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Autism and permaculture ethics part 3: Fair SharesThe 3 permaculture ethics So I come to the third and last of the key permaculture ethics  fair shares.

Autism And Permaculture Shared .

Why Trees Are So ImportantIn my design work, and in my own life in general, trees play a very important role.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Farmers are tapping into subscription model to sell farm fresh produce direct to consumersNorth Queensland farmers use a subscription vegetable box service to give them an extra revenue stream during the coronavirus and a chance to experiment with produce.

ABC News Shared .

News Analysis: Reimagining our agricultural futureWhen Jerome Osentowski declared he would build a tropical greenhouse oasis on the rocky slopes of Basalt at 7,200 feet above sea level, people thought he was crazy.

The Sopris Sun Shared .

Baby Calf Being Born! Finally Caught On Camera1st time in SIX years and we finally catch the birth of a Cow giving birth to her calf.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

A tour around Lackan Cottage FarmAs it looks as though we wont be doing any actual tours around or opening for visits in 2020, I made this somewhat inpromptu video tour where I had a good walk round and covered most aspects of Lackan Cottage Farm on the way.

Lackan Cottage Farm Shared .

Doomsday preppers don't seem so crazy now, do they?The power is out, so you can't turn on the TV or radio, or even open the refrigerator.

The Gazette Shared .
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Fukuoka, Natural Farming, and the Developing WorldIn his later life, Masanobu Fukuoka became very concerned with using natural farming to solve real-world problems.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

How To Make Your Own Simple, Cheap And Toxin-Free Body Hygiene ProductsBody hygiene products often contain a large number of dubious substances such as artificial perfumes, microplastic, silica, aluminium and a host of other chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to your body.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

The Mud Room: Stacking Functions in DesignI look forward to the mud room. That name means something to Emma, a term she grew up with, but she brought the idea into my world not so long ago.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Video: The Beginner's Guide to Keeping Healthy, Happy Chickens + a Downloadable ChecklistThinking of getting chickens? Watch + read this first! Our beginner's guide to keeping happy and healthy chooks, plus a downloadable checklist, will get you asking all the 'good questions' you need to consider before you begin.

Milkwood Permaculture Blog Shared .

My Word: Arbor Day can be nativized all year longWhat if we had a Humboldt County Arbor Day where we planted Humboldt native trees of which there are numerous beauties to choose from, many of which thrive in degraded areas and help to restore the...

Times-Standard Shared .

What's a motto?Hah. Gets me every time. Right about now, I feel like another Lion King quote is suitable: When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.-Timon Seriously.

Sweet & Wild Homestead Shared .

Weeds: Real Nutrition, For FreeIf you're walking over chickweed and dandelion in your lawn or ignoring a nettle patch by the garden wall as you hop in the car and drive to the grocery store and pharmacy, you're passing up opportunities for a quality of nutrition that no supermarket or pharmacy can ever provide.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Numero UnoI’m starting this blog because I need an outlet. Life is f$&@ing hard, and I have no friends.

Sweet & Wild Homestead Shared .

Hitting the ground running&Its been a very busy couple of weeks. We hit the ground running the day we moved in and havent stopped yet.

The Green Thumb Mama Shared .

How Carbon-Smart Farming Can Feed Us and Fight Climate Change at the Same TimeFarmers are the stewards of our planet's precious soil, one of the least understood and untapped defenses against climate change.

EcoWatch Shared .

My Dream, piecemealedSo this is going to be a nontypical blog post. Im going to sticky this and likely update it as I think of things.

Little Appalachia Farms Shared .

Why Oregano?Cuban oregano in my fairy garden it has gotten huge and towers over other herbs planted at the same time I love oregano.

Toad's Shared .

Life-changing Permaculture: From one Orphan to an Entire School and CommunityBlinkNow are transforming the lives of children in Nepal through permaculture education and the newly built eco-school with climate-sensitive technology.

Permaculture Magazine Shared .

Gloucester High School begins work on its sustainable farming demonstration siteThings are taking shape at Gloucester High School's with its sustainable farming demonstration site under construction.

Gloucester Advocate Shared .

Episode 10: Permaculture activism with Sierra Robinson, Morag Gamble and Maia RaymondIt is a delight to share this conversation with 18yo permaculture leader, Sierra Robinson, on the show today on International Youth Day 2020.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Creating Farm Efficiencies and Lessons Learned from Moving FarmsFarmer Erich Schultz joins me to talk about lessons he has learned after moving his farm several times over the past 10 years.

Permaculture Voices Shared .

Permaculture Zoning Outside and in the HomePermaculture designs often focus on time, and how frequently the humans of the system will visit the various elements and areas of it.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .
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The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies AppointsA LeAnne Campbell, PhD as President for New Service DivisionA Focused on Personal, CommunalThe T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies , a not-for-profit organization committed to increasing awareness of the extraordinary impact that food has on the health of our bodies, our communities, and our planet, appoints LeAnne Campbell, PhD, as President.

Veg World Magazine Shared .

077: Kind CupKind Cup Kickstarter href= ">. Visit our site for a full transcript of this episode at."

A Sustainable Mind Podcast Shared .

Response to GLP ArticleCooking, gardening, and even shared meals with laughter and conversation are lost arts.

Tropical Toes Shared .

Gardening advice for low rainfall areasThe first place to start is with your soil as it's the best place to hold water.

Farm Weekly Shared .

The Happiness Tree: Albizia julibrissinEpisode 33: Albizia julibrisson is one of my new favorite trees. Commonly called The Tree of Happiness, Persian Silk Tree, and Mimosa, Albizia is native to Asia and a member of the Fabaceae family.

Sustainable World Radio Shared .

Shoot! Noosa's library service is going to seedNoosa Library Service is launching a service where rather than borrowing books, it's a catalogue of seeds up for selection.

Noosa News Shared .

My First Market as a FarmhandAlright so, Im still not great at posting every day. Definitely gotta work on that.

Little Appalachia Farms Shared .

Podcast 495Paul Wheaton and Alan Booker continue their review and discussion of the big black book, Bill Mollison's Permaculture - a designers' manual.

