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Positive Parenting: Kids more likely to retaliate than reciprocate?Do kids understand reciprocity, the idea of returning a favor? For example, think of the popular adage, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Scientists conducted a series of studies to find out. Shared .

Bedtime Stories We Loved: Volume 2T’s teacher recently started a Reading Log program; one new book is sent home every day for us to read with him at night.

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Reblog Feature: 4 Things You Shouldn't Feel Guilty As A BloggerCreating a blog was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life.

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Middle School Break-up: Part 2A week later he and Gemma were ‘going out’. I’m still not clear on what that really means. In my day it meant we hung out during lunch and breaks and held hands. From talking to Cole, it sounds like today it’s about the same, at least for him.Â.

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October's Must Have Products!Hello fellow parents! Tip top of the morning to you! Today I am realizing a few things that I just can’t seem to live without lately.

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Sensory Bins FTWSensory bins are a really cool way to keep your toddlers and young kids engaged and entertained!

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Halloween!With COVID around, it seems like holidays are doomed to be a drag. Halloween is in 3 days and while generally we would already have the kid's costumed planned and purchased for trick-or-treating, the media is highly encouraging pursuing other activities this year that keeps everyone home.

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A new French law extends worker protections to child social media influencers.This new legislation is incorrectly views everything children do through the lens of risk.

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Mess or Memory?Looking at this pile of dishes, I asked myself Mess or Memory?  After a full day of work yesterday, my daughter and I made the transition home.

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Colostrum: The Mind-Blowing Superfood for Your BabyIn particular, colostrum contains immunoglobulin A, an antibody that protects against infection of the throat, lungs, and intestines.

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Laundry Fail.So, lately Ive been having meetings with my younger sister, Cindy, about my novel and how its getting along.

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The Breonna Taylor Fight Is Reshaping Kentucky PoliticsGrassroots protesters are demanding that their elected officials support the Movement for Black Lives.

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Healthier) Halloween Food IdeasHalloween is just a couple of days away and if you’re anything like me, you may be scrambling for some fun, last minute ideas.

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Pros and cons of buying an investment rentalRetirement isn't the sexiest thing to think about, but unless you want to spend your golden years stuck at home watching every penny, it's important to do just that.

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Trump Omaha rally: The pandemic danger reelection tour adds hypothermia to its risk profile.Don't worry, though, your hospital bed shortage won't affect Mike Pence.

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Travelling with children during a pandemicTravelling with children during a pandemic adds another layer of things to consider.

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Episode 377: Halloween Memories! with Helen EllisBiz is joined by her sister, Helen Michelle, to take a spooky stroll down Halloween Memory Lane.

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A decade is simply a word &I dont come to And 2 Makes Crazy often  my life in Poland turned into the mundane.

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Top 5 Tips on Organizing Baby's ClothesHaving the cute little burrito-bundled baby and the fresh new baby smell with plenty of cuddly warmness in your arms is all heavenly good, until~ when you go to their closet to look for your favorite baby mittens, and it's other pair is no where to be found.

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From Womb to World, the journey that shapes our lifeFrom Womb to World, the journey that shapes our life" Everything that happened before we took your very first breath, plays a part in shaping the present, and is the starting-point in creating our future."

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How do you track a murder hornet?"We've now demonstrated that we can actively trap, track, find the nest, and take it out," Sven-Erik Spichiger, an entomologist with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, said in a virtual press conference on Monday.

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Worst presidential transition periods: Remembering the 1860 shift from Buchanan to Lincoln.A Trump-Biden transition is sure to be scary. But it'd be hard to beat Buchanan-Lincoln.

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The Need to Feel SpecialVacillators have an exaggerated need to feel special, important to others. How We Love Our Kids, p.

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Mirror ain't defectiveFill in your details below or click an icon to log in.

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Parents Should Resist the Urge to Helicopter Parent During Remote School, Experts SayHelicopter parenting is back, in the worst way. With everyone in close proximity, some parents just can't help it.

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D.C. prisoners on what it's like to vote in prison.The process went surprisingly smoothly, one incarcerated person said.

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Why is Turkey suddenly fighting with everyone?Erdogan's quest to make Turkey great again has made some enemies.

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How to keep calm and cope with parenting in term fourThe brief behind this article was how to create calm and workable routines for term four, but - from where I sit - term four already has that snowball vibe, like we're gaining momentum at a daunting pace and it might be easiest if we just hold on tight and ride it out till Christmas.

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5 Quick Solutions to Reduce Your Grocery CostsA look at some quick solutions to reduce your grocery costs and keep your weekly bills down.

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Vulnerability and HealingAnd for reasons I can’t quite describe. But I’ll try. Several months ago, my mother needed help.

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Fun and LaughterWe were laughing over a pop up Alien spring toy of all things. Everytime my daughter pushed it down to set the spring, it would take a minute to pop across the room at great speed much to my daughters delight and she was in fits of giggles which in turn made us all laugh, it was contagious.

