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How to make a really cheap worm farm Of the vast array of creatures that live on Planet Earth, the earthworm is probably the most important for humans. Few creatures, such as earthworms, are so essential for good plant health and growth, and therefore indirectly they are very important for human health.

Low-impact Plots Open their Gates in July to Visitors The One Planet Development Open Week in Wales, in July, is a chance to visit exciting low-impact projects. The annual One Planet Development Open Week is a chance to visit Wales' most exciting low-impact plots. In the last week of July the One Planet Council organise tours of land-based projects open to the public.

Social Permaculture - Designing Our Own Healthy Societies I frequently find myself contemplating how to better enjoy the age of information and access to open tools, how to synthesize my perpetual discovery and share the treasures from diving into the many advances and facets of Social Permaculture: and why.

Permaculture Techniques for Container Gardening Members of the legume family also make for great "fillers" because they are dependable. These plants are easy to grow and help boost the performance of the plants around them because they have the uncanny ability to "fix" nitrogen into a plant edible form.

9 reasons to go organic - Conscious Green Mama Scientists have developed complicated systems to describe different soil qualities. These systems are often foreign and can cause confusion for anyone who simply wants to create a beautiful organic garden.

Backyard permaculture works in Maricopa Joe Whittle and his young family have lived in Maricopa four years, bringing with him 12 years of gardening and professional landscaping experience. He also has completed a permaculture course taught by Geoff Lawton, based on the original permaculture book written by Australian ecologist Bill Mollison.

Chop and Drop Gardening Permaculture is all about working efficiently and in harmony with Nature. We can garden far more efficiently, with far less effort, and improve the soil at the same time by emulating Nature's soil building processes through practising Chop and Drop gardening.

Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley community garden gets new education cottage Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley community garden gets new education cottage.

To Our Friends and Neighbors Kindly note that the sole aim of inviting more people to join our Facebook group is to seek advice so as to pursue our main goal of growing food for the people in Zimbabwe. Those willing to donate in cash or kind are welcome to get in touch. Use address at the boom the this page to wire via Western Union or send a check/.

So Many Changes The last few months have been crazy busy. My company was bought out earlier this year, and the transition has kept everyone on their toes. But it's official! I now work for Protective. We all got these cool mugs! It's been tricky keeping up with everything I need to do.

Nikolai Vavilov - Hero of Seeds Seeds, they are the beginning and the end. Protecting plant varieties and maintaining diversity is a constant challenge. A challenge that Nikolai Vavilov took seriously. Nikolai Vavilov, a Russian agronomist, is still recognized as one of the most prominent plant breeders.

Introduction to Permaculture workshop Lake Macquarie Landcare Resource Centre. 80 Toronto Road. Booragul, NSW 2284. Australia. View Map View Map. Join Mark and Kate, from Purple Pear Farm, to discover how to bring permaculture principles to your home garden.

Permaculture a plus for nature lovers like Diane Diane describes permaculture as working with nature rather than against it. Permaculture is a word originally coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the mid 1970s to describe an "integrated, evolving system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species useful to man".

'Aussie Street' presented by Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren Aussie St; our shared suburban history and future. Come and be entertained, inspired and challenged by one of Australia's unsung heroes, presenting in Mudgee, Wednesday June 26 2019, 6pm at the Mudgee Town Hall Theatre. Costa Georgiadis from the foreword to Retrosuburbia:.

May Garden After a chilly start, our Autumn was filled with long, balmy days that seemed to go on forever…right until the last few days of the season. Overnight, the temperature plummeted and Winter was firmly established! The cold arrived so quickly that the fig leaves had only just started to drop.

Permaculture: Concept Plans vs Detailed Plans There will always be deviation. So why invest all of that energy in a detailed plan in the first place? So much better to encourage students to invest their energy into getting stuck in. We all know that the minute we break ground the plan is likely to be changed.

How to Keep Track of Your Plantings in a Permaculture Garden A few years ago I excitedly planted several varieties of snap beans and dry beans in the same section of the garden. At the time of planting, I marked the different varieties with wooden markers, so I didn't think I'd have any problem knowing which was which later.

Permaculture Speed Dating / Urban Permaculture Discussion Questions I wanted to share a series of discussion questions broadly related to urban permaculture and having a cooler city in the summer. I've been fortunate enough to visit Kosovo three times over the last year or so, twice for permaculture teaching with GAIA Kosovo and once for fun and planning.

Hotbin Win RHS Chelsea Garden Product 2019 HOTBIN Composting has been awarded the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award 2019 for the new HOTBIN Mini which has been designed and is manufactured in the UK. The HOTBIN Mini is a small but efficient composter which packs in all of the original HOTBIN features into a smaller, slimline unit suitable for smaller urban gardens.

Books: Craeft I've just about finished reading this book by Alexander Langlands called Craeft, about traditional crafts and their meanings and origins in Britain. The book begins with a meditation or reflection on the Anglo-Saxon word Craeft, from which we derive the modern word "craft" meaning something like artisanry or Maker work.

Connect With Nature on New Permaculture Farm Tour When you arrive to Playa Viva take a minute to settle in and enjoy the calmness that envelops the landscape. Connect with the land. Take notice of the elements - wind, water, earth - as you move around the property. You will feel a sense of place.

Happy 20th Birthday to Ourganics One of Britain's flagship permaculture projects, Ourganics in West Dorset, just celebrated its 20th birthday. On 3rd June 1999, Pat Bowcock founded Ourganics Evolving Systems, a 4 acre food-growing and woodland project near Bridport in West Dorset.

Permaculture in Taiwan - Permaculture Day Spotlight I had two weeks free to travel wherever I wanted - so I put the word out for recommendations of permaculture projects, perhaps where I could volunteer and learn about the permaculture movement on another island.

Good Books for Troubled Times It's time to research, act and organise as a community, my friends. With good books for troubled times. Since our recent election I've been asked for book recommendations about organising grassroots change, but have also watched on as many folks have asked each other… I guess it's up to us then, isn't it?

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