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Introduction to Permaculture Blackheath Community Farm. 60 Thirroul Ave. Blackheath, NSW 2785. Australia. View Map View Map. Introduction to Permaculture. 10am - 3pm Sunday 13 October. Blackheath Community Farm, 60 Thirroul Ave Blackheath. If you've always wanted to know what Permaculture is about, this Intro will give you a concise overview in an enjoyable outdoor classroom.

Can children create a permaculture design? This was the question put forward to me back in Brazil in 2007. Can children create a permaculture design? My answer was, but of course!

Stinging Nettle - 4 Ways! With the cool temperature, stinging nettle has been shooting up again. Yippee! Here is what you can do with it. Harvest large, dark green, leaves to make the best tasting soup you've ever eaten:. Boil through, blend smooth, strain, add salt/pepper to taste plus a large dollop of cream and garnish with chopped parsley!

Permaculture Helps Save Orangutans This new permaculture farm and education centre has been supported by Lush and they are also exploring the production of organic plants for essential oil production - such as lemongrass, patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Book Review - My Garden by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi My Garden by Sandra Verhoven and Joyeeta Neogi is a beautiful children's book, and a sheer delight to read! The product description on Amazon describes the story as follows:. "Nona has never worked in a garden before, but she would like to give it a try.

Cobnuts or filberts Whilst browsing for seeds to take with us to the island in a few weeks time, I noticed that one of the online smallholdings that I was shopping from had filberts, or cobnuts, for sale. Husband loves nuts, and has reminisced often about eating fresh filberts as a boy in Istanbul.

How to Prune a Fruit Tree, Step By Step Fruit tree pruning is both an art and a science. The art to fruit tree pruning is not something that can be taught in a short article or video, but basic pruning technique is quite easy to understand, and once grasped, almost anyone can maintain a fruit tree, and do so successfully, year after year.

Teenage dog Gotta tell you, feeding the dog home-made food is pleasing me a lot. I know that she is eating 95% organic food. The foodstuff that travels farthest is the rice from Northern California. The eggs are free range, but not organic.

Cayuta Sun Farm Welcomes Visitors on Permaculture Weekend August 23-25, 2019 #FLXpermaculture Weekend @CayutaSunFarm #Woodland #Pasture #Tours #BBQ #Camping #Classes #Heritage Meats #Campfire #FingerLakes #permaculture #fun.

Scrap Happy Edge Scrap Happy in August: I finished the Scrappy Blanket that was started in February and I gave it a rather magnificently over-the-top edge. I made up the pattern for the edge as I went along, using Helen Shrimpton's Sunbursts from her Cosmic Cal pattern as a guide.

Our Waste Problem If you live in Australia right now you are probably aware that we have an EPIC problem with waste. Many city councils are sending our recyclable materials to landfill and for some, this is the first time you've really heard about our 'waste crisis'.

Episode-2490 - Growing Food in Small Spaces Today Nicole joins us to discuss growing food in small spaces as they share her story of how her family grows 300 lbs of food in 1/40th of an acre. We also discuss controlling pets, HOA issues, the advantage of small space growing and more. Resources for today's show… Sponsors of the Day.

Planet Local Short Film Series - Part 2: Diverse Farming Systems 'Use and value diversity' is one of the ten core principles of permaculture - for good reason. Studies have shown that small, diversified farms can yield more than twice as much food per acre when compared to large monocultures.

How to make a Mandala Garden The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means holy, magical or sacred circle. Humans have always used mandalas. The Mayan calendar, the medicine wheel of the First Nation, Stone Henge, the Celtic spirals and the Tibetan wheel had symbols originated in mandalas.

Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME Eventbrite - Jodie Vennitti presents Permaculture Mini Blitz - Womble Inn - HARVEST TIME - Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 27 Coolbellup Ave, Coolbellup, WA. Find event and ticket information.

Permaculture Movie Night We invite you to continue meeting with us each month to learn and discuss permaculture. This meeting we will be showing a feature length documentary called "Inhabit." The film is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. There will be time for discussion before and after the film.

Half of it is fossil fuel A sprig of mint is found wilting in a single-use plastic punnet. The supermarket discards it, and with it, hundreds of other punnets. The mint was grown in Victoria - fertilised - irrigated - harvested - washed - dried - prepared in 50g bundles - packed in a plastic punnet and labelled.

Growing an Abundance of Food in the City Using Permaculture Kat Lavers demonstrates that it is possible to produce a meaningful amount of food on a standard sized urban block at The Plummery. The entire block including the house is 280 square meters but the food producing area is only 100 square meters.

Kaitiaki Farm Experience Kaitiaki Farm Experience. 7th-8th September, 2019. These events are part of Whanganui Permaculture Weekend. Choose one, two or all of the events on offer. Register: [email protected] Saturday, 7th Kaitiaki Farm, Whanganui. 3:30 - 4:30 Basic Care for Fruit Trees.

Paul Hawken on Drawdown: 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming A conversation on Drawdown, the one hundred most substantive solutions to reverse global warming between Paul Hawken and Damian Gameau.

Permaculture Stories White Gum Valley, WA 6162. Australia. View Map View Map. Jeff Nugent is one of Permaculture's early pioneers. He studied under Bill Mollison in the 80's and has re-visited the course many times through his own audio recordings and extensive notes. Since then, he has dedicated his life to creating a sustainable permaculture property in Nannup, WA.

Permaculture Design Certificate course Noosa Forest Retreat on Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast offers the standard "Permaculture Design Certificate" curriculum as created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. This is a globally recognised education course on sustainable living design.

Jamberoo Valley Farm Cottage Is an Easy, Relaxing Weekend Getaway With a Swedish Hot Tub On a working permaculture farm, you can collect freshly laid eggs, pick herbs to make dinner, or do absolutely nothing at all.

Responding to the biodiversity crisis: Permaculture and sustainability transition The global corporate-industrial food system is one of the primary ways that human societies interact with the environment. However, as the IPBES report alarmingly shows, the way we interface with ecosystems through agriculture has to change.

How to Prune Grape Vines - Cane and Spur Pruning Explained Grapes fruit on new season's shoots which arise from one-year-old canes. Once these canes have produced their fruit for the season, they will not produce again. To keep grapes productive, they need to be pruned to renew the young canes which will produce in the following year.

Nikki's Abundant green life in KZN's Howick Eco-activist Nikki Brighton goes walkabout for ethical food producers in and around Howick in KwaZulu-Natal.

Gardening Calendar - August It's August, the weather is still cold and windy, but the end of winter is draws near, the days begin to grow noticeably longer and the change of season is not too far away. This month is the last chance to complete the pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs, and for planting raspberries and brambleberries.

How to compost for waste free living Compost is an art form based on science. It's the end product of decomposed organic material. Anything that once lived such as leaves, trees, animals, even animal poop will naturally start to decompose. In time it will resemble the soil upon which it lies.

Salvia Leucantha: Pruning & Propagating The Salvia family is a beautiful one. We're slowly but surely planting a large range of them in our garden. My current favourite is the Mexican bush sage - I love it for its vibrant purple flowers which come in autumn and winter, exactly when we need them.

Managing Small Woodlands in the Highlands and Islands The Scottish Crofting Federation has recently published this useful little tome, packed with goodies about planting and managing woodland on the croft. Husband and I have just spent a happy hour or so debating the wisdom of tree shelters vs spiral tree guards for the protection of newly planted whips and young trees.