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Peaceful Parenting With Differing Parenting StylesParenting can be a real challenge for partners who don’t always agree in their parenting styles. Luckily, there are some tips for a more peaceful atmosphere at home.

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Jack Dorsey's beard could use its own Senate hearings.The Twitter CEO has gone from businessman to Burning Man.

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Presents vs. PresenceNow don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging the parents who spoil their kids. I am a spoiler myself, my kids have everything they need and want and it actually makes me happy to be able to provide them with toys, games, clothes, or whatever it is they ask for , but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the...

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Lo-Dough ReviewLo-Dough is a vegetarian, and GMO, dairy, nut and soy-free alternative to regular flour dough.

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8 Parenting Myths Not Grounded in ResearchThere are always some common parenting myths that seem to pop up as questions in my classes of teaching parenting over the last twenty years. I am constantly amazed at how wide-spread they are across North America and Europe.

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15 Things You Shouldn't Say To A New MamaAs a new mama you’re in a vulnerable place. But even if you usually have amazing boundaries with people, you can still experience some crazy comments that make you wonder what on EARTH people are t...

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17 Things You Should NOT Say To A New MamaAs a new mama you’re in a vulnerable place. But even if you usually have amazing boundaries with people, you can still experience some crazy comments that make you wonder what on EARTH people are t...

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Was Joe Biden the best Democratic candidate after all?Six early skeptics reconsider "electability" and their own ideas about who could beat Trump.

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The best movies, TV shows leaving Netflix in November 2020.This is your last chance to stream Y Tu Mamá También, The Addams Family, Moneyball, and more.

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Attachment Parenting 101The attachment parenting philosophy is based on empathetically responding immediately to a child’s direct and indirect needs. Attachment parenting is about treating children with dignity and respect afforded any adult.” These words were written by Ellen Percival and Sherry Kerr in the October / November 1996 issue of Calgary’s...

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A letter to my daughterTo my baby girl, You save me. Everyday when I feel it’s all too much, that I can’t go on, that I just can’t do it anymore, you save me.

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Extractions for Michael AND ChrisFind pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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WeekMake allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, also you must forgive others.

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Parenting: How do I tell my 6 year old its not ok to kiss everyoneJoanna Fortune, Psychotherapist specialising in Child and Adult Psychotherapy, joined Sean for her weekly Parenting slot.

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Parenting: How do I tell my 4 year old I have had a miscarriageJoanna Fortune, psychotherapist specialising in Child and Adult Psychotherapy, joins Tom Dunne to answer your parenting questions...

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Husband into butt play: Do I have to participate in his kink?I thought I could get into it for his sake, but his fetish is grossing me out!

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New research reveals the most popular songs to give birth toWhen it comes to setting the mood for child birth, these are the top picks.

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Webinar: Master your anxious thoughtsIm so happy to announce that next Monday, November 2, at 1 pm ET, Im going live with a brand new webinar to help you master your anxious thoughts.

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RE: This Blog HiatusAt first there were no excuses. I just simply didnt feel like writing, and there was nothing going on.

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Suga: More centralization and secrecy in Japan.In the COVID era, the country is embracing centralization, control, and secrecy.

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Keep shining as bright as the moon!In Religion yesterday my son learnt about God and how he created everything. Religion is the one subject that truly captivates his attention for a long time compared to other subjects.

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Celebrating 10 Years In Print!Celebrating 10 years since publishing The Wisdom of Solomon! Â I compiled this book from my spiritual teacher's work on the practical application of commonsense metaphysics, Â esoteric wisdom and sacred mysteries.

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Talk Less, Smile More: How I'm Trying To Listen BetterBesides my complete obsession with Hamilton, this is a real thing that we all need to do better.

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Super Amazing SisterFH and I decided to start trying for our own baby, so I got my IUD removed in the beginning of June.

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When Conscious Parenting Feels HardRemember this when conscious parenting feels this when your friend tells you that sleep training only took a few nights of crying and now their baby is blissfully sleeping through the this when others tell you that you really need to start using "more discipline" so that your child is better " this&"

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Captain ChaosMy 1.5 year old Childs new nick name is Captain Chaos because, well, he is constantly causing chaos.

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1st Family Camping TripId feel bad if I didnt at least tell you that I was anxiously searching for hotel rooms after the first night&.

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Trump political appointee removes U.S. climate agency's chief scientist.NOAA's integrity policy prohibits ideologically driven manipulation of scientific research.

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How Do We Change The World By Changing Our Relationship With Our KidsWhen you change your relationship with your kids, you are changing family patterns, habits, and narratives.    You are saying.

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Slate Culture Gabfest on Borat 2, "The Harry Smith B-Sides," and Zoom.Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more.

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What To Do When You Find Yourself in Power StruggleYour child pushes their sibling down while youre at a friends house, you ask them to apologize, and they say NO and run off.

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10 tricks to boost memory in kidsChildren who struggle with memory often lag behind in the classroom. Such kids have a hard time registering information.

