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Is this Job Worth Doing? How to Decide to Take It or Leave It Have you ever wondered if a job is worth accepting? Here's a quick way to determine if a job is right for you by seeing if you would answer "yes" to at least two of these three simple questions. Answering yes or no to all three questions is an easy choice.

DPReview TV: Sony RX100 VI review Sony recently announced the RX100 VI, the newest addition to its compact camera line. With six iterations of the RX100 series now in circulation, how does this new model stand out from the rest? Chris and Jordan take the camera for a spin and tell us what they think about the new, longer lens, the updated viewfinder and more.

Darlington students win prizes for photography Ben Hartley finished in second place, winning £50, with his photo of a herd of African elephants visiting a watering hole at Mvuu Safari Camp, and Daniel Stokell was awarded third place and £25 for his photo of the remains of the Tees railway viaduct in Barnard Castle.

The early days of Stanley Kubrick’s genius revealed in book of his photography In 1945, at 17, the Bronx-born Kubrick joined Look magazine as staff photographer, documenting the varied human faces of New York City. This book, containing around 300 images, many previously unseen, is a showcase for his vision, from the dark side of celebrity to the glamour of the gutter.

5 Quick Tips for better Action Wildlife Shots I am a wildlife photographer for 5 years now and can say that taking action shots of wild animals is really challenging but with those 5 tips you might have a higher chance to capture amazing, dynamic and action loaded wildlife shots.

Your pictures: share your photos on the theme of 'run' Wherever you are in the world, this week we’d like to see your pictures on the theme ‘run’.

A Final Dinner in Langkawi Ferrofluid Fun Here’s a very cool thing I found on the internet by chance! It’s a place that sells these cool mini-art toy-things.

Observer archive: Marlene Dietrich, 24 June 1955 Photographer Michael Peto went backstage at the Palladium to capture the star.

The big picture: beauty amid the flipside of the American dream French photographer Laura Henno captures life – and light – in an apocalyptic squat in the California desert.

Article 13 in the EU: What Does it Mean for Photos? Freely and seamlessly exchanging ideas, emotions, opinions, and information using others photos is a now a fundamental of online social communication. Just think how important the photo by John Moore of Getty has been instrumental in shaping the world's opinion on the Trump's immigration policy.

Smartphone photography tips: 16 handy tricks you should know Smartphone cameras have improved dramatically in the last few years, owing to better sensors and smarter image processing. Heck, the multi-camera revolution has also yielded better zoom and depth-of-field effects hitherto unknown to smartphone photography.

Challenge: Preserving original color and applying contrast in Aurora HDR 2018 In this course, join Richard Harrington and explore the world of HDR with Aurora HDR from Skylum. You'll learn how to merge multiple exposures together to show an extended dynamic range of scenes. This class covers how to use the complete collection of options inside Aurora HDR.

Nigerian women's elaborate hairstyles – in pictures The acclaimed photographer JD ’Okhai Ojeikere spent 40 years immortalising nearly 1,000 Nigerian women’s elaborate hairstyles.

Anais Gallagher pokes fun at Brooklyn Beckham's photography skills And Brooklyn Beckham and Anais Gallagher maintained their playful bond as the daughter of Noel Gallagher, 18, mocked the aspiring photographer's latest artistic snap on Instagram on Friday.

A Beginner's Guide to Long Exposure Photography: When and How to Do It Long exposures are something almost every photographer tries at some point, and they can be a fun way to create images that the naked eye would never be able to see. This great video will discuss some motivations for shooting long exposure images and how to do it.

Framed view from the Business bay It's a great sci-fi story from a great author. If you have not yet read the Bobiverse series by this author you really should :). From non fiction, I read 10% Happier by Dan Harris. I'm interested in meditation as a way to focus more on single things, so the title sounded intriguing.

Terry O’Neill: ‘I'd love to have photographed Amy Winehouse’ The photographer, 79, on the cultural watershed of the 60s, turning down Marilyn Monroe and how all the proper stars have gone.

Shooting Greenland in Winter Part 3: Familiar Places I'm no stranger to Disko Bay. I've been traveling and guiding there for several years now, so I wasn't as excited about shooting there compared to Uummannaq. My visit was quite productive however, and sometimes surprising. Weather was problematic some of the time, with very heavy snow making it hard to shoot anything more than a few meters away.

Tane doing his usual thing, being half naked and eating yogurt in traffic Post-Processing the Pretzel Man Speaking of men with Pretzel-like-qualities, here’s video where I show how I edited th.

The 20 photographs of the week Family separations on the US-Mexico border, the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, demonstrations in Nicaragua and Germany’s defeat to Mexico at the World Cup – the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists.

Photographer of the Day: Pat Callahan Photographer: Pat Callahan "San Juan La Laguna-This One!" When it comes to street photography, children are great subjects to show their happiness and emotion. Here, a boy picks out which watermelon to buy from a street vendor in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala.

Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera launches on Kickstarter Lomography is crowdfunding its latest film camera, the Diana Instant Square. According to the company, this is the first Instax-compatible camera with a hot-shoe mount and support for interchangeable lenses. Lomography designed this model to work with any of the lenses compatible with the Diana F+, as well as Fujifilm Instax Square film packs.

The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photographers Experienced users can achieve endless techniques and effects in this software and it's considered by many landscape photographers to be an essential tool. The Photoshop algorithm will analyze each individual pixel and select only the sharpest one from each image before it creates a merged file.

Photos of the Week: Smoggy Santiago, Miniature Taipei, Mermaid Parade A watery rescue in Russia, dragon boat racing in China, a soap box derby in France, Hawaiian lava viewed from Earth orbit, flamingos in Kenya, a boxer dressed as a lion in Germany, and much more.

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