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Exam Data Breaches During the Era of COVID-19: Everything You Need to KnowExam data breaches occur more often than we might like to see but, with COVID-19 destroying the exam system we once knew, will this year be even worse?

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Why visit Menorca this summer with your family?More and more foreign tourists are choosing to visit the Spanish island of Menorca The Spanish coast surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea...

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How To Save For Your Next Mercedes CarOut of all the amazing cars in the world, those manufactured by the Mercedes franchise undoubtedly top the list in all the possible aspects.

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25 At-Home Date Night IdeasWhen you have young children it can be a challenge to set up and sort out date nights with your partner, especially if you don't have friends and or family on hand to help with childcare.

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The Sad Fact of RehomingA women writes - "I used to be a support coordinator for developmental disabilities, I saw people put their kids in medical group homes."

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Hannah Gadsby's Douglas: Here's every work of art featured in the new Netflix special from the creator of Nanette.Fifteen Graces, four Andromedas, two dogs, and one very thirsty saint.

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SleepSleep seems like it should be such an easy task. I'm often tired, can easily nap for hours.

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View from the North Country: Idle and BlessedMy husband took this picture last weekend at my family's lake cabin in northern Minnesota.

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Captain's Log 5.28Captain's Log Thursday, May 28, 2020 2:54 AM The crew is safe and sound asleep.

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2 am thoughts: What killed the bully in me?Picture Credits : TED Talks Blog You might've have known me as a class clown, or a reckless student who couldn't care more about what teachers had to say of me, or a slightly popular straight A's student who joked too much, laughed too much and talked too much.

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This Buddhist monk's easy parenting mantra will inspire everyone!One Buddhist monk from Sikkim, taking care of 14 kids is paving way for parents globally by sharing some words of wisdom.

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Ayurvedic nutrition tips for new moms: Better lactation and other benefitsLet's take a look at some of the most recommended nutritional secrets for new mothers that address common concerns at both the physical and psychological levels.

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Trump's Executive Order Targets Social Media Liability Protections That Allow for His Dubious PostsTrump, alleging bias, takes aim at social media companies that have let him say literally whatever he wants for years.

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Good ParentingI'm always of the belief that if a man and woman are mentally unstable or if both don't get along well, never make the mistake of having a child.

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Twin Bump TimelapseTaking part in this video Lucy Carter - miss a thing - hit that button and subscribe to Channel Mum today Mum is the UK's first YouTube community for mums.

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Still Time to Parent1 Kings 1-2 and Psalm 37, 71 and 94 Today we begin the book of 1st Kings. Shared .

Debunking the Myths of Motherhood: Meet Molly PrimThis month has been all about gaining freedom and perspective as parents. From the tall tale that a "good" mom shouldn't need breaks from her kids, to the lie that she should be able to do it all , to the whopper that she should love each child in exactly the same way, we've been demolishing the myths of motherhood.

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The New AP Stylebook Gets Technical. Really Technical.One paragraph in the entry even calls out Google and Facebook in particular for providing services that allow companies to "share a list of its existing customers, based on unique identifiers such as email address, and have the service find other customers with similar demographics, behavior and other attributes."

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On The Wildness of ChildrenDeep in a remote jungle city in South East Asia, National Geographic reporter Hereward Holland writes that "in this gaudy mecca of eroticism and greed, the cuisine isn't for the squeamish."

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Cops and RobbersAs we stopped at the little mini-mart for a drink on our way to the entrance of Disneyland, a man walked into the store past Peyton and Chris, her dad, grabbed a pair of sunglasses off the kiosk right inside the door and walked back out.

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I Love You, MamaYesterday I woke not feeling well, and feared the day in front of me. I'm responsible for my son during the day, while his father works.

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POSITIVITY in the middle of pandemic.Covid-19 forced everyone in the confinement of their own home. Limited to do a lot of things that we are used to.

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Why Fatherhood?Why another blog about fatherhood? There are more than enough resources out there for today's modern parent.

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Growing Old is a Trap?There is this meme that is circulating that says, Growing Old is a Trap! and I laugh every time I see it.

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You Are What They NeedPearls of Wisdom You may not feel like the one they need, but you're the one they've got.

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I'm Just a Teenage Dirt Bag Baby…There's this thing at the moment. Indignation. We are becoming of a nation of people bristling at the audacity of ‘other people'.

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How To Deal With A Narcissist with Dr. RamaniAs we raise our children, we grow ourselves. Authentic Parenting is a weekly podcast where I explore how you can find more calm, connection and joy in parenting through the process of self-discovery and inner growth with a trauma-informed lens.

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Sex Ed: VaginasInstagram @Sabrinallorente Happy week 9 of lockdown everyone, I hope your hairy legs and braless boobs are doing well.

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Dear Prudence: My granddaughter won't invite my best friend to her wedding. I might boycott.Rather than approaching Riley with a demand or an ultimatum, you should frame it instead as a request: "I don't know what your budget or guest limit looks like, and I don't want to impose, but if you're able to make room for her, it would mean a lot to us both if you'd invite Greta." I hope you can try to look at this not as an act of spiteful...