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What To Do With The Kids At HomeIt's all very different, but that doesn't mean we can't still make it fun! When we look back, we won't really remember 2 weeks of self...

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Which Home Improvement Adds the Most Home Value for UK Home Owners?It can be really useful to know which home improvement adds the most home value for UK home owners an where to invest your energy.

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Mrs Hinch sends a parenting message to all her mummy fansThe cleaning influencer gave her mum fans some inspirational words of wisdom along with a never before seen picture of baby boy Ronnie.

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An Autism mom's fight.Ike has always been a hyper, outgoing child. I would say 95% of the time he is happy.

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My wife is too stupid to home-school our kids: Dear Prudence podcast.I have a graduate degree and work in finance. She's literally a beauty school dropout.

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KeepKidsReading  Building your childrens library #3  6-8 year oldsIts over a year since I started this series of posts and it seems a particularly good week to be picking them up again.

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Kate Middleton has broken Royal Family parenting traditions with 'hands-on' approachKATE MIDDLETON is the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, both 38. A parenting expert explained why they have broken some Royal Family traditions when raising their children. Shared .

You are hereHey kiddo. So I’ve been putting off writing this one for a while because it’s going to be a tough one.

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5 Hampers that you won't believe you can easily put together for a loved one!5 Hampers from creative, food, healthy and sweets. Perfect gift ideas for your friends or family this year.

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Multisensory Approach to teach your Child to ReadThe multisensory teaching method is the incorporation of many senses into the teaching system so as to address the different reading capabilities and styles in students.

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How to Prepare Your Daughter for a Top Career in STEMI'm wondering - what are the best ways to prepare my daughter for a top career in STEM?

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A Little Explorers city break at 100 Queen's Gate LondonFamily Travel review: 100 Queen's Gate hotel in Kensington have set up the Little Explorers package.

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Why Positive Attention Daily is ImportantPositive attention is the way you show delight in your child and warmth in your relationship through: smiling at your child making eye contact and using caring facial expressions being physically gentle and caring with your child using words to celebrate and encourage your child showing interest in your child’s interests, activities and...

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Dodgers' Justin Turner Celebrates World Series Win On-Field Despite Testing Positive for Covid-19 Mid-GameTurner was pulled in the 7th inning and placed in isolation, but returned to celebrate.

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5 "Unconventional" things I've taught my daughterThey are “unconventionally” necessary! A UNICEF report on early childhood development has outlined that the formative years, ages from 0 to 8, in our children’s lives are the most important ones “for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development”.

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What I Learnt From My Baby!Children are our best teachers. We can learn so much by just observing them. Here is what I have learnt by observing my 1.5 year old and spending time with him: 1)      Ignorance is actually bliss – We know the “correct” way to play a game/do any activity and we always stick to it.

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Homemade Apple Pie Spice Mix&.I've been using this homemade apple pie spice mix for a couple of months now and seeing as I've just made a new batch, I thought I'd share the recipe with you today.

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Slate News Quiz: Trump administration recap—executive orders, Supreme Court, coronavirus.Test your knowledge of the eventful past four years.

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Dumping the Notions&It is midterm. Mammy knows that she needs to try to decompress and relax while one has time off the job job.

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The Senate tech hearing on anti-conservative bias is really about helping Trump.Senate Republicans don't want answers from the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. They want to cow them.

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Black Lives Matter, Alamance County, and local elections: Activists get out the vote in North Carolina.A rural North Carolina county is working to turn anger over police brutality into lasting change.

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How A New Dad Makes FriendsA 2020 Problem A network of likeminded friends, with similar aged babies, is really valuable as a parent.

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A Black state lawmaker contends with Kentucky's racism.Attica Scott sees fear and bias all over her state. That's not stopping her from saying Breonna Taylor's name.

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Danica McKellar Has Been Homeschooling Before It Was Cool/MandatoryThe Wonder Years. Yes, she was in The West Wing. But did you know this momma is also a New York Times bestselling author, mathematician and advocate for math education?

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Raining Dogs and Cats&There is rain forecast today and tomorrow too. Are you ready for it? Get everything inside.

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Parenting In Focus: Your baby's developmentWhen a baby is born, her brain is about a-quarter the size of the brain she will have as an adult.

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B&m HaulHello everyone and welcome back to my channel. I have never done a B&M haul on my channel before, but I popped in the other day and got quite a few bits so thought I would share.

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Listening to Emotions Can Be Hard.My boys cry. Not that much of a big deal, maybe. Except that for a long time I tried to make it stop.

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The Promise-Tree PlantingThe wonderful picture book, The promise by Nicola Davies has had a lovely animation made in in collaboration with the BBC.

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Thomas Cassia Train Set ReviewThomas the tank engine has been a favorite in our home for years now and I love the lessons that come with the stories.


Leek and Potato SoupThis is by far one of the easiest and cheapest soups to make. It matches my formula of minimal input for maximum output perfectly.