Permaculture Workshop Series: Life in the Soil The workshop explores the soil food web including a close look at microscopic life found within the soil. Registration recommended.

Small Space Kitchen Garden - the permaculture way. Masterclass with Morag Gamble Are you looking for ideas to get your small space kitchen garden thriving? Take a look at my recent masterclass released on July 29th as a live event. Just click on the arrow in the middle of the image below to watch.

A filming day, and the garden makeover continues There is definitely an increase in the whole idea of sustainable living, living off grid, permaculture, tiny homes - all the things that are part of the 'how do we survive the next 20 or 30 years' mix.

Old hippy said to me, "food as medicine, medicine as food." Ran across a talk given by Dan Kittredge and came out of watching it feeling revitalized, feeling that possessed of a worthwhile method for moving forward in a good way. His approach is a scientific and personable relationship with the biosphere through gardening, with a side value of a believable youth-extending diet.

RetroSuburbia Roadshow - Canberra to Hunter Leaving Millpost we headed north on the Federal Highway, stopped for a cuppa in Moss Vale and inquired about any local community gardens because we wanted to maintain our everyday consumption of fresh greens. We found the community garden but no one was there and the gates were locked.

Backyard Self-Sufficiency One of the most commonly held visions of what a farm is comes from our nation's all but deceased agrarian past. The image of a "farm", one which most of us probably still share, is of a beautiful, gently rolling, pastoral landscape.

Product Review - UrbiPod, Indoor Kitchen Food Growing Made Easy The idea of growing food in the kitchen all year round may seem incredible, but it's super easy with an innovative new Australian product, the UrbiPod. I was fortunate enough to be able to test this product over a four month period, with spectacular results!

Roadside Stand Opens: Saturday, August 3rd What a season it has been! We have certainly learned an important lesson; no amount of careful planning can change the weather. We lost many early crops to flooding and lost the opportunity to plant some favorites, but still, we persevered.

Start Your Own Edible Garden With This Beginners Workshop If creating your own edible garden has been in the back of your mind for years, this introduction to permaculture workshop is a must-attend event! Newtown creative space The Ko is hosting a two-hour class detailing the tools, knowledge and inspiration you need to turn your garden into food.

July 2019 Digest Originally written for and published by MSU Extension - Michigan Small Farm Newsletter. The monthly digest intends to give a quick snapshot of what's going on around here on the homestead. Since many of our subscribers do not get that publication, I'll post the article here too.

Finding peace through permaculture Rosemary Morrow whose passion for permaculture has led her to write the permaculture text-books, Earth User's Guide to Permaculture, the Permaculture Teacher's Manual and other short works, spoke of her experiences in marginalised and displaced communities over the past 20 years.

More seven year improvements So having got the house to the point where it behaves itself - we have charged batteries, far more hot water, and considerably less chance of it raining inside the house, as well as not having lit the fire for some time now; we have finally been able to turn our attention to what is going on outside.

Could you be the solution to saving the planet? Or could you be the problem? A little harsh? Maybe so, yet we have serious environmental problems piling up and the solutions are embarrassingly simple, they just take a little effort. Let's look at our households, not some exotic offshore corporation but our homes.

'Are you in Right Relation?' A few forums point to its uncritical circulation, unsure if it was spoken by the Hopi at all or, if it was, whether it was intended to apply to anyone beyond the tribe. Still others suggest that it may be a construct drawn from several sources rather than a singular speech.

Popular Miranda doctor retires to devote her time to permaculture Dr Beswick is particularly sought after by mothers of young children, although she has male and female patients of all ages. "I am 59 and I want to have an active retirement," she said. "I am planning to do some permaculture - growing organic vegetables, raising some chooks.

Wilding, the book Wilding, by Isabella Tree, is a book based on an experimental re-wilding of a 3,500 acre farm in West Sussex. Forced to accept that the intensive farming of the heavy clay soils of their farm at Knepp was driving it close to bankruptcy, they handed the farm back to nature.

How a young Australian travelled the world for nine months by flipping a coin to decide each turn A young Australian woman who travelled the world for nine months - and spent just $7,000 doing so - decided her every move by flipping a coin. Melbourne psychology student Hannah Turner-Revach, 26, took a year out from her studies to go on her dream world trip in April, 2018.

For the LOVE of BEES If you plan to join the growing number of hobby beekeepers the very first step should be to define your goals. I learned that the hard way. It's a wonderful thing to see the popularity of beekeeping keeps increasing. I love beekeeping for many reasons, but when I was first starting out the learning curve was very intimidating.

Permaculture Tasmania AGM Permaculture Tasmania 's Annual General Meeting will be at: Tiger Hill Permaculture in Buckland.As well as the meeting, the day will include a shared lunch and tour of the property. Attendance of the AGM is free, but you must register to attend.

Hepburn to Canberra Three days back home was all we had to touch base with Meg, Ken and Elke in the office, Mick, Brenna, Nick and Kirsten managing Melliodora and say our goodbyes to Nick and Kirsten who will be heading to Tasmania before we get home in mid September.

Tasmania After a quick pack up we headed for Tassie with the Blue loaded with a stock of RetroSuburbia and the rest of the Holmgren / Dennett travelling bookshop for the first leg of our tour.

Introduction This record of events, connections and observations during our 4 month winter trip away from Melliodora was begun belatedly towards the end of the east coast leg of our RetroSuburbia Roadshow.

Climate Change: Truth, Acceptance Big Bucks? 'Global Warming / Climate Change' is yet another ploy, thrown down the elite, to extort money from the citizenry and other subjects.

How to grow food in small spaces? Join my free online class this Monday, July 29th at 8pm AEST Have you only got a small space to grow food, or would like to fill a niche in your garden with some more edible plants? Everything we grow at home helps to reduce food miles, food waste and give us wonderful fresh, tasty and nutritious food. Even in a small space, there is so much food we can grow quite simply.

El Sobrante farm at the intersection of permaculture and diversity In addition to earning an industry-standard Certificate of Permaculture Design, the course's 100-hour curriculum includes vital, culturally relevant information on the indigenous origins of permaculture, traditional and holistic design concepts, continent-to-continent climate and ecosystems and more.

Introduction to Digital Mapping for Permaculture and Land Management CERES Community Environment Park. Roberts Street. Brunswick East, VIC 3057. Australia. View Map View Map. The use of 'Geographic Information Systems' is exploding across the world.

Top 5 Flowers for the Bees Bees are such an important element in the garden and it wasn't until I really started trying to grow my own food that I realised just how important they are! Previously, although, I knew they were important for pollination, I had mixed feelings towards bees because my dad is deadly allergic.

John Mosby on Permaculture John Mosby of the Mountain Guerrilla blog has some thoughts on permaculture. He's mentioned a few times in other articles, but here are two blog posts of his where he spends a bit more time expounding upon its goodness. First is a "From the Library" post from July 16, 2019.

How Permaculture Is Helping Wildfire Survivors Recover In addition to the Camp Fire destroying more than 150,000 acres of neighborhoods and much of the central town and numerous schools-nearly 19,000 structures in total-residents who have returned to unscathed homes among the ponderosa pines are dealing with toxic water.

Urban Water Harvesting System This is a reflection on Brad Lancaster Urban Water Harvesting System talk. Brad starts this monologue with a key question "What is the story of this place?". Navigating the spiral of thoughts this question arises, I can appreciate its depthness.

