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You Can Now Race as a Toilet in Wreckfest on PS4 Have you ever dreamed about taking a porta-potty around a race track? No? That is the correct answer. For those who answered yes your gaming career has now hit its absolute peak: you can now race as a toilet in Wreckfest on PS4. A literal toilet.

Root Film Western Release Confirmed by Publisher PQube The Root Film Western release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch has been confirmed. No solid date for the launch has been unveiled, however.

Red Dead Online Halloween Event Adds New Masks and a Bounty Red Dead Online Halloween event adds new masks, a bounty, and weekly bonuses, just in time for spooky season.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Review - Expansion of Salvation Had they talked to Ikora, listened to her and read the text, they would have quickly found out that it was a Vex portal, as well as sussed out her plan to defeat the Undying Mind repeatedly in various timelines using said portal.

Everspace 2 PS4 Pro Players Can Choose Between 4K or 60 FPS Everspace 2 PS4 Pro version will have both a performance and a visual mode, to either let you play in 4K or with buttery smooth 60 FPS.

WWE 2K20 Fans Put Together Hashtag to Prove Just How Utterly Broken the Game Is FixWWE2K20 - It's been a while since a game so completely broken as WWE 2K20 has come along. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is…

Isometric spin-off Darksiders Genesis coming to PC and Stadia in December Darksiders Genesis, developer Airship Syndicate's top-down take on Darksiders' usual third-person action-adventure formula, will heading to PC and Stadia on 5th December, with a console release scheduled for 14th February next year.

PlayStation is launching a mysterious 'Death Stranding experience' I think Sony is only releasing one sequel of their 3 AAA ips in the next year alone. Which competitor are you talking about? And 9 years? Are you sure? You are right… I should have used the word "made" a new AAA ip in 9 years and counting. They also put AAA prices on a couple of indies… but it does make them AAA games.

All Free PS3, PS Vita, PS4, PS5 PS Plus Games - PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PS TV. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - PS3. Spyro the Dragon - PS3, PSP. Pipe Madness - PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PS TV. Hero of Sparta - PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PS TV. Digger HD - PS3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - PS3, PSP. Karimogi - PS3, PSP.

Sony decides not to sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia Sony has decided not to sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia, Activision has said. A tweet from the Sony Russia account broke the news, and a statement from Activision issued to Eurogamer then confirmed it.

PlayStation Store Update Worldwide - October 22, 2019 Each week Sony brings PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games, and more. Here is the complete global PlayStation Store update.

Halley Gross: Naughty Dog Are Wizards; We're Trying to Create the Most Complex Character in Gaming Gonna have to get in line behind Mario and Link. Well said!! They sure are the best!!! They surely proved that the game does not need to be long with monotone voice-overs and endless boring dialogues to be a good game.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets Releasing November 14th on PSVR Fast Travel Games, the developer behind Apex Construct, has announced today that its next project, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, will be releasing on November 14th, 2019 - less than a month from today.

Download a Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4 Theme for Free You can now download a sleek Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4 theme for free on the PlayStation Store. Modern Warfare launches on October 25th.

Review: Door Kickers: Action Squad - PS4 I've not played the original Door Kickers game, but even I know that Door Kickers: Action Squad on PS4 is a big departure. Where the original was a top-down, tactical-shooter that somewhat resembled Miami Vice, Action Squad is a 2D side-scroller with pixel-art graphics.

Walmart Offers Double Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Experience Points See Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at Walmart. To get you geared up for the Modern Warfare reboot, Activision and PlayStation have released a free "Going Dark" PS4 theme. And PC players can score a discount on any edition of Modern Warfare. Activision has outlined how both multiplayer and weapon progression work.

Ark: Survival Evolved's annual Fear Evolved event is live now through November 5 Ark: Survival Evolved players can now participate in the annual Ark: Fear Evolved Halloween event. Try not to get too spooked. Running now through November 5, the in-game event will see candy corn-themed supply drops, randomly spawning gravestones, and pumpkin patches popping up in the game.

Best PS4 Horror Games To Play At Halloween Check out the best PS4 horror games. Get into the spirit of Halloween with these PlayStation 4 games that are gauranteed to make you jump!

Exception Review - Exception is a fast-paced action platformer on PS4 that will appeal to regular players as well as to speedrunners. Learn more in our Exception review! Exception is an action platformer that requires precise timing and fast fingers… at least if you want to get the best time possible and aim for a spot in the leaderboards.

Indivisible Review - RPG Salsa In the PlayStation Lifestyle Indivisible review, we explore this new, lovingly animated RPG from the creative house of Skullgirls. Can Lab Zero Games hang here like it did in fighting games?

Hands On: Iron Man VR Is the Next Big Thing for PSVR It feels like major PlayStation VR releases have dried up as of late. Sure, the likes of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and Vacation Simulator were fun enough, but it doesn't seem like virtual reality has really made any waves since Blood and Truth nearly six months ago.

Wreck an Outhouse On Wheels in Wreckfest DLC Pack The new Wreckfest DLC includes three new vehicles to drive. There's a pair of serious cars, and also an outhouse on wheels called the Honey Pot.

Doctor Who VR game The Edge of Time gets November release date Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, developer Maze Theory's "cinematic, feature-length" VR game, now has a release date. It'll be vworping onto PSVR, Oculus, and Vive on 12th November. The Edge of Time Maze is a puzzle-y traversal affair in which players must help the Doctor "defeat a powerful force that threatens to destroy the fabric of reality".

Hands On: Final Fantasy VII Remake Honors Its Legacy And Justifies The Hype Check out our Final Fantasy 7 Remake hands-on to see why we think that Square-Enix looks set to do the impossible.

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