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The Tyranny of the Urgent"The tyranny of the urgent frustrates every goal we hold." - Mike Porter, The Time of Your Life It's surprising how easy I can get off track.

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What to do when teachers show a lack of judgment.I expect more from her and more from the school.

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The Sixth SenseDo all children have a sixth sense or is it just my girls? Every time me or the husband plan to do something for ourselves they seem to know and scupper the plans.

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How risky is it to go swimming this summer?Is it a pool of COVID, or just a pool?

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Your First Travel With The Little OnePhoto by Paul Hello all, I hope everyone is doing good. Since we all are quarantined, it does not make many points here to write about traveling.

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The coronavirus has accelerated the decline in US-China relations.With a single tweet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ramped up the tension.

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Let's talk….I remember as if it were yesterday. My daughter, then a sixth grader, had come home from school unusually quite-no sharing titbids from school, no excitement, no complaining.

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I'm a terrible Mum: I made my son cry…My 7 yr old cutie pie is stood in front of me, adorable round face, beautiful brown eyes glistening, as the water forming, gathers in his eyelids awaiting a breakthrough.

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They Want To Go CampingIt was a weird weather Saturday!

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FraughtAnd I hold onto some small faith that my good enough will be good enough, but the stakes feel so high right now.

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What do you do when your own kids trigger a meltdown?Yesterday was tough ending day for me. I returned home to an upside down house, no food and seemingly a ‘no care' trio.

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Talking menstrual hygiene with teenage daughter? Here's what you should knowThis Menstrual Hygiene Day, we asked a doctor some FAQs on what a teenager ought to know when she is starting her periods.

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Of destructionDear Diary, My thoughts are destructive today. I want to break, mutilate, destroy. Basically, vent out the destructive energy which is building up inside me.

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A Night with BrooklynI've started reading a parenting book the last few days. I've read it before, but I felt I really needed a reminder.

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Break the Adolescent Parenting MythsAre you also among those parents who are struggling to figure out how to handle your teenage kid?

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How reading can help your mental health in lockdownSales of books are up in lockdown I can see why. Books can help our mental health when things are tough.

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How to Make Kool-Aid Playdough for Sensory Play with KidsA simple step by step recipe for how to make playdough using Kool-Aid for coloured and scented sensory play for kids.

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Discussing Suicide with Your TeenJohn and Danny discuss how to have faith-informed conversations with your teenager about suicide. Featuring Jim Burns Find us online at or call 1-800-A-FAMILY.

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Oral care tips for babiesHello everyone! Once your baby starts teething it's important to establish an oral care routine early to maintain good hygiene for proper development of teeth and gums.

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Disney Magic!The winds of change are coming to Patchwork Farm. As our state slowly moves from red to yellow, normalcy is returning.

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Podcast: Shakira Akabusi on Health, Fitness and Wellbeing in MotherhoodThis is an episode of two parts! My guest - the brilliant Shakira Akabusi - and I recorded our chat back in December 2019.

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GOD'S WAYACTS 11:17 "‘Therefore if God gave to them the same gift as He gave to us also after believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I that I could stand in God's way?"

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Happy Anniversary!When I was young and ill my Mom snuck me out of the hospital and carried me up several flights of stairs so I could see surprise Dad who had worked all night.

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Father's Day Gift IdeasThis post contains affiliate links - please see. Click on any image to check it out on Amazon I feel like I am normally more well planned than this.

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Pandemic Parenting AwardsOn our last Second-Listen Saturday, we replayed a discussion about special end-of-the-year awards we think parents should get.

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Big kidThe dumpling is astounding me these days. He seems like such a big kid - a child, not a baby or toddler or even preschooler.

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Raising a ToddlerWell hey there, long time no talk. I haven't been on my blog, IG, or anything that even remotely required thought or effort for about a week.

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Look Who's Stalking NowAnd so the pandemic continues. I've quit counting how many weeks at this point. Really.

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Can downtime and 'slow' parenting rescue our kids?Being busy has become somewhat of a badge of honour. So much so that for some parents, having a child who is juggling multiple activities at a time seems to be a tick in the good parenting box.

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Alabama's reopened beaches are drawing tourists in record numbers."It's been crazy."

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Texas voters face prosecution after COVID-19 absentee ballot ruling.On Wednesday, Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling that makes a Lone Star-sized mess of the state's law on absentee balloting and the question of whether voters who lack immunity to COVID-19 have a valid "excuse" to vote by mail in the upcoming elections.

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Unloading! Postpartum Mom During QuarantineYou guys! I am SIX WEEKS postpartum and I feel like it was just a couple days ago I was freaking out about having to deliver Baby J by myself due to quickly changing COVID-19 procedures.

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Larry Kramer's Normal Heart: His masterpiece has more to say to our moment than you might expect.The Normal Heart wasn't written for posterity. It was written to address the specific needs of its community and its time, a time when mainstream media buried stories about AIDS, refused to print the names of the partners of the dead in obituaries, and treated homosexuality as either a pathology, a perversion, or both.

