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Dragon Type Moves in Pokémon Go: Detailed Analysis and Battle Mechanics The epitome of fantasy for many, even in the Pokémon world, the Dragon type Pokémon are undoubtedly some of the coolest and most sought after monsters in Pokémon Go. Remember when Dragonite was the most coveted Pokémon when this wonderful game came into existence?

Pokemon Go's Psychic Spectacular Event Now Live Until 10 PM local time on March 30, Psychic-type monsters such as Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Bronzor, and others will appear more frequently in the wild. You'll also have your first chance to find a Shiny Baltoy, as well as two new Gen 5 Psychic Pokemon: Solosis and Gothita.

Features We Would Love to See in GO Battle League First on our list of ideas that the PvP community has come up with would be to have a feature that allows Trainers to see when other players are online and available to battle. At its current state, one of the main ways to play a custom match with a friend is to communicate via a separate platform to organize it.

Pokemon Anime Promo Teases Ash Getting a New Pokemon Egg Pokemon's newest anime has eschewed convention and has largely ignored the new Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield. This includes the new additions to Ash's team this time around which have seen the surprising Mr. Mime, Dragonite, and Gengar all joining his roster before the 20th episode of the series.

How to play Pokémon Go from home Anyone who started playing Pokémon Go from the very beginning will surely remember the glorious summer of 2016 where you couldn't go outside without seeing large groups of happy Pokémon Go players discovering the joy of interacting with, and catching, Pokémon in the real world.

Ranking Pokemon games from best to worst All of your favorite Pokemon adventures, ranked.

Pokemon Go Gym Map/Raid Map, Pokestops Tracker & Scanner 2020 In these cases, Pokemon Go Gym Map/Raid Map, Pokestops Tracker and Scanner developed by some well-wishers come handy. These apps use Pokemon API to fetch information about gym locations, gym boss raid level, pokestops location and many more. So, let's look at the best, Pokemon Go Gym Map/Raid Map, Pokestops Tracker and Scanner apps.

Pokemon Go Ultra League best team guide The Ultra League portion of GO Battle League Season 1 is underway. Here are the best Pokemon to use in order to get those wins in your quest to master Pokemon Go PvP. With the CP limit for Ultra League being 2,500 some of the more expected Pokemon emerge as the best choices.

You Can Now Catch Your Favourite Pokemon Sitting at Home So, Niantic, the developer of the game pushed an update that is discouraging players to travel long distances to catch their favourite Pokemon and avoid social interaction with other players. With a recent update announced last week, Niantic took a few steps to help players reduce social interactions and travel.

Niantic cancels 'Pokemon GO' Lugia Raid due to COVID-19 pandemic Pokemon Go developer Niantic has canceled the highly anticipated Lugia Raid event scheduled from March 24 to 31.

Pokemon Go Makes the Saddest Twitter Bio Change Pokemon Go's recent Twitter bio change is a sad reminder about how much the world has changed thanks to the coronavirus. Earlier today, Pokemon Go quietly changed its Twitter bio to reflect its changed focus in a world locked down to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Pokémon Go: Legendary Raid Hours Until further notice, Legendary Raid Hours have been suspended to support social distancing measures. While Legendary Raids are always available at some Gyms, once a week they take over virtually all Gyms for an entire hour.

Pokemon GO GBL: Getting to rank 10 without Altaria, Azumarill, Registeel Getting to Rank 10 in Pokemon Go's GO Battle League is an impressive feat in itself but it is even more so if you can do without using Altaria, Azumarill, Registeel or even Skarmory. That's exactly what one trainer has done and they have even shared how.

Pokémon Go Raids and Go Battle Rewards being extended To further these measures, the current Legendary Pokémon available in Five Star Raids and as Reward Encounters in the Pokémon Go Battle League, Thundurus and Cobalion will be available for a few additional days.

Pokemon Go New Pikachu Hat and Shiny Teddiursa Available only for Safari Zone Ticket Holders Trainers, shiny Teddiursa and Pikachu wearing a hat are now available in the game, but only for Safari Zone Saint Louis ticket holders. Only players that have a ticket to the Pokemon Go Safari Zone Saint Louis event will see the Shiny Teddiursa.

Psychic Spectacular 2020 Event Guide Psychic Spectacular is a special in-game event that runs from March 27 to March 30 in Pokémon GO. The event features increased Psychic type spawns and Psychic type themed raids. Shiny Baltoy and Claydol have been released as part of this event. Two new Psychic Pokémon families have joined Pokémon GO:.

Pokemon Go To Introduce A Mysterious Pokemon Soon Niantic teases the upcoming release of a new mysterious Pokemon in Pokemon Go. A teaser black outline was shared on a popular social media platform, and it is accompanied by a text which mentions that the Pokemon looks at Trainers and Pokémon with an uncanny interest.

Shiny Baltoy in Pokemon GO: How to Catch Here's what Shiny Baltoy looks like in Pokemon GO:. Shiny Baltoy is being released with this year's Psychic Spectacular event. It goes live starting March 27 at 8:00 a.m. in your local time zone and ends on March 30 at 10:00 p.m. local time. Shiny Baltoy will continue to be available after the event is over.

Shiny Teddiursa in Pokemon GO: How to Catch Here's what Shiny Teddiursa looks like in Pokemon GO:. Shiny Teddiursa for now is exclusive to players who have a ticket to the Pokemon GO Safari Zone Saint Louis event.

Psychic Spectacular Research Tasks 2020 for Pokemon GO Here are the Psychic Spectacular Research Tasks 2020 for Pokemon GO:. During the Psychic Spectacular event, psychic-type Pokemon will more frequently spawn in the wild, according to Niantic. In addition, psychic-type Raid Bosses will appear in Raids.

Pokemon Sword & Shield's Isle of Armor map finally revealed A brand new map for Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC has finally been revealed, and some players are already comparing it to the Wild Area found on the original Galar Region island.

Pokémon GO revenue grows in spite of Coronavirus lockdowns Pokémon GO's player spending has grown 66.7% over the week of March 16, despite Coronavirus shutdowns being active all across Europe and parts of the United States.

Why Pokemon Go trainers don't want new species added For the first in Pokemon Go history, trainers don't want Niantic to add new Pokemon to the game. This might sound strange but the reason actually makes a lot of sense. Ever since the mobile game released in 2016, new species have been regularly added.

Man ignores Spain Coronavirus lockdown to play Pokemon Go We get that Pokemon Go is a very addictive game, but this 77-year-old crossed all limits as he went on an adventure of catching Pokemon in Madrid amidst the lockdown. Spain just yesterday surpassed the death toll of China, the place where the pandemic originated from.

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