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What Parents should knowWould you ,for a day, let your your social media sites, and read-reply to your messages?

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How to make them listen ?What we lack today is the way, the perfect way to communicate with our children. Shared .

Mummy and MeMummy and Me - October 2020 The month started in Lincolnshire and ended with half term, a trip to the Zoo and Steam train adventures.

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New* Full House Tour! Our Family Home 2020!Hello! I'm Em an award winning U.K based creator. I live in Birmingham with my two lovely children, my husband Stephen and our Westie.

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20 of the Best L.O.L. Surprise Gift Ideas for Every LOL Fan! #LOLSurprise #giftguide #giftideas #Christmas # #If you have a little girl who loves the L.O.L. Surprise series, you are going to love this L.O.L. Surprise Gift Guide I've put together!

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Boundaries and Mind-GamesIts important to set boundaries with your kids  prepare for toddler mind-games! Shared .

Simple Message1 JOHN 3:11 “For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another;” We are taught from birth to love one another.

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Find that PlaceAnd the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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Rochelle Barrish: The day I found out that parenting is a piece of Beer Box cakeIn a fit of inspired parenting and trying to make fractions fun for her teenage son, Rochelle Barrish had the genius idea to bake a beer box cake. Shared .

Parenting the Future forum: expert tips and advicePaid partnership with Biostime Nutrition.

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How scary is The Craft: Legacy? Scarier than the original? Explained.Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether movies are too scary for you.

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The Mom Job Description Gets LongerAs this infographic from Scary Mommy shows.

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Thuli Madonsela Launches Her First Children's BookWho would you trust to write a children's book for your children? Prof Thuli Madonsela needs no introduction in the political and legal field, and she is now extending her extraordinary impact to younger minds and families with "Melo's Kingdom", her first children's book.

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Getting Back to the BasicsHello, again. I hope this finds everyone doing well& or as well as possible. Me, Im doing pretty good right now.

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Uncanny VictoriesCurrently there are lots of victories we celebrate. Let me tell you one tale elaborately.

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Lunch Break's Over: Let's Try This AgainAnd I recognize that I have been about as reliable as your trusted dad blog enthusiast as Chris Wallace is at moderating presidential debates.

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Kim Kardashian's private island 40th birthday party in a pandemic is actually fine, all thing considered.Didn't she mention she did this humbly?

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The Value in All ThingsBy having so much less, I valued what I had so much more.

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Self Care Isn't SelfishYou’re a wife. You’re a mom. You have a career. Most women fit in at least two of these categories.

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Episode 55: DisappointmentYou can find out about Lael's Aware Parenting for couples course here: can find out about Marion's Inner Loving Presence Process course here: come over to our Facebook page, or find us on Instagram @ can find Marion at and Lael at if you haven't already, would you be like to subscribe to the podcast so we can show up in your...

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I Began With The End In MindA bit of nostalgia washed over me today as I signed Kris up for the High School Placement Test for the Archdiocese of Washington Schools.

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'Some mates just don't get it' and other discoveries of a first-time dad"We've got this! ", "Oh my god, what are we doing? ", "Why did we do this?"

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BBC Radio SheffieldI am pleased to say that BBC Radio Sheffield will be interviewing me tomorrow morning, 28th October at 07 50 UK time.

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The Gist: Nat Herz on Alaska's elections.Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more.

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Parenting Through DepressionThat’s exactly what I’m doing now. Over the past several weeks, I wrote down my thoughts, with full intention of sharing.

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What Biden can learn from Obama's mistakes about health care, economic recovery, Republican Congress.Lessons about economic recovery, health care, and dealing with Republicans in Congress.

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I used to be a neo-Nazi. Here's what I learned.In a country with big problems, people will turn to extremes for fulfillment.

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Donald Trump's Company Charged the Government $3 to Serve Him a Glass of WaterThe Washington Post's David Fahrenthold is back with more reporting on the subject that he covers better than anyone else in the world, namely, the bogus methods by which Donald Trump funnels money to himself.

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Keeping Safe on the road: Tips for Mums who Drive.How to keep safe on the road as a driving Mom.


Gravel RoadsSteam lifts the warmth awayfrom my coffee mugas the sun splays aroundThis Mountain Viewleaving meto the shadowsof my thoughtsBirds chatter about the weatherwhile I take a sipmy eyesblur memory lines.

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Breastfeeding& demanding and exhausting, but so rewardingI breastfeed all 4 of my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I loved the bond it created between me and my children.

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The mail is slowing down again.All of that happened—but the mail is still a problem. USPS delays might mean that hundreds of thousands of ballots might not make it in before the tight state mail-in voting deadlines upheld by the courts.

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Parenting Mantra  Lose the egoA statement no parent wants to hear. A statement every parent is forced to hear.

Acceptance Parenting Shared .

Brett Kavanaugh's defense of voter suppression is riddled with errors.Kavanaugh's opinion was stunningly sloppy and riddled with false claims.

