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Yowie Man finds mysterious foul-smelling hair on fence 'torn apart by Australian bigfoot' Yowie researcher David Taylor, 49, was exploring bushland north of Mackay in Queensland, on Sunday, when he spotted hair tangled on a barbed wire fence. Mr Taylor, who claims to have crossed paths with one of the apelike creatures in 2010, said the thick strands of hair had a distinct odour of 'rotten meat'.

Kevin Day, Navy UFO Contact After-Effects - 403- Sunday, November 14th, 2004, morning. The Nimitz deck crews busy launching F/A-18F Super Hornets helicopters and E-2 Hawkeye electronic warfare planes. The mission - simulated air defense… That's a clip from the very excellent documentary that you'll find on YouTube, The Nimitz Encounters, and we'll get back to that in a minute.

Haunted Old Farmhouse For Sale Includes Ghosts of Many Former Residents If you're going to knowingly purchase a haunted farmhouse or any haunted building for that matter, it seems to make sense that you would want the ghosts or spirits to stick around, at least until you recoup your investment with haunted farmhouse tours.

NATIONAL: 'Power plant will threaten Loch Ness monster and cause terror attacks' The 'Loch Ness monster' could be threatened by plans for a water-powered electricity plant - that could lead to earthquakes and terrorist attacks,…

Beautiful Nordic Aliens Visited This Woman In 1954 Her name is Jessie Roestenberg and during this time she was only 29 years old. Jessie is from West Midlands, Staffordshire, England. Sources say, that Jessie along with her two children witnessed a unique UFO hovering right above their home. Jessie would go on to describe these beings, as being two aliens with Nordic type features.

Russian Bigfoot? Travel Channel's new show Paranormal Caught on Camera debuted this week. The show highlights various international paranormal stories accompanied with expert "analysis" of the events. Unfortunately, the experts don't debunk. Instead, they casually deem the individual event credible.

R.I.P. Karl Lagerfeld Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow.

Who is La Llorona? The La Llorona weeping woman legend hails from Latin American folklore. Why this is one spirit you wouldn't want to see or hear.

David Weatherly Catch me on the latest edition of the Paranormal Podcast discussing Nevada's cryptids with Jim Harold. He has traveled the world in pursuit of ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, and magic.

Unraveling The Council of Nine This has been known for quite some time, but it seems to still puzzle many people dating back to the ancient days. According to mythology, there was the Council of Nine - the members were composed of gods and goddesses including: Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon and Zeus.

Richmond's "Mystery Lights": Early Reports of Aerial Oddities Over America What were the odd lights being observed in the skies above Richmond, Virginia, in the weeks leading up to Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of "flying saucers"?

Reports from the Void: 'I Saw Something Strange' The Singular Fortean Society received the following account in an email on January 2nd, 2019. No response was received regarding the initial request made by the Singular Fortean Society to discuss the witness' account further.

Bigfoot Attacks RV Near Mt. Rushmore Bigfoot encounter, sasquatch, cryptozoology, hominid, reader submission, South Dakota, eyewitness account, unexplained sighting, unknown creature,.

Solomon Islands Giants: Do They Still Exist? If there is a location on earth that still houses ancient giants who have retained their culture en masse, it would be the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands are in the South Pacific Northeast of Australia, east of Indonesia. The giants here are not only spoken of, but spoken of in the present tense - as beings who still coexist.

The Ancient City Of Tiahuanaco As time has passed things have changed considerably around the world. In one spot located in western Bolivia in South America, stands a most unusual formation of stone carvings and ruins. It is known as the ancient city of Tiahuanaco. It is estimated to be around 17,000 years old and very intriguing for its design and layout among the masses.

Bigfoot Encounter Along Medicine Creek Bigfoot, cryptid, eyewitness report, hominid, Nebraska, sasquatch, unknown creature, unexplained being, sasquatch,.

Multiple Pilots Report 'Unidentified Nocturnal Lights' Over England Pilots in southwestern England have reported multiple sightings of strange, unidentified lights above Gloucestershire county. Several instances of these "unidentified nocturnal lights" were witnessed by aviators with Air Midwest within the last few weeks and so far, pilots and social media are mystified by the sightings.

The State of the Unusual 2019 Friends, Family, Patrons, Ghost Hunters, Cryptozoologists, Ufologists, Phantologists, Saucerers, Transdimensional Witches, Animated Tin Cans, Robosaurians, Were-Worfs, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, Golden Girls, Skeptics, Believers, and Fellow Weirdos. For those persons living in the past 2018 is approaching but for us it seems to have gone away.

Paranormal Lockdown Cancelled? What's Next for Nick Groff? I didn't see any mention of him or Paranormal Lockdown. I had planned to look into it, but to be honest, I was so busy trying to get my ducks in a row to make the Haunted Playthings call for submissions announcement that I forgot about it. Until today when I received an intriguing email from my friend Bast:.

How to Stay at the Charming Haunted Haig Point Lighthouse in South Carolina Have you ever wanted to stay in a charming, haunted lighthouse? Then you'll want to read on to find out about the Discovery Experience at Haig Point. If you're looking for a place to indulge in some coastal R&R while partaking in a hefty dose of Vitamin Sea, Haig Point on Daufuskie Island sounds like a winner.

The Case of the Blue Lights This story takes place at my family's summer home in New Point, Virginia on a quiet inlet of the Chesapeake. This Victorian home had some strange things about it, but the area around it was much more haunted. The house faced a cemetery. I grew up hanging out in cemeteries.

Online Ghost Tour Coming to Stockton? Stockton's "Walk with Weber" self-guided tour allows vistors to learn about the California city's history. A ghost tour version is expected for October.

Gettysburg's Bigfoot Sightings Gettysburg, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, eyewitness accounts, unknown encounters, unexplained being, hairy hominid, Pennsylvania,.

Friend Photographs Alien Entity From Inside Of Car Speculations about this are, the photo is nothing but digital manipulation. While this is a possibility, this photograph has since remained a fascination for many. Seen behind the boy sitting in the adjacent car seat, appears to be a bug-eyed alien entity.

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