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Beyond technological morality and the tip of the iceberg, part two In part one, I introduced the concept of vulnerabilities, the hackers who try to understand them, and the economic and social context in which those hackers operate. I end in a transition from software / hardware hacking to explain how corporations like Facebook have successfully hacked and exploited vulnerabilities in the human psyche for profit.

The Permaculture Home Garden 183 page pre-loved large format paperback in good used condition Minor shelfwear. Presents well. A great addition to your horticulture library Inspired by her own training in permaculture, Linda Woodrow has devised a totally integrated organic system of gardening that combines science with common sense.

What to do with your soft plastics? Stop for a moment and imagine if the rubbish you create was banned from going to the landfill! This may be the future as more and more countries are refusing to take on our rubbish. The average Australian sends more than one ton of waste to the landfill each year.

Regional developers support Dominica's newest permaculture demonstration site ROSEAU, Dominica - Regional citizenship by investment developers, Range Developments, is supporting a ground-breaking new initiative on the island of Dominica as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Miss Floribunda: Roses, permaculture, and weed control Like "Lazy on Livingston Street" last month, I, too, hate to weed, especially in my rose bed. I don't mind the sweat of gardening, or even a few tears, but weeding thorny roses involves an unacceptable amount of blood. I always come out looking as if I'd wrestled wild cats.

A little piece of Heaven Last Sunday morning found me driving through the back lanes of North Pembrokeshire. The sky was that perfect blue you only get on a May Morning, the Hawthorn was starting to flower in the hedgerows and the verges were thick with wild flowers.

Open Garden Pomona EVERYONE is WELCOME to Sean Morrow's Animal Habitat and Frog Pond Permaculture Paradise! Garden tours: will be run on the day at 9.30 - 11:30am and 1 - 3pm. Entry: $2 for all Permaculture Members and the General Public. Plus bring spare change for the sausage sizzle, plants, seeds and donation towards tea/coffee.

Permaculture, the Health of the Soil, and Climate Change From Chapter 8 of Permaculture: A Design Manual, Mollison on soil:. Here is a high-level and pragmatic summary of Mollison's ideas:. All I can say is that anecdotally - and not on the scale of even a small farm - I greatly improved my soil using permaculture principles.

Permaculture book - Bill Mollison Great condition like new, 1218404085.

Redesigning Fashion Industry with Circular Technology It's a circular fashion economy where everybody wins". Consumers can buy circular T-shirts at / mens-circular-economy-t-shirt or build their own brand at

Self-Sown Gardens, Early Spring Gardens and Beautiful Lettuce Wasps will love you, and eat all kinds of pests in the process, and the birds, oh, my. The gold finches adore lettuce-gone-to-seed. And orach, too. Well, OK, gold finches love all kinds of stuff. Speckled Trout Back Lettuce, Dill and Italian Parsley. A self-sown garden will be weeks earlier.

Mab Ueang Agri-Nature Centre in Thailand The Mab Ueang Agri-Nature Centre is an educational, diverse farm located one hour out of Bangkok, Thailand. At 30 years old, this mature farm is predominantly a giant food forest with small rice paddies and strategic water systems integrated. It's amazing.

Garden Update: Perennials in Containers and Mid-May Blooms and Growth Tomorrow marks the supposed last frost for Kalamazoo, MI. I'll need to find a new motivation to do squats now that I won't need to haul these lilies and ranunculus into the garage a couple nights per week! The almost blooming chives in front love the cool spring nights, but I bought the more tender flowers on the first warm day we had.

May 16th Neighborhood Science Science Under the Stars has expanded to include the Austin Public Library! At Neighborhood Science, previous SUTS speakers will present at different library branches around the city a couple times a month. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Demand for sustainable, locally produced food is growing across the U.S.

A not very good presentation So it was week 5 of my permaculture course this weekend. No biggie, I have been ok with the course so far, so what was there to be worried about? I had to do a presentation on the Spiritual Significance of water. Specifically. ● Why is water so significant to so many different cultures?

Last chance for bees "Due to the use of pesticides - along with climate change, loss of flower meadows, and parasites - bee populations are in decline. Three quarters of all crops around the world rely on animal pollination.

Gardening Calendar - May May is the last month of autumn, when the weather starts cooling down. This is a time for pruning, taking cuttings for propagation, divide perennials, and t put in new trees, shrubs and vines. The soil is also still warm enough for moving and relocating plants around the garden.

Scything on Skye We've been looking at the practicality of using a scythe to keep the rushes and weeds under control between the trees on the croft. We find the idea of using manual tools where practical is one that sits comfortably with our philosophy for the land. No fumes, no noise, no pollution…🤔.

How not to win yard of the month I see the carefully manicured yards all around me, especially at the new houses that replaced the 1960's houses that preceded them. I pause and think, wow, look at all that neat mulch between those meatball shrubs. And I like it, I really do. So tidy.

Hand-strip Lucerne Trees For Feed Here's an amazing example of lucerne trees in our permaculture farming practice ~. I hand-milk our Jersey cow Milly and feed her a bucket full of lush grasses, clovers and lucerne tree cuttings while I milk.

Interplanting and Beyond, An Excerpt from Gaia's Garden Permaculture is more than just a way to garden, it applies systems-thinking to every facet of our relationship to the earth and each other. The three main ethics of permaculture are care for the planet, care for people, and only keeping a fair share of the yields of your productive work.

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Episode-2435 - The Design Science of Permaculture – Part Five Today we are going deep into how to actually set up and design a small permaculture property, or a zone one for a larger property. While I am going to come at this process from the stand point of a typical suburban yard, it absolutely will apply directly to zone one on larger properties as well.

Permaculture in France Beyond a holistic approach to gardening, permaculture is a way of life. Combining design with a commitment to sustainable farming, permaculture seeks to work with nature instead of against it.

The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Mulching Sheet mulching is a layered mulch system that nurtures the soil. You start with a biodegradable weed barrier like cardboard, and from there build a thick, layered substrate for your garden with compost and mulch.

Current Farms in Marion, Louisiana is permaculture operation Current Farms is a small permaculture farm in Marion, LA co-owned and operated by brothers, Conrad and Kaden Cable. They believe in sustainable, small-scale food production, and the ethical treatment of the environment that supports all living creatures.

UMass Permaculture Gardens available online in 360-degree view Permaculture is eco-friendly and it uses less chemicals. They are self-sustaining systems and rich in diverse crops. They also featured self-pest control; bugs can be taken away by combining certain crops, such as broccoli and strawberry plants.

Cardiff permaculture project produces productive haven - Photos Meet a couple who have turned their suburban block into a beautifully balanced haven for all things good.

Scientists Appeal that 5G Wireless is as Hazardous as Asbestos The 5G Appeal, with over 230 scientists behind them, believe 5G hazardous to human health and the environment due to the higher radiofrequency that can interfere with small cells, like those in the body and in plants.

Permaculture, regenerative food systems talk ROCKLAND - Jesse Watson will present a free talk on Permaculture and regenerative food systems for the home gardener at the Rockland Public Library, Tuesday, May 14, at 6 p.m.

Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids is a do-it-yourself book for small people to explore the natural world around them, and grow and eat it, too. There's projects for apartments, balconies, front yards, back yards and your local parks and green spaces.

MPs Back Call to Declare Climate Emergency The debate was called after recent protests, including the school climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion. Their recent activity in London saw closed roads and bridges, bringing thousands of peacefull activists standing up for the planet, as well as global protests in many different countries, all calling for the same action.