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Running conundrumFor the last seven or so years I’ve been running on and off, mostly off as running isn’t really recommended for those with issues in the nether regions, but just lately circumstances have enabled me to do that bit more.

Thoughts On The Challenge Of Fertility Shared .

We Got Some 'Splainin To DoI just got done speaking to a couple of students. Things are a little and tumultuous right now; in this country, in our school, shoot& in life generally*.

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Five steps for fighting back after a disputed election.The leader of the movement that brought down Milosevic on what Americans might need to prepare for.

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The Week JuniorA family lifestyle blog about the adventures of parenting four under fives - family travel, kids fashion and our day to day adventures.

The Adventure of Parenthood Shared .

This Supreme Court Will Risk Its Legitimacy to Secure the Election for TrumpThis is what a power grab looks like.

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Strange climax and masturbating the same way: sex advice.It seems to be the opposite of what the experts say.

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Deployment DiariesI am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related!

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CBD benefits for moms: How it can help you deal with the parenting stressIf you are looking for a wellness aid to get you through these tough times, CBD can do wonders.

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"Namaste Laxmi Aunty"You will become a watchman when you grow up.” is very common thing that parents usually say to their children when they don’t study.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 26th and 27th October 2020.The UK added 22,885 cases today and now has reported a total of 9...

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Modern Manners for Moms and Dads: Practical Parenting Solutions for Sticky Social Situations by Evie Granville and Sarah Davis  Blog TourThank you to Evie Granville and Sarah Davis for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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Happy Birthday HPMy oldest son will be 9 in a week. The last few years were always so hectic, because I was either working, or they had school stuff, yadda yadda& This year is much calmer, even with it being election day, it's still calm in our home.

Sometimes You Can't Do Anything, And That's Okay. Shared .

Will there be an answer?Photo Credit: Pinterest That window creaked. The iron bars made the rusty screeching noise as a four-year-old pushed and pulled them.

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One week before the 2016 presidential election, here's what was happening.A simpler time.

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Best Mobility ScootersBest mobility scooters and how to choose the best one.

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The Places You'll GoHave you read this book to your children? The Places You Will Go, was written by, Dr Seuss in 1990, it was the last story he wrote before he passed away in 1991.

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Reigniting Sparks&I learned through a recent webinar from Donalyn Miller, a strong advocate for children's literature and motivating kids to read, that statistics show there's a drop in interest in reading for children between 3rd and 4th grades &exactly where my son is.

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Family separation effects: Jewish kids split from parents during the Holocaust suffered long-lasting damage.A study of Jewish children split from their families during the Holocaust suggests that separation's damage is deep and long-lasting.

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My Game changers and Must have's for Pregnancy, birth and beyond&I probably wasted ALOT of money first time around when having our eldest child, yet didnt invest in the little extras that couldve made a big difference to our wellbeing and overall e...

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An immigrant becomes a U.S. citizen to vote against Trump.An immigrant and first-time voter explains what drove her to the naturalization ceremony, and the polls.

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Five ways to address online speech problems without gutting Section 230.The CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google will face Congress on Wednesday in a hearing about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

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Using the Study Buddy Approach to Managing TimeYou may remember a few weeks ago I was invited onto The Study Buddys Podcast, where we discussed how to support children with Special Educational Needs when studying.

Special Educational Needs Resources Blog Shared .

Why did it take so long for Iowa Democratic Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield to get a Wikipedia page?"We are in an embarrassing situation where a clearly notable politician who appears poised to win a seat in the US Senate doesn't have an article—a complete failure of our mission to deliver high quality information to the world," Wales wrote, using his Wikipedia alias Jimbo.

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Faithfulness in School DaysMy kids went back to school in person today. Our district offered different modes of learning at the beginning of the year.

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Getting Ready for Halloween!Find pictures, updates, and more about Family Fun Pack Facebook: : : Instagram: Twitter:. Instagram: Instagram: ' Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Pets: guys, I'm Kristine and I began documenting my journey through motherhood here on YouTube in 2011.

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AMAZING HAIRCUT TRANSFORMATION! ! ️Hey! music video! Happy Birthday to Missy on insta! Hilarious Toddler Haircut! #transformation #reaction.

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Decoder Ring on Jane Fonda's workout VHS, celebrity fitness tapes, Hanoi Jane, Vietnam, and Richard NixonHow a VHS entrepreneur, dozens of celebrity fitness tapes, and Tricky Dick Nixon helped turn a controversial activist into a fitness guru.

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Tuesday's GIFTGOD This time of year there are many pumpkin recipes online. Here are some from Skinny Taste and A Mind Full Mom&& FAMILY/HOME Yesterday on my Reading Retreats bl...

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Facebook's censorship of the #EndSARS protests shows the price of its content moderation errors.It's yet another sign that automated content moderation systems are not up to the task.

