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Pokemon Let's Go Eevee & Pikachu Cheats: The Save Editor The Save Editor is now available for download for Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.

Nuzlocke creator talks Pokemon Let's Go and keeping up with the series' changes Nick Franco's Pokémon: Hard Mode comics popularized the concept of the Nuzlocke, one of the most well-known self-imposed challenges among electric mouse enthusiasts. Its two simple rules.

Pokemon Let's Go is a great appetizer for what comes next I don't think I'm alone in saying that Pokemon Let's Go isn't quite what I was expecting - or even hoping for - out of the series' home console debut. We Pokemon fans have been waiting more than 20 years for the mainline Pokemon series to come to consoles, but Pokemon Let's Go only gets part way there.

Pokemon Go Field Research Quests: Everything You Need to Know We all know that if you want to progress in this game, you have to stay on top of the Pokemon Go Research Quests, which means that you need to complete missions for rewards and bonuses, too. They are split in 2: Research Breakthroughs and Field Research.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go Pokemon Go was at peak popularity in 2016, and everyone was playing it. The game promised to give everyone a chance to "catch them all," and all you had to do was wander around town or your neighborhood. Since the last two years, the developer Niantic has brought in a lot of new content and new features to the game.

Pokemon Go PvP release date news, Trainer Battles latest, Sinnoh Stone update "If you use your head and keep an eye on your opponent's moves, you may be able to deploy a Protect Shield to save your Pokémon from critical damage. But you only have a limited number of these shields before your Pokémon will be left defenceless.

Pokemon Go Gen 4 - New Pokemon leaked Pokemon from gen 4 continue to be added to the mobile game. The latest generation 4 additions may have been leaked and should appear in Pokemon Go soon.

Pokemon GO: No Plans To Increase Max Player Limit Pokemon GO players who are hoping for an increased max level may not be getting their wish anytime soon, according to an interview with the game's product manager.

0.131.1 PVP APK Mine: The Big One Zero is off doing a big sleep so I am gonna try and take over for a bit on the data mining. I do not claim to be a top tier data miner however, so bear with me as I roll through all this and show the big changes in the Metadata and files of the game.

Pokemon Go Maximum Trainer Level Stays 40, Niantic's Product Manager Confirmed The product manager of Pokemon Go Matt Slemon was recently interviewed by a German press, and it looks like Pokemon Go Max Trainer level is not getting increased anytime soon, so it's staying at 40 for now.

Pokemon GO: PvP Update Data Reveals New Details Pokemon GO players can check out some early details about the upcoming patch, including some surprising Buff and Debuff details, thanks to a data teardown from the APK.

Pokemon GO Bringing Back Delibird for Winter Event The video game developer Niantic officially confirms it will be bringing back the Ice and Flying-type, Delibird, for Pokemon GO's forthcoming winter event.

TutuApp Update - Pokemon Go Related Fame The Chinese are innovative people and technology is one of their favourite lines of action. Over the years they have developed and implemented different things in the tech area, from gaming to ecommerce. One of their coolest creations is TutuApp, an application that enhances the gaming experience.

Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu & Eevee now available to buy Eevee, two Pokémon games based in the original Kanto region available to play on the Nintendo Switch right now. It introduces completely new mechanics that could make Let's Go! Pikachu and Let's Go! Eevee two of the best Pokémon games to date. Here's everything we know, from the release date to gameplay details and accessories.

Pokemon Go New Update 0.131.1 is Here, PvP Trainers Battles, New Avatar Looks and More Trainers, a new update is here, bringing everything necessary for the launch of the new PvP Trainer Battles feature, new loading screen and new hair colors for your Trainer avatar. The new update is now available, and here are the changes:. The new loading screen:.

'Pokemon Go' to Bring Back Missing Pokemon for Holidays A missing Pokemon is returning to Pokemon Go for the holidays. A promotional email sent out by Pokemon Go earlier today confirmed that Delibird, the Ice-type "Present" Pokemon, will be returning to the game later this month.

Delibird returns for the 2018 Holidays! We seemingly have our first tease of the Christmas Event in Pokémon Go! Will this be the year of the hot pink/red, present passing, penguin-like Pokemon? Well, we aren't sure yet, BUT we do know our favorite little holiday bird is coming back to pay a visit for the 2018 holiday season!

New Gen IV sprites leak in Pokemon GO's network traffic Eight new sprites were leaked by Chrales, a data miner with impeccable track record of discovering new sprites and features in Pokemon GO's network traffic. Charles shared that four new Pokemon species now have proper sprites that are downloadable by the game.

Guide: How Player Vs. Player Trainer Battles Work in Pokémon GO PvP is finally coming to Pokémon GO, a feature fans have been desperate for since it launched back in 2016. When it launches later this month, you'll be able to challenge friends and strangers alike to see who has the most powerful Pokémon. Do so and you'll earn a bunch of new rewards and probably have a bunch of fun in the process.

Review: "Pokemon Let's Go" I didn't expect "Pokemon Let's Go" to be one of my favorite games this year. In fact, I kind of expected to dislike it. Yet, there's only three weeks or so left in 2018 and I can't recall many games I've had as much fun with as this new version of "Pokemon." Yes, there have been better games released.

Pokemon Go New Gen 4 Pokemon Assets and Shiny Assets Added Trainers, the world famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales has found new assets of Gen 4 Pokemon, including their shiny form, in the Game Master file, and it looks like we might get a new Gen 4 anytime soon.

Pokemon Let's Go Shiny Guide: shiny hunting, odds, the shiny charm and how to build a shiny chain Shiny Pokemon are still the ultimate rare bragging rights in Pokemon - and in Pokemon Let's Go there are new ways to make catching shinies easier. Here, we explain how.

A few honest thoughts about Trainer Battles After days of teasing, hinting and hyping it up, it's finally here: Trainer Battles are coming to Pokemon GO. When? Soon. We don't know the release date, hell, nobody knows besides Niantic. But let's stop worrying about the release date, let's take a step back and see what is actually coming our way.

Pokemon Named Ambassador of Japanese Prefecture A Pokemon species has assumed the prestigious position of ambassador of a Japanese prefecture. Yesterday, the Pokemon Company and the Tottori Prefecture announced that Sandshrew and its Alolan variant were the new ambassadors of the popular region.

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