Permaculture Workshop: Pollinators and Pollinator Plants An interactive workshop including a discussion on the types of plants best suited to local pollinators as well as an opportunity to make a native pollinator house. Presented by Cameron Weber and Peter Callen. Join us for this interactive workshop at the Open Space Visitor Center Permaculture Field.

90% Of His Family's Food Is Homegrown Through Permaculture & Aquaculture… We would only fall short on describing just how incredible of an operation this brilliant homeowner has created to feed not only his own family, but also those who come to visit. You just have to witness it for yourself!

Without a Rebellion There Might be Nothing Left. The Tide is Turning and Necessarily So. An international rebellion has begun. I am writing this as a call to action for humanity and permaculture enthusiasts everywhere. I want to take a few minutes to share my story, and perhaps you will be inspired by a world that is waking up. The sea is rising and so are we.

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Upcoming Event: Sustainability Skill-Share The lovely Low Technology Institute in Cooksville, WI is hosting a sustainability - and permaculture-focused weekend of workshops, socializing, and plant-based fun this June! I'm honored to be part of the skillshare, and will be offering the following workshops:.

The inaugural Permaculture Noosa festival For 25 years Permaculture Noosa members have been creating abundant, sustainable, food producing havens in the Noosa Hinterland and now you're invited to see, taste and hear their stories.

Permaculture Empowers Refugee Women in Uganda - Goodnet African Women Rising is training women in permaculture so that they can feed their families and have a better future.

Raised Garden Beds - What Size is Best? What is the optimum size of a garden bed? What is the most efficient width and length in terms of human ergonomics? What is the perfect balance between cost of materials, gardening space and usability? These are important questions in permaculture energy-efficient design.

March and April Garden March Rainfall: 63mm over 6 days. April Rainfall: 1mm. What haven't I planted the last two months? The 'strawberry patch' in the front driveway now actually has strawberries growing in it; runners taken from the rampant patch in my very first garden bed.

Forest Garden Bees In 2015 I helped set up a community apiary with Andy Durling in Westham, East Sussex, with sustainable beekeeping at its core. The difficulty with setting up community bee activities is that there is often generous funding to establish the apiary - hives, bees, beesuits, smokers, extractors - but no money to fund the ongoing project.

Whole System Thinking: Designing paradise You know that one friend who often rants about how everything is connected both in our current world system, as well as in the universe and beyond and how it important it is that we connect the dots and understand how everything works together so we can create a system that works to the betterment of our planet and all life on it?

Creating Sacred Space In the last twenty years there have been many improvements in women's lives. For example, life expectancy has increased, the number of girls in school and the number of jobs for women. Many countries have introduced laws to protect women's rights. However, there are still many injustices.

Home Biogas system - a BIG step forward We have been trying very hard to move away from using gas to sustain our daily life. We have historically used gas for running the fridge and for cooking and heating water on the gas stove. Recently we have upgraded our gas fridge to an electric fridge and now we are adding a biogas unit to the mix.

Product Review - Ryset Ho-Mi Asian Hand Cultivator Looking at how other cultures garden can really expand a gardener's horizons, and discovering garden tools that have evolved over thousands of years can make work in the garden so much easier!

Permaculture brings prosperity to Ethiopia's rural areas Over 10 million people in the Horn of Africa region are at risk of food insecurity. But on a small scale, some people are working to reverse the trend. That's what's happening in a village in the Tigray region, about 800 kilometres from Ethiopia's capital.

Two of Us: The encounter that set Evan and Morag on a global sustainability mission They now travel the world with their three children, teaching others to live more sustainably. "Morag's got a way of expressing complex topics in simple terms. I learn a lot when I listen to her."Credit: Meredith O'Shea. MORAG: I'd come back to Melbourne after co-teaching a Design for Life course in the UK.

Land Available for Ecological Farmers Working across England and Wales the ELC have opened their application process looking to find future farmers for their three new sites in the following areas: Arlington, East Sussex; Sparkford, Somerset; and on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales.

Episode-101 - TSP Rewind – Geoff Lawton on the Future of Permaculture Today's episode was originally Episode-907 - Geoff Lawton on the Future of Permaculture and was originally published on May 23, 2012.

GROW Citizen Soil Observatory Through Permaculture UK, we are excited to be a partner in the GROW Observatory, a European-wide project engaging thousands of growers as citizen scientists. We will learn together, using simple tools to better manage soil, while contributing to vital global environmental monitoring.

Permission to change please, I’m heading to the garden. We're right in the middle of a wave of global consciousness where it's completely normal to be vegan and you'd be nuts not to want to stand up for what you believe in ! Yes this happened in the 70s too. It's the backlash to consumerism and feeling like everything in our lives is controlled by the government, and now the digital robots.

Miss Floribunda: Intro to permaculture I caught a snatch on a cable TV channel about it, and apparently it eliminates weeding and replanting. I am certainly tired of weeding! Is this too good to be true? Lazy on Livingston Street. Dear Lazy,.

Why Citrus Fruit Drops and Flowers Fail to Develop Is your citrus tree dropping its fruit before they reach full size, or even worse, dropping the flowers before fruit even begin to form? Trees photosynthesise to produce carbohydrates such as sugars which they store as their energy source.

Sobering reading The sun is shining this Easter weekend and most folks in the U.K. are heading to an overcrowded beach in the rush to escape the cities, or consuming their body weight in mass produced chocolate eggs. Perhaps for our generation it has ever been thus. In this home the long weekend break is a little different.

Nunez services donates fence for permaculture project at Christian School Islander Juan Nunez, pictured here, donated his time to build the 400 linear feet of cedar post orchard fence needed to protect the new Seed to Seed permaculture farmstead at Orcas Christian School. Nunez and his wife Mindy run Nunez Services, which offers property maintenance services.

The Cultivator: Resilience Hub teaches skills that build community and sustainable landscapes Using old tools, sustainability concepts and lots of volunteers, the Resilience Hub is remaking public and private landscapes all around Portland, transforming manicured lawns into buffets of natural foods.

MindfulMay Hike & Flow with Aminah Aminah's popping up several Hike and Flow opportunities this #MindfulMay. Why? Because getting outdoors is healing and it's a wonderful time of year to bring the yoga practice outdoors and be inspired by nature. #optoutside #playforwellness. #MindfulMay Hike and Flow with Aminah.

May 9, Sarah Barfield Demand for sustainable, locally produced food is growing across the U.S. This movement has led to a resurgence in local farmer's markets, urban gardening, and farms utilizing sustainable soil practices guided by permaculture principles.

EmpathiKIDS Earth Day Pledge Earth Day is rapidly approaching and my heart is happy that this year more people than ever before celebrate our planet! First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries and more than 1 billion people identifying as Earthlings.

Permie Entrepreneurs Are Go #1 I’d like to share the resources I’m using to become a permaculture entrepreneur – here’s some insight from some of the greats for your permaculture start-up.

We make soil! Support the building of composting toilets It's believed that the first toilets for human waste were created in an ancient settlement in Scotland dating back to 3000 B.C. That's over 5000 years ago! Sadly enough, today approximately 2.4 billion people, or roughly one-third of the world's population still lack access to proper toilets.

Rosemary Morrow wins Alumni Award for International Achievement Rosemary told the university:. "I am convinced that everyone must know about global warming in order to take steps to prepare their lives. I believe this is a human right. So sometimes I am bitterly unhappy and other times deeply satisfied.

