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Flower of the Day - Full Proof Deer Resistant Lavendar All Photos Taken By Candice~Marie. We love our neighbor's, the Deerski Family, and want to live in harmony with them, so, we are on a mission to find every TRULY deer resistant plant on the face of the earth that will grow in USDA Hardiness zones 4-5.

What is Marine Permaculture? Join this free masterclass with Dr Brian von Herzen & Morag Gamble What is marine permaculture? How can it contribute to the reversing of climate change and species loss? And how does it relate to land-based permaculture? Are you curious about marine permaculture? Then REGISTER NOW for my next free online masterclass.

How to plant trees and shrubs, the Permaculture Apprentice way There is one thing that always makes my head nod with approval like this guy… It's when I see an older person planting trees that he or she almost certainly won't live to see mature and produce in their full glory.

Zero Waste Festival 2019 On Saturday October 26, David attended the 2019 Zero Waste Festival at the St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne. He sat on a panel with these zero wasters:. Here is a short version of what David said on the panel:. I would like to return to the focus of the home that Lauren and Oberon started with.

What Is Integrated Pest Management ? The problem of garden pest control is as old as agriculture itself, which started when humanity first cultivated plants for food more than ten thousand years ago. Modern conventional pest control methods often use chemical controls as the first option, and usually ignore the real causes of pest problems.

David presents 'Aussie St' in Morwell On June 1 2019, David gave his much loved 'Aussie St' presentation to a crowd of over 200 people at Kernot Hall in Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley. You can watch the full presentation here:. After 'Aussie St' there was an hour-long Q&A session, which you can watch here:.

Tree Planting Plans When we first saw the land, a number of pieces of life's puzzle slipped neatly into place. The croft was steep and unsuitable for agriculture, but it would be perfect for trees.

Farming Volunteers needed at our organic farm in Papanasam, Tirunelveli Noushadya and I, Sudhakar, left our corporate jobs and moved to Papanasam in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu in 2018 to lead a healthy, sustainable life. We own a 11.5 acre farm and have been toiling with the soil for the last 1.5 years and need your help to accelerate the process.

Permaculture - Designing the Back Zone 4 into 5 Yes it would be ideal if I never had to move a plant… ever… but sometimes moving them is the only way to save them. And when you are building a house and you have extra acreage it becomes not only a necessity but a challenge…. Thank you for watching.

Becoming the Caretaker of your Garden I first heard the term to be 'caretaker of your garden' at a permaculture course a few years ago. It has resonated with me ever since and has changed both the way in which I garden and also the way that I perceive my garden. Being the caretaker of your garden, means that while you own the land that your garden is on, it is only temporary.

Where the Wild Things Are: Regenerating Zone 4 To support Ben's ongoing research, writings, and teaching, please become a regular monthly contributor via Patreon. This essay first appeared in the 2nd issue of Backwoods Journal and was edited, with gratitude from the author, by their editorial board.

Permaculture for Small Gardens The word 'permaculture' was originally a contraction of 'permanent agriculture', which gives you an idea of what it's all about: a sustainable growing system that will integrate with our environment in a harmonious way - a backlash against the control-freak, monoculture ethos of most commercial agriculture.

A Suburban Geelong Backyard Turned Thriving Permaculture Garden! Discover how Ben Shaw transformed his Geelong backyard into a productive, thriving paradise.

Joining a Community garden Just over a year ago I became a member of my local Community Garden and leased a plot. Although I have quite a large yard at home with my own Veggie garden, I decided to also become a member of a community garden. There are a few reasons for this. Our garden is not huge.

October garden journal This month I learnt the basics of permaculture, got down and dirty with manure and learnt what to look out for in the animal kingdom. Thanks to Ryan's introduction to permaculture course I had a great day learning the basic principles and getting to know fellow earth lovers.

Key Hole Garden Well a weekend of no rain - meant getting the roses pruned and also finishing off preparations for the front key hole garden! I am determined to have produce in it by spring and the soil from the compost and piling cutting is looking great!

Cabbage Butterfly Trap Recently at BAAG I learnt that if you tie white plastic bags to sticks the cabbage butterfly take it for another butterfly and will leave the area alone as they are territor…

Ashwood Permaculture Project A visit on the weekend to the Ashwood Permaculture Project Garden highlighted once again the many variations of what a Permaculture garden is. With an emphasis on education and community - this property has evolved from an empty block to a food bowl and outdoor class room for the high school and local volunteers.

Inner Melbourne - Family of Four Vegie Garden Design An example of interplanting a veggie garden in a landscaped Suburban Garden: Notes to a Client. For Background Reading on Permaculture Principles: The Essence of Permaculture. Zone 1: Quick Pick / Kitchen Cupboard. Pots - Lettuce / Coloured Pots of Geranium Herbs Seedling Nursery Chives Oregano Marigolds Marjoram.

Permaculture and Spirit Recently I came across the DVD "Reconnecting to Nature though Spiritual Permaculture". It documents a conference in Hawaii whose guest speaker was Dr Leonid Sharashkin, translator of Anastasia which I had read a couple of years ago. The DVD has been playing on my mind after watching it.

A Rave Review of "the School Garden Curriculum" by Kaci Rae Christopher In the School Garden Curriculum, Christopher offers a rare gem in the field of garden-based learning that clearly capitalizes on her numerous years of experience leading children in learning outdoors.

Permaculture is the need of the hour’ - Star of Mysore Mysuru: "Monoculture farming is against nature as plants need companion," said Michael B. Commons a permaculture practitioner and member of Thai Wanakaset Network, here his morning. He was speaking on the topic "The Basics of Permaculture' at an interactive session organised by Sahaja Samrudha and Belavala Foundation at Belavala Parisara Kendra.

How to propagate edible plants with Morag Gamble 5 ways to successfully take cuttings from edible perennials and herbs and create an abundant permaculture garden full of diversity.

Learn about Food Forest Garden design tomorrow - Star of Mysore Mysuru: Biodiversity and traditional knowledge have provided for all our needs and more. However, we have lost both our knowledge and practice of using local resources and wisdom to create what we need and enjoy.

Crowdfunding for an 'ethical lifestyle toolkit' The idea for the toolkit was developed through pooling knowledge and experience from Ethical Consumer and the Permaculture Association through an online survey and three focus groups.

Not Only In The Garden All of which tells me that it's the season for planning next year's projects, dreaming next year's landscape. This year I will be doing this comfortably by the fire along with sips of homemade rhubarb liqueur. Also color pencils. Mine are kept in pieces of Styrofoam so that I can see the colors.

"The Pleasures of Eating" In this pleasure we experience and celebrate our dependence and our gratitude, for we are living from mystery, from creatures we did not make and powers we cannot comprehend". The highly recommended full essay can be found here at the website of Centre for Ecoliteracy.

Product Review - Slammer Tool, The Ultimate Landscaping Tool? One gardening tool to cut through anything, one garden tool that can dig anywhere, one garden tool to rule them all… The Slammer Tool is an industrial grade, commercial multi-purpose tool that is a combination of a crowbar, axe, spade, mattock and grubber all in one.

2020 Permaculture Design Course Rocklyn Ashram A PDC can be a life changing experience. Join us in the unique environment of the Rocklyn Ashram and be taught by a mix of experienced and enthusiastic permaculture tutors including David Holmgren and Beck Lowe. This is a fully residential, fully catered course running over 15 days with a short break in the middle.

Permaculture Magazine prize · Maria Seltzer, New Mexico, USA. Maria shares examples of how regenerative farming practices can offer a path out of poverty.