Homesteading and Permaculture Shared .

The Green Thumb Mama&&2.0Welcome to my blog! This is a reboot of sorts of my old blog from years ago.

The Green Thumb Mama Shared .

Everything You Need to Know About Goumi BerriesNot to be confused with goji berries, goumi berries are yet another type of berry that offers a slew of health benefits.

One Green Planet Shared .

Aug 11th  Ashtabula Grows! Mid-summer garden dreamingMaureen demonstrates the bounty of last falls garlic planting Hello, friends! It is difficult to remember how life was just a year ago.

Ashtabula Local Food Shared .

Why Peak Oil Matters More Than Ever: Permaculture CanadaAbout Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

Verge Permaculture Shared .

Applications for Permaculture: Sectors and FlowMy own kitchen is still a work in progress. But I have used permaculture principles and design practices when designing the layout of the space.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Mui WoLast but not least, Ark Eden, the fabled eco-education and permaculture centre in the Mui Wo hills, deserves a special mention, and we encourage you to get up there to plant some trees with Jenny Quinton and her crew when you’re next in the area.

Around DB Shared .

Seed library to help grow community of keen gardenersNoosa Library Service is set to launch a seed library to help local residents grow their own food.

Mirage News Shared .

The 2020 Venie Prize WinnerThank you to all the poets who took the time to compose and send in poems to the 2020 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize - we received 262 entries in total.

Holmgren Permaculture Design Shared .

Forgoing pesticides for soil health on BowenFor the past several months, a subcommittee of the Bowen Island FoodResilience Society has been meeting to discuss the possibility of a ban on the use of pesticides and herbicides for cosmetic purposes on Bowen Island.

Bowen Island Undercurrent Shared .

How to Grow the Medicinal Aloe arborescensAloe arborescens, also know as the tree aloe, torch aloe, candelabra aloe or krantz aloe, is a hardy succulent perennial plant from the Aloe family Asphodelaceae, which is native to the south-eastern coast of Africa.

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

Hand Dug Irrigation PondI am sharing notes and details on my thought process on what I will be calling an 'irrigation pond' that will sit at the West end central area of the main 6 acre Edible Acres site at a relatively high point in the landscape.

Edible Acres Shared .

Seed library to help grow community of keen gardenersNoosa Library Service is set to launch a seed library to help local residents grow their own food.

My Sunshine Coast Shared .

Agriculture Nets to Witness Healthy Sales amid Rising Food Security Concerns and Preference for Gardening, Future Market InsightsDubai, U.A.E, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - The global agriculture nets market is slated to exhibit a CAGR of 5% across the 2020-2030 forecast period, concludes Future Market Insights.

Future Market Insights Shared .

How one family bought a dilapidated old schoolhouse and turned it into an off-the-grid homesteadIt's a totally sustainable, self-sufficient, perpetual work in progress.

Toronto Life Shared .

Forest Garden TipsThe apple harvest now approaches, but the tree looked rather different earlier this year. Saplings cast little shade, but a mature apple tree like this one has a much larger impact on its surroundings.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Catching That Last Drop!The relation of life with water requires no explanation. The fact that search for water is the axis for search of extraterrestrial life explains the synonymity they hold.

MINeD Shared .

Growing a Permaculture NetworkRegardless of your goals, networking is an important part of permaculture. In this article, I share a few strategies I use to improve my network!

Bottom Up Permaculture Shared .

Milking Time With Joel SalatinJoel Salatin sits down to milk with Justin Rhodes and talks lunatic farming, the struggles he's overcome, what his late father would think about his success AND the best thing we can do with BIG problems.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Join #TogetherWeCan, the first inclusivity celebration initiated by THE HomeGuruObserver Editorial): - Los Angeles, Aug 9, 2020 Â - Â On August 18th, 2020, THE Home invites U to join their first online inclusivity celebration #TogetherWeCan, where representatives of communities that are continuously left out will be able to speak out, share their stories, traditions and immersive experiences.

Guru Observer Shared .

Podcast 494Paul Wheaton and Alan Booker continue their review and discussion of the big black book, Bill Mollison's Permaculture - a designers' manual.

Homesteading and Permaculture Shared .

"2040" to screen Monday at Goleta drive-inA feature documentary that looks to the future, “2040,” will be screened Monday night at the West Wind Drive-In, 907 S.

Santa Barbara News-Press Shared .

What We Grew In 100 Days99th day of 100 Days of Growing Food and I take you on the ultimate Farm Tour showing what's possible in a short amount of time.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Farming the Saltless Sea: Duluth woman launches urban farm in Lincoln ParkSaltless Sea farm is about a half acre in a dense residential neighborhood below Lincoln Park Middle School.

Duluth News Tribune Shared .

Creating ChangeThis day is observed each year to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world's indigenous population.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Improving Broadscale AgricultureMy guest today is John Kempf, the author of the recently released Quality Agriculture. A farmer, teacher, and entrepreneur from Northeast, Ohio, John has spent more than 15 years developing a nutrition and farm management program that quickly restores soil health and maximizes plant resistance to disease and insects, while reducing costs and...

The Permaculture Podcast Shared .

Beavers Dam Primary River ChannelExploring some local beaver activity and discussing the regenerative role of beavers along with newly naturalized species...

Ben Falk Shared .

Blooming beautiful: Six selfie-perfect parks to visit in the Edmonton areaFirst the rain, now the heat means Alberta gardens have been going gangbusters. We're sharing six green spaces in bloom that might make for super staycation spots for soaking up the splendour and that flower-filled selfie.

CBC Shared .

Webinar: Fire Smart Landscaping Panel with Ann Baker and Damien McAnanyWhile we’ve got our fingers crossed hoping for minimal fire activity in Sonoma County this year, we at Daily Acts also believe in doing our part to minimize the risks of starting and spreading fires.

Sonoma West Publishers Shared .

Case Study: California Permaculture DesignThis permaculture plan is for a property located in North Ridge in the San Fernando Valley, LA.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Leaving for a new lifeIm in my last three weeks at work now before leaving corporate life forever. Even writing that down feels incredibly final after thirty plus years of working!

