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How to Cultivate Self-LoveAs we raise our children, we grow ourselves. Authentic Parenting is a weekly podcast where I explore how you can find more calm, connection and joy in parenting through the process of self-discovery and inner growth with a trauma-informed lens.

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What if some kids are better off at home?For parents like me, the pandemic came with a revelation: for our kids, school was torture.

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20 Super Fun Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids #rainbow #rainbowcrafts #craftsforkidsIf you're looking to put more colour into craft time, you are going to LOVE these rainbow crafts for kids!

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Corona Kitties and Other ObsessionsNicole's obsessed with her new kitten, and we've seen many other families bring home new pets during the pandemic.

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Pandemic Lessons from a 5 Year Old.You know it's interesting how we as adults, for the most part, tend to have an inclination towards the negative. I'm not sure why but we love to focus on what we've lost, what's been "taken away" from us, what's being suggested and imposed upon us, and can sometimes allow fear to guide our decisions because we just don't have all the facts.

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Importance of Tummy TimeTummy time is a concept not very familiar in Indian household. Before the baby can roll over, we call it a phase of lying around and staring at fan!

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Daily Intuition brought to you by NixI am standing at the kitchen counter. I am cooking potatoes, onions and mushrooms on the stove. I am writing very late in the day. I am multitasking between cooking and writing.

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Boy Toys: Cars and Dinos and Blocks and Oh My!Ok so I have to admit I have a major case of third child syndrome.

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Parenting and Physical Punishment: Is it Child Abuse?Did you know that the first documented case of child abuse which was reported and dealt with was first registered to an animal welfare organization?

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Humility allows for learningHumility is a gift, and its when Ive learned the most, about myself and this world.

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One Pot Chicken and Rice MealQuick Chicken and Rice Dinner for those weeknights! Now, cook efficiently and effortlessly while staying at home with kids, distance learning, and covid-19.

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Seeing The PerfectionWhen I became a mother my heart was filled with love for this tiny new person.

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Curiously PregnantMom, what if I get pregnant? ” My sixteen-year-old, middle daughter, smiles at my frozen expression before popping a floret of broccoli into her mouth.

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Attacking and Destroying those MOM FEARS with the TRUTHI dont know about you, but I find myself in a constant wreck as I try to cope with the daily anxiety of being a good Mama.

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The Gist: Netflix's Love on the SpectrumCreator Cian O'Clery on his Netflix series Love on the Spectrum.

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The NBA bubble is going to get its first guests. Who will they be?Are you Boban Marjanovic's tattoo artist? Then you are not allowed.

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I Lost my Happy.I am talking about my home. Now, I am an essential worker, so during the pandemic - I went to work everyday.

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How to safely reopen schools, as explained by Netflix's The Kissing Booth.Wear Masks: Masks would obviously help here, and since they only appear in The Kissing Booth franchise during Halloween parties—the films were made before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus—this will be the last time we specifically note that no one is wearing a mask.

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What Can I Get My Dad For Father's Day When He Has Everything?Sunday is Father’s Day and unlike Mothers’ day where you just buy your mom flowers that might not be the best gift idea for your dad.

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The KidsOne incredibly worrying thought is how every aspect of my health affects my children. Of course, this blog focuses on my mental health as this is predominantly what changes the day to day with us....

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Stomach MigrainesWe had only been out in the garden for 10 minutes when my Daughter suddenly developed a Stomach Migraine.

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Isla and the Rainbow Cave&I have not posted here for a long time now. Ive written different drafts of things but they never felt right to share.

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For Real Life! I Have Monsters in My Head! Mommy, adults are so silly. They say things like monsters dont exist& How would they know?

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The Fixer vs. The GrowerBrianna called in tears. This fact alone startled me. She is my child who seldom cries.

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True ConfessionsEvery week, I check my bank balance in hopes that at long last the deadbeat donor is paying support again.

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How I Ended Up Co-Parenting With My Teen in the PandemicI am not an essential worker — not like my husband, who works at a nearby grocery store.

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Granny's GardenHow we spend our slow days with the grandparents, sharing wisdom and moments together in the gardens.

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The Court Proceedings in the Michael Flynn Case Have Turned Into a FarceThe public may never learn the full extent of the stunningly irregular process through which William Barr intervened to protect Flynn.

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My Last Baby Leaving Nursery And Starting SchoolOver the last few months it has been an anxious time for us all with changes in everything from work and life to school and nursery.

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In The BeginningMy son John begins the second grade in Lawrence, Kansas I never meant to become a homeschooling mom.

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Coaching with Kerry: Positively parenting in stressful situationsThe back to school situations are causing a lot of stress for people. We may not be able to change or control situations but we can control how we move through it.

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My wife is a "pillow princess," and I don't know how to talk to her about sex.I'm not sure how to bring it up.

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Ep. 367: Plants Will Help, with Jade from Black Plant Chick PodcastBiz is joined by guest co-host Jade, host of the Black Plant Chick podcast, to talk house plants!

