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Giving kids no autonomy at all has become a parenting norm — and the pandemic is worsening the trendTeaching children independence breeds confidence and social skills. Why aren't we encouraging this?

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Karl Rove: Trump More Likely to Be Convicted if Giuliani Defends Him in Impeachment TrialIn an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Rove said that it was clear "every Republican senator needs to take this seriously." Ultimately, he said, "it's all going to boil down to what the president's defense is." Giuliani "charted a very bad course," noting comments that the president's attorney said claiming Trump couldn't have incited the riots at...

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Day Two of my week offIf you caught last nights post then youll know that Ive gone all old school this week and am blogging daily to share with you what Ive been up to that day.

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Talk of Election Fraud Online Plunges After Trump Kicked Off Twitter, FacebookBanning tens of thousands of accounts linked to QAnon also likely had an effect on the online discourse.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Weekend Update 16thThe UK added 38,598 cases today and now has reported a total...

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Trump Leaving Office With Lowest Approval Rating of His PresidencyThe decline appears to be in large part due to Republicans who have soured on the president.

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Big Plans CANCELLED…Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Lockdown 3For lockdown 3 we have decided to make more time as a family and use our leg power to get out in the fresh air in our local area.

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Moving Out of Our House!It's so crazy seeing the house EMPTY!

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Parenting Coaches May Boost Your Parenting SkillsParenting coaches can help guide, reach goals, and even "rescue" parents in some situations. Read on to know what we mean.

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GOP Sen. Ben Sasse: QAnon, Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying Republican PartyThe senator from Nebraska said some Republican leaders "thought they could preach the Constitution while winking at QAnon."

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Atinylife Happy2021?It was a couple of weeks before the end of last year when I listened to a podcast which said the whole ‘seeing the back of 2020’ thing was a false premise.

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Earth Day Mini BookOne of my favorite things about when my kids were in elementary school was when theyd bring home little books they made in class.

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Speed-Round Sunday: Phone Case PreferencesOur case choices at the moment seem to be style over substance, but a big fat protective case can't fit in your pocket.

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My partner dislikes my natural appearance, and more advice from Dear Prudence.He is worried that this is the beginning of a "downward spiral" for me into a messy, slobby woman with permanent razor stubble.

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What to do if a pregnancy is diagnosed with neural defectsOften, the screening test is an ultrasound which picks up abnormalities in the child. Most couples are still in doubt about these findings at the first go.

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Sunday Euro Acca 27/1After landing a small 8/1 BTTS acca yesterday Im back today with an interesting Europe selection which has great odds.

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Remote, Yet CloseStrange times, pandemic times we’re in, we’re living, so much has changed on so many levels.

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School bullying taught me that parenting children the way I was raised no longer workedParenting a child with ADHD and dyslexia who was being bullied meant the latch-key approach of my upbringing wasn't enough.

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My in-laws gave my kid a taxidermy gift: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on grandparents, gifts, and naptime.

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Hygge Parenting, ExplainedThis simple practice, Hygge, has quietly started to gain more of a following as more families are aching to feel a sense of togetherness.

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My in-laws gave my kid a taxidermy gift: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on grandparents, gifts, and naptime.

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Parenthood: a task with proper commitmentImage source: google I am a parent of 4 years old daughter. I always wanted to be a good parent and tried every possible thing to do good for my child.

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Membaca Buku My First Al-FatihahHari Ke-11 di Zona 5 : Membangun Karakter dengan Stimulasi Literasi Baca Tulis dan Literasi Digital Rencana Project Read aloud bersama Taqy dan Kila, membaca buku "My First Al-Fatihah" Media Referensi Buku, aplikasi dan edit foto canva.

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Highs and lows of having teachers at homeThen comes the subjects that were allotted to my dad. Consider the combination of a very patient teacher who wants you to understand each concept in depth and a teenager who is the epitome of impatience and cannot sit through 3 hour long explanations.

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7 Things Your Children Will Teach YouMy children are my greatest teachers. Theyve taught me so much about love, about life, and most of all, about myself.

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Nature schooling: nestsNext weeks topic in the forest school is nests. Its a great topic with lots of possibilities.

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She's Really IllJoin this channel to get access to forget to subscribe!

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A´›E€EEªE´E¢ a´›a´ E™a´‡ a´€ a´a´E´a´‡E eœ±a´€a´ EªE´E¢ eœ±a´€a´ a´ E ´›Whether you have one kid or a dozen, it always great to find new ways to save the monies!

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On My OwnIts been about 3 months since my children were taken, since then I have done everything I can think of to get them back, to show them I can look after them.

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What I Eat In A DayI don't claim to be the best cook in the world, in fact I am pretty average, but I still enjoy filming them and I think it is interesting to see how other people eat and what meals they cook.

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Single parenting in a global pandemicIm what we call a solo parent. Meaning, my kids dont go to another hou...

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How To Become A Plant Mum In 2021 Weekly VlogHello! I'm Em an award winning U.K based creator. I live in Birmingham with my two lovely children, my husband Stephen and our Westie.