Garden in Review 2019 The latest garden tasks have included clean up and seed saving. The season is over for me and I'm busy drying herbs, pulling spent plants, and saving seeds for next year's garden. Half of the garden is now animal space for chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

Composting To compost successfully, there are three important factors that may require some practice to properly balance: moisture, heat and aeration. Use equal parts yard debris and food scraps for the best…

A Time for Change Competition was used as the vehicle to drive this growth, The limited resources or commodities now meant there was not enough for everyone who were all trying to "grow" and hence competition proved a very powerful vehicle to ensure that commodities were predominantly used for their primary function of making profit.

Hampton volunteers, students building food forest - CBC News A group of students and community volunteers in Hampton are turning an unused strip of land between two sports fields into a food forest. "We're hoping to integrate this with the life of the students at Hampton High School," said Chris Rendell, a volunteer with the project.

Permaculture Tiny House Community Farm in North Carolina Have you ever dreamed of living off the land in a tiny house community setting? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love the Wildwoods Community Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s a permaculture tiny house village, home to several DIY homes and volunteer accommodations.

Introduction to Permaculture with Michael Wardle Northey Street City Farm. 16 Victoria Street. Windsor, QLD 4030. Australia. View Map View Map. Come to explore an overview of permaculture through the eyes of the ethics and design principles. This course tackles how to grow food, build houses and create communities, and minimize environmental impact at the same time.

The herb beds…er…logs and a new bed Note: you may notice that the first part of this post was made in the days when we had rain. The second part is in the current situation of deep drought. This is because I got distracted by other pursuits and didn't get to finish the post.

Gardening Calendar - November It's November, the last month of spring, the weather is moderate, deciduous trees are in leaf again, days are warm and there's lots of green growth in the garden.

Sheet Mulching 101 Sheet mulching is a simple way to begin a garden bed on top of soil, grass, or weeds. It is inexpensive, simple to build, and usable in a wide variety of situations. Sheet mulching means to grow plants, seedlings, and seeds in multiple, ordered layers of different soil and plant material, all stacked on top of a cardboard sheet.

Why I Shop at Thrift Stores for Clothing 10-27-2019 For many years I have purchased my clothing at thrift stores. It's a statement in life about how I wish to live. So, I love thrift stores, and instead of haunting the malls, when I feel like I need a little 'shopping therapy' i.e. a feeling of 'havingness', I don't feel as guilty about buying a blouse for $1.50 that I will use many times.

Life in the Face of The Climate Crisis I get a lot of people asking me what do we need to do to respond to the climate crisis? I have two responses. The first is my practical action-based answer which is full of critical initiatives we need to crack on with right now.

Permaculture - Checking the Lower Garden Life in the garden is precious. We recently had to move a large amount of plants. So come with me as we check in on them and see their surprising progress. Thank you for watching. Please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Subscribe if you would like to see more of us.

8th Annual Permaculture Festival + Film Screening The Bronx River is a model for the restoration of urban rivers across the US, cared for through an alliance of private and government groups, volunteers, students, and educators.Tickets are available via Eventbrite or at the door. A River Returns A History of the Bronx River - Film Screening.

P is for Permaculture at Numbi Valley: Karoo silence and permaculture in practice The first time I heard about Numbi Valley Permaculture Farm near De Rust I knew I wanted to visit. Everything about it appealed to me – off-grid, sustainable, eco-conscious and peaceful. Espe…

The Mighty Oak Pt. 1 I like doing weird stuff, I have a whole list of strange projects that I’m working on simultaneously, and I wonder why I have so many grey hairs. So last year, my interest was piqued when a f…

30,000 Permaculture Magazine Prize Celebrates Climate Change Solutions The winning projects will be featured in forthcoming issues of Permaculture Magazine. Articles by each of the fourteen finalists will be featured on our website over the next few months. For more information on the 2019 prize and the judges please visit: / permaculture-magazine-prize-2019.

How the world's biggest carbon-neutral travel company is taking sustainable travel to new heights Not content with being 100% carbon neutral, tour operator Intrepid Travel has announced plans to become climate positive next year - with the help of a rather unexpected ally… Discover more. Discover more.

Woolies employees volunteer to grow school's permaculture garden In addition to the volunteer time and "sweat equity" from their local Woolies stores' employees, the retailer also donated vital resources like compost, seedlings and gardening tools to Sesete Primary School.

Council vote paves way for permaculture farm A council decision has paved the way for a new permaculture farm and associated new house to be established at Harcourt North.

A blooming lovely day When you have spent every penny you can lay your hands on buying 30 odd acres of land in Pembrokeshire what do you do to start making a living from it as soon as possible?

Week 0 of Building a Hiline Home The Announcement So many have wondered what we have been up to. I ripped out the garden. I tore all the plants out that I so dearly lovingly put into place… Why??? Why would I do such a thing? Follow us along on our dream! Thank you for watching. Please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Pathways to Resilience By Nancy and John Hayden. Veteran farmers Nancy and John Hayden have spent the last quarter century transforming their livestock grazing operation into an agroecological, regenerative fruit farm, nursery, and pollinator sanctuary.

A letter of grief, love and action We are in the middle of an ecological disaster. Our earth is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. Millions of living beings are suffering or vanishing all together. Hundreds of thousands of trees in German forests alone have been dying this summer. With them dies biodiversity, die countless insect species.

It's a Life Skills Problem I couldn't agree more with Max Igan when he repeats that losing our life skills is assuredly one of the most serious vulnerabilities of modern civilization. Of course, I can't agree with his 'no private property' stance, but that's another post.

Camp Paradise uses permaculture techniques to help areas around Butte County OROVILLE - Volunteers from across the U.S. assembled in Paradise for 10 days of camping and ecological restoration. Camp Paradise, the world's first ecosystem restoration disaster camp, ends its "Fall Campout" on Sunday after beginning Oct. 11.

Jeff Mahoney: A future planted securely on terra 'perma,' right here in Hamilton He had long been attracted to the ideal of permaculture. Cynthia volunteered the space after reading an op-ed on permaculture that Adam wrote for The Spectator. Her backyard, before the work began, was a mess, by her own description.

Frugal Fridays - Leaves of Life "And he pointed out to me a river of pure Water of Life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb, coursing down the center of the main street. On each side of the river grew Trees of Life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month; the leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations".

Soil repair as climate activism. Permaculture Masterclass #18: Morag Gamble We designed and built our modular eco-home - with much appreciated help from my family. We are mortgage-free and live simply. Our income is derived from permaculture-related activities. We grow a lot of vegetables, herbs and fruit in the polycultural garden-playground surrounding our home.

100 Women: Uganda's permaculture farming pioneer Judith Bakirya - BBC Sport Ugandan farmer Judith Bakirya is going back to basics by planting trees and restoring the land.

Permaculture at White Eagle Village The Crestone Eagle, November 2002:. by Roni S. Chernin. The leaking pool at the White Eagle and the courtyard surrounding it had been a liability-closed and off limits to the public for many years. Owner JoAnne Duncan wanted to make the courtyard accessible again.

Eco-NPO of the week: SEED grows outdoor classrooms for the future SEED was established in 2000 and has spent the last 14 years pioneering the work of growing Outdoor Classrooms, for delivering the curriculum and food security, in under resourced schools. The programme started in the Cape Flats and has been implemented nationally between 2009-2012.

Intro to Permaculture Walk and Talk Oct. 19 REXVILLE - The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County Horticulture Program invites you to attend a unique permaculture farming program open to the public Saturday afternoon, Oct. 19 at 195 Irish Hill Rd., Rexville, NY 14877 from 1-3 p.m.

The Global Green New Deal Representing 700+ million citizens and one quarter of the global economy, mayors of the C40 cities are committed to delivering on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement at the local level, as well as to cleaning the air we breathe. The current chair of C40 is Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo; and three-term Mayor of New York City Michael R.

