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BYU study: Helicopter parenting is less prevalent - and less harmful - than you think BYU researchers wanted to see how helicopter parenting affected children transitioning to adulthood. What they found bucks a popular story about hovering — and offers new insights into how kids thrive.

It Takes a Village There are a lot of people I love that are scattered around. I have an inclination to travel on a regular basis. These two statements coexist happily in my life. However given the fact that I am a guardian to three little cutie patootie's it doesn't mean that they are prone to my sense of adventure.

I am not my kid. I am not my kid. I am not my kid. Bad behavior means the parent is a failure. It made me super uncomfortable as a teenager and young adult for people to compliment my parents on how well behaved I was. Their experience with me was such a small slice of life. They were making this judgement on me behaving my best in an easy environment to do so.

In Nature Hailing from a urban city such as Singapore, moving to rural Japan was "interesting". The seasonal insect invasions were the most challenging, in addition to trying to adapt to the weather, climate and place.

Dad's 'sick' parenting method slammed A video of a dad using extreme measures to force his young son to eat has been labelled “disturbing” in a viral trend that’s angering many.

4 Lessons I've Learned Coaching my Son's T-Ball Team Winning is Great, but always focus on the players. We don't keep score in T-Ball. Every inning each team bats all the way through the lineup scoring as many runs as they can regardless of how many outs the defense accrues.

Apartment Patio Gardening - Planting Flowers & Herbs Sophie was my little helper this morning planting some herbs and flowers on our patio. We have a lovely shaded patio that only gets evening sun for a couple of hours. I wasn't sure what to plant so I headed to our neighborhood Lowe's and asked a garden representative what would work best for our shaded patio.

When it feels like, 'just yesterday.' "Let's try to get to 100 without missing, ok?" I'd say to my friend while standing in the middle of my long gravel driveway smack dab in the country. With leather baseball gloves on our hands we'd spend hours as kids tossing a yellow tennis ball back and forth… the same tennis ball that doubled as my dog's chew toy.

3 ways to ace gift buying on a budget Summer is a time that ought to be free from concern, with lazy days spent in the sun and enjoyed with your family. Of course, things aren't always that simple. From having to find camps to send your kids when you are working to paying for a family holiday - things can in fact become quite stressful.

Three Inch Fools present Macbeth: Ordsall Hall Summer Outdoor Theatre Review. Ordsall Hall's Summer Outdoor Theatre programme launched last Friday night with Macbeth and we were invited along to review.

What I'm going to miss I love being with my son. I know it's going to be a huge transition for him and for myself when the baby arrives. Although, I'm totally looking forward to meeting my new little baby girl, a part of me is going to miss the one on one bond that I've grown so accustomed to with my little boy.

5 Ways Instagram Inspires Moms In Parenting They're one of the best in this arena. It's just nice to have someone who matches our soul, and these times, you can do that even without personally meeting that person. RELATED: 20 Real Moms On The Loneliest Aspects Of Motherhood.

'Panda parenting' is all about giving children more freedom - but does it work? "We limit screen time… They're encouraged to play with toys or in the garden much more and they're happy with that." Briggs said a pro of panda parenting is that it allows children to be more independent and pick up responsibilities at a younger age.

10 reasons why you're always hungry Naturally, you are less aware of how much you're actually eating while you are distracted and is the core reason for your increased eating. Your distracted state averts you from identifying your body's fullness signals as efficiently as when you're not distracted.

Goujon or nugget? And a decline in confidence "True and you aren't fat except for the baby flubba." "You know the stuff that came from having kids" "The flubba stuff." "You know, round your belly…" "that all mums get, umm, except those who you train with, who have abs?" "Did they give birth through the hole?

'Counting On:' Joy Duggar's Recent Instagram Video Proves Parenting Isn't Always Easy Joy Duggar just posted a hilarious video that proves every day is a new challenge with a baby.

Haircut PROGRESS!! I honestly never pictured actually getting to this point. If you have a kiddo who REALLY struggles with haircuts and/or other sensory processing difficulties, slow and steady changes can make all the difference. We've been working on our haircutting program with very specific steps for over a year now.

Preface So, I can't remember if or where I've written about my life. I've been talking about it on Facebook, but that's all I've had time for. I had to take a break from writing to deal with my life and now I need to take a break from dealing with life so I can write and deal with my life.

The Science to Starting Solids Like most new parents eager to start their baby on solids I scoured the internet for tips and ideas, taking time to sift through outdated information and recommendations. What I thought would be a smooth transition, turned out to be yet another opportunity for bad advice.

Our Kid's First Day at School It seems like only yesterday that we saw our kid in the blue cradle at the hospital. In what now seems like the blink of an eye, he's off to school now. Kindergarten is a big step in his life and he is going to be away from us, albeit only for a few hours every day.

Acceptable in the Eighties! Parenting website reveals this year's most popular baby names Monikers that were popular in the Eighties are enjoying a surge in popularity, with David soaring 15 places to number 60. Meanwhile Emma has also climbed the chart - now coming in at 46. Michael and Penny have also seen a boost, placing at number 60 and number 97, respectively.

Things to do in Los Angeles Let's talk about Los Angeles attractions, or more precisely things to do in LA that are going to help you create a fun and memorable trip to this part of California. LA covers a lot of ground, ranging from the dry terrain of the beautiful Santa Monica mountains to the dramatic coastline of the pacific ocean.

Posh Paws BBC Earth Soft Toys Review And Giveaway Sent by Posh Paws The BBC Earth range of soft toys from Posh Paws International is a collaboration with the BBC, and all of the soft toys depict land and sea animals featured in the BBC television documentaries including Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II. We've been sent some of these gorgeous creatures to review and I also have 2 to give away to my readers.

5 Tips To Help Get Kids Drinking Water! We know that there are plenty of options out there to quench your thirst! Juice, milk, smoothies, pop/soda, and WATER! I think water gets a bad wrap with our kids because it has no flavor. If you a…

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