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Jack Smythe Field CentreTime flies is a fairly common adage used in dialogues whether amongst peers or colleagues at work, friends at schools or educational facilities, family members at dinner tables.

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TV anchor and perils of social mediaBefore I start, two pieces of note. First, CNN Journalist Sara Sidner chocked while reporting on COVID.

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Why I put my baby in a walkerIf you Google baby walkers, all the search returns are either warning parents not to buy walkers or of websites selling walkers.

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Sunday sunshine and sparkles: Dad's a mermaidEnter your e-mail address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail.

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Mouth To Mouth3 JOHN 14 “but I hope to see you shortly, and we will speak face to face.”Now, when you read the title for today’s blog you may think I am going to talk about kissing.

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Some mistakes aren't mineMan. Parenting young adults is just so much fun sometimes. I’m not being sarcastic, I really mean it.

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About Online learningPhoto by Pixabay on The only thing what I want to do during these hard time is learning.

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Where Does Responsibility Start?One of his famous quotes that you'll probably hear a lot this weekend is "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." I think it's an important statement, and dream, because that's where so much starts: with our children.

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Birth Announcement by Nancy ZarzarFor Eva Elise Zarzar)  All my youth is in you, little girl. I have grown tired of what seemed new And now my brain’s gone gray.

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Rescue me from my happinessIn 2016, the year after my eldest was born, I became quite interested in the topic of happiness.

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The Top Seven Books for New FathersOn the other hand it can seem overwhelming at times, so where should new fathers turn to for guidance?

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3 Things I'm Learning as a Parent Today to Help Tomorrow.I have a toddler. It wasnt that long ago my wife was busy growing a human inside of her& Yea thats weird to think...

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Book Review: Ramona Cleans Her RoomSummaryRamona was told to clean her room. Each time her mother or father reminded her to clean an area of her room, she would end up picking up something and her imagination took over.

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Sensory Play Activities-Sensory Play For ToddlersBy their senses. Touching, Smelling, looking, Hearing and Tasting. These are the 5 sensory skills which plays a very important role for brain development.

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Taboo Topics  6. Parenting ProblemsI think I've procrastinated enough over this one and need to just write something... This topic is more of a taboo than most - it's rare for someone on the spectrum to admit to difficulties in the area of parenting.

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RevengeWhat game does your child like to play? My youngest is into playing Minecraft with his friends.

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Mountain Youth presents parenting tips with "The Power of Showing Up" by Tina BrysonIn "The Power of Showing Up," authors Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Bryson, Ph.D., offer four building blocks called the Four S's that children must feel from their parents for healthy development. Shared .

The Magic of a Child's ImaginationOne of the enjoyable things as a parent is to see a child’s growth. I remember those proud milestones that felt like they would never come: first steps, first words, first time peeing in the potty....

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20 Positive Things That 2020 Gave MeWhat 2020 has actually given to me and my family? I am looking at what positives the worst year has given me and my family.

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Trump Targeted the Mentally Ill With His Lame Duck Execution SpreeThe Trump Administration's 2020-21 execution spree came to an end on Friday with the execution of the Dustin Higgs.

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How I'm making the most of my week off work&.Right, Im going all old-school blogger for the next week! I have a week off work for the first time in so long and I really plan to make the most of it to tick off my ever-growing to-do list.

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Man Arrested in D.C. With Unauthorized Inauguration Credentials, a Loaded Gun, and Lots of AmmoPolice found a Glock loaded with a high-capacity magazine and 17 rounds of ammunition as well as 509 rounds for the pistol, including hollow-point bullets.

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How To Utilize Your Momma Time WiselyThe pandemic has not made being a momma any easier. Its created more challenges for most, not only physically but mentally, financially and socially.

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Words for the way pastoral notes during lockdownParent God Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6; Luke 15:11-32; John 3:16 It is always interesting to listen when three or more generations of families get together.

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A Bright FuturePic from I hope that you can tell that its a childs hand in an adult hand.

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Hey folksHey folks It’s been a minute since I posted here. Actually it’s been closer to a year than I’d like to admit.

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Fox News Can Barely Admit the Capitol Riot Is a StoryThe network can't reckon with its decades of fomenting right-wing rage—so it's complaining about Twitter.

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Snow DaySince it was first published in 2014, ‘Snow Day’ by Richard Curtis has been a firm favourite within the Hall household.

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Trump allies want Ivanka to challenge Rubio for Florida Senate seat.Trump's daughter, who has been a senior White House adviser throughout his presidency, is going to be moving to Florida after her father leaves Washington.

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'Raising Them' explores gender creative parentingAudiobook can be too precious at times, but still worth a listen.

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A Psychologist's Perspective On "Playful Parenting"Moms may complain that dad only plays with the kids, but according to a psychologist, "playful parenting" has a lot of benefits for the family.

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Circle with DisneyThis is the best thing a parent can buy! It controls all devices connected to my Wi-Fi.