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Parents Panel: Dads talk pandemic parentingFOX 5's Wisdom Martin spoke with three area dads who discuss their parenting strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Trump is surely suggesting early voters "change" their votes because it might slow down the vote count.Few states allow changes, but Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are among them.

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Dear Snarky  My Sister Pretended My Baby Was HersDear Snarky, I’m so angry at my sister right I dont think Ill ever get over it.

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My thoughts on becoming a stay at home momI’ve alluded to this here and there, but here’s my whole ~journey~ to becoming a stay at home mom: This might be more detail than anyone even cares about but here I go anyway LOL.

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Half term adventure from home-The snail and the whaleIt is half term for us. Sadly Hornsea is facing rising cases of Covid. We are not on full lockdown but many of our friends and family are having to isolate so many of our half term plans have been thrown off.

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Missing: my free morningActually, I don't know how this is gonna go - covid and 6 months of cool/cold/frigid weather keeping us mostly indoors - I'm already losing it and it's still only October& 🙄😭 Seriously, there are days.

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Hotel Chocolat VelvetiserIs the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser worth the money? How easy is it to clean? Which is the best flavour liquid chocolat?

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Day 32 in IsolationDave has officially settled in at the hospital and Keira is as happy as can be!

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Parenting May Change Permanently Due To PandemicA new poll shows families are adopting new routines and ways of helping each that are positive and moms and dads want to make them permanent.

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A Letter to my SonRiker, You are SO loved. These first two months of your life have been so different than they were with your sister.

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Kitchen confidentialDue to my position as a feral housewife who writes about her family, I am often asked by people what advice I’d give to someone who was unsure about having children.  OK, technically no one asks me that question but it seemed like a good opener and I have been itching to use the phrase&.

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Leftover fish? Make fish cakes!Fish is a healthy choice during pregnancy because it provides essential fats and protein for the brain development of your baby.

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Legal scholar Neil Richards on the First Amendment in the digital age.This article is part of the Free Speech Project, a collaboration between Future Tense and the Tech, Law, and Security Program at American University Washington College of Law that examines the ways technology is influencing how we think about speech.

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The four major differences between human and animal communication.Animals communicate, sure, but that's not the same as language.

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Philadelphia Police's Fatal Shooting of Armed Black Man Suffering From Mental Illness Sparks UnrestThe mother of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. was trying to defuse the situation when police arrived.

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Virtual schooling might change how some autistic students socialize.Moving life online isn't easy, but it's opened up some new possibilities.

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An introvert's guide to parenting an extrovert childUsing an acronym, these simple steps will help you channel your thoughts, and give you ideas about how to build a strong relationship with your extrovert child while continuing to love your own style as well.

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The Gifts and the BurdensThis article appeared on The XV website over a month ago. Its about being a dad or a son in rugby union and lays out some crucial advice on parenting a sporty child.

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Finding God, VHeathers faith has played a major role in her life starting from childhood. There are several reasons for my belief in God.

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Making mental and physical health a pandemic priorityLast week the gyms in South Yorkshire fought a battle and won! The right to continue doing fitness classes in a Tier 3 location.

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How Can I Teach my Baby to Sleep through the Night?Photo by Pixabay on In our natural sleep rhythms, we all wake up in the night and usually go back to sleep on our own.

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U.K. Study Finds Covid-19 Antibodies Fall Significantly, Making Immunity UnlikelyJust 4 percent of the U.K. population showed antibodies in September.

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Parenting 411: Halloween and COVID-19Halloween is just days away and like everything in our lives, it looks different than from previous years.

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Naturally GiftedLike Father, Like Son) As an incredibly blessed parent, I try not to brag. I don’t want to be one of those parents who vicariously lives through their children, attempting in vain to supplant past failures, and overly boasts of their accomplishments as if they were their own.

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Family Therapy Continues. I Despise Crying.Another Monday, another family therapy session. Another hour of telling Cuckoos story, and part of mine, of course.

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Questioning EverythingIve never been one who followed blindly. Happy to follow in situations that warrant it but to design your life around a known construct without questioning it, well thats just not me....

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Baby Strollers  A thoughtBaby trolleys or strollers – they are more than a wagon to carry your baby from A to B – oh let me count the way. In fact I am considering carrying them around long after my baby grows up, they are simply so convenient that I honestly don’t know how I lived without them. To have an on call cart that carries a million things,...

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Hierarchy of NeedsCathy and Todd discuss Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how Ezra Klein's article in Vox used Maslow's work to explain the importance of next week's election.

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I think my girlfriend made up her sensitivity to smell, and more advice from Dear Prudie.I've been "cleansing" my life of all scented fragrances for a year, only to realize this is perhaps all in her head.

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Crucial Conversations When Adult Children Move HomeIf your adult child moves back home, it's important to communicate your expectations from the start.

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How to stop from becoming like your parents.Have you ever had a moment where you realized... I'm becoming like my parents? For many of us that can be a funny realization, but for Michelle it was a wakeup call.