A Great Solution to Urine Collecting For the last few years I have been dealing with two challenges; a tiny septic tank that needs to be pumped frequently, and a garden that grew and grew in size - bringing with it a need for a lot of irrigation water in our long dry summers. It doesn't rain here from the end of May until the end of September or later.

How permaculture is rescuing Africa farmers from poverty - pebble magazine The Kusamala Institute has trained thousands of farmers in Malawi in permaculture to help them combat droughts and climate change.

How Far Do Large Tree Roots Extend? Arboriculture is the cultivation, management, and study of trees and shrubs, and arborists use several formulas for calculating how far tree roots extend in order to protect the health of trees when construction works and soil disturbance occurs nearby.

Another Great Day In The Garden After the devastating storms, the cleanup and restorative care have begun. We as gardeners lost gardens, trees and a full seasons work. But nature is resilient and through the cleanup, there were survivors. Plumbs that stayed on the trees, corn that was still good even though it was blown over and yes, tomatoes hiding inside the tristed branches!

Cool Climate Permaculture. Morag Gamble explores Angie Polkey's Welsh Permaculture Garden What does a 20 year old cool climate permaculture property look like? Take a look at my recent film to find out how Angie and Andy Polkey in Wales have successfully created an abundant, diverse and regenerative permaculture system.

10 Edible Plants To Grow In The Shade One of the most important factors to consider when starting your edible permaculture garden is to OBSERVE your environment and analyse your sectors. It is number one on David Holmgren's list of Permaculture Principles.

A grand prod A friend asked me to write about solar ovens. How to make them. Maybe lead a workshop. I got all shy. Said I would write, in a minute. And I will. Grateful for the suggestion.

Catch and Store Energy: One of the 12 Permaculture Principles There are 12 principles of permaculture, and the one we have been working on over the past couple of weeks is 'Catch and Store Energy'. The Canberra region, despite the cold, holds it own with the average number of sunny days per year. Perfect, one might surmise, for capturing energy from the sun through solar panels.

A permaculture journey: Low maintenance gardening Farming through the use of permaculture principles diverges from what is referred to as "conventional" farming. Instead of pesticide-sprayed mono-crops, with nutrient-deficient soil requiring outside inputs, permaculture shows us an easier way.

Bluebells and pignuts Our next trip to the croft is in September, and itching to make a start, any kind of start, we've bought some seeds to sew in the established patch of woodland on the western boundary.

Drylands Permaculture Farm Tour The Drylands Permaculture Farm. 333 David Road. Waggrakine, WA 6530. Australia. View Map View Map. Experience the magic this place holds and see the beauty created of an established well designed, semi arid oasis nestled in the outskirts of rural Waggrakine.

Lady Borton and Rowe Morrow in Wagga to discuss permaculture in a war-torn world News, local-news, Lady Borton, Rowe Morrow, permaculture Wagga, Michael Bayles, Rohingya, refugees Wagga Together they have spent the better half of a century living alongside the world's most persecuted displaced people. Rowe Morrow and Lady Borton travelled to Wagga this week to share tales of their respective journeys.

Episode-2472 - Pete Kanaris on Bringing Permaculture to the Mainstream Audience Pete Kanaris is a quickly emerging YouTuber, Instagrammer and also the owner of GreenDreams, an international consulting and design firm focused on regenerative food production and ecological restoration.

Living Classroom Project Homeschool Program Term 3 - 2019 Do you love to be outdoors? Do you want to learn by doing? Do you want to learn important skills like growing and cooking food while having fun in the garden and kitchen? Do you want to be a leader for the environment and caring for our earth?

The storm before the calm I keep nearly writing posts, and it seems there is so much to put in that it never gets done, so its time for a good update and then we'll keep up to date. There is certainly plenty going on, so here goes. It's getting on for a decade since I began this journey, and it seems to have gone by in an instant.

Swarm at the Forest Garden The hives at the Pevensey and Westham Community Forest Garden have done well this year, and are a valuable part of the permaculture ethos of the site. They are health-checked and regularly observed, but otherwise left to their own devices.

Know and Identify Your Chilli Species Chilli peppers are members of the Solanaceae family, along with tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes. They are native to the warm climates of South America and Central America, and they're perennial plants in tropical and subtropical climates, but are grown as warm season annual plants in the cooler temperate climates as they don't tolerate the cold.

Introduction to Permaculture Morning If you have wondered what permaculture is then this is where you can begin to answer those questions. Would you like to turn your garden into a cornucopia of delicious fruit and vegetables? Do you enjoy being outside and working with nature to provide what you need?

Scrap Happy Joining Kate at Talesfromchiconia for her Scrap Happy gathering on the 15th of every month. A friend's birthday was approaching and I knew she would appreciate the recyle / reuse ethos behind this meme, so I went to my vast collection of bits of crochet I have made as experiments with either pattern or colour.

Could these ancient food forests help feed the world? After Geoff Lawton found an ancient food forest, he dedicated his life to agroforestry. Now, scientists believe these forests could feed the planet.

Free classes to share secrets of a thriving vegie patch HAVING helped convert a salt pan in a desert to a thriving vegetable and fruit farm, Aaron Mears knows what nature is capable of when it's used well. An avid permaculturist, he uses design principles that mimic those found in nature to guide his vision of sustainable agriculture.

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Starting the Garden What you have to remember is that you will be getting a ground up tree, or multiple trees bark, wood, leaves and all. The point of this mulch is to add organic material into your soil which will encourage it to come alive! Worms will get to work processing the leaves into vermicompost and beetles, roly polies etc.

Marie's family & permaculture Marie Cachet is a French woman who lives in the countryside, home schools all her children, and has a wonderful permaculture garden. She really inspired me to strive towards the same: a simple life close to nature, self-sufficiency, and prioritising family above all else.

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual: Review I would strongly recommend that any educator, no matter where they are on the permaculture journey, obtain a copy of this brilliant and uplifting book. The Children in Permaculture Manual is a very helpful key that actively unlocks clear understanding of permaculture as a vision of the future, for children.

June Garden May Rainfall: 13mm over two days. June is always a slow month for growing things around here. This year it fills less than a page in my gardening diary! A few mystery bulbs from my MIL went in a back corner, and I finally planted the coneflower seedlings I started back in March.

Permaculture Workshop: Soil Testing and Stacking Functions On Sunday, July 14th, 10 AM, join Cameron Weber, Peter Callen and special guest Rachel Moore as we explore the ways to read soil conditions and listen to what the soil beneath our feet is saying. Do you wish your soil was more springy, spongy, bouncy, fertile?

Citrus glut I know most of you have a lemon tree by the front door, maybe a Tahitian lime too, and mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, and keffir limes?! Now is the time to get ready to process all these goodies, because, clearly, we cannot give them all away to work colleagues, or worse, let them rot on the ground.

How to Use Permaculture to Design a Sustainable Life Permaculture is a set of design principles based on mimicking the patterns and adaptive nature of an ecosystem. When I first started studying permaculture, it was because I was concerned about the climate and the future of the human species.

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Being 38 Each year has been better and bigger than the last. Someone told me that they would be nearly 5 years ago and they were right. Each year has been filled with the unexpected, the unlikely and the downright unusual. Unusual and unlikely for me any way. I do not do things like these things.