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The Federalist Society's network is now pushing the myth of voter fraud.Two new reports detail how legal activists have set up a network to capture the judiciary and influence elections.

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PandemicWe are depressed. We are trying. I have started to buy random things. Expensive things.

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Let them breathe ! !Summer time is back. This word ‘summer' has different meanings for different people. While for most of us, it means scorching heat waves, sunny and exhausted long days and so on.

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The Gist: the USPS and their usefulness.Sometimes you just have to through the Hobbesian nightmare.

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Raising Hell: Chapter 17It felt like forever had passed before Mandy finally opened the door and stepped out with Rosa-Anne.

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The Bundesliga's social distancing rules for the German soccer league's return are pointless.Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich is challenged by Jadon Sancho and Manuel Akanji of Borussia Dortmund during the Bundesliga match between them at Signal Iduna Park on Tuesday, in Dortmund, Germany.

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No guns allowed!As I sit here typing up this blog post all three boys are running around the house waging a war upon each other, there are hundreds of foam bullets strewn all around the house as the boys engage in an epic Nerf gun battle.

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May 28th 2020: Learning To StopDear Edith, You're six weeks old! Yesterday we had a big milestone: you and I went somewhere on our own.

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Lessons…He is a bright boy, articulate and creative. He has a natural curiosity and a variety of interests.

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Relaxing into WorkSomething I've been learning even more about lately - making the whole of life sustainable.

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Abundant parenting in MallorcaSomewhere along the line practicalities set in, usually as we expand our with others through family get togethers, pre-school and school.

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27th May 2020I had one of those 'ah-ha' moments today. I was spending a very brief amount of time in the house - I have pretty much moved out by this stage, sleeping in the tent and doing work from the table in the garden, when I started thinking about what housework needs to be done.

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Boundaries With GrandparentsFrom the time that I was pregnant, my mother-in-law had a lack of boundaries concerning my child.

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George Floyd and the Supreme Court: The court must fix qualified immunity.George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police officers shows the damage the court has wrought.

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What I've Learned About Homeschooling My Child…So, like many parents in this crazy world we live in right now, I got the pleasure of "homeschooling" my child through the end of the school year.

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House Republicans Sue to Try to Block Pandemic Proxy VotingIn other words, no matter what system the House might adopt to enable members to vote without being present on the floor, it would be unprecedented, and therefore it could expose the chamber and its body of work to new frontiers of litigation-even if the House generally has the right to make its own rules, and proxy voting specifically has...

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Underage driving confrontation: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on underage driving, wiping issues, and traumatic separations.

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Why pay to run a race from home, with no one else?Vacation Races has pivoted to Staycation Races. Somehow, it's working.

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Twitter's Trump Fact Check Won't Solve Much, but at Least It's SomethingNobody believes that Trump will be shamed into stopping. He has to be stopped.

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Whew, glad that's over!So you did it! You succeeded in something some might call the hardest part of parenting so far.

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This Old House is Killing MESo, during one of my son's telehealth speech therapy sessions, we found that he was a lot happier outside in our screened in porch.

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Coronavirus lockdown: Is it too late to avoid another Great Depression?If the government gets economic relief right this time, it doesn't have to be. If.

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An appreciation of crowd-free sports.We are left with nothing other than the smack of the ball, the raw emotions of competition, and the intimate elation of victory.

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Why Amy Cooper Felt the Police Were Her Personal "Protection Agency"Once exposed, Amy apologized via media interview for her behavior and insisted she is "not a racist." She further noted that she, in retrospect wrongly, regarded the police as a cost-free "protection agency" but that she now understood that "there are so many people in this country that don't have that luxury."

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Life with Weighted MomentsEvery second has meaning. Every waking moment. Every breath. Every scroll through the smartphone. What if every distraction was a lost investment, every argument a lost chance at connection?

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Dear Lady in the Grocery Store…This post has been sitting unpublished for more than three years. I wrote it before my husband and I adopted our first son and I basically abandoned this blog.

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Netflix's Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is a different kind of #MeToo documentary.Filthy Rich unravels a web of complicity, but no one has yet revealed the full picture.

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CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Who Was Captured By Somali Pirates And Rescued By SEAL Team 6 Joins First Class FatherhoodTap Image To Listen NEW EPISODE IS UP Listen - Episode 353 Captain Richard Phillips is a First Class Father and retired Merchant Mariner who was kidnapped by Somali pirates during the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009.

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We're Just TiredToday was "leg day" for my sons and I. We have been home together for weeks now.

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Gardening Activities You Can Do With The KidsHi everyone! Like the majority of people we have put more time and effort into our gardens this year than usual.

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Microchips Inserted via Vaccine Would Be a Terrible Way to Track PeopleTo be clear: The technology to track people via vaccine simply doesn't exist yet. While we certainly have microchips-even injectable ones-they aren't capable of actually tracking anyone.

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Summer Without Camp… by Steve SafranWhat all of us need this summer is a place for the kids to go where they can play, swim, and just be outdoors with their friends.

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ConvictionI was eighteen, and had no idea how to handle what was happening. I was just recovering from an extreme depressive state that had lasted over a year-and-a-half, and was in no way prepared for a medical emergency - both physically and emotionally.

