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Pokemon Go Community Day #6 - Larvitar After it was announced that Larvitar would be June's Community Day Pokemon, there was much rejoicing: everyone loves the wee green critter as not only are they ridiculously cute, they also grow into some of the best offensive Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Go will soon get trading and friends lists When trading is launched at some point in the next few weeks, you'll have to be friends with another trainer to trade Pokemon with them. You'll also both need to be above level 10 and within 100 meters of one another - oh, and you'll also need to be prepared to pay some Stardust.

Pokemon Go Trading: How to Trade Guide Pokemon Go trading is finally coming to the game, but unfortunately it's launching in quite a complicated form, which definitely requires a "how to trade" guide. Happily, that's exactly what we've got right here, with everything you need to know in preparation for the Pokemon Go trading update.

'Pokemon Go' is getting its biggest update in a long time later this week Ever since Niantic launched Pokemon Go two summers ago, players have been wondering when they would be able to trade with their friends. Trading and doing battle with other players have been hallmarks of the franchise since Red and Blue arrived in 1996, so it was something of a surprise for Pokemon Go launch without either feature.

Pokemon GO Trading, Friends, Gifting UPDATE: Big news as Niantic finally adds new features Pokemon GO is all set to get another MASSIVE feature this Summer, as Niantic today announced the unveiling of new Friends and Trading features coming to the game "soon". Here are some more precise details about the new features, courtesy of a Niantic press release:.

Pokémon Go is adding a feature it promised since day one — and it's the perfect time to return to the game Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, announced on Monday that the two-year-old game will "soon" give players the ability to trade Pokémon.

A guide to Friends, Trading and Gifts in Pokemon GO Trainers, this is not a drill - Niantic has just announced that three new features are coming to Pokemon GO:. You will soon be able to connect with your real world friends via Pokemon GO and see their in-game activities on the Friends List. When you raid or gym with people from your friends list, you raise your Friendship Level.

E3 2018: Pokemon Go Will Officially Get Trading Soon Alongside New Friend System Niantic announced this morning that trading will arrive alongside a new Friends system, which will offer various social features online or nearby. Each player will have their own Trainer Code that they can share with friends to exchange friend requests.

Pokemon Go Trading Coming This Week Niantic has announced that the long awaited and promised feature of trading Pokemon will soon be added to Pokemon Go. Here's everything you need to know about Pokemon Go trading. Trading is a part of the new Friends feature rolling out later this week.

Pokemon GO News: Community Day July update - Squirtle to headline next shiny 2018 event? Community Day is a massive event in the Pokemon GO monthly calendar, and although the game might have only just finished with the June event involving Larvitar, the next update for the game is, in theory, right around the corner.

Pokemon Go is finally letting you trade with friends Unfortunately that sounds like I won't be able to trade any of my New York Pokemon with my colleagues in CNET's San Francisco office, but the game is offering a bonus should friends trade Pokemon that were originally caught far apart from each other. An official launch date for these features was not revealed beyond the summer launch period.

Pokemon GO: How Long Does It Take To Reach Each Friend Level? From the sound of things, Pokemon GO players will be spending the next few months working hard to reach Best Friend status with their real life buddies. The announcement from Pokemon GO revealed a lot of details about the new system and explained how players can increase their friend levels.

Trading Pokémon on Pokémon Go is finally a thing: here's how to do it The popular mobile game has added a slew of features since its 2016 launch, but a new addition reminiscent of the classic Pokémon Game Boy games will finally roll out this week.

Pokemon Go to Add Trading and Friend Features Later This Week Pokemon Go has announced that players will finally be able to trade Pokemon with their friends. The new feature will allow players to add friends via the use of a special Trainer Code.

Pokémon GO is finally going to let players trade Pokémon Just shy of two years after launch, Pokémon GO is finally about to roll out one of its most notably absent features: Pokémon trading. A staple of the series, trading lets players swap their Pokémon with another player's in the never-ending quest to, well, catch'em all.

Pokémon GO adding friends, special gifts, and trading between players Trading has always been fundamental to the world of Pokémon, but the concept has only been a promise for Pokémon GO. Niantic announced that will soon change, however, as new friend features are finally coming to the game.

Pokemon GO Adding Friends and Trading, But There's A Catch Since the day the game launched, Pokemon GO fans have been clamoring for a trading feature. Trading Pokemon has been a staple mechanic throughout the franchise's history, but so far has been missing from the mobile AR experience. Apparently, that all changes later this week when the Friends and Trading update for Pokemon GO rolls out.

Pokemon GO: How To Increase Friend Level With the upcoming addition of Friends and Trading to Pokemon GO, trainers have a lot of new opportunities to interact with their real world buddies. In order to get the most value and bonuses out of in-game friendships, players will need to put in some work to increase their status to Best Friends.

Pokémon Go update brings trading, friends list to the game The update is one of the game's biggest ever, adding features that many current and former players have anticipated since Pokémon Go's 2016 launch: trading and a friends list. Friendship in Pokémon Go comes with special bonuses, according to Niantic.

Pokemon Go news: Community Day July update and new shiny reveal With June's Community Day wrapped up and a bunch of Shiny Tyranitars caught, fans are looking toward the next big event. While Niantic probably have a few other secret events being cooked up, the Pokemon Go July Community Day is the one we know most about right now.

After Playing Pokemon: Let's Go, I Now Know It's The Game We All Dreamed Of As A Kid When I first played Pokemon GO, I thought that was the game we all dreamed of as a kid. Now that I have had the opportunity to play some Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!, it has taken the Pokemon fantasy to its maximum.

Where's Whoopsie #12: Hear Me Tyranit-roar Hi, I'm Lavender and I'm a geek. You've probably already picked up on that by now, but just in case you haven't, telling you my Partner and I have been eagerly anticipating the Pokemon Go Community Day with abundant tyranitars for weeks now probably confirms it.

'Pokemon GO' Community Day: How to Get a Shiny Larvitar For those who are in parts of the US experiencing a lovely Saturday afternoon, then it's a great time to take part of the Pokémon GO Community Day to catch a new Pokémon and some other nice bonuses for playing the game during the designated hours. June's Pokémon GO Community Day starts at 2 p.m.

'Pokémon Go': Water Festival Continues, New Global Challenge Announced Trainers, there's still time to enjoy the Water Festival in "Pokémon Go." You can still catch and hatch as many Water-type Pokémon as you like until next week. Niantic has also announced the new Global Challenge to watch out for the entire summer season.

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