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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Knowing the Signs of Abuse Domestic violence continues to threaten families and individuals across the country. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 10 million people are physically abused by an intimate partner every year in the U.S., including men and women.

Quick Video Pitch for Medical Improv 101 - T3 Intensive Once in a communication workshop there were two nurses who played "Same Time Story". One of them shared, "That is the first time I ever was truly heard!"

FNPs Know That Military Families Serve, Too As long as they ask the right questions. Catherine Ling, PhD, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP, FAAN is the DNP Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner track coordinator and a faculty associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

If You're Deaf, Can You Have A Career In Nursing? To answer this question, we did some research and discovered the answer is Yes, a deaf person can have a career in Nursing. In this article, we focus on 3 Nurses who are making it happen. For Dionne Jaques, becoming a Nurse was a goal of hers for many years.

4 Important Steps for Medical Facilities to Get More Comfortable with New Technology New technologies will make it easier for you to care for your patients well, as long as you put in the effort to learn how to use them correctly!

Next phase of adult social care recruitment campaign begins "I hope our 'When you care, every day makes a difference' campaign will draw more people with the right values to forge fulfilling careers and help them realise how diverse, worthwhile and often flexible jobs in social care can be.

How Big Tech Companies Are Competing for Control of the Healthcare Industry Major tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and even Uber are getting into the healthcare business. With billions of dollars at their disposal, these companies are used to disrupting traditional industries, and now they've set their sights on healthcare.

Share Your Pronouns, No Matter Who You Are Every meeting started with an introduction: "My name is Hillary, I work for the Office of Diversity and Equity, and my pronouns are she, her, and hers." I am cisgender and am always addressed by my correct pronouns. But I really appreciate this practice because it communicates that everyone is welcome, and everyone deserves to be recognized.

What If There's No Such Thing as "Passing" for Your Gender? But what if there's no such thing as passing for your gender? What if the conception of your gender is so foreign to 99% of the population that you feel you'll never really be seen by the people around you? That's a small slice of what identifying as non-binary can feel like.

LCSW's Path to Teaching Improv at Behavioral Health Staff Meeting! So when there came an opportunity to do some improv at a staff meeting and with a little nudge from my Area Manager, Terri Gillespie, I made the decision to say yes to support my staff in leading a couple skits. While I felt confident in leading a group and have good facilitation skills, I was not sure which activities to actually use.

More than half of A&Es provide substandard care, says watchdog Hospitals struggling to cope with rising numbers of patients who cannot get help elsewhere.

Healthy Aging: Is Nursing Taking a Toll on Your Health? Nursing isn't for the faint of heart. It means working long hours, dealing with life-or-death situations, and caring for patients when they're at their worst. The challenges of working as a nurse may be rewarding, but they can also affect your physical and mental health.

What's It Feel Like to Be Pregnant After a Miscarriage? Each week is a celebration. Each ultrasound, each OBGYN visit where the baby and I are still healthy, each centimeter my belly grows… every day without a complication is a win. Even morning sickness. I say this now since it passed when my second trimester began, but it was a positive indicator that the pregnancy was real and happening.

Esther Hindley obituary Other lives: Nurse whose hospital in the East End of London was bombed during the blitz.

Acknowledging the Land on Which we Build Indigenous Land Acknowledgment, by non-Native institutions, is new in the US and follows well-established protocols in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has started to acknowledge Indigenous Territory in the annual State of the School address and key events in the school.

Nurses' union urges Labor to block free trade deals that hurt working conditions Trade deals seeking to expand temporary worker numbers ‘will significantly threaten’ healthcare workers, union says.

A Safe Space for Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens The entire spectrum of gender and then some was proudly on display at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, the largest free, trans-specific conference in the world.

Prepared Not Scared: Is Your Facility Ready for the Next Disaster? We've seen a rise in the number of natural and man-made disasters over the last few years. The 2017 hurricane season alone resulted in $200 billion worth of damage from June to November in the U.S., the most expensive hurricane season on record.

Bedford Hospital recruits Australian nurses to address staff shortages After Brexit uncertainty saw nearly all of its Spanish nursing staff leave in February, Bedford Hospital launched a successful recruitment drive which will now see some 237 Australian nurses arrive to work at the hospital.

First 'State of the Nation' report marks World Mental Health Day Friendship, school and a good night's sleep have all been named as key factors in a young person's happiness, in the government's first ever State of the Nation report on children's mental wellbeing.

Stairs Are Not A Problem For This Wheelchair In Switzerland 10 master students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology wanted to develop a new generation wheelchair that would provide more accessibility and freedom for it's users to go wherever life takes them. The biggest challenge for wheelchair users is stairs.

World Mental Health Day: 40 Seconds on Native American Suicide Prevention On World Mental Health Day, reflect on suicide, which disproportionately affects Native Americans. Dr. Teresa Brockie's research is addressing the crisis.

How we build an NHS that's there for every member of society Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock spoke at the NHS Providers Annual Conference in Manchester.

NHS to introduce support plan for whistle-blowers NHS England members of staff who call to attention any malpractice will be supported through new dedicated system. If any doctor, nurse of NHS worker across the country was to raise the alarm on poor or unsafe practice within the NHS, they no longer have to worry about the effect it could have on their career.

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