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Kamala Harris' Indian American Identity Is Finally in the SpotlightAs an Indian American speaking only for myself, I will admit to a befuddling crush of emotions.

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What Kamala Harris Means for Immigrant AmericansAs the daughter of two immigrants, she's already a powerful symbol. She could be even more.

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Day 15: A Good DayThe days are passing faster now. In the beginning each 24 hours seemed to take forever.

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Abuse Prevention Strategies to Keep Our Kids SafeRosalia Rivera, an abuse prevention specialist and consent educator, joins Janet to outline how parents and caregivers can help prevent sexual abuse by educating the children in their lives about body safety, boundaries and consent.

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School Leaver 2020. When your child leaves Primary School&And there we have it. Primary school is done. Another phase and another era ticked off the list with change afoot come September, and mixed feelings stirring in our tummies.

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Serena Williams wins a tennis match while simultaneously parenting her daughterOfficial site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip, and political cartoons.

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Torn between sending my children back to school, or not!A UK Family Lifestyle blogger from Northern Ireland. Documenting life as a larger family, our family travel adventures, sharing free educational printables and parenting ups and downs!

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Why Racism Should Be Discussed in Online Parenting GroupsAcross America, the issue of racism has come to the forefront of discourse in many different formats.

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CopingThis is how I am coping with the pandemic. Im not. Well, thats not totally true, some days I fake that I am okay better than other days. So, theres that, but mostly, I have no...

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Alex Jones left speechless after The One Show guest's crude innuendo: 'Don't do that! 'ALEX JONES was left utterly speechless during Wednesday's edition of The One Show as guest and comedian Josh Widdicombe made a rather crude innuendo when giving out some parenting advice. Shared .

Responsibility In The Crosshairs of FreedomThere are certain situations in our everyday lives that demand that freedom be put on the back burner.

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193: Helping a PerfectionisticWhat do you do with a preschooler who has a lot of perfectionistic tendencies and inflexibilty when it comes to expectations and outcomes of daily interactions and projects?

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5 Things Stay at Home Moms Need to RememberHey there! Today I want to shed some light on being a stay at home mom.

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Agents of SHIELD's finale is the end of an era when Marvel TV shows could run free.Marvel's products have become too big to fail, but also too big to try anything too risky.

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Being a good mom makes me a terrible friend.Its something that comes back to me often. Before my own mother went to the hospital for her cancer treatment I went to her house for a visit.

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How scary is Lovecraft Country, HBO's new horror series? Explained.Our highly scientific Scaredy Scale helps you determine whether new movies and TV shows are too scary for you.

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First Day Online Schooling Goes Live in CaliforniaWe all woke up early to make sure everything is set up and ready for our son’s first day of on-line schooling.

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The Late Night Comedy Host MassacreOur state of the union is like Stephen Colberts handle on funny these days, shaky.

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It's not the chairman of the joint chiefs' job to remove Trump from office if he won't leave.Don't count on Mark Milley to rescue American democracy.

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3 Book Reviews for Reading Together or Younger Independent Readers.I'm sent a lot of books for review, and I'm ridiculously behind with Young Fiction because, as you may have seen, the Coronavirus is ta...

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WHY?I toyed with different ideas for a blog post name. “TOADally Shocking” or “Caught in a Trap” or “Why would she bring a toad into my house?

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COVID-19: why it took us so long to understand the coronavirus.Six months into the pandemic, what have we learned? For one, a lot about the coronavirus itself, from how it transmits to the best way to shield oneself against it.

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Strategies that helped me in homeschooling my little one.We opted for homeschooling our three-year-old during this COVID situation. There are a few strategies that worked out for us.

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When life starts feeling foggy.I was struggling this week to describe how I was feeling. Internal self reflection and emotional intelligence are two areas of strength for me so not being able to articulate my feelings feels foreign.

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A Prayer For Students And StaffSome cities have begun the process of reopening schools. Many people are fearful. Prayer helps us to let go of what we cant control and embrace the peace of God.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action Netflix remake: Animated series creators leave production.Michael Dante DiMartino said leaving the production was "necessary for my happiness and creative integrity."

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Telepsychiatry Is Leaving Behind the Most Seriously Mentally IllWithout face-to-face appointments, it is difficult to spot warning signs about my patients.

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Vogue Williams forced to defend latest parenting choiceVogue Williams and Spencer Matthews share two children.

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Parenting: How do I explain to my kids about their Autistic brotherJoanna Fortune, Psychotherapist specialising in child and adult psychotherapy joined Tom for her weekly slot, answering parents dilemmas.

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Self-Care as a parent can it be done?Yet, does this mean that you need to neglect your own self-care? Do you have to wait until your children are old enough to be left alone before you can start to give yourself the time and attention you need?

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Unexpected Birth  My Birth StorySo, as the title may suggest that I didn’t know I was going to give birth, I did.

