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"Fairy Skull" Jewelry-Pure Magic! "Fairy Skull" Jewelry-Pure Magic! Japanese artist, Shinji Nakaba, creates "wearable sculptures." Since 1974, Nakaba has sculpted one-of-a-kind, made-to-order jewelry made from common items, such as clothing pins, to precious gems, stones, and metals.

Hat Man nightmares and sleep paralysis are happening around the world Please leave comments and experiences!

Did ancient prayers actually come from tweets? The syntax of obscure Hindu Vedic chants whose origin is lost in time isn't like any known human language, but matches the patterns of two bird species.

Mescaline: A Global History of the First Psychedelic Those with an interest in the 'hidden history' of humanity's fascination with psychedelics will be thrilled to learn that the brilliant Mike Jay has a new book out: Mescaline: A global history of the first psychedelic.

Are scientists on the brink of discovering a mirror universe? If proof of a mirror universe is found, it may help solve many of physics most intractable questions. At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's traveling science fair, participants can experience life as a ion and then a neutron in a neutron beam. Photo credit: Genevieve Martin / ORNL / Flickr.

Apparition Appears Underground At London Subway Since the video was released, people have been wondering what this thing was. It resembles that of a ghostly apparition. But it may be something else entirely. Whatever it is, this thing isn't human. Unless CGI was used, it would be difficult to understand what caused this shape to appear.

ShortStorySaturday: "Angels Don't Fear Heights" by H.E. Roulo, an Excerpt from KILL SWITCH I wasn't big enough to lift him, but I didn't need to. The end came easily. A clock ticked away seconds. Could he be gone, just like that? After watching me all my life? It felt like he watched me still, but he'd never believed in the afterlife. He'd fought so long and hard, I couldn't believe he'd let himself slip away.

Spring Horror Garden??? When I was growing up in Fairfax, Virginia, our estate had a designated growing garden where the old horse stables were. My father and I competed for growing the best veggies. We also had black walnuts, persimmons, apples, grapes, peaches, sour cherry, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, pears, and other yummies growing up on the property.

Psychometry After researching the paranormal extensively over the last few years and especially taking notice of the field of parapsychology, I quickly learned that there are many intuitive senses a person is thought to have, and they can have only one or many. There is no one size fits all answer to each and it is not exclusive to a proclaimed psychic.

My House Is Haunted, What To Do Next? It can be a difficult thing to ward away or completely rid a home of unwanted spirits. Some think that it is practically impossible to do so. While this is often what most people think, it doesn't mean that things can't be done to get rid of unwanted spirits or possibly anything else.

Pursued by a Physical Shapeshifter Shapeshifter, corporeal entity, transdimensional, interdimensional, eyewitness account, unknown being, unexplained encounter, bizarre activity, paranormal.

Documenting Luis Elizondo's Leadership of the Pentagon's UFO Program Examining the Mystery and Myths of Unidentified Flying Objects  Curt Collins When To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science burst on the scene, the feather in it's cap was the revelation that the US government had a secret UFO investigation, and that the program's former director was now a key member in their company, TTSA.

Another Unknown Human Population Group Discovered in Siberia What it shows is that there were a number of very tough and mobile Siberian cultures thriving in that hostile environment as far back as 30,000 years ago when there was still a land mass connecting the two continents. What kept the earlier groups from continuing their eastward march was more likely the ice on the North American side.

Strange 'Elf' Captured on Security Camera? A strange video has surfaced purporting to be from security camera footage which captured what appears to be a creature resembling "Dobby the Elf" from the Harry Potter film franchise.

Amazon Is Getting Sued Because Alexa Caught Recording Children. Told Ya I told you years ago your voice command devices, hands free devices and anything with a smart tv or phone recorded you. I got called crazy…. well whos cray cray now. I have NONE of that stuff and disabled the stuff I did have like my TV. tut tut tut….

Wrigley Mansion: Classy But Haunted? Today, I am touring the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix. It is a gorgeous building in a beautiful setting, but it also has a reputation for some ghostly goings on. You can plan work or wedding events at the mansion, as well as enjoying the world-class food at Geordie's Restaurant and Jamie's Wine Bar.

"Yarn Darling" Shanell Papp Loves Knitting and the Macabre "Yarn Darling" Shanell Papp Loves Knitting and the Macabre. Shanell Papp's upbringing fostered an interest in death and the macabre. She spent part of her childhood on a farm where she took part in caring and slaughtering the animals. Down the street was a cemetery.

Canadian Man Captures An Ogopogo On Camera The sight may left some people unsettled but while Jim La Rocque was at Skaha Lake with his family, he noticed something quite unusual after hearing a swooshing sound. Quickly, he picked up his phone and recorded an unexplained ripple of waves seen in the water.

Scary Bigfoot Incident in Shenandoah National Park Bigfoot, sasquatch, Virginia, Shenandoah National Park, multiple witnesses, unknown creature, unexplained encounter, scary encounter, cryptid, hairy hominid,.

Where to Find Spooky Summer Camps in 2019 Does this sound like a screaming good time to you? Then let's get to it and see where you can attend three spooky summer camps this year. This one isn't an overnight experience, but it still sounds like a blast. In addition to the haunted house, your admission includes:.

Why a Boston lawyer bankrolled the man behind the FBI's infamous Bigfoot file Birthplace of the American Revolution. Home of the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Bruins, and apparently, Bigfoot benefactors. The Academy of Applied Science was founded in 1963 by intellectual property lawyer Robert Rines.

Bizarre Encounters with Horned Humanoids Within the lore of the many types of bizarre humanoid creatures spotted throughout the world there are many apparent "species" of such phenomena. From hairy hominids such as Bigfoot, to reptilian beasts, to everything in between, humanoid encounters occupy a larger portion of cryptid and paranormal sightings.

Town Abandoned Because of Bigfoot! The lovely town called Port Chatham / Portlock in Alaska seems like an idyllic location, but today it is vacated. What happened to the village? Why did people leave? The reasons might be some of the most chilling ever told.Established in the late 1700s, the village was lived in and worked in until 1950 when those that remained left in a rush.

The Famous Tulip Staircase Ghost It is one of the most profound ghost photographs ever taken. Seen in this photo, appears to be an apparition of sorts at the end of the staircase. This is definitely one of the most convincing captures of an apparition ever. The photo was taken within the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum, located in Greenwich, England.

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