Stone Croft Skye Shared .

Fire Smart Landscaping Panel with Ann Baker and Damien McAnanyFire Smart Landscaping Panel with Ann Baker and Damien McAnany Daily Acts is teaming up with the Town of Windsor to host a free webinar discussion on fire smart landscaping considerations with special guests Ann Baker: owner of Ann Baker Landscape Design and chair of Petalumas Climate Action Commission; and Damien McAnany: Design Director for...

North Bay Bohemian Shared .

Getting Started with Organic GardeningJoin Solana Center for a 4-week interactive webinar-series to learn the basics of organic gardening in San Diego County - from soil health to seed starting.

San Diego Reader Shared .

Getting our Farm Ready for Joel SalatinThat's right Joel Salatin is coming to my house and homestead for a small outdoor workshop.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

A crop of gardeners who give generouslyFollow the StarTribune for the news, photos and videos from the Twin Cities and beyond.

Star Tribune Shared .

Lawn to Food ForestGoing big on mulch and permanent garden and pathway layout. Bought in around 50 bales of local hay at $2.50 a piece and now it's the long but rewarding work of covering all grass and 'weeds' around our plantings with hay.

Edible Acres Shared .

You Might Be Using TOO MUCH CompostIn this experiment I will plant the same plants into five different garden beds, each receiving a different amount of compost.

Diego Footer Shared .

Growing corn in soil with nitrogen deficiencyAbout Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

Verge Permaculture Shared .

Uniting women in agriculture for a regenerative food future, with Lisa KiviristThough this series on regenerative farming has covered a ton of different farming models, land management techniques, food production methods and design methods, one of the glaring absences in the perspectives I've included has been that of women, and I'm well aware of it.

The Abundant Edge Shared .

Inside Gray: Aug. 7A familiar face The sole remaining Pennell clock face is now back in the Pennell Institute building after being taken down and stored during the clock restoration of 1992.

Press Herald Shared .

The First HarvestIt’s the first week of August, the Wheel of Life has turned, and we once again welcome the festival of Lughnasadh - the First Harvest and the official beginning of the harvest season, as a whole.

Gaiaceous Gardens Shared .

Choose to Refuse PlasticIn this short video, I talk about growing what you can, and - when you do head out to the shops - thinking about ways you can choose to refuse plastic.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

StrawOpting out of conventional straw means going the distance for organic straw. Now, here's one thing we're gonna do with it.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Seattle Hempfest makes way for a green RenaissanceHempfest is an annual event that has taken place in Seattle each August since 1991. Shared .

We Are Not A Festival, a long weekend of luxury campingWe Are Not A Festival​ has added a second weekend of luxury camping, after selling out the first weekend over 6-10th August.

UK Festival Guides Shared .

Amilu FarmhouseCompleted in 2020 in Gassino Torinese, Italy. Images by Beppe Giardino, Alessandro Imoda. The building, located halfway up the hill of Gassino , is the result of a replacement project with expansion for the construction of a...

ArchDaily Shared .

Steps and Principles for Creating an Artificial EcosystemThe permaculture is a tried and tested methodology of sustainable agriculture. Instead of simply explaining what permaculture is and how it successfully converted loads of land into green forests, I would rather like the first principle approach.

MINeD Shared .

Know About Pradeep GoyalCashOverflow educates people about managing their finances smartly so that they could make the right financial decisions in their life.

Deccan Chronicle Shared .

Getting Started With 'No Dig' GardeningA no dig Hugelkultur mound. No dig gardening starts with a single simple idea: we need to protect the soil in our gardens.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Flint Street FarmAmong many of the social, economic, and cultural issues COVID-19 has cast light upon is that of our food supply and distribution networks—and the growing importance of strengthening more local and decentralized food systems.

The Sierra Nevada Ally Shared .

Using permaculture to respond to wicked problemsIt is becoming increasingly clear that many of the problems facing our species are wicked.


Waste not, compost more with food scrap programCafe trash is being turned into permaculture treasure in a new program making the most of the Sunshine Coast's food waste.

Sunshine Coast Daily Shared .

No Fear of Power OutagesFinally, our long-awaited Cummins Diesel Generator arrives. This Mac daddy will POWER our ENTIRE homestead during any power outage.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Setting the table for a safe food boomThe pandemic has compelled many to focus on what goes into their food. Will the organics moment last?

Livemint Shared .

Asking all these questionsPretty end to a great sunset at Toledo Bend, LA So, as I have explained before: I stumbled through my first year.

Toad's Shared .

What's the Agenda?Every act of speech or writing has assumptions behind it. In my wish to develop an environmental philosophical position, it's only fair to declare these assumptions, in this case with a little biography.

Balmusico Shared .

Locals debut exotic plant nurseryGnosis — ancient Greek for knowledge, especially experiential knowledge — is the namesake and dream realized of Dean's and Megan's nursery of exotic succulents and cacti.

Ramona Sentinel Shared .

Episode 9: Teaching Permaculture with Rosemary Morrow and Morag GambleToday on Sense-Making in a Changing World , I am thrilled to welcome Rosemary Morrow - a respected teacher of permaculture teachers around the world, an elder in the Permaculture movement and author of the permaculture classics Earth Users Guide to Permaculture , Earth Users Guide to Teaching Permaculture and Permaculture Teaching Matters.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Permaculture centre grows organic food, designs home gardens and offers lessons in gut health for HongkongersNot long ago, Matthew Teague could be found in the heart of Hong Kong juggling several plates as the general manager of a popular restaurant group in Central.

South China Morning Post Shared .

Planting potatoes  sort of gardeningIt is now the full moon in August, which is my signal from the planet to plant potatoes.

Chronicles Of A Humpy Dweller Shared .

Preserving our Garden HarvestThis simple preservation trick will help our Onion vegetables last for months after the harvest.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

COVID lockdown provides insights on changing attitude, relationship toward environmentDespite the multitude of negative impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the country and Washington state since the lockdown in March, one benefit to come from the lockdown is the impact it has had on the environment and how many are viewing their relationship with nature.