Soil for Life founder Pat Featherstone shares her Green Route in Cape Town The peace and tranquillity of the Soil for Life Garden Centre in Constantia attracts daily visitors who come to buy fresh food, herbs and edible weeds, compost, mulch, seedlings and organic products and food from the shop.

At home: using more sustainable ways of cleaning materials I wrote this summary in 2016, I decided to publish it here, even though I have not added any reflection since then. With this summary I am using the 4 points of 'active learning' mentioned in:. Donald A. Schön, The Reflective Practitioner. Planning I started at the door, or actually inside my apartment in the centre of town.

Permaculture advocate says world could be fed and forests saved An Aussie entrepreneur says planting trees is key to tackling climate change.

The Abbey Community Revolution is about the overthrow of one system for another. In the course of time, two ideas that once co-existed have finally become diametrically opposed to one another. At the outset of revolution, one side remains entrenched in power while the other side actively seeks to supplant it.

Why Permaculture is about so much more than gardening. It is true that gardening and food forestry make up a large part of permaculture, and it is what initially drew me to Permaculture, but it certainly isn't all there is. Permaculture is comprised of 3 core ethics, and 12 design principles that guide us in all that we do.

Permaculture - Observation in the Garden Life in the garden is precious. An old fashion garden should be full of life and pollinating insects. This is what I strive for and happiness overflows when you see such abundant life. Thank you for watching. Please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Renewal and Regeneration at Finca Luna Nueva The streets are alive on Sundays in Juluchuca. It's a day to connect with extended families, to catch and eat lunch on the beach, to walk around town and talk to your neighbors. In one such conversation not long ago, Don Juan, a generous, elderly neighbor of mine reminded me how important it is to romper la rutina, to break the routine.

Bears, yahoos, and security needs "I hate to be the bearer of bad news." Sam's words were difficult to pick out over the intermittent cell connection, but this one sentence came through loud and clear. My heart sank.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Burrum to Melliodora Our reception at Burrum Biodynamics felt like a hybrid of being permaculture royalty and relatives, which we suppose was sort of true after we discovered that Tanya is a Raeburn from around St Arnaud. Su's mother was a Raeburn born in St Arnaud. Steve Walters is one of those rare people in modern Australia who has never left the farm.

When Its Extremely Hot And No Rain Is In Sight What Is A Gardener To Do? Water, pull unwanted grass, plant some radishes and learn and plan for that cooler wet weather. Here's whats growing in this permaculture garden, beets, radish, the peas that were supposedly OK to plant now died the baked inn the sun death.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Food Forest to Marnoo David has been co-teaching on the Food Forest annual Permaculture Design Course with Graham and Annemarie Brookman since 2003. Each year he takes the train and stays for the first week of a residential course, which is then completed in two follow up session of a few days each.

Sustainable camping accommodates and educates tourists one cup of sawdust at a time Reducing your holiday's environmental footprint is not limited to an airline's carbon offset, with the number of sustainable accommodation sites on the rise in WA.

Exo_lexicon_how-A System For Extreme Conditions We are assigned to define an extreme geographical or climatic condition on Earth and develop a generic architectural system including a medical center for vaccination, dormitory for families, sanitary facilities, and food zone for 30-40 people including the permanent staff and temporary dwellers and visitors.

Feathered Friends Fall Festival In Malvern Set For Oct 19 Attendees will learn about caring for backyard chickens, composting, sustainability, and permaculture. There will be games, campfire, tricks, and treats. Those joining the event can bring their own pumpkins for carving; tools will be supplied. You'll also be able to make a scarecrow with your own scarecrow clothes.

Permaculture gathering this weekend NORWAY - To celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy and the Alan Day Community Garden will be hosting a three day gathering October 12-14th. The weekend will be full of workshops, presentations, skill shares, discussions and a screening of the film INHABIT, a Permaculture Perspective.

Ranch Musings: Permaculture in Canada There has been a recent resurgence of interest in permaculture. A review of a 2017 Master's thesis on the topic was reported in an article in the most recent issue of Small Farm Canada.

Permaculture and Extinction Rebellion The rise in Extinction Rebellion has been fast and impactful. Beginning in 2018, the non-violent civil disobedience marches have brought people from across the world together in a bid to make global governments wake up to climate crisis and take immediate action to reverse it.

2019 Winners of Hildur Jackson Award for Regenerative Solutions African educational programme wins annual prize from the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Trust.

Orto Farm in Blampied is extending its sharing vision EVERYTHING Mara Ripani and Ralf Pfleiderer grow on their farm they hope to share in some way - their learnings, harvest bounty and cooking and preserving skills. The couple has been carefully creating Orto Farm in Blampied, overlooked by Mount Franklin, the past four years with a focus on increasing biodiversity and productivity.

The taste of autumn There are old crab apple trees lining the streets in this part of London. They're well established, probably twenty metres tall, and planted closely enough that their crowns touch in the wind. At this time of the year they drop their fruit - tiny, hard, sour crab apples that crunch underfoot in the leaves as you pass by.

Fractal Faith One of my areas of learning over the summer has been permaculture, particularly as people are applying it to communities. One of the most interesting conversations going on in that space is the problem of scalability: how to get the micro and macro to functioning together based on the same values and principles.

Somerville Garden Club: Permaculture and Carbon Sequestration Gardening for the Planet in Your Own Backyard: Permaculture and Carbon Sequestration. Soil is alive with more microbes in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on this planet.

OCS turns lawn into 'Giving Garden' The following has been reprinted with permission from What was once a barren and "resource-greedy lawn" is now a lush student-run garden that grows produce for food banks and schools.

Green Living Workshop: Backyard Permaculture at Narara Ecovillage Eventbrite - Central Coast Council presents Green Living Workshop: Backyard Permaculture at Narara Ecovillage - Sunday, 3 November 2019 at Narara Ecovillage, Narara, NSW. Find event and ticket information.

Guayaki Yerba Mate - LA Permaculture Action Network Day Copy: Come out to GrowGood urban farm for a day of community convergence to regenerate an important urban green space with Permaculture Action Network. The event will also feature a soil advocacy workshop by local non-profit Kiss the Ground.

Micro-Climates Large and Small An amazing 'teachable moment' occurred recently regarding the concept of micro-climates. The "Black Boy" peach stones have been in sand - black sand from the west coast of New Zealand - for the winter. This is our germination strategy.

Bat's Wood attacked. Vegans blamed. The 'hugel hoop' at Bat's Wood which is an amazing permacultural innovation known internationally as 'a sort of circle with plants in it'; has been attacked. For months, this award winning growing space had been the home to cabbages, nasturtiums, potatoes, brambles, leeks, courgettes, cabbages and nasturtiums.

Permaculture Theory and Action by Sensible Earth Aditi and James of Baag Studios will take you through the ethics and principles of permaculture, followed by building soil and planting trees. Free event. Registration required. Only 20 seats are available. Call 9922411239. Carpooling to the venue is encouraged.

Gardening Calendar - October October is the mid-spring period, flowers bloom in abundance, the warmer weather with rain bringing ideal conditions for lush plant growth. The cold weather hasn't quite finished yet, cold nights and even frosts can still be expected, along with strong winds, so it's important to protect tender plants and seedlings.

Building Composting Toilets for Beginners The simplest composting toilet design possible may involve a hole in the ground to collect human waste, and a supply of carbon nearby, such as sawdust, to assist in aerobic composting. Once composted, the result is sometimes called 'night soil'.

