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Compassion vs. Empathy In the previous blog, we dealt on the differences between compassion and permissiveness. Permissive parenting is where the parents are more conscious about avoiding their child becoming upset, that they are willing to flex the rules or remove them altogether.

5 things I have learned about breastfeeding a toddler Many of us don't set out to breastfeed into toddlerhood, it is just something that seems to happen to us. We start off with a newborn, who quickly becomes a baby and before we know it, that baby is walking, talking and well and truly a toddler.

Nurtured Heart Approach - is it for FASD too? The Nurtured Heart Approach works incredibly well with children who are ADHD, ODD, or even just run-of-the-mill naughty, but will it work for your child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?I am a huge fan of the Nurtured Heart Approach for all children and really, all relationships!

Know Why. Four years ago, in a place we think of as home, a little girl - just six years old - was reported missing, searched for, and later found buried in the mud. She had been raped and killed by blunt force and possibly strangled as well. It was a situation that brought the entire area to it's knees then, and again now as sentencing was decided today.

5 Months! Let's just pause for a moment… Five months. Emelia-Michelle is 5 months old today… Bang on 6kg, and 66cm. Slowly filling out - and she now has chubby little cheeks and tiny cute dimples when she smiles. This month has been a somewhat eventful; but still actually pleasant month.

Learning to Love My Dad I wanted to write a nice piece for Father's Day to honor my dad. After all, I am a Christ follower and it's what I'm supposed to do. Except I couldn't pull it off. I've always written from an honest place, so I have to stay true to how God has called me to write.

Too Legit to Quit Life passions are interesting, at least for me. I often feel like my passions fizzle out. I will take up a hobby one year and the next, I'm over it. It's amazing I homeschooled as long as I did. I realize that I'm burned out. I probably have been for several years.

Why I Don't Want Kids as a Disabled Woman When I was a kid, I always preferred baby animals to baby dolls. I thought all babies were cute, except human babies. I just didn't see the appeal. Now I can kind of understand, but I'm still not really interested for different reasons. I mean, having a child sounds nice in theory.

30dayswild and setting ourselves a challenge You may or may not of heard of the The Wildlife Trust's June initiative of getting people out into nature everyday for thirty days. It's a great idea and for those people who live in a more built up environment, a good reason to explore nature daily.

7 Original Children's Party Ideas. In two weeks time it will be my son's birthday, Eb's and he will be four years old. For awhile now I have been mulling over how we should celebrate the day. Only it's never just one day is it? Celebrations usually tend to last a few days or maybe even a week.

Khloe Kardashian shares another photo of True's nursery which includes flamingo wallpaper and pink crystals She gave birth to her first child, daughter True Thompson, two months ago. And Monday Khloe Kardashian gave fans another look into the cute girl's pink nursery. Sharing content on her app, the 33-year-old revealed that it was True who picked out the flamingo theme.

My Days Are Numbered Yours are, too, although we don't know the exact number. No, you may not have a formal diagnosis. You may only now be reaching adulthood. But your time here is limited. Short. If I make it to 80, I have 2,444 weeks left. That's it, folks. Lately it seems as if God is trying to get my heart and my mind around this truth.

Remembering Dad In our home, we don't battle challenging illnesses…we live as fully as possible despite illness. On some days, living fully might be as simple as getting up and getting dressed and joining the family at the dining room table.

Tasty bakes + #recipeoftheweek 18 - 24 Jun I'm never happier than when I'm at home and something tasty is baking in the oven - the joy of making it followed by the delicious smell permeating the whole house can only be beaten by one thing… eating the wonderful dish in question!

Seesaw of parenting stress Parenting is often like having a camera which watches you all the time. One of the most challenging things about being a parent is the fact that the children are always observing, taking their cues about how to handle life's ups and downs from what they see their parents doing.

John Lewis Pays You For Unwanted Clothes Your unwanted clothes will either be:. Martyn White, Sustainability Manager at John Lewis said:. They also recycled materials from 55,000 mattresses. So, if you've got a few odd socks, an old coat that no longer fits or a pair of trousers with a busted zip, this is an easy way to make a few quid back on your clothes.

Best Movies & Television for Inspiring Gifted Kids This week at #gtchat, we explored movies and television that inspire gifted kids. They can portray gifted children in a negative light. Negativity, however, is often in the eye of the beholder. Movies and television programs reflect popular culture; and for that reason portray gifted children in a way they feel meets their audience's expectations.

Last Shot and feeling useless as a father For the last few Father's Day, I've gotten my dad a Star Wars card along with his present. It's become a tradition, and will no doubt continue in the years to come. But this Father's Day was different, so as well as getting the requisite Star Wars card I was watching over my own kid.

It's a Teen Most articles on "how to start a blog" tell you not to write about yourself, but in order for you to understand how this came about I really have to let you in. I'm 22 and have been living with my boyfriend for two years now. My parents divorced when I was 14 and my sister was 7.

Kindergarten Graduation: Is a Celebration Really Necessary? Every time I receive a notice about my daughter's pending Kindergarten graduation, my first thought, well after wondering how much this was going to run me, is if managing not to eat enough glue to get held back was really that much of an accomplishment.

Don't Know Much About: Literature Invitation to the Classics by Louise Cowan and Os Guiness. Realms of Gold and other works by Leland Ryken:. Mystery and Manners, by Flannery O'Connor. Bibliophiles podcast. Close Reads podcast.

Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Hazelnut Oaty Biscuits #vegan #recipe Roll the mixture into 18 small balls and place on the baking tray. Gently flatten each ball slightly with a fork or the back of a wooden spoon. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until brown at the edges. Remove form the oven and allow the biscuits to cool on the tray for 15 minutes, before transferring to a wire rack.

Why I chose Thea's name. I had some many names from the beginning of my pregnancy. Before I had Thea, I always wanted to have a little girl called Eliza. Eliza was the name that I loved from being younger and I always imagined my daughter being called that, but when I was pregnant someone I knew had a baby girl named Eliza.

Give a Gift with Real Meaning Sometimes it can be so difficult to find a gift that has real meaning. Finding something that conveys the perfect mix of your feelings for the person along with something that the receiver will like sure is tough. Some gifts are just fabulous, expensive, much wanted and yet a few years down the line, or months or days they are old hat.

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