Summer Solstice Farm Update The summer solstice marked a huge boom in the growth of our gardens at Tall Tale Farm. Our growing season has been nearly perfect thus far, and our plants have rewarded us with bountiful harvests. We just completed the third week of our CSA, which I have thoroughly enjoyed curating for our shareholders.

An edible solution for shaded gardens Since I commenced my exploration of the never-boring world of edible gardening, I have struggled to find a green vegetable that replaces spinach. Silverbeet is an acceptable alternative but I can't bring myself to like the taste at all.

Photos: Linda Geronilla's permaculture garden Linda Geronilla permaculture garden at her Johns Island home is beneficial to her plants, bushes and bugs. Permaculture is a plant and bug approach to gardening and yards instead of.

Tree Pruning, How to Remove Tree Branches Correctly The first step in pruning a tree, before making and cuts to change the shape or size of a tree, is to remove any dead, diseased or broken branches. If removing a branch completely, it's important to make the cut correctly so as to not cause any further damage to the tree.

Forest garden courses 2019 I have set dates for a couple of Introduction to Forest Gardening courses in the next few months. These are the only courses that I'll have time to do this year. Day courses.

Better lawns and gardens: Creating an environmentally friendly yard For many people, their lawn is a source of tremendous pride and the object of great care. But "turf" lawns are not naturally occurring plants - and that has broader implications. The concept of a lawn originated in medieval times, on the land outside European castles.

Where have the insects gone? Don't know about anyone else, but suddenly we have no insects - AND - no birds. Not that both have totally disappeared, but say a good 90-95% of them have! had sort of noticed that there were fewer insects around the garden plants, and then realized the neighborhood mulberry tree still had plenty of fruit on it.

Ursulas explores paddock to plate High Valley Dawn offers off the grid opportunities for environment-conscious eaters.

Flat Out Food: Prairie Pearl's Homestead gets back to basics The Pearl family's biodiverse, solar-powered farm is a real wonder to visit. Brian and Jen are raising their three children, Emma, Liam and Logan, along with free range pigs, poultry, rabbits and sheep - and a massive garden - using a permaculture system.

Biggest Rollout of Rooftop Solar in Welsh History Egni Co-op, has secured the Feed in Tariff subsidy for rooftop solar panels on 250 sites in Wales, which will have an installed capacity of over 5,000kW. Sites include businesses, community centres and universities; golf, football and rugby clubs; a brewery, leisure centres and schools.

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Extinction Rebellion come to Timber Festival Timber Festival, set in the National Forest, offers a range of talks, workshops and debates about climate change and the natural world. This year, Extinction Rebellion members will be speaking.

How To Plant a Fruit Tree "He who plants a tree plants a hope."-Lucy Larcom. Planting a fruit tree is truly an investment in the future, it may take a year or three before a tree begins to bear fruit, but most fruit trees can be productive for 20 to 30 years or more.

Welcome to The Homesteading Hen The term homesteading can conjure up romantic images of rolling fields, quaint farm houses with wrap around porches, the distant mooing of cows and the clucking of chickens. Of freshly baked loaves of bread hot out of the oven, of preserving and canning, of traditions that have long passed out of memory.

Gardening Calendar - July It's July, Midwinter has arrived! As all of Nature's energies turn inwards, and life comes to a standstill, we finally have a chance to rest and reflect too. This month temperatures will hit their lowest for the year, rain will fall for half the month, and the windiest time of the year in Melbourne begins.

Permaculture Package - Books on permaculture principles and food forest development The Permaculture Package will launch you into the key concepts and core practices, offer examples of how permaculture is approaching climate change, dive deeper into community food forests, and even offers a deck of cards for multi-use activities and games!

The Radical Act of Reclaiming Attention Given all that we are facing today as a society and a species, the need to have honest conversations about things that matter is paramount. Communication skills are an essential ingredient in this arena, but I don't think they're sufficient.

Polyface Farm Pioneers Permaculture, Offers Agritourism Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia, is a holy grail for farm-to-table junkies like me. While I know their uber-sustainable agriculture practices are at an extremely high level, I believe these can and should spread. And if/when they do, I hope those farmers grow food to feed my next seven generations.

Planting & Pruning Fruit Trees With Permaculture Basics We have a 2 great facilitators:. We will cover:. - Permaculture Basics for deciding where to plant fruit trees and why. - How to plant various types of fruit trees in different soil types. - Practical pruning with hands on opportunities. - What to plant with your fruit trees for benefits under and above the soil.

Farming In The Rain: Day Nine Today for the first time we woke up to drizzle with the prospect of thunderstorms later in the day. Fortunately we didn't have anything major planned for the day so it was a perfect opportunity to run through the details of our trip to the islands later in the week.

Florida passes law preventing local governments from passing rules against homeowners' vegetable gardens Classified Phone: 377-0415. Fax: 377-0420.

Rowing Home from School in a Handmade Boat: England to Russia For the lowest carbon footprint possible, two students are sailing from England to Russia, in a 16ft wooden sailboat they built.

Our Car Share: One Less Car & One More Bike! After many months of planning and thinking, we sold our 4WD ute, bought a second electric bike and entered a car share arrangement with some mates around the corner who have a small “buzz box” car. It feels really good. But Why?

Sustainable Tales: From Permaculture to Yoga Retreating in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We are one of twelve organic farms in the entire area of Urubamba. We aim to inspire other farmers and land workers to make the switch. The valley is a pretty huge farming region and would benefit from more organic methods. There is nothing that is wasted at Kinsapacha.

Flowers and Food Forest My previous garden was in suburb type setting so it was an edible garden using food forest and foodscaping type principles. This was something that I really enjoyed. I like mixing native plants, flowers for food and beauty, herbs, and vegetables.

A Tribute to Harley My first livestock guardian came to me in a bit of an odd way. I answered an ad on Kijiji for an older male livestock guardian dog hamed Harley, a purebred Maremma, whose sheep had sold and he was…

Headhunting on the green - The idea of the Niche While reading Toby Hemenway's wonderful Gaia's Garden, I found him speaking frequently about niches. There was a lot going on in the book and I didn't quite get what he meant until he put it something like this - A habitat is like a workplace and a niche is a job.

Permaculture lessons from my balcony It has been so so long since I wrote anything and here I am popping up with a word I don't think I have used here at all. Have I said Permaculture before and forgotten all about it? Anyhow, here's a refresher. Here's what Bill Mollison had to say about Permaculture:.

This, this, this! This is the stuff I have been beavering about for a decade but for some reason have and am unable to clearly articulate…… but this man puts it all together so so well all I can do is to share it. A lot of people will wax lyrical on wanting solar panels but it isn't so much about them.

SUMMER Yes Really Summer is really here at least on the calendar. It has been a sad but perfect spring as I push myself to finish my projects, shopping, digging, planting and then as if timed perfectly the rains arrive and do the watering for me.

Topics: Permaculture pioneer David Holmgren to speak in Newcastle on answers to the eco-crisis Downshifting in retrosuburbia and a Tibetan exile living in Newcastle.

How to Improve Clay Soil in 6 Steps Follow this 6-step plan to improve soil structure and drainage so you can garden with ease and grow crops that thrive. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep costs down so that I can continue providing high quality content to you for free.

Natural Science This is the tenth post based on a new book by Douglas Rushkoff titled "TEAM HUMAN." The title of this book is identical to the title of the eleventh section of this book.

