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August Essentials You Must Have in Your Camera Bag If you clean your lens with your finger or a random cloth, you might accidentally scratch it. The best tool you can use is a professional lens cleaner, which exists in the form of a cloth or pen. Both cost less than $10 on Amazon and will take up very little space in your bag.

Photographer of the Day: Fitz Crittle Category: BeautyPhotographer: Fitz Crittle: Photo: This is Too Heavy. The bejeweled full-finger ring leads us to the model's striking eyes, her face is ringed in golden curls. I love the quiet beauty of this photograph. Do you wonder what she might be getting ready to say?

EISA reveals the best cameras and lenses of 2018 The awards are intended as a guide for specialist consumers. Only one magazine from each country may belong to any panel. Amateur Photographer, a founding member of the association, represents the UK for the photographic section of the awards.

Yuneec Mantis Q 4K camera drone offers voice control and 33 minute flight time Yuneec has introduced the Mantis Q, a consumer drone with an integrated 4K camera, electronic image stabilization and voice control. The model is designed for both outdoor and indoor use, utilizing down-facing dual sensor alongside infrared detection to navigation inside buildings.

Quick Tip: Slowing down your panning speed can reduce jitter in your drone videos Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of intelligent image correction - creating superior quality photos in record time, so you can get back to doing what you really love…in no time. Special Photofocus deal here. HDR Learning Center - Check out new ways to use High Dynamic Range photography to make compelling images.

This Photo Shows a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection with the Earth for Scale That's the Earth for scale. Here's a video of the same coronal mass ejection:. Coronal mass ejections are like solar flares on a massive scale - while solar flares are seen as little eruptions on the Sun's surface, coronal mass ejections can be bigger than the Sun itself.

3 Legged Thing launches the affordable Patti tripod British manufacturer 3 Legged Thing today launched a new affordable today. Despite an entry-level price point of $120, the company says its new Patti offers the same quality and versatility as the more expensive models in its Punks range.

Creatures of the cold: the Antarctic photography exhibition – in pictures The annual exhibition, which is part of Hobart’s Antarctica festival is back on with its chilly, majestic imagery.

Patti is 3 Legged Thing's First Tripod to Feature Flip-Locking Legs The new tripod is named after punk rock musician Patti Smith, making it the first 3 Legged Thing tripod named after a female rockstar. Despite weighing just 3.4 pounds, Patti is capable of supporting up to 22 pounds of camera gear thanks to its new leg locking mechanism.

A Secret Rule of Photo Composition: The Middle Line The rule of thirds proposes that placing points of interest off the middle lines helps produce tension and interest, but this video argues that "there's magic in the middle."

Verifly Offers Photographers Insurance on a Per-Shoot Basis Want general liability insurance as a photographer but don't want to pay monthly premiums because your shoots aren't very regular? Verifly can provide you with insurance on a per-shoot basis, covering you for millions in exchange for dollars on the hour.

Sunny day in Salamanca Back to Spain in today's photo with another sunny day panorama from Salamanca. Check it out now :).

This is Age-Reduction Retouching in a 4K Video Los Angeles-based digital compositor and beauty artist Rousselos Aravantinos made this short video showing the digital age reduction retouching he can do on a 4K video. He's able to make an older woman realistically look like she's decades younger. "I experimented with new techniques," says Aravantinos, a Fulbright alumnus.

A Star Trail Timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower A photographer named David from Hood River, Oregon, went out this weekend and photographed the night sky during the Perseid meteor shower. He then turned 400 of the photos into this star trail timelapse that contains several of the shooting stars he saw.

Cactus Readies RQ250 Compact TTL Monolight Cactus is launching a compact, battery-powered strobe that offers TTL metering for eight different camera brands and a robust battery life of 520 full-powered shots per charge. The 250 W/s RQ250 features a removable round frosted diffusion disc that can be pulled off to reveal a bare bulb.

The Man From Another Dimension I'm also not one to simply walk up to people I've never met and start conversations - let alone a person that seemed to be communicating with nature and his surroundings on a whole other level. But it was just so beautiful. I knew I had to make photographs of this, somehow.

Hidden gems of Japan: Tokyo and beyond with the Canon EOS M50 Thomas and Kathryn Bingham are photographers, friends and Tokyo residents who have been studying the language and exploring Japan for the past four years. They're interested in relics of the country's ancient past, exquisite Showa-era bathhouses called sentōs, elaborately-appointed roadside rest stops and everything in between.

Wellcome photography prize launched with focus on health Competition aims to encourage a ‘more diverse view of what research and health means’.

Nikon Z6 and Z7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras and 3 Lenses Coming 8/23 Three new lenses - possibly with the branding 'Z-Nikkor' - will likely be announced alongside the cameras: a 24-70mm f/4 zoom, a 50mm f/1.8 prime, and a wide angle lens. Nikon Rumors is hearing that Nikon will be focusing on offering high-end prime lenses for the new cameras and that there's definitely a 58mm f/0.95 lens on the way.

Tracing the collective history of North Korea A complex intermingling of historical, collective and personal sorrow, acceptance of a bitter present, and a hope of a better future." Introduced to the term by a North Korean defector, Herman Rahman decided to adopt it as the framing concept for his project of the same name.

Disney's Fantasia Resorts by Arnau Rovira Vidal Brightly-coloured but trading on past glories, Disney World's hotels are a portal into an alternative reality, finds the young Spaniard. Born in Barcelona in 1984, Arnau Rovira Vidal first learnt photography from his father, a keen amateur with a darkroom set up at home.

The Daily Edit - Interview with Frank Ockenfels Part One Photographs by Beckett Ockenfels. Heidi: Why do you think your older son Beckett is a good photographer?Frank: Composition and light. He figured it out quickly which is kind of bizarre and he knew what good light was which is kind of funny because I would say that's the biggest problem with a lot of younger photographers.

How to create a dramatic portrait on a rooftop This composite was created by designing a photo shoot around an Abode Stock image of a city rooftop. To match perspective, we constructed a platform and shot at an upward angle. The image was lit with a three-light setup - two strip lights on each side and a beauty dish in front.

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