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Big girls dont cryA few years ago, when Miss C was only little, something happened to us when we were out and about that Ive never been able to forget.

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The BookThats where the work is. Hundreds of thousands of social experiences. Slowly, over time, building the skills of self regulation, communication, and negotiation.

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ParkourI am absolutely, 100% certain that Parkour was accidentally invented by parents of a toddler as a joke.

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Wishes for my DaughterHi friends, its been a minute since I did a pregnancy update so I thought I would make a post about the wishes that I have for my unborn baby girl along with how we plan to parent her!

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Parenting can be tough but Arbroath support group Mum and Me helps make it that bit easierKim Marr delivering Christmas goodies to mums in Arbroath. Picture shows Mum Nadia Hawley with son Benny and L to R: Pamela Ramsay, Louise Smith, Tracy Bedwell Santa Claus and Kim Marr.

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Parenting Guide on What to do When Your Teenager has a Romantic CrushDid you ever have a crush in your teenage years? I don’t believe you if you are shaking your head ‘NO’ For those of you who are smiling at this question and have an instant flashback of those memories and feelings, here is another question for you: What did you do when you felt that&.

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Addiction.caI cannot remember the last Saturday morning when the first thing I did after pouring my coffee wasn’t looking at homes on Shared .

77 Months #TBCSmiles January 2021I'm a day late with the smiles this month. Life got in the way, or more precisely intermittent Internet and my eldest son's birthday.

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Supreme Court allows Dustin Higgs' execution over dissents by Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer.A stunning, unprecedented decision drew an incandescent rebuke from Sotomayor, the conscience of the court.

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S O SIts odd how things unfold. My anorexic daughter was in a bad state yet again this morning.

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Cutest Puppy in the World! !Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Communicating Across CulturesBy Suzanne Kamata. Suzanne Kamata is an American living in Japan, and an associate professor at Naruto University of Education.

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Easy ideas of how to spend your weekendHello, I hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by. Hows the weekend going? Restful or full of activities?

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Officer Almost Crushed by Capitol Mob: "If it Wasn't My Job I Would Have Done That for Free"Daniel Hodges said he was surprised how the insurrectionists thought police officers would side with them.

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SiblingsSiblings January 2021 - winter walks, lockdown life and Mincecraft based bickering. An update on our three and their sibling relationship.

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Trump's golf history: Bedminster PGA Championship canceled, but it's not enough.There's too much entanglement here to assume this is anything like a total and permanent divorce.

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Life InsuranceAs you get older and more responsible people always advise that you begin to “get your affairs in order.” What they don’t tell you in great detail is how, what does this entail, and where do you find the money?

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Consider A Parenting ClassParenting classes are not a sign that someone doesn't know how to parent successfully, and that may be why a lot of parents refuse to enroll.

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An IntroductionHi! Im Hannah. And this is the shaky start of something. For years, I have thought about starting a blog.

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Stop, collaborate and listen: A Victoria Sponge and off-curriculum learningRaising a teenager is hard. Raising a teenager in a pandemic is even harder. Homeschooling is Hell - the main lesson The Girl learnt from Lockdown 1.0 was that high school topics only matter when doing high school work.

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Accepting IndividualityParents often feel embarrassed by the behavior of their toddlers and the grades of their students because they feel those elements reflect on their ability to parent.

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The Great Deplatforming: Facebook, Twitter, and others have cracked down on extremist speech. Now what?Need to get caught up on the wave of content moderation news? We have you covered.

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Christian ParentingEverything in this world has a beginning. God made plans for humanity and for his purpose to be established.

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Negative vibes&As per my previous post Hope we are currently struggling through this third lockdown. Our daughter is really unwell and daily life is a struggle for her.

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Raising the Sensitive ChildSome people shrug off unkind words and actions leveled against them with little lasting damage.

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Trump's Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Leaves White House a Few Days EarlyWhite House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany leaves the podium after making a statement in the James Brady Press Briefing Room on January 7, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images.

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Second-Listen Saturday: What a ShameWe go beyond to put others on notice for their shameful behavior.

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The Amouri Family Full EpisodeTamara spends most of her day cleaning and Michael works many hours every day. Jo is shocked when she discovers that Hailey has been listening to gangster rap on her mom's MP3 player.

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A Mothers ResumeWe all know the drill. A mother is all the things, does all the things, and knows all the things.

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Project 365 2021 Week 2Project 365 2021 Week 2 Day 10-16 and our second week of lockdown with school and work from home and we've survived so far.

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Appriciation Note to My wifeAppreciating Note to Raag's Loving Mom : ✍️Being a mom doesn’t come without huge struggles but don’t you worry, I know how much you do and realised the sacrifices you make for our family every day.

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Goal… Eh, I'm Not Feeling It TodayTo be honest, I dont wanna do this. I would normally talk about how my week went and then a bit about whats coming up. But...

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Dear Prudence: romance on Reddit.I've never heard his voice or seen a picture of him, but we have mind-blowing virtual sex.