SpokaneFāVS Shared .

Backyard Banter: Gardening good sorts soughtAt NZ Gardener we think such horticultural superheroes deserve to be celebrated. So for more than a decade we have held an annual competition to find Kiwis who are using gardening in some way to benefit others.

Stuff Shared .

Food Forest Design III: Vines and Ground CoverGet my new book Florida Survival Gardening: Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening: or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening: : : : composting today - get David's free booklet: books: Your Enemies t-shirts: daily gardening blog.

David The Good Shared .

400 gardeners receive free seeds courtesy of Kootenay FoodA variety of seeds were delivered, which included carrots, beans, kale and peas.

The Columbia Valley Pioneer Shared .

Precious RainWe have had a very dry summer overall. Today we're finally getting a little rain and it's time to assess all the rain storage systems we have, make sure they are collecting, storing and maximizing that water.

Edible Acres Shared .

Are Woody Galls on Citrus Tree Trunks Harmful?Citrus vein enation , also known as woody gall, is a viral disease which affects various lemon and lime trees and citrus rootstocks.

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

Stewards of the EarthCulture is taking a lot of the blame for the current environmental crisis, and specifically, the way in which the Abrahamic religions exhort their followers to place themselves at the head of creation is held by some to account for the disasterous way in which humans have slashed and burned their way through so much of beauty and intrinsic value...

Balmusico Shared .

An old image from Bangladesh falsely shared as that of the recent Assam floodsThis image has got nothing to do with the recent Assam floods.

FACTLY Shared .

Bronze FennelEdible Acres is a full service permaculture nursery located in the Finger Lakes area of NY state.

Edible Acres Shared .

We Are Like Flowers, You And IFrom ploughed and parched prevails perfection Peppered with petals in every direction Evapped up the water, turned farms into dust Then compressed like the rock from which lavender thrusts.

VESTA HEX Shared .

Eden Power Corp Embraces Fashion Inspired by — and Made of — MushroomsThe brand's latest collection features fungi as a design motif, a raw material and a lookbook backdrop.

Fashionista Shared .

Brae's new day: Big plans for a South Bathurst landmark"We want this to become an all-encompassing venue for entertainment and wellness activities."

Western Advocate Shared .

Water Harvesting With Beavers! Working With Nature.About Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

Verge Permaculture Shared .

Aug 4th  Ashtabula Grows! Tomato pruning and garden tour tonight at 6pmSo, your summer garden is growing! Perhaps you have been overtaken by the joy and bounty to harvest, prepare and share?

Ashtabula Local Food Shared .

Inspiring panel of young people Living the Change towards a better tomorrowIt was a night of inspiration from Nelson Tasman Climate Forum members, comitted to helping change the future for a more sustainable, liveable future.

Stuff Shared .

How We're Saving Veggies for WinterHarvesting more green beans that we can eat, so we're freezing them to preserve the harvest.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

How the coronavirus pandemic helps explain WWOOF's recent successWhen the coronavirus pandemic disrupted their original plans, some students sought out new adventures on organic farms.

Deseret News Shared .

SB Permaculture Network Eco Film Night Series 2040 Film PremiereSanta Barbara Permaculture Network Eco Film Night Series 2040 Film Premiere / Fundraiser for Marine Permaculture It's time for a better future!

Edhat Shared .

No Such Thing as 'Too Many' When It Comes To Garden CropsI cant tell you how many times I have heard gardeners complain that they have too many courgettes to get through.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Permaculture Tips for Controlling Pests in the Veg GardenHe shares five easy methods for natural and organic gardening, whilst also reducing the risk of disease.

Permaculture Magazine Shared .

A Weekend of Bonding and CrittersOkay so it has been a few days since my last post, but I will try to be more regular, if only to keep my memory in check.

Little Appalachia Farms Shared .

Tree planting in the time of a pandemicKeeping the faith in uncertain times, the team at Ark Eden has continued to plant native trees in the Mui Wo hills and build up its permaculture food production system throughout the pandemic.

Around DB Shared .

Seriously Prepping for Total Power OutageThank you Cummins for sponsoring our Generator needs. Check out Cummins Generators, HERE: Vlog edited by: to Grow your own groceries, starts here DIY Abundance.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Book Review  Growing Good Food, A Citizens Guide to Backyard Carbon Farming by Acadia TuckerYou can click the image or link above to view product details or purchase this book from Amazon and support Deep Green Permaculture!

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

Hand Dug PondCover crops are coming up, walkways, 'shelves' and levels are starting to evolve a bit, and some of the berms and framing soil to hold in pulse and peak water events are being sketched - A simple and direct way to 'tip' to help support the time and energy we put into making our videos.

Edible Acres Shared .

Essays in Social Permaculture  using natural successionI recently attended an amazing waananga just outside Whāngarei, at a place called Permadynamics. It was run by Klaus Lotz and his daughter Frida on the subject of syntropic polyculture.

Monkeywrenching Shared .

Growing Year Round  Not Just in SummerMany gardeners begin by sowing seeds in spring and tending crops to harvest towards the end of the main growing season.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

At your local library this monthPORTSMOUTH  As guidelines and opening plans change rapidly, we ask you to be patient with your local librarians, who are committed to serving their communities in the safest way possible. Shared .

Working At The #Farm; Managing #Elaeagnus multifloraIn today's journey we are chopping and dropping sacrificial plants and showing YOU whats GROWING ON at the #Permaculture Project Farm.

Permaculture Homestead Shared .

Great Escape: how to join the exodus to the countryWant to move out of the city? You need to be prepared for rural life.

The Telegraph Shared .

Behind the Scenes of an ABC Film ShootABC Disney on farm today to film for a nationally distributed show called "Localish." See behind the scenes of two stories they're shooting.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Permaculture Values and Impact InvestingMy guest today is Laura Oldanie, a permaculture practitioner and the author behind the website Rich and Resilient Living, which focuses on how we can live a life and make financial decisions that lead to a regenerative future.

The Permaculture Podcast Shared .