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Parenting YouTubers are receiving backlash from critics who say they 'rehomed' their adopted son with developmental disabilities after monetizing videMyka Stauffer, who shared her adoption journey with her 700,000 subscribers, told viewers that she felt like "a failure as a mom."

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The BurbsIf you haven't seen this gem in a while, I highly recommend revisiting it while we're all stuck at home stalking our neighbors.

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To my NEIGHBORSI am really sorry about the noise. There was a giant octopus while the kids were looking for treasure in the ocean, but really it was just the pool.

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Leah Messer, More 'Teen Mom' Stars Clap Back at Parenting PoliceTeen Mom' stars have slammed the parenting police over breast-feeding, hair length and more — read more to see their responses.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 27th May 2020.The UK added 2,013 cases today and now has reported a total of 267,240 positive...

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Day Seventy-One in the Corona HouseThough nobody actually has it.) 10:11 Lindsay is confused. On the walk, she spots two Springers sitting patiently by their owners' side, looking up at them adoringly.

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Slate Culture Gabfest on Never Have I Ever, Twitter beefs in the time of COVID-19, and Out of Sight.Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more.

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Wife's Funny Photos of What Husband Got Grocery ShoppingMom Emilia Donaldson shared funny photos of what her husband bought while grocery shopping for the family on Facebook.

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100,000 Americans have died of COVID-19The true number is probably higher. There is no end in sight.

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1 Year Old BabyAt this time, you may find yourself reflecting on all the many accomplishments you've achieved during your first year as a mother.

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Shelter in PlaceTwo more weeks of academia before the school year grinds to a halt. Jed's teacher has turned into our guide / cheerleader.

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Diaper RashLets admit it, we all get scared when we see our little one having those red rashes along the diaper area, and we want nothing but for it to heal as soon as possible.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent Part 1You might think that I made a mistake with the title of this post but I did not.

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Bitesize Hacks for Teenage Mental Health Support in LockdownPodcast on quick and easy ways to support teenage mental health: easy strategies for young people to help manage low mood using CBT techniques.

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We Gather at This TableWhen I shared this picture with my five-year-old granddaughter, she said, "That's church! " She recognized the image of a priest breaking bread at the altar surrounded by children.

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What is Cashback? The Easy Way to Make Money When You ShopUse cashback to make money back on things you buy anyway. From food shops and car insurance to holidays and clothes - save money every time you shop.

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Shelter-in-Place, the Good StuffWhile all of this sheltering in place isn't a mistake I've made, instead of lamenting what we can't do, what's not available, I can look at what I've learned from it....

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Future Historians Will Need Access to Coronavirus MisinformationHistorians will rely on Wikipedia's coronavirus coverage—the deletions, the fights, and all.

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What is Channel 4 show Britain's Best Parent? and who is host Anita Rani?Britain's Best Parent? starts on Channel 4 on 28 May - here's your need-to-know on the five-part series.

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To Dance or Not to Dance? Integrating Into the World After Quarantine…Day 71My daughter's dance studio opened up last week. Following CDC guidelines, the owners worked long and hard creating new procedures to keep everyone safe.

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Parenting: Granny keeps letting my daughter do whatever she wantsJoanna Fortune joins Sean to help with listeners parenting dilemmas.

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Global coronavirus crisis solutions from the International Rescue Committee.If only we had the political will.

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Returning sports need new COVID-19 disclosure and bet tipping rules.The case of Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert is illustrative.

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Why Are Children More Behaved With Dad?Photo by Chris Recently I let my son go stay with his dad for a night; a well deserved break from all the homeschooling and yelling I've been doing.

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You Can do this!9″ Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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Minneapolis Police Clash With Demonstrators Protesting Death of George FloydMinneapolis police used tear gas and reportedly rubber bullets against protesters Tuesday evening as demonstrators gathered and marched in memory of and demanding justice for George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in police custody Monday shortly after officers pinned him to the ground by the neck.

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Playdates, and Responsible Parenting: Suggestions for Phase-2 SocializingParents face the unenviable task of deciding if and when their kids can enjoy playdates for the first time in months.

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Partnering to Bring Family Connects to North TexasThe time around birth—whether it's your first or fifth, you're adopting or fostering a baby, you've just given a baby up for adoption, or you've lost your baby—is an immensely vulnerable time for a...

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Taking Karma to the Vet!.TikTok → @bryanlanning → @ → @bryanlanning → @missylanning → @ollieandfinn Karma's Instagram! → @ → @bryanlanning @ → #Karma # our intro song here!

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Emilia Marcela EugenieOn May 25, 2020, our daughter Emilia Marcela Eugenie was born. It still feels weird saying that — "my daughter" — but Fran and I are both happy to finally meet her.

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Tweens and Teen YearsRaising children is the greatest and hardest job you will likely have the privilege of doing through our lives, and yet there's no textbook, no entrance exam, no yearly assessment reviews.

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Surviving The Rona🦠… With GraceFor many, this new normal has been a struggle and a huge adjustment to their family's day to day lives.