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Man Allegedly Tied His Son Down Like a Goat. PicturesPhotos""The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it? "Man inhumanity to man is the worst form of wickedness I've ever seen or heard hear on earth."

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Almost DoneAs I get closer to Friday, I get closer to coming to terms with the fact that MC is moving out and will be at college.

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Does God Speak to My Children? Parenting from the BoatBe brave enough to watch as your child steps onto the water. Then follow them!

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Can You Kill It?Since moving to the burbs, we’ve had issues with house flies, mainly because we are super bad at remembering to close the kitchen sliding door that leads to the deck.

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Podcast episode: Resilience and back-to-school seasonRyan Lockee, author of Wisdom Beyond the Classroom: Real-world Advice to Last a Lifetime, drops insight on inspiring an "I-got-this" attitude in our kids and ourselves.

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First Day Of Elementary School During A PandemicNever in my life did I ever think I would be living in times like we are now: a global pandemic.

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10 Baby Must-haves and Baby-bustsPreparing for parenthood is hard. Everywhere you turn there is a new gadget or toy being thrusted into your face as the new holy grail item for baby.

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Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos talk parenting and what they learnedKelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos detail parenting their kids: 'My daughter is as strong as my sons'

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Co-Parenting in the Age of Corona: 5 Issues As We ReopenCo-parenting issues that you should be discussing with your co-parent now in the hopes you don't have to end up in court later.

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Parenting Tips: How to decode your baby's cough?Baby's cough has different meaning and type and the symptoms are also different for each condition.

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The Carpool LineFollow What's Up Moms on Facebook:! : : provide our videos for entertainment and promotional purposes only.

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Transforming and Personalizing the Perfect Play Space with Mona SinghalIn this week’s episode of the Parent Pod Podcast, we are talking to Mona Singhal of Spark Wonder about ways to transform your childs play space.

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SchoolYance is ready to start school. Three and a half years old and everybody thinks hes as smart as can be.

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Mississippi says selecting giant mosquito emblem for state flag redesign was a mistake.The state of Mississippi is in the process of selecting a new flag after the governor signed a bill six weeks ago that finally jettisoned the Confederate battle emblem from the state banner.

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Never do these things with a child: Good parenting can make a child a better personThe hardest job in the world is parenting. Giving birth to a child is difficult but raising him is more challenging.

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This SpaceThis space where we spend time gives me peace. Dark and cramp, in a tent in a backyard campsite.

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An Obvious PointBecause we are old people, my husband and I sometimes watch part of the 10pm news in bed.

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My girlfriend is late to everything: Dear Prudence podcast.Is there something I can do to make it bother me less?

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Out of the Mouths of My ChildrenI’m not a robot.” So said the three-year-old and Here is a collection of my childrens thoughts and questions, spoken between ages two and five years old.

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Mrs. Jellyby and Mr. SkimpoleFirst editions of Dickens' work interest me because the prices vary so dramatically. Whereas A Christmas Carol costs 40,000 dollars and Hard Times costs 3,000 dollars, Bleak House, a much longer and mature work, by the estimates of scholarly reports, only costs 100-200 dollars.

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Lessons in parentingA few months ago, when life was normal and busy, and when weekends meant dinner with friends or extended family, we had friends over for dinner one evening.

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Parents 'disgusted' and 'horrified' over viral parenting technique named Teddy torture: Have your sayGet the best celeb exclusives and video house tours to your inbox every evening with our daily newsletter Sign up.

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4 Thought-Provoking Questions to Help You Keep Your Faith in CollegeI looked at these teens whom I’ve grown to love and found myself wondering: As they look towards the future, how are they going to be intentional about allowing Jesus to write their story?

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Top Tips for Holidays in a Van with ChildrenToday Im sharing with you a guest post from a wonderful family travel blogger, Rachel from Children of Wanderlust.

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Ellen DeGeneres controversy: Is she a hero or an embarrassment to the queer community?DeGeneres had to be tough to make it to the top. But that doesn't excuse alleged abuses of those on the bottom.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William's divisive parenting choice that Prince Harry is refusing to copyBut there is certainly a difference in the way the royal brothers are choosing to raise their kids.

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The Trump Administration Is Sealing the End of CyberspaceThe U.S. government has surrendered to China's vision of a national—not.

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Ideas and inspiration for the homeThere are many ways you can improve and revitalise your home! In this short guide, we'll explore some examples such as having new flooring fitted or remodelling your kitchen.

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Royal parenting: Mike Tindall on raising children with Zara 'you get stressed'MIKE TINDALL appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning. He discussed a number of things, including family time with his wife, Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of the Queen. Shared .

Trump, a Total Non-Phony, Gave Money to Kamala Harris' Past CampaignsThe president who sports a fake tan wants you to think it's his opponent who is "phony."

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Taco TuesdayListen, I love me some tacos. In my baby book my mom wrote that my favorite thing was tacos when I was like six months old.

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Super Refreshing Homemade Lemonade&.Homemade Lemonade is the most amazing, refreshing drink that you can have on a hot day and it's so much easier to make than you might think!

