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How To Convert An Old Electric Kiln To A Gas-fired Kiln If you have ever had the opportunity to fire in a gas kiln, you know the wonderful results that can be obtained-unlike any other! The glazes glow differently, the colors melt together differently, and the clay body even looks different.

Slow Lives! Slow Food On Slow Pottery This is an update of a previous post as I feel that it is timely. I've moved back to Texas from Australia, so this post is slanted to Australia, but I feel that it is essential that THE WORLD!! now takes all of these ideas into consideration. In the past few weeks, all of us have had to slow down our lives.

Salt Jars 2020 We are working on a way to sell pottery and tiles, but it is slow. For now I am going to post here with prices pl…

Anthurium Flowers And here is my new painting and pottery combo! this flower is on of several I have growing around the yard,,, no care needed and it blooms pretty much all the time.

The Florida state bird and Flower Todays picture is of a vase I just finished,,,,, seeing as nothing will be selling for awhile, it gives me the freedom to make pots that for some reason I haven't gotten around to making. Case in point is this piece, a hand painted mockingbirds and orange blossoms.

Smile Beat the winter blues, come take a pottery lesson with us in our studio! Learn to throw a pot on the potters wheel with Jeff Brown's expert guidance. We can accommodate groups up to five. Included in your lesson is one pot for each student that we will glaze and fire.

Ms. B 2020 We had planned a firing for the small kiln a few weeks back and with everything that has come up we pushed it aside. Last week pots were gl…

Feet I have been looking at my feet a lot as I am walking. Why? Because I feel that I need to see where I am stepping. When you look down you…

Days of wine and virus,,,, Well the gallery has been closed for going on 2 weeks,,,, and several weeks before that sales were nil,,, and before that sales weren't much of nothing,,, when there is scary news on the TV people aren't into spending money on art. every week for several years now ''scary news'' has become the new normal….

More tiles and something new There were a few more tiles in the kiln that I thought you might enjoy. I am very fond of the red sunflowers. I am well aware that most f…

Opening the kiln When we have an order, such as the tile, there is plenty of space that needs to be filled up. I tucked in some tiles in the open spaces and…

How, Why, what?!! I thought for a change I might let you in on my creative process,,,, how I create the things I create and why. Todays picture is of my ''AlligatorLady'' as you can see she has little alligators all over her head instead of hair! I know! cool huh?

The world is uncentain Just stopping in on my way out to the studio. I have those orders that need some attention today. I am thinking about us all as we hunke…

Marcia Selsor Workshop Marci Selsor is one of the ultimate gurus on alternative firing techniques. Pretty much all I've learned about terra sig, feather raku and saggar firing, I've learned from her…although it be vicariously through youtube videos and online articles. So when the opportunity to learn from her IN PERSON!!!!

NYC - Day Two Celebration of Spring Studio Tour. The Seagrove Area Potters Association will reassess the scheduling of the event in the coming weeks. Spring will be here before you know it, so save the date for the Seagrove Potters Annual Spring Studio Tour. April 18 - 19, 2o20.

I'm Back! So sorry I have written lately ,, but I have been busy. Its the tourist season, so lots of people at the gallery. Old friends from up north, and new folks just discovering us…. and this is a lot of stress on me. since the beginning I have all been bring my best work to the market, this time of year,, which means making lots of pottery.

The Ceramics Designer Inspired by 20th-Century Drawings of Brain Cells After finding a book of vintage medical illustrations, Eny Lee Parker decided to translate those shapes to clay.

Be Warned… Vacation Pictures! The week before last I took a little break and flew to Connecticut to visit my daughter. She lives in New Haven and from there we took the…

You are in Good Company: Ephraim Enthusiasts Share a Love for Arts & Crafts Design Mark and Ann McCullough shared a love for the Arts and Crafts period and style even before they married. Over thirty years later, they live with their two daughters-6th generation Texans-in the beautiful home they designed and built outside of Houston.

Iditarod Restart Today… and still moving snow, LOTS OF SNOW! I am sitting in our living room while 57 dog teams and their mushers, about a mile away, are about to start their exciting and challenging trip to Nome. The snow on our deck is deeper than I am tall. Can't see the lake. Can't see the opposite shoreline.

Recharging the batteries Before we jump into a very large project of kitchen tile we had planed a trip off. Mark and I went to spend a few days in…

The Designer Making Surprisingly Humanoid Sculptural Ceramics Jeremy Anderson, the co-founder of the modernist lighting studio Apparatus, is molding a space for himself with a collection of porcelain and stoneware vessels.

There goes Febuaury Here we go just flying into March, I can not tell you where the days go. We use to make pottery and raise kids, a few animals, garden, an…

The Week In Review We unloaded the gas kiln, had a snow day, and I worked through a few more letters in my modern calligraphy course….

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