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Gold Continues to Look Attractive in a Low-Rate Environment "Lower for longer" favors gold, and looking at the last cycle suggests at least a five-fold increase in the price of gold… by Frank Holmes of US Funds. Last week I visited beautiful Vancouver to attend the CEO Martini Party.

Warren To Mnuchin: JP Morgan Caused Repo Turmoil To Force Fed Into Launching QE? As we reported earlier today, the turmoil in the dollar funding markets has returned, with the Fed's term repo… from Zero Hedge.

Europe's Spending Binge Is Slowing Its Economy The idea that governments can't lower taxes because there is a deficit, but are free to raise all expenses even if there is a deficit can be found in many political manifestos these days. Central planners always see the economic challenges as a problem of demand, and as such cringe at the idea of prudent investment and saving.

Gold bides time as traders await clarity on Brexit Gold prices were steady on Wednesday, as investors waited for clarity on Brexit confusion after UK lawmakers voted for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's divorce plan but opposed his tight timetable to complete the legislative process in three days. * Spot gold was unchanged at $1,488.50 per ounce, as of 0125 GMT.

Chris Vermeulen: Transportation And Other Indexes Struggle, Suggesting Possible Top Traders are usually a bit more cautious about the markets than other times of the year… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders. Nearing the end of October, traders are usually a bit more cautious about the markets than at other times of the year.

Trudeau Overcomes Scandal To Win 2nd Term As PM, But Fails To Secure Majority Justin Trudeau has overcome a raft of scandals, ranging from the juvenile and relatively benign…:. from Zero Hedge. Justin Trudeau has overcome a raft of scandals, ranging from the juvenile and relatively benign, to the blatantly corrupt, and won a second term as Canada's prime minister.

Fed's Story Doesn't Add Up: Is The Fed Losing Control Of The Market? As the Federal Reserve continues to resort to emergency measures, to address a problem that it claims does not exist, more and more market participants are starting to realize there's an element to the Fed's story that just doesn't add up.

BREXIT, Gold And The Duel Between Johnson & Parliament Are Boris Johnson's struggles "good for gold"? by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits. Boris Johnson struggles to push the Brexit agreement through the British Parliament. For it can bite back! Who wins this battle?

The Mining Sector Is The Last Remaining Deep Value Play? "Quiet optimism" does, indeed, sum up the current gold market… from Palisade Radio with David Erfle. David feels the term "quiet optimism" does, indeed, sum up the current gold market. He points out that capital markets have yet to open up to most micro-cap gold companies.

Keith Weiner: Exponentially Rising Gold Price, Permanent Backwardation & The End Of Currency What does all of this mean for Main Street? Keith has the answer to that question, and a whole lot more…Keith Weiner of Monetary-Metals interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors.

How Zenith Bank Took Bullion Van To Evacuate Cash For Fayose - Witness He told the court that a former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, was present during the operation at the airport. Oshode said on taking the N1.219bn to the bank, Agbele supplied three bank accounts into which the money was to be lodged.

BLOW-OFF TOP: The S&P 500 is Going to 3,400 If Not 4,000 The man who coined the term "everything bubble" is convinced a blow-off top is coming to the stock market… by Graham Summers of Gains, Pains and Capital. Stocks hit upper resistance on Friday and rolled over. The decline wasn't particularly strong however so the door remains open to a breakout to the upside here.

Michelin Will Host a Dinner at Bullion, the First Time Ever in Texas They're coming to Bullion for their first Michelin on the Road dinner event to be held in Texas. It's no surprise: Bruno Davaillon is our only Michelin-starred chef, a fact we're reiterated many times.

"Digital Currencies" Innovation…Is Anything Significant Really Happening? The first thing to note here is that the money we have now issued by the Fed and other central banks is already "digital money"…

For the First Time Ever, Michelin Deigns to Visit Dallas The organization won't be handing out any stars in the Big D, but will head to Downtown restaurant Bullion for a six-course tasting dinner with chef Bruno Davaillon, who earned a Michelin star in 2008 at Alain Ducasse's Mix in Las Vegas.

Bitcoin Narrative Strengthens As "Fake" Gold Spreads Gold bars seem simple enough. They're large, orange-colored, and stamped slabs of metal that weigh a ton for their size. Despite this, they can be faked.

A Near-Term Catalyst For Gold ETFs Gold ETFs, including the SPDR Gold Shares, the iShares Gold Trust and the SPDR Gold MiniShares, have recently traded modestly lower, but there's a near-term case to revisit these funds. Sure, some of that case involves the Federal Reserve potentially lowering interest rates later this month.

Matt from Silver Fortune: Top Myths About Silver & Gold, Debunked Silver / Silver News / Matt from Silver Fortune: Top Myths About Silver and Gold, Debunked What are your favorite myths about silver and gold?by Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver Fortune Tags: Fundamental Analysis, Gold, Matt from Silver Fortune, silver.

Harvard Trained Economist: What Higher Debts Do To Bond Rates Harry Dent says this chart pretty much proves natural assumptions are false! by Harry Dent of Economy and Markets. The only Phd economist I allow to speak each year at the Irrational Economic Summit is Doctor Lacy Hunt. Lacy can take that complex science and still see the forest for the trees.

Gold Sector's Best Earnings Reports In Years Are Coming Up! Higher prevailing gold prices work wonders…by Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLC. The gold miners are likely to report blowout profits in this spinning-up Q3'19 earnings season. Higher production, stable costs, and much-higher gold prices should combine for some super-impressive results.

Gold slips Rs 15 to Rs 38,315 per 10 grams; futures trading in green Gold futures for delivery in December gained by Rs 5, or 0.01 percent on the MCX trading at Rs 37,895 per 10 gram in evening trade in a business turnover of 18,839 lots. Gold contracts for February delivery were up by Rs 48, or 0.13 percent, at Rs 38,199 per 10 gram in a business turnover of 3,501 lots.

ALERT! Failing Banks Desperate To Change The Rules! Failing Banks Desperate To Change The Rules! News today of "closed door meetings" with the Big Banks and the FED about how to engineer a way… News today of "closed door meetings" with the Big Banks and the FED about how to engineer a way AROUND REGULATIONS on cash reserves.

Jim Rickards: Historic Victory Of Epic Proportions For Trump In 2020 "It's the economy, stupid!" by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning. The trade war is taking a heavy toll on China. Chinese growth slowed to 6% in the third quarter, slower than expected and the slowest growth rate since 1992. That 6% growth represents a sharp drop from the 6.8% growth China registered in the first quarter of 2018.

Brandon Johnson - The UK's Youngest Millionaire Entrepreneur For someone so switched on from a young age, Johnson has the name, charisma and confidence of someone who will soon become one of the UK's most successful and well-known entrepreneurs, similar to Peter Jones, Richard Reed and Mark Pearson. What does the future hold for Johnson?

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