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Sara Haines Didn't Make Us Cry This Time But We Laughed Even MoreOne of our favorite Mom Brain guests, and Mom Brain's official Facebook Group.

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What we've learned about this coronavirus.This virus demands rapid response. But science moves slowly.

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Allergy Mums, Help!Written by me, a mum at breaking point** What would you do? Someone please help me, because I feel like I’ve run out of options and I don’t know where else to turn.

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Parenting In Focus: A child's hearing checklistOne of the ways a parent can tell if their child is developing normally is to understand exactly what is normal.

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Board Game Review  I Love BritainAd - Gifted This post has been a long time in the making  mainly because with the boys not physically being here, we havent had the chance to play it properly until this...

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Healthy Screen Time With Osmo Creative KitI wanted to share with you this new gadget we received. We had lots of fun learning through play.

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Motherhood: Top 5 tips on how to breastfeed confidently in publicNational Breastfeeding Week. Last week was the week of National Breastfeeding Week. It's been sooo long since I've breastfed but can still remember the anxiety that it gave me both times.

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Spare us, don't have sexThe very foster care system our country implements is meant to always reconcile the child with the parent who passed him off to strangers, stating that DNA makes that bond more powerful then love. That however is based on foundational beliefs of the world that view procreation as a right, not a Holy responsibility. It need not matter if the...

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What was my role in their lives now that they were all grown up?Keywords: I had this need to “connect” with them. My approach as a “friend” was usually met with dubiety. When I tried to counsel my children the reaction was mixed. If my timing was right it went pretty well. If not, it was unpleasant at best. The teacher?

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Teacher appreciation.Teaching has to be a hard job. You are responsible, for the majority of the working week, for numerous little people who will no doubt test your patience, stamina and self restraint.

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10 Easy Service Ideas During COVIDFeeling Isolated? Looking for ways that you and your family can serve this school year but not sure how?

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Life aint fair&.When I was a kid and I uttered that oft bemoaned not fair! ”  my mum would always reply ”Life ain’t fair!

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Helping a Child Adjust to a MoveFamily moving to a new home Moving from one place to another is a herculean task for anyone.

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June, July, August 2020I cant believe that more than half the year has gone by, and i guess 2020 is marked by the big Covid 19 that has changed many lives and definitely, many plans.

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TimeOne of the positive outcome from this covid pandemic, it is that our little humble family is spending a lot more quality time together, walking, talking and being outdoors, together.

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Disneyland Paris Haul 2020!Hello! I'm Em an award winning U.K based creator. I live in Birmingham with my two lovely children, my husband Stephen and our Westie.

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How to Spot and Remove Ticks #ticks #Lymedisease #health #childrenshealth #parenting #summer #NewForestLike last year, ticks are a big problem in certain areas of the country. After a visit to the New Forest last summer we ended up with a trip to A&amp...

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Mothers are humans too!Yes, we are mothers, but we need a time-out too. Often, we mothers are termed multi-taskers, hard working, patient and love-showering individuals.

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Letters to my son :: Cocaine can make me dance and youWhen you dont want to eat I put on music and dance for you. Your mother has asked me to spare you from Nirvana for the time being.

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Dreaming of Alone TimeThanks to pandemic restrictions, it's been months since any of us has been home alone.

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Kamala Harris has a lot of policy ideas that should make progressives happy—really.She's not the veep pick of the left's dreams, but she's not the veep pick of its memes, either.

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How to prepare for Primary 1My first post on this website will be about preparation for Primary 1. But, unlike many websites or books, I will now be writing about how parents can prepare themselves for Primary 1.

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Shame Train and Shark MusicLet me start of this first official blog post by sharing my morning with you.

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Receptive Language: Why I talk out loud all day long.When I was working on my book tonight, I was working on a section about receptive language and realized that I have never talked about this on the blog yet.

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How we Made and Launched our own Water Rockets! #SENResourcesSummerWhat did we use? Pop bottles Paper PVA glue Football pump Football pump adapter put in the middle of a wine bottle cork.

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We Have Never Seen a Nominee Like Kamala Harris BeforeThe selection process finally chooses a Black woman.

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Chopped Apples Means LoveA while back, I told my mom that like she used to do for us, I wash, peel, and chop up fruit for my kids to eat.

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Disabled Parenting and Homeschool Preschool  Week 1Like many parents, we made the hard decision to keep our children at home and do homeschool preschool this fall.

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The Gist: Kamala Harris is the VP pick.In the interview, Mike talks with Lisi Raskin, a professor and the chair of the Sculpture Department at Rhode Island School of Design about the meaning of sculpture in light of the removal of confederate monuments and statues.

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Kamala Harris autocorrects to "Kampala Harris," still.The new vice presidential nominee's first name is getting mangled on social media.

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Raising kids-it's a crapshootOh and so long ago& This kid thing isn’t easy. That’s why it’s rewarding. They push and stretch and shape you in ways you could never imagine.