Permaculture Design Course with Chris Shanks The Kul Kul Farm at Green School Bali. Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Banjar Saren. Abiansemal. Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80352. Indonesia. View Map View Map.

Where did it go? Did you notice I had not blogged for a while? Did you fantasise that I was soaking up the sun somewhere exotic? On a retreat where all access to the outside world was banned? Nope! Nothing so exciting or unusual. Just busy. You know what I mean - one minute it was early July and then the next it is October!

Permaculture Research Digest An agroecological Europe in 2050: multifunctional agriculture for healthy eating: This report explores the possibility of generalising agroecology to a European scale.

Reforesting the planet - fast I came upon this post on Facebook and realized what a tremendous idea and technology this is. I'm all about solutions and this one is worth sharing. We keep hearing about climate change being human intervention. Yes, we are polluting our planet - air, oceans, soil, water, etc.

Small Pond Installations for Irrigation and Wildlife - Part 1 We've done a couple of pond installations recently, one for our new perennial polyculture trial garden and another for Catherine Zanev's permaculture farm/orchard. I thought I'd write a post to share our experience and provide an overview of our pond design and installation process.

How to make a labyrinth garden A labyrinth is different to a maze. You enter a maze to loose yourself and a labyrinth to find yourself. The philosophy of a labyrinth is that there is no choice along the way. The only decision is whether you enter it and trust that the path will lead you to your goal.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Eyre Peninsula to Gawler The Ceduna A1 Cabins and Caravan Park was more downmarket than Esperance, and cost $18 and a friendly rave about the "bloody banks" from the proprietor.

Late September Garden Update It's the end of September and life has been hectic. An unexpected surgery has kept me from spending as much time in the garden as I would have liked. Still, the garden has continued to produce and plans to make it better accessible are underway. The rabbits are now moved into the garden where I can access their droppings better for composting.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Move East Leaving Norseman to travel east on the Eyre Highway is leaving WA - not the state border of course, which is 720 km to the east, but in terms of settlement and sentiment.

Balcony Permaculture. New youtube: Morag Gamble visits Natalie Topa's apartment in Nairobi. This 'fourth floor farm' in Nairobi, Kenya will amaze you. It is permaculture in action, in experimentation - a great example of what is possible in small spaces everywhere, particularly in apartments.

Permaculture people needed for Extinction Rebellion march Extinction Rebellion are taking to the streets again in October. They want to set up a permaculture area, to share solutions to the climate crisis, at Lambeth Bridge. Can you help?

Is Growing Your Own Food A Privilege? A couple of incidents this week have left me asking this question - is growing your own food a privilege? I have heard it said that foraging for food and medicine is a privilege. That access to the knowledge that allows for safe foraging is a privilege.

Rodent-proof Chicken Feeder Here in peri urban Hobart we have to stay on top of managing rodents and birds getting into our chicken's feed. Over the years we've tried lots of different designs and none of them have worked as well as we needed. Enter this beauty. While trawling the world wide web I stumbled across this design on youtube for an automatic feeder.

Home & Garden Digest Joe Ghio of Bay View Gardens is holding his 15th Annual "One Hour Iris Sale" of his end-of-the-season surplus irises on Saturday. This year it will be a "Half Hour Iris Sale" because the iris are always sold in the first half hour. The sale is from 9-9:30 a.m.

A Priesthood of Gardeners Collapse is the idea that, at some point in the near future, living-standards will significantly fall for the majority of the population. This might happen over the course of years even decades, or it might happen over the course of months. It might be societal, it might be ecological, it might be other.

Should You Tease Out Plant Roots When Transplanting? Any gardener who has ever transplanted or repotted plants has seen first-hand how plants that have been grown in pots can sometimes get rootbound, with their roots spiralling or circling around the rootball. This is quite an unnatural way for plant roots to grow, as they normally grow outwards and downwards!

404 error page Community news for Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View since 1947.

Foothill's permaculture garden transforms space Students and faculty in Foothill College's horticulture program turned a plot of land on the southwestern corner of the campus into a permaculture garden, replete with fruit trees, various vegetables, vines growing along the fence and a pollinator garden.

School Turns Resource-Greedy Lawn into 'Giving Garden' That Provides Produce to Feed the Poor All of the produce that is grown at the Orcas Island “Giving Garden” is either used in the school cafeteria or donated to the local food bank.

Samhain Allotment Re post of missing article for October 30th 2018 GD and I have closed the poly tunnel down for the winter, it is our first year of owning a poly tunnel and I was sad to close it down, feeling we ha…

An Unexpected Crop! For some time now, we have been feeding our food composter with left over fruit and vegetables from the University's Food Court. Earlier this summer, the first batch of compost was declared ready to use. The bin was cracked open with great ceremony, and the precious result of our labours was extracted.

ScientistsForFuture, #LinguistsForFuture, & #BloggingForFuture: Sustainable Conference Organisation, Event Management, and Stimulus Materials for #Lin And #ScientistsForFuture have highlighted the fact that sustainability also concerns the daily practices of researchers.

Suburban Lawn to Nature Preserve, Part 2 In my first post I shared how I have come to see my suburban yard as a blessing instead of a curse. At some point I have to stop wishing for something else and working with what I have. Slowly but surely I am taking pieces of the yard and transforming them.

Fall Film Series: "Inhabit: The Permaculture Perspective" Presented by the Grand Traverse Conservation District. 941.0960, ext. 23.

Sacrificial Lemon I've started clearing the flowerbeds to ready them for fall planting and took the opportunity to check on the lemon tree. The fruit appears to be growing well overall, some sunburned, and the leaves are full enough that there are hardly any weeds under the tree.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Move north With the Channel Nine News reader breathlessly informing us that the record breaking heat was going to be followed by winter cold, wind and rain for a couple of days, we decided camping on the coast might not be our best bet.

Permaculture Jamboree Zenger Farms hosts this celebration of permaculture from the Veteran's Ecological Trades Collective, providing attendees opportunities to learn how to promote at-home permaculture through new techniques, while enjoying food, drink, activities, and more.Permaculture Jamboree, Zenger Farm, Portland, OR, Sat Sept 21, 11 am.

Falling into Autumn, tasks around the home and garden O slack on dead heading, which does not sit well with my lavender. A lot of plants prefer to be pruned twice a year, and fall is probably my most regular one. Depending on the types of plants you grow its good to do a little research before you go whacking away.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Wheatbelt Wonderland Our plans for heading for home required us going back to the coast at Esperance before the journey north to Norseman and out across the Nullarbor.

'Not the Nobel Prize' in Economics The 'Not the Nobel Prize' in Economics has been launched to celebrate the thinkers and doers finding the economic solutions we need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - The Surprise of Gnarrojin The turn off the Albany highway showed us more wheat and grazing paddocks and less canola, reflecting the declining rainfall as you move northeast. But Gnarrojin is on some of the best soil in the wheatbelt and like York has York Gum and Jam the signature species of the red brown loams.

Green Living Backyard Permaculture Workshop at Narara Eco Village Eventbrite - Central Coast Council presents Green Living Backyard Permaculture Workshop at Narara Eco Village - Sunday, 3 November 2019 at Narara Ecovillage, Narara, NSW. Find event and ticket information.

Permaculture - An Introduction Sat., 08/02/2020, 9:00 am. Sun., 09/02/2020, 4:00 pm AEDT. Add to Calendar. Purple Pear Farm. 131 Anambah Road. Anambah, NSW 2320. Australia. View Map View Map.

The Second Civilisation If you smashed permaculture with a hammer and started sorting through its constituent parts you'd find scraps of New Age philosophy, a liberal helping of corporate culture, and a dollop of environmental science.