Barbara Jones and Isabella Tree at Weald and Downland Museum Author of Wilding - the return of nature to a British farm, Isabella Tree, will be speaking on Tuesday 7th May, 6.30 - 8pm, sharing the amazing story of the rewilding of the Knepp Estate in West Sussex where she lives with her husband, the environmentalist Charlie Burrell.

Back Forty Update I have been absent from the blog lately. April seems so frantic at work that when I get home I want to read a book or garden or do something creative with my hands or just sit on the porch, where we have lost the wifi signal. I definitely don't want to sit in front of a computer screen.

Speaker advocates "permaculture" farming IRON - Could northeastern Minnesota be growing more of its own food locally? According to Mark Shepard, of Restoration Agriculture Development, it's not a question of could, it's a question of must. "We don't need more studies," Shepard said as he delivered the keynote address at the annual Iron Range Earth Fest, held here this past weekend.

For Melbourne Australia readers - Monash Climate Change Survey The Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub are running a column under Leader Local Newspapers, featuring local climate stories from everyone across Melbourne to help improve how we understand climate change. Changing Climates will be the first dedicated climate column in Australian newspapers.

Two More Weeks Two weeks left for these April Specials. May's will be different:. 20-Minute Property or Home Reading. In preparation for spring cleaning and garden season I'm bringing back the 20-Minute Property or Home Reading special.

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture – Item of the Day Today's TSP Amazon Item of the day is Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway. I am often asked where to start with Permaculture and quite often by people with small properties. This is THE BOOK to get for that first step. Gaia's Garden is what I would call very approachable.

Starting from Scratch I've finally moved into the new cottage in Bourke, currently being name tested as 'Foxleigh Farm,' only got to spend two nights there before returning to Sydney and Ngarlga Cottage for the holidays. The difference could not be more extreme. The property in Sydney is a beautiful green chaos of perennial goodness.

20 Flowers You Can Eat The famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen once said "just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." When you grow flowers in your garden, you will have many little flowers. And to your surprise you may find that many are in fact edible.

Identifying and Growing Edible Aloe Vera Aloe vera is a hardy succulent semi-tropical plant which is native to North Africa and the SW Arabian Peninsula, but at the present time can almost be found worldwide. It's a very tough plant which will grow in poor soil and hot, dry sunny locations, but can also be grown as an indoor plant in a near a window with bright natural light.

How To Grow Beans For Drying This past season we grew enough purple bush beans to eat fresh and save a bunch for drying and eating in winter. As we've got limited space, it's not enough to supply all our needs, but we like trying new things each year and thought we'd experiment with how much we could do.

Permaculture on one acre topic discussed April 23 Transition Bluffton will present a discussion about Permaculture On One Acre on Tuesday, April 23, at 7 p.m. on the third floor of Bluffton Town Hall. Have you ever wondered if you could live off your own land or sustainably produce food for you and your family on an acre or less?

Permablitz garden transformation for suburban renters This community-led garden transformation shows it is possible for renters to create a productive and beautiful backyard. The Ballarat Permaculture Guild held a 'permablitz' at Elise Sullivan and Gary Brown's Lake Wendouree rental home on Sunday.

Make Your Own Comfrey Tincture My comfrey plants are powering away in the garden, so it's time to divide the comfrey into several new cuttings and make a few products. Comfrey is propagated from root cuttings, crown divisions, and transplants. On a waning moon, push a shovel vertically down next to the comfrey, then wiggle it under the plant.

Lopsided Lemon This is concerning and something I've been afraid of happening for a long time. Asymmetrical fruit is a symptom of citrus greening, a bacterial infection threatening citrus worldwide. Attracting wasps and hornets to eat the flies that spread the disease has been successful in my garden so far.

Achieving The Impossible: Growing Food In The High Arctic Ben Vidmar is an American chef and entrepreneur living in the wild Arctic desert of Svalbard, half-way between Norway and the North Pole. He has adopted a Permaculture concept to feed his family - and the whole community.

Quail Springs' Focus on Permaculture Living on this 450 acres in California's high desert is complex, with a farm, a greenhouse, composting toilets, yurts, naturally crafted buildings, 11 staff members, a handful of interns who come and go, and lots of outdoor space. Permaculture is at the heart of everything that's done there.

What is a Permaculture Convergence? If you've never been to one then you're missing out - but missing out on what!? What is a convergence? I've been working at the Permaculture Association for almost 5 years now. This September's national convergence near Oxford will be the sixth convergence I've been to.

Permaculture: Challenges and benefits in improving rural livelihoods in South Africa and Zimbabwe You seem to have javascript disabled. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. There is a call for alternative forms of agriculture that address social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.

April in the garden Here I am in the veggie plot on a dreary spring day, showing off the new tunnel trellis we put up. I'm really digging how much vertical interest it gives the plot, and I can't wait to see my luffa gourds and noodle beans scrambling up it.

KIDS Nature Play: Spring 2019 Session 4/22 thru 6/21 Join Aminah for community fun in Skyforest this Spring! KIDS Nature Play is a community initiative at The Playscape:. The flow of activities for most days, daily theme calendar and more information is offered in this KIDS Nature Play flyer. You can also learn more from others at the KIDS Nature Play event group on Facebook.

5 epic online articles for a solid sustainability science base to vegan activism As part of my product building for the Well Gathered workbook for vegan and climate activists - to be released in three weeks - I have been specifically researching, over the past few days, online articles supporting veganism from a general sustainability and land use point of view.

Greening the Desert Project, Cafe & Lodge Greening the desert project is an interesting demonstration site that you can visit near the Dead Sea, about 50 mins outside of Amman. It has been created in 2008 by the non-profit organization Jordanian Association For Environment Quality. It showcases permaculture, which is a self-sufficient and sustainable way of agriculture.

With Both Feet…er…Shovels Sometimes spring cleaning isn’t just for closets.

Permaculture for the home gardener talk in Belfast BELFAST - Jesse Labbe-Watson will present a free program on permaculture for the home gardener, Tuesday, April 16, at 7 p.m., at the Belfast Ecovillage and Cohousing community building.

Episode-2418 - The Design Science of Permaculture – Part Three Today we expand on our series as we continue with techniques, tactics and strategies as they relate to Permaculture design. While today we will focus on food production and livestock I do want to remind you that as a design science permaculture can be applied to just about anything from designing a business to designing your lifestyle.

A Little Bit of Magic Regular readers will know that I belong to both the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire Permaculture groups and am a regular at their meetings. With 16 adults and two small children it felt comfortably full but not a squash.

Upcoming Red Tent Gatherings Red Tent Workshop November 2019 90-minute workshop includes empowering lecture about yoga and the endocrine system, two yoga sequences and a tapping meditation. The experience is intended to suppo…

Permaculture benefits of lucerne trees Lucerne trees are a wonderful element in a permaculture setting. We have established several around our fruit and vegetable gardens and fruit forest area. As nitrogen-fixing trees, they provide wonderful nutrients to neighbouring plants. Lucerne trees always thrive when planted as companion plants!

Your Monthly Freebie: Permaville Handbook This nearly 200-paged handbook provides an overview of permaculture's principles, teaches some core permaculture techniques and practices, and provides direction and resources for connecting with people who share a passion for the work.

