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Venezuela Is Launching 'El Petro Oro': A GOLD-BACKED Cryptocurrency Cousin Of The Oil-Backed 'El Petro' "I have a surprise that I will launch next week, the Petro Oro, backed by gold, even more powerful." Authored by Molly Jane Zuckerman via,. After the 'successful' launch of the Venezuelan government-backed cryptocurrency the Petro on Feb.

The Deep State False Flag Mother Of All Distractions Might Be On It's Way In light of the Florida school shooting and the precariousness of the Deep State, the mother of all distractions may be on it's way. Here's why… V and CJ interviewd by Dave on the X22 Report Spotlight. Dave, 'V', and CJ take a deep dive into the recent Florida school shooting.

Russia's Central Bank Now Has More Gold Than China's "Only three countries in the top 10 have increased their holdings materially in recent years…" Of course, these are "official" numbers. We've covered many times how many analysts estimate China's gold reserves to be unofficially around 30,000 to 40,000 tons.

DOW 3,000 - 90% CRASH Ahead - Steve St. Angelo Steve Saint Angelo tells Silver Doctors, and we may be in for a repeat of the 2008 crash, only this time, it will be much worse… Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report interviewed by Silver Doctors. Saint Angelo lays out a timeline of the crash, forecasting the Dow will first fall to 18,000, then 13,000, then plummet to 3,000.

Shooting Survivor: 'CNN Gave Me A Scripted Question' After They Denied Me From Asking My Own "Anyone believing CNN has an agenda other than that of the anti-gun global elites is not paying attention…" by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan. This is yet another propaganda alert coming straight from one of the survivors of the Florida school shooting. He says CNN gave him a scripted question after denying him the right to ask about armed guards.

3 Ways to Invest in Silver on a Budget Those familiar with investing in silver know that spot prices change throughout the day, which can cause the price of a metal to change drastically from day to day or week to week. These price changes can be caused by economic performance, the political environment, and any number of other factors that affect financial markets.

Why The Most Recent Market Sell-Off Was Just The Beginning "The market doesn't know what to do with negative inputs today… much less some really bad news." by Simon Black via Sovereign Man. On October 19, 1987, the Dow experienced its biggest one-day percentage loss in history - plunging 22.6%. It was "Black Monday." The selloff was so fast and so severe, nothing else even comes close.

Gold bulls, brace yourselves - Fed hikes are coming! Is gold doomed after the minutes, then? It may seem so. The market expectations of the interest rate path became more hawkish. The U.S. dollar rebounded, and gold prices fell. But let's take a step back and review all the facts. Did we learn anything new about the Fed?

The Macro Conditions Ripe For A Nice Gold Run Higher Over The Next Couple Of Weeks Gold / Gold News / The Macro Conditions Ripe For A Nice Gold Run Higher Over The Next Couple Of Weeks John Rubino says with the fundamentals strong, if the technicals shore-up in our favor, gold could be set-up for a really nice run.

Barrick to hike gold output as Newmont gets too close to being world's top producer Barrick Gold, the world's top bullion producer by volume, is stepping up efforts to hike output of the yellow metal by advancing a number of projects expected to add more than one million ounces a year starting in 2021.

Harley Schlanger: Your Life Depends On Stopping The Deep State Coup In fact Harley Schlanger says, "YOUR future is at stake. Your LIFE depends on stopping this coup. What the deep state is doing is a LIFE AND DEATH MATTER." Join me as we dig deep and wide into the conspiracy the destroy the sitting President.

While Inflation Reliably Hurts Stock Market Returns, Gold Shines ORIGINAL SOURCE: Inflation Is a Bigger Danger to Stocks Than Rising Rates by Ben Carlson at Bloomberg on 2/22/18.

US Mint 2018 Quarters Silver Proof Set Release 22, at noon ET, the United States Mint will be offering its 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set for $33.95. Included as part of the set are the Mint's five 2018-dated America the Beautiful quarter dollars, each struck to proof quality from 90% silver and 10% copper.

5 Things Investors Should Know About China This Year "Gold jewelry demand, for instance, grew 10.35 percent year-over-year in 2017. And it wasn't just the super wealthy making purchases…" by Frank Holmes via GoldSeek. Last Friday marked the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, China's most important holiday.

Barrick clings to top gold miner title as Newmont falls short About 50,000 ounces - or about 125 gold bars - is all that stood in the way of Newmont Mining Corp. claiming the title of world's biggest bullion producer.

There's Very Little Time Before The Negative Sentiment In Gold Shifts To Rabid Bullishness Gold / Gold News / There's Very Little Time Before The Negative Sentiment In Gold Shifts To Rabid Bullishness David McAlvany says we're on the cusp of the third and biggest wave in this gold bull market. Here's what it means for investors… 2018 Forward: Gold's Third and Biggest Wave is the focus of this week's discussion.

One Belt, One Road, One Direction for Precious Metals China's launch several years ago of the One Belt, One Road Initiative is set to become the biggest commercial linking-system constructing project in world history. In the book David Morgan and I co-authored, Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave, we discuss the "New Silk Road" this way:.

Charles Hugh Smith: Gagging On The Irony Of Russian Meddling "The irony is a noxious confluence of putid hypocrisy and a comically abject terror at the prospect that the…" by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds. The irony that is most gagging is that America's power elite is destroying the nation's social order by its concentration of wealth and abuse of power.

Meet The Italian Government's Orwellian New Automated Tax Snitch "Rather than take the necessary steps to liberate the economy, the government continues to double down on more taxes and more regulation…" by Simon Black via Sovereign Man. By the end of the 3rd century AD, the finances of ancient Rome were in terminal crisis.

Gold & Silver Spot Prices Could Drop But Premiums Would Rise And Supply Could Run Dry Gold / Gold News / Gold and Silver Spot Prices Could Drop But Premiums Would Rise And Supply Could Run Dry Lynette Zang says that waiting on a drop or a crash could mean ultimately paying more by way of higher premiums, or missing out altogether. Here's why… Question 1.

Fremont to acquire property in world's second richest gold province Barrick Gold's Goldstrike mine complex and Newmont's North and South Carlin complexes are located in this area. With this acquisition, Fremont would control 3350 hectares in the region and would be able to close an existing gap between its Coyote claim and the formerly producing Rossi mine.

Brandon Smith: Fed Chairman Powell Will Trigger A Historic Stock Market Crash In 2018 "Will Powell continue this trend of rate hikes and balance sheet reductions, being that he is recorded as knowing what the results will be? I believe…" by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market. Ever since the credit and equities crash of 2008, Americans have been bombarded relentlessly with the narrative that our economy is "in recovery".

Craig Hemke: Pressure Is Building For A Break-Out In Silver "How will we know that The Banks are being forced to retreat? A simple higher high versus the…" by Craig Hemke via SilverSeek. With the recognized top in the US dollar, it appears clear that renewed bull markets have begun across the commodity sector.

Move Over Bitcoin: Venezuela's 'Petro' Is Sovereign AND Backed By Oil El Petro is officially born. Here's the details… from Zero Hedge. Venezuela first tipped its hand at its intentions over the summer, when it appointed what we believe to be the world's first "superintendent of cryptocurrency." The Venezuelan government has been saying for months that the Petro would be available for sale beginning Feb.

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