West Kootenay meat processor pushing for farm slaughter changes to regulations to allow more farm slaughter of animals in the Slocan Valley.Processor would like to see regulations allow more farm slaughter of animals in the Slocan Valley.

Castlegar News Shared .

Hope and Despair on Fukuoka FarmTwo bearded young Frenchmen entered, who had been helping to set up the warehouse. They were carrying a container of orange juice, squeezed from the fruits of Fukuoka-san’s farm.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Case Study: Indianapolis Permaculture DesignThe plan above is for a large domestic garden in Indianapolis. According to permaculture principles, it has been designed with the site and location in mind.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Wildin' at Wilder Hill GardensFour months have passed since my evacuation from Senegal and the end of my Peace Corps service, but it might as well be four years.

Adam Abroad Shared .

Gallery: Living with the coronavirus pandemic in Cayuga CountyGenesee Street is lines with American flags looking west to the flashing light at the intersection of Route 90 in the village of Cayuga.

Auburn Citizen Shared .

Flipping an Old Garden and Making it NewRe-shaping our garden beds after spring planting to get ready for a fresh fall and winter planting.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Mixed reaction to new federal youth council — what will it accomplish?Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced the 25 members of its Canadian Agricultural Youth Council recently. Shared .

Where I went wrong and right with my propertyMy pasture Well, first let me say I had a general idea of what I wanted in the beginning.

Toad's Shared .

A New Dark Comedy Delves Into Female EmpowermentStephanie Hsu stars in the new feminist comedy, Asking for It.

Forbes Shared .

The People Rejecting Mainstream LivingHow Wales' nature-led smallholdings came of age during the COVID-19 crisis and point to a new way of living in a planet under threat.

Byline Times Shared .

Day 31: Permaculture and Plastic Free July. Speaking Up with Morag GambleThis is the last day of Plastic Free July. Thanks for joining me as we've been explored different ways of growing, making, cooking, cleaning, repairing, thinking, choosing our way out of single-use plastics.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

How spring water collection and a ram pump will provide gravity fed waterContour map creating tool: out the T-Shirts in our merch store! Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and...

Verge Permaculture Shared .

Increasing Yield in Any GardenIn permaculture gardens, one of our key goals is to obtain a yield. The higher the yield, the more productive, resilient and sustainable our gardens can be.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Applying syntropic farming methods for dryland regeneration, with Jacob EvansOver the years I've been hearing about a new pedagogy of land management that has been gaining in popularity, especially in agroforestry circles.

The Abundant Edge Shared .

Here's Where Ducks are Easier Than ChickensWellness Mama Whipped Body Butter: to Grow your own groceries, starts here DIY Abundance.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Day 7  The Start of My New WeekSo yesterday was my day off. Not sure if I will continue to keep it as a full day off on Wednesdays, or if I will move forward with like 2 consecutive half-day offs.

Little Appalachia Farms Shared .

Hands-On Design WorkshopImmerse yourself in the permaculture design process as part of an innovative new housing development.

Eco Thrifty Living Shared .

Trying to be a more sustainable usAfter watching an amazing programme on being more sustainable options that are happening everyday around the world, made me think about my journey to off the grid life.

The Curious Lifestyle Shared .

A NEET's Homestead PlanI just wanted to share some practical and pragmatic thinking I have been doing about how I will be able to live a life completely free from being subjugated by having to work most of my life in indignant conditions to make enough to survive and consoom while the boss who rules over me gets rich off of my exploitation.

NEETpride Shared .

Valley Bounty: An entrepreneurial spirit at Song Sparrow FarmWhen the impact of COVID-19 started to be felt in the U.S. in March, many businesses throughout the Valley had to learn to adapt their business models to survive.

Daily Hampshire Gazette Shared .

Enhance your lawn and table with foodscapingThere are a lot of words to describe different ways of growing edible plants on a family scale - row gardening, food forest, permaculture, raised beds, and so on.

Tallahassee Shared .

Turning Composting Might Be a Waste of Time *Should you always turn compost? It depends. Different materials require different microorganisms to break them down.

Diego Footer Shared .

Enhance your lawn and table with foodscapingUsing food crops instead of, or in addition to, traditional ornamental plants is much simpler than digging space for a garden, building beds, or setting aside an entire area for a food forest.

MSN Shared .

Family poisoned after mistaking Hell's bells for spinachFrench authorities have warned people to beware of confusing New Zealand spinach with a deadly flower after a family of four were poisoned by the plant.

Vanguard News Shared .

‘Tenacious' musician creates a garden out of nothing at Ally Pally StationMichael Solomon Williams and the 'Friends of Ally Pally Station' have carved out steps and sown planters on a steep plot behind the platforms during lockdown.

Hampstead Highgate Express Shared .

Family poisoned after mistaking Hell's bells for spinachLucky escape: A family of four had to be treated in intensive care after consuming datura LOIC VENANCE AFP/File.

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How to Use Your Fresh Culinary HerbsHow to Use Your Fresh Culinary Herbs.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Family Poisoned After Mistaking Hell's Bells For SpinachFrench authorities have warned people to beware of confusing New Zealand spinach with a deadly flower after a family of four were poisoned by the plant.

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Day 30: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyMake your own homegrown turmeric latte. Now is the time to be digging up your turmeric.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Mid-Day Mumbai Guide: Make The Most Of Thursday To SundayIf youre looking for activities to do this weekend heres a line-up that is sure to keep you busy.

Mid-day Shared .

Gardening Calendar  AugustIt’s August, the weather is still cold and windy, but the end of winter is draws near, the days begin to grow noticeably longer and the change of season is not too far away.

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

10 things to do on the Coast this weekendFrom live music to sleepy Sunday markets, there's plenty to do on the Sunshine Coast this weekend to entertain the whole family.

Sunshine Coast Daily Shared .

I Attended the Firefly Gathering and Here's What I LearnedThe Firefly Gathering is the country's largest primitive technology festival. In 2019, it was held on a 940-acre farm just outside of Asheville, NC.

Men's Journal Shared .

