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The end of Mainstream Permaculture If you are reading this post, I want you to know that this blog is no longer active. I started a few years ago with a blog named "Living as if Others Really Mattered", where I blogged about my own observations, reactions and opinions about what was happening in the world.

Children's House updates: October 13, 2018 We had a fun week at school! Along with learning more works in the classroom, we had a pet visit for show-and-tell: Nibbles, Charlotte's hamster. We enjoyed a taste of Miss Kathy's Italian soup, a family recipe, along with a short story about her Grandad, who was from Italy.

Autumn un-tidy A few musings as promised on the lack of Autumn 'tidying'. I hadn't got very far before I noticed a movement. On closer inspection, I saw a tiny newt which had been taking full advantage of the warm cover that the 'mess' of dried grass provided. I picked it up to check that I hadn't injured it, feeling pretty rotten that I'd disturbed it.

How I Prepare to LEAVE my Needy Farm Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Last day before we leave for FOUR days on a work trip. THESE are the tricks I use to make it EASY on my Farm Sitter. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:.

Flat Out Food: Permaculture and poultry on the prairies The turkeys are so active that Bryan only butchers about 15 a year - that's all he can catch. "I know it sounds kind of hillbilly, but it's true. If you can run really fast, you're going to live forever," he laughs. Bryan is a strict adherent to holistic animal management practices.

Trees Can Rescue Climate Crisis We will be presenting very clear strategies for supporting the reforestation of our planet, for regenerating habitats for wildlife, and for putting an end to deforestation." Speakers at the event include, Isabella Tree author of Wilding, the No.

Growing Great Tomatoes: Planting 'em Out Growing great tomatoes is a skill available to just about anyone. But there are a few tricks to getting things right, including the planting out stage. So grab your tomato seedlings, sit down and do a bit of planning before you plant.

This MISTAKE made me laugh Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Don't make the same mistake! This Gardening LOW TUNNEL mistake made me laugh at the FIX. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:.

Permaculture Magazine Prize: The Shortlisted Projects This year we launched the first Permaculture Magazine Prize that will award £10,000 for the winning project and £2,500 each for four runner up projects.

Sunshine and her Babies I wandered through the forest to check on her. It had been 5 months and a week or two since she had been introduced to the billy goat at her old home. We brought her here in July, she was from a large herd that had been raised wild in the forest.

Why There's NO FREE Time on the Farm Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! In a race to get our CROP Garden Projects done before we leave the farm. Then, we realize WHY there is NO free time on a diverse Farm. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Economics of Happiness Conference 2018 This is what we mean by the economics of happiness. "The world is at a tipping point - culturally, socially and economically. We urgently need to reclaim our sense of community and our connection to place." Writer and broadcaster, Jonathan Dimbleby, who will be moderating at the conference, added:.

Towards the economy of the commons: an evening with Michel Bauwens HERE'S THE QUESTION: can we build a new economy, a better economy that is different to that dominated by the profit-seeking private sector or the bureaucratic government sector? That was the question running through Michel Bauwens two appearances in Sydney in late September this year.

An Urban Permaculture Home A beautiful photo story of an urban home Jane Hilliard from Designful and I designed together and that's just been finished! But first a little "before" photo. The site was 97% grass with an old double car garage, a few raised garden beds growing rosemary and weeds, one gloriously old and special apricot tree and a couple of dead'ish fruit trees.

Oka progress report I haven't had much luck growing Oka in the past. It's either been eaten by dogs, rotted from too much moisture or shrivelled from the opposite). This year I thought I'd give it another try so I ordered a bunch of tubers from Tassie through eBay.

The Kofler: a big house and a big project Located between wooded mountains and farms and close to Alpine lakes, Kofler is a rural smallholding in the Drau valley of Carinthia, in southern Austria. The place includes the big house, a big barn, a veggie garden and small meadows with some fruit-trees.

Riverside Elegy: a Laotian Retrospective From the balcony of our riverside guesthouse it is by rights a Southeast Asian idyll, yet its luscious surroundings and arresting river-views of karst crags with their cat's cradle of monsoon rainclouds belie a star-crossed reputation. Beyond the front door a sad story of exploitation, by turns mindless and ruthless, unfolds.

Kindergarten updates: October 6, 2018 We had a fun week despite missing our Miss Jane. We read a book about Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen’s race to be the first to the South Pole. The children were caught up in the amazing stor…

Rain Garden Installed Rain gardens and dry wells collect water entering the property via the sky lanes above, slow it down and allow the precipitation time to percolate into the soil rather than running off.

12 WAYS to Keep Your Chickens Warm in WINTER - 20F Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! A definitive guide for keeping your chickens warm and happy this winter.

Mylapore group pushes the envelope Taking their zero-waste advocacy one step ahead, the members have embarked on a permaculture project. At the forefront of the initiative is Sumitra Srikant, an organic gardener and upcycler. After attending a workshop on permaculture recently, she wanted to find ways to make use of the green waste rotting away on the streets.

What to do with leftover citrus? Often, we end up with a lot of citrus that is excess to requirements, either that or lots of peel. Putting it on the Bokashi compost is one solution but why not put it to another use before putting it in the compost? The easiest thing is to use it to make your own citrus cleaner.

Tagasaste : Friend or Foe? Tagasaste or tree lucerne, is a small evergreen tree that grows 3-6m high and is a popular plant for people looking to regenerate poor soils and feed livestock.

This Chicken System Cuts Feed Costs 20% Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Finally, a pasture based Chickens System for the Homesteader. Cut feed costs by 20% with this simple SEVEN minute and THIRTY second trick.

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