Kinstone features land restoration, human rejuvenation The place is called Kinstone, and it is the creation of Kristine Beck, who is building her dream on property that has been in her family for four generations. Beck, who bought the land from her parents in 1994, had many ideas about what to build.

Dirty Hands Composting Cooperative Recently I interviewed Tom Crawford from the Dirty Hands Composting Cooperative about exactly why he spends so much of his time harvesting food scraps from the urban landscape. Based at the Hobart City Farm, this enterprise is helping to turn a problem into a nutrient-dense solution!

Help for Hard Labor has Arrived! Our homestead has a working farm history, and from what we've been told, there were cattle raised here for a significant period of time. From the looks of the old machinery left behind, there were draft animals being used as well.

Can You Grow Grapes From Seed? Garden Mythbusting! Plant propagation is the practice of creating new plants from old using a variety of techniques such as seed sowing, grafting, taking cuttings, division, marcotting, ground layering, and even tissue cell culture. Some gardeners may wonder why there's such a wide range of propagating techniques.

I'll Put Hundreds of Chickens Downstairs + Wife said OK. Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Looking for a NEW place to brood baby chicks, then I realized there’s this great spot right below our house. But, will the wife approve?

For Sale - $69,500 Obo Informed by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, emphasizing the beauty of nature and organic forms, including their flaws; the materials were predominantly chosen for their patinas, weathering; and their relationship to Galiano island, and it's inhabitants.

The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth, Free Film in Salem, April 10th @ 6:30pm The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth. This documentary explores a solution to global warming; an answer that saves money, our food supply and our children's lives.This story is about hope and using tools, already in place, to heal what we all depend on to survive: the topsoil of the Earth.

This New Greenhouse Vent + Table is Impressive Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Today Jason builds custom greenhouse tables and installs NEW ventilation in this Ana White Greenhouse design.

We Interrupt this NZ Trip with and Oz Trip Right, so Oz is what folks down here call Australia for short. We went to Australia basically for three reasons. To see friends of friends. To go the Melliodora, Dave Holmgren's permaculture spot. Because we were in NZ and Australia is relatively close as compared to when we are in the US.

Free Event: Permaculture Day - Edible Gardening In Small Spaces The Food Forest Ashburton Group welcomes you to a workshop, tour of the forest, coffee and nibbles, kids decorate and plant a pot, swap table, plant sales. Sunday 5 May 2019 11am - 3pm. Workshop:: Having your own home grown produce is convenient, healthy and tasty.

Minor Tweak and these Raised Beds Look Much Better Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! The Wife was ok with how they were, but I had to make this ONE change. Now our raised beds look sooooo much better.

Zero-Carbon Development Saves Residents £400 on Energy Bills The Bicester development, Elmsbrook, has been confirmed as the UK's first large-scale true zero carbon development, with residents saving on energy bills, enjoying a healthier lifestyle and an improved sense of community.

Odd, but Brilliant Way to Fill Raised Garden Beds Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! We’re building Hugelkultur raised beds, which means we’re filling 1/3 of them with rotting wood! Not only is this beneficial in more than one way, it helps us fill these HUGE beds faster.

Permaculture program at Lincolnville Community Library LINCOLNVILLE - Jesse Watson will present a free program on permaculture for the home gardener, Wednesday, April 3, at 7 p.m., at the Lincolnville Community Library. Watson will give an overview of permaculture and describe how home gardeners can use this design system and set of techniques to grow food crops and support healthy ecosystems.

Episode-2413 - The Design Science of Permaculture – Part Two We also discuss property evaluation though the permaculture lens of "water, access, structure". I also expand on the prior episodes design principles with 6 more design principles and how they should influence your choices with design.

Raised Beds So Easy, We built SIX in a day Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Family of six set out to build SIX "hurricane" proof raised beds in JUST one day,…. And they succeed! This is how it happened. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:. NOTE: Yes, some of those links above are affiliate links.

A Quickie on Soil, and notes on quixotic planting In the area of my property called the Perennial Paddock, I have been doing a deep mulch for about six years, undisturbed except for topping it up with straw and pulling some of the worst perennial weeds. When I can hire help to dig the waste alfalfa and manure out of the animal paddock, it goes on this mulch.

April 2019 Specials and a Radio Show Despite today's date, these are the real April 2019 specials. Also, heads up that I'll be on "A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic" this coming Saturday, April 6th at 7 p.m. Pacific/10 p.m. Eastern U.S. time. I always enjoy talking with Lance White.

Gardening Calendar - April April brings us well into autumn, and the days are now getting shorter. While the soil is still warm, it's a good time to plant trees, shrubs, and herbs, as their roots will have a chance to take hold before winter. This is also the last chance to harvest fruit such as apples and pears before they're damaged by frost.

How to Grow Pandan in Temperate Climates Pandan plant is a tropical plant native to South East Asia. It's a perennial evergreen tree with fragrantly-scented leaves, growing into a small shrub 1 - 1.6 m tall when the leaves are harvested often, or a small tree 2 - 4.5 m tall in it's tropical native habitat.

How to Eviscerate a Pig to Prep for Butchering Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! In this video Chef Mike shows you how to disembowel a pig to prepare your pig for butchering.

Always another beginning…. New beginnings never seem to stop. I just start something new and then there's another thing to start afresh. I'm trying to roll with it. Recently I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it has changed my life. I've had to slow down, readjust my priorities, pace myself and find new hobbies.

Building "Hurricane Proof" Raised Beds Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Raised Garden Bed Kits didn’t work out. Thankfully BIG Daddy to the rescue with this idea for THE most durable raised beds I’ve EVER seen. Today, we build our FIRST, “Hurricane” Proof Raised Beds.

Here's a Perfect Greenhouse Door Solution Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Today’s vlog showcases this custom built dutch door for our Ana White Greenhouse that allows us for extra ventilation. ALSO in the vlog, preparing a cows paddock and moving them to new pasture.

Why Boys Still Want to Be Farmers + Why that's OK Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Aspiring farmers visit in hopes of gaining a true experience of what it’s like to Farm. Unfortunately much of culture frowns on the farming profession and the career opportunity seems grim.

How to Scald Your Pig for Butchering Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Part two of my three part series, “How to Harvest and Prepare Your Pig for Butchering”.

Lucerne trees' nitrogen-fixing nodules Here are the nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots of our young saplings. These rhizobia nodules develop on young lucerne trees' roots once they are potted into the soil or planted in your lands.

Gross Way I tell if Chickens are Laying Eggs Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This Way of Telling If a Chicken Lays Eggs Works but it’s Gross. I’m going through my Icelandic flock today and picking out SIX of the best breeders bases on FIVE criteria. Everything you need to know for raising…

Episode-2408 - The Design Science of Permaculture – Part One Send me a written message.

Raised Beds were a BUST, but Dad has a better Idea Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! We got a raise garden bed kit thinking it would be easier than building them ourselves, but soon after we began, we quit. This is why and what we're going to do about it. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:.

Collaborations in Conservation: The power of community Welcome to the third instalment of the "Collaborations in Conservation" series. This blog post features a project in the Moroccan High Atlas that through collaboration with Dar Taliba boarding school has created a community garden.

Intro to Permaculture on March 28,2019 - In this two-day workshop, learn the principles, approaches and techniques to permaculture and how t…

How + Why I killed my Pigs at Home Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Video #1 of this THREE Part Series, “Kill and Prep Your Pig For Butchering”.

Reclaiming a barn part two From the first post about the barn you can see that it was a job in itself just clearing around the barn to even begin to work on it. Once we got it cleared where we could get into it, the first thing we did was get out all the old tires. There were over 250 used car tires in the barn.