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Mean Anorexics 2My anorexic daughter is back in rage mode. Two nights ago when she got home from work she shoved into me and screamed MOVE.

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Desi Parenting vs Relationships: Will Feed You An Extra Roti, But Not A Word On RelationshipsIf you have grown up in a desi home, then you obviously realise what desi parenting ideologies are.

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Be careful what you wish forOur neighbours have three kids aged 17, 5 and 3. I know, I have many questions about that as well, but right now thats not relevant.

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Over 2.5 Goals Special 63/1Here is an over 2.5 goals bet that I have backed based on the last 5 games each team has played All games kick off at 3pm League 1 Burton vs Ipswich - Burton have been involved in over 2.5 goals in the last 4/5, Ipswich have seen over 2.5 in the last 3/5 games&.

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Both Teams To Score 15/1Im backing these 5 games to land a 15/1 both teams to score bet, here is why&.

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What your Teen needs from youWith the delayed start of the school year many parents are going to be spending a little more time with their teenage children.

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An easy beginners guide for happy flying a drone in the UKI got a drone for my birthday and it wasn't obvious on what I needed to do, so I thought I would write about it incase it helps someone else.

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Today's TeaBreaking News View More MOMster Tidbits  morsels of food for the motherly mind Todays Tea - Curated News for Mindful Parents.

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My Antifa Lover: the very weird, very bad, very sex-free Amazon "romance novel" I just read for god knows what reason.I cannot believe this is real.

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COVID vaccine: Black doctors explain how to address people's reluctance.Trusting in immunization requires gaining trust in an often unworthy medical system.

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Lifestyle and parenting expert shares list of items every mom should haveLifestyle and parenting expert shares smart ways to help new moms.

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You Drive you, I'll Drive Me&Drive for yourself and let other drivers worry about themselves...” Words of wisdom from my much missed Granda Pops.

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How to make your own homemade Scouring Powder&.This DIY homemade scouring powder is the perfect addition to your homemade cleaning kit - and if you don't already have one then it's a great thing to start off with as it's easy to make and super effective!

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4 broad types of parenting styles and how they impact childrenThe categorisation is based on the amount of control and support parents try to exercise.

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I Sat Down With My ChildI asked him what was wrong. He looked away, said “all is great” and sang a lonely song.

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New Baby, New Diapers? Part Two: What kind of diapers can you use for newborns?Note: This is part of a series on newborn cloth diapering. For part one, please click here.

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New Baby, New Diapers? Are Newborn Cloth Diapers A Good Idea?Should you cloth diaper a newborn? Long answer short, my answer is yes. A lot of people wait until their baby is sitting up or eating solids to start cloth.

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75 free things to do in Yorkshire for families75 free family days out Yorkshire. From free museums with hand on activities for kids to amazing adventure playgrounds and kids friendly trails.

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Is donor breast milk an option for your baby?Sometimes, adoptee families may wish to breastfeed their babies but may not have access to breast milk.

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Six on Saturday: 16.1.21It has felt like a busy week at work. Ive enjoyed the work Ive done about the moon.

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Review: Cureadosity Kids Book SubscriptionWe were gifted a free subscription box in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own** Reading has always been such a big part of my life and if you regularly read Fraser's Fun House you will know it's a passion I share with my children who I've reading to&.

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The Lunch TableFlashback, I took my super grade plastic lunch box out from my sling bag and placed it on the table.

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Have You Suffered Me?It takes a lot to offend me. But when youve had half a skull of vodka in you, plus the cheese doodles designed to sober you up, theres a good chance you might take offense at somethin...

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Quiet Time: Your Kids Need It TooLets be honest, the idea of entertaining a child all day every day sounds like an absolute nightmare.

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Self-parenting key to emotional healingMany youngsters have been bruised by emotional neglect during their childhood and now they have been advised to become their own parents by taking care of their inner child and be self compassionate.

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The Parenting PhaseWhat is meant with the saying that Life is a balance with the cycle of parenting is that; Growing up and losing out on your life has happened with us.

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Ignorance Is Not BlissMothers. They always think they know better. Why is that? Im almost forty-years-old, and my mother still thinks she can boss me around.

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The Easiest DIY Piggy Bank to PlayI always try to search for easy setup as playing option for my girl. She gets bored as soon as she is done exploring a toy or setup.

Tales Of A Messy Mother Shared .

Kate Middleton uses 'powerful' parenting trick to overcome 'challenges' with childrenKATE MIDDLETON, 39, is the wife of Prince William, 38, and the mother of three children. Shared .

Babytalk: IVF Behind the ScenesWhat really happens behind the scenes of an IVF Clinic? This week on Babytalk we peek into the laboratories that create new life on a daily basis.

ABC Babytalk Shared .

Sobering thoughts about pandemic drinkingI'm going dry for the month of January. Why? Because what began as a treat ended up feeling more like a prescription, and according to research, I'm not alone in using alcohol to cope with pandemic stress.

