How to judge a store without a big reputation?

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Gee Bug • Oct 29, 2019

I’d like to buy some gold coins as an investment. I prefer to buy, and collect, in person.
Came across this store in birmingham jewellery quarter
They seem legit but don’t have many reviews online.
So 2 questions.
Does anyone here have experience with them?
How how can I know the coins I buy are genuine?
a bug

Rob Tiles • Oct 29, 2019

Gee Bug You could buy a gold testing kit but i am not sure how these work and how accurate they or if they are easy to circumvent, you can research this online.

Buy a set of digital callipers to measure the dimensions of the coin and buy a digital scale that measures to miligrams so you are able to verify the weight and dimensions are correct.

I understand why you would like to collect in person but ordering online shouldn't be a problem providing the company is established and reputable. I have always used Coin Invest and never had any problems.

Gee Bug • Nov 7, 2019

Rob Tiles thank you. Turned out they had a nitro x-ray gadget..

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