Shearing Day, April 12, 2019 Shearing DAy, April 12, 2019. We need help, please. Jobs will include moving sheep into the catch pens and out after shearing, sweeping between shears, providing water for the…

Introduction to permaculture course I'm running a one day introduction to permaculture! Skills for gardening, skills for life. Learn to design, inspired by nature. Space for up to 12 learners. Cost: just £40 for the full day. Includes lunch, handouts, and a free plant. Saturday 29 June 2019.

Permaculture: A better approach to gardening for your health, wealth, and environment Permaculture, is a set of principles adapted from the sustainable agricultural systems practiced by indigenous peoples worldwide before the era of modern agriculture, widely credited to the author Bill Mollison.

Apple Tree Problems - Sun Scald Sun scald is not a disease, but damage caused to apples and many other fruit, caused by high temperatures and strong sunlight in summer. Typically, sun scald damage appear on sun-exposed side, which is usually towards the direction of the midday to afternoon sun.

Building the Best Greenhouse on the Internet Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is exactly why we chose these Ana White Greenhouse plans from the Internet. Day three and four of the Ana White Greenhouse Build.

Desert green: Jordanians on frontline of climate change turn to permaculture Facing drought and rising temperatures, Jordan is on the frontline of climate change. Overgrazing and inappropriate cultivation practices have contributed to increasing desertification across the region. Abu ElHajj's mission is to green the desert in Jordan.

Goose Chicken Egg Blind Taste Test Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Today we find out WHO’s the real Permaculture Chicken Ninja Master in this blind taste test of a GOOSE and CHICKEN eggs. Can we tell the difference?

Accessing Permaculture for people with chronic illness and/or disability Given that permaculture knowledge, experience, events and demonstration sites were previously a big part of my life, I have become increasingly aware of how difficult it would be for me to now access many of these things; in some cases it would be impossible.

Man Beats Tractor Planting Trees with this Unexpected Tool Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! We rounded up the tractor to Dig holes for this Large tree planting project. But, is the trouble of a machine ACTUALLY as fast as a man with his favorite tool?

Introduction to Permaculture HVB Permaculture Community Garden. Buttsworth Lane. Wilberforce, NSW 2756. Australia. View Map View Map. Introduction to Permaculture. Think about a better future - this weekend course is all you need to start your journey to sustainable life!

UMass Amherst student-led permaculture gardens serve as model for sustainable agriculture To educate and inspire people about how to farm and garden sustainably in the Northeast, three student-led permaculture gardens at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are now featured in vivid and interactive, 360-degree splendor on the USDA's Climate Hubs website.

Franklin Permaculture Garden The first UMass Amherst permaculture garden was created by students in 2010.

Do Cold Frames Actually Work? The short answer is yes - but let me elaborate…. We built a cold frame in late 2018 to create a warmer micro-climate to grow early season tomatoes and eggplants with ease. You can see below how we built it here. Some of you have asked how it's gone in its first season.

GOOSE EGG ~ The Day our Goose Finally Laid her First Egg Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! After a long year of waiting we finally find out what a REAL GOOSE EGG actually looks like. Plus, our plans for eating it. ALSO in the vlog, THREE things I'm doing to prepare to plant an orchard.

Meet Us, Joel Salatin + Others at Homesteaders of America Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Come shake our hands, learn from Joel Salatin, Jill Winger at this Year’s Homesteaders of American Conference, October 11th and 12th. We’ll have talks both days and will be there before AND after out talks to meet all of you.

Next step for permaculture in town Permaculture is one step closer to being implemented around Mayerthorpe. Council voted 4-1 to give a letter of support to Mayerthorpe and District Agricultural Society to apply for grant at Monday's meeting. The letter will support the group's application to the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Group Program for a permaculture project.

Permaculture Pathways for a Resilient Community When: March 30, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm Where: Lacey Timberland Library, 500 College St SE, Lacey WA Daniel Cherniske will lead a dynamic dive into the principles, ethics, and practices of permaculture. Gain a basic understanding of the ecological, social, and economic benefits of permaculture and leave with ideas to create a.

Permaculture First of all, I apologise for MIA for so long. I gotta say that life got in the way of blogging. January was jam-packed with my travelling schedule; February was all about the Lunar New Year celebration, and here come March where I will be busy studying for my CFA level 1.

Massive Attaque! Fall landed on our piece of Earth. And the rain came. Lots of it. Then we blinked and the grass turned yellow? But wait a sec… it rained. It should have gone Kaboom!!! green explosion? Nope. It's yellow and we can even see the soil underneath. Now I'm on all four on the lawn.

Introduction To Permaculture Weekend Looking to live a green lifestyle and to be a bit more sustainable but not sure how? This weekend course is the perfect way to start. Hosted by Growing Smart, learn the basics of starting your own garden, whether it be a rooftop or balcony garden, and all about permaculture over the course of two days.

Pro Builder Builds Greenhouse Says it's Easy Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Day two of the the “Alaskan Proof” Greenhouse from the Ana White Greenhouse plans.

Finishing Handspun Yarn I won't go into the whole activity of spinning yarn because that is a whole subject unto itself. But recently I had spun a bunch of yarn and had to make sure it was a good final product for people who trusted me to spin for them. So, here was my journey.

WTF is Permaculture and Where are the Azores? Having spent the last 12 months investigating such things as Electronic Music Production, Overlanding, Intentional Communities and building 18ft Robots, when I tell friends I've been on a volcanic Island called Sao Miguel studying Permaculture the typical response is, as the title of this post suggests, Confusion.

Permaculture house + garden tours This is probably the most important question we will ask ourselves in our lifetimes. With what we have on hand and within the limits of our cultural context, how are we to perform life? The constant asking of this vital question is central to the way Artist as Family lives.

Freedom To many, this is the state of not being enslaved or imprisoned. To others, it is to not suffer restriction of movement, action, thought or speech. To me, freedom is the extravagant amount of food I pluck out from the ground and that I later serve for dinner to my family.

Wilson!!!! I've been struggling the last few weeks for a very selfish reason - I've been focusing on someone else, and not on my Little Lot of Stars. Let me explain a bit.

Permaculture Artisans & Los Gatos Roofing Honored by Pulse of the City News for Customer Satisfaction With a well-deserved reputation for being honest, timely and respectful as well as providing the Southern Bay Area with superior service quality, Los Gatos Roofing has earned six consecutive Pulse Awards for Customer Satisfaction.

10 Steps To Grow 75% of Your Own Food Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! The 10 Steps I used to Grow MOST of my Food. “Vintage” video from 2016 as a little gift on this Sunday Seed Day. Get this video for keeps, with many others, when you BUY the Heritage Crash Cooking…

When Vegetables Go Feral My parents came down recently for a visit and wanted to help a bit in the garden. Mostly, it was clearing out the weeds, but Dad always likes to get an idea of what all will be going in or kept around. "What is that tall, woody thing?" he asks me at one point.

Patio Makeover When so many people think of homesteading, they think of gardens and land space - and when we moved into our suburban homestead, we didn't have acres of open land. We have space to work with, but what we saw most prominently before us was an empty, closed-in patio.