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Happy Friday!This is becoming a habit& me stopping by once a week, feeling guilty for not writing more often but unable to because work worky work work.

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Parenting As A ChildI honestly believe that my mothers plan for me was to be her babysitter. I have a stepbrother who is 15 years old now, but I did not get to see him hardly ever when our parents first started...

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Online ‘active parenting' classes begin Feb. 1The program, run in partnership by Cordova Community Medical Center and Cordova Family Resource Center, will teach techniques for more intentional, and more effective, parenting.

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Helpful tips on how to manage sibling rivalry and to promote good relationship among themNo matter how your kids are playing together and no matter how they bond during playtime, let's face the fact that there are things or situations wherein they come into a point of having misunderstandings and disagreements.

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Vaccination in New York: What it was like to wait at Brooklyn Army Terminal, hoping for a vaccine."I definitely think they should have had a better system....I was just thinking, ‘wow this is a stroke of luck."

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The Flipping SwitchI haven't posted the contents of this blog for the past few weeks because I didn't want to end 2020 on a sour note; or shall I say any more sour than the rest of the year brought for everyone and with a worldwide pandemic, quarantines and minimal social encounters, and of course the overall standard stress of being a parent and full time worker.

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Walk in FilthWhen a Person commits horrific Crimes, during competency test the Psychologist usually ask the question. Shared .

Trump's effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census apportionment has failed.NPR's Hansi Lo Wang first reported the DOJ's filing. Donald Trump intended to use this data for the apportionment of congressional seats among states; his plan, if successful, would have stripped seats in the House of Representatives from states with large undocumented communities.

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Prison PlanetBarricades, fences and gates separating you from interacting with others. Directions on the floor telling you where you’re allowed to walk and stand.

Secrets Of The Universe Shared .

5 Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Opening UpWhat to do to open up communication when your teen.

Amanda Robinson, LPC, RPT Shared .

Wendell Pierce On Parenting, The Pandemic And Reckoning With The PastThis weekend, you can see actor Wendell Pierce star in a new production that is streaming for free online.

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Mike Pence calls Kamala Harris, breaks with his party to concede.Donald Trump will likely never admit that he lost. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel hasn't confirmed Biden's victory either.

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62.) BIG girl status&I’m not one to really make “resolutions” or start the year out with a vision board&.

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M&S increase A£15 free school meal voucher to A£20Each week during the lockdown, M&S is funding an additional £5 towards the £15 free school meal vouchers , so kids can have breakfast and lunch.

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In-laws moving too close: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on invasive in-laws, grandparenting assistance, and poor parenting enablement.

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Styling the Baby BumpAs soon as I found out I was pregnant I of course had all the emotions.

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Fight Back! ?I actually made it to town today. I only had the energy to brave Hellmart as opposed to multiple stops but I ripped off that parti ular bandage.

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MOM DilemmaPhoto by Zen Chung on So, my daughter wants to go to a community college because she does not think she is smart enough to get into University.

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Vision Is Hot NowOne of WandaVision's greatest achievements is giving us the Paul Bettany we deserve.

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Democrats welcome Biden era with online brawl over COVID relief money arithmetic.Is a $600 check and a $1,400 check a $2,000 check?

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Disneyland annual pass: interview with Disney superfan expert Scott Renshaw.One pass holder visited 2,995 consecutive days before the park closed in March.

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Sheriffs, the Capitol riot, and right-wing militias: Sheriffs helped lead this insurrection.On Jan. 6, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb made a promise. Delivering a speech in Phoenix during the ongoing mob attack on the nation's Capitol, Lamb accused former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of unnamed crimes and repeated President Donald Trump's false claims about election fraud.

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Bridgerton mystery: I don't care who Lady Whistledown is on the Netflix show. This is what I need to know.I have questions about a certain business model.

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Jamie Lynn Sigler talks about pandemic parenting in postThe actress and singer opened up about parenting her sons during the pandemic, saying she wants others to take the virus seriously so life returns to normal. Shared .

Positive Parenting offers free virtual parenting seminars, discussion groupsParenting in a pandemic is a new scenario. More parents are working from home as the province-wide lockdown and state of emergency continues and children are attending classes virtually. Shared .

Parenting expert Maureen Dennis on keeping your family busyMany of us have chalked the walks, baked the bread and solved the puzzles. So what's next?

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Star Trek: Discovery and Lower Decks took turned the Orions from sex slaves and pirates into take-charge villains and scientists.For decades the green-skinned Orions were pirates and slaves and not much else. This year, two shows changed that.

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Kristin Cavallari Has the Best Response to Critics of Her ParentingDuring a recent interview, Kristin Cavallari shared her thoughts on mommy shamers. Keep scrolling for her message to haters.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News Update 15th January 2021.Yesterday the UK abacus was broken, and they didn't release any numbers unt...

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For the Ones Who Startle Easily"Nowadays, when I look back on that day my dad died 50 years ago, what strikes me the most is not the memory of my own sadness, but the faces of the people who cared for me." Nan McCarthy My dad died 50 years ago today, January 15, 1971.