Permaculture Design Course - Intensive Permaculture is a whole systems approach to ecological planning and design - a way of thinking, based on a positive and creative solution-finding, that provides tools for working towards long term sustainability.

Australasian Permaculture Convergence The Australasian Permaculture Convergence is a biennial gathering of permaculture people from around the the Asia Pacific region. All people with an interest in permaculture and regenerative development are invited to join us for 4 days of workshops, hands-on activities, and discussions on how we can both celebrate and support nature's abundance.

Learn more about permaculture at free SAPS program The Southern Appalachian Plant Society invites the community to learn more about "Permaculture: A Sustainable Living Methodology for the Home, Garden and Community" at 7 p.m., Thursday at BrightRidge Power Company in Johnson City.

Vardanega family go off-grid with sustainable house - Photos "The idea is to leave this place better for future generations." Strawbale house designers, Viva Homes, drew up the initial plan, which the Vardanega's then developed based on what they'd learned through sustainable house days and a straw bale building course.

Evaluating the effects of integrating trees into temperate arable systems on pest control and pollination Free full access to article until 26th October 2019 available here. This review evaluates the effects of silvoarable systems on invertebrate pest control and pollination in temperate regions. The review includes published journal articles as well as unpublished theses and reports, and a few old Agroforestry Forum studies.

Formative Pruning, Vase Form - How to Prune Young Fruit Trees in the First Three Years Fruit trees are trained into particular shapes to make them more productive, easier to manage and better able to support heavy crop loads. Formative pruning is carried out in the first three years of planting a young tree to create or 'form' the shape, and establish a framework of main branches.

Water Quality: Designing for Win-Win-Win A recent poll reveals water pollution is the top issue of concern in New Zealand. Climate change ranks not far behind. Here are a pair of articles I have written for NZME about how we can use good design to address both issues while building more resilient farms.

Permaculture - more than just mulch One of permaculture's founding fathers, David Holmgren, joins Jess Strutt for a chat about the global movement. It's enjoying a renaissance in a world where people feel confused and are looking for a way to connect with something bigger.

Last potluck of the year and National Solar Tour The last of our open-house potlucks for 2019 is Oct. 5, 4-8 pm. Please come if you are interested in living and/or farming here, or just to connect, stay in touch, enjoy the farms and home, and hear more about what we are doing. Please call 710-9784 to RSVP.

Cover Crops Lets have a closer look at when, why and what to plant. Definition: A cover crop is a crop of a specific plant that is grown primarily for the benefit of soil other than crop yield. Cover crops are primarily used to suppress weeds, manage soil erosion, help build soil fertility and quality, control disease and pests, and promote biodiversity.

Garden Arches, Vertical Gardening for More Growing Area in Small Spaces Small-space gardening is becoming increasingly popular as outdoor spaces and gardens get progressively smaller in urban areas. There are many ways to maximise the use of limited available space, and one of the best ways is vertical gardening, growing upwards rather than outwards!

Oink, Oink! It's been 5+ years since we left the farm. Our youngest three kiddo's have little recollection of when we were in full swing raising critters and crops larger scale. We are exceedingly thankful that we have been able to buy a farm and raise them in this way just as we did their older siblings.

Find out about the new Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley Community Garden at grand opening and open day Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley Community Garden grand opening and open day.

Tidying up the power station I actually did this work earlier in the summer but never got around to posting it. The new solar array is all made up of 300W panels, which we ground mounted on plastic buckets, which are weighted with hardcore to stop them moving around. The panels are simply connected in series, meaning their voltages are added together.

1. Yagna - the relationship between humans and nature I'm going to go way out of my comfort zone and discuss it in a three-part mini series about the relationship between humans and nature, the divine and other humans. In the Bhagavad Gita there's a trinity in Sanskrit:. Kumar translates this into English as soil, soul and society.

'Responsible Resilience' on Display at Cooperation Humboldt's Edible Garden Tour As you walk into Karen Shepherd and Bradley Thompson's backyard in Arcata, you are met with a beautifully diverse food forest with an array of vegetables, flowers and fruits, from asparagus and pears to onions and cabbage. Shepherd and Thompson began working on their food forest after they moved into their house 19 years ago.

Developing a model permaculture centre Zimconserve intends to set up a Permaculture centre for Subsistence farmers. Zimconserve shall erect the fencing right round its plot and install a borehole. Projects, such as mushroom farming, aquaculture, permaculture gardens and ecological buildings are to be established.

Saying Goodbye All things come to an end. Today, 29 of my beautiful sheep went to the auction. I know they will not bring top dollars there. I do not know what sort of homes they will have or if they will go…

July and August Garden What is this 'rain' you speak of? Jokes aside, we had 21mm over three days. Considering winter is supposed to be our wet season, things are now desperately dry. The single most exciting thing that has ever gone into my garden appeared last month. It's been a pipe dream for years, and I still can't quite believe it's here… My very own greenhouse!

Introduction to Permaculture and Urban Agriculture Finbar Neighbourhood House Inc. 143 Kent Street. Richmond, VIC 3121. Australia. View Map View Map. After a very successful run in term 2, we're happy to run this great course again in term 4, 2019. Dates/Time/Place. A 6-week course Fridays 18th October to 29nd of November 10am - 2pm.

How to start a permaculture design. Morag Gamble's Permaculture Masterclass #17 I receive many questions around this topic and in this session, I hope to demystify the design process and help you cultivate your design eye, unlock your permaculture design thinking and create great designs. Click here to watch the August masterclass on how to start a permaculture design.

Should You Put Gravel or Rocks at the Bottom of Plant Pots for Drainage? There's an old gardening myth that it's best to put a layer of gravel or rocks at the bottom of a plant pot to improve drainage, but how true is it? Can the practice actually harm plants more than help them?

The Joy Of Growing A Food Forest Using Permaculture… Take a look at how permaculture farming is growing rapidly in India. Manisha Lath Gupta, who was an executive vice president in a private bank, decided to grow healthy food for herself and her family in 2011. She and her husband then created a food forest called Aanandaa on the principles of permaculture.

Incredible Salvaged Off-Grid Tiny House On Permaculture Farm This tiny house has an incredible story to tell. At only 10m2 this home on wheels has been constructed almost entirely from salvaged materials. Despite it's micro footprint, it's a fully functional home for a family of three.

Perma - Socio-Culture : A Regenerative Frugal Model It is obvious that not everyone of us has a farm either in urban areas or on the countryside, that can administer permaculture, but if adding few elements into the system that can address a man-made global problem and make the practice feasible, then I think that is a worthy model indeed.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - South Coast Reconnect An evening chatting after a shared meal, a slow pack up next day, connecting with some of the kids in the community including one home-educated, and a couple of radio interviews for David saw us back in Denmark for shopping, some permaculture celebrity recognition and another round of nostalgia tourism.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Nannup To Denmark The drive to Albany took us through the whole mosaic of South West landscapes including wetlands brimming with water on backroads David had never travelled on in his youth. The journey was marred by a collision with a kangaroo. David walked back to dispatch the poor animal only to find the female and joey in the last stages of dying.

Autumn Equinox Gathering ; Forage, Fire Cider & Permaculture Walk Open Day Join us for an Autumnal afternoon learning about Nature's food and medicine and natural wellness with our lovely hedgewitch Silja. There'll be plenty of walking, talking, harvesting, eating and connection while Silja shares some of her secrets and shows us how to make Fire Cider, a very powerful winter tonic with some of Clondarrig's own harvest.

ADULTS - Living Classroom Permaculture Workshop Living Classroom Project @ Lulu's Perch. Mountain View Road. Pinbarren, QLD 4568. Australia. View Map View Map. Join the Living Classroom Project team for our adults interactive Permaculture Workshop designed to get you growing your own sustainable food garden.