My Bull's Acting Crazy + Why I'm Happy About It Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! I’ve NEVER seen my Bull act like this. He’s causing Cows to get out, and he’s giving me a hard time when I try to put the calves up. So why am I actually excited about this? Well, it looks like he’s gonna get…

Citrus Nutrient Deficiency - Yellow Leaves If leaves are yellowing on a citrus tree, it may be a sign of nutrient deficiency, but it may not be, depending on which leaves are yellowing. Older leaves yellowing are quite normal as long as it's only happening to a very small number of the very oldest leaves.

Marine Permaculture Written by: Matthew Davis. Over the recent years in our society, the topic of climate change has been identified as one of the biggest threats facing our society.

Downed tree opportunity In our part of the world it has been nothing but rain and storms for over a month. The nice days without rain could probably be counted on one hand. The storms over the weekend finally decided to knock down a tree over the driveway. It would be easy to be annoyed by something like this.

Chickens 'Gang Up' to Prepare Land For My Orchard Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Putting the chickens to work on this clover filled patch to prepare this land for a future berry patch. Want to get in on the Tree Planting Workshop? Here’s the link: ALSO, if you’re interested in Jill’s cooking course, there’s only 2…

De-Urbanization: The Future is Rural The Future is Rural: Food System Adaptation to the Great Simplification. By Jason Bradford. Book Review. Free PDF: The Future is Rural. This recent publication by the Post Carbon Institute disputes the common mainstream assertion that migration towards urban areas will continue to increase in coming decades.

Exploring the Mourne Coastal Route Recently we welcomed the folks from - Ireland's Adventure Magazine to visit, and we're really pleased to feature as part of this promotional video made in association with Discover Northern Ireland. The Mourne Coastal Route is undoubtedly the nicest part of our country, and it is wonderful to see it promoted like this.

Milkwood At Oakridge On Saturday March 30, Oakridge Restaurant and Winery in the Yarra Valley will host permaculture experts Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar of Milkwood for a special one-off dinner. Oakridge's Co-Executive Chefs Jo Barrett and Matt Stone will join Kirsten and Nick to deliver an event celebrating a joint passion for wild foods, fermentation and farming.

Youth in Permaculture Prize 2019 Young permaculturists, 25 years old and under, who are spearheading projects based on eco-friendly agricultural practices or efforts to improve the social fabric of their community are invited to apply. A total of £5,000 in awards will be given. Youth are truly the future of our planet.

Why the agricultural industry is not sustainable In a more sustainable way. Then you can also foster biodiversity, putting plants that are beneficial to bumblebees and other endangered, but necessary insects. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Sustainability Day promotes green living and waste reduction The Sustainability Coalition put on its annual Sustainability Day to help promote eco-friendly methods of travel and living. Booths were set up in front of the Luria Library with different services, resources and prizes displayed to lure students in.

Record rains create extraordinary produce growth in SBCC gardens City College's Permaculture Gardens are bursting with beautiful colors after the recent record-breaking rainfall and heavy winds. "I don't think we've really had to water them at all this semester," said garden manager Jackson Hayes.

The Apology: from baby boomers to the handicapped generations It is time for us baby boomers to honestly acknowledge what we did and didn't do with the gifts given to us by our forebears and be clear about our legacy with which we have saddled the next and succeeding generations. By 'baby boomers' I mean those of us born in the affluent nations of the western world between 1945 and 1965.

Building an Alaska Proof GREENHOUSE by Ana White Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Day one building the Ana White Greenhouse for our farm North Carolina.

The ethics of potting compost Another day of wind and intermittent horizontal rain has driven me off the allotment and into the potting shed again - this time for a quick job of pricking out some parsley seedlings that have been getting leggy on the kitchen windowsill. All the seed sowing and pricking out that I do at this time of year uses shop-bought potting compost.

I told my Kids They Could Buy Anything ~ What Happened Next will Make You Smile Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Over a year ago we promised our kids special gifts to celebrate and reward them for their role in our epic journey across American. Finally, our school but conversion has sold, and we let our kids pick out ONE very special gift.

Permaculture Empowers School NKULUMANE, BULAWAYO - Mgombane Primary School in Bulawayo's Nkulumane township has never been the same again since the learning centre embraced permaculture, noted coordinator of the project, Lindiwe Gumunyu.

Whilst the gales lash outside. On the reading table for consumption this weekend are two books on permaculture and perennial vegetable growing:. The first is a book on permaculture in Britain and other temperate zones.

Permaculture at Orcas Christian School Submitted by Orcas Christian School.

Radioactive Glass Beads May Tell the Terrible Tale of How the Fukushima Meltdown Unfolded Source: Radioactive Glass Beads May Tell the Terrible Tale of How the Fukushima Meltdown Unfolded. Oh my. Read between the lines. There are tiny particles of radioactive material all over the place. Seems to me that it might be that part of the Reactor Core actually vaporized and spewed into the air.

30 Chickens + Market Garden Trick = 10,800 Sq/Ft Garden Goodness Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! This NEW market gardening technique just might solve some of the problems with planting behind chickens. This could be a game changer for this Animal Garden Miracle.

Orchards and Patience The saying is true " The best time to plant an apple tree is five years ago. The second best time is now." Growing up with several fruit trees, we knew we wanted to have several on our homestead. The thoughts on layout of the homestead is something that has changed several times.

The weekend that was We woke at 7.55 to the alarm that tells us that it's Friday and Fraser is on the way. We had taught beginners swing dance the night before so I was tired and had found it hard to settle down and process the night and to not think about the looming weekend.

Creativity + Courage + Community: Dawn Breeze DAWN BREEZE, a 2017 graduate of Goddard College's MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program, is the Founder and Program Director of Instar Lodge, a space for creativity in Germantown, NY.

Portland Permaculture Fayre makes a comeback this weekend The Portland Permaculture Fayre returns this weekend. The event which is following on from last year's success will once again be held at St George's Centre on Portland. Permaculture is a global movement of people who are interested in finding ways of living that care for the world, its people and the future.

CDC: Unvaccinated Oregon boy almost dies of tetanus Source: CDC: Unvaccinated Oregon boy almost dies of tetanus. Oh what horrible, horrible parents…. Oh wait. _Not!_ One kid gets tetanus but _recovers_ and its Front Page News about how terrible it is. Source: Deaths following vaccination: What does the evidence show?

Product Preview - UrbiPod In a previous article, we looked at 15 herbs you can grow indoors, and shortly afterwards I was contacted by an Australian company who have released an innovative new product for growing herbs and other edibles indoors, which I will hopefully test and review soon.

Happy Autumn There was no; chores to do, plants to water, chickens to feed, eggs to collect, veggies to harvest, orchard to check… Instead, our days were filled with time at the beach, making sandcastles, swimming, cycling, catching up with friends and family. It was lovely, but we missed our house, pets and homegrown food.

Citrus Problems - Why Is My Citrus Tree Dying? Why do apparently healthy looking citrus trees suddenly start deteriorating in a matter of days, with leaves curling then dropping, branches dying back, eventually resulting in the loss of the tree? There are several causes, often caused by common gardening mistakes, which are easy to avoid.

Permaculture Apprenticeship And Steve Gabriel of Wellspring Forest Farm. This apprenticeship is ideal for Permaculture Design Certificate graduates and others interested in forest farming, small farm design, mushroom cultivation, pastured animal and perennial agriculture.

The Easy + Delicious Fermented Food You're missing Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Chances are you haven’t had Cultured Cream, but it’s so delicious and easy to make I want to show you how to make this probiotic, super health food right now.