New Energy Clubs to Help Low-income Families Benefit from Cheaper Green Power Pioneering energy clubs are being created in and around Brixton, south London, to deliver cheap, green electricity to low-income households on pre-payment meters who struggle to afford their power bills.

Changing Systems for the 21st Century: Doughnut Economics Kate Raworth will present the concept of Doughnut Economics and Juliet Davenport will share how she has been part of driving bigger change among the energy industry and how she runs her company within these values.

Permaculture Noosa Club Night Permaculture Noosa's next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday 20th June at Cooroy Memorial Hall, 23 Maple St, Cooroy. Doors open at 6.00pm. At our June club night, the Keynote Speaker is soil microbiologist, passionate public speaker and educator Sandra Tuszynska.

Bigboy Musemwa is Ambassador of the Umuntu Movement in Zimbabwe "I am proud to be the Ambassodor of the Umuntu Movement in Zimbabwe. Let's champion the provission of clean water and growing of smart food for the people!" Here is some of what they published there:. Why do you work with Umuntu and what is your personal motivation?

Organic producers create permaculture paradise with purpose-built community Now, the 140-hectare multiple-occupancy farm at Canowindra, New South Wales, is home to 22 people on a dozen plots united by an organic covenant and a commitment to developing their own agribusinesses.

Off to the Southern Wilds… A little bit of news from us - we are moving to Tasmania! Off to the southern wilds… We have been at Melliodora in central Victoria for three years now, and we have learned so much from this beautiful place, and its people. Three years of milking goats, growing veggies, frosty fingers and farm chores.

How to make a really cheap worm farm Of the vast array of creatures that live on Planet Earth, the earthworm is probably the most important for humans. Few creatures, such as earthworms, are so essential for good plant health and growth, and therefore indirectly they are very important for human health.

The June Jot Down Journaling is one of my favorite forms of selfcare! Journaling allows us to capture moments in the form of words… and words somehow help us manage our ups and downs. Capturing moments of bliss, discovery, and joy support the cultivation of gratitude, which we know lengthens and the deepens our lifetime.

Low-impact Plots Open their Gates in July to Visitors The One Planet Development Open Week in Wales, in July, is a chance to visit exciting low-impact projects. The annual One Planet Development Open Week is a chance to visit Wales' most exciting low-impact plots. In the last week of July the One Planet Council organise tours of land-based projects open to the public.

Social Permaculture - Designing Our Own Healthy Societies I frequently find myself contemplating how to better enjoy the age of information and access to open tools, how to synthesize my perpetual discovery and share the treasures from diving into the many advances and facets of Social Permaculture: and why.

Permaculture Techniques for Container Gardening Members of the legume family also make for great "fillers" because they are dependable. These plants are easy to grow and help boost the performance of the plants around them because they have the uncanny ability to "fix" nitrogen into a plant edible form.

9 reasons to go organic - Conscious Green Mama Scientists have developed complicated systems to describe different soil qualities. These systems are often foreign and can cause confusion for anyone who simply wants to create a beautiful organic garden.

Permaculture, la voie de l'autonomie Directed by Carinne Coisman, Julien Lenoir.

Backyard permaculture works in Maricopa Joe Whittle and his young family have lived in Maricopa four years, bringing with him 12 years of gardening and professional landscaping experience. He also has completed a permaculture course taught by Geoff Lawton, based on the original permaculture book written by Australian ecologist Bill Mollison.

Chop and Drop Gardening Permaculture is all about working efficiently and in harmony with Nature. We can garden far more efficiently, with far less effort, and improve the soil at the same time by emulating Nature's soil building processes through practising Chop and Drop gardening.

Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley community garden gets new education cottage Permaculture Hawkesbury Valley community garden gets new education cottage.

Practising my philosophy Here I am back at the computer sitting out a rain storm, waiting to get outside again. More thoughts churning, unable to convey them, unable to write directly about them. Coming to the conclusion that Nature is to remain un-named, un-explained.

To Our Friends and Neighbors Kindly note that the sole aim of inviting more people to join our Facebook group is to seek advice so as to pursue our main goal of growing food for the people in Zimbabwe. Those willing to donate in cash or kind are welcome to get in touch. Use address at the boom the this page to wire via Western Union or send a check/.

So Many Changes The last few months have been crazy busy. My company was bought out earlier this year, and the transition has kept everyone on their toes. But it's official! I now work for Protective. We all got these cool mugs! It's been tricky keeping up with everything I need to do.

Nikolai Vavilov - Hero of Seeds Seeds, they are the beginning and the end. Protecting plant varieties and maintaining diversity is a constant challenge. A challenge that Nikolai Vavilov took seriously. Nikolai Vavilov, a Russian agronomist, is still recognized as one of the most prominent plant breeders.

Welcome to Planet Schooling We are excited to launch our new project, Planet Schooling. Our inspiration, our muse, is the Planet Earth.

Introduction to Permaculture workshop Lake Macquarie Landcare Resource Centre. 80 Toronto Road. Booragul, NSW 2284. Australia. View Map View Map. Join Mark and Kate, from Purple Pear Farm, to discover how to bring permaculture principles to your home garden.

Permaculture a plus for nature lovers like Diane Diane describes permaculture as working with nature rather than against it. Permaculture is a word originally coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the mid 1970s to describe an "integrated, evolving system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species useful to man".

The meadow I have been away from the computer and busy in the meadow. I can call it a meadow now. It used to be the lawn, now it is a meadow. Since giving up air travel I have sharply turned away from the 'wishing I was somewhere else' syndrome; my focus has been drawn down to the ground and to the space that surrounds me here right now.

'Aussie Street' presented by Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren Aussie St; our shared suburban history and future. Come and be entertained, inspired and challenged by one of Australia's unsung heroes, presenting in Mudgee, Wednesday June 26 2019, 6pm at the Mudgee Town Hall Theatre. Costa Georgiadis from the foreword to Retrosuburbia:.

May Garden After a chilly start, our Autumn was filled with long, balmy days that seemed to go on forever…right until the last few days of the season. Overnight, the temperature plummeted and Winter was firmly established! The cold arrived so quickly that the fig leaves had only just started to drop.

Permaculture: Concept Plans vs Detailed Plans There will always be deviation. So why invest all of that energy in a detailed plan in the first place? So much better to encourage students to invest their energy into getting stuck in. We all know that the minute we break ground the plan is likely to be changed.

How to Keep Track of Your Plantings in a Permaculture Garden A few years ago I excitedly planted several varieties of snap beans and dry beans in the same section of the garden. At the time of planting, I marked the different varieties with wooden markers, so I didn't think I'd have any problem knowing which was which later.

Permaculture Speed Dating / Urban Permaculture Discussion Questions I wanted to share a series of discussion questions broadly related to urban permaculture and having a cooler city in the summer. I've been fortunate enough to visit Kosovo three times over the last year or so, twice for permaculture teaching with GAIA Kosovo and once for fun and planning.

Hotbin Win RHS Chelsea Garden Product 2019 HOTBIN Composting has been awarded the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award 2019 for the new HOTBIN Mini which has been designed and is manufactured in the UK. The HOTBIN Mini is a small but efficient composter which packs in all of the original HOTBIN features into a smaller, slimline unit suitable for smaller urban gardens.

Books: Craeft I've just about finished reading this book by Alexander Langlands called Craeft, about traditional crafts and their meanings and origins in Britain. The book begins with a meditation or reflection on the Anglo-Saxon word Craeft, from which we derive the modern word "craft" meaning something like artisanry or Maker work.

