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Collect call Ed Helgran of Atwood Coin and Jewelry, at 1450 Atwood Ave., has a piece of advice for young people looking to take up a hobby. "You can buy a coin today that may 20 years from now be worth $100,000 because of its scarcity, which, you'll never get that kind of return just ," he said.

How Michael Bloomberg's 'Journalists' Propagandize For More U.S. Aggressions The regime's propaganda doesn't come from the Government directly, but from the 607 billionaires who control the regime, via their corrupt control over… by Eric Zuesse via Strategic Culture. This will be exposing typical U.S.-regime propaganda. That's propaganda favoring U.S.

The Corporate Debt Bubble Is A Train Wreck In Slow Motion All bubbles collapse, and corporate debt has already sealed the fate of the Everything Bubble… by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.

Wuhan Virus Outbreak To Trigger Global Economic Collapse? The cartel is staring down its worst-case scenario: Pandemic cripples the economy, leading to a sea of red in the financial markets and damaging spillover onto Main Street, followed by a global wave of Gold Fever. Will the "markets" as we know them today even survive?

GDX and silver relative weakness hinting gold may need a rest Policy makers have already ceased to assist Europe with further interest rate cuts and as mentioned last week in this column, Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George stated the central bank may need to "reverse" the three cuts implemented in 2019 that brought rates down to 1.5% to 1.75%.

Will Boeing Need A U.S. Government Bailout? In many ways, Boeing exemplifies everything that is wrong with Corporate America and the US today… by Jason Burack via Wall St For Main St. Boeing has been in the news a lot lately and none of the reasons have been good.

Where to Score Big Gains As the Fed Drives Markets to Nosebleed Levels Look, there's no reason to overthink this. Central Banks are panicked and have started the printing presses again… by Graham Summers of Gains, Pains, and Capital. Forget everything you hear on the news. Forget the claims of recession. Forget the claims of Trade Wars.

Trader: We Usually Diversify Between Gold, Silver & Miners, But Silver Has EXTRA Opportunity "…we expect to keep this long position active only for several days." by Przemyslaw Radomski via Sunshine Profits. Not much happened yesterday and our yesterday's comments regarding long position in silver remain up-to-date. The white metal didn't soar immediately, but that doesn't change anything.

Final Release in Preamble to Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series on Sale Jan. 30 The United States Mint will release the third and final coin in its Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin Series on January 30 at noon EST. The theme of the coin is Pursuit of Happiness. The obverse design of the 2020 coin depicts Lady Liberty harvesting the fruits of her labor with a young girl at play nearby.

Ray Dalio Says "Cash Is Trash" and Americans Must Own Gold Michael goes through his checklist of data points and the events that, once taken place, will fuel the next big rally in precious metals. He also talks about the key warning sign that we can be looking for that will indicate when the economic bubble to end all bubbles is about to burst.

"The Other White Metals" Are On A Tear Great performance doesn't mean they are better than silver and gold, though… by Matt From Silver Fortune via Silver Fortune. Great performance doesn't mean they are better than silver and gold, though.

Gold Price Analysis: Portrays rising trend-channel on H4 Gold prices lack momentum while trading around $1,561.50 during early Friday. Even so, the bullion stays inside a short-term ascending trend-channel formation that portrays the strength of the underlying momentum. Also supporting the odds for the yellow metal's rise is the outbreak of China's coronavirus that helps the safe-havens.

Gold eases after WHO says China virus not a global emergency Gold inched lower on Friday as investors opted for riskier assets after the World Health Organisation stopped short of declaring the China virus outbreak a global emergency, but the precious metal was on track to post a weekly gain. Spot gold fell 0.2% to $1,560.50 per ounce by 0131 GMT.

Simon Black: "Now We See The Violence In the System" They want to punish and kill rich people. They want violence. They want to steal private property and redistribute it to workers… by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. Apparently Bill Gates has sat on his ass and contributed nothing to Microsoft's success over the past 44 years… at least, according to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Fund Manager: Tesla's Warranty Expense "Income" Is Fraudulent, For Multiple Reasons Musk, along with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, will do and say anything to try and force Tesla's stock price higher. Dave Kranzler explains… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics.

USD/JPY: the bulls will be looking to build support around the 109.00 A third bearish candle in as many sessions sets Dollar/Yen on a corrective path. We talked yesterday about the downside implied target of 109.20 from the top and this has all but been achieved already.

Affordable Prepping: Cheap, Easily Found Survival Gear To Help You Survive TEOTWAWKI Now that you've got that huge stack of gold and silver, here are 15 cheap additions for your preps that can help you survive when the SHTF… by MD Creekmore via MD Creekmore. In this video, I take a look at 15 prepping items to help you survive TEOTWAWKI.

Gold's Next Power Move Could Happen Sooner Than You Think Gold could be eyeing a major breakout in the first quarter as overvalued equities come crashing back down to earth.

Gold firms as risk appetite wanes on coronavirus fears Gold rose on Thursday as scaling concerns over a coronavirus outbreak in China and its impact on global economy soured sentiments for riskier assets, propping up demand for the safe-haven asset. Spot gold was up 0.4% at $1,564.13 per ounce. gold futures settled up 0.6% at $1,565.40 per ounce.

All Comex Deliveries Matter: 1,000,000 Oz Silver Purchase In Last Few Days, No Prices Posted! January Silver Deliveries continue to make anyone who watches these antics frustrated because the cloud of secrecy continues… submitted by J. Johnson via JS Mineset. Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,.

If Martians Teleported The Davos Crowd To A Distant Moon, Who Mourns And Who Would Cheer? The system that has so enriched the self-serving crowd is unraveling. Technocratic tweaks, carbon trading and philanthro-capitalism can't fix what's broken… by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds.

People Collapsing On Streets In China From Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus, CDC Issues Warning - Level 3 Here's the latest on the deadly virus spreading throughout China and beyond, including a warning issued by the CDC… China is quickly going on lock-down. Quarantine, that is, by a different name. From CNN on Thursday afternoon:. Some coverage via Twitter:.

Michael Ballanger: Only "Bubble" That Counts And Gold & Silver Doing Their Best To Stave Off Attacks I'm trying to buy physical gold and silver below the market to secure a better entry, but rest very unassured there is no guarantee I'll be successful… by Michael Ballanger via Streetwise Reports. Ever since Sept. 19, 2008, when Hammerin' Hank Paulson appeared in front of the U.S.

Diversify Your Precious Metals with the 2020 American Eagle 1 oz Platinum Coins Platinum is an increasingly attractive option for those looking to diversify away from the cost of gold and looking for more than what silver currently has to offer. One of the longest-running and most respected bullion coin options in this metal is the American Eagle 1 oz Platinum Coin.

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