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Scotland Beats England For The First Time In Cricket History. 2nd Miracle I lived in Scotland, I'm from New Zealand. Cricket is a staple sport for most New Zealander. If like me your not into cricket you at least support the Black Caps. We all know England invented the sport. The West Indies Aussie, and New Zealand dominate cricket.

UFO Above Prime Minister's Residence Causes Security Panic UFOs have been known to penetrate restricted airspace or stalk military vehicles, leading to all sorts of alarms and tense situations.

Watch: Face of Bigfoot Filmed? An odd video allegedly shot by a trapper in Canada purportedly shows a brief Bigfoot encounter in which the man believes that he filmed the legendary creature's face! The footage, posted to YouTube earlier this week, is said to have been taken near an old mining town known as Nordegg by an individual named Robert Ross.

Video: Ghost Watches Boy on Bike? A mother in England was astounded when she looked at some footage of her son learning to ride his bike and saw what she believes to be the ghost of an old woman watching over the boy.

If I Summoned Barak…. You know my visions of the cleansing began at 18/19 with the black president standing in the street with the boob buildings flag on fire and dead black people in the street…….so if I summoned him……. More over at my Patreon.

Top 10 Best Female Survivors of a Horror Movie! It would seem that horror movies favor a female surviving the massacre. Perhaps it's childbirth. If we can handle that, we can handle a guy with an axe right? I have listed my 10 favorite female survivors from a horror massacre in no particular order.

Loch Ness Monster I thought I would make some comments on a recent video purporting to show the Loch Ness Monster. It is a mobile phone recording of a webcam stream appearing to show a large dark shape moving along the waters of Urquhart Bay for quite a long time by monster standards.

Checking out locations Three of the team decided to take a tour of the West Cork area looking for possible locations for future investigation. We did a few mini sessions in some of the places but mostly, we were interested in just having a look around. We began our tour at this beautiful, abandoned manor house.

Beyonce: The Pied Piper. Your All Listening To It And Following Celebrities To Your Doom. If none of you see what's wrong with these photos and the sycophants messages underneath then you all deserve what's coming next. I'm so tired of all of this. I can't take it anymore. There is nothing more I can say or do. I'm sorry but I'm walking away.

Drone Footage of Spooky Places There is something awe-inspiring and spooky about drone footage of spooky places. The perspective is dizzying and almost giddy.

Blog Entry Saturday: Wisdom Memes A few years ago, I started putting together workshops for middle agers, for taking on the life you were supposed to have, the one you want to live before you leave this mortal arena. I made many memes to use, sharing the wisdom. As soon as things quiet down a bit, I plan to make the workshops available for free.

So…Two Live Broadcast Interruptions On UK TV In A Month I've lived in the UK for 17yrs. Its never happened once let alone twice. They blame the weather but the weather was fine that day. Wind factor was 24° that's a warm summers evening here. Whether it's on purpose or not personally I'm taking it as a sign.

Bizarre lunar anomaly suggests humans may have warmed the moon A new report from a team of researchers at Texas Tech suggests humans may have inadvertently given the moon a fever because we were a little too messy during our Apollo visits. NASA conducted a heat monitoring experiment on landing sites 15 and 17 between 1971 and 1972.

Woman says she was told telepathically 3 people would cause a shooting at DOJ, police say Authorities said Monday's report of an active shooter at the Department of Justice came from a Massachusetts woman who claims she was warned of a possible attack through telepathy.

I'm on the Radio Tonight Tonight at 9 pm Pacific Time I'll be talking to Jon Almada on Soul Stream Radio. I hope y'all will be listening. I expect to be on Jon's show regularly to give some insider exclusives.

The Candy Lady This is a guest contribution from Dusty Davis. Learn more about him in the About section below. Did you hear the urban legend where candy was left for children on their bedroom window sills at night. After a few nights, the candy wrappers would have messages written on them asking the children to come and play.

Haunted Headlines: June 8-15, 2018 If you like haunted stories, there were some doozies once again in the news this week. Ghosts watching little kids riding their bikes, a man being stalked by the ghost of a seven-foot-tall ringmaster, and a ghost mom haunting her snoring son - because of his snoring.

Liftoach Pandemonium: A Hereditary Review Warning: Here be spoilers. Throughout the screening of Hereditary that I attended, I couldn't work out if Annie was just another Crazy Bitch who had imagined the whole spooky scenario her family were being subjected to, but who had enacted the bizarre and disturbing scenes throughout the film herself without realising it.

New Halloween Movie 2018 Yes, Jamie Lee Curtis will be in it. It will also involve her character's daughter. It will ignore #3 and onward in the series to pick up long after #2 occurred. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Sharon Day is a researcher, author, working in oil and gas industry equipment sales, and stock trading.

Missing Air Force Officer Found After More than 30 Years On June 10th the Albuquerque Journal ran a somewhat quizzical article: An Air Force officer who mysteriously disappeared almost 35 years ago had just been located and apprehended, living under a different identity in California.

The science of the unscientific Is there a science or academic discipline that studies or investigates strange and paranormal phenomena? Many perhaps will answer "none" to this question. For how can something unscientific be studied systematically or scientifically? It seems like a contradiction in terms at first glance.

Justin Trudeau Defends Pedophila By Lowering Age Of Consent For Anal Sex To 16. It just keeps getting better and better for us and worse and worse for them lol. Some people are actually defending this saying he's creating a sexual revolution lol so fucking kids is revolutionary apparently. I TOLD you they'd try to normalise pedophila.

URBEX Arizona: Abandoned Planned Subdivision and Abandoned Speedway A chance for an urbex trek and I'm in the seat, butt wiggling, ready to go. Julie and I took a trek earlier this month to explore any abandoned sites.

Hillary And Foundation. Sex Crimes Goes Mainstream On FOX NEWS. JUST LIKE I SAID I TOLD you once it goes mainstream news it's over hahaha I'm SO fuckin happy right now. I was right again. This is HUGE people. Now those who defended her will know what she's been doing. This is the house of cards crashing down now. I was right I was right I was right.

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