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Nearly 4,000 Kaiser Mental Health Workers to Strike Throughout California Kaiser mental health workers are picketing across the state of California for better benefits and more mental health staff. The strikes are expected to last from Monday, December 10th through Friday, December 14th.

New campaign launched to help nurses in England fulfil their potential Efforts to raise the profile of nurses in England are being ramped up with a new rebranded campaign.

Who Is Doing Advance Care Planning in Nursing Homes? But surprisingly little research has been done to explore how ACP is done in one of the populations who may need to focus on this more than most-those in skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. Given that the proportion of the population that is elderly is rising, this is an area that needs attention.

A Career in Mental Health Nursing According to a article, Mental health Nurses are typically part of a healthcare team that includes Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists and other healthcare assistants. Psychiatric Nursing is a demanding profession but many Nurses find it rewarding and ideal for their qualifications.

Student nurse launches amputee website thanks to leadership scheme A student nurse has told how support she received through an innovative leadership programme enabled her to achieve her dream of launching an online information platform for amputees.

Shortfalls in bereavement training for neonatal nurses 'unacceptable' All nursing and midwifery staff who come face to face with parents suffering the loss of a baby shortly after birth should receive training on how best to support them, charities have urged.

Health and Social Care Secretary bans fax machines in NHS Matt Hancock has banned the NHS from buying fax machines and has ordered a complete phase-out by April 2020.

Chief nurse dedicates honorary doctorate to 'all the nurses' The senior nurse who has spent her entire career in the North West of England has also been a part of national bodies, including the prime minister's nursing and care quality forum.

Matt Hancock orders review into over-prescribing in the NHS The review will look at how doctors and pharmacists can be supported to review prescriptions and ensure patients are receiving the most appropriate treatment for their needs. It will also look at instances where:.

'Tis the Season for the Driest of Hands With the amount of handwashing that nurses do on a daily basis, dry, cracked hands are no joke - and during the colder winter months making an entrance across much of the country, it's so much worse! Hands can easily become split, sore, chapped, they can feel like they are burning, and they can even bleed from the constant hand-washing.

HEE moves to offer reassurance over CPD funding for nurses Health Education England is holding out an olive branch to NHS employers concerned about previous cuts to their budgets to upskill their nurses and midwives.

'It is important to accept support' I’m often the one giving the support to family, friends and my relatively new group of confidants, my student nursing family and to people I may have only just met.

NHS pilots 'inspirational' fast-track route into GP nursing A first-of-its-kind training programme that will prepare registered nurses including those who are newly qualified for a career in primary care in just nine months is being trialled by the NHS.

Poll reveals public backing for increased student nurse support The funding proposals put forward by the RCN include offering a maintenance grant to all nursing students for their living costs as well as support for tuition fees, such as bringing back a non-repayable bursary or introducing forgivable loans that would be paid back by the government in return for nursing service.

1 billion of funding to upgrade NHS services in England A total of 75 projects will receive funding to upgrade facilities so that more people can be treated and more can be done to prevent ill-health in the first place. Projects that will receive a share of the funding include:. Almost £800 million of the funding will go to projects outside London in order to improve access to care across the country.

When my patient died giving birth, the reality of US maternal mortality and race hit me Pregnancy-related deaths among black women in the US are triple those of our white counterparts.

Improve training on group B strep to 'save money and babies' lives' Maternity staff need more training on how to prevent, identify and treat group B streptococcus infections to stop babies needlessly dying or being left with life-changing disabilities, says a new report.

Exclusive: Advanced clinical nurse training to be standardised Creating national standards for advanced nursing will put an end to the “devaluing” of staff and ensure their skills are recognised equally by all employers, those behind the work have told Nursing Times.

Mental Health Act reform plans 'do not show nurses they are valued' "The experience of people detained under mental health legislation would improve by extending the role of nurses, providing clear direction on the extent of nurses' holding powers and addressing the varying quality of education mental health nurses receive on mental health legislation," she added.

'No Illusion of Forever': A Mother and Nurse Makes Every Day Count In this month's Reflections column, "No Illusion of Forever," author and nurse Elizabeth Bruno shares her memories of her time with the brothers she lost to agammaglobulinemia. The earliest death was a brother who died at ten years of age; the longest living was her oldest brother, who lived to the age of thirty.

Experts warn investment needed in next generation of respiratory nurses More money must be injected into developing the next generation of respiratory nurses to replace those preparing for retirement, according to experts who warned of a looming workforce “crisis”.

A&E nurses can ease winter pressures with rapid respiratory test Giving nurses the tools to rapidly diagnose respiratory illnesses when patients walk into A&E can help ease winter pressures on busy hospitals, researchers say.

Government commits to reform the Mental Health Act The government will introduce a new Mental Health Bill to transform mental health care, following publication of the final report from the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983. The government is accepting 2 of the review's recommendations to modernise the Mental Health Act.

Second brain tumour CNS appointed in 'pioneering' charity scheme A new clinical nurse specialist role has been created at one of the largest acute trusts in England to offer “vital support” for brain tumour patients as part of an innovative charity initiative.

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