Episode 8: The Simple Home with Rhonda Hetzel and Morag GambleDown to Earth Simple and I meet about 5 years ago when I was interviewing her on the author stage at the Real Food Festival in Maleny.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Greenhouses for Winter Chickens and GreensReceiving two new high tunnels today. Our plan is to deep bed All our Chickens in one while the other eventually houses our winter supply of fresh green vegetables.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Organic Farming Brings A Breath of Fresh Air in KashmirOfficial database divulges that Kashmir’s Agriculture Department daily receives 30 calls about organic farming from different parts of the valley.

Kashmir Observer Shared .

Homeschooling BasicsHomeschooling was the default method of education across cultures for most of human history and it was only in the 19th century that formal classroom education started to become more common, so I find it bizarre that many people consider it to be a "nontraditional" way of educating the young.

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Is Deep Adaptation good science?'Deep Adaptation is not just a paper, but a living body of research and social enquiry.'

The Ecologist Shared .

Day 28: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyMy daughter, Maia, co-founder of the Permayouth talks today about one of the ideas they've been talking about in the Permayouth weekly online gatherings...

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Best Nurseries and Plant Shops in BrisbaneTrack down hardy native plants, cacti, succulents, flowers, bonsai, herbs, fruit trees, pots and everything else you need to beautify your home and garden.

Broadsheet Shared .

The beginningSo first let me say, hello and welcome to my adventure in turning my property into a Food forest by using the principles of many things.

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Food Forest Design II: The Sub-CanopyFree Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation: Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting: the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics: books OFF AMAZON and direct from the publisher: : : : composting today - get David's free booklet: Your Enemies t-shirts: daily gardening blog.

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South Carolina farmers persevere through the pandemicColumbias Paul Grant has more people to sell to than he did earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Do This Now for a Jammin Garden LaterWe've shaped our garden for fall and winter planting. Now the "secret" sauce. Compost. Then wet it down and cover with UV resistant silage tarp.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

‘Energised by disruption': 2020 sows a new way forward for foodA hole has opened up in the system that takes pride of place in the Australian identity - our ability to bring produce to market.

The Guardian Shared .

A first look: Silicon Valley landmark designs revealedAfter more than a year of anticipation, the wait is over. The new designs for San Joses landmark icon have been revealed  and now the public gets to weigh in.

San José Spotlight Shared .

Episode 7: Systems View of Life with Fritjof Capra, Morag Gamble and the PermayouthIt is my great pleasure to welcome Fritjof Capra , my dear friend and teacher, to Sense-making in a Changing World podcast exploring the systems view of life and the links with permaculture.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Career Opportunities in Permaculture and Sustainability?About Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

Verge Permaculture Shared .

A Stroke of LuckMy own This interview was with a person of many surprises; of a bold life filled with many loves.

Stories - Beneath Our Barriers Shared .

July 28th  Ashtabula Grows! The garden meditationToday, listen to what the bees have to say Have you ever been in the middle of gardening, planting, digging or weeding and you stop and notice your thoughts.

Ashtabula Local Food Shared .

Esther's journey from the city suburbs to global eco-villagesEsther Tolburn with her dog Daisy in the garden of her home in the Ravenhill area of Belfast.

Belfast News Letter Shared .

The family who used a working holiday on an Irish organic farm to find a new way of lifeThere was method in what some might view as their madness. Not only were they tasting an alternative lifestyle and accumulating knowledge in how to apply it in their own back yard, they were also sampling life in different parts of the country to help them decide where their new back yard might be.

The Irish Times Shared .

The Irish family whose farming holiday gave them a new way of lifeThere was method in what some might view as their madness. Not only were they tasting an alternative lifestyle and accumulating knowledge in how to apply it in their own back yard, they were also sampling life in different parts of the country to help them decide where their new back yard might be.

The Irish Times Shared .

Day 27: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyToday's plastic-free conversation is about replacing the multiple plastic bottles of cleaners for simple homemade vinegar.

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Youth work support is key to pupil ‘catch up'Their argument is supported by findings from a University College London Institute of Education study that estimates two million pupils in the UK have done little or no schoolwork since March.

CYP Now Shared .

Planet Watch: Regenerative agriculture as one answer to planetary crisisOver the last few decades, modern industrialised agriculture has wrought havoc on natural systems. It has razed forests, decimated biodiversity, and has done immense damage to soils.

Echonetdaily Shared .

I Smashed My Earth Oven!Or "The Pros and Cons of an Earth Oven, as Revealed By David The Good, in Contradiction to Certain Enthusiasts of the Cooking With Mud School, in Multiple Parts, With Images and Text, As Well as A Few Scenes of Violence, Though Not of a Sort Offensive To The Young or Faint of Heart."

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Food Forest Design I: The CanopyFree Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation: Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting: the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics: books OFF AMAZON and direct from the publisher: : : : composting today - get David's free booklet: Your Enemies t-shirts: daily gardening blog.

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I Smoked A Turkey but will everybody like it.First time smoking a Turkey! 9 plus hour cook, cut will our our guest like it?

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Five candidates compete for 4th District congressional seatThe Aug. 4 primary features contested races for the Republican and Libertarian nominations, while only one Democrat is on the ballot.

Columbia Missourian Shared .

In Season: SalalIf you’re on campus, you can find Salal in the planted areas in front of the Global Learning and Arts Building , and along the South side of the Walkway to the Bus Stop. The berries are deep purple/blue when they are ripe, though you’ll see them shift from green to pink and red before becoming ripe!

Integrate It! Shared .

Diverse mentors share diverse lessonsEditors note: The Savanna Institute apprenticeship program was launched in 2019 to provide aspiring agroforestry farmers with on-farm training and online learning. Shared .

An old photo from Bangladesh is falsely shared as the condition in flood-hit BiharWith most parts of Bangladesh being less than 10 metres above the sea level, more than one million people become Environmental refugees every year as their houses and Livestock are washed away by the floodwaters and riverbank erosions.

