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Invite Dr. Greger to Come Speak in Your City I am in the final stretch of finishing my next book, How Not to Diet, which will hit shelves in December. After being cooped up for a year researching and writing, I'm looking forward to hitting the road again with a brand-new presentation, Evidence-Based Weight Loss.

Tofurky Launches Suite of Vegan Cheesecakes and Pizza Pockets! Tofurky CEO Jaime Athos announced the product line, saying "After including a plant-based espresso cheesecake in our limited-edition holiday feast kits this past year, we received overwhelming feedback from consumers and retailers asking to include the product in chilled bakery and frozen dessert cases year-round." But wait, there's more.

15 Sweet and Tart Dairy-Free Cherry Desserts! These 15 desserts from our Food Monster App feature cherries in some amazing ways, and you just have to try them! Check them out and find your new favorite sweet treat! Image Source: Cherry Bakewell Flapjacks. This is a delicious almond flapjack recipe with a hidden layer of jam and dried fruit, finished off with an oat crumble.

15 Delicious Vegan Muffin Recipes for National Muffin Day! So save the money you'd normally spend at a coffee shop and try making these 15 vegan muffin recipes from our Food Monster App! Source: White Bean Cinnamon Muffins. Muffins made from white beans? Yes, you heard that correctly!

15 Products To Help You Make Great Tofu Dishes at Home We're bringing you a list of 15 various products to not only help you cook your tofu better, but to help you make your own tofu, and while we're on the subject of soy products, make your own soy milk. All of these products are available on Amazon.

15 Saucy Peanut-Flavored Veggie Dishes! Peanut sauce goes with so many different savory dishes! We have everything from poppers to salads to burgers that feature peanut sauce! All of these vegan recipes are from the Food Monster App so make sure to check it out! Source: Jalapeño Poppers With Peanut Sauce.

Tyson Foods, Known For Their Horrible Treatment of Animals Launches Vegan Protein Tyson Food, notorious animal abusers, decided to launch a vegan burger.

How to Avoid Fatty Liver Disease In the documentary Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlock eats exclusively at McDonald's for a month and predictably his weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol go up, but so do his liver enzymes, a sign his liver cells are dying and spilling their contents into the bloodstream.

10 Sweet and Spicy Veggie Recipes That Are Full of Flavor! Whip up these 10 sweet and spicy recipes from our Food Monster App, and let us know which one is your favorite! Image Source: Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower Wings.

15 Rich, Dairy-Free Recipes for Chocolate Mint Day Some foods are just meant to go together, as is the case with chocolate and mint! There is something magical about this combination that creates so many decadent, rich, and creative treats. National Chocolate Mint Day is officially here, and we put together 15 delicious recipes from the Food Monster App so you can celebrate!

Cranberry Probiotic Poppers Premium PD Recipe Add them to salads, hummus, pasta or grain bowls in place of olives for a burst of color, bright flavor and pop of powerful protection.

15 Awesome High-Protein Black Bean Recipes! These 15 high-protein recipes featuring black beans from our Food Monster App are totally awesome and sure to be meals that you're going to add to your list of favorites. So what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking! Image Source: High Protein Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas.

15 Plant-Based Recipes to Keep Your Skin Hydrated! We put together 15 delicious recipes from our Food Monster App that will help keep your skin hydrated! Source: Avocado Pumpkin Panini With Caramelized Onions. Better than grilled cheese, Amy Height's ooey-gooey gluten-free Avocado Pumpkin Panini is filling and delicious, thanks to the creamy pumpkin and avocado.

Blogger Tips: How To Cook With Turmeric Our amazing bloggers have lots of tips for you to incorporate turmeric into your recipes, like in drinks, curries, desserts, and rice dishes! Check out these recipes from our Food Monster App that let turmeric shine! Image Source: Warm Ginger Turmeric Milk.

Add Some Pizazz to Your Cooking With These 15 Homemade Spice Blends Why buy from the store when you can make these spice blends at home?

15 Veggie Meatball Recipes That Are Just Perfect! Meatballs are so cute and fun - just make some of these recipes from the Food Monster App and stick a toothpick in each one! These vegan meatball recipes would be perfect as your next dinner party's entree! Source: Easy Tempeh Oat Meatballs. Hailee Repko's Easy Tempeh Oat Meatballs are loaded with protein!

WeeklyMealPrep: Add Flavor to Your Meals With These Sauces, Dressings and Marinades! This week, we're helping you add extra flavor to your dishes with these sauces, dressings and marinades! Image Source: Avocado Soy Mayo. If you're getting bored with your typical meals and don't know how to change them up, a great way to add extra or different flavors is to switch up your sauces and dressings or add marinades!

10 Terrific Tofu Nuggets and Bites! These little nuggets and bites are going to be your new favorite thing to munch on! Check out these 10 ideas from our Food Monster App to get you started on the tofu snack train. Image Source: Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets. All that's between you and these Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets from Priscilla Soler are a few ingredients!

From No Sheep Pie to Eat the Rainbow Salad: 10 Vegan Recipes That Went Viral Last Week It's really amazing to see how so many dishes that many thought could never be veganized are doing just that, and tasting just as good if not better. In this week's edition of weekly viral recipes, we see a selection of dishes that range from savory to sweet, light to indulgent, and all popular and delicious!

15 Mouthwatering Dairy-Free Almond Cake Recipes! Almonds and cakes are such a great mix for making delicious, creative, and fun cakes. Almond flour and almond milk make for great bases for these tasty cakes, and adding almond butter and almonds themselves really enhance the texture, flavor, and most importantly your satisfaction.

Blogger Spotlight: Nicole Dunai of Sweet Like Cocoa! This week, the spotlight is shining on Nicole Dunai of Sweet Like Cocoa. Nicole has always had a sweet tooth, and her love for desserts and treats inspired her to create her own, which turned into her blog Sweet Like Cocoa. The goal of her blog is to create recipes that are simple, quick, and of course delicious.

10 Incredible Indian Mushroom Recipes! They really shine in Indian recipes, where they help carry the flavor of awesome sauces and other veggies and grains to make a wholly amazing recipe that will be your instant favorite. Check out these 10 Indian mushroom recipes from our Food Monster App!

15 Delicious Plant-Based Roasted Red Pepper Recipes If you've never cooked with roasted red peppers, or have and you know you love them, these 15 plant-based roasted red pepper recipes from our Food Monster App are perfect for you! Source: Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry. Sonja Trurnit's Roasted Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry is to die for!

What Is Diverticular Disease and How to Treat It In fact, some of the first researchers to study the medical condition labeled it a "20th century problem" and "disease of Western civilization." The United States and Europe have the highest rates of diverticular disease in the world, while it is rarely found in developing countries.

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