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Coping with grief: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on grief, grandparenting, and baby blankets.

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Prison, defunding the police, social services: what could have kept me out of prison.Therapy. Affordable housing. A living wage.

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Prisons, protests, and the 2020 election: what 2,392 incarcerated people think about #DefundThePolice.Americans are grappling with intensifying calls to remake the criminal justice system. We asked people behind bars to weigh in.

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2020 election: The choice between Biden and Trump is clear.The two candidates are extremely well-known. We just have a week to wait.

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Emily Ratajkowski's plan to not force 'gender stereotypes' her unborn child re-ignites parenting debateModel, actress and writer Emily Ratajkowski made waves when she announced she was pregnant on Monday - reigniting discussions about 'gender reveals' and gender norms in parenting.

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A magical weekend at the North York Moors Dark Skies Fringe FestivalThis October half term were thrilled to be invited to stay at The Victoria Hotel in Robin Hood's Bay to experience the Dark Skies Fringe Festival ahead of the popular annual festival which takes place during February half-term each year.

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CNF  Children  Niles ReddickShe threw up a mirror and I saw myself as a teenager..." Children I wouldn’t dare speak for my wife, but I didn’t believe I was worthy of children, of being a father, and I didn’t think I’d be any good at it."

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Finally a citizen and voting in the 2020 election.Rafa Lombardino wasn't planning on becoming a citizen, but the last few years of the Trump administration changed her mind.

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Parenting styleWe may find that as parents, we fit a little into each parenting category at different times.

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How to Make a Felt Leaf Garland for AutumnOne of the best ways to decorate your home for autumn is with a pretty garland.

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Teenage Kicks: How Gina Coped When Her Brother Died Suddenly in Their TeensWhen Gina's brother died suddenly in a car accident, she coped by just getting on with life.

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Choosing the best dog for your familyThe choice of dog breed is really important when it comes to your family. How can you make the right choice?

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7 Mexican recipes to try for Dia de MuertosMexico has amazing food traditions, partly due to the amazing local ingredients that can be found there.

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I just can't breastfeedI envy mums with their magical breastfeeding moments and those that have found it easy in all the hardship that can accur with it.

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The Rug Retailer ReviewThe Rug Retailer Review, sharing my experiences choosing a new rug, the delivery and the quality and design of the rug itself.

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A New BeginningHola friends! Here is the seventh offering in The Little Girl series written for children.

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Jack P Shepherd's girlfriend defends Coronation Street star after parenting claimsJack P Shepherd's girlfriend has hit back after she was targeted by a troll on Instagram.

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Thank You CoronavirusLynette and Stefanie open this week's first episode of For Crying Out Loud talking about how crazy windy it's been in Los Angeles.

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You Don't Listen To MeMy daughter was asking for my phone and I responded, “No, it’s late, no screen time now.” To my surprise she answered back, “You don’t listen to me” Ok, what?

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Ciara Kelly: I remember looking at him, thinking, Ive got to keep you alive all day by myselfParenting in my shoes: Broadcaster and doctor says pregnancy never suited her.

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Ciara Kelly: I was pregnant, unmarried, a junior doctor and I got old-school commentsObviously, we all know that attitudes were terrible in the 50s and they weren’t great in the 70s or the 80s – but they weren’t brilliant around the millennium either, ” she explains “So I was pregnant and unmarried and I was working as a junior doctor and certainly I got some old school comments – not many I have to...

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I'd like to cancel my subscription, pleaseAs a kid, adulthood is one of those things we all look forward to until its here.

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Baby Talk: Parental PressureHave you noticed theres a sense of pressure to enjoy certain things? Ive written about this before in regards to summer.

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Pandemic journal: Weeks 18-20I got an unexpected call from W in the evening. She gave me the most astonishing compliment about the job I’ve been doing as preschool president. - Lisa Hsia Shared .

What We're Watching: DWTS Villains Night and Veronica Mars "Not Pictured"On Dancing with the Stars, we question whether Cruella de Vil is as evil as Freddy Krueger, and whether everyone needed to be wearing fake contact lenses along with their fake blood.

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Obvious Things1 JOHN 3:10 “By this the children of God and the children of the devil are obvious: anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor the one who does not love his brother.” Have you ever lost your glasses only to find them right where you left them – on your head?

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Brett Kavanaugh signals he is open to stealing the election for Trump.Justice Kavanaugh cast doubt on the validity of mail ballots and endorsed a theory too extreme for the Bush v.

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Day 224: Play date.Now that were in the Orange Tier 3, playgrounds are reopening around the county. We meet another little family at a park in Sunnyvale for a social distance play date.

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The Dream.So as a little girl, when people asked what I wanted to be when I grow up.

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Iggy Azalea Clears Up Parenting Comments Following Playboi Carti Split"Nothing I said was intended to make it seem like my sons father isn't part of his life but I've noticed a lot of people took it that way, so I wanted to clear the air," Iggy wrote.