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Endless Cups of TeaEveryone needs their own plan to manage stress. My plan involves having soothing cups of tea throughout the day.

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Victor Cruz Opens Up on Parenting and Raising His Daughter to Be a Proud Afro-LatinaVictor Cruz and his 8-year-old daughter Kennedy appeared on the cover of Parent Latina's recent issue, and the E!

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How becoming a mummy has changed my marriageToday marks mine and Scotts third wedding anniversary. This time last year I was heavily pregnant as we spent a night away in a suite in a swanky Sheffield hotel.

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An emotion regulation app that is supposed to help children communicate better digitally  more security or giving up parental responsibility?The app is intended to support emotional well-being and resilience when using online tools. The app is intended to help children develop good online habits and guide them while chatting in order to train them to be responsible.

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Big Ten, Pac-12 cancel fall college football season over the coronavirus.Donald Trump and his army of mask-liberty absolutists have interrupted the Michigan-Ohio State series for the first time since 1917.

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Why Is an Advocacy Group Funded by Uber and Lyft Hounding a Law Professor on Twitter?"This particular tweet was intended to incite harassment."

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Joe Biden chooses Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate.Biden's and Harris' nomination are set to be finalized at the Democratic National Convention next week.

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That viral study suggesting gaiters are worse than no mask at all is flawed.Slate is making its essential coronavirus coverage free for all readers. Subscribe to support our journalism.

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Marijuana use during pregnancy associated with autism in babies, study findsA large Canadian study found an association between maternal cannabis use during pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder in babies.

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How Do You Like Them Apples?Today, I told my mom that like she used to do for us, I wash, peel, and chop up fruit for my kids to eat. They love it and can inhale quite a bit. My mom laughed and said, yes, your little sister used to wonder why American apples never tasted as good as Taiwanese apples. She reminded me that I also stopped eating fruit when I went to...

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My Daughter told me to ChillMom, I know you want to hang out with me, but Im actually kind of popular?

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Just a BoyMy daughter frantically ran up stairs to inform me that her brother had taken off his diaper.

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Deployment DiariesI am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related!

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In The Daisy FieldIt has been a long time since my husband Jacob lived in the county of Hertfordshire, in the small town of Ware, surrounded by lovely English countryside.


COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 10Message on the UK Govt. site - "Owing to technical difficulties, the dat..."

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Why Social Workers Cannot Work With PoliceMany are suggesting social workers work hand in hand with police. That simply doesn't work.

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2020 census: the consequences of an incomplete count.Reduced political power. Insufficient COVID vaccination. Disenfranchisement. And more.

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Does Maintaining a Relationship With Your Child Through Shared Custody WorkIf youre gоing tо bе invоlvеd in a соurt саѕе concerning the сuѕtоdу of уоur child, thе court will likely award you a court order оf ѕhаrеd custody.

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So That Gave Me A HeadacheStefanie opens this week's first episode of For Crying Out Loud talking about signing Elby up for surf camp.

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TTHG  Mila turns one month oldGreen poo / Overfeeding - We were constantly changing the level of her milk at the start as she was crying at different intervals and appears to be hungry and hence over a period of 4-5 days, we increased the amount per feed from 60ml up to 120ml, thinking that the more we feed her, if she were to feed to the optimal level, she can last for the...

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Let your child struggle a little!Protecting the childÂ, from all the big and small hardships, is the the first parental instinct and the greatest moral struggle of our time. However, unless the situation is life-threatening, it's often better to let your child navigate the problem on his/her own, struggle and fail at times.

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LIVE: Parenting in a PandemicIts an online event so popular in our region theyve had to add two more just to keep up with demand.

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BBQ Lamb Leg Steak SkewersBBQ lamb leg steak skewers are super easy to prep and cook on the beach after a day of playing in the water.

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Who protects the wary?John 5:3-4 KJV In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.

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When the child says ‘Bo', select herWere getting a puppy. I told my son, in no uncertain terms, that it was never going to happen and now it is.

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My girlfriend is submissive, but I'm worried she's violating MY consent.Not all of us are cut out to be murderous KGB agents.

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The Supreme Court's shadow docket is growing larger and more divisive.The court's most partisan decisions are flying under the radar.

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Book Review: Work and Rest God's WayWork and Rest Gods Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy and Purpose in All You Do.

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What to do about 'WAP'Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped the biggest song of the summer, and in a COVID summer devoid of blockbuster movie releases, the song doubled as a horror flick for every dad with a daughter....

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Social WorkerWhat you'll need to join our Social Work teams To play a key part in transforming the lives of children and families, you will have a Diploma or Degree in Social Work, CQSW, CSS or equivalent and Registration with Social Work England as Registered Social Worker, and with at least one year's post qualification experience, preferably on a front...

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Lessons from LaryngitisThe time I got laryngitis and learned how less is more also applies to speaking to my kids.

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BreadBread is a big part of my daily diet. Toast, burgers or sandwiches - it’s a regular occurrence in my life.

