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Friday Flash: Always is a Long Time Here's this week's story from the MacBook. A short one written for writing group and inspired by my mothering as many of my stories are! I'm liking the Friday rhythm I'm finding here, so I'll be making this a regular slot. Friday Flash Fiction for a little alliterative satisfaction!

Smartphones, Smart Kids, Not-so-smart Parents… One day, I overheard a group of children discussing how they used to stay awake at night while their parents thought they were asleep. One of them said, "I once took my mum's phone and watched YouTube". Another one said, "I sneaked out and watch cartoon on the TV".

Connection Connection with our kids is so important and with our busy lives, something that is often lost due to being our kids social secretaries, running our homes or our own work loads. At times it feels like you need to snatch these moments where ever you can, especially with a tween or teen!

Pragmatic Ways To Reduce Screen Time Once upon a time there was this particularly busy mom of a very active two year old who just couldn't manage to complete the work she had to in a day. So she did what many of us do - plonked the child on the sofa and switched on the TV. The mother could finish all her chores in peace and still the child continued to watch.

Charity: Worthy causes to support in 2020 BritMum's charity expert Eva Katona explains how to do your bit for charity and new ways to support those in need this year.

Perfection Is Not a Currency for Love with Andria Flores The Beauty From Ashes Radio Show is officially here! In episode 1, I was joined by Andria Flores to talk about perfectionism, and her upcoming book "type A, plans B". Andria is an author, an editor and an overcoming type A perfectionist.

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020 The 26th SAG Awards aired on January 19, 2020. Here are my nominations of Best Dressed of the ceremony. ZOEY KRAVTIZ - in Oscar de la Renta with Tiffany Co. Jewelry. This outfit reminds me of Jackie Kennedy, she wore a similar peachy dress back in the day.

What color is that? And other questions you need to stop asking. Part two two two two two two ta two. Now you have that stuck in your head. You are welcome. Part two of language in play. Last week we talked about bossy play. If you missed it, go read it. Now. Click right here. So, what is part two? Did you like part two?

'Outmatched' Episode 1: The fun take on parenting genius children makes for a delightful family sitcom "Score 1 for the dummies!" A fun and oddly hilarious bunch, this pilot was a light introduction to the odd parent-kid dynamics of a family and we wonder what antics the children are up to next week. If you have watched 'Phineas and Ferb', you know what to expect - and just not in cartoon form.

Prepping your toddler for school We started L at playgroup when he was 23 months old. I was honestly worried about the transition because he had been hanging out with me since birth AND we had never left him with an alternative caregiver for hours without us.

How To Beat a Bully If you mentally superimpose an image of a school cafeteria behind him when he speaks, Trump's behavior becomes crystal clear: The school bully, emboldened by his minions standing behind him. They snigger when he mocks the kid with the disability. The pretty girlfriend at his side smiles her bloodless smile when he calls the smart girl names.

Jessica Simpson Reveals Rock Bottom Parenting Moment That Made Her Stop Drinking! You need to praise Jessica Simpson for being so open and also straightforward concerning a few of the most awful times of her life.

Love and Logic parenting course back in Vernon by popular demand "Empathy has become the cornerstone of how we try to approach nearly everything as a family." "Being reminded that mistakes are learning opportunities, questions are more powerful than statements, empathy teaches empathy - these things affect more than parenting," said Rosnau.

Mom Shares Anxiety About Balancing a Job With Family I knew I wanted kids, but, in my mid to late 20s I started to get worried about how it would impact my ability to move into field sales and my long term career goals," she wrote before giving a laundry list of her worries. "Things like this would creep into my head:.

Babies first vacay January is one of my favorite times to get out of Seattle because as you know, all it does is rain. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico sounded like paradise for us and upon booking we were able to find great deals on an Airbnb and flights. To travel to Mexico we had to get Aariya her passport and made sure she was up to date on her shots.

Flin Flon RCMP Report: Cops won't do your parenting for you A summary of calls to police made from Jan. 12-18, as submitted by Flin Flon RCMP:. Jan. 12. Report of an intoxicated person wanting to talk to their ex. The homeowner asked the person do leave and they agreed to do so. While on patrol, police made contact with a driver who appeared to be under the influence of marijuana.

Win a bundle of wellbeing goodies Pen Heaven are offering the winner a large leather journal and the winner can choose their colour too. The journal is a great place to start scribbling your thoughts, doodling to help clear your mind or make your mammoth to do lists. Which all helps you to have a healthy mind.

Kate Middleton heartbreak: Devastating moment Kate revealed about parenting 'So isolated' KATE MIDDLETON has been out and about this week, undertaking several visits across the UK - but what were the touching comments Kate made about being a new mum?

Why We Haven't Been To Family Functions Since Our Daughter Was Born Our daughter is a high needs baby. Well, to others she is. Think of your expectation of a baby and throw it out the window. We did when we had Hazel. She was keenly aware of everything when she was born, she demands comfort and attention, she gets overstimulated easily, and she has just been through.

What toddlers can teach you about Neural Network learning? "Look Daddy!" Eric said beaming from ear to ear while his pizza slice slid down the wall. "Eric, this is not the way we eat our food." I said in my dad voice walking over picking up the slice from the floor. "Okay Daddy." He says as if it's the first time this has happened.

Create your own goals - you're much more likely to score! Gah, social media can be a destructive beast can't it? For all the good it does to connect with others, there are so many voices that erode your convictions and confidence. It makes me very cautious about what I post online. I tweeted a picture of my favourite houseplant the other day and was concerned about giving my followers succulent-envy!

Faith over Fear "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

How One Common Parenting Frustration Was The Seed For Profound Culture Change It's been a great start to the year for OA community member Paul Estes who recently released his book, Gig Mindset. Paul was a key driver behind an on-demand workforce for Microsoft and its clients. Everyone needs a strategy for engaging with freelance workers.

Can You Even Define "Minimalist Parenting?" But while the KonMari method deals chiefly with possessions and how they enrich or hamper our lives, minimalist parenting tends to take a wider view to include things like family calendars, discipline, and play. But even if parents choose to focus primarily on reducing clutter, they can see a pay off in their day-to-day lives.

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