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Post-pregnancy beauty kit From applying dry skin lotion to drinking lots of water, here are some post-pregnancy beauty tips for when you are short on time but in need of self-love.

Tips For A Stress-Free Flight With Your Baby During this time of year, many of us travel to visit friends and family who live a little further afield, but if you haven't travelled as a family before, even the prospect of flying with a baby or toddler can be a little daunting.

Expecting But Not Pregnant after Loss, Week 16: Nothing about this is Normal The emotions keep coming and they hit harder the further along we go. We may not be able to feel the baby physically, but emotionally, ow! Our latest OB appointment involved an ultrasound first, so we were able to see the baby and really at the best time, where the baby looks clear.

Homeopathy: What It Is and What To Avoid During Pregnancy Homeopathy is the treatment of disease, illness, or pain by using tiny doses of natural substances, such as plants and minerals, that would normally produce the symptoms you are experiencing.

What to Add To Your First Baby Registry It has been a long while since I have highlighted what's popular and most wanted on Baby Registries these days so I searched the web sphere and revisited my past posts then cross referenced to determine a List. eval;. Now this is not necessarily the essentials.

6 ways to manage constipation in pregnancy Here's the low-down on what you can do to help get those bowels moving:. Foods that contain the whole grain, such as rolled oats, oat or wheat bran, wholegrain bread, brown rice and wholegrain pasta are just a few examples. These foods are rich in dietary fibre, these can help you reach your fibre target of 25 grams a day.

Mothering #2: "Schooling" and Our Kids Come with me on this ramble as I share my thoughts on formal education, my own story and what my hopes are for my own children. This is a big and touchy topic but since it relates so much to my birth philosophy, I hope it brings you to questioning and exploring on your own.

Sugar and Gestational Diabetes Gestational diabetes can happen during pregnancy as hormone levels in your body change. When you are diagnosed with GDM, you may have heard that you cannot have sugar anymore. Some people that are pregnant with GDM may find that it's very hard to manage sugar intake from food and beverages, they may find it confusing or even frustrating at times.

Pregnancy at 35 Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy at 35? Read on for some helpful tips and advice to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

What to Do About Migraines During Pregnancy No one knows for sure what causes migraine headaches, but it likely involves changes in nerve pathways, chemicals, and blood flow in your brain. Migraines differ from stress or tension headaches in that migraines involve the dilating of blood vessels in the brain.

Tips For Managing Stressful Situations With Little Ones When we encounter sickness, unforeseen obstacles or feel like the universe is working against us, here are 4 tips for managing stressful situations with little ones! Reinforcements can be in the form of family, friends, a hired babysitter or neighbor you trust that can come help you for a few hours.

Rachel's Bump Day Blog, Week 29: Truckin' along There have been ups and downs, but in the end it is all good stuff. Husband is still working on his rotation and feeling confident in his abilities as an almost doctor. Rainbow continues to push boundaries and test limits as most three-year-olds do. She is smart, kind and helpful when asked.

5 remedies to relieve back pain in pregnancy Changing hormones, stretching ligaments and a changing body can all contribute to back pain in pregnancy. Here's what you can do to alleviate it.

Battling Through Baby's First Cold Working your way through your baby's first cold can be quite a challenge for all concerned. Not only is it horrible to see somebody so small and helpless feel so poorly, but they can become irritable, tired and fractious, struggling to settle down to sleep and leaving all of you feeling pretty exhausted.

Postnatal Posture: 3 Key Tips to help improve recovery If you want to recover optimally postpartum, then you need to address your daily posture. Improved Postnatal posture has many benefits:. -Increases Energy. -Decrease aches and Pains. -Improves Pelvic Floor function. -Helps to heal Diastasis recti. -Enables you to get more benefit from your exercise.

Tips To Use Public Transportation When You Are Pregnant Public transportation is on no one's top ten fun times lists. In fact, it is probably on everyone's top ten worst times list. Public transport is bad regularly but, unfortunately, gets worse when you are pregnant. With disrespectful children, sick and coughing adults, and dirty seats and floors, your local train, bus, or subway is far from ideal.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pregnancy Note: The Pregistry website includes expert reports on more than 2000 medications, 300 diseases, and 150 common exposures during pregnancy and lactation. For the topic Syphilis, go here. For the topic Genital Herpes, go here. For the topic HIV, go here.

Pregistry's Friday Recipe: "Half and Half" Cookies Love black and white cookies? Or those little chocolate / vanilla ice cream cups? Then these are the cookies for you. Half vanilla with chocolate chips, half chocolate with vanilla chips, you get the best of both worlds with these easy, one-bowl cookies.

How to prepare for your first doctor's visit when pregnant after a loss There is nothing quite like anticipating your first doctor's visit for a new pregnancy following a loss. This appointment sets the stage for open and healthy communication with your medical provider to ensure you and baby receive the best possible care.

Sex During Pregnancy - Important Things To Know You and your partner did "the deed" and now you're pregnant - congratulations! You may now be asking yourself, is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Will my sex drive change? What are the best positions to ensure safe sex? Can having sex trigger labor?

Postural Tips During Pregnancy As your baby bump grows, your posture can shift, causing some aches + pains to creep in. To help you feel your best during pregnancy, here are some important postural tips to follow. I invite you to do this exercise with me.

Medication use when planning a pregnancy Are you are planning to have a baby or maybe you're just thinking about it and wondering whether the medication you are taking is safe? This is especially important if you have a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure when it is necessary to take medication even when you become pregnant.

Pregnancy and Ankylosing Spondylitis You may not have heard of ankylosing spondylitis before, as it strikes no more than 14 out of every 1,000 people and it is 2-3 times more common in men than in women.

What I Wish I Knew Before Taking the Plan B Pill You are the only one who can decide the right path after an unplanned pregnancy. But to find your way, you need to know about your options. What are the "abortion pill" and Plan B? How might adoption provide you with a different opportunity?

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