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Potty-training, my new nemesisPotty-trainingVerbA near soul destroying act where a person tries to get their tiny human that little bit closer to functioning independently as an adult and adhering to social norms, by teaching them how to use a potty as a stepping stone to a full size porcelain toilet.

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Build Your Own Telescope Kit Review age 8+The Build Your Own Telescope is a really fantastic set with a very beautiful telescope, but much more than that, you learn how a telescope w...

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Trump threatens to shut down Twitter after it added fact-based warning labels to his tweets.Twitter took its first baby steps Tuesday to rein in President Donald Trump indiscriminately spewing misinformation across the internet by adding warning labels accompanied by links to fact checks to two of Trump's recent tweets wildly alleging that efforts to bolster vote-by-mail programs during the pandemic amounted to sweeping electoral fraud.

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Doing it mostly* rightYesterday a member of my family complimented one of my kids to me. It was about politeness.

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What does it mean to be a feminist prosecutor?Reformers want to keep more people out of prison and punish more people for sexual violence.

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Flats Challenge 3: Favorite Flat FoldOkay, maybe you're wondering "I keep hearing you talk about flats but how the heck do I even use them?"

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Maybe math does have all the answersWhat is much more interesting to me now is to consider who I am today because of that terrible night, exactly 25 years ago.

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Working from home made me realize that my husband is a jerk to his co-workers: Dear Prudence podcast.Is this an insight into his character that I need to worry about?

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My little boy was 3 in December last year and was starting nursery… we started potty training him.What better advice is there than parent to parent recommendation from those that know what you are going through.

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The uncanniness of watching a grieving mother and her dead daughter meet in virtual reality.A South Korean documentary raises questions about technology's role in mourning.

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Raising our children right will be our token of gratitude to Psychology.We all owe a lot in our lives to psychology. It is all inside they say.

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Ben Chu: The lockdown exit strategy shows this government thinks Primark is more important than parentingThe value of unpaid childcare is £352bn a year - almost a fifth of our national income, and roughly the same as we spend in shops, supermarkets and department stores.

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8 Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Time MomAll my life I wanted to experience motherhood. When I got pregnant, I assumed I knew quite a bit about pregnancy.

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Camping At Home Ideas for KidsStaying local? These fun camping at home ideas will make your staycation special for you and your kids with easy camping crafts and activities.

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Series: Layers of an Onion"It's clear to me that Sam does have issues with anxiety and being withdrawn," Dr. Bradford explained.

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Free parenting webinars help keep children focused at homeThe happy Herrmann family, from left, son Shawn, daughter Lorianna, mother Sarah, daughter Micayla and father David.

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Is sexting cheating? And more advice from Dear Prudie."She wants to start video chatting, but I am totally against it."

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Slate's Open Discussion for the week of May 27.Bring us your questions for a live event with Ben Mathis-Lilley and Ashley Feinberg.

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30 Days of Celebrating Moms in May: Wonderfully Made"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10.

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The Great Big Parenting Lockdown Survey results for Cheshire are inThis is what Cheshire families told us about what life is really like in lockdown.

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Grandparents Do TikTok Dances For Their GrandkidsTwo grandparents who go by "Granmacca" on TikTok have been posting dance-challenge videos in matching outfits for their grandkids to watch.

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How Many Kids Does Jude Law Have?Actor Jude Law is expecting his sixth child with his wife, Phillipa Coan. Jude shares his other five children with three women, and the kids range in age from 23 to 5.

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E-Learning And COVID-19: Juggling Parenting And Teaching In A PandemicIndiana Public Media is your source for news and information, music, arts and community events from WFIU Public Radio and WTIU Public Television.

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7 Common Triggers for MeltdownsOne-size-fits-all approaches for reacting to meltdowns don't work. Supporting a child who is hungry or sick and getting extremely upset the same way as you support a child who has an unmet need for attention makes no sense.

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The Science of Friendship with Lydia DenworthScience journalist Lydia Denworth joins Hilaria and Daphne to discuss the science behind friendship and why we as humans need social interactions for our mental and physical health.

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It's crunch time for the US economy.There's a narrowing window for action on the economy.

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Ek rupya 12 annaSchool fee once upon a time Today a very interesting thing happened; my mom asked my son's school fees.

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THIS year's children day THEME: "Educating a GIRL child for a prosperous and assured FUTURE".Educating a child is paramount and tantamount to a Nation's progress.

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Much Ado About Fgm…I have received tonnes of questions regarding female circumcision but I have only given short answers to most of them.

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How to become a professional FloristSome great tips on how to become a professional florist, I would love to be able to do this.

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Latest Co-op £5 Frozen Meal DealThe latest Co-op £5 frozen meal deal gets you items for just a fiver! It's a favourite with savvy shoppers saving you over 50%.

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How to Handle an Unwanted or a Teenage PregnancyAs much as people try to prevent teenage or unwanted pregnancies, situations arise where these preventions fail.

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Creative ideas on Colchester Parenting attract 18k viewsA MUM-of-ten has put her creative talents to good use... and generated 18,000 hits on social media feeds.

