.

Graduate nurses boost post-surgical outcomes for dementia The study is the latest to associate higher nurse education levels with better patient outcomes, as previously reported by Nursing Times. A high profile study, published in 2014 and involving 30 NHS hospitals, found that a 10% increase in the proportion of nurses holding a bachelor degree was associated with 7% lower surgical death rates.

NHS staff 6.5% pay rise deal backed by healthcare unions Employees urged to accept three-year deal despite warnings it will mean a drop in real incomes.

Claim NHS mental health staff "lack capacity, skills and training" In addition, mental health staff do not always have the support they need to learn from mistakes, warned the report published by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Breaking: Nurse pay set to rise by 6% over three years Under the deal agreed by unions and employers, health service staff will be offered an average pay rise of 3% from April, followed by 2% in 2019 and 1% in 2020. Accompanying this basic rise will be reform of the increments within pay bands, with some removed and others stretched, according to reports.

Ministers drop demand that NHS staff give up day’s leave for pay rise Former ‘red line’ abandoned in hope of getting salary package approved by union members.

Suicide Risks and Prevention Awareness for Today’s Nurse Practitioners According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is one of the top ten causes of death for all ages, and is the second leading cause of death for those between 10 and 24 years of age.

We need to do better on social care So in order to get things right this time I want to outline the 7 key principles that will guide our thinking ahead of the Green Paper. And in doing so I wish to pay tribute to the work done by Damian Green, my predecessor, on whose thoughtful foundations much of our thinking has developed.

Call for less prescribing of foot orthoses for plantar heel pain Foot orthoses specifically moulded to help people with plantar heel pain appear to be no more effective than cheaper ready-made insoles or other treatments, suggests their study.

What Happened to Nurse Eye Roll? As some of you may know, my anonymous online nurse persona used to be Nurse Eye Roll. Alas, that is no longer the case. I wanted to write a blog post to answer the question I receive frequently: What happened to Nurse Eye Roll? In 2013, I started an anonymous Tumblr and Twitter nursing account and my handle was @NurseEyeRoll.

Banner Day for the School of Nursing 1 standing in the United States. It was a terrific affirmation of all the hard and good work we do-students, faculty, staff, leadership, alumni, donors, and advisory board. We congratulate and applaud all of our colleague schools across the nation who were recognized in the U.S.

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