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The Ultimate Act of BraveryWe didn’t even know she was on the swing. It wasn’t until she made the walk from the tree swing up the stairs to the top of the deck and burst into tears, that we learned she had fallen off of it....

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Parenting Struggle #2: Getting Things Done around the houseWhen you have kids, trying to achieve what you used to be able to do is nearly impossible.

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FOUR!My sweet boy is four! I cant believe it, but he keeps reminding me that hes four now, so I suppose it must be true.

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On MedicaidWell, today the Wise family said hello to a new bed and goodbye to two of The Babys teeth.

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Should I be nervous about my child using media?Dear Researcher, I have a 3 year old child. Recently, I’ve been hearing my friend talk about the benefits of social media for my child.

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What Does Bad Credit Mean for Your Family?Your Credit score is used by lenders to determine whether or not they want to lend to you in the future.

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Suspended Somewhere In-BetweenWe couldn’t leave for our picnic until Mark was done with his Italian class on Zoom, but it was almost dark and Luke was still unpacking the groceries, a job he had been assigned an hour ago.

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Why blue states' economies are suffering more than red states right now.Biden Country is suffering worse than Trump Country. Here are four theories why.

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Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court.All Democrats, along with Maine Sen. Susan Collins, voted against her nomination. The vote secures conservatives a 6-3 majority on the high court and, barring meaningful Democratic reforms to the courts the next time they're in power, the nearly 250-year ballgame of American politics.

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The Strand, like other cultural institutions, has been abandoned by the government. So it's begging.Society has given up on cultural institutions during the pandemic. Only the ones that plead loud enough have a shot.

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The Gist: Bill Nigut on Georgia's elections.Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more.

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Amy Coney Barrett, SCOTUS, and Trump: the first cases coming before the new conservative supermajority.A sinister argument from Bush v. Gore returns with a vengeance.

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How Many Kids Does Steve Carell Have?Steve Carell has two kids with his wife of 21 years, Nancy Carell: Annie and Johnny Carell.

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Moving From Selfie to SelflessYou wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.

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Love your enemyThis is one of those commands that has been familiar to me since I was a teenager, when I started to read and study the Bible.

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Column: It's another round of everyone's favorite game show, ‘Parenting By The Decades'!Hello, studio audience, and welcome to another edition of "Parenting By The Decades," the game show where we teleport four parents from four different decades to the year 2020 to untangle your knottiest parenting challenges! Shared .

The World Series, UC Riverside, and a mystery guest on Hang Up and Listen.The rules of baseball are good for the little guy.

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Transitions and KindnessThe #PolahaChataqua has inspired me to start writing about the different fruits of the Spirit.

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Top 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Photo Book Cover26th October 202026th October 2020 Over 40 and a Mum to OneFamily Life.

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Te Va a Amar JesusI no longer sing lullabies to my son before I put him to bed, and although I’m happy to have one less thing to do in our nightly routine, I’m also a little sad to have stopped.

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Amy Coney Barrett, systemic racism, and the Supreme Court: The new justice could bring down decades of anti-discrimination law.The court is poised to take away one of the most important tools for combating systemic racism.

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Two weeksIts been two weeks since I decided this was the time. Two weeks since I chose to end our 13 year relationship.

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Kobe is up, Karen is down: US Parenting website releases list with most popular baby names in 2020Parents aren't choosing Alexa or Karen as names for kids, but Kamala, Gianna and Kobe are on the rise.

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Sri Preston Kulkarni Texas House race: The Democrat reportedly has ties to Hindu nationalist groups.Some of the most prominent people in Sri Preston Kulkarni's orbit have explicit connections to a Hindu nationalist group.

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On Productivity and Not Wanting to Do AnythingYou know Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”? No? Well, if you’re not familiar with this 2010 pop gem, it goes a little something like this: Today I don’t feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone So leave a message at the tone Cause today&.

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Grandparents' role and interferenceUndoubtedly children benefit by being close to grandparents. For the parents though this is a bitter sweet pill filled with conflict, loss of confidence and blurring boundaries.

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Patriots vs. 49ers: New England is bad, but it isn't funny.This team is bad AND boring. Boo.

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A Weekend VlogHi everyone we all hope you are ok! The kids and i and Lee have been busy filming and editing this this weekend, i'm glad i finally got the courage to pick up the camera again and get stuck in, the kids are all pleased too!

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Minority rule throughout American history: Taney court, Fuller court, Roberts court.We've been here before.

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4 Ways to Address Conspiracy Theories with your TeenagerWhen my oldest child was around 9 years old, he began to be terrified by the thought of aliens.

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Confessions from a Job-HuntingA Father’s lengthy job hunt dovetailed into the Springtime-Covid quarantine. The result  habits and concerns that do not equate to normal behavior.

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How To Paint A Pumpkin BumpGet more fun Halloween activity ideas right here - you've ever been pregnant around Halloween time, you'll know there aren't a whole lot of options when it comes to bump-friendly Halloween costumes.

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