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A Fearless SoulI don't know if that is uniquely and distinctly her personality or if its our parental approach in encouraging her to explore things-but if she sees something, and she wants to check it out, she sets her mind and heart to it and gee whiz, she explores it.

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The Thing About France S3E3: Lauren Collins on Living, Parenting, and Quarantining in FrenchThis week’s episode of the francophile podcast, The Thing About France, hosted by New York Times literary critic Liesl Schillinger, takes a look at Americans in lockdown in Paris, at a time when 17% of native Parisians have fled the capital due to concerns for COVID-19.

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Tom Hopper 'Umbrella Academy' Talks Parenting Autistic SonFor some parents of kids on the autism spectrum, signs of a disorder can present in early childhood and that was the case for Tom Hopper's son.

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An Impossible Position for ParentsExactly a week ago, I wrote about the impossible position our schools are in. How no matter what their decision will be, there will be a lot of people pissed at them.

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The Children And The School YearMy heart is breaking right now realizing I cannot, in good conscious, send my kids back to a place where they will be imprisoned in a single room all day with no recess breaks.

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And so it begins  pandemic back to school prepAs of today, the local board of Education is going to start calling every parent of school-aged children to find out what their intention is.

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Could an Online Learning Platform Give Your Child the Edge in Key Stage 2?Could your child do with some help with Key Stage 2? Atom Learning is a Key Stage 2 online learning platform that adapts to your child to create an individualised learning programme.

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Cheap Wedding Ideas for a Simple and Special OccassionWe have a bunch of cheap wedding ideas to make your day simple special and memorable in every way.

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Tori Roloff Shares Terrifying Parenting StoryTori Roloff is an amazing mother. But she just told a story on Instagram that detailed one recent instance that made her feel like a failure.

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Sorry Child, I'm Not SorryFortunately, or unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our family members. As we let out our first cry as babies, we are surrounded by people to whom we give the biological right and ability to make us shed heart wrenching tears for the rest of our lives.

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The First 10 DaysDuring the first days at home with your baby, some things will come very naturally, others may not.

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Thoughts and Prayers and SilenceI am meant to keep secrets. This is what I’m discovering as a foster parent.

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How an Invalidating Parenting Style is Affecting You TodayOver the years I have found some parenting styles that repeatedly have the most negative effects on the upbringing of children and their level of adjustment as adults. I shared the Histrionic style in one of my last posts, today I would like to introduce the style who invalidate your thoughts and feelings, leaving you with a deep mistrust...

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Day 14: Two Weeks Alcohol Free, And No More Raised VoicesI still have a constant headache. I thought it would be gone by now. The fact it isn’t shows how much I needed to stop drinking.

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What my third daughter taught meIn April, I gave birth to our 3rd child : Pebble. It took me some time to write about this on this blog because somehow, in the midst of the Covid crisis, it did not seem appropriate.

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How to make your living room look amazingSome great tips on how to revamp your living room, from adding mirrors to spread light and personalised prints of your family.

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ParentingI am not an expert. Im sharing what I am still learning along the way because Im still new to this parenting thing too.

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Ground Control&In the evolution of parenting, weve recently entered the tween zone. Its a strange land, filled with Caboodles, lip gloss, ill-applied blush, and an obsession with all things unicorn...

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Playful Wisdom Parenting Course Provides Tools to Reduce Friction and Enhance Family RelationshipsSupporting those families is the purpose behind Cary Hamilton of Olympia Therapy's new Playful Wisdom Parenting program, which launched August 2020.

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New Lidl Plus App Gets Your Money Off Your Food ShopThe new Lidl Plus app gets you discounts and money off your food shop as well as scratch cards after your shop with the chance to win prizes.

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Let It RideWhen the kids want to play, if you can, let it ride. Its a fine line, how far they go, but if theyre ok, let it ride.

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Dear Disney, or whatever company wants to make us another princess movie&.Sooooo I was sitting with my daughters watching The Princess and the Frog for millionth time, and while I appreciate Tiana.

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A Thread  Child SafetyIt's never too early to teach your children about how to protect themselves. While they aren't straying too far from home these days, NOW is the perfect time to run drills and teach them to be able to save themselves, so that it can become second nature.

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PARENTING: Toddlers all play the food-drop game; take it in strideThe emergence of "throwing food on the floor behavior" in a toddler, especially if a dog is waiting below, is an indisputable indication that the child's development, not to mention sense of humor, is proceeding according to plan.

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Putin Says Untested Coronavirus Vaccine Set for Rollout in RussiaRussian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday the country had approved a largely untested vaccine for the coronavirus, which will be part of a widespread voluntary inoculation effort in October.

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How to build your own bedHow to buid your own bed witht his step by step guide to getting the bed you dream of rather than simply a store bought design.

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Why is it important to read to your child?A child’s reading skills are important to their success in school, work and life. Daily reading for young children, starting in infancy, can help with language acquisition and literacy skills.