Farm Design: The BIG Picture: Thanks to a drone picture from our interns, I can explain a bit about our farm design from a different perspective. While this image only shows a small part of the farm it does capture an intersection of farm systems.

Building and installing a ram pump A little stream runs through the farm - actually its a drainage channel, cut into the rock to drain this part of the bog, well over a hundred years ago. The fields and woods drain into it, and it heads off through the countryside which is mostly level.

No Bugs, No Weeds Garden Solution ~ How to Grow Veggies All Winter Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Winter Gardening is actually the "hidden" gem of gardening. Why? Because it's so much easier to have a garden when there's much less bug and weed pressure. Just plant when it's HOT, then harvest fresh greens all winter.

About Permaculture Songs and the Food security Narrative The promotion of food security over decades has achieved to govern the way we think about alternatives to industrialised agriculture. Global famine is not a problem of food scarcity but a legacy of unequal power structures which are weaved into past and present agri-food systems.

Goodbye to the Bus that took us Everywhere Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is the school bus conversion that drove through the “lower 48” and made the Great American Farm Tour possible. A tribute to Maple, we’ll miss you. With that chapter over, now it’s time to say Good Bye Watch the Farm Tour, HERE:…

The Importance of Urban Homesteading One might go as far as to say that if you live in an urban environment and are participating in any scale of vegetable or herb gardening, you're by default participating in urban homesteading. Others may not be so generous. I, however, fall into the former category - everyone has to start somewhere!

Sharing abundance As projections call for continued population growth in Colorado - adding the equivalent of another Denver by 2050 - current residents bear witness to additional multi-family complexes, big-box single-family homes and an ever-rising skyline.

February Garden Rainfall: 32mm over two days. The weather has been bizarre this month. One week we were using the air conditioner, and the next the girls were wearing winter pyjamas! It felt wrong putting jackets on to go outside at 10am…in February.

The Orchard Plan to Feed grand Children Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Couple plans to plant something so Special it will Feed Their Grand Children. This is their plan. INVEST in Your Food Growing SELF:. NOTE: Yes, some of those links above are affiliate links.

A New Garden, 'Cottage' Gardening, and avoiding more plastic. This post is kind of ironic because I've actually recently moved out of a 'cottage' - my parents house - and am now in a flat with a friend. I've been really fortunate though in that there's actually a decent sized garden that comes with the flat.

Sing for the Trees: International Women's Day Trees can rescue climate change. Video: Planting trees in India.

Learning About Medicinal Trees Holt Wood Herbs are offering courses in design and harvest in the medicinal forest garden in May and June 2019. Each course is based on a small group so that detailed practical advice is possible, cost including refreshments is £68. Full details and online booking are at / courses.

Chickens to make light work of Tilling in Cover Crop Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is how I’m setting up my chickens for tilling and fertilizing my Animal Garden Miracle while I do ANYTHING else. These Chickens do all the hard work, while I get stuff done.

Growing a year's worth of produce on 1000 sq. ft. in 4 hours a week The Plummery is an experiment. The results of that experiment look good. From a 23 year old forest garden to a 1 acre permaculture farm, Happen Films have brought us many beautiful videos about people growing food on whatever land they have available.

Butchering Pigs ~ 10 Steps from Alive to Our Bellies Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is the 10 Step process of how we butchered our Pigs on farm. See the actual shot HERE:

Crack down on the crackers Topped with cheese, doused with raw honey, sprinkled with cocoa or simply dipped in guacamole… BUT, they come in a plastic shell, itself wrapped in a plastic wrapper. The waste police cracked down on the crackers and I am experimenting with homemade recipes.

I got sick of my Wife's Cooking then this happened She became a critical home cooking guide. If you don't already follow Jill, and you're in need of some simplified inspiration for cooking old fashioned food, then I think you'll benefit from following Jill. More on how I think Jill can help you in a second.

The Birth of a Permaculture Food Forest - Before & After Photos The before and after photographs in this article were taken at the very beginning when I first finished planting up my urban backyard food forest, and then approximately three to four years later. Each pair of photographs was taken from roughly the same view point, so the same garden beds are visible, to shown the garden's growth over time.

Turning the compost A job I am in the middle of at the moment is turning the compost. As I make my compost in 'Dalek' bins, turning the heaps actually means easing the whole bin off the heap and shovelling the material into another bin, as it is extremely difficult to mix it while it is still in the bin.

Ken Thompson: is permaculture just another name for good gardening? Some time ago now, I wrote an article that was mildly critical of permaculture. In fact, not so much critical as puzzled, because in truth, I couldn't figure out what permaculture was supposed to be.

Make Tough Jobs Easy: Permaculture Utilizing the outskirts of your property to develop permaculture is a simple strategy that may lead to more diverse harvests and a richer wildlife habitat. By Hank Will. Permaculture is a good way to utilize the borders and woodlands on your property for specialized crops such as berries, mushrooms, or nuts.

Permaculture Garden Greenhouse A greenhouse has a special feeling all its own, whether on a cool spring day with rain pattering on the roof or a late summer day when tomato vines are threatening to poke their way through the roof. One of my earliest childhood memories is being shown my uncle's greenhouse.

Earning My Mid-Wife Badge The Girl Scouts was as close as this suburban girl ever got to learning any kind of traditional skills growing up. I quit it early on, considering 'badge earning' to be well beneath my expanding "cool kid" facade. But if there's a badge worth earning, midwifery would be up there with the loftiest of them.

Largest Conference on Permaculture Gardening Permaculture VOICES is hosting the most extensive conference around on permaculture gardening this March.

Learning Sustainability at the Permaculture Institute The Permaculture Institute in Carbondale, Colorado, offers homesteaders the opportunity to jump right into the sustainable lifestyle through inspiring coursework.

Saying Good Bye to My Pigs Before I Harvest Them Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! It's the day before my Pig Butchering. Follow along as several families come together to prepare for butchering FIVE Pigs and say good bye to our faithful American Guinea Hog Pigs. STAY TUNED for the "Art of Pig Butchery" Part 1 - How to Quickly and Humanely Harvest Your Pigs.

A Principle to Live By Delving into the realm of permaculture has taught me so much about the interconnected web that is the universe. All living things thrive on similar if not the same principles. If we were to apply these principles to our lives, we would flourish just as well as any piece of land would.

Permaculture in the Lea Valley Tempted outside by the February sunshine last weekend, the unseasonable warmth happened to coincide with an open day at organic growers OrganicLea in Chigwell.

Job Opportunity: Ecological Land Cooperative The Ecological Land Cooperative is looking for a part time Planning Manager - to be responsible for researching, writing and submitting planning applications for the Ecological Land Cooperative low impact smallholding clusters and campaigning for changes in planning policy to support low impact, sustainable rural development.

Gardening Calendar - March March heralds the beginning of autumn, so there's lots of tidying up in the garden. It's also an ideal time to plant new trees, as the weather is milder and there is some time for the trees to establish themselves before winter arrives. Pick marrows, pumpkins and squash before the flesh becomes coarse.

First year garden It was August when the property was bought, followed by a large drought in the area all the way till the next year. No garden that first half year so the following spring we were super excited to get it going. For the first year we started several seeds to hopefully make it into small plants to hopefully plant in the garden.

How this Crushing Cancer Scare Won't Defeat Them Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Jim and Rhenda of Heartiness Approach get a surprising double whammy of bad news. They may be drastically altering their life, but they wan’t be defeated. That’s not their nature. The Wilsons are a shining example of Community, Values and Culture.