Connect With Nature on New Permaculture Farm Tour When you arrive to Playa Viva take a minute to settle in and enjoy the calmness that envelops the landscape. Connect with the land. Take notice of the elements - wind, water, earth - as you move around the property. You will feel a sense of place.

Happy 20th Birthday to Ourganics One of Britain's flagship permaculture projects, Ourganics in West Dorset, just celebrated its 20th birthday. On 3rd June 1999, Pat Bowcock founded Ourganics Evolving Systems, a 4 acre food-growing and woodland project near Bridport in West Dorset.

Permaculture in Taiwan - Permaculture Day Spotlight I had two weeks free to travel wherever I wanted - so I put the word out for recommendations of permaculture projects, perhaps where I could volunteer and learn about the permaculture movement on another island.

Good Books for Troubled Times It's time to research, act and organise as a community, my friends. With good books for troubled times. Since our recent election I've been asked for book recommendations about organising grassroots change, but have also watched on as many folks have asked each other… I guess it's up to us then, isn't it?

Inhabit In these last couple of weeks we have really got back into the swing of things, and this past week we watched a documentary called 'Inhabit: A permaculture perspective'. I actually also watched this in the first term, but didn't really think about it until watching it again.

The Lands - One of my writing projects I introduced this project here. This is a bit of an update. The project was to serve as a platform for me to write about better solutions that I was aware of. It takes a hint from Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, as the writer speaks to us from the future, speaking about our present as if it were the past.

Compost, Backaches, and Sprouts Planting season – reflecting on achievements, woes, and pretty birds.

Learn permaculture principles at garden's open day NIMBIN'S Djanbung Gardens will celebrate 25 years during its annual open day in June. This year's theme is "Restore, Regenerate and Adapt", focusing on the planet's changing climate and seasons.

Honeyville - a sustainable community in a bio diverse landscape Honeyville Nature Reserve and Ecovillage is an off grid, low impact property and sustainable agriculture development in the Eastern Cape. Honeyville is one hour's drive from Port Elizabeth, and 25 min from the coast between St Francis Bay and internationally known surf-hotspot Jeffery's Bay.

Building Your Backyard Permaculture Paradise The award-winning Paradise Lot takes a behind-the-scenes look at how two plant geeks transformed a desolate urban backyard into a permaculture paradise. At the same time, the pair were hoping to each find their own Eve for this special garden adventure.

Principled "Horoscopes" My partner's arts collective Time's Up develop physical narratives of future scenarios. Or to put it another way, that means they imagine a possible future based on current trends and build and decorate a set that illustrates that story world.

Want to learn how to collect honey? Come along as these Bulgarian bee keepers show me the ropes. Learning how to harvest honey on a bee farm in Bulgaria. Old world know how shared.

The 2019 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize In partnership with Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry we are thrilled to announce the launch of the 2018 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize. The specifics are as follows:. All entries must be received by 11.59 pm EST, Monday July 22 2019.

Gardening Calendar - June June brings us the start of winter, with colder, wetter weather, but there are still some sunny days to be had, winter vegies to harvest, and some tidying up to do around the garden. As deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves and become dormant, it's a good time to both plant new ones and prune existing ones.

Honeybees, Crop Dusters, & Little, Listening Ears Life has been such an amazing kind of busy lately. We've been busy doing the kind of work that feels so right it must be play. The kind of busy finds you smiling for long jaunts of the day….that helps you fall fast into a deep cozy sleep the moment you hit the bed….the kind that makes time feel like a loose, unimportant concept.

From Ecotourism to Permaculture: How the Lush Spring Prize Winners Are Regenerating Their Communities The Lush Spring Prize is now in its third year of premiering initiatives around the world that focus on environmental and social regeneration - the act of replenishing the planet's resources.

Baby Blue Popcorn Baby blue popcorn is a miniature heirloom variety of corn. It's quite hard to find any information about it online, so I'm sharing the little I know here to help you get orientated around this little gem. Like all corn, it's a heavy feeder, so likes lots of compost and water.

Book Review - The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution by Gary Collins The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution. The Simple Life Guide To RV Living: The Road to Freedom and the Mobile Lifestyle Revolution by Gary Collins is an excellent book for anyone considering stepping into the world of mobile living.

Permaculture garden grows kids' appetite for learning SUNSHINE Beach State School has a fresh approach to outdoor education, taking classes outside four walls at every opportunity - including stepping into the thriving permaculture garden. The garden has been developed over many years with the help of volunteer parents and community members.

10 Benefits Of Urban Permaculture Permaculture: It's all the rage in the agriculture community, and it's a trend that grabs the attention of scientists and hippies alike. But is it all that new? Actually no; it's nearly as old as Earth itself. Permaculture focuses on "using" the earth for agriculture, not fighting against it.

This Solstice, Leave a Positive Trace! Did you know Burning Man started as a beach burn on the solstice? Unlike the end-of-summer Black Rock City event we now know and love, the original Man was burned on Baker Beach on Saturday, June 21, 1986.

Permaculture: Becoming Friends with God Becoming Friends with GodDavid R. Weiss - May 25, 2019 The Gospel in Transition #26 - Subscribe at "Jesus said to them again, 'Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.' And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said to them, 'Receive the Holy Spirit'".

Under the Brutal Floridian Sun I've been doing more writing than gardening lately, being mostly of the mind that this is the waiting phase, anyway. The problem with the waiting phase is the assumption that it comes with regular rainfall. You know…that daily subtropical deluge that hits like clockwork and usually includes some epic thunder and lightning.

Ballarat Permaculture Guild Committee Meeting 178 Doveton Street North. Ballarat, VIC 3353. Australia. View Map View Map. Ballarat Library. 178 Doveton Street North. Ballarat, VIC 3353. Australia. View Map View Map.

Permablitz in Paradise: Before and After pics of a one day permaculture garden party There may be no better sense of sustainability and resilience than to grow one's own food within walking distance of your kitchen. With a permablitz garden party event, we can transform a backyard into a food-producing, pollinator feeding, low maintenance landscape.

Add Permaculture into your toolbox From news reports, we are bombarded by signals of distress of toxic wastes, famines and expiring species, of wars and climate change. Never have so many systems vital to the earth's habitability been out of equilibrium simultaneously. So why not awaken to the urgency of this global challenge?

Seed Saving - How Long Can You Keep Seeds? The practice of saving seeds is as old as agriculture itself, and dates back to over 10,000 years ago. Early human civilizations harvested seeds and selectively bred crop plants to create domesticated varieties which displayed specific desirable traits.

The Problem is the Solution Today we are going to go back in time a bit. I will write about some things that happened a few weeks ago when I wasn't writing much because I could be outside a lot. I cannot be outside a lot right now because it is rainy and windy. And when I say windy I am not talking about gentle breezes.

Permaculture in Chiang Mai I In conversation with Christian Shearer This month, culture360 contributor Naima Morelli interviews Christian Shearer, Founder of Panya Project, an international community outside of Chiang Mai focusing on permaculture and entirely sustainable living.

Permaculture Magazine prizes now £30,000 Groundbreaking prize aims to highlight the worldwide successes of the growing permaculture movement.

Beyond technological morality and the tip of the iceberg, part two In part one, I introduced the concept of vulnerabilities, the hackers who try to understand them, and the economic and social context in which those hackers operate. I end in a transition from software / hardware hacking to explain how corporations like Facebook have successfully hacked and exploited vulnerabilities in the human psyche for profit.

