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What the Heck is a Flipped Classroom? With more and more nursing schools taking part in flipped classroom we feel it's important that you understand what it is and how to accel.

Dame Donna Kinnair confirmed as RCN chief executive Dame Donna, who has been acting chief executive since the end of August last year when Janet Davies stepped down, will take up the permanent post immediately.

Scottish MPs demand full report on 'risky' restraint cases Opposition parties in Scotland have called for the full publication of a report into the “shocking” treatment of patients at a Dundee mental health unit, after BBC report leaked information on “risky” restraints.

Health visitors do triathlon to support breastfeeding initiative The new breastfeeding champion initiative provides specialist breastfeeding support to mothers and families who experience complex challenges that cannot be met through basic help and support.

Midwives in Yorkshire trained to run hypnobirthing sessions A team of midwives in Hull have undergone hypnobirthing training as part of an initiative to increase choice around giving birth.

Pre-school children with chronic constipation 'often picky eaters' Care of children with chronic constipation should include consideration of sensory issues and possible referral to occupational therapy, according to US researchers, who claim their findings are “revolutionary”.

Hospital offers ‘teachable moment’ to correct poor inhaler technique Being in hospital could provide an opportunity for nurses to improve poor inhaler technique among young patients admitted for asthma, according to US researchers.

Australian hospitals show worth of handwashing campaigns Overall, average rates of S. aureus infection fell from 1.27 new cases per 10,000 bed-days in 2010-11 to 0.87 per 10,000 bed-days in 2016-17. The study's limitations included the fact healthcare workers were far more like to follow hand hygiene guidelines when they knew they were being watched.

Claim nurses dealt with more harshly than docs in FtP cases Nurses may find it harder to get justice than doctors, according to a review exploring why a nurse convicted over the death of a child was struck off while a doctor involved in the same case can continue to practise.

Strong Preceptors Build Strong Nurses "The strength of our program depends on strong preceptors," said Dean Patricia Davidson at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing's annual preceptor appreciation reception. "Thank you for shaping the next generation of nurses." Preceptors help the next generation of nurses translate classroom learning into hands-on patient care.

NMC calls for protected nurse training time on learning disabilities In its response, the NMC acknowledged there can be a "fatal gap" in the knowledge of health and care professionals when it comes to the needs of people with learning disabilities and autism, and training was an important element of efforts to improve safety and people's experience of health and care services.

How U.S. Hospitals are Combating Workplace Violence Incidents of serious workplace violence are four times more likely in the healthcare industry than in private industry, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Nurses, doctors, and first responders live with the daily threat of violence, especially in emergency rooms and other critical care units.

Student nurse among the faces in a new photograph collection Student nurse Steven Ryan is one of the faces fronting a new photography collection being launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary this month of the Open University.

Metformin 'reduces' risk of heart disease in non-diabetic patients The commonly used diabetes drug metformin could reverse the harmful thickening of heart muscle that leads to cardiovascular disease, according to UK researchers.

Lessons from Mid-Staffordshire scandal being lost as NHS staffing levels are 'putting patients' lives at risk' One in four NHS wards routinely operate with staffing levels so low they threaten patient safety, researchers have warned. Hospital wards are still understaffed to the extent that patients' lives are being put at risk, researchers at the University of Southampton have found, as a national shortage of nurses has not been addressed.

Practice nurse leadership scheme has 'boosted skills and confidence' A leadership programme for practice nurses in the North West has successfully boosted skills and confidence, and led to nurses getting more involved in shaping local services, according to organisers.

Surgical site infection rates 'differ by gender for certain procedures' Men and women are at differing risks of developing surgical site infections depending on the type of operation they undergo, according to new research from Germany.

NHS midwives teaching clinical staff in Liberia to improve care Two midwives who travelled to Africa to teach medical staff new skills have described their trip as a “privilege”, after they witnessed the “challenging circumstances” and “limited resources” that staff in Liberia are faced with.

Drug 'reduces' risk of kidney failure for type 2 diabetes patients Professor Kenneth Mahaffey, from the Stanford University school of medicine in the US and co-principal investigator of the trial, said: "For the first time in 18 years, we have a therapy for patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease that decreases kidney failure.

How the Heck Did I End Up at Hopkins? Adam Morrow, a non-traditional MSN student, shares his long road to nursing and advice for future students.

Being Healthier Friends and Families for Those Struggling with Addiction The families of addicts often need support as much as the substance abusers they care about. Enabling refers to the way family members of an addict make excuses for inappropriate behavior and take over responsibilities the substance abuser should handle on their own.

5 Tips to Master Pharmacology for Nurses Don't just pass pharmacology, master it. Use these 5 tips to master Pharmacology for nurses. These tips can also be used in other nursing school classes too. Pharmacology for nurses is a class in nursing school about how a drug interacts with the human body, side effects, and how the body uses the drug.

Exclusive: Nurse aims to make trust ‘paperless’ in next few years However, the fellowship had revealed the sheer scale of the challenge when it came to ensuring different systems in the health service could communicate with each other, as well as external agencies like social services and the police. "That is a mammoth task," he said.

US nurses 'live' mapping opioid overdoses to inform practice Nurses in New York are using geospatial mapping of opioid overdoses to inform clinical practice at a local clinic level in “real time”, according to US researchers.

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