Exploring the croft We've spent the last few days exploring the land. The croft is situated on a south east facing slope. Because it hasn't been used for many years apart from occasional grazing, rushes have overtaken much of it, and there is little tree cover with the exception of a few small birch groves acting as a shelter belt to the west of the land.

Teach Your Children Well: Antibalas Celebrates 20 Years of Afrobeat Glory in Oakland Last weekend, Brooklyn's mighty post-afrobeat troupe Antibalas stormed into Northern California in continuing celebration of their 20th anniversary, delivering phenomenal shows to sold-out audiences in San Francisco and Oakland, before a Sunday night throwdown in Santa Cruz.

Food Systems at Playa Viva The hotel at Playa Viva is situated between beautiful sunrises and sunsets by the ocean and a 200-acre landscape used for several generations for agricultural production. Today, a team of hard working local men and our permaculture specialist use agro-ecological practices to bring the land back to life and fill our kitchen with organic harvests.

Modern farming is harming the planet. Tech-driven permaculture could heal it Permaculture’s goal is to nourish humans while enhancing biodiversity and increasing soil quality. Now technology could address criticisms that the technique is too labour-intensive, complex and hard to scale.

Why these tiny FAT Pigs Might be Perfect For Homesteading Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Three days to butchering and I talk about what’s so great about these little black hogs. Quite possibly, the perfect homestead pig.

Growing An Abundance Of Food In The City Using Permaculture… The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 100 sq/m produces over 400kg / 900 pounds of food year-round. Kat Lavers describes her approach to gardening, including vertical and biointensive growing, and how important it is - and possible!

Horticultural Glues and Tree Banding Trees to Controls Ants and Other Pests Glue-banding of tree trunks is an effective technique for controlling various pests of fruit trees. Glue barriers are also a useful way to keep ants away from hummingbird feeders without harming wildlife.

On-farm diversity offers a way forward in times of climate uncertainty On-farm sustainability requires output to be greater than input. At Zaytuna Farm near Lismore Permaculture is showing a way forward.

See an Old + New Tool I'm using for Pig Butchering Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! Pig Butchering in FOUR days so I'm gathering one but crazy useful TOOL and showing you my brand spanking new contraption to help make this PIG butchering a breeze. I've taught tens of thousands of people to grow their own food.

Day 34: Riobamba, at the feet of the Chimborazo giant Two weeks ago we took the bus from Baños and landed in this industrial city, lodged in a plateau surrounded by some of the world's closest peaks to the stars. Unfortunately for us we will not be able to brag about metres and oxygen no more.

Jenna Butler and Her Fight to Farm A great number of agriculture innovations come from and are used in Alberta, he added, but the average age of traditional farmers in Canada continues to rise each year - in 2017 it was 55, according to Statistics Canada, and the average size of the farms are growing larger thanks to advances in technology and technique.

The Chicken with the Will to Live The Chicken with the Will to Live. This little chicken was purchased at the farm store by the boys. They wanted to buy a chicken that would be raised for slaughter and let it live a long life. So, White Fowl came to live with us. What a pampered chicken!

My Pigs are Destroying the Pasture + this is what I did Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is How I’m I’m taking the pasture destruction problem of my pigs and turning it into a Beautiful Thing.

Mucky work There has been a pungent smell in the air of late as I've been walking alongside fields of pasture. The farmers are clearly telling me that it is time to get mucky. It is time to actually use some of the compost and manure that I spent last year preparing.

Grafting Tomato Plants & Native Kangaroo Apple Shrubs! The world of grafting plants is wonderful and wacky. You can start with just one pear tree and graft a range of other fruits onto it that are also in the pome family - so you could end up with a pear, apple, medlar, quince and* nashi tree. Wow. So even if you only have room for one tree in your garden you can still have a range of fruits.

Study: Pesticide Mixture the Culprit in Almond Grove Bee Die-Offs Source: Study: Pesticide Mixture the Culprit in Almond Grove Bee Die-Offs. This is not the best news article on the study, but it is the first one I could get to scan into my blog. Anyway I believe that this is an important story because it brings up and illustrates a point that I have worried about for several years.

Enough With The Snow Already! It's raining, or should I say slushing. Whatever is falling from the sky is wet and thick and turns to slush once it hits the ground. I can smell Spring in the air, but mother nature decided that more snow should come our way first. So what's a girl to do with this kind of weather?

6 Flowers to Grow in the Vegetable Garden Flowers in the vegetable garden can reduce pest problems and improve biodiversity. Here are the six best flowers to grow for healthy garden crops. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep costs down so that I can continue providing high quality content to you for free.

Less is More Yes, we are supposed to get another six billion inches of snow tomorrow. But I can feel spring in my bones. Yes, it is supposed to drop down below zero for most of next week, but I just know that spring won't be far behind. I can feel it. In my bones.

Tithonia Takeover Some seed packets warn you. Some don't. Therefore, a word of caution: if you plant anything named "Tithonia" or "Mexican Sunflower," expect that it may have the uncanny ability to reseed even in poor soil. Not that I'm complaining.

Why YouTube Disabled My Comments Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube!

Saving My Pigs + Chickens From Muddy Disaster Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! Rains of Epic Proportions leave my PIGS and Chickens stuck in unprecedented amounts of mud and floods! With just a bit more of a week till harvest, I’m taking drastic measures to keep these guys high and dry.

The Great American Farm Tour Now on Amazon Prime! Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! All our our kickstarters, YouTube viewers, hosts along with way, friends and family We’re all working together to make this world a better…

Geoff Lawton's New Permaculture Masterclass and PDC And it gets even better, even if you don't want to take a full PDC you can have a free 2.5 hour permaculture master class as an introduction for free. Check out these free videos, you are going to love them… And once you have a look at those you may want to sign up for the new online PDC while enrollment is open.

Coping With 80+ Inches of Rain Click on the video’s title to join the conversation on YouTube! This is our ironic struggle with 80+ Inches of Rain per year. It’s how we’re moving forward on the farm despite the unprecedented wet weather. Sign up for the Great American Farm Tour Weekend and get THREE Chapters NOW:

Elderberry Everything: wine, vinegar, medicine + more If you forage just one thing from the wilds each year, please let it be elderberry. Free medicine, wine and dessert vinegar could all be yours. Such an incredible plant! Native to most of Europe and north America, elder is a spindly stemmed, fast-growing deciduous shrub that flowers wildly in spring, followed by deep black clusters of berries.

My keyhole garden bed Sometime over the winter I've stumbled over a post describing the approach known as "keyhole gardens". You can find the details here, but in a nutshell, this is a practice of building self-sustainable garden beds in small spaces. The sustainable part comes from a composting "tower" in the center of any keyhole garden.

Free Time The above is a picture from 2015, before I retired, when I thought retirement would bring me more "free time" to spend communing with nature and such things. Instead I find that there is no such thing as free time as it always has an associated cost. What I do have is discretion in how I use my time - mostly.

Reflections on fire - February 2019 Before moving to Hepburn in 1985 I had assessed the town as the most fire vulnerable I had seen in Victoria but I was confident we could build a bushfire resistant house, and fire retardant permaculture landscape on our property, where we could stay and defend through the worst case scenarios.

My Problem with Gardening Silage Tarps Click on the video's title to join the conversation on YouTube! UV treated Silage tarps can be a cheap and accessible way to cover your garden and prepare it for planting. However, you're going to have to take EXTRA precautions or this is going to back fire on you, BIG time.