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PARENTING A TODDLER "Are you still sane? "Along with those tight bear hugs and monkey kiss days from your kids, surely there are days which take you on a ride.

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10 real stories: SEND during lockdownLife on lockdown has no doubt been a different experience for many. For some the spread of COVID19 has been tragic.

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Ethan James Wins GamesToday is Tuesday May 26, 2020.... Ethan is 2. He will turn 3 on July 10.

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Fun Edible Science Experiment to Show How Mountains are Built for KidsA fun simple science experiment that it's safe to eat to teach kids how plate tectonics make mountains and the different boundaries formed.

Rainy Day Mum Shared .

Cancelling Our Disney TripHello! I'm Em an award winning U.K based creator. I live in Birmingham with my two lovely children, my husband Stephen and our Westie.

Brummy Mummy of 2 Shared .

Heal Yourself To Forgive People.Forgiveness means to remove negative thoughts and to free ourselves from brings positive thought in us.

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Mrs. America creator Dahvi Waller on the show's finale, lessons, detractors, and more.Dahvi Waller doesn't think she made Phyllis Schlafly a sympathetic character.

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Mrs. America finale ending: The miniseries' final shot is an homage to Jeanne Dielman.In Mrs. America's eighth episode, "Houston," diehard antifeminist activist Alice Macray gets lost at the 1977 National Women's Conference, and as she wanders around trying to reconnect with her cohort, she finds herself brushing up against people she's only feared from afar.

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The Covid Files, Day 48: Finding Structure AgainOne of the biggest challenges of parenting during the Pandemic is trying to figure out how to juggle the competing responsibilities of "working full time" while also acting as a "teacher" during the day and still maintaining the normal "parent" role as well as keeping up with all the homestead responsibilities that keep this place running.

Doormouse's Declarations & Personal Musings Shared .

Mrs. America finale historical accuracy: Fact vs. fiction in "Reagan."Was Phyllis Schlafly really on Reagan's shortlist? Did she really meet a young Roger Stone?

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Summer Job SearchSummer is upon us and we're stumped. What jobs can our teens or young adults do, when service jobs seem risky?

Parenting Roundabout Shared .

Children and ChoresIn Parenting tool #1, we covered how kids should be doing a chore a day, and how this leads to being a good household citizen.

Laurel Holmes, ABs, LMHC Shared .

Children and chores = making good citizensI've been mother and a psychologist for 22 years. I used to be caught over-thinking, over-analyzing and trying to full-proof my son's emotional life before I would take action.

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Parenting Teens: Middle SchoolI will be composing a series of 7 posts about parenting for a class that I am taking.

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CummingsGateIs no one absolutely outraged and boiling with anger at what is being done to Dominic Cummings, and also his family too?

Nicola Jenkins Shared .

5 Signs You Might Want to Keep Homeschooling after QuarantineThese past few months have thrown parents across the planet into the unexpected role of teacher. Shared .

Teaching Through TearsBut, I also have the end in mind. Stephen Covey is famous for coining this phrase.

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An essay on parentWhat kind of relationship do you have with your parents? What was that relationship like when you were growing up?

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A useful book for those who are "boobin"First off, it's been a while! I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a year there as I struggled with sleep deprivation, postpartum anxiety and depression, isolation, moving, you name i...

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I am not single.Isaiah 54:5 KJV: For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.

Single Mothers' Escape Shared .

BaltinevermoreMoshi mosh. Some excitement to start my Monday when, after having dropped off the kids, the wife texted to say she had left her work clothes at home.

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I.Cant.BreatheIn these moments when the world feels most overwhelming... the truth is I.CANT.BREATHE.

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Questions To Love Podcast #549Todd and Cathy discuss some of the questions from this New York Times article titled The 36 Questions That Lead to Love.

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May 27.2020 ethot1 Peter 1:17 "conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay on earth;" How aware are you?

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People like Amy Cooper in the viral Central Park racism video are why I left New York.When I moved to a white neighborhood, my life became a series of incidents like the one in Central Park.

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Sunday DrivesWhen I was little, I remember we used to go on Sunday afternoon drives after lunch.

Simply Shannon Shared .

Isn't it Difficult to Homeschool?I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this all encompassing question.

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The Gist: Caution, courage, and reopening during the crisis.Caution is smart, but so is a willingness to be wrong.

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Week 11: I 100% thought it was week 12 already…We are finally getting into the groove of things here in Bend. Our Bend house is mostly unpacked and our Martinez house hit the rental market today.


Talking To Our Children Without Saying A WordAlthough I am willing to comply with theNew York State Law requiring face coverings, the kids have not been inany public places so wearing masks have not been necessary.

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Talking About Back To School After LockdownWe have an important decision on whether the girls go back to school. I have spoken about it and how our school are dealing with the phased reopening.

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All You Want is FaithIt was five days past my predicted cycle day one. I have been late in the past, but only by a day or two.

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'95% are duds'…Labtests initial results "95% are duds? " These were the words I murmured to my husband when his first sperm analysis came back from Labtests.

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Parenting During the PandemicThe Tulane Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health has partnered with the Louisiana Children's Museum to offer resources for parents of young children coping with the coronavirus crisis.