Intro to permaculture Curious about permaculture? Permaculture, standing for “permanent agriculture, ” is a set of ethics and system of design used to create agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

The Permaculture Home Garden 183 page pre-loved large format paperback in good used condition Minor shelfwear. Presents well. A great addition to your horticulture library Inspired by her own training in permaculture, Linda Woodrow has devised a totally integrated organic system of gardening that combines science with common sense.

What to do with your soft plastics? Stop for a moment and imagine if the rubbish you create was banned from going to the landfill! This may be the future as more and more countries are refusing to take on our rubbish. The average Australian sends more than one ton of waste to the landfill each year.

Regional developers support Dominica's newest permaculture demonstration site ROSEAU, Dominica - Regional citizenship by investment developers, Range Developments, is supporting a ground-breaking new initiative on the island of Dominica as part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Miss Floribunda: Roses, permaculture, and weed control Like "Lazy on Livingston Street" last month, I, too, hate to weed, especially in my rose bed. I don't mind the sweat of gardening, or even a few tears, but weeding thorny roses involves an unacceptable amount of blood. I always come out looking as if I'd wrestled wild cats.

A little piece of Heaven Last Sunday morning found me driving through the back lanes of North Pembrokeshire. The sky was that perfect blue you only get on a May Morning, the Hawthorn was starting to flower in the hedgerows and the verges were thick with wild flowers.

Open Garden Pomona EVERYONE is WELCOME to Sean Morrow's Animal Habitat and Frog Pond Permaculture Paradise! Garden tours: will be run on the day at 9.30 - 11:30am and 1 - 3pm. Entry: $2 for all Permaculture Members and the General Public. Plus bring spare change for the sausage sizzle, plants, seeds and donation towards tea/coffee.

Permaculture, the Health of the Soil, and Climate Change From Chapter 8 of Permaculture: A Design Manual, Mollison on soil:. Here is a high-level and pragmatic summary of Mollison's ideas:. All I can say is that anecdotally - and not on the scale of even a small farm - I greatly improved my soil using permaculture principles.

Permaculture book - Bill Mollison Great condition like new, 1218404085.

Redesigning Fashion Industry with Circular Technology It's a circular fashion economy where everybody wins". Consumers can buy circular T-shirts at / mens-circular-economy-t-shirt or build their own brand at

Self-Sown Gardens, Early Spring Gardens and Beautiful Lettuce Wasps will love you, and eat all kinds of pests in the process, and the birds, oh, my. The gold finches adore lettuce-gone-to-seed. And orach, too. Well, OK, gold finches love all kinds of stuff. Speckled Trout Back Lettuce, Dill and Italian Parsley. A self-sown garden will be weeks earlier.

Mab Ueang Agri-Nature Centre in Thailand The Mab Ueang Agri-Nature Centre is an educational, diverse farm located one hour out of Bangkok, Thailand. At 30 years old, this mature farm is predominantly a giant food forest with small rice paddies and strategic water systems integrated. It's amazing.

Garden Update: Perennials in Containers and Mid-May Blooms and Growth Tomorrow marks the supposed last frost for Kalamazoo, MI. I'll need to find a new motivation to do squats now that I won't need to haul these lilies and ranunculus into the garage a couple nights per week! The almost blooming chives in front love the cool spring nights, but I bought the more tender flowers on the first warm day we had.

May 16th Neighborhood Science Science Under the Stars has expanded to include the Austin Public Library! At Neighborhood Science, previous SUTS speakers will present at different library branches around the city a couple times a month. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Demand for sustainable, locally produced food is growing across the U.S.

A not very good presentation So it was week 5 of my permaculture course this weekend. No biggie, I have been ok with the course so far, so what was there to be worried about? I had to do a presentation on the Spiritual Significance of water. Specifically. ● Why is water so significant to so many different cultures?

Last chance for bees "Due to the use of pesticides - along with climate change, loss of flower meadows, and parasites - bee populations are in decline. Three quarters of all crops around the world rely on animal pollination.

Gardening Calendar - May May is the last month of autumn, when the weather starts cooling down. This is a time for pruning, taking cuttings for propagation, divide perennials, and t put in new trees, shrubs and vines. The soil is also still warm enough for moving and relocating plants around the garden.

Scything on Skye We've been looking at the practicality of using a scythe to keep the rushes and weeds under control between the trees on the croft. We find the idea of using manual tools where practical is one that sits comfortably with our philosophy for the land. No fumes, no noise, no pollution…🤔.

How not to win yard of the month I see the carefully manicured yards all around me, especially at the new houses that replaced the 1960's houses that preceded them. I pause and think, wow, look at all that neat mulch between those meatball shrubs. And I like it, I really do. So tidy.

Hand-strip Lucerne Trees For Feed Here's an amazing example of lucerne trees in our permaculture farming practice ~. I hand-milk our Jersey cow Milly and feed her a bucket full of lush grasses, clovers and lucerne tree cuttings while I milk.

Interplanting and Beyond, An Excerpt from Gaia's Garden Permaculture is more than just a way to garden, it applies systems-thinking to every facet of our relationship to the earth and each other. The three main ethics of permaculture are care for the planet, care for people, and only keeping a fair share of the yields of your productive work.

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Podcast 441 – Wofati QA – part1 Listen to Podcast 441 – Wofati QA – Part1 and 39 other episodes by Homesteading And Permaculture By Paul Wheaton. No signup or install required.

Episode-2435 - The Design Science of Permaculture – Part Five Today we are going deep into how to actually set up and design a small permaculture property, or a zone one for a larger property. While I am going to come at this process from the stand point of a typical suburban yard, it absolutely will apply directly to zone one on larger properties as well.

Permaculture in France Beyond a holistic approach to gardening, permaculture is a way of life. Combining design with a commitment to sustainable farming, permaculture seeks to work with nature instead of against it.

The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Mulching Sheet mulching is a layered mulch system that nurtures the soil. You start with a biodegradable weed barrier like cardboard, and from there build a thick, layered substrate for your garden with compost and mulch.

Current Farms in Marion, Louisiana is permaculture operation Current Farms is a small permaculture farm in Marion, LA co-owned and operated by brothers, Conrad and Kaden Cable. They believe in sustainable, small-scale food production, and the ethical treatment of the environment that supports all living creatures.

UMass Permaculture Gardens available online in 360-degree view Permaculture is eco-friendly and it uses less chemicals. They are self-sustaining systems and rich in diverse crops. They also featured self-pest control; bugs can be taken away by combining certain crops, such as broccoli and strawberry plants.

Cardiff permaculture project produces productive haven - Photos Meet a couple who have turned their suburban block into a beautifully balanced haven for all things good.

Scientists Appeal that 5G Wireless is as Hazardous as Asbestos The 5G Appeal, with over 230 scientists behind them, believe 5G hazardous to human health and the environment due to the higher radiofrequency that can interfere with small cells, like those in the body and in plants.

Permaculture, regenerative food systems talk ROCKLAND - Jesse Watson will present a free talk on Permaculture and regenerative food systems for the home gardener at the Rockland Public Library, Tuesday, May 14, at 6 p.m.

Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids Easy Peasy: Gardening for Kids is a do-it-yourself book for small people to explore the natural world around them, and grow and eat it, too. There's projects for apartments, balconies, front yards, back yards and your local parks and green spaces.