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Square upWhen I am working on a quilting project I have learned that it is very important to square things up regularly.

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George Saunders' A Swim in a Pond in the Rain, reviewed.Can the old Russian masters really teach us everything we need to know about writing?

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Quarantine comedy stars Caleb Hearon, Alyssa Limperis, and Megha Rethin, in conversation.Caleb Hearon: The worst thing I've made is this video where I was sitting in my car and a police siren or an ambulance siren or something went by and I just sat in silence and then was like, "It's not illegal to be yourself." I thought that was so stupid, and I couldn't even believe I posted it, but people love it.

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This week in homeschooling&This pretty accurately depicts our homeschool this week! As we ease back into school after a long winter break, we took it slow to avoid feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

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My No Good, Very $! #%*! MorningHe lulled me into a false sense of security. Every morning for the past few weeks he’s been playing hot wheels  so nice  so quiet  so cute, with his little imagination running....

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What is Deschooling?For parents considering pulling their kids out of school to homeschool you will want to look into something called deschooling.

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A Tie is Worth A PointI have just about made it to the weekend. This was a pretty crappy week.

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Diary of ANOTHER Lockdown: #2Saturday I wake up and all is peaceful. There are two adults downstairs and no drama.

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Narrow Escape! The Cursed Babysitter Ep. 13Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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Packing the Entire House in 3 Days!.We found so many memories as we packed up the entire house in boxes! Presave Bryan's new song "Walls" here: Our New Living Arrangements.

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Today Is The DayLet me start by saying this is not Bryson’s story. One day we will be at liberty to share his story and it will touch the multitudes.

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Kristen Bell's Parenting Strategies During a Pandemic Include Riddles, Laundry, and Bob Ross'Frozen' star Kristen Bell isn't just sitting around bored during the pandemic, she's making her home a haven for imaginative play.

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The Caretaker AdvantageFrom the newsletter Yesterday, about 30 minutes before I was about to join a webinar about the pandemic relief for schools, I got a frantic call from my mom.

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Not The SameRaising adoptees is not the same as raising biological kids. An adoptees reactions are not the same.

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Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford apologizes to Black constituents for undermining the election result."My intent to give a voice to Oklahomans who had questions was never also an intent to diminish the voice of any Black American."

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Mike Pompeo is the worst secretary of state in U.S. history.Trump may have some competition for the worst president title, but Pompeo is in a class of his own.

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La maternelle, dAjA ?I dont know what happened. I feel fairly confident that it wasnt that long ago that I gave birth to our 2nd son.

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A Thousand LensesThe past few nights I have felt haunted while awake. I wake many times during the night, some nights I barely sleep more than 40 minutes at a time.

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Early-stage climate-friendly energy tech should be a priority for the Biden administration.Much of the conversation around federal clean energy policy has focused on solar, wind, and personal electric vehicles.

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Why Study Abroad?Hello, how are you doing today? I hope you are well and keeping safe. How was the work week or business week?

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5 Awesome Ways to Engage Children during Lock-downPhoto by Ketut Subiyanto on Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or working from home due to COVID, the above picture is a true depiction of a typical household these days.

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Why Talking to Yourself is A Double Edged SwordIs your inner voice a friend or foe? We often dont even notice. Read on to see if yours is a cheerleader or a critic, and how that affects you!

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Remember to always sweat the small stuff.My dad, a carpenter by trade, always told me to sweat every detail. Make sure that your mitre is square.

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Wood wick candles to bring cheer and warmth to your home.These wood wick candles are like a tiny fire in a jar.

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Lesson 7: Look for the good and let the rest go.Gram was a little more outspoken at times, yet she had a very quiet way of letting you know when she disapproved of someone, but she also had a way of saying, “It’s not for me to judge.” She forgave easily and didn’t hold grudges.

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The Meaning Of Your LifeA life is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things. When you zoom the lens out, when you consider the enormity of existence.

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Meal Prep With Me! Weekly Routine, Tips + 3 Recipes!Follow What's Up Moms at Facebook: : : : Meg on Instagram: provide our videos for entertainment and promotional purposes only.

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Celebrate Wikipedia's 20th birthday by learning to edit it.At a Monday press conference commemorating Wikipedia's 20th birthday, Jimmy Wales joked, "We were never as bad as they thought we were, and we're not as good as they think we are." Then again, the recent spike in praise for Wikipedia is enough to make any internet encyclopedia editor blush.

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Thoughts on Parenting from a Childfree WomanI started blogging about being childfree in 2018. It was during that time that I was able to digest and reflect on all the reasons people have children or choose the other path in life.

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Words as Understood by MindDid you know that our subconscious mind can only process the positive? Like if you say to your kid "𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐧𝐚ðð 𝐡𝐭𝐲", their brain actually understands it as "𝐛𝐞 𝐧𝐚ðð 𝐡𝐭𝐲" Try to state your intention...

