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This lens only existed for a minute and was made from a crystal clear iceberg Photographer and YouTuber Mathieu Stern fulfilled a dream of his to create a lens out of ice by scouring the Icelandic seaside.

Quick Tip: Share your Perfectly Clear presets to a new machine Perfectly Clear Complete - Built for precision. Made for beauty. Perfectly Clear has mastered the science of intelligent image correction - creating superior quality photos in record time, so you can get back to doing what you really love…in no time.

Apple to fix 'beauty filter' issue with iOS 12.1 update An upcoming iOS update is reported to have a fix for the excessive skin smoothing users have been complaining about on the latest iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones.

Subject Isolation: Finding Innovative Ways to Draw Attention to Subjects The photographer's canvas, on the other hand, is all of the world's visual chaos, and he or she must deploy an equivalent amount of craftsmanship, skill, and intention to weed out all the fluff. This is by far the hardest and most important thing about photography these days.

DJI Demands Withdrawal of 'Misleading' Drone Strike Video The Chinese drone juggernaut DJI wasn't pleased with the study: it's demanding that UDRI withdraw the video and article, calling it "misleading." Here's the 43-second test video that was released by UDRI - it shows a DJI Phantom 2 slamming into the wing of a small plane:.

Canon USA revives CarePAK Plus, free accidental damage repair on EOS R, most DSLRs Canon USA has reintroduced its CarePAK Plus service as a promotional incentive for most of its recent DSLR cameras, as well as for the new EOS R full frame mirrorless body. The service plan offers 13-months' worth of free accidental damage cover, as well as two Canon Maintenance Services during that period.

'It's meant to shine a light': exhibiting the lives of Chinese New Yorkers Photographers showcase different sides of the Chinese American experience in a new exhibition, combatting stereotypes and bringing unseen stories to the forefront.

To keep or not to keep a photo. That is the question! Deciding to keep or delete unwanted images can get tricky. Here are a few suggestions on how to decide an image's fate.

ONA teams up with Tutes, Adorama to release new capsule camera bag collection "Most notably as one of the first photographers featured in Adorama TV's popular "Through The Lens" web series. The bags are constructed of 1000D Cordura material and include pebbled black leather accents around the zippers and compartments. Gunmetal solid brass hardware is used throughout both bags.

Q&A: Model Studies III by Thomas Demand BJP: How did Model Studies start and what made you want to carry it on?TD: I was invited to come as a research scholar to the Getty Institute, and by browsing through their holdings I came across a small number of discarded models by the architect John Lautner, all of unbuilt projects.

Jamie Reid XXXXX review – Britain's longest-reigning rebel The Sex Pistols artist continues to unpick the normal order with a cacophony of ideologies, kaleidoscopic paintings and British history in his 50-year retrospective.

Fujifilm: We Will 'Never Go Full-Frame' If you've been hoping and praying that Fujifilm will launch a full-frame mirrorless camera, get ready to have your dreams dashed: the company is now saying that it will "never go full-frame." Fujifilm has been focusing all of its attention on APS-C and medium format cameras in recent years.

Photographer Turns Drone Shot Into a Facebook 3D Photo Photographer Oat Vaiyaboon went beyond smartphones and turned a DJI Mavic Pro drone photo into a Facebook 3D Photo by creating his own depth map. "I thought I would try creating my very own custom depth map in PS and then edit the image together with Depth Camera on iOS," writes Vaiyaboon, who goes by hangingpixels online.

The Artist Manipulating Photography to Create Surreal Studies of Nature "I was stunned because you could find many similar images that were painted by different people and in different ways." The handmade, "very naive but also very beautiful" way in which the postcards had been manipulated appealed to Mandry, and his own surreal, almost psychedelic Turkish scenes were the result of this intrigue.

Apple Admits iPhone 'Beautygate' is a Camera Bug There has been much talk and debate in recent weeks about the iPhone XS and XR's "beauty filter," a default skin smoothing in selfies that sparked a controversy dubbed "beautygate." While many have explained the effect as the result of noise reduction, Apple has just admitted that it's indeed a camera bug.

The Daily Edit - Rick McGinnis Heidi: Can you share some of the highlights and surprises of your 30 year career?Rick: The highlights that come to mind most easily are shoots with people I admired - Patti Smith, Tom Wolfe, John Waters, Fela Kuti, George Clinton, etc.

Quick Look: Lume Cube - tiny powerful lighting that's waterproof too! A Lume Cube is quite a package. Most of all it's a lighting instrument that just wasn't possible a few years ago. Let's look closer, but first… Lume Cube is at Booth 768 at the Jacob Javits Center. Here's a link to savings on a conference pass and a free expo pass courtesy of Lume Cube.

Photokina 2018: Fujifilm interview - 'we'll never go full-frame' Among them was Toshihisa Iida of Fujifilm, who told us about the future of his company's medium-format lineup, the challenges of 100MP and why Fujifilm will never make a full-frame camera. Yes. Photokina 2010 was the X100 development announcement, 2012 was the first-generation mirrorless - 2014 I've forgotten!

Learn low-light photography with latest Digital Photographer magazine Get the latest shooting advice from the magazine for enthusiast and professional photographers.

Winchester Hat Fair photography winner revealed THE winner of this year’s Hat Fair photography competition has been announced.

Part 2 of my 150km hike in Spain… this time, with Hugh Howey! I was pretty intimidated to meet this guy! I knew he was coming on the trip and, of course, I had heard about him previously since I'm kind of a sci-fi and fantasy geek. I had never read his books though! Hugh is most famous for "Wool" the sequel book from his the Silo series.

Andrew Moisey shoots The American Fraternity "I've waited a long time to bring this book out and between Donald Trump and #MeToo, I don't see how it could possibly be a better moment," says the photographer of his book, a insight into the seamy underbelly of the US' exclusive college societies.

Winners of Hunts Post photography competition are crowned The winners of this year’s Hunts Post Photo Competition were announced at a ceremony held in St Neots on Saturday.

Normality returns to parts of Damascus after fighting ends Since rebel-held eastern Ghouta fell in April after a five-year siege by Assad forces, some of the once vibrant city has come to life again.

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