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Why I Dove In With Oils I'm going to get straight to it. I made a list of stuff I wanted to get done this winter now that there's not as much to dos outside in the gardens and such. On top of the list, for the second year in a row - sewing. Well, guess what. I don't like sewing that much.

Missing insects For the past nine days, the only thing I've really wanted to talk about is an article in the New York Times by Brooke Jarvis titled, "The Insect Apocalypse is Here." I had noticed the article on the homepage for a few days, but last Saturday I finally sat down to read it all the way through.

Some new websites In a previous life, I was a partner in a website development company, and as well as building our own website, I still keep my hand in by developing sites for other people when I feel we share a similar ethos. A couple of recent ones are.

The FIRE Path to Freedom - Part 2 FIRE or FREE? Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Financial Permaculture, life design, making a living homesteading, permaculture and money, profitable farming, Regenerative Agriculture, your money or your life Permaculture and Money: Investing in Transforming our Lives, Livelihoods, and Society "Food Forests Are...

Managing horses on a small acreage As part of our overall planning for Lackan, and as one of the designs on my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, I'm looking at how we can better integrate horses into a permaculture design.

Aggressive pest control Using a composting toilet and composting your waste in general is a good way to help protect our environment and people inclined toward using composting toilets tend to be very environmentally conscious. One of nature's "all natural" gifts to mankind is the fruit fly and sewer fly, both of which seem to have an extraordinary sense of smell.

Intro to the Farm It may be small and it may appear meager but it is my slice of heaven. It is what you make it and what you let others bring into it. It is your world. I have surrounded my world with the things that make me happy. Happy animals who have happy homes and happy jobs.

The FIRE Path to Financial Freedom In fact, for many of us, money is a taboo topic, either just too frustrating, or even seen as the "root of all evil" But quite honestly, transforming our relationship with money is the leverage point that will likely have the most positive impact on us as individuals, on the Earth, and society at large.

7 December 2018 Three Sisters I have devoted a garden bed to the three sisters system of planting. I’ve planted corn in a mini corn field. Next to each corn seedling I have planted beans…

Worldsoilday We are losing soil at a completely unsustainable rate. According to The Soil Association 'the equivalent of 30 football pitches of fertile soil every minute' and yet it takes over 500 years to form 1 inch of top soil. Here in the UK we are fortunate to have deep soils due to our geological and woodland history.

ECO-ELDER - my younger self? Among the lovely Stroud group of environmental activists I now get called an 'elder', which is rather sweet. Sometimes people ask me how long I have supported these movements and when I reply since the early 1970s they kind of glaze over, like I'm pre-history.

Diving in the Kenyan permaculture design My name is Salma, and I am on a journey to rediscover et to connect with my true self. Once upon a time, I was hurt by my people and my own country, I was blamed of being who I am and of being true to my principles and believes, I decided to leave, to take my heart to a safer place, a place where love and compassion surpass hatred and corruption.

Community Food Forest Stewardship Guild 2019 Means of Production Garden, E 6th Ave @ St.Catherines, Mount Pleasant2019, 9 Saturdays over three seasons, 10am-1pm All tool use and materials included$310 for all nine sessionsREGISTER on Paypal for all nine sessionsOr see links below description to register for seasons individually.

How To Make Your Own Deodorant There are some things in life that are hard but making your own deodorant is not one of them. Some say that you should only put things on your skin that you'd be willing to eat, this is one of those recipes where it's likely you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

Only a Bowl of Rice - Permaculture / Homesteading Edition Permaculture, Restoration, Forest Gardening. Being on FB homesteading, farming and Permaculture groups, one thing I see constantly are complaints about money and work.

Groundings 3 - Bob Bin This year I bought a third black dalek compost bin. You see, a girl can't have too many compost bins. This one I have christened Bob, because he's for horse manure. I've been making my own compost for years, but things don't grow spectacularly and I think it is because I need to improve soil fertility.

Make Trees Great Again: A series in Making America Great Again Written by Doug Crouch Trees have so incredibly much inherent value, both intrinsically and materially. Society, in the large part, began to focus solely only them for their material value, especially those in positions of power. However, there is a growing trend of those recognizing both at the same time, that trees have material value and.

What is Permaculture? There's a lot of complicated articles and wordy definitions online, but put simply, permaculture is a self-sufficient garden. Permaculture is the idea of designing a agricultural system, that replicates the processes in natural, undisturbed ecosystems.

November Garden This month has had it's challenges…it's been dry, hot, windy, cold, and plagued with flies. Despite that, progress has been made. Rainfall: 89mm. I'm making an effort to plant according to the lunar calendar, which has limited my efforts somewhat.

How our Animal Garden Feeds us in a Day Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! ALL three meals from the Animal Garden Miracle. This is what's possible with 2 Pigs, 30 Chickens and a hard working family can do. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Kombucha for Gut Health Most people have come across kombucha: a trending health drink for its probiotics, which are important for gut health.

Fruit Tree Grafting: The LoCO Lowdown As fall ascends and winter approaches our chores in the garden shift from those of harvesting and fall plantings to mulching and thinking of winter pruning, scion selection and grafting.

Give the gift of cosy this Christmas If you're looking for something different to give as a gift this Christmas, how about a stay at Birch Eco Cottage or the Off Grid Horsebox. Our gift vouchers come in £25, £50, £75 and £100 amounts and can be used as part of all of a booking at Birch Eco Cottage or the Off Grid Horse Box, for any booking made before the end of 2019.

12 key tips for growing a thriving edible garden I have just released my new online masterclass about my 12 key tips for growing a thriving edible garden - creating abundance with ease. My kids and I have a goal of raising a modest $10k to personally take and distribute to local community projects that are making a real difference.

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