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Bizarre "Chemical Foam Cloud" Floats Across Virginia Parking Lot A video was released recently, that seems to show a chemical cloud of sorts floating across a Virginia parking lot. It is unknown where in Virginia this took place. But a few people managed to record it with their camera phone. Unfortunately, the camera work isn't the best and they stayed back a ways from where the cloud actually was.

Nightmareland: A Field Journal on Sleep Phenomena Lex "Lonehood" Nover is a master storyteller. He's had years of experience penning plays and articles capturing the imaginations of audiences. Since 2002, he's worked as the Web Producer for Coast to Coast AM, one of America's highest rated overnight radio shows.

Unknown Humanoid Encountered at Indiana Lake Humanoid, eyewitness account, Indiana, multiple witnesses, unexplained encounter, unknown creature,.

The Ghost of the Snow City Cafe I thought as I looked at the cafe in a new light. I was beside myself with excitement to learn we'd dined in an eerie eatery. Mostly because, not knowing one iota of the history Richard was about to tell us, I had gotten a "vibe" during lunch. Not a strong one.

Witness of Another World - Exploring the Soul of a Phenomenon 1978 - The young witness, Juan O. Perez, had gone out at dawn to bring in a herd of horses in Venado, Tuerto, Argentina. At 6:45 a.m. as he rode his horse through the morning fog he felt something fly overhead. Next, several objects appeared and began maneuvering overhead, emitting powerful beams of multicolored, changing lights.

Egypt unveils discovery of 30 ancient coffins with mummies inside Egyptian authorities reveal the contents of 30 ancient wooden coffins discovered in Luxor and yes, they include mummies.

Watch: Haunted Doll Moves On Its Own Recently posted video shows what appears to be the creepy moment a World War 2-era ventriloquist doll moves on its own.

"Dark Selfies" Streaming TV Series - Coming in 2020! Our group at State 48 Films has been working vigorously on our new streaming TV series, "Dark Selfies." Feel free to follow our page on Facebook as we go into filming the series for release in 2020. LINK The series is an anthology in the horror / thriller genre.

"Destination Fear" Explores America's Most Haunted Abandoned Places Destination Fear premieres on Saturday, October 26 at 10 p.m. It's one of the seven new series premiering on Travel Channel during Ghostober this year. Will the 10-episode series be the most terrifying road trip ever attempted?

How To Make a Humunculus Monster: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Those of us who thoroughly enjoyed the cult-favorite made-for-tv horror movie from 1973, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," recall the creatures. Those tiny little nighttime beings horrified many a youth back in the day.

Creepy Old Ventriloquist Doll Moves By Itself Inside Of Glass Case Seen in this rather bizarre clip, appears to be a ventriloquist doll head that was put inside a locked glass box. It really is something and unlike anything ever seen before. Perhaps this is nothing more than digital manipulation of some kind but if it is, then it was well done.

"Penny Dreadful" and "Games of Thrones" Fan? Check Out "Carnival Row" Characters that die when you're not expecting them to. If you liked all that Game of Thrones had to offer, but you're missing it, give Carnival Row a try. It may satisfy that hole. Or at least help assuage it. The only thing that's missing is dragons and White Walkers.

Hunter Recalls His Bigfoot Close Encounter Bigfoot, eyewitness account, Georgia, hairy hominids, cryptozoology, sasquatch, close encounter,.

The Museum of Hoaxes Where is the Museum of Hoaxes located? Keeping in the spirit of their focus, that's a bit of a joke too. Here's the info they shared under "Finding Us" on their About page:. But then it goes on to say:.

CCTV captures chilling moment bar stool is thrown in empty nightclub - by a 'poltergeist' CCTV cameras inside ATIK nightclub in Wrexham caught the spooky moment at around 3am on Monday after the club had closed its doors. Hanging decorations from the bar downstairs at the vinyl disco room - that appear to be balloons - begin randomly swaying from side to side, before a wet floor sign is slammed to the floor moments later.

The Bizarre Case of the St. Johns River Monster The river and the numerous lakes that branch off it or feed into it have become a haven for outdoor recreation, yet what many people might not realize is that the river has a bit of a history of a menagerie of strange creatures lurking within its muddy waters.

A Scientific Paranormal Researcher Reviews Nat Geo's 'Science of the Supernatural' Science author and all-round top guy, Brian Clegg, recently got in touch asking if I'd read the 'Science of the Supernatural' issue of National Geographic magazine. I hadn't, but I instantly needed it like a kid who needs the toy their sibling is playing with.

Chiromancy Otherwise known as palmistry, this is the practice of predicting a person's future by reading the lines in their hand. It is also known as chirosophy and also spelled cheiromancy in Greek. It's exact origins are unknown, however it is believed that this practice originated from Ancient India.

Jason Hawes Versus Grant Wilson: Ghost Nation Versus Ghost Hunters It would appear two separate opportunities came to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson when it came to the desperation to revive ghost shows. Sadly, same people - same formats yawn*.On one hand, fans of "Ghost Hunters" might want to try Grant's new revival with a new lineup of co-hunters.

Sleep App Records More Than Just Sleeping Every time we get ready for bed, everyone has their own rituals sort of speak that they do to prepare. Some people just simply pass out after plopping onto the bed. One person explained that they use an app to record sounds at night. The reason they do this is to improve their nights sleeping.

Skeleton Crew Halloween Goodies Giveaway New giveaway announcement! Full details #ontheblog. Follow the #linkinbio to the Contest section of the Menu. Look for the "Skeleton Crew Halloween Goodies Giveaway" post. But the vid explains how to enter here. Just leave a comment saying "It's a Skulltural thing!" - Open to U.S.

Inherited Learning? It Happens, but How Is Uncertain "The possibility that the nervous system could generate heritable responses was especially intriguing, because the nervous system is a very unique system in its ability to organize information about the environment," said Oded Rechavi, a neurobiologist at Tel Aviv University who studies inheritance and evolution.

Jack O'Lantern Lovers' Dream Location The town of Kenova, West Virginia puts on an amazing over 3000-pumpkin display at this home. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Sharon Day is a researcher, author, working in oil and gas industry equipment sales, equity investing and promoting of disruptive technologies.

Foo Fighter Phenomena Foo Fighters: The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations. Though "foo fighter" initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S.

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