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Santas Around the World The name, the face and the legends are slightly different, but Santa is universally the symbol of goodness. Babbo Natale - This version of Santa is more slender and elegant. He wears a red coat with fur trim too. Italians hang stockings for Babbo Natale to fill.

The Present Phase of Stagnation in the Foundations of Physics Is Not Normal The problem is loads of wrong predictions from theoretical physicists.Photograph by Inga Nielsen / Shutterstock. Nothing is moving in the foundations of physics. One experiment after the other is returning null results: No new particles, no new dimensions, no new symmetries.

The Paranoid Traveler - Goatman Or Ghost, Man? Paranormal Investigation Louisville, KY According to legend, there exists a creature who is half-man, half-goat, living in the woods outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Locals call it the Pope Lick Monster, for it guards the Pope Lick train trestle with an array of supernatural powers including the ability to mimic, hypnotize and scramble the minds of its victims.

Christmas in the Desert! That's not snow, it's seed pods, but wow, we know how to put on the colors in the Southwest. First week of December is our full colors for autumn and it's just in time for Christmas feel. Enjoy these videos and pics I took of a wonderful hike at Riparian Water Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona.

Antarctica's Para Mysteries Antarctica is one of the most remote and inhospitable locations on Earth. Not many have been there relative to the world population and very few stay year-round, only die-hard researchers. Yet, this land of ice and penguins was not always covered in a sheet of extremely thick ice.

The psychic, the skeptic and the life-and-death prophecy that came true Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd. This Email Newsletter Privacy Statement pertains to the personally identifying information you voluntarily submit in the form of your email address to receive our email newsletters.

Beast of Bucks is back after terrified driver reports spotting mystery feline The legendary Beast of Bucks is believed to have made another appearance - with a terrified driver calling 999 after spotting a mysterious creature in the dead of night. For years locals have reported brief glimpses of a large cat - believed to be a puma and dubbed the 'Beast of Bucks' - stalking the area.

Pterodactyls in South America? Its wingspan is often described as being in the region of four to six feet, which is not large for a pterosaur, since some of them were immense creatures. That does not stop today's alleged equivalents from being formidable predators, however.

Blog Entry Saturday: Making Fudge It's that time of year when I remember my most beloved Christmas treat - fudge! I make some great cookies but the fudges are sentimentally my favorite. Here's just some of what I like to make - : My favorite candy in all the world is Mrs. See's butterscotch squares.

The sometimes morbid truth behind 5 of our favourite nursery rhymes As kids we would sing and dance around the playground innocently singing these popular rhymes, we were blissfully unaware of what the real meaning of these songs were. Where did they come from and what do they really mean? Mother Goose is credited as the author of some of our most loved childhood stories and nursery rhymes.

France's Yellow Jacket Riots Spreading Across Europe And Headed To London AS PREDICTED I was woken last night from a dead sleep with a need to check my messages. As I was doing this I got a series of REALLY strong flashes like GIFs in my head. It started with the Eiffel Tower. It was on fire and falling over. I was worried people were on it but it was night time in the vision so who knows.

Featured Friday: Interview with The Ghost Attic's Ghost Boy He's the restless spirit who haunts The Ghost Attic. He used the Contact Us page to reach out and say he liked my site, and to ask if I'd like to add my link to his directory. Flattery. I'm always a sucker for that. Of course I would! After checking out his site, not only was I flattered but humbled.

Alien Abductee David Eckhart Reports New Activity David Eckhart, alien abduction, contactee, experiencers, abductees, Greys, Reptilians, human hybrids, alien communication, Chicago winned humanoids, photographic evidence,.

Remembering The Beast Of Bodalog - A Welsh Water Vampire? IMPORTANT: To view a complete, regularly-updated listing of my published books, please click HERE! IMPORTANT: To view a complete, regularly-updated listing of my Eclectarium blog's articles, please click HERE! IMPORTANT: To view a complete, regularly-updated listing of my Starsteeds blog's poetry and other lyrical writings, please click HERE!

Watch: Odd UFOs Filmed Off the Coast of North Carolina A fisherman in North Carolina captured some puzzling footage of mysterious lights hovering over the water at a beach and some suspect that the oddities could be UFOs. The strange sighting reportedly occurred in mid-November and the video subsequently appeared online last week.

Advice I would give my former self I think it is important for us as people to live and learn from these experiences, as we of course wouldn't be who we are without learning from our mistakes. Even knowing what I know now, would I have done things differently? I probably wouldn't, because it was my journey and even with mistakes, it is how I have arrived at this point.

Snow Extremes: Cannibalism Humans have an amazing desire to stay alive. We overcome living in the most extreme conditions. No more extreme condition is worse than being stranded in the snow. Here are a few cases from the past that make us wonder what we would do in such a situation….

Discovering ANGEL INTUITION with Author / Intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson on After Hours AM/America's Most Haunted Radio - America's Most Haunted In an illuminating episode of After Hours AM/America's Most Haunted Radio - scintillating paranormal talk Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis, Eric Olsen, and Heidi Hollis - we welcome intuitive, author, and angel expert Tanya Carroll Richardson to discuss the path to divine guidance gleaned from her new book Angel Intuition.

'Floating Woman' Ordeal Entity, spirit, earthbound entity, paranormal, sensitive, medium, eyewitness account, unexplained activity, unknown entity, continued sightings, ghost,.

VLOG: Bigfoot Foot Size in Relation to Height I am beginning to vlog again and want to add a lot more content video-wise to make it a fast and easy way to share info, share investigations, and get conversations going about the paranormal. In this vlog, I discuss utilizing Bigfoot's foot size to extrapolate their height.

New Evidence Supports the Ark of the Covenant Being in Ethiopia Unfortunately, it may be too late to convince the remaining Pythons to get together - a investigative team claims it has found evidence that the Ark was taken from Jerusalem to Egypt before traveling down the Nile to Ethiopia, where it is believed to be under guard today.

Funny Christmas Memes Enjoy this collection of hilarious Christmas memes -.

Examining '80s Florida Serial Rape/Murder Duo Gore and Waterfield with Dr. Clarissa Cole on After Hours AM/The Criminal Code - America's Most Haunted Click over to The Criminal Code for the rest of the pair's heinous deeds and listen to the show for a final analysis! This duo has been dubbed "Gore and Waterfield," as though Gore - the one who received the death penalty - was the dominant of the two, the driving force.

Cloven Footprints! "It appears on Thursday night last, there was a very heavy snowfall in the neighbourhood of Exeter and the South of Devon.

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