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Blog Entry Saturday: Plotting Adventures This weekend my best friend and fellow investigator and author, Julie Ferguson, had plotted out a curious adventure for one evening, a UFO hunt. Our simple adventure had me thinking about some of the things we've done over our 8-year friendship that were "adventures" in the unexplained, paranormal, and horror.

6 Spooky Movies, Series and Documentaries To Watch in 2018 When I say "to watch" in the title of this post, I mean "to keep your eye on" or "anticipate." There seems to be a lot of spooky-looking paranormal movies, documentaries and TV series coming to screens both big and small this year. In fact, a couple of them are already out.

"Local Hauntings" TV Series Seeks Feedback from Paranormal Community Here's a press release I came across for a new paranormal TV show that's launching later in 2018:. Updated 3/24/18: I looked for it on Amazon Prime Video but couldn't find it. However, I did discover a Local Hauntings Facebook page. You can watch a portion of an episode on their Local Hauntings Official Group.

Mystery of 'alien' skeleton solved By Ashley Strickland, CNN. Updated 1702 GMT March 22, 2018.

A Wonderful Story: The Millville Poltergeist of 1885 I love stone-throwing poltergeists. The following report, which appeared in the Montana Standard of 10 September 1885, is an absolute cracker. Millville is a rural community located around 160 miles north of Sacramento, California.

Harry Reid on What the Government Knows About UFOs Yesterday, we outlined thirteen reasons to take recent reports of UFOs and extraterrestrial life seriously, including a chat with former Senate majority leader Harry Reid about the government's research into the topic. Here, an extended version of that conversation.

Link Between Alien Contact Attempt and Ice Circles in Canada Let's start with the location. Shuswap Lake is in south-central British Columbia, Canada, and is known for its odd shape - the four fingers of the lake look like the letter H from the air.

Sorry, It's Not Alty or Nessie or Any Other Mythical Creature Sorry, It's Not Alty or Nessie or Any Other Mythical Creature. Georgia's version of "Nessie" may have beached itself along the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge. Or so the news media reports. Although it is easy to claim it was "Alty," the bloated remains were probably something more common.

Giant-sized sea monster discovered in Cambodia Discovered during 2010, what appears to be a large sized fin whale, was spotted roughly 26 miles off the coast of Cambodia. However, comparing this sea creature to an actual fin whale, doesn't quite match up. Some shapes of the body appear to be different.

I know this appears to be a naked photo of me And it is not a very good one but LOOK. EXTERNAL OBLIQUES poking through!! I see it for the first time. The change in my body. I see it. I actually see it. I'm so proud of Spirit for having the patience to guide the fat off lol. And I'm NOT naked lol I cropped the pants and my top out coz I looked like a dork.

My Dead Children Were SPOT ON ABOUT CANNIBALISM Over and Over I'm being proven right by what these murdered kids are telling me. Believe me now? These missing kids are some of what your eating. That Findus tainted Lasagne microwave meals scandal we had in the UK was on purpose. Planting the seed. They were a big seller.

Mystery Sea Creature Washes Up on Georgia Beach There was similar confusion last September in the wake of Hurricane Harvey after Preeti Desai found a mysterious fanged creature washed up on a beach in Texas City.

Stephen Hawking’s Transition and the Non-local Mind Often, the presence of death turns us to questions. Almost as if on their own, our minds grab for answers we hope will lead us to understand. We each phrase the questions in our own way, but the aim is always to try to find meaning in-or at least make sense of-what has just come to pass.

'World Contact Day' Turns 65 Today marks the 65th edition of an odd 'holiday' which boasts an even stranger origin story: 'World Contact Day.' It all started during the nascent days of UFO research, back in 1953, when a group known as the 'International Flying Saucer Bureau' decided to attempt contact with the presumed occupants of these craft.

Superstitions The origins of this superstition dates back to ancient times as salt was used in a lot of rituals and practices. In a lot of cultures it was believed to be a magical substance. Part of the original superstition was that it not only brings you bad luck, but the act of spilling the salt was an invitation to let the devil in.

11 Mysterious Videos Caught at Disneyland I have a family member who confirmed the Space Mountain haunting and a Pirates of the Caribbean haunting which is not in this particular video. She also strongly suggested that that the Haunted Mansion was also haunted. She is now a former Park employee.

10 CREEPY Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape Late at night and deep within a remote part of the forest, a trail camera captured what appears to be a ghostly entity. Whatever this thing is, it doesn't seem completely human. While the information about it is rather limited, what is known-is the photo was sent to a paranormal site in the United Kingdom, back in 2013.

Has the D.B. Cooper Case FINALLY Been Solved? Talking with Author / Researcher Robert Blevins on After Hours AM/The Criminal Code - America's Most Hau Luckily for us, one of the listeners to that episode was another Cooper researcher, Robert Blevins. Blevins has a very different perspective on the case, presented in his book Into the Blast… The True Story of D.B. Cooper, which has recently been optioned by a film production company.

Hanging Out with DMT Machine Elves - For Science! Calling occupants of entheogenic craft! Have you ever had a DMT trip in which you encountered 'entities' that didn't seem to be a figment of your own imagination? There's an ongoing scientific study in need of your help:. Doctor Roland R.

Crashed UFOs and Weird Secret Bases on Google Earth From UFOs, to alien bases and top-secret hidden facilities, you might be amazed at some of the weird stuff that pop up on these applications. Among the myriad bizarre discoveries made on Google Earth, perhaps some of the stranger are all of the crashed UFOs that seem to be littering our planet.

The Strange and Mysterious Town of Zzyzx You have found yourself at Zzyzx, a strange, off-the-beaten-path town with a history just as bizarre as its name. The town lies in an area officially called Soda Springs, a natural mineral spring which was a quarry in prehistoric times, a water stop for Native Americans and Spanish explorers, a U.S.

A couple in Bradford on Avon were shocked when they snapped a photo of a strange woman in dated clothing in the window of a 16th century building Simon Phillips and Ally Vickers were touring the Bridge Tea Rooms when they took the photo. "The image is so clear and it is such a funny angle as well," said building owner Alison Hayward "She's standing upstairs where we normally make our cakes and scones.

What Are Shadow People? The Chilling Possible Explanation They were given the moniker "shadow people," but that is not exactly how they appear. These beings, usually 3-4 feet tall, are human shaped and completely utterly devoid of details to be a kind of "black hole" of humanoids. It's what they do and where they are that is scaring people.

Old hags haunt our very dreams There are other variations about this strange phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. The most common nightmare it seems, is that of an old hag appearing at ones bedside. A hag is an old woman, often portrayed in different children's stories and other folklore.

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