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15 Vibrant Colorful International Plant-Based Recipes For Summer! We're coming at you with 15 vegan recipes perfect for summer we found on the Food Monster App! Not only are they healthy, but each one has a unique, international twist. Satisfy any set of taste buds with summer flavor! These Moroccan Roasted Carrots With Harissa are so simple!

From Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower To Deviled Potato Bites: Recipes That Went Viral Last Week! Summer is officially here! With warm weather comes tons of creative recipes and ways to recreate some iconic dishes to suit your plant-based lifestyle. Our bloggers really showed us how to have a good time in the sweet summer sun this week with these amazing recipes!

15 Vegan Teriyaki-Flavored Recipes You Need In Your Life When it comes to teriyaki recipes, the ingredients are so simple, yet when combined it creates a unique and flavorful dish. Originally from Japan, teriyaki-style dishes has spread to the rest of the world and inspired many dishes! We went through the Food Monster App and found 15 teriyaki recipes that will blow your mind.

Resource Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Building Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet Look, we've all heard the jokes. Here's my recent favorite:. "Vegans wouldn't hurt a fly only because they aren't strong enough to swat one." Or there's this dig, from one of the greatest shows of all time:.

London Foie Gras Restaurant To Go Vegan French fine-dining restaurant Gauthier Soho has revealed it will be going vegan after the owner learnt about the horrors of animal agriculture. Owner Alexis Gauthier was particularly disturbed by the process of producing foie gras. Foie Gras Fight Attracts MP's And Celebs.

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Passes Canada's Senate Vote This week, Canada's Senate passed a bill which would ensure all cosmetics made and sold in Canada to be cruelty-free certified. The act was first introduced in 2015 by Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen, the Humane Society and the Animal Alliance of Canada.

10 Ways To Make Crunchy, Savory Onion Ring Recipes That Are Totally Awesome Whether you're gluten-free, avoiding oil, or looking for something different, you can bet that we've got a delicious, crispy onion ring recipe for you. For when you want a healthy and savory snack, try these Healthy Spiralized Onion 'Rings'! Totally addicting, easy to make, and really, really good for you!

The First Ever Vegan Market Opens in Wilmington, NC! Up Beet Market, Wilmington, North Carolina's first ever all vegan market, is now open in Chandler's Wharf! The store exclusively offers vegan and cruelty-free items, so customers can shop comfortably without having to hunt for vegan fare.

InstaInspo: Fancy Cinnamon Buns and Cauliflower Burgers, The Best Vegan Food On Instagram This Week! Each week, we're rounding up the 10 most appetizing vegan food on Instagram and adding homemade recipes from our Food Monster App so you can enjoy something similar, too! @haveyourcoffeebreakwithme has the fanciest vegan cinnamon roll we've ever seen from @fabriquebakery!

10 Gorgeously Grilled Veggie Salad Recipes! Obviously as vegans, sometimes a salad is just necessary. But they don't have to be boring ole tomato-topped salads that we once thought were our only options. Now, you can enjoy any of these grilled salad recipes from our Food Monster App, complete with interesting ingredients and delicious dressings.

Spotted: From Fast Food Burgers To Dinner Tapas, New Vegan Places And Menus We've Discovered This Week! From cheesy pizza to crispy seitan and vegan tapas, here are the places we've found! Pieology Pizzeria / Facebook. Forte Tapas / Facebook. Email us at if you spot any new vegan restaurants near you and we'll feature it in our ongoing 'Spotted' series!

WeeklyMealPrep: Zucchini, Chickpeas, Tofu, Quinoa, and Cauliflower! Meal prep is a great way to have all of your food ready for the week, enabling you to make healthy choices, and save money while you're at it! Not only does it keep you on track with your fitness goals, but it saves a lot of time. Imagine coming home after a long day of work, your meal already planned and ready to assemble in mere minutes.

Being Plant Based in Corporate America The last day of the month is Cake Day. Someone sealed a deal? Let's have cookies! Wait. It's Monday? Time for bagels! That is how the week rolls in my office in the middle of corporate America. Weekly meetings mean bowls of M&Ms at both ends of the table.

Founder's Finds: 8 Vegan Protein Bars Tried in 2018 So, with honor, these are the recent vegan protein bars Preeta has tried. Enjoy! Nugo Slim Gluten-Free Bars come in espresso, chocolate mint, toasted coconut, raspberry truffle, brownie crunch, and roasted peanut, all which are appetizing. They're great for weight management, those with diabetes, and vegans looking for some tasty protein.

43 Tons Of Wild-Animal Meat Seized In Global Sting A sting that took place across 92 countries has seized 43 tons of wild-animal meat, including bear, elephant, crocodile, whale and zebra meat. Along with wild-animal meat, the sting also seized 1.3 tons of elephant ivory, 27,000 reptiles, almost 4,000 birds, 48 live primates, 14 big cats and the carcasses of seven bears including two polar bears.

15 Naturally Sweet Vegan Desserts… No Sugar Added Try these 15 naturally sweet desserts that are 100 percent vegan and include no added sugar! These Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups are ridiculously simple to make and absolutely delightful. It starts with a peanut butter shell. Then, comes the juicy berry chia jam stuffed inside.

Montreal To Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages Horse-drawn carriages will be banned from the city of Old Montreal as of 2020, after years of fierce debate between animal rights activists and carriage owners.

Does Vitamin C Help With Terminal Cancer? Studies in the 1970s showed an extraordinary survival gain in terminal cancer patients with vitamin C, a "simple and relatively nontoxic therapy." It's no wonder it got a lot of attention, especially when reported by a world-renowned scientist, Linus Pauling.

Investigators Link Raw Milk Cheese To E.Coli Outbreak In France A recent investigation of cases concerning children who developed a disease that causes kidney failure, low red blood count, and destroys blood-clotting cells has been linked to the consumption of raw milk cheese.

The YES Bar Introduces Two New Vegan Varieties! The YES Bar, infamous for creating delicious grain-free and paleo snacks, is now looking to tap into the vegan market. The company responsible for allergy-friendly bars with real, whole food ingredients will now be offering two vegan bars in the flavors, dark chocolate chip and salted maple pecan!

Studies Show How A Plant-Based Diet Improves Diabetes Risks In a new review published by the Clinical Nutrition journal, it says that a plant-based diet can reduce risk factors of diabetic patients by promoting weight-loss, reducing cholesterol, and enhancing glycemic control.

15 BBQ Jackfruit Recipes you Need For Grill Season! It's perfect for so many recipes: in a burger bun, on nachos, in tacos, or in your favorite salad. Grill season is coming up, and you need these 15 barbecue jackfruit recipes from our Food Monster App in your life! If you want the ultimate nachos recipe, this is it!

The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Amazing Plant-Based Zucchini Recipes! Zucchini in itself has a very subtle flavor, and might not be as exciting alone. But, when you flavor it in the right way, and either bake or cook it, it will be filled with flavors! And, you can also use zucchini in baked goods to make a moist texture and add nutrition to the recipe.

Waitrose Receives New Vegan Chicken Options! Waitrose, a chain of British supermarkets located across the United Kingdom, is looking to expand their partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher. The desire for plant-based meat continues to be high, and after the successful launch of veggie dishes made by both Waitrose and The Vegetarian Butcher, the partnership seemed clear.

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