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Introduction to Permaculture Blackheath Community Farm. 60 Thirroul Ave. Blackheath, NSW 2785. Australia. View Map View Map. Introduction to Permaculture. 10am - 3pm Sunday 13 October. Blackheath Community Farm, 60 Thirroul Ave Blackheath. If you've always wanted to know what Permaculture is about, this Intro will give you a concise overview in an enjoyable outdoor classroom.

Can children create a permaculture design? This was the question put forward to me back in Brazil in 2007. Can children create a permaculture design? My answer was, but of course!

Stinging Nettle - 4 Ways! With the cool temperature, stinging nettle has been shooting up again. Yippee! Here is what you can do with it. Harvest large, dark green, leaves to make the best tasting soup you've ever eaten:. Boil through, blend smooth, strain, add salt/pepper to taste plus a large dollop of cream and garnish with chopped parsley!

Permaculture Helps Save Orangutans This new permaculture farm and education centre has been supported by Lush and they are also exploring the production of organic plants for essential oil production - such as lemongrass, patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Cobnuts or filberts Whilst browsing for seeds to take with us to the island in a few weeks time, I noticed that one of the online smallholdings that I was shopping from had filberts, or cobnuts, for sale. Husband loves nuts, and has reminisced often about eating fresh filberts as a boy in Istanbul.

How to Prune a Fruit Tree, Step By Step Fruit tree pruning is both an art and a science. The art to fruit tree pruning is not something that can be taught in a short article or video, but basic pruning technique is quite easy to understand, and once grasped, almost anyone can maintain a fruit tree, and do so successfully, year after year.

Cayuta Sun Farm Welcomes Visitors on Permaculture Weekend August 23-25, 2019 #FLXpermaculture Weekend @CayutaSunFarm #Woodland #Pasture #Tours #BBQ #Camping #Classes #Heritage Meats #Campfire #FingerLakes #permaculture #fun.

Scrap Happy Edge Scrap Happy in August: I finished the Scrappy Blanket that was started in February and I gave it a rather magnificently over-the-top edge. I made up the pattern for the edge as I went along, using Helen Shrimpton's Sunbursts from her Cosmic Cal pattern as a guide.

Our Waste Problem If you live in Australia right now you are probably aware that we have an EPIC problem with waste. Many city councils are sending our recyclable materials to landfill and for some, this is the first time you've really heard about our 'waste crisis'.

Episode-2490 - Growing Food in Small Spaces Today Nicole joins us to discuss growing food in small spaces as they share her story of how her family grows 300 lbs of food in 1/40th of an acre. We also discuss controlling pets, HOA issues, the advantage of small space growing and more. Resources for today's show… Sponsors of the Day.

Planet Local Short Film Series - Part 2: Diverse Farming Systems 'Use and value diversity' is one of the ten core principles of permaculture - for good reason. Studies have shown that small, diversified farms can yield more than twice as much food per acre when compared to large monocultures.

Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME Eventbrite - Jodie Vennitti presents Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME - Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 27 Coolbellup Ave, Coolbellup, WA. Find event and ticket information.

Permaculture Movie Night We invite you to continue meeting with us each month to learn and discuss permaculture. This meeting we will be showing a feature length documentary called "Inhabit." The film is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. There will be time for discussion before and after the film.

Half of it is fossil fuel A sprig of mint is found wilting in a single-use plastic punnet. The supermarket discards it, and with it, hundreds of other punnets. The mint was grown in Victoria - fertilised - irrigated - harvested - washed - dried - prepared in 50g bundles - packed in a plastic punnet and labelled.

Growing an Abundance of Food in the City Using Permaculture Kat Lavers demonstrates that it is possible to produce a meaningful amount of food on a standard sized urban block at The Plummery. The entire block including the house is 280 square meters but the food producing area is only 100 square meters.

Kaitiaki Farm Experience Kaitiaki Farm Experience. 7th-8th September, 2019. These events are part of Whanganui Permaculture Weekend. Choose one, two or all of the events on offer. Register: [email protected] Saturday, 7th Kaitiaki Farm, Whanganui. 3:30 - 4:30 Basic Care for Fruit Trees.

Paul Hawken on Drawdown: 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming A conversation on Drawdown, the one hundred most substantive solutions to reverse global warming between Paul Hawken and Damian Gameau.

Permaculture Stories White Gum Valley, WA 6162. Australia. View Map View Map. Jeff Nugent is one of Permaculture's early pioneers. He studied under Bill Mollison in the 80's and has re-visited the course many times through his own audio recordings and extensive notes. Since then, he has dedicated his life to creating a sustainable permaculture property in Nannup, WA.

Jamberoo Valley Farm Cottage Is an Easy, Relaxing Weekend Getaway With a Swedish Hot Tub On a working permaculture farm, you can collect freshly laid eggs, pick herbs to make dinner, or do absolutely nothing at all.

Responding to the biodiversity crisis: Permaculture and sustainability transition The global corporate-industrial food system is one of the primary ways that human societies interact with the environment. However, as the IPBES report alarmingly shows, the way we interface with ecosystems through agriculture has to change.

How to Prune Grape Vines - Cane and Spur Pruning Explained Grapes fruit on new season's shoots which arise from one-year-old canes. Once these canes have produced their fruit for the season, they will not produce again. To keep grapes productive, they need to be pruned to renew the young canes which will produce in the following year.

Nikki's Abundant green life in KZN's Howick Eco-activist Nikki Brighton goes walkabout for ethical food producers in and around Howick in KwaZulu-Natal.

Salvia Leucantha: Pruning & Propagating The Salvia family is a beautiful one. We're slowly but surely planting a large range of them in our garden. My current favourite is the Mexican bush sage - I love it for its vibrant purple flowers which come in autumn and winter, exactly when we need them.

Managing Small Woodlands in the Highlands and Islands The Scottish Crofting Federation has recently published this useful little tome, packed with goodies about planting and managing woodland on the croft. Husband and I have just spent a happy hour or so debating the wisdom of tree shelters vs spiral tree guards for the protection of newly planted whips and young trees.

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