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2020 School YearCathy and Todd discuss why understanding ambiguous loss, the dignity of others, and the humanity of teachers is essential as we navigate a back to school plan.

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Keep Connecting With Your Middle-SchoolerIs your middle-schooler pushing you away? John and Danny demystify the emotions behind your child's behavior.

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Comedian Tig Notaro advice on dealing with crazy neighborsStand-up comedian Tig Notaro knows all too well how humor can help you overcome adversity.

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Getting advice from How To with Charles DuhiggListeners ask the host of How To! to solve their problems. What happens after the tape stops rolling?

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Slate's parenting podcast: Distraction-free Study Spaces.When space is at a premium, it's time to get creative.

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When you doubt the judgement of other parents, and more advice from Dear Prudence."My wife says to drop it because any conversation will look racial in nature."

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When in-laws are awful: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on toxic in-laws, bisexuality, and messy toddlers.

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Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's First Baby's NameChris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have officially welcomed their first child together! Chris shared the exciting news on Instagram alongside a photo of he and Katherine holding hands with their new daughter: Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt.

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Bindi Irwin Includes Steve Irwin in Wedding PortraitBindi Irwin recently shared a photo of her family holding a wedding portrait featuring her late father, Steve Irwin.

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Product Review  Huggies Gold NappiesI went to bed with a lot of dread last night. Reason being I unexpectedly ran out of my Huggies Gold Nappy stash.

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The Census is facing more legal battles ahead.There's a lot riding on this Census - federal funding, congressional seats, even COVID-19 vaccine preparedness.

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Summertime ParodyGiven the current pandemic, a lot more of us are opting to load our cars to the max and head off on a road trip for a holiday in the UK this year.

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What We Cooked At Home During Lock-DownWhat we cooked at home during lockdown that helped us get through the time at home which helped to delineate and define what day it was.

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UAE Parent: ‘Help, I'm jealous of my baby's nanny! 'A reader asks what to do about her resentful feelings towards her domestic helper.

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11 things your family will love about Microsoft 365 Family #adFamily life can be hectic. Now weve discovered Microsoft 365 Family  it combines the Office software we rely on along with a load of other cool features to make managing family life  online and off  easier than ever.

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11 Nutrients to boost Immunity in AdultsImmune system is the body’s frontline soldier and combats numerous invisible adversaries each day in your life. Many factors influence the immune system in an individual’s body including stress, sleep and nutrition.

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Six Ways To Teach Your Kids About Saving MoneySaving money is one of the most important aspects of building wealth and having a secure financial foundation. Yet many of us have learned the importance of saving money through trial and error, and more importantly, experience.

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Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set Review #review #MelissaandDoug #toyreviewMelissa and Doug is one of those brands parents know they can rely on. Their toys are great for helping children learn numbers, letters, and other es...

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Morning personBy Amanda CoopRAISE your hand if you’re not a morning person. Now, keep that hand raised if your kids are also not morning people, except on the rare occasions when you have the chance to sleep in. To those with raised hands, let us shake our fists in our collective anger.

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Easy Ice Excavations for KidsBrilliant ideas for making ice excavations. Freeze a princess, superhero or even some plastic spiders.

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Senator Lynn Ruane: I had a few wild years. Pregnancy calmed me downParenting in my Shoes: ‘I hope the girls continue the journey they're on. I'm so impressed'

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Making the switch from disposable to eco-friendly reusable cloth diapersThey are washable and reusable which in turn saves the effort and cost of stocking up diapers making them a very economical diapering option.

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Home BirthWhen I married my ex-husband, I was working as a housekeeper for a midwife. I shared with her that I was excited to start our family.

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Comedian Patton Oswalt On Parenting, Loss And Keeping Humor AliveActor and comedian Patton Oswalt joins us for a chat about parenting, loss, his many projects and keeping humor alive through a pandemic.

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The Tragic Tale Of DipsyThe picture above is of Dipsy. On the off-chance youve never come across him before, Dipsy is a Teletubby, off of the TV show Teletubbies.

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Letters to my son :: The little details that get lostI carry you a lot. When you cry or shows signs of boredom or discomfort I pick you up.

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What We're Watching: World of Dance Semi-Finals 1 and Veronica Mars "Ahoy, Mateys! "On this week's Round 2: We're very displeased that World of Dance ended its first round of semi-finals by making children cry.

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My 5 Step 'Role Model' Parenting ApproachIf youve been on my site for a while, you probably already know that my life is centred around my daughter.

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Foster careSo I am asked a lot of questions about foster care and I love it.

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What Will Your Child Do in Life?By Fr. George Kelly, The Catholic Family Handbook, 1950s Not long ago, newspapers told the story of a man who had shot and killed his father.

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Let Kids Be KidsThis book is great for parents or childless couples. The theme of this book is about how we need to allow kids to be kids and not burden them with adult worries.

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Temporary WeaknessA few months back, my brother said these words in response to me tearing up very briefly, I would say seconds, before acting like those tears never existed.