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To The Mama With Her First Born On The WayCongratulations! You’re going to be a Mama! Maybe you’ve recently started spreading the news or you are well into your pregnancy.

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The role of occupational therapy for children with learning disabilitiesOccupational therapy helps individuals optimise their performances in meaningful activities. For children, this would comprise school, play, and social interaction with friends.

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Dreaming in a DreamI felt suicidal this morning for the first time in a long time. After I dropped off the kids, I sat in the car in the church lot.

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Lockdown DiariesIsolating. Suffocating. Claustrophobic. Any of those words sound familiar to you? Those are just a few words to describe how challenging lockdown life can be.

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Justice Department Filing Says "Strong Evidence" Capitol Rioters Intended to "Capture and Assassinate" LawmakersThe American public is now entering a new phase of understanding about the events of last week, and the alleged motive of capturing and assassinating lawmakers is chilling.

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Create Your Own Rock LabCreate your own rock lab where children can learn how to identify rocks including igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

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Pandemic parenting is hard, leading Marina Gomberg to feel fatiguedColumnist Marina Gomberg writes about feeling so tired from spending all day, every day with her son, while trying to work her full-time job during a pandemic.

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Mini Book Review  BIG Purple MommyHappy Friday. Or Hard to believe we are halfway through the first month of 2021, and to quote someone on Twitter, I’m starting to believe 2021 is just 3 2020’s in a trench coat.

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1980s Mammy Has A No Nonsense ApproachRight now, if I was to name the person I identify with most in the universe, it would have to be Mel Gibsons William Wallace.

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Wendell Pierce On Parenting, The Pandemic And Reckoning With The PastWendell Pierce says that live audiences always "let you know if you're on the right track." But filming this new production without a live audience, he said it heightened his focus "to tell the story as clearly as possible." Pierce is pictured above in Paris in October 2016.Image credit: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt.

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ShreddedI never did make it to town yesterday. I felt lousy about it but I did check the weather and saw I would have a small window today to run the errands so I did not view it as some fatal failing.

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Wendell Pierce On Parenting, The Pandemic And Reckoning With The PastWendell Pierce says that live audiences always "let you know if you're on the right track." But filming this new production without a live audience, he said it heightened his focus "to tell the story as clearly as possible." Pierce is pictured above in Paris in October 2016.

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Is It Time To Restyle Your& Home?When we think about upgrading our home, we probably know what we want and therefore are already looking at residential architects.

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Homeschooling ResourcesInformation and resources for homeschooling your child during these challenging times. And some reassurance, too.

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8 tips from a Bride when planning your own WeddingFrom wedding photographers to when is best to marry! Check it out!

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Episode 59: Babies, part 2Lael shares about how she helped her daughter heal from birth trauma with Aware Parenting, and the tangible signs in her baby's behaviour that showed her that the trauma was being released.

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Today's NewsCurated for busy parents like you and I.

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Growth Through HeartacheI referred to it in our last post. Today I want to share the story that took our marriage from the honeymoon stage to the next level of intimacygrowth through heartache.

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One Night in Miami true story: What's fact and what's fiction in the new movie.Did Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, and Muhammad Ali really all party together?

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Dog friendly UK staycation ideas for 2021While we may not be able to travel just yet, read on for our top UK dog friendly destinations for 2021.

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Little AngelsAt the park, Tom and I took turns pushing Artie in the swing  his latest obsession  when a little girl wearing a periwinkle blue princess dress and a floral sun hat came up to us.


Slate News Quiz: Capitol riot arrests, COVID-19 vaccine, Presidential Medal of Freedom.Test your knowledge of this week's big stories.

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27 Easy and Fun Arctic Animal Crafts for KidsEasy animal crafts suitable for toddlers, preschoolers or school age children including polar bear crafts, arctic fox crafts, orca crafts, reindeers, snowy owls, moose, walruses and more.

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Joe Biden will immediately calm things down.Mostly, by not being Donald Trump.

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Latest supermarket offers, deals and bargains at Aldi, Asda, Iceland, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and moreHere are the latest supermarket offers to save you money on your food shop! Find out about food and drinks offers, deals, and bargains you can get at the moment.

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Raising Emotionally Intelligent KidsI sometimes struggle to manage my own emotions and cope with the emotions of others  how can I raise my kid to be emotionally intelligent?

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy When They Grow OldAs a pet owner and fur-parent it is your ability to ease the load for your furry friend and make their lives as comfortable as you can when they struggle to be as mobile as they once were.Â.

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Traditional British Hand-Raised Pork Pie RecipeA traditional British hand-raised pork pie recipe consisting of a roughly chopped pork filling enveloped in hot water crust pastry.

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Support Kids in Developing Gratitude, Generosity, and KindnessRepost @curious.parenting Instagram We can make a child say thank you, but we can’t make them feel grateful. We can make them share their toys, but we can’t make them choose generosity. We can make them apologize, but we can’t make them be kind.  If we want to support kids in developing gratitude, generosity, and kindness,...

