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Finding out if THIS is CANCER Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Getting this concerning red spot checked out to see if it's cancer. Bus Life New Zealand visits the farm, we move chicks to pasture, cows get a wooden paddock, hay arrives, feed arrives = crazy day on the farm.

Gardening & Sewing Oh My! The two weeks or so I've been neck deep in projects. I had to finish up a baby quilt in about 10 days for a co-worker in my department. She's new and very likable so I wanted to make her something special. I can usually churn out a baby quilt in 10 days no problem but I had also taken on another project as well-a Park Plan Design!

Free Permaculture Masterclass #10: 5 Ways to Compost in Situ - Register Now Have you every wondered how to easily create more compost and to make creating healthy vibrant soil much simple? Many people ask me how to make composting much less work and less strain on your back - turning and wheelbarrowing around the garden? Then you will find this masterclass interesting and useful.

U-pick Shiitake Mushrooms & Pop-up Farmers Market on Sunday, August 26th. In addition, a collection of local farms and vendors will be open for business from 10 am to 4 pm in a mini-farmers market. The line-up includes:. Enter your email address to receive notifications from Cayuta Sun Farm.

Sustainable hotel practices - organic farming, permaculture, and self-supply Darmstadt, August 16th 2018 ** Fortunately, the hotel industry is more and more implementing eco-friendly actions such as water-saving toilet flushing, garbage separation, or using towels and bed linens several times.

Permaculture and meeting the mark with Zero Waste. It seems new doors have been opening for me or I need to visit the city more. I have been new to such things as ecstatic dance, Ayurveda, and the zero waste market although I have always been concerned about recycling. I have some excellent news. As some of you may know, I have been helping a friend out with her Zero Waste kickstarter.

I don't have to do that For a while I was using an app that offers games to improve cognitive ability, including memory, speed, problem solving, planning, attention and flexibility. And, really, the only two things I didn't suck at were planning and attention. And I think this is why permaculture appeals to me.

Finally, an Easy Move Mobile Mineral Feeder Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Introducing the "MineralShaw". Unbelievable 18 SLOT mobile mineral feeder is actually rather easy to move. But, will the cows tip it? We'll see. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

A Boom Diy: Comfrey Salve Google Comfrey if you have never heard of this awesome plant and find out how badass this herb is for your permaculture garden and life but "ain't nobody got time" to explain shit that you can figure out on your own. To be brief, In the Garden… Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator, compost activator, mulch, and companion plant.

Espalier Training Lillie House Style, Summer Pruning Permaculture, Restoration, Forest Gardening. This is one video on a whole series we're putting together for our Community Supported Forest Gardening Course. This Fall, I'll finally be releasing this whole course as an online class for folks planning to Permaculture up their yards in 2019.

Garden CHANGEOVER ~ From Summer to Fall Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Jonah's back, a volunteer is out and it's time to change the Kitchen Garden over from a lush summer Garden to a Fresh Fall Garden. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Blackberry - A Tumultuous Love Affair I have been waging war on blackberry. Since early spring her shoots have come, bursting forth with great voracity, taking over my yard, my garden beds, my fence line and grape vines….my whole life it feels at times. This poem came to me as I was out working, clipping away at her lush vines.

Milking on Pasture = BIG Game Changer If it works Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Trying to milk the cow where she's at… In the pasture. This COULD save lot of time and trouble if it actually works. It's worth the try… ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR RESOURCES↓↓↓↓↓↓.

Local Favorites from Tampa Gardening Swap The Tampa Gardening Swap on Facebook is easily my favorite gardening resource. A few months ago, the admin asked a wonderful question. "For all the members - new and old - what is your go to place for the following…" In 347 comments, this amazing group shared all their favorite resources for gardening and landscaping in the Tampa area.

Organic Control of Curl Grubs in Lawn If you've ever been digging in the garden and discovered plump, pale coloured grubs beneath the soil that curl up into a "C" shape when disturbed, these are Curl Grubs. Curl grubs are the larvae of various species of cockchafers or scarab beetles.

Ridiculous Idea worked Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Moving the Cows to the upper pasture just got crazier… This is what happens when you listen to your kid and break out the mower to help with the move. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Back Forty Update Lots of flowers are growing in this new hugelkultur bed in the front at the end of my driveway, along with lots of volunteer "mouse melons," tiny watermelon-like fruits that taste like cucumbers. I'm using them as a ground cover - did not plant them.

August Permaculture Exchange We are excited to host the August Permaculture Exchange next Tuesday, August 14th from 7-9pm. Our skillshare classes feature local experts covering a range of topics such as cooking, plant tips, and overall well-being.

Parry Sound permaculture workshop to provide food for thought PARRY SOUND - Would you like to use less water in the garden? Would you like higher yields of fruits and veggies? With our short growing season, there are strategies to help you have a productive garden. On Saturday, Sept.

A Homestead Orchard Our house is a good example of this: built from the trees that grew on that spot, it takes on the character of the land around it. If we had bought land on a prairie or seaside bluff, we would have built a very different house. Likewise the garden. We will not be planting row crops in our woodland home.

Last look into the Eyes of A Fighter ~ Before Death Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Our fragile lamb take a turn for the worst and we have to make a tough decision. Should we end his struggle, or let him continue to fight. Either way, mad respect to an epic FIGHTER. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Maintaining the Ways of Our Ancestors Open your senses to everything in all settings. Domestication has dulled your ability to perceive and your desire to learn. Rewilding, which involves regaining our sovereignty, can be accomplished only through awakening.

Small Farm LIFE in 8:48 Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Ever wonder what it's like to have your own small farm? Take 8 minutes and 48 seconds to get a small glimpse into the daily chores, building projects, child shenanigans, and sick animal care.

National Permaculture Convergence 2018 It has been a hotbed for non-conformity, social activism and creativity for over 30 years and now the venue for our National Permaculture Convergence, 20-23 September 2018.

. Venues include Hulme Community Garden Centre, Z-arts and N.I.A.M.O.S.

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