My beginnings in Permaculture The start of my journey to become self sufficient.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Margaret River to Nannup Wednesday was wet all day in Margaret River, with water on the paddocks and streams gushing as one might expect in August. After breakfast with Peter and Jan Lane, we were taken on a tour of wineries on the Caves Rd by Su's nephew looking for somewhere to eat lunch.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Ecoburbia to Fair Harvest On the Kwinana Freeway heading south we saw the expanding train networks, revegetation screening new suburban territories, paperbark and flooded gum wetlands, tuart woodlands and banksia heathlands on the sandy rises, much of it recovering from bushfires of recent years that had people evacuated from beaches.

Gardening Calendar - September It's September, the beginning of spring, the time of new life and renewal! The weather is starting to warm up, but there are still cold days, rainy weather and winds to contend with. Early spring is the best time to mulch garden beds, as the soil is still moist and is slowly warming up.

Permaculture Documentary on Biodiversity Gardening and Farming A must see permaculture documentary for anyone interested in organic gardening and farming, this video will captivate you throughout the entire film. A story that may bolster your hopes and then dash them, but ultimately, restore your dedication to pursue your dream, with eyes wide open.

Garden Diaries Week During a week of annual leave I decided to visit some different green spaces across London. I have wanted to visit some of these places for over a year, but have never made the time to go. Sometimes we need to spend time closer to home to find, love and appreciate the green spaces we are lucky enough to have around us.

Gir Cow and Sustainable Agriculture Recently there are millions of cases of food poisoning and plant toxicity due to tremendous use of chemical fertilizer.We must aware about the cases on Multinational Fertilizer companies.Let assume yourself taking medicine by born!! What is your life to live then?!

Ep 94 David Holmgren Co Founder of Permaculture Gardening Business Industries Lifestyle Agriculture Food Arts Education Kitchen Lawn Questions Recipes Season Sustainability All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food » Ep 94 David Holmgren Co Founder of Permaculture MP3•Episode home and bullet;Series home and bullet;Public Feed By Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe.

Resources for plant identification in Georgia 9-19 A recent post from a blog reader asked for publications to identify the ‘weeds’ growing in her new property. Here is the list I sent her based on my own li…

Making headway in the garden Every day now it feels like we are making headway in the garden, this week we've brought in 4000 litres of compost to put on the newly manured beds, and that gives us a really nice fine surface to sow and plant into. It's pretty late now, but we've lots of winter brassicas, as well as onions and garlic to go in soon.

Harvesting Black Walnuts We are learning much about this land. Philip and I are harvesting black walnuts from two of our biggest trees near our house. They fell early - it is suggested. that we harvest them only after the frost - so these might not be the best nuts!

Episode-115 - TSP Rewind – Does Permaculture Lead to Anarchism Today's episode was originally Episode-1649 - Does Permaculture Lead to Anarchism and was first published on September 22nd, 2015. The following are the original show notes from that episode… Woh! What is up with that title. I know we have a lot of strong political views in Permaculture.

Foraging in Finland So… just as our latest project got to a critical point, I dropped everything to go a remote area of Finland for four days. Why on earth?!

How permaculture can help your garden go gangbusters 10:30 am - 11:30 am AEST. Add to Calendar. The Tipi. Floriade. Commonwealth Park. Canberra, ACT 2600. Australia. View Map View Map. Come and learn about permaculture and how it can help you to design a thriving and resilient garden and lifestyle!

Food: What I Have To Say Food waste is an area that is often forgotten when mentioning the food systems problems and issues. Food waste is a big sector within our food system. Food waste is often left out of these conversations because our society has a deeper issue related to value.

Messing about This colour combination is beautiful, too; I couldn't have planned anything more lovely so I'm especially thrilled that it's repeated itself in another random intertwining around the fence in front of the polytunnel.

Scythes, fresh planting and the chicken hordes A beautiful summer's day here at Lackan, and one that began with some scythe action in the front field. The new austrian scythe is incredibly sharp, and I can cut grass to literally an inch long with it if I need to - certainly its as quick as a strimmer, and great to use on a quiet day.

The Forest and the Trees The other week in the post on the character strength of Perspective as good spiritual fruit, I brought up the old proverb about losing the forest through the trees. This saying came up again this morning as I was reading the Gospel.

Permaculture expert Michelle Higgins says Genetically Modified food is bad news for small farmers But what about the effect on small farmers? Ask permaculture expert Michelle Higgins about this and she is quick to say it is a threat to small farmers, sustainability and also to biodiversity. The financial impact it imposes on farmers also has her worried.

The 2019 Venie Prize Winner Thank you to all the poets who took the time to compose and send in poems to the 2019 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize - we received 192 entries.

Feminine Psychology There are two ways your ruler uses to control: Love or Fear. In the traditional view of masculine / feminine roles love was the mom's job and fear was the dad's. We hear a lot of talk these days about 'toxic masculinity' and very little about 'toxic femininity'.

Knoll Notices Yesterday I mentioned how doing things the less convenient way, avoiding paying dor products and services that make our lives easier feels good. It's also often less expensive, and quite often provides superior goods. Is cooking a matter of opening packages, mixing and heating them?

We did it! The Northern Gathering was a success. After months of preparation and planning, last weekend saw the first Northern Permaculture Gathering happen at Oxford Island. Permaculture legend Suzie Cahn started the gatherings off, some eight years ago, and has been central to their organisation ever since.

Birch Cottage makes the Guardian Top 15 Off Grid places to stay I'd like to receive occasional information about special offers.

Design thinking: Take heed of the Law of Unintended Consequences Let's call it the weedy permaculture myth. It doesn't happen much now, however awhile ago a story linking permaculture practitioners with outbreaks of weeds would resurface like a platypus coming up for air after a long dive.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Ecoburbia Base Camp 2 Sunday morning Shani and Tim had a slow start after such a high-energy day, while Su did follow up business stuff and buzzed around the kitchen on a high from all the good vibes. By afternoon we were all at it planting locally indigenous acacias on public land down the road from Ecoburbia and networking about an upcoming neighbour party.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Ecoburbia Base Camp 1 Ecoburbia is a place of overlapping semi-autonomous households mixed with visitors from the walkable and wider neighbourhood, activated and energised by the "benevolent dictatorship" of Shani Graham and Tim Darby.

Earth Activist Training - Food for the Soul Where to start in describing how inspiring and nourishing these two weeks have been? There were 33 of us on the course, with an amazing variety of backgrounds and experience, from people who had worked on projects in places as diverse as Bolivia, Sudan, Germany and Morocco, to those just starting out, unsure of where their path might be.

Fruit Trees with Special Pruning Requirements - Figs, Persimmons and Pomegranates Most fruit trees are pruned the same way, making winter pruning a fairly straightforward task, but there are a few exceptions.

Cyclamen and Naked Lady Amaryllis, eg, Autumn That rain we got in the middle of last week turned the seasonal corner in my habitat. The cyclamen are blooming, and the phallic buds of naked ladies spear up from the soil. Dew is possible again, and the onset of real cold begins to seem plausible. I confess to feeling less than perfectly thrilled about that.

Sunday morning coffee pot post The garden is beginning to rot. So much rain! I weeded out a lot of ageratum and tomato plants that were done late Friday afternoon, and harvested basil for freezing in an ice cube tray yesterday. I found a few little potatoes in the planter.

Fusion of music, permaculture something to 'CelebrATE' "CelebrATE integrates music and permaculture, as we feel that music is an ideal way to create community plus we are passionate about music," spokesperson Zaia Kendall said. "The event celebrates Bill Mollison's life by educating people and creating a community feel with permaculture and music workshops.