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Welcome my co-creatorsHey Hey Hey! Im writing this Thursday, since I have a big meeting with my deans for the play Im directing.

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WandaVision explained, mostly: Didn't Vision die? What are Wanda's powers? And more.What's that symbol?

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I'm Not Paying For Your Negative AttitudeStefanie opens this weeks second episode of For Crying Out Loud recapping her recent trip to the dentist.

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No Means LoveMy heart is feeling so big right now that I can hardly contain all the joy and happiness in my body.

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How warm does your baby need to be?A lot of parents believe in wrapping up their babies in several layers of clothing to keep them warm and cozy.

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Bacon Ring Œ…This bacon ring, my kid loves so much. Unfortunately, I cannot go to bakery shop all the time.

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Writer, Gamer, Father, TeacherThe UK is back in lockdown and I have a brand new job title&.

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FeatureThe path of the gamer Dad is one fraught with great peril.

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Make the Most Out of Your Backyard: Smart Tips for a Lively Outdoor SpaceInstead of spending hours in a day just staring at your screen, you can give your outdoor space a boost and turn it from a cluttered backyard to an enchanting getaway for the whole family.

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The SicknessWhen I am sick, my sweet childs voice is a razor across my brain. I cannot even understand what he is saying, the roar in my head is too loud, I can only process the scraping, slicing feelin...

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A Comprehensive List: How To Pack For Your First Safari AdventureTop tips and ideas on How to Pack For Your First Safari Adventure - a comprehensive list of the things you will need.

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Learning CurvesSo often we think of the student and wilfully disregard the education of the educator.

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Parental stress, food parenting practices and child snack intake during the COVID-19 pandemicThis article was originally published here Appetite. 2021 Jan 12:105119. doi:. Online ahead of print.

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Roundabout Roundup: Jackbox Games, NordicTrack Studio Cycle, and The Bible in a Year PodcastOn this week's Roundabout Roundup: Catherine discovered the new-to-her suite of Jackbox Games, which she is using to cycle down memory lane.

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Forget resolutions, we've got New Year's Intentions!New Year's resolutions are kind of dumb. They're difficult to stick to, because if you mess up and break them, it's easy to give up until next year!

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Kristin Cavallari's BFF Justin Anderson Defends Her Parenting StyleJustin Anderson came to the defense of Kristin Cavallari when social media blasted her parenting style.

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Pregnant influencer, parenting blogger Emily Mitchell's cause of death revealedStock photo of a vigil candle. The cause of death in the unexpected Dec. 22 passing of Emily Mitchell, a popular parenting blogger and influencer who was roughly 16 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, has been revealed by organizers of a fundraising page for her family.

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BreechWhen I was expecting my first child, I knew labor would be difficult, but I was actually excited for it.

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My Meal Planning… SortaIm terrible at meal planning. Im also terrible at meal prepping. I have all these grand ideas to do both so that my family and I eat healthier.

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ML HeartbreakI am absolutely gutted and in shock. ML has always been one of the kids I really worry for, but tonight my worries came true.

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How You Can Improve The Health Of Your SkinYou cant prevent aging. You'll discover age spots and wrinkles showing on your face.

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Hot Mess MomThat term is used in a lot of different ways. Hot Mess Moms range from a strategic messy bun and leggings to bed head and gym shorts.

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SEX EducationSEX Education Bunda, can you sign this consent paper? Okay. Let me see. Di hadapan saya terpampang 2 lembar kertas permohonan ijin untuk anak-anak mengikuti kelas pendidi...

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Harold Bornstein Showed What Fealty to Trump Was WorthAs with most of the president's supplicants, it only earned the doctor disdain.

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Joe Biden's First COVID-Relief Bill Isn't Screwing AroundJoe Biden does indeed want to go big. The president-elect is proposing a new, $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package on Thursday night as the first item on his to-do list in office, a plan aimed at speeding up the vaccination rollout while providing vast amounts of financial support to households as well as state and local governments.

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The Dangers of Toxic RelationshipsA reflection of personal tragedy by Ellen Callen Suicide. How does a person of any age reach the point of deciding the only relief is to force an ending?

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Twitter OfficialMy son is celebrating is 17th birthday today. I have three sons and he is the middle one.

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Know Thyself: Self-Awareness is a Key Ingredient for Your Child's SuccessIf you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “I don’t like what I am doing, but why do I keep doing it anyway?

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Water Safety 101: How to Keep Your Kids Safe from DrowningThere are ways to keep your kids safe while allowing them to have fun in your pools at home.

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Sainsbury's TU 25% off clothingFind out when the next TU 25% off sale is running in 2021 and how to get the best discounts on clothing for women, men and kids, including school uniform and stuff already in their sale.

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Reconstruction lessons for Trump: Dealing with Confederate treason was more complicated than you'd think.The last time we had a national debate over treason, the Confederates got away scot-free.

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Managing the juggle of parenting and a screen career"When you've got a child screaming at your legs not wanting to be let go as you drop them off to a carer, you need to know why you're leaving them."

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