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Addressing Flooding Along Navigable Waterways In recent years, high water levels and flooding has occurred along several of North America's navigable waterways. While some of the flooding occurred during the early spring as winter snow and ice began to melt, other recent occurrences of flooding and near flooding have resulted from unseasonably high levels of rainfall.

December 2019 1-7 Dec We received 12mm, 8mm, 14mm and 22mm today, but its still raining, so will have a look a bit later. In the vegetable garden: After the last rains in November to the beginning of December, the days were really hot and while the garden became a jungle in the space of two weeks some plants didn't take too kindly to the blazing temperatures.

Learnings from a 15 acre permaculture farm I've wrapped up my work at my first farm stay in New Zealand on a 15 acre permaculture farm. Over the past couple of weeks I have had the chance to prepare beds for planting, practice seed-saving, seed fresh beds, transplant seedlings, take care of hens, cull a rooster flock, and do so much more on the farm.

Winter time is the time for dreaming Every late fall to winter the seed catalogs come rolling in like an assembly line of beautiful dreams. We all look through the catalogs putting stars by our favorites, making a list, and then checking it twice to see if it's a frivolous seed purchase or something useful.

Building Sustainability an resilient comunities. The JOHNE permaculture demonstration center is a permaculture educational space that promotes and encourages autonomous and regenerative development with the use and promotion of alternatives, that favor changes in people's life patterns, helping direct towards sustainable practices and care for the environment.

Marine Permaculture - a way to reverse climate change & repair marine ecologies. Masterclass with Morag Gamble and Dr Brian von Herzen Click the image below to watch the full Masterclass with Morag Gamble and Dr Brian Von Herzen. Marine Permaculture is featured in the film 2040: The Regeneration by Damon Gameau. It is featured also in the accompanying book 2040: A Handbook for Regeneration.

Early Summer Permaculture Update It's hot and dry already but we have not yet started irrigating the fruit trees. That could change in the coming weeks. In the meantime we're enjoying a good fruit set in part thanks to our resident bees. These are early plums that will be ripe in about a month from now.

Our Collaborative Garden: An "island of sanity" In 2010, I purchased a small vacant lot across the street from where I have lived and worked for almost 20 years - in the Brewery Creek neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia,. When I say small, I mean just over 2000 square feet - less than half an acre.

Vortex Garten, Darmstadt: A Philosopher's Garden Henry Nold, the owner occupant of Haus Martinus in Mathildenhoehe, created the Vortex Garden in its grounds as a sanctuary. Born poor, he allows access to his garden free of charge to members of the public in the hope that they will find peace and inspiration there.

Four Goat Case Studies From Around Australia We asked a few of our "goat friends" to answer some questions for us to provide more practical case studies for the world to learn from. Here you go! Shani and Tim. What key function/s do your goats serve on the property? How many goats do you have and what breed?

10 ways to keep your garden alive under tough new water restrictions With level two water restrictions to hit those in Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains from December 10, many are wondering how to keep their gardens going during one of NSW's worst recorded droughts. According to the new Sydney Water guidelines, gardens can only be watered using a watering can or bucket before 10am or after 4pm.

Permaculture Design - it's deep I just finished an intensive permaculture design course through the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute in Barbados. The course was held at Walkers Reserve. My goal was to earn my permaculture design certificate, but I gained so much more.

National Tree Week 2019 - Day 2: This year I am planting… a Sweet Chestnut So, Sweet Chestnut was my tree of choice to plant out in the garden from yesterday's candidates, but until I'd discovered whether it could be lifted from the nursery area without damage, it wasn't a dead cert.

Leaves - Is there anything better? Fall is one of my favourite times of year, a time when my heart starts racing and I feel a big smile on my face, especially when the leaves start to change colour and fall. My children groan and look away or try to change the subject whenever they see me look at a pile of leaves or god forbid brown bags of leaves left at the curb.

Wood pellet boiler adventures Sometimes we're just cruising along doing our thing and a project arrives out of the blue. In this case it came in the form of our largest freecycle ever, courtesy of Leo, who had spotted it and decided it was too big a thing to deal with. 'It' is a Czech made Ponast woodpellet boiler, the sort made famous by the recent RHI scandal.

Flower of the Day - Full Proof Deer Resistant Lavendar All Photos Taken By Candice~Marie. We love our neighbor's, the Deerski Family, and want to live in harmony with them, so, we are on a mission to find every TRULY deer resistant plant on the face of the earth that will grow in USDA Hardiness zones 4-5.

What is Marine Permaculture? Join this free masterclass with Dr Brian von Herzen & Morag Gamble What is marine permaculture? How can it contribute to the reversing of climate change and species loss? And how does it relate to land-based permaculture? Are you curious about marine permaculture? Then REGISTER NOW for my next free online masterclass.

How to plant trees and shrubs, the Permaculture Apprentice way There is one thing that always makes my head nod with approval like this guy… It's when I see an older person planting trees that he or she almost certainly won't live to see mature and produce in their full glory.

Zero Waste Festival 2019 On Saturday October 26, David attended the 2019 Zero Waste Festival at the St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne. He sat on a panel with these zero wasters:. Here is a short version of what David said on the panel:. I would like to return to the focus of the home that Lauren and Oberon started with.

What Is Integrated Pest Management ? The problem of garden pest control is as old as agriculture itself, which started when humanity first cultivated plants for food more than ten thousand years ago. Modern conventional pest control methods often use chemical controls as the first option, and usually ignore the real causes of pest problems.

David presents 'Aussie St' in Morwell On June 1 2019, David gave his much loved 'Aussie St' presentation to a crowd of over 200 people at Kernot Hall in Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley. You can watch the full presentation here:. After 'Aussie St' there was an hour-long Q&A session, which you can watch here:.

Tree Planting Plans When we first saw the land, a number of pieces of life's puzzle slipped neatly into place. The croft was steep and unsuitable for agriculture, but it would be perfect for trees.

Farming Volunteers needed at our organic farm in Papanasam, Tirunelveli Noushadya and I, Sudhakar, left our corporate jobs and moved to Papanasam in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in 2018 to lead a healthy, sustainable life. We own a 11.5 acre farm and have been toiling with the soil for the last 1.5 years and need your help to accelerate the process.

Permaculture - Designing the Back Zone 4 into 5 Yes it would be ideal if I never had to move a plant… ever… but sometimes moving them is the only way to save them. And when you are building a house and you have extra acreage it becomes not only a necessity but a challenge…. Thank you for watching.

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