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"Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room," a Tell-All Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley are opening up to viewers like they've never done before in Travel Channel's new series, Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room. It premieres Thursday, January 2 at 9 p.m. If you're wondering what the heck a "Mukbang" is…you're not alone.

Update on the Most Haunted Village Guinness Research The Guinness Book we ordered to try and verify a "Most Haunted Village" claim came. Trouble is, it's the wrong year. But it did hold some interesting clues.

Truck Driver Observed Winged 'Demon' at O'Hare International Airport Bizarre encounters, Chicago, Chicago Phantom, cryptozoology, eyewitness accounts, flying humanoids, gargoyle, Illinois, Man-Bat, mothman, unexplained activity, unknown creature, O'Hare International Airport,.

Flood Story in the Epic of Gilgamesh May Contain the First Example of Fake News Scholars have shown that the Gilgamesh flood, written about around 2000 BCE, and Genesis flood, written about around 500-100 BCE are nearly identical, with a few variances such as the number of days of the deluge the name of the mountain where the ark landed.

No Clowning Around, Suspect Found After Stealing Pizzas And Scaring People Several suspects have been discovered after police received tips about someone dressed up as a clown in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. A number of motorists reported seeing a clown running in and out of traffic throwing things at nearby passing cars.

A Sexy Obsession As a kid, rocks were so fascinating, they became a form of currency. Mom gave you a cookie, you brought her a rock. As a Bigfoot researcher, I can tell you that the most common gift a Bigfoot will leave is a rock, often times a perfectly round pretty one.

A conversation with Chris Aubeck about UFO's, belief, and everything in between Back in July, Danish organization UFO Denmark hosted one of their regularly occurring UFO conferences in Copenhagen. As usual the program included a diverse and interesting selection of guests from the international field of ufology that you wouldn't otherwise be able to experience in Denmark.

Creepy 'Winged Being' Encounters Reported in Illinois and Indiana Bizarre encounters, Chicago Mothman, Chicago Phantom, cryptozoology, eyewitness accounts, gargoyle, Illinois, mothman, multiple sightings, unexplained activity, winged humanoids, Indiana.

Oddity Files the podcast: Ep 53 Stay Inside People Kitsie then tells the terrifying story of the Alaska Triangle, it claims more missing people per year than any other US state. Is it aliens, science, bigfoot or Otterman? Clayton talks about the crazy amount of beastly cat sightings in the UK, and what they could or could not be.

Evil Looking Spirit Photographed While Soldier Poses In Iraq This rather intriguing photograph seems to show an unknown entity standing in the background when a soldier posed for the camera. It was taken back on August 8th, 2007 inside the COB. This location is believed to previously have been the Basra Airport, located in the south west and is located near a river in Iraq.

Bigfoot Communication Heard / Observed in British Columbia Bigfoot, bizarre encounter, British Columbia, Canada, eyewitness account, hairy hominid, sasquatch, unexplained activity, unknown creature, communication, unknown sounds.

Some UFO-inspired Inktober Sketches Like most artists, I began keeping a sketchbook in which I could doodle initial design concepts or just doodle whatever the hell I fancied some time ago.

Unsettling Dark Figure Recorded In Tennessee Forest Since the video was posted by James Jones on YouTube, people have since wondered what this figure might be. Is this some kind of paranormal type entity such as a demon? Perhaps it is a forest protector of sorts rarely ever seen. Most people think this is nothing more than a fallen tree, that resembles a human type shape.

Cobwebs & paranormal investigating We go out usually at night into old buildings, some of which are in almost derelict conditions. They can be dirty, unclean and unkept. One of the common things you encounter on an investigation is not just the scary concept of spiders……. But the cobwebs they are behind.

No Lizards Or Insects On Mars, Says NASA NASA has reportedly denied the existence of "insect - and reptile-like creatures" living on Mars, according to Fox News.

California Fires: Utility Fires or Something More Sinister…. It appears to be saying the the elite's base is powered and is trying to reach immortality through destruction or in other words - use sacrifices to become more powerful. Now it is important to note that the number of the illuminati, eight, so this may have been done by elite's seeking to become part of the smaller more powerful cabal at the top.

Paranormal Ornaments: Bigfoot Ornaments, Cryptid Ornaments, Ghost Ornaments, Alien Ornaments There is no better way to say "I getcha" than to give a paranormal geek ornaments that show their quirky obsessions.

A Young Woman Named Maria Talarico Became Possessed To Solve A Murder Back in the year 1936, the body of a young man named Giuseppe Veraldi was found under the Catanzaro bridge in Catanzaro, Italy. Intriguingly, he had a large sized wound upon his head. Police initially thought the wound was caused from Giuseppe's head striking the rocks below the bridge.

I Worked In a Haunted Bakery When I was a teenager I worked in a haunted bakery shop. Well, people said it was haunted and weird things happened in there and I actually happened to be around when some of them happened.

Scientists Suggest Ghosts and Other Phenomena Are Clues that We Live in the Matrix "Glitches in the system," said Doctor Curry Guinn, who chairs the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina. "Deja Vu, such as in the Matrix movie when a character sees a cat crossing a doorway repeatedly, may be one glitch. Ghosts, ESP, coincidences may be others." A strange quote for a strange topic.

Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens Most everyone knows about aliens and life from beyond our world. There have been many people who have claimed they were abducted by some kind of non-human entity. It seems in recent times, a growing amount of people have come forward stating - they too have been taken away and experimented upon.

Ominous 'Black Eyed Kids' Accounts BEK, bizarre, eyewitness account, strange encounter, unexplained activity, unknown event, black eyed kids, weird accounts, creepy.

Security officials told unknown object near Congress was 'hovering' - no one has any idea what happened Fox News reporter Chad Pergram spent the day looking into a strange security threat on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning that has left security officials stumped. Both the U.S. Capitol and the White House were on lockdown after the restricted airspace was breached and fighter jets were scrambled.

Paracelsus, Nature Spirits and Faeries There is a long tradition of metaphysical entities becoming manifest in our consensus reality as distinctive attributes of nature. They interact with the material world but they are never fully consolidated within it.

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