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Pokemon Go to be improved for those in rural areas Pokemon Go testing is underway in an effort to improve the quality of the game for those in rural areas with fewer Pokestops and users, developer Niantic has recently confirmed.

This Pokemon Halloween Pumpkin Brings Gastly to Life Pokemon has a surprising number of pocket monsters that seem to be tailor made for Halloween. From ghost types to bone wielding monsters to creatures baring more claws and fans than you can shake a pumpkin at, the long running anime franchise is right for the picking for those looking to combine the series with All Hallows Eve.

Pokemon Masters Seems to Be Doing Worse Than Ever The DeNA mobile game Pokemon Masters seems to be struggling, per a new report. The YouTuber PAnime HQ recently published a chart showing estimated sales for the new mobile game since its release in September in the United States.

Woman Playing Pokémon Go Is Killed After Witnessing Robbery, Police Say "The world truly lost someone special." Pokémon Go, which uses geolocation features and enables the phone's camera, soared to the top of the download charts when it was released in 2016, but provoked some criticism.

Niantic addresses changes made to Pokémon Go gameplay On Tuesday, Niantic addressed concerns about localized and global changes made to Pokémon Go gameplay. While any game this big will implement some changes periodically, many of these smaller tweaks have not been addressed before now. Some of these changes have been adjustments to local areas where gameplay was less consistent.

'Pokemon Go' is finally adding online multiplayer battles in 2020 In the three years since launch, Pokemon Go has evolved into a completely different game. Many of the features that have kept the game relevant for all this time weren't available at launch, from trading to raid battles to field research to the addition of hundreds of new Pokemon from throughout the history of the series.

Pokemon Go Player Fatally Shot After Witnessing Robbery In New Mexico Park The 21-year-old woman attempted to flee but the robbers chased after her and opened fire.

Pokemon GO Ditto update with new disguises for late 2019 Today we're taking a peek at the latest update to Ditto in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon is a tricksy monster, to be sure - certainly when it comes to hiding in the wild. If you've never caught a Ditto, you'll know good and well - it's not easy trying to find Ditto, even when you're doing your best to make it happen!

Slog AM: Justin Trudeau Wins, a Pokémon Go Tragedy, WeWork Has No Money for Severance Pay Thousands will lose their jobs. That is, once WeWork has enough money for severance pay. The only reason workers haven't been fired is because "WeWork only has weeks of money left." Who called the cops on this glorious hog? The Pierce County Sheriff's Department was busy with a late-night call about a giant pig walking down the street.

Pokemon Go player shot to death in New Mexico park Cayla Campos was having a little fun playing Pokemon Go with her boyfriend. But minutes later, a robbery unfolded at a park in an Albuquerque, N.M. Campos, 21, spotted two thugs robbing a person sitting in their car. As she tried to drive away, shots were fired into her vehicle.

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Grunt Dialogue Hints the Type of their Strongest Pokemon Trainers, the Team Go Rocket Grunt dialogue hints on the type of their strongest Pokemon and according to the analysis done by a Pokemon Go player on TSR, we now know what type of Pokemon they'll use in a battle.

Pokemon Go Teases New Team Rocket Special Research This suggests the mysterious components may be what ultimately leads to the aforementioned new Team Rocket members. Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. debuting in the game.

Pokémon Go Team Go Rocket drops Mysterious Components Niantic announces new item drop from Team Go Rocket.

Pokemon Go Battle League will allow you to fight with other trainers online Niantic has just announced the expansion of its PvP battle modes in Pokemon Go. In 2020, the company will introduce Go Battle League an online PvP mode.

Pokemon Go Adding Online Battles Next Year Pokemon Go developer Niantic is adding a Go Battle League feature in early 2020, which will let you compete against other players online and raise your rank.

Pokémon Go online battles coming in 2020 via Go Battle League Ranked matchmaking will arrive in Pokémon Go early next year, allowing for online battle for the first time, but there is a catch… When Pokémon Go first launched, back in the summer of 2016, you could barely do anything but catch pokémon.

Pokemon Go player shot dead after witnessing armed robbery Cayla Campos, 21, and her boyfriend Sidney, were hunting Pokemon in their car in Albuquerque late Friday when they pulled up beside a robbery in progress in the city's Bianchetti Park, according to police. Two men were holding up another man when they spotted Campos and opened fire on her vehicle.

Pok駑on Go Niantic Wayfarer - how to review Pok餞tops explained Everything you need to know about Niantic Wayfarer, the new feature of Pok駑on Go, including how to review Pok餞tops.

Pokémon GO launching GO Battle League in 2020 If you've been wanting to pit your pokéskills against random people from around the world, then 2020 will be your time to shine, with Pokémon GO's GO Battle League.

Pokémon Go is getting online multiplayer battles early next year Starting in early 2020, Pokémon Go players will be able to battle each other online in a new Battle League. The company says that the league will let you battle players from around the globe using a matching system.

Pokemon Go will let you battle other players online in 2020 Pokemon Go was a global smash upon its 2016 release, and it has remained one of the top grossing games on iOS and Android ever since. The game's longevity is made more impressive when you consider that there's no online battle mode, since online battle modes are usually how companies keep players coming back to their games.

Pokémon Go player Cayla Campos shot and killed after witnessing robbery Police say 21-year-old Cayla Campos was playing Pokemon Go on Friday with her boyfriend, before she was shot to death near Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pokemon Go adding ranked Battle League PvP in early 2020 This system "will build upon Trainer Battles, the current form of player vs player battling," and is scheduled to release in early 2020. "Go Battle League will encourage players to get out and explore the world with Pokemon," Niantic says.

Pokémon GO adding long-awaited support for online multiplayer battles in 2020 Pokémon GO is finally adding support for online battle mode in 2020. Ninantic made the announcement today, saying that the GO Battle League will build upon Trainer Battles, which is the current player vs player feature within Pokémon GO. Trainer Battles launched almost a year ago in Pokémon GO.

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