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MIT Computer Model Predicts Dramatic Drop In The Quality Of Life Around 2020 The computer model is also predicting the "end of civilization" around 2040. Here's just how bad the model says things are about to become… by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog. Is humanity approaching a major turning point?

Mining and metals markets crater as copper price enters bear market Investors found no solace in traditional safe haven gold with the precious metal setting a one-and-a-half year low of $1,182 an ounce on Wednesday. A drop to $14.38 an ounce meant silver's losses year to date now top 15%.

Twitter Suspends Alex Jones Over Offending Tweet The campaign to silence Alex Jones has finally crossed over into Twitter. Here are the details… from Zero Hedge.

Lynette Zang: You Do Not Need Inflation For An Economy To Thrive Everywhere we turn, we keep hearing that inflation is good, but do we really need inflation to thrive as an economy? Lynette breaks it down for us… by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading. Question 1. Can you explain how there can be economic growth without inflation?

It's time for contrarians to Get Bullish on Gold The yellow metal normally acts as a safe haven in times of political and economic strife, but in the face of Turkey's lira meltdown, investors have taken cover instead in the U.S. dollar. On Monday, the stronger greenback pushed gold to end below $1,200 an ounce for the first time since January 2017.

Palladium Plunges & Copper Crashes: Major Metal Mayhem Is Morphing Into A Massive Meltdown While the mainstream keeps their eyes fixated on Turkey and the Trade War, the industrial metals are plummeting. Here's an update… from Zero Hedge.

John Rubino: There's NO Pain Free Option When You Borrow Too Much Money John says if coordinated globally, the debt reset will be disruptive, but for a short time, and we'll come out of it in reasonably good shape. Here's more… John Rubino interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog. According to Financial writer John Rubino, the long predicted so-called "debt reset" is getting much closer.

Brandon Smith: The Central Banks Are The Real Culprit For The Latest Economic Contagion Brandon says it is not the trade war or Turkey causing the contagion, but the central banks and especially the Fed. Here's why… by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market. The mainstream news has been awash lately in talk over the danger of economic "contagion," primarily due to lack of dollar liquidity in emerging markets.

Gold trading volumes double in Turkey amid currency crisis Spot gold dropped to the lowest in about 18 months at $1,175.75 an ounce on Wednesday. Erdogan, who in 2016 urged Turks to convert their foreign-currency savings into lira and gold as relations with the U.S. started to deteriorate, said this week that they should exchange the metal for lira.

Currency Exchanges Run Out Of Lira As Britons Travel To Turkey Last Minute "British tourists have decided to take a last-minute holiday to Turkey, which are much cheaper thanks to the currency crisis…" from Zero Hedge.

Perth Mint launches first gold-backed ETF on NYSE To reduce tracking error, Hayes said the management fee will be charged in ounces at the time of production rather than in dollars after the fee is converted. The Perth Mint's new ETF will be backed by physical gold and will give investors the option to take physical delivery from its gold products.

Fund Manager: Gold & Silver Being Hit Like In 2008 To Cover-Up Impending Global Financial Crisis Dave Kranzler provides a very critical update today on what is going on with gold, silver, and the broader markets. Here are the details… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics. In 2008, gold was taken from $1020 to $700 and silver was pounded from $21 to $7 during the period of time that Bear Stearns, Lehman and the U.S.

Jim Rickards: China To Devalue The Yuan Until Its Stock Market Crashes Jim says China will continue to devalue the yuan until the stock market crashes. See all of that analysis on our "China controls gold price" pages. by Jim Rickards of Daily Reckoning. When I say the fix is in for FXI that's not meant to be mysterious.

The Global Fiat Currency Regime Turns 47 Today SD Midweek: The bottom is falling out of gold and silver. The situation is dire, but the stock market doesn't know it yet. Here's an update… Today is the 47th anniversary of Nixon 'closing the gold window' as it is commonly called. Let's hear him cut the last remaining tie to sound money in his own words:.

Keep Your Eye on China In one version of the old Goldilocks fairy tale, she is almost eaten by the three bears but manages to escape the cottage and run into the woods. It's not at all obvious the Communist Chinese will be so lucky. Regards,. Jim Rickards for The Daily Reckoning.

Gold Fields boss says South Deep lay-offs are 'last-gasp measure' However, he added, the choice was between the announced measures and serious risk to the future of South Deep and its many stakeholders.

Gold Futures Volume Doubled in Turkey During Currency Crisis First Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan argued citizens should buy gold, then he says sell. Add dramatic swings in the lira, and the country's traders are now enthusiastically doing both.

Afloat On Debt: US Household Debt Hits Record $13,000,000,000,000 From auto loans to home loans, it's a continued debt binge all around. Here are the details… from Zero Hedge. Total household debt hit a new record high, rising by $82 billion to $13.29 trillion in Q2 of 2018, 3.5% higher than a year earlier according to the NY Fed's latest household debt report.

Steve St Angelo: The Performance Of Gold & Silver During The Coming Stock Market Crash Steve says not to expect a repeat of 2008 with the metals crashing alongside the stock market. Here's why we'll see a much different outcome… by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report. While many investors believe the gold and silver price will crash during the next market meltdown, I see a much different outcome.

Beware Of Physical Gold's Diminishing Value How the hidden costs of holding physical bullion damages both long - and short-term performance results. Why gold dealers win while gold investors and traders lose. How physical bullion's constraints limit liquidity and trading flexibility. Better alternatives to investing in physical bullion.

How Gold & Silver Will Trade During The Next Market Crash While many investors believe the gold and silver price will crash during the next market meltdown, I see a much different outcome. Yes, it is true that the metals may sell off initially in the beginning, but I believe gold and silver will disconnect from the broader markets and move up much higher.

People Have Lost One-Third Of Their Savings In Just A Matter Of Days By now most people have heard about the currency crisis wreaking havoc in Turkey, but let's put some perspective on it… by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. Let me say up front - I know I've been a bit quiet lately.

Stewart Thomson: Tactics For Taking Advantage Of The Gold Sale Price Stewart says it's a great time to get into gold as gold has formed the most massive bullish chart pattern in the entire history of markets. Here are the details… by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates. August 14, 2018.

Paul Craig Roberts: Patriotism Has Been Turned Against The Patriots To understand how screwed-up America is, consider that patriotism is now associated with the suppression of dissent. Paul Craig Roberts explains… by Paul Craig Roberts via Patriotism Has Been Turned Against Patriots. Paul Craig Roberts.

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