MPs Back Call to Declare Climate Emergency The debate was called after recent protests, including the school climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion. Their recent activity in London saw closed roads and bridges, bringing thousands of peacefull activists standing up for the planet, as well as global protests in many different countries, all calling for the same action.

Permaculture Workshop: Pollinators and Pollinator Plants An interactive workshop including a discussion on the types of plants best suited to local pollinators as well as an opportunity to make a native pollinator house. Presented by Cameron Weber and Peter Callen. Join us for this interactive workshop at the Open Space Visitor Center Permaculture Field.

90% Of His Family's Food Is Homegrown Through Permaculture & Aquaculture… We would only fall short on describing just how incredible of an operation this brilliant homeowner has created to feed not only his own family, but also those who come to visit. You just have to witness it for yourself!

Without a Rebellion There Might be Nothing Left. The Tide is Turning and Necessarily So. An international rebellion has begun. I am writing this as a call to action for humanity and permaculture enthusiasts everywhere. I want to take a few minutes to share my story, and perhaps you will be inspired by a world that is waking up. The sea is rising and so are we.

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Upcoming Event: Sustainability Skill-Share The lovely Low Technology Institute in Cooksville, WI is hosting a sustainability - and permaculture-focused weekend of workshops, socializing, and plant-based fun this June! I'm honored to be part of the skillshare, and will be offering the following workshops:.

Permaculture Research Digest Crop variety management for climate adaptation supported by citizen science Climate adaptation requires farmers to adjust their crop varieties over time and use the right varieties to minimize climate risk.

The inaugural Permaculture Noosa festival For 25 years Permaculture Noosa members have been creating abundant, sustainable, food producing havens in the Noosa Hinterland and now you're invited to see, taste and hear their stories.

Permaculture Empowers Refugee Women in Uganda - Goodnet African Women Rising is training women in permaculture so that they can feed their families and have a better future.

Raised Garden Beds - What Size is Best? What is the optimum size of a garden bed? What is the most efficient width and length in terms of human ergonomics? What is the perfect balance between cost of materials, gardening space and usability? These are important questions in permaculture energy-efficient design.

March and April Garden March Rainfall: 63mm over 6 days. April Rainfall: 1mm. What haven't I planted the last two months? The 'strawberry patch' in the front driveway now actually has strawberries growing in it; runners taken from the rampant patch in my very first garden bed.

Forest Garden Bees In 2015 I helped set up a community apiary with Andy Durling in Westham, East Sussex, with sustainable beekeeping at its core. The difficulty with setting up community bee activities is that there is often generous funding to establish the apiary - hives, bees, beesuits, smokers, extractors - but no money to fund the ongoing project.

Whole System Thinking: Designing paradise You know that one friend who often rants about how everything is connected both in our current world system, as well as in the universe and beyond and how it important it is that we connect the dots and understand how everything works together so we can create a system that works to the betterment of our planet and all life on it?

Creating Sacred Space In the last twenty years there have been many improvements in women's lives. For example, life expectancy has increased, the number of girls in school and the number of jobs for women. Many countries have introduced laws to protect women's rights. However, there are still many injustices.

Home Biogas system - a BIG step forward We have been trying very hard to move away from using gas to sustain our daily life. We have historically used gas for running the fridge and for cooking and heating water on the gas stove. Recently we have upgraded our gas fridge to an electric fridge and now we are adding a biogas unit to the mix.

Product Review - Ryset Ho-Mi Asian Hand Cultivator Looking at how other cultures garden can really expand a gardener's horizons, and discovering garden tools that have evolved over thousands of years can make work in the garden so much easier!

Permaculture brings prosperity to Ethiopia's rural areas Over 10 million people in the Horn of Africa region are at risk of food insecurity. But on a small scale, some people are working to reverse the trend. That's what's happening in a village in the Tigray region, about 800 kilometres from Ethiopia's capital.

Two of Us: The encounter that set Evan and Morag on a global sustainability mission They now travel the world with their three children, teaching others to live more sustainably. "Morag's got a way of expressing complex topics in simple terms. I learn a lot when I listen to her."Credit: Meredith O'Shea. MORAG: I'd come back to Melbourne after co-teaching a Design for Life course in the UK.

Land Available for Ecological Farmers Working across England and Wales the ELC have opened their application process looking to find future farmers for their three new sites in the following areas: Arlington, East Sussex; Sparkford, Somerset; and on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales.

Episode-101 - TSP Rewind – Geoff Lawton on the Future of Permaculture Today's episode was originally Episode-907 - Geoff Lawton on the Future of Permaculture and was originally published on May 23, 2012.

GROW Citizen Soil Observatory Through Permaculture UK, we are excited to be a partner in the GROW Observatory, a European-wide project engaging thousands of growers as citizen scientists. We will learn together, using simple tools to better manage soil, while contributing to vital global environmental monitoring.

Permission to change please, I’m heading to the garden. We're right in the middle of a wave of global consciousness where it's completely normal to be vegan and you'd be nuts not to want to stand up for what you believe in ! Yes this happened in the 70s too. It's the backlash to consumerism and feeling like everything in our lives is controlled by the government, and now the digital robots.

Miss Floribunda: Intro to permaculture I caught a snatch on a cable TV channel about it, and apparently it eliminates weeding and replanting. I am certainly tired of weeding! Is this too good to be true? Lazy on Livingston Street. Dear Lazy,.

Why Citrus Fruit Drops and Flowers Fail to Develop Is your citrus tree dropping its fruit before they reach full size, or even worse, dropping the flowers before fruit even begin to form? Trees photosynthesise to produce carbohydrates such as sugars which they store as their energy source.

Sobering reading The sun is shining this Easter weekend and most folks in the U.K. are heading to an overcrowded beach in the rush to escape the cities, or consuming their body weight in mass produced chocolate eggs. Perhaps for our generation it has ever been thus. In this home the long weekend break is a little different.

Nunez services donates fence for permaculture project at Christian School Islander Juan Nunez, pictured here, donated his time to build the 400 linear feet of cedar post orchard fence needed to protect the new Seed to Seed permaculture farmstead at Orcas Christian School. Nunez and his wife Mindy run Nunez Services, which offers property maintenance services.

The Cultivator: Resilience Hub teaches skills that build community and sustainable landscapes Using old tools, sustainability concepts and lots of volunteers, the Resilience Hub is remaking public and private landscapes all around Portland, transforming manicured lawns into buffets of natural foods.

MindfulMay Hike & Flow with Aminah Aminah's popping up several Hike and Flow opportunities this #MindfulMay. Why? Because getting outdoors is healing and it's a wonderful time of year to bring the yoga practice outdoors and be inspired by nature. #optoutside #playforwellness. #MindfulMay Hike and Flow with Aminah.

May 9, Sarah Barfield Demand for sustainable, locally produced food is growing across the U.S. This movement has led to a resurgence in local farmer's markets, urban gardening, and farms utilizing sustainable soil practices guided by permaculture principles.

EmpathiKIDS Earth Day Pledge Earth Day is rapidly approaching and my heart is happy that this year more people than ever before celebrate our planet! First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries and more than 1 billion people identifying as Earthlings.

Permie Entrepreneurs Are Go #1 I’d like to share the resources I’m using to become a permaculture entrepreneur – here’s some insight from some of the greats for your permaculture start-up.