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Friends-Themed Newborn Photo Shoot Takes the Internet by Storm Colorado-based photographer Mandy Penn recently earned some online love with a newborn photo shoot that's taken the Internet by storm. The Friends-themed shoot used custom-built props to transform Penn's studio into a tiny version of Central Perk, complete with an "ensemble cast" of newborns.

5 Things Photographers Need to Know About Brand Sponsorships Quiles-who has been sponsored by or worked with Sony, Tamron, Profoto, Adorama, Phottix and many more since he started his photography career 8 years ago-wanted to tackle this subject because it's often ignored in the course of doling out business advice to photographers.

This Week in Photography: Surveillance is Everywhere Each week, I write about what's happening in my life. And in the wider world around me. It's the way of the columnist, and as you know, I've been doing it a while. But at times like these, it's much less fun to write about what transpires outside my moat and gates.

Japan Allocates $2.2 Billion to Help Companies Move Production Out of China As part of Japan's record $993 billion emergency COVID-19 stimulus package, the country has allocated a full $2.2 billion to help Japanese companies move their production out of China. The change could have a major influence on camera and lens makers.

Using Button Mode for Photoshop Actions Photoshop Actions can really help to speed up your workflow, especially when dealing with portraits. Even if your subjects have stained teeth, you can still create an Action to help you more quickly process your images.

A virtual tour of Germany's photography biennale for art lovers under lockdown Spearheaded by Goethe-Institut, Chennai and the Chennai Photo Biennale, the biennale, themed The Lives and Loves of Images, a curated "free to join" five-part tour, welcomes people across India to virtually walk through it.

How 4 Photographers Are Dealing with Income Loss Due to COVID-19 As the coronavirus has spread throughout the U.S., it has left a wake of economic turmoil. As of Wednesday, April 9, over 16 million Americans have filed for unemployment. Like many other freelancers, photographers have seen an abrupt drop in income. For many, late March brought about cancellations in droves over the course of about a week.

Coronavirus: Nikon offers free online photography class during lockdown in India COVID-19 - State-wise tally.

Effective ways to capture history Businesses are shut down, restaurants are only available for takeout and it seems like the world has hit the pause button. People are staying at home, and for good reason. But as a photographer who specializes in capturing the moment - namely corporate and community events - I thought it was important to capture what was happening around me.

New ON1 HDR 2020 App / Plugin ON1 HDR 2020 is a new photography application for creating natural and flawless HDR photos in seconds. It works as a standalone app or as a plug-in for Mac or Windows. ON1 HDR is currently available from the ON1 website at an introductory special for just $39.99.

The UK coronavirus lockdown by Guardian and Observer photographers From an unusually quiet Millennium bridge to dawn swimmers on Portobello beach, the sights and ambience of lockdown.

Local finds life lessons in photography From the time he first picked up a camera in 2016, Calvin Clifford Leonard has found success. But like it has for many local Santa Monica residents, the recent pandemic has put everything on pause, including Leonard's first exhibition.

Photos of the Week: Beach Cows, Aerial Blessings, Virtual Seder Voting during lockdown in Wisconsin, training at home in New Zealand, a rocket launch from Kazakhstan, clear skies in New Delhi, a loudspeaker drone in the Netherlands, and much more.

Nikon Is Offering Free Photography Lessons & You Can Stream Them from Your Couch! Step up your smartphone photography skills or take your photo technique to the next level. Nikon is also launching a #CreatorsHour on Nikon's social channels to offer users a break from what they're currently doing to flex their creative muscles.

Tips for Using Isolation to Write and Generate Your Photography More Traffic There are many ways to utilize this isolation period well, but if you want to get more eyes on your photography, this could be one of the most effective. Photography is difficult to do at the moment, but there are other avenues to improve how successful you are as a photographer that are worth considering.

How a Weird Lens Helped Me Fall Back in Love with Landscape Photography Well, now you start to learn. First challenge: focus stacking. Fortunately some smart people have already invented software for that. Second challenge: well there was none, I just needed to go out and shoot. It took some time but the results started coming:.

LensCoat diverts its US production facilities to make masks for local hospital Lens accessories company Lenscoat responded to an appeal for PPE for healthcare workers, using its skills to manufacturer some very cool camo face masks.

Photographer of the Day: Baspherical Baspherical: Photo: "BASK1031" In light of the current situation and most of us social distancing and self-isolating, I wanted to find images that would show us all that 1) there is still beauty in the world and 2) we can find something to photograph even when we are unable to travel or attend events.

FANS to Present "Chasing the Light: The Rock and Roll Photography of Jay Blakesberg" Livestream and Q&A For more information visit Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email.

Video Stabilization Comparison: Lens IS vs In-Body IS vs Warp Stabilizer Then he set about shooting the same scene, handheld, using no stabilization, in-lens stabilization, in-body stabilization, and warp stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. He also combined these methods together, so you can see how much better the results come out when you're post-stabilizing an optically stabilized image vs a jittery mess.

The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 13 Looking back on the averted tragedies and safe return of NASA’s Apollo 13 mission to the moon in 1970.

Canon Patents 8mm f/4 Fisheye Lens that Can See Behind Itself A new patent uncovered by Canon News shows that the brand is working on an 8mm f/4 circular fisheye lens with a whopping 182° field of view. The Japanese patent application describes an optical formula that would produce a 23 x 23mm image circle, allowing you to capture the full circle a full-frame sensor.

This Pilot Took Rare Aerial Photos of Area 51 Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman took to the skies this past weekend and captured some rare aerial photos of Area 51. Area 51 is in southern Nevada, about 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and Zeifman was flying his smaller two-seater Cessna 150.

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