Permaculture design companion So I was just having a look at my sorely neglected page, and my 'about' section, and realised I've written about wanting to create a Permaculture garden. This is still a goal, and we've actually been to the last three Scottish Permaculture gatherings which always get me inspired.

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Tour Northey Street City Farm. 16 Victoria Street. Windsor, QLD 4030. Australia. View Map View Map. Robin Clayfield will welcome you to Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, the Ecovillage that's been her home for over 31 years and is home to approximately 230 others.

Processing Waste on Site Since moving to Foxleigh Farm, I have been particularly concerned with how to best deal with the waste I create. Having access to recycling is completely taken for granted in Sydney. In Bourke, however, as in many rural Australian towns, there are no recycling facilities.

Incredibly Abundant Permaculture Garden In The City Produces Over 400kg Of Food Per Year… The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 100 sq/m produces over 400kg / 900 pounds of food year-round. In this tour of the garden Kat Lavers describes her approach to gardening, including vertical and biointensive growing, and how important it is - and possible!

Elk Mountain Hemp: Permaculture — Back to Basics - DOPE Magazine He believes that working with the land is a superior way to farm relative to working against it. "Permaculture takes a slower approach to soil building, and it doesn't seek to mine every ounce of N, P and K from the soil each season… permaculture is better for the land and the community," Pyne reiterates.

Permaculture Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Crowded plants will not be as fruitful, healthy, or attractive, and it is so much easier to avoid overcrowding than to fix it afterwards! So, what do you do with that space while the trees and shrubs fill in? There are several good options.

Introduction to Permaculture Blackheath Community Farm. 60 Thirroul Ave. Blackheath, NSW 2785. Australia. View Map View Map. Introduction to Permaculture. 10am - 3pm Sunday 13 October. Blackheath Community Farm, 60 Thirroul Ave Blackheath. If you've always wanted to know what Permaculture is about, this Intro will give you a concise overview in an enjoyable outdoor classroom.

Can children create a permaculture design? This was the question put forward to me back in Brazil in 2007. Can children create a permaculture design? My answer was, but of course!

Stinging Nettle - 4 Ways! With the cool temperature, stinging nettle has been shooting up again. Yippee! Here is what you can do with it. Harvest large, dark green, leaves to make the best tasting soup you've ever eaten:. Boil through, blend smooth, strain, add salt/pepper to taste plus a large dollop of cream and garnish with chopped parsley!

Permaculture Helps Save Orangutans This new permaculture farm and education centre has been supported by Lush and they are also exploring the production of organic plants for essential oil production - such as lemongrass, patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Book Review - My Garden by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi My Garden by Sandra Verhoven and Joyeeta Neogi is a beautiful children's book, and a sheer delight to read! The product description on Amazon describes the story as follows:. "Nona has never worked in a garden before, but she would like to give it a try.

Cobnuts or filberts Whilst browsing for seeds to take with us to the island in a few weeks time, I noticed that one of the online smallholdings that I was shopping from had filberts, or cobnuts, for sale. Husband loves nuts, and has reminisced often about eating fresh filberts as a boy in Istanbul.

How to Prune a Fruit Tree, Step By Step Fruit tree pruning is both an art and a science. The art to fruit tree pruning is not something that can be taught in a short article or video, but basic pruning technique is quite easy to understand, and once grasped, almost anyone can maintain a fruit tree, and do so successfully, year after year.

Teenage dog Gotta tell you, feeding the dog home-made food is pleasing me a lot. I know that she is eating 95% organic food. The foodstuff that travels farthest is the rice from Northern California. The eggs are free range, but not organic.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Tracking origins from Coolgardie to Fremantle The 30 km to Kalgoorlie to Coolgardie was marked by mine haul road intersections and of course C. O'Connor's great pipeline. David's memory of Coolgardie was as a "ghost mining town" where he stayed at the youth hostel in 1972 when hitchhiking around Australia from his hometown of Fremantle.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - WA Border to Kalgoorlie Down the Eucla escarpment to the coastal plain, past the roadhouses added since our last trip in 1999, and up the Madura escarpment took hours. Stopping briefly at the escarpment lookout David took a photo replicating the one he took in 1979. He has used this teaching Classic Landscapes and Climates on PDCs over the last three decades.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Southern Flinders Our evolving plan was to visit old friend Lyall Dudley just north of Melrose on the footslopes of the Mt Remarkable Range and National Park. We had stayed with Lyall on our 1999 trip up through central Australia and had been a regular customer and consumer of his roasted Acacia victorii seed.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Reflections on Fossil Fuelled Travel Travelling the Eyre highway the thousands of kilometres to Perth brings to mind this country's dependence on oil.

Cayuta Sun Farm Welcomes Visitors on Permaculture Weekend August 23-25, 2019 #FLXpermaculture Weekend @CayutaSunFarm #Woodland #Pasture #Tours #BBQ #Camping #Classes #Heritage Meats #Campfire #FingerLakes #permaculture #fun.

Scrap Happy Edge Scrap Happy in August: I finished the Scrappy Blanket that was started in February and I gave it a rather magnificently over-the-top edge. I made up the pattern for the edge as I went along, using Helen Shrimpton's Sunbursts from her Cosmic Cal pattern as a guide.

Our Waste Problem If you live in Australia right now you are probably aware that we have an EPIC problem with waste. Many city councils are sending our recyclable materials to landfill and for some, this is the first time you've really heard about our 'waste crisis'.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Armidale to South Australia West across the tablelands the drought was taking its toll on native vegetation in a way we had never seen before. In places both shrubs and eucalypts had browned off leaves as if scorched by fuel reduction burning.

Episode-2490 - Growing Food in Small Spaces Today Nicole joins us to discuss growing food in small spaces as they share her story of how her family grows 300 lbs of food in 1/40th of an acre. We also discuss controlling pets, HOA issues, the advantage of small space growing and more. Resources for today's show… Sponsors of the Day.

Planet Local Short Film Series - Part 2: Diverse Farming Systems 'Use and value diversity' is one of the ten core principles of permaculture - for good reason. Studies have shown that small, diversified farms can yield more than twice as much food per acre when compared to large monocultures.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Wilmington SA to WA border Sunday 21st morning we were back over Horricks Pass down to Highway One, past the Sundrop hydroponic "farm" and into Port Augusta. There was dust in the air with a strong northerly and a temperature climbing into the 20s.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Spencer Gulf and Melrose Reconnect The trip to the Australian Giant Cuttlefish gathering took us over Horricks Pass, up the Gulf past the extreme techno-sustainability hubris of Sundrop tomato "farm", through Port Augusta and out to Point Lowly, taking us until midmorning.

How to make a Mandala Garden The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means holy, magical or sacred circle. Humans have always used mandalas. The Mayan calendar, the medicine wheel of the First Nation, Stone Henge, the Celtic spirals and the Tibetan wheel had symbols originated in mandalas.

Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME Eventbrite - Jodie Vennitti presents Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME - Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 27 Coolbellup Ave, Coolbellup, WA. Find event and ticket information.

Permaculture Movie Night We invite you to continue meeting with us each month to learn and discuss permaculture. This meeting we will be showing a feature length documentary called "Inhabit." The film is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. There will be time for discussion before and after the film.

Half of it is fossil fuel A sprig of mint is found wilting in a single-use plastic punnet. The supermarket discards it, and with it, hundreds of other punnets. The mint was grown in Victoria - fertilised - irrigated - harvested - washed - dried - prepared in 50g bundles - packed in a plastic punnet and labelled.

Growing an Abundance of Food in the City Using Permaculture Kat Lavers demonstrates that it is possible to produce a meaningful amount of food on a standard sized urban block at The Plummery. The entire block including the house is 280 square meters but the food producing area is only 100 square meters.

