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Object of Desire: The Wundershine Reframe Makes it Easy to Swap Prints The analogue answer to digital photo frames, the Reframe makes it easy to change the prints hanging on your wall.

Printing Your Own Fine-Art Work: Tips from Master Printmakers While there are clear advantages to working with a pro lab, I've always felt that a photographer's active participation in creating their own prints adds value, insures that every nuance of their vision is incorporated into the final image and completes the circle begun when the photographer first snapped the shutter.

Discover Thailand's Forgotten Masters Of Photography At Ilham Gallery - The Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters Of Photography exhibition at Ilham Gallery in Kuala Lumpur wraps up this weekend with a series of public programmes.

DJI has most of the drones on its website listed as 'out of stock' It's been one year since DJI last released a consumer-grade drone to the public. While a Mavic 2 Pro+ and Zoom+ are rumored, specs from what is being coined as the 'Mavic Mini' have recently made the rounds online.

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka Category: PortraitPhotographer: Tomas Salinka: Photo: "Frida" What looks like, at first sight, is a natural light portrait of a young woman. Then you see her oh-so-blue eyes. Then you see the round catchlight. Photographer Tomas Salinka has done a masterful work of creating soft light with such a natural feel that his viewers are captivated.

29 Photography Tips from Some of the Most Influential People in the Industry During last week's Sony Kando trip, photographer and YouTuber Taylor Jackson got to meet some of the most recognizable faces in the world of photography. Fortunately for us, he took the time to ask each of them for their #1 tip for photographers who are just starting out.

4 Tips to Improve your Online Photography Portfolio There are many photographers out there who showcase their images in their portfolio website and other social media sites. It is these images in the portfolio which attracts the client towards you. So, you should ensure that you have an excellent image portfolio to impress your readers.

PhotoShelter launches FileFlow, a mobile app that lets clients access delivered content The new app, which is limited to iOS, for the time being, makes it easy to deliver images to clients, who can easily sort through and download images on-the-go.

'Best of Weddings' Award-Winning Photog Sued by Multiple Couples We've reached out to Seago for comment, but it seems the photographer and his business have gone dark. The SNi Instagram and Facebook pages have been taken offline, and if you go to the SNi Photography listing on Photographer Central, you find links to another business, Seago Photography, which also seems to be defunct.

Metabones announces new Hasselblad V to Fujifilm GFX x0.71 Speed Booster As with Metabones' other Speed Booster adapters, the Hasselblad V to GFX Speed Booster Ultra accounts for the camera's filter stack atop the sensor, a key element, especially when using faster lenses with larger apertures.

Canon Leaks Full Product Brochures for the Canon 90D and EOS M6 Mark II Canon Australia sprung a massive leak last night, when the product pages for the un-released Canon 90D and Canon EOS M6 Mark II both went online by accident. We've already shared the promo videos for both cameras that were posted there, but that wasn't all-Canon leaked its own product brochures, too.

Looking at Wabi-Sabi, the art of perfectly imperfect A great example of Wabi-Sabi is the art of kintsugi, where cracked pottery is filled with gold as a way to showcase the beauty of its age and damage rather than hiding it. All too often, when something is seen as damaged it is discarded, not repaired and cared for.

Huawei's Kirin 990 chipset to support 4K video at 60 fps According to an attendee of last week's Huawei Developer's conference in Shenzhen, the Chinese company has confirmed that the upcoming generation of its top-end mobile chipset - likely called Kirin 990 and to be launched at IFA in September - will support 60 fps at 4K resolution.

PhotoShelter's FileFlow App Lets You Deliver Client Photos from Your Phone The same applies to brands that use PhotoShelter's Libris solution: creative teams can access libraries and share files right from their phone, including photos, videos, PDFs and more. For now, some functions are still web-only.

Video: Action and sports photography with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X In this video we've traveled to southern Spain with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X. There, we headed for the town of Sevilla to meet up with action sports photographer Fernando Marmolejo.

Woodstock photographer shares what it was like to photograph the 1969 music festival Henry Diltz recounts how he became the official photographer of Woodstock and shares what it looked like through the viewfinder.

Photography workshop BAR HABOR - Mike Leonard of "Photo Tourism by Mike" will host a talk on how to take better photos with a camera and cell phone Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. at the YWCA MDI. The event is co-sponsored by the Bar Harbor Whale Watch and precedes one of the Whale Watch's lighthouse tours.

The Daily Edit - Mark Hanauer: Kashmir: Witness: Huemn Stories Nine photojournalist were featured in the award winning book Witness / Kashmir 1986-2016. A book that spans thirty turbulent years that have shaped Kashmir. As many know Kashmir, also knows as "Paradise on Earth" was under a clamp down for the past 14 days.

Wedding Photographer Loses Photos in a Fire, Only Offers 90% Refund Most commenters on both threads place the blame on the photographer for three reasons: he didn't properly back up the images in multiple locations, he doesn't seem to have any liability insurance to cover this kind of thing, and giving a full refund in order to maintain a positive relationship and reputation seems like the right thing to do.

Best Photography Deals: DSLR Courses, Photoshop Training, Software, and More Shutter bugs, these deals will make your day. Take advantage of these discounted offers on digital and instant film cameras, Adobe training bundles, HDR processing software, and more at the Geek Shop. The Canon DSLR Photography A-Z Course. Got a Canon DSLR at home collecting dust?

Check out the cover for The Photography of Game of Thrones The photography of Game of Thrones has always been top notch. You can take it home with you in a glossy new coffee table book.

Exploring Hong Kong Soul Anarchist Podcast Here's a really fun podcast I did that revolves around Burning Man with the Soul Anarchist, Paul Duane!

Beware the blur: Keeping portraits looking real This work took about an hour. Below is the retouched version. By way of comparison here is a version of that same image created using Frequency Separation where you combine a blurred version with a sharpened one. In working on this one the Mixer Brush was used on a copy of the blurred layer to smooth out the tones and unevenness of the skin.

Introducing the FileFlow App: Search, Download and Share Photos Instantly It's time to take mobile delivery to the next level - and give your clients what they've been asking for. Introducing FileFlow, a new PhotoShelter app for iPhone that lets you and your clients search, download and share photos instantly. With FileFlow, you and your clients can:.

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