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Think Rice is Boring? Try These 25 Exciting Recipes That Will Change Your Mind We are betting you've probably never seen such a collection of beautiful, colorful, and different types of rice dishes. Just think how much fun you'll have trying them all. Lead image source: Scrambled Tofu Fried Rice.

The Ultimate Guide to Roasting Vegetables Roasted vegetables taste like nothing else. They get brown and crisp on the outside. Their natural sugars caramelize, making them sweet and concentrating their veggie flavor. Whether you are going to eat them straight from the oven or use them in a veggie burger, you won't want to miss the intense flavor that is only brought out by roasting.

Vegan Cafe In Soho To Refuse New £10 Notes The new notes were released into circulation on the 14th of September, and will undoubtedly upset the 137,000 vegans who signed a petition calling for tallow not to be used. The Bank of England launched a public consultation, which found 88 per cent of people were against using animal-derived products.

Tips and Tricks to Making the Meatiest Portobello Mushrooms Ever Portobello mushrooms are meaty, savory, healthy, and satisfying. Their endless versatility means you can make exciting and delicious meals with them and never get bored. Portobellos are larger than life for good reasons. Lead image source: Thyme Grilled Mushrooms.

You Can Now Buy Vegan Cookie Dough In the UK Are now selling vegan cookie dough to the masses. Founder Chloe, was looking for new ways to enjoy a sweet treat, her vegan cookie dough was born. Just Doh! offer five different flavours to choose from and can all be bought online via their web store.

Warm Peach and Raspberry Crumble This fabulous vegan dessert lets you enjoy sweet summer peaches and berries any time of year. Just take advantage of the bounty of healthy and wallet-friendly fruit in your supermarket's freezer section. Serve this sweet baked treat warm out of the oven with a dollop of your favorite vegan yogurt.

Lucy Mecklenburgh Shocks Fans By Wearing Fur To London Fashion Week Lucy Mecklenburgh is a former TOWIE 'star' who now makes the rounds on reality TV. She has racked up millions of fans on social media, however caused controversy with her recent posts promoting a real fur jacket she wore to London Fashion Week.

BREAKING: Wagamama's To Launch HUGE NEW Vegan Menu! Wagamama's are set to launch their first full vegan and vegetarian menu! While being known in the vegan community for being reasonably accesible to vegans, unfortunately, we've always had to use a confusing allergen menu or requesting alterations to dishes.

Vegan Food Sales Increase By Over $3.1 BILLION Veganism is a booming business, and the latest figures support this. A recent study by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute show that vegan food sales has topped $3.1 billion. The study also showed that vegan and plant based food sales have experienced a growth increase of 8.1%.

You Are Going to Fall in Love With These 10 Plant-Based Turkish Dishes If you're looking for a new recipe to add to your dinner plans, this is a definite yes. Turkish Stuffed Peppers are served Turkish-style with currants, pine nuts, dried mint, allspice, and dill. It's an aromatic and delicious dish that's not only simple to make, it's delicious!

15 Alternative Pastas to Stock Up On If You're Avoiding Processed Wheat If you're looking for different alternatives to traditional recipes for some reason, we highly recommend you check out these Grain Free Recipes, as well as this resource for 5 Allergen-Free Vegan Sources of Protein.

Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day! Try These 5 Fall-Inspired Vegan Ice Creams Since it's fall, we searched the Food Monster App for the best fall-inspired vegan ice cream recipes! If you are getting tired of plain banana nice cream link nice cream feature, then this Maple Walnut Ice Cream by Hannah Sunderani is for you! The flavors of this maple walnut ice cream are rich, creamy, maple-sweet, and nutty.

Get Out! This New Candy Shop Offers Vegan 'Squid Ink' Ice Cream! And now, residents of Austin can purchase squid ink ice cream from Yummi Joy, a new candy shop in Texas! Originally, Yummi Joy was called "Toy Joy", and was simply a toy shop for children. However, Toy Joy combined forces with the vegan ice cream shop Sweet Ritual.

UK Vegan Fair Brings Together Street Food, Great Music, Vintage Shopping and A Vegan Bar! For more fair inspiration, read up on 10 Ways to Recreate Outdoor Fair and Festival Foods WIth a Healthier Twist. We also highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Elmhurst to Debut Aquafaba Egg Replacer in a Carton! Early next year, you might be able to pick up cartons of aquafaba at the market. For the uninitiated, aquafaba is the brine that comes from a can of chickpeas, and it can be used as a replacement for egg whites in baking.

Vegas Just Got Lucky: A Fine-Dining Vegan Sushi Bar Is Coming to the Strip Chef Kenny is the mastermind behind Vegas's vegan fast-food chain, Vege-way, and we're sure his new fine-dining concept is going to delight plant-based eaters and omnivores alike. If you wanna indulge in some vegan sushi but are hesitant to shell out the cash to travel all the way to Vegas to do it when Okra finally opens, we totally get it.

Vegan Makloubeh A perfect way to describe how I've been feeling lately. As it turns out, moving to a new city isn't all that easy. I mean, I didn't expect it to be a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, but I suppose a small part of me naively assumed that my life in the UAE wouldn't be all that different from my life in Bahrain.

Sainsbury's To Expand Vegan Cheese Line After HUGE Demand Sainsbury's, one of the largest UK supermarkets, is set to expand their line of vegan cheese. It follows huge demand for the products since they launched last year. Sainsbury's will now launch a vegan blue cheese, cheddar style slices and cheddar with chives.

Gonzaga University Veganizes Veggie Canteens To Improve Accessibility Gonzaga University has decided to make all vegetarian food options vegan. It comes as the institution wants to make veganism more accessible for students on campus. Based in Spokane, Washington, the university is served by food caterer Sodexo whose idea it was to implement the vegan-friendly change.

How Doctors Responded to Being Named a Leading Killer In my video Why Prevention Is Worth a Ton of Cure, I profiled a paper that added up all the deaths caused by medical care in this country, including the hundred thousand deaths from medication side effects, all the deaths caused by errors, and so on.

Vegan Actress Evanna Lynch To launch New Vegan Podcast next Month The podcast is called The Chickpeeps and will aim to encourage more of her fan base to go vegan. The podcast will include co-hosts vegan actor Robbie Jarvis, vegan spiritual expert Momoko Hill, and vegan activist Tylor Starr. Evanna Lynch Teams Up With Peta For VEGAN Harry Potter Recipes.

Move Over, PSL! Here are 11 Other Cozy Vegan Drinks to Make This Fall Below, we've rounded up 11 of our favorite, most cozy vegan autumn beverages from the Food Monster App that aren't pumpkin spice flavored. Which one do you want to drink first? Reishi mushroom is a mild adoptogen, which are herbs and spices that have been found to help reduce stress and balance hormones.

5 Kitchen Tools to Look For When You're at the Thrift Store! When it comes time to shop for new kitchen supplies, it can be tempting to go out and blow your savings on the newest, most trendy item to hit big-name retailer shelves. If you've been saving your money in order to score the glitziest, most glam, and hyped up kitchen appliance on the market, hold on!

Egg-selent! These Students Developed a Bonafide Vegan Hard-Boiled Egg! From omelets to scrambles to quiches and beyond, eggs are a mainstay in many people's diets, whether they're eaten alone or hidden in a baked treat - which is people who are following a plant-based diet could be excited to learn that a brand new vegan hard-boiled egg has been developed!

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