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A pass for public school moms As soon as the snow days come the memes come and then the shaming. These awful moms can't even stand to be stuck home with their kids for a few days. This is not a helpful attitude. Its not them versus us. We are not superior because we volunteer to stay home with our children everyday.

"And Mean It!" My parents had some unconventional ways of dealing with my siblings and me when we needed some….redirecting.

A Happy Life Lately, I have found myself thinking about the qualities I hope my son eventually sees in me. When he grows up and evaluates me as a mother, I want him to see a woman who did everything she could to better herself, which in turn bettered him. I want Scout to know that it's important to be honest about how he's feeling.

4 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Laptop Bag I hate juggling a handbag and laptop bag, so when choosing a laptop bag, look for one that can comfortably accommodate all the stuff you need to carry for that day. Laptop bags come in different sizes. Vary the sizes depending on what you need on that particular day.

New Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Sets Sent for review. This Spring Moshi Monsters are back with a new range of toys for children aged 5+, with an Egg Hunt theme! We've been sent a bundle to review and my 9 and 10 year old boys didn't take more than a couple of minutes to get the whole lot divided between them and opened!

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Mini Unit Patrick's Day Mini Unit!!! I am so happy that you are loving ALL our MINI UNIT series and the FULL PRESCHOOL CENTERS!! We've been working on these activities for years, way back when my eldest was in preschool but I didn't publish the printables in the shop.

Month 1 of making our home If you have any ideas, inspirational photos or comments I would love to hear them. Catch me on social media for home insta stories and updates: @mummyconstant. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email.

Grow Your Business with a Blog Many business owners remain uncertain as to whether their business needs a blog or not. The answer is, yes, your business needs a blog. A blog helps increase organic traffic, brand visibility and generates leads and sales. To make the best use of your blog, host it on your website.

The Spirit-Led Home: Kindness If you are a soul that has been born again to a living hope, then the supernatural outcome will be for you to display the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of kindness, meaning "serviceable" and "meeting real needs", is motivated by an overflow of God's grace in our lives.

New Youth Craze: After School Jobs In a rebellious push back against liberal parents, teenagers across the country are taking up after school jobs to pay their own way. After school work has seen a 180% increase in liberal states as the typical rebellious attitudes of teenagers has been directed at productive outlets.

Clucking Sometimes Sometimes mommies need a moment… Sometimes mommies are so tired that they mentally cannot take another child's scream. Sometimes mommies hide in the kitchen stuffing their faces full of cookies. Sometimes mommies want to watch their babies play and learn.

Introducing Leilani Nevaeh Our Rainbow As you can maybe tell from my 10 Ways To Bond With Your NICU Baby blog post I am officially back to blogging! I don't want to come on here and do a super lengthy post, I just wanted to quickly introduce Leilani but more details and the birth story will be coming soon hopefully.

Parenting Lessons From My Mom Back then I always swore that I wouldn't be like her when I had a family of my own. But I have a secret to tell you. Recently I noticed myself growing to be like her. I am becoming my mother, version 2.0. I have adapted her out-of-this world parenting style and I won't apologize to my son for that.

Kids: Bend the Rules I'm a rule-follower because I think society operates better when we are all on the same page. And at the same time, life's tough; we all need to give each other a little help from time to time, right? And sometimes rules need to be bent. Check out my entitled rant… I rode my kid to a swimming lesson on our Yuba bike.

Babyproofing your home with the Handy Squad I requested a quote for babyproofing my house and received a call later that day from Ross at the Handy Squad, who said that he would be free on the day that I requested and that he could even come earlier that day if I preferred. The earlier, the better, I said.

Gillette's 'Toxic Masculinity' is Actually Quite Intoxicating Despite the uproar over the brand addressing #MeToo in its advertising, it provides a unique opening: to distinguish gentlemen from knuckle draggers. You have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to Gillette's new commercial.

Cybex Eezy S Twist Pushchair Made for urban parents, the Eezy S Twist is an agile city stroller that offers premium travel features from 4-wheel suspension for smooth rides on all terrain to a fully reclining backrest for long naps.

Nursery room renovation on a budget While researching nursery room ideas, I stumbled across an article on the Finder which mentioned how the key to a nursery room was "to create a bright, calming and comforting space" and that was what I was going for.

On your summer holiday, ever wondered what happens to your luggage? A look at what happens to our luggage at the airport as head off onto our holidays.

Tips to Enjoy the Best Divorce Settlement Terms You cannot enter mediation with the assumption to receive more in a divorce settlement, as this is not how settlement works - you need to list your priorities and know what you are willing to give up. The other party will also make it difficult to shake you up if you are firm in your belief that specific properties should go to you.

Flip XT² by Mamas and Papas Designed to grow with your little one, the Flip XT² pushchair will see them through to their toddler years, with exclusive tweed-inspired ocean blue fabric and quilted lining.

Using a handyman whilst away on holiday It wasn't until one of my friends told me that she hires a handyman when she is away on holiday that I thought that it could be a good alternative for me and my family.

DIY Terrazzo Earrings using Leftover Polymer Clay These DIY Terrazzo Earrings are a super simple way of using up leftover polymer clay. They are really fun to make and look fabulous. Plus Terrazzo is making a real comeback, in fact, I think it might be the new DIY marbling!

Games room on a budget If you are reading this it might mean that you have spare room which you want to renovate as a games room on a budget for all your family and friends to enjoy, or you want to create a games room with the little space you've got. Don't worry, there are many ways to make a great games room without having to spend too much money.

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