Kaitiaki Farm Experience Kaitiaki Farm Experience. 7th-8th September, 2019. These events are part of Whanganui Permaculture Weekend. Choose one, two or all of the events on offer. Register: [email protected] Saturday, 7th Kaitiaki Farm, Whanganui. 3:30 - 4:30 Basic Care for Fruit Trees.

Paul Hawken on Drawdown: 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming A conversation on Drawdown, the one hundred most substantive solutions to reverse global warming between Paul Hawken and Damian Gameau.

Permaculture Stories White Gum Valley, WA 6162. Australia. View Map View Map. Jeff Nugent is one of Permaculture's early pioneers. He studied under Bill Mollison in the 80's and has re-visited the course many times through his own audio recordings and extensive notes. Since then, he has dedicated his life to creating a sustainable permaculture property in Nannup, WA.

Permaculture Design Certificate course Noosa Forest Retreat on Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast offers the standard "Permaculture Design Certificate" curriculum as created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. This is a globally recognised education course on sustainable living design.

Jamberoo Valley Farm Cottage Is an Easy, Relaxing Weekend Getaway With a Swedish Hot Tub On a working permaculture farm, you can collect freshly laid eggs, pick herbs to make dinner, or do absolutely nothing at all.

Responding to the biodiversity crisis: Permaculture and sustainability transition The global corporate-industrial food system is one of the primary ways that human societies interact with the environment. However, as the IPBES report alarmingly shows, the way we interface with ecosystems through agriculture has to change.

How to Prune Grape Vines - Cane and Spur Pruning Explained Grapes fruit on new season's shoots which arise from one-year-old canes. Once these canes have produced their fruit for the season, they will not produce again. To keep grapes productive, they need to be pruned to renew the young canes which will produce in the following year.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Hunter to Armidale The journey to Mudgee took us through back roads of drought-parched and overgrazed paddocks and desolate cropping properties where care of home seemed to have been completely discarded but investment in extractive agribusiness was still in full swing.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Newcastle Newcastle was always going to be one of the highlights of our RetroSuburbia Roadshow. With three events on consecutive days we arranged to stay with friends Maria and David Larratt in suburban Newcastle. Maria had been the energy behind a great Newcastle event launching Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability back in 2003.

Nikki's Abundant green life in KZN's Howick Eco-activist Nikki Brighton goes walkabout for ethical food producers in and around Howick in KwaZulu-Natal.

Gardening Calendar - August It's August, the weather is still cold and windy, but the end of winter is draws near, the days begin to grow noticeably longer and the change of season is not too far away. This month is the last chance to complete the pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs, and for planting raspberries and brambleberries.

How to compost for waste free living Compost is an art form based on science. It's the end product of decomposed organic material. Anything that once lived such as leaves, trees, animals, even animal poop will naturally start to decompose. In time it will resemble the soil upon which it lies.

Salvia Leucantha: Pruning & Propagating The Salvia family is a beautiful one. We're slowly but surely planting a large range of them in our garden. My current favourite is the Mexican bush sage - I love it for its vibrant purple flowers which come in autumn and winter, exactly when we need them.

Managing Small Woodlands in the Highlands and Islands The Scottish Crofting Federation has recently published this useful little tome, packed with goodies about planting and managing woodland on the croft. Husband and I have just spent a happy hour or so debating the wisdom of tree shelters vs spiral tree guards for the protection of newly planted whips and young trees.

Permaculture Workshop Series: Life in the Soil The workshop explores the soil food web including a close look at microscopic life found within the soil. Registration recommended.

Small Space Kitchen Garden - the permaculture way. Masterclass with Morag Gamble Are you looking for ideas to get your small space kitchen garden thriving? Take a look at my recent masterclass released on July 29th as a live event. Just click on the arrow in the middle of the image below to watch.

A filming day, and the garden makeover continues There is definitely an increase in the whole idea of sustainable living, living off grid, permaculture, tiny homes - all the things that are part of the 'how do we survive the next 20 or 30 years' mix.

Old hippy said to me, "food as medicine, medicine as food." Ran across a talk given by Dan Kittredge and came out of watching it feeling revitalized, feeling that possessed of a worthwhile method for moving forward in a good way. His approach is a scientific and personable relationship with the biosphere through gardening, with a side value of a believable youth-extending diet.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Canberra to Hunter Leaving Millpost we headed north on the Federal Highway, stopped for a cuppa in Moss Vale and inquired about any local community gardens because we wanted to maintain our everyday consumption of fresh greens. We found the community garden but no one was there and the gates were locked.

Backyard Self-Sufficiency One of the most commonly held visions of what a farm is comes from our nation's all but deceased agrarian past. The image of a "farm", one which most of us probably still share, is of a beautiful, gently rolling, pastoral landscape.

Product Review - UrbiPod, Indoor Kitchen Food Growing Made Easy The idea of growing food in the kitchen all year round may seem incredible, but it's super easy with an innovative new Australian product, the UrbiPod. I was fortunate enough to be able to test this product over a four month period, with spectacular results!

Roadside Stand Opens: Saturday, August 3rd What a season it has been! We have certainly learned an important lesson; no amount of careful planning can change the weather. We lost many early crops to flooding and lost the opportunity to plant some favorites, but still, we persevered.

Start Your Own Edible Garden With This Beginners Workshop If creating your own edible garden has been in the back of your mind for years, this introduction to permaculture workshop is a must-attend event! Newtown creative space The Ko is hosting a two-hour class detailing the tools, knowledge and inspiration you need to turn your garden into food.

July 2019 Digest Originally written for and published by MSU Extension - Michigan Small Farm Newsletter. The monthly digest intends to give a quick snapshot of what's going on around here on the homestead. Since many of our subscribers do not get that publication, I'll post the article here too.

Finding peace through permaculture Rosemary Morrow whose passion for permaculture has led her to write the permaculture text-books, Earth User's Guide to Permaculture, the Permaculture Teacher's Manual and other short works, spoke of her experiences in marginalised and displaced communities over the past 20 years.

More seven year improvements So having got the house to the point where it behaves itself - we have charged batteries, far more hot water, and considerably less chance of it raining inside the house, as well as not having lit the fire for some time now; we have finally been able to turn our attention to what is going on outside.

Could you be the solution to saving the planet? Or could you be the problem? A little harsh? Maybe so, yet we have serious environmental problems piling up and the solutions are embarrassingly simple, they just take a little effort. Let's look at our households, not some exotic offshore corporation but our homes.

'Are you in Right Relation?' A few forums point to its uncritical circulation, unsure if it was spoken by the Hopi at all or, if it was, whether it was intended to apply to anyone beyond the tribe. Still others suggest that it may be a construct drawn from several sources rather than a singular speech.

Popular Miranda doctor retires to devote her time to permaculture Dr Beswick is particularly sought after by mothers of young children, although she has male and female patients of all ages. "I am 59 and I want to have an active retirement," she said. "I am planning to do some permaculture - growing organic vegetables, raising some chooks.

Wilding, the book Wilding, by Isabella Tree, is a book based on an experimental re-wilding of a 3,500 acre farm in West Sussex. Forced to accept that the intensive farming of the heavy clay soils of their farm at Knepp was driving it close to bankruptcy, they handed the farm back to nature.

How a young Australian travelled the world for nine months by flipping a coin to decide each turn A young Australian woman who travelled the world for nine months - and spent just $7,000 doing so - decided her every move by flipping a coin. Melbourne psychology student Hannah Turner-Revach, 26, took a year out from her studies to go on her dream world trip in April, 2018.