To the parents of school-age children: Not everything is changingPeriod. This sentence doesnt seem to warrant the emblematic exclamation point that would usually cap-off the end of this phrase.

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A Conversation Amongst HooligansMatthew, in a trembling voice: "Oh, Mom! He scares me! " Matthew mimes shaking. "I'm going to have to lock my bedroom door tonight so he doesn't get me!"

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I Don't Know If I'll Be Alright&To any parents reading this, time is the most precious thing we possess. One minute they’re in diapers and before you know it you are filling out college applications and crying yourself to sleep.

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Praise the Interstate Rest AreaTo get across Maryland, West Virginia, half of Ohio, and the Allegheny Mountains in 7 hours, all that is needed is to depress a pedal on a machine with flying wheels.

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Social Media Shaming, Internet Harassment and Being a WomanToday was my first day of homeschooling my children + a friend of our family.

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Carlin Wouldn't Have Aged Well TodayI'm glad George Carlin died when he did, because chances are he would've been another glaringly unoriginal, Trump resistor comic on the rag, which would be twice as depressing, knowing The Donald is the most anti-war President we've ever had, whose not apart of the military industrial complex club, he spent the entirety of his stand-up career...

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The Gist: Trump trusts the power of his lies.Trump hopes voters haven't figured him out yet.

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Educational visit for the munchkins = aœ”i¸Educational visit in the summer holidays = ✔️. Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven. The ‘other half’s’ chosen activity for the summer hols to fill the kids little brains with knowledge!

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Parenting In A Pandemic: Navigating Challenges Of Families 'Doubling Up' During PandemicThe high cost of housing and high unemployment can lead families to "double up," that's one or more families or multiple generations sharing a home or apartment.

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49+In all likelihood I’ve already lived more than 1/2 my life. I have to admit that realization caused some immense panic.

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The pill and periods.This is a shout-out to all the vaginas out there. Let’s talk periods. Before kids, I was on Microgynon and all was well.

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Bumps, Babies and the GospelThere are thousands, if not millions, of books about parenting out there today. There are thousands of books on parenting from a Christian perspective too.

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A Mother's LoveMy kids, my everything A friend of mine challenged me to write about the unconditional love a parent has for their child.

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The fight over the college football season, the stars of the NBA bubble, and tyrannical coaches on Hang Up and Listen.It looks like basketball, only different.

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Football players and Donald Trump both demand a college football season, but not for the same reason.College football is in a state of chaos. On Sunday, press reports indicated that the university presidents who oversee big-money NCAA programs were preparing to cancel the fall season—or at least postpone it, in a hopeful manner, until spring—over concerns about COVID-19.

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Babying ToddlersReasons moms arent allowed to get sick for even just a day& Because after cleaning up messes about 3 times DADS give up and say F it&.

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Day Trip Out of New YorkI decided that I was going to take the weekend off from writing anything, with the exception of journaling.

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Parenting in a Pandemic  IIWhen I was in kindergarten, it was common to be asked by random people who is my favourite, my mom or my dad.

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Sophomore SlumpAs the time drew nearer to take my oldest daughter back to college for her sophomore year, we began the typical preparations.

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Jurassic Quest  Family OutingFinding safe and entertaining outings have been top of mind for me since the summer officially kicked off.

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What will it take for Congress to pass more COVID relief?Jordan Weissmann: I mean, I think we're in a pretty bleak place right now. Donald Trump has released these executive orders, which he told the members of his country club would "take care of pretty much this entire situation." Obviously, that's not true.

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Book ReviewsWell, I was supposed to post these reviews at the end of June... oops. Better late than never, I suppose.

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Is it safe to swallow large amounts of semen? Because my wife wants me to.It involves a freezer bag.

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Useful Baby gear for the first yearThat I used or am still using for Dhruv The minute you become pregnant, you are bombarded with endless choice of products for both yourself and the baby.

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Luka Doncic vs. James Harden: Whose pass was better?Someone that young should be filming charming TikToks in his parents' dining room, not embarrassing the NBA's best defense.

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RV Roadtrip: The Last HoursI am at the wheel ascending a stretch of the Appalachians in West Virginia, thinking about how much I have savored this stolen week with our foursome.

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When your friends gossip about wanting to bang your hot husband, and more advice from Dear Prudence.And apparently they don't think I'm good-looking enough for him.

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This wasn't in the birth plan.I think it starts the same for every parent, whether planned or not. Two lines.

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Our Family Van StoryAt the beginning of the summer, we bought a new-to-us family van! I really love it and its so easy to drive!

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Indigenous people are using the pandemic to preserve their languages.A number of language revitalization professionals report that their projects are not just continuing under expanding.

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Parenting shiftDo you find that youre feeling more guilty about things as this pandemic goes on?

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Strange dreamsI don’t believe dreams have any meaning – they’re just noise, I think, generated by a brain that’s busy doing whatever a brain does in downtime...

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