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Pokemon Go Snapshot: How to use Pokemon Go Snapshot on Android and iOS POKEMON Go players have access to a new AR features today, here’s how to use Pokemon Go Snapshot on Android and iOS.

Pokemon GO Adding Team Change Feature Next Week The video game developer Niantic officially announces the decision to add a feature next week that will let players change teams within the mobile augmented reality game.

New Pokemon Game: Name & Release Date Revealed? Another tweet, embedded above, thought there were even more clues to be gathered. The Weedle has a CP of 199 which in terms of the Pokedex matches up with Slowking. There's nothing overly special there, but combined with the below it gets more interesting.

The past, present, and future of Pokémon Go, according to Niantic With the original vision largely fulfilled, Niantic reflects on a bounce-back year and what the future looks like.

Pokemon Go Ditto guide - How to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go Of all the Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, Ditto is by far the most annoying. You've no doubt reached this Ditto guide because you've been wondering how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go, since it's not an easy task whatsoever.

'Pokémon Go' update gives Android gamers an AR portrait mode Earlier this month, Niantic promised a feature called "Go Snapshot" that would turn Pok and eacute;mon Go into an AR photo machine. Now, the feature is live - for…

Pokemon Go trading guide - How to trade in Pokemon Go, how much trading costs, who you can trade and more But how do you trade in Pokemon Go? There's some big differences between trading in Pokemon Go and core games in the franchise. Firstly, you need to fulfill the Pokemon Go trading criteria:. When you've fulfilled all three criteria, simply select the correct friend and tap on Trade.

'Pokémon Go' update gives Android gamers an AR photo mode Earlier this month, Niantic promised a feature called "Go Snapshot" that would turn Pokémon Go into an AR photo machine.

Latias Returns for a Special Raid Weekend! Taking on this raid boss will not be easy, consult our Latias raid guide for full details on how to take her on! She has plenty of viable counters, but in short, Latias is weak to bug, dragon, dark, ghost, fairy, and ice! It is a hard call to say if Latias will be duoable, but the signs point to no.

Pokemon Day: New 2019 Game Announcement Imminent? Pokemon fans are still waiting on news of the scheduled 2019 Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Day could provide the announcement!

Giving Back: The Charity Work of Local Communities! Giving Back: The Charity Work of Local Communities! This is a celebration of all good deeds done by you, the players, during Community Day. This will be a once-monthly segment whereby I will be shining the spotlight on Communities and individuals that give back and do good deeds for their local areas all while racking up their shiny Pokémon!

Pokemon Go Clamperl event: how to evolve into Huntail and Gorebyss during the limited research day Pokemon Go just announced a surprise event, a limited research day, for February 23. Here's everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go Adds Clamperl for A Limited Time Research Event this Weekend Pokemon Go fans must be overjoyed with excitement as Niantic has announced a new Limited Research event for their Pokemon Go players this Saturday. Much like a Community Day, the event will start on Saturday February 23 and will run for three hours.

Pokemon GO: New Meltan Avatar Items Leak Thanks to a new Pokemon GO leak, we now know that some Meltan avatar items, namely a winter hat, shirt, and earrings, are coming to the mobile augmented reality game.

'Pokemon' Announces Massive 3-Month Anime Marathon Are you ready to check out some of Pokemon's best anime? Well, it seems the company backing your favorite pocket monsters is. A new report has confirmed Pokemon is about to launch one massive marathon, and it will take fans months to stream online.

Pokemon Switch RPG Game: 6 Facts You Need to Know All three of these games were marketed heavily on their links to the original 151 Pokémon, as were Pokken Tournament and Pokémon Quest. Nintendo embraced the sentimentality that surrounds the original iteration of the franchise rather than looking ahead towards the future.

Pokemon Go March Community Day Rumors Rumors are circulating as to what the Pokemon Go March Community Day could entail. We discuss the potential headline Pokemon, bonuses, time and date.

Niantic announce Limited Research Day featuring Clamperl Following the less-than-stellar Limited Research Day in January, the one that featured Feebas, Niantic have announced that the February 2019 Pokemon GO Limited Research day will be featuring water-type, third generation Pokemon Clamperl.

Pokemon GO March 2019 Community Day to Feature Treecko? Pokemon GO March 2019 Community Day is likely to feature the gen 3 Grass-type Starter Treecko if developer Niantic is not changing up its tried-and-true formula.

Pokemon Go Clamperl Field Research Task Release Date Players who complete the various Pokemon Go Clamperl field research task challenges will receive twice as much Catch Stardust for every water type caught during the three-hour window for your region. The more challenges you complete, the more Clamperl encounters you'll have, and the more Stardust you'll earn as a result.

What to expect from Pokemon Go in 2019? In essence what a Pokemon Center is! Another feature that has the potential to be added is breeding. Whilst not discussed among official Pokemon channels, it is a request that frequently appears in the Pokemon forums. Elsewhere, cheating, or more specifically spoofing, has plagued Pokemon Go since release.

Pokemon GO Limited Clamperl Research Event Details Pokemon GO announces a Limited Research Clamperl event for later this month and confirms some exciting bonuses that will be active during the celebration.

Pok駑on Go revamps Feebas Day concept with fresh ideas Pok駑on Go's new research event concept will return this weekend - but with some welcome changes from last month's Feebas day, which received a mixed reaction from fans. This Saturday, 23rd February, research rewards will grant the long-awaited Clamperl for three hours only.

Pokemon Go Gets Gen 4 Legendary! The Hoenn Celebration for Pokemon Go is over now and Niantic is ready to move on with a new Legendary Pokemon. This time, we will be seeing Palkia appearing in Raid Battles. Like all the other Legendary Pokemon Raid Battle, you will need to team up with the other players to take down the Legendary Pokemon.

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