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Meredith Talusan Fairest interview: The author discusses her new memoir.Author Meredith Talusan on why she resisted pressure to politicize her life in her new book, Fairest.

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When sports are returning, Zach Bitter, and the miracle Sudoku on Hang Up and Listen.Zach Bitter ran 100 miles in just more than 12 hours.

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A federal judge sharply limited Republicans' attack on Florida Amendment 4's voting rights expansion.Florida's voting restrictions are so Kafkaesque they're unconstitutional.

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8 Cyber Security Tips for Your SmartphoneThere are an estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today. Phones in 2020 are more like miniature computers than the phones of old.

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France's New Online Hate Speech Law Is Fundamentally FlawedThe solution to online hate speech seems so simple: Delete harmful content, rinse, repeat. But David Kaye, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, and the U.N. special rapporteur on freedom of expression, says that while laws to regulate hate speech might seem promising, they often aren't that effective-and, perhaps worse, they...

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Real time parentingThankfully for parents and teachers, most children seem to have great adaptive powers to deal with unprecedented times, like the pandemic.

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Better parenting is a must even as we address every other reason for violence in ChicagoI can think of no more disparate a pair than the controversial John Catanzara, recently elected president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, and the sympathetic Sandra J. Wortham of Chatham, sister of the murdered Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham IV.

Chicago Sun-Times Shared .

Small Stories for Our Second: The COVID PhaseSince COVID madness has hit the world I haven't really been thinking of blogging or logging my thoughts about pregnancy or life in general, but it hit me today that this is exactly the time I need to be documenting my thoughts, the state of the world, and the stories I have to share with the girl, yes that is right, girl, in my belly during it all!

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Cheating at university, for family. And more advice from Dear Prudence."School doesn't come easily to her. Should I help her?"

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Family Travel: Europe's Top DestinationsEurope's top destinations and what they offer to the family traveller.

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New Tools Help Providers Encourage Vaccinations, Well-Child Checks During COVID-19 PandemicAcross the U.S., vaccination rates and well-child visits are declining. According to data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , there were 2.5 million fewer orders for routine vaccines provided through the federally funded Vaccines for Children program from mid-March to mid-April 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

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Air Force OneSniper mark on back BLANK/ FF 11 sec. flashlight BLANK/ FF 5 sec. man in bed BLANK/ FF 3 sec.

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My Wife Gets Drunk and Tells Me the "Truth" About My Sexual PerformanceMy wife and I have been married for 13 years. She is a successful business woman, admired and accomplished in her field, and a great mother to our three children.

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Missing my First Graders…Teaching remotely is weird. I miss connecting with my first graders. Today is a little shout out to those funny little six year olds who kept the classroom alive.

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Joe Biden Looked Good in His MaskBiden is the only non-Trump presidential candidate, and masks are the only way to go out without spreading a virus, so it's fortunate that they pair well.

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Bad mom, Better momI am either the best mom or the worst mom. This is all dependent upon the day, the hour, which of my children you ask, and which of my friends or family cares to have their opinions on the matter heard.

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Day Seventy in the Corona HouseThough nobody actually has it.) 08:03 Lindsay wakes up feeling annoyed and is adamant that Dominic Cummings needs to resign or be sacked.

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Dominic Cummings: Why the U.K. is in an uproar over a Boris Johnson adviser's COVID road trip.From an American perspective, it's hard to understand why this is a big deal. That, in itself, is telling.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus UK and World News update 26th May 2020.The UK added 2,004 cases today and now has reported a total of 265,227 positive...

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What Makes a Perfect Pamper Hamper?A look at what makes the perfect pamper hamper and a list of ideas of what could be included to create the perfect treat.

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Parenting and managing online learning during the pandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has created a shift in the family system, as many parents find themselves wearing the hat of a homeschool teacher in addition to working from home and maintaining their household responsibilities.

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Stacey Solomon's £20 parenting hack for son Rex will change your lifeLoose Women star Stacey Solomon shared the no-mess bib she is using for her son Rex's mealtimes.

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E! 's Moms in the Moment: Tiffani Thiessen Shares Her Secret Parenting WeaponTasked with filling the role of parent, elementary school teacher and entertainment director, actress and mother of two Tiffani Thiessen has keyed in on a trick that's right at your fingertips.

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A Slate investigation into why this smiling emoji is so unnerving.Slack has two similar versions of a basic smiley.

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The pandemic has changed how we think about the privilege of mobility.The empty motorway A3 is seen near Leverkusen, western Germany, on April 19, 2020, amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

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Widowed husband asks Twitter CEO Dorsey to delete Trump's Scarborough conspiracy tweets.Because Donald Trump is the president and because he is not up to the current pandemic moment in American history, he has recently taken to tweeting out conspiracy theories about MSNBC host and former congressman Joe Scarborough.

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Gerrymander puzzles: North Carolina.Slate's weekly puzzle to save democracy.

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Has the Japanese language affected coronavirus transmission in Japan?The origin of isolation in the coronavirus age.

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Making Memories… Riding A BikeBike riding has always been what i class as a important life skill for any child but it can be super tricky.