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Hemp, Inc. Shares Research on the Power of Hemp BatteriesLas Vegas, NV, July 27, 2020 - via NEWMEDIAWIRE - Hemp, Inc. a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with bi-coastal processing centers, including the 85,000 square foot multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility on nine acres in Spring Hope, NC; a 55,000 square foot state of the art local processing center in White City, Ore.; a... Shared .

How to Grow, Prune and Propagate RaspberriesRaspberries belong to the genus Rubus, along with other cane berries such as blackberries, boysenberries, lawtonberries, loganberries, marionberries, silvanberries and tayberries.

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

Land Ownership  We Are CustodiansOur time is fleeting. We are just passing through. So how can we leave this world better than we found it?

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

6 Years Hard YakkaWeve reached our 6th anniversary on the land so I had a wander the other morning to capture some of our progress.

Eco Thrifty Living Shared .

How To Treat Leaf Curl On Your Nectarine TreeLeaf curl is that horrifying-looking disease your stone fruit get where the leaves curl up and dye and your yields are drastically impacted.

Good Life Permaculture Shared .

Life In A DayThis is my submission for YouTube's historic documentary about what happened on July 25th, 2020.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

My allotment then and now: 2018 to 2020Nostalgia I look back at November 2018 with huge amounts of nostalgia. I secured my allotment from my first proper-adult-job as a Property Assistant and I pounced on the chance.

Lucy Tree Shared .

Permaculture Design For Rented SpacesEmbrace flexible, small space container gardening to make the most of even rented spaces. Even if you are renting your home, there is still plenty of potential to include permaculture design in your life.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Day 26: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyCarefully choosing things for our daily life that last and last leads us away from the culture of consumables.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

COVID-19 pandemic has affected food security and sustainabilityThe United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation says that COVID-19 could seriously impact the world's food security as it affects both supply and demand.

Independent Australia Shared .

RISE UP! New workshop to teach art of bread bakingCould your lockdown loaves have used a little more love? Classes coming to Southern Downs.

Warwick Daily News Shared .

Teacher to take on Gympie's Tony Perrett at State electionA third candidate has stepped into the ring ahead of this year's State election.

Gympie Times Shared .

The Amazing Amaranth FamilyEpisode 32: Meet the broad and beautiful Amaranth family in this episode with farmer and seed saver Andrew McMillion.

Sustainable World Radio Shared .

Cow MilkingNewbie Cow Milker, Aunt Ann, tries milking our family cow for the first time. Then takes time to reflect on what she thought her niece would be when she grew up and her initial thoughts of me.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

This Ridiculously Effective Hand Cream Works Even After You Wash Your HandsThis coming week, the Cream will be available on the brand's site and, like all the Retrouvé products, it does not skip on ingredients.

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Permaculture Food #Jungle in Zone 8 Transitions to FallJoin us as we transition our spring garden into our fall garden.

Permaculture Homestead Shared .

Chicken TVThings are moving along steadily with our chicken composting operation. No major news to share, just working with the resources we can find and trying to keep our hens as healthy and happy as - A simple and direct way to 'tip' to help support the time and energy we put into making our videos.

Edible Acres Shared .

Meet the corporate professional who found her calling in organic farmingKishore, who holds a Master in Business Administration degree from the Symbiosis Institute of Management in Pune, took to organic farming in Agra in 2016 after holding several senior-level corporate positions in multi-national companies , private equities and venture capitals.

Hindustan Times Shared .

Turning Lawns into MeadowsMy guest today is Owen Wormser. Owen is a sustainable landscape designer from Western Massachusetts and author of Lawns into Meadows: Growing a Regenerative Landscape, from Stonepier Press.

The Permaculture Podcast Shared .

Discovering Yourself Through Farming: Stories From a Nature-Based Farm ApprenticeshipSummer is in full bloom here on the farm with the warm nights, fireflies and the continued explosion of life in the short season of heat, warming our hearts and being grateful for the seasonality of this place.

Twisted Roots Farm Shared .

Tour of Production GardensEdible Acres is a full service permaculture nursery located in the Finger Lakes area of NY state.

Edible Acres Shared .

My Urban Forest at Home Gives Me 17 Kg of Veggies in a DayYou would not believe how barren and dry my garden once was. And now, I don't recall the last time I needed to buy leafy greens from the market," says the urban gardener."

The Better India Shared .

The Philosophy of Masanobu FukuokaThe Philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Day 25: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyOur kids love peanut butter and ice-cream but I want to offer them healthy alternatives, and ones that aren't wrapped in single-use plastic.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Remembering the day that Prince Charles became a Burnley fanPRINCE Charles had a packed itinerary when he came to Burnley in 2010, stopping off at five different locations in the town during a day-long visit.

Lancashire Telegraph Shared .

Former triple j host and musician is pivoting to permaculture in the pandemicWith the coronavirus pandemic putting her and many others in the music industry out of work, a former triple j presenter has used the time to pursue her other passion: organic farming.

ABC News Shared .

How to Get Fruit Trees to Fruit FAST!Free Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation: Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting: the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics: books OFF AMAZON and direct from the publisher: : : : composting today - get David's free booklet: Your Enemies t-shirts: daily gardening blog.

David The Good Shared .

Grocery Store HackRecovering from an 18 hour farm day and ordering supplemental groceries to the house. Will Amazon really delivery 35 minutes out of town, for FREE!

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Solar Direct Pump System from Pond Garden IrrigationPumping via 200 watts of solar to garden irrigation from pond water as well backup and for plant health and production benefits.

Ben Falk Shared .

Seeing Weeds in the GardenSome tips on weed management and some of our common weeds. This is the time of year when even after diligent weeding we need to be even more careful to prevent any from producing seed - this making thousands.

Ben Falk Shared .

Permaculture gardening: Increase nitrogen in soil with mulchUs as we make the land design journey real, right here: Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture In less than 10 years, Rob and Michelle Avis left Calgary's oil fields and retooled his engineering career to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating...

Verge Permaculture Shared .

Seeking answers to the problem of bovine TBThe seemingly out-of-control problem that is bovine tuberculosis in Pembrokeshire is one that I thought I had the answers to.

Wales Farmer Shared .

