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Be Like Barb and Larry! I'd like you to meet Barb and Larry, my parents:. I consider this to be the finest picture I've ever taken of them, and their proudly matching red flannel shirts and toothpaste ad grins make me smile every time I see it. I digress.

Good Ship Scholastica Congratulations on making it through your first week of school! Lincoln Girl and Edison Girl have bravely made their way to third and fifth grade, battening down the hatches of their first-day-of-school fears, and are now all aboard and sailing the Good Ship Scholastica, the vessel that weighs anchor and hoists its mizzen in pursuit of learning.

Momlife Before I got pregnant, I would hear this made-up word and thought it was so dumb and overused. I didn't understand the mom community and that would make sense because I was not yet a mom. I was a working girl. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and was always on the go, chasing the next adventure.

Over the Counter Drugs Reduce Fetus' Ability to ProCreate When They Grow Up, by 50 - 66% Studies show that 'safe' over the counter drugs will reduce your child's ability to procreate when they grow up, by 40-50% in females, and 66% on males after one week of taking the drug. Before we get into the details, think about who you are putting your trust in.

The story of our little house. It was three weeks into my husband's new job in downtown Vancouver. An adequately sized 800 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment for the 3 of us. Our mindset was 'OK, let's try this for a year and see what happens.' It'll be 8 years this October. Life is funny like that sometimes hey?

Toxic Foam in Mattresses, Furniture, and Car Seats - Safe Alternatives There are so many things and manufacturing processes I took for granted - I just never though to question them! Until a few years ago. One of these things is the foam used in our mattresses and baby products, such as carseats and carriers, as well as in furniture including the seats / chairs in airplanes.

I hummed the chorus… Mimi's first ever concert. Wow. She did not even mind going to see geriatrics on stage. The Waterboys at Leopardstown racecourse. Two new experiences in the same night! First, two races. And first first before the races, checking the horseys going round the paddock prior to their gallop around the track.

Gettin' Older… Nah… Only Better So… Monday was my 37th birthday. Yup. That happened. It was a REALLY good day. Super lowkey, filled with rain and sweets… Just like I like it!!! I think I'm actually ready for all the change we are preparing for! Usually, I… don't dread my birthday… But I'm definitely usually not excited for it.

The End of Summer, The Start of School It's the time of year when mom's can't move fast enough to put their kids on the bus, send them off to school so they can pop the cork on a bottle of wine, set an appointment on and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes when the summer ends and school is back in session!

7 truths about working moms Being a working mom comes with it's pros and cons. While pregnant with Kaylee I would have patients ask me if I was coming back once she was born or if I would be staying home with her.

Breaking Generational Curses Through Affirmations For years I suffered from low self-esteem. It began when I started middle school and heightened in high school. During my first pregnancy it grew stronger, and after I gave birth, my low self-esteem issues had reached it's peak. I remember crying every time my husband and I would discuss workout plans and weight-loss goals.

On Motherhood: Precipitous When people ask me how long I was in labor, I like to tell them 4 weeks. - me. It was 8 o'clock on June 14th, 2016. Sprawled on the couch was a very pregnant, very tired, very frustrated woman. She was 39 weeks pregnant. A tearful phone call to her husband earlier in the day summed up her state of mind precisely.

Do babies born with dwarfism need to stay in hospital longer? Do babies born with dwarfism need to stay in hospital longer? Yes. The length of stay in the NICU depends on the complications that can go along with dwarfism. Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.

At First I Thought Sleep Was Just Out In The Hallway At first I thought Sleep was just out in the hallway, finishing up a quiet conversation. Or flossing. I thought I heard the water running. But Sleep has taken the keys, is driving my new car, too fast, first around town then out over the hilly road along the cornfields.

Feeling the Frustration - How to Handle the "I Can'ts" It's 9 am on a Thursday morning and my son is on the floor sulking. He slept well the night before and ate a pretty well-balanced breakfast just an hour before. So what on Earth in the middle of the summer could have gotten him into such a funk that his entire body ended up on my dining room floor?

Stormy lessons… Last night's soccer practice got called due to some pretty nasty weather. As we left the fields, we were headed for some of the worst storm clouds I've seen in a while. I'm not gonna lie. I was a little worried. The lightning stretching across the sky, repeatedly, made the hair on my arms stand straight up.

Holiday Stress Now I thought holidays were meant to be stress-free, care-free and a chance to unwind? My holiday appears to coincide with my 5 year old's discovery of the word "No" and many other pleasantries that go with it. In order to make my holiday as stress-free as possible, I decided to book my flights with Ryanair.

Harry Potter and the Reluctant Reader Something amazing and magical and fabulous happened in our household this week. One of my reluctant readers ravished a part of a book in an afternoon. Ya'll. Okay, so background. I am an avid reader. My husband is not. Now, he devours books that he likes.

Revenge or Atonement? Another recent film is often compared to Taxi Driver, but it's both better and worse than First Reformed. I had a free Redbox rental, which is as good as Movie Pass for seeing movies on which I'm not sure whether I want to spend actual money.

Taking Charge: Friday Fictioneers Every parent has to take charge. Please and thank you only goes so far; nagging certainly doesn't work and we often let things get way too far out of hand… Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week photo is:.

The Bubble Debate "You can't keep them in a bubble and shield them from everything." I was on a community Facebook page today, and someone mentioned the music being played around small children at a small town country fair. It included lyrics with adult content. Questionable language and sexually explicit whether direct or innuendo.

The "Buzz" on death's door and superhero powers. A little unknown fact about me, I love being in nature. Nature may not always love me back. This one-sided love relationship "wake up" call began by the swarming of ground bees and their 100 plus love stings. Unfortunately, my devotion to mother nature was compromised by my body's reaction to the peptide called "melittin" in the bee venom.

Top Preschool Teacher Tips To Parents 1: Don't Re-Do What They've Done. Don't try to fix everything your child does. Resist the urge to try to make very thing look perfect. If she dresses herself in an interesting way, compliment her. Encourage their individuality don't 'fix' it! #2: Resist Doing For Them What They Can Do For Themselves.

Crazy Things Atticus Says Part 3 We were eating dinner and I put some food on Atticus's fork and told him to eat it. He said I was in trouble and needed a butt smack. I got up and he ninja kicked my butt and shouted "hiya!" Then he grabbed my hand and said I needed to go to my room.

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