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Why You Should Wear a Mask for COVID-19 Coronavirus, Debunking The Bad Science! There has been a lot of bad advice coming from government authorities and 'experts' during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and it usually starts with the ominous words "there is still no evidence that…".

COVID-19 provides a chance to re-assess the way we live Spending time at home during the coronavirus pandemic will provide an opportunity to set up households and communities for a more resilient future. Ballarat Permaculture Guild founder and Chestnut Farm owner Steve Burns will present an online talk Sustainability In The Time of COVID-19 this month.

Living in Interesting Times: Radiant Moments To sum up the pandemic news: daily life is strange and it's going to be strange for some time to come. If you don't have a garden, it's even weirder and more disturbing. But if you do have a garden, there are moments of such transcendent beauty that you realize with a fresh shock how lucky you are to be alive.

Permaculture the 12 principles explained: Beginners guide It is critical that if humans are going to survive as a race, we need to make some changes as to how we interact with the earth. The seas are full of microplastics and the precious farmland drowning chemicals, if we continue down this path, all of our chances of survival are finished.

Starting a no-poo hair routine, permaculture living, and the humble bus Here is one on how to start a water-only hair routine, and I'm seriously considering it. Quarantine seems as a good time as any. Robin Wall Kimmerer: Braiding Sweetgrass, indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teachings of plants. A book I'm slowly working through at the moment.

Why You Shouldn't Be Wearing Gloves to Go Grocery Shopping Source: You Shouldn't Be Wearing Gloves to Go Grocery Shopping. The idea that gloves may actually increase the spread hit me like a ton of bricks! Our skin has evolved for Millions of years to protect us against these very viruses. In microbiology classes students are taught that the skin is a microbe defense system on many levels.

How to prepare for climate extremes - my site observation method What now seems normal would have been considered highly abnormal just a few years ago. I live in a continental climate with traditionally cold winters, hot summers and plentiful precipitation that's equally distributed throughout the year. That probably best describes the weather we used to enjoy.

Permaculture, regenerative food systems online presentation On Tuesday, April 14, at 7 p.m., the Camden Public Library will host Rockland-based permaculture designer, teacher, and builder Jesse Watson for an overview discussion of the permaculture process via the online Zoom platform. He will highlight permaculture design principles and methods by looking at some case studies in Maine.

Accommodation closed until further notice I'd like to receive occasional information about special offers.

Fact Check - Is Ibuprofen Safe? COVID-19 Coronavirus and Medications that Weaken Your Immune System Some medications are known to weaken the immune system, and would therefore compromise the body's capacity to fight off diseases such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

If you can't beat them, redirect them? We have the most insane number of slugs in our yard. When I go out at night and shine a light around, the entirety of the backyard glitters with… well, with slug slime. And a bit of snail slime, but I've seriously curtailed their numbers by simply picking them up and tossing them out of the yard.

Winter Cropping: What to plant now This blog and accompanying video is dedicated to folks in temperate/cool temperate climates, which is where we live. Right now it's Autumn and we're doing some of our last winter plantings to make sure we can eat for months to come.

Compact but productive: Taranaki permaculture farm wants to lead the food revolution We've created a deep living soil that allows us to have no spray on the farm." Roebuck Farm's strategies for nurturing and respecting the soil are just as applicable to home gardeners in urban sections: They prepare garden beds with the no-till approach - soil is aerated and disturbance is kept to the first 5cm.

'Embrace the chaos': farmers reveal survival tips "If possible, we should aim to buy or swap seeds from our local region as they will be acclimatised to the area making them more likely to germinate and thrive," she said. She suggested connecting with the older members of our family for wisdom on nutrition and food preparation and preservation.

Blessing # 3 - C is for Challenges I have a low boredom threshold! To keep doing the same things in the same way drives me nuts! It is why I have accumulated so many hobbies and activities and am having to reluctantly admit I can't do them all. But still I need new challenges. Sometimes the challenge is to learn a new skill or extend an old one.

How and Why to Draw Permaculture Sketch Maps A sketch map, in the world of permaculture, is a series of drawings in different layers that show your chosen site of land, first as how it currently is, and then how it could be designed to optimize yields, save resources, and care for nature and people, while helping to grow your homestead ecosystems and small business.

The Earth Abides Series 2020: Asparagus Care & Feeding in Central Wyoming Duck egg / asparagus / mushroom / mozzarella scramble last night. It was the last of the 2019 frozen asparagus; the duck eggs were fresh. The ducks are presently cultivating the Meditation Garden, the little vineyard and the the Ribes Patch.

5 Unexpected Immune Boosting Fruits What are the first fruits that comes into mind when you think of immune boosting fruits? Is it oranges and lemons? Well, oranges and lemons do boost your immune system. However, there are several other fruits that are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that also boost your immune system.

Call for registrations to De-Urbanized Epidemics Ideas Competition London-based architecture company De-Urban Design Studio has launched a new ideas competition, entitled "De-Urbanized Epidemics: Re-Design of the Concept of Health in Relation to the Built Environment". Call for entries. Urbanised humans are the most invasive species on Earth, consuming the majority of the planet's resources.

Registration open for 'De-Urbanized Epidemics' redesign competition London-based architecture firm De-Urban Design Studio has launched a new ideas competition called 'De-Urbanized Epidemics: Re-Design of the Concept of Health in Relation to the Built Environment'… The brief:. Urbanised humans are the most invasive species on Earth, consuming the majority of the planet's resources.

Emergency Survival Prepper Gardening - Part 1, Selecting a Location for a Food Garden Sometimes governments do give sound advice to their nations… During World War I and World War II, in a an effort to reduce the public demand on food supplies and leave more food to send to the soldiers fighting overseas, governments encouraged their people to plant 'victory gardens'.

De-Urbanized Epidemics: Re-Design of the Concept of Health in Relation to the Built Environment Urbanised humans are the most invasive species on Earth, consuming the majority of the planet's resources. In an endless battle with nature, the urban fosters an unhealthy condition resulting in extinctions and planetary crises, endangering the livelihood of both humans and non-humans.

Fresh Food Fast: How to grow veggies you can eat within 8 weeks! We're living in deeply uncertain times with covid-19 ripping through our world - everything is changing dramatically and quickly for everyone*. When in crisis we need to look for the opportunities - stuff that can hold us up and stuff that we can control to bring us the goodness and resilience we need.

The Prime Directive and Ethics I apologize for the hiatus. Between everything going on in the world and in my personal life, posting just wasn't possible. So, let's jump on in. I was planning on covering a bit of the history of permaculture, but honestly I'd rather spend my writing time on digging into the prime directive and ethics.

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