What is a Co-operative Paradigm?Community gardens or allotment sites are one example of a co-operative paradigm. Permaculture espouses the idea that a co-operative paradigm provides the best pathway to a stable, sustainable future in which permaculture ethics and principles are maintained.

EWSP Consultancy Shared .

Restoring Spain's degraded farmland with regenerative agroforestry, with Alfonzo Chico de Guzman, president of AlVelAlNow Alfonzo is a unique example of a young man who decided to return to his origins on the land and help to his family farm after graduating with a degree in business administration.

The Abundant Edge Shared .

Day 24: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulyGrow natural sweet treats easily in your garden, actually underground, with Yacon - another way to avoid single-use packaging.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

How These Australian Women Founded Social Enterprises Dedicated To Giving BackSeed Heritage, claire, recently launched its Seed of an Idea campaign to help women kickstart their own businesses.

Marie Claire Shared .

Fertilizer Injection for GardenOur new solar pumping setup fertilizing eh garden from the pond with a mazzei fertilizer Injector.

Ben Falk Shared .

Home and Garden DigestLIVE OAK Santa Cruz Garden Exchange hosts July event The Santa Cruz Garden Exchange is from 8-9 a.m.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Shared .

Butchering 700 LBS of Turkey and ChickenLong day harvesting hundreds of pounds of Turkey and Chickens. Plus, we move the Geese and ducks outside.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

Tropical Food Forest Ideas and Inspiration with David The GoodA tropical food forest system needs some aggressive maintenance during the rainy season to knock down all the crazy vines and grasses.

David The Good Shared .

SHOCKER! Plants Do MORE For The Soil Than YOUToo often we try to improve the soil from the top down by adding stuff to the soil - fertilizer, teas, compost, mulch.

Diego Footer Shared .

Of Viruses and the Limits of Masculine topiasWe have arrived at the limits of masculine, technocratic utopias. Living in the world of progress does not protect us from the problems of the world.

Resilience Shared .

Protein for the Plant-Based PermaculturalistWhile the pâtà most of us have grown up never to taste, that treat for the wealthy, is made from goose or duck liver, in reality pâtà means “paste” and said paste can be composed of a plethora of things.

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

How A Healer, An Artist And A Chef Are Fighting For Black Food Sovereignty In South LA"When we take care of each other, when we give half of our very little to other people, it's because we're all connected in this collective struggle."

LAist Shared .

481. Ghost Town*This summer I’ve been taking evening walks through UMass, a sprawling 1450-acre campus that I never explored when I was a graduate student there because I was too busy taking classes and teaching, then racing home to my family.

Tell Me Another Shared .

Day 23: Permaculture and Plastic Free JulySimple cotton wrap skirts with no buttons or zips are so simple to make and wear.

Our Permaculture Life Shared .

Page A1Click here to view this item from.

Auburn Citizen Shared .

Three Simple Soil Tests to Determine What Type of Soil You HaveHealthy plants only grow in healthy soils, and if you know what type of soil you’re working with, you’re better able to improve it to get the best results from your garden.

Deep Green Permaculture Shared .

Who Will Feed Us? Behind the Scenes of a DocumentaryFilming a filmer today on Farm. Graham's making a movie, "Who Will Feed Us" and will document the problem of today's food system and the hope for tomorrow's food revolution.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

100k Subscribers!Free Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation: Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting: the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics: books OFF AMAZON and direct from the publisher: : : : composting today - get David's free booklet: Your Enemies t-shirts: daily gardening blog.

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Autism and permaculture ethics part 2: People CareThe 3 permaculture ethics The second permaculture ethic is people care. I don't really like the saying Charity begins at home, because of how it's used to claim countries should be spending money on their own people rather than giving it in aid to poorer countries - and very often they're not&.

Autism And Permaculture Shared .

Bolstered by timely South-West monsoon and banking on native grains, how farms across India hope to reap a good harvestBolstered by the timely South-West monsoon and a steady demand for native produce, the farming community is looking forward to the sowing season.

The Hindu Shared .

Wild beavers in ScotlandUp to the end of the year, 87 beavers are known to have been shot under this scheme not including the unknown number killed illegally. Many people believe that the actual figure may be double the official one.

The Ecologist Shared .

Gallery: Living willow art structure being installed at community garden in AuburnThe Auburn Planning Department, in collaboration with the Auburn Permaculture Park and artist Bonnie Gale, designed two living willow structures to be installed at Miles Lepak Permaculture Park.

Auburn Citizen Shared .

Local Focus: Nelson Lebo, the 'house doctor' is going greenerUsing technology to cut carbon emissions and time. Made with funding from NZ On Air.

NZ Herald Shared .

Starting 100s of Seeds for Fall and Winter GardeningIf you want a fall or winter garden you've got to start now. In the summer heat.

Justin Rhodes Shared .

New community garden opens in north OmahaAfter weeks of hard work - this spot will now help put food on people's plates.

WOWT Shared .

July 21st  Ashtabula Grows! OSU extension and SurveyWill you look at the head on that one! What a dynamic week of hot, humid and heavy rains.

Ashtabula Local Food Shared .

The Top 6 Reasons Your Tomato Plant Leaves Are Turning YellowWe get a lot of people asking why the leaves on their tomato plants of all varieties are turning yellow.

Green Matters Shared .

Soil Testing: Why Is It So Vital For The Natural Environment?Home/Soil/Soil Testing: Why Is It So Vital For The Natural Environment?

The Permaculture Research Institute Shared .

Hemp, Inc. Praises USDA's Recent Approval of Hemp Regulatory Plans for Minnesota, Tennessee, and Puerto RicoLas Vegas, NV, Jul 21, 2020 - Las Vegas, NV, July 21, 2020 - via NEWMEDIAWIRE - Hemp, Inc.

MarketWatch Shared .

Why You Should Not Be Too Tidy in Your GardenRose hips are one of the yields you can miss out on if you are too tidy in your garden.

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Capturing Carbon with Underwater GardeningResearchers bet on giant seaweed to store carbon in the ocean.

Hakai Magazine Shared .