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What Is Patient "Hotspotting" and Can It Reduce the Price of Care? "Hotspotting" has become quite a buzzword in the healthcare setting lately, as providers continue to search for ways to improve the quality of services patients receive.

What Millennial Nurses Look For When Choosing A Job So it is important for healthcare organizations to understand what is important to this generation and use strategies to retain them. HCA Healthcare commissioned a study conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics to research what drives, engages and motivates Millennial and Gen Z Nurses in their career choices.

45 Monday Morning Quotes for Nurses-Get Energized and Inspired! People, here are Monday morning quotes to take away your Monday blues. And since nurses sometimes can't even tell days apart, we've made sure to include some quotes that are good for any day of the week. Also Read: 50 Nursing Quotes to Inspire and Brighten Your Day.

8 Tips for Pregnant Nurses It's not unusual to see pregnant nurses still working in their units up to the last trimester of their pregnancy. However, pregnant nurses may find their regular work become more stressful.

Taking multiple medicines? Support the Yellow Card scheme by reporting suspected side effects The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency launches a week long social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of reporting suspected side effects using the Yellow Card Scheme.

A Nurse's Ultimate Guide to the Best Stethoscopes Without a reliable stethoscope, making thorough and accurate assessments on your patients would be impossible. We've put together this awesome guide in finding the best stethoscope for nurses. Most hospitals require nurses to have their own stethoscopes.

Situation Critical: FDA Warns of Hacking Threats to Remote Medical Devices As a care provider, you're likely all too familiar with the idea of telehealth and the Internet of Things. You can use digital devices to remotely connect with patients, like wireless pacemakers and other tools, to monitor their health from a distance.

4 Reasons Quality Screening Is So Important in Healthcare Accurate diagnostic testing saves lives, so it's important that doctors and medical facilities do all they can to encourage patients to come in for regular screenings. Patients, too, must do their due diligence to make regular screenings a priority!

30 Greatest Florence Nightingale Quotes For Nurses Sometimes, tough times make us forget why we've chosen nursing as a career in the first place. But then, there are people who always zap us back to reality and inspire us to stick to the fight. And that includes Florence Nightingale. Selfless and God-fearing, Ms.

The Power of Paychecks: Raising the Minimum Wage to Combat Suicide A new study suggests that raising the minimum wage could help prevent thousands of suicides across the country every year - even if employees are paid just a dollar more per hour. The exact relationship between the federal minimum wage and suicide rates remains unclear, but this discovery may shape public policy in the years to come.

New bill gives hospitals power to develop personalised treatment The Medicines and Medical Devices Bill introduces new safety measures, increases the professions that can prescribe low-risk medicines and allows hospitals to develop personalised medicines.

Book Review: Shining The Light On All The Right SHINING THE LIGHT ON ALL THE RIGHT: Celebrating the Art of Nursing Around the World: by Mark and Bonnie Barnes with Jim Eber. In 1999, Mark and Bonnie Barnes were a few years into their later-in-life marriage, winding down their high-powered advertising careers and looking forward to an easygoing retirement in California's Sonoma Valley.

CMO for England announces ninth case of novel coronavirus Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty statement about a new case of novel coronavirus.

Should You Recommend CBD to Your Patients? You've probably seen dozens of products and beverages containing CBD over the last couple years. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the main active ingredients of marijuana. It's derived from the hemp plant, which is a close cousin to the marijuana plant.

Nursing apprenticeships boost to deliver NHS Long Term Plan That was the demand of Ruth May, England's Chief Nursing Officer, as she called on NHS organisations to offer a greater number of nursing apprenticeships to local people in order to help deliver the NHS Long Term Plan and improve patient care.

American Heart Month: Warning Signs Your Patients Need Screenings February is officially known as American Heart Month, a national campaign that's all about raising awareness for heart-healthy lifestyles. As the effort is mainly focused on everyday Americans, you can join in by talking to your patients about lowering their risk for heart disease.

Coronavirus: Health Secretary's statement to Parliament The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock updated Parliament on the government's response to coronavirus.

Nurse. Inventor. #WeGotThis. In the early 90s, Doctor Jessie Casida was one of few nurses working on the first patient with a left ventricular assist device. The patient's self-management responsibility was so complicated that it inspired him to create VADcare App. Watch the video and learn about VADcare App.

New Grad ICU Nurses: Tips & Advice from an Experienced Nurse Take it from someone who has been there and done that. You won't find these tips and advice anywhere else, only from this experienced nurse. Working as a new grad is hard. Working as a New Grad in the ICU is even harder. Let's look at some tips and advice from an experienced nurse.

Nurses With Purpose - Scrubs - The Leading Lifestyle Nursing Magazine Featuring Inspirational and Informational Nursing Articles Born in South Africa and raised in South Carolina, Elaine Alston was "bit by the give back bug" in nursing school. After a stint with a hospital program called Personal Touch Volunteers, she realized volunteering was her calling. Alston was inspired to start Nurses With Purpose after visiting her birth country in 2010.

Coronavirus 101: Protecting Yourself from Infection The coronavirus is quickly spreading throughout mainland China, having infected more than 31,000 people in the region. There are now at least 12 confirmed cases of the virus here in the U.S. with over a hundred patients still in quarantine for testing.

Working the Overnight Shift: Staying Healthy When You're Up All Night It's no secret that patients in healthcare facilities need care around the clock. As a nurse or care provider, you've probably been asked to work the overnight shift, but getting back to your normal routine afterwards can be a struggle, especially if you have young children or other concerns that need your attention.

On the Hunt: What It's Like to Be a Medical Debt Collector Americans pay more for healthcare than in any other country in the world, with estimates sitting at $8,745 per capita. Unfortunately, many Americans can't afford to pay their bills. Paying for medical services out of pocket or taking an ambulance can easily derail a family's finances.

Serious Mental Health Issues: No Room for System Errors Serious Mental Health Issues: No Room for System Errors.

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