The Oliver's Madhouse Shared .

Things I wish I'd known before my kids had chickenpoxFour Mumsnet influencers whose kids have had chickenpox share their top tips and advice for dealing with it, from stocking up on essentials beforehand to remedies for relieving the itching.

Mumsnet Shared .

The Vast of Night review: Amazon's UFO movie finds new ways to tell an old story.The Vast of Night Is Like a UFO Movie Directed by a Very Talented Alien.

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Schools comfort parents with parenting tips to deal with children and their anxietyEducation News: PUNE: Roshni Dua, mother of a 10-year old school-going boy, has been having a tough time dealing with the constant meltdowns, tantrums and oppositiona.

The Times Of India Shared .

FREE Fantastic Summer Camp at Home PlannerSummer camps and school holiday activities may be cancelled this summer but there are still plenty of ways for kids to have fun.

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Parenting children with autism: A Covid-19 perspectiveThe Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in huge adjustments for families in Ireland, as the country grapples with the changes that constitute our 'new normal'.

Connaught Telegraph Shared .

A black man bird-watching in Central Park asked a white woman to leash her dog. She called the cops.An interaction between a black male birder and a white woman walking her dog in Central Park early Monday morning went viral after the woman called the police on the man when he admonished her for disobeying park rules by allowing her dog off the leash in a protected area of the park.

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A crash-course in responsible plant parenting for indoor and outdoor plantsIf you've recently taken a dive into horticulture as new hobby, or during the lockdown have committed to bringing a fresh new set of plants into your home, you might be struggling with exactly how to look after them now.

Woman & Home Shared .

When friends make bad choices around kids: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on babysitting while high, coronavirus child care, and toddler sleep transitions.

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Visiting family during coronavirus: Now that it's impossible, living far apart seems like a mistake.With normal air travel now impossible, we who've made lives far from family are facing a painful reckoning.

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When friends make bad choices around kids: parenting advice from Care and Feeding.Parenting advice on babysitting while high, coronavirus child care, and toddler sleep transitions.

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Saturday Night Live comedian Jim Breuer on caring for an aging parentStop trying to parent your aging parents.

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An interview with a New York City real estate agent about how he's marketing properties during the pandemic.How Do You Sell a $15 Million Penthouse While the World Falls Apart?

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Manifesto written by a 13-year-old about quarantine overscheduling.I Wrote a Manifesto in Opposition to My Parents' Quarantine Overscheduling.

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This Is Still Happening: Jared KushnerWhat Is Still Happening: It's depressing and infuriating to contemplate the amount of influence over all of our lives that has been handed to Kushner, whose greatest accomplishments prior to joining the White House were buying a $1.8 billion money pit with his family fortune and marrying Ivanka Trump.

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Physical proximity puts couples on the same parenting page: StudyParenting together can make couples "more attuned to each other's parenting approach than they would be on their own", the study found.

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How could Navajo Nation possibly be prepared for COVID-19.The pandemic has laid bare the federal neglect of Navajo Nation.

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We Got A PoolWe finally got the girls a little swimming pool for the garden.

Life with Pink Princesses Shared .

Can You Just Put A Hat On It?The ladies are back in-studio and Lynette opens up this week's first show recapping her recent trip to Florida.

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Parenting: Behavior modification was never really provedPsychologist B.F. Skinner, the formulator of behavior modification theory, was attempting to prove that the same principles that govern the behavior of amoeba, planaria, rats, dogs and monkeys also govern the behavior of human beings.

Arkansas Online Shared .

A very cheeky S'mores Brownie recipeA delicious and quite cheeky S'mores brownie recipe on the blog. Super fun to make and incredibly tasty!

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Do you know your catfishing from your fraping?Click here to read more from BritMums - Britain's BIGGEST collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers.

BritMums Shared .

Talking with Your Teen About Cyberbullying, Drugs and AlcoholJohn and Danny discuss how to talk to teens about difficult topics in a positive, value-centered way.

Focus on Parenting Shared .

178: Rob da Bank on festivals, fatherhood, and Mr TumbleHow do you parent your kids when you were raised strictly, but you're a hippy at heart?

Scummy Mummies Shared .

Northern Ireland's Great Big Parenting survey: The resultsYou've told us exactly how you've found being a parent in lockdown including how home schooling is going and how you've been affected by the current pandemic.

Belfastlive Shared .

What We're Watching: Veronica Mars "Weapons of Class Destruction" and "Hot Dogs"On our Round 2 this week, we're closing in on the end of season 1 of Veronica Mars, but not without a couple more cases of "Bad Things Happen to Neptune Students We've Never Heard Of." Plus, Terri has an intriguing theory about who killed Lilly Kane.

Parenting Roundabout Shared .

PSP 168: How to Spot OCD Symptoms in TeensMost kids with OCD go into adulthood without a diagnosis. This means years of feeling different.

AT Parenting Survival Podcast Shared .

WHO Pauses Hydroxychloroquine Coronavirus Trial Over Safety ConcernsThe World Health Organization says it is choosing to err on the side of caution before deciding how to proceed.

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