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Jamie And Skyler Scott Welcome Quintuplets! Life for Jamie and Skyler Scott just got a little crazy after Jamie delivered the couple's quintuplets on Wednesday! Now a family of nine, the couple documented their journey on their Facebook page called Five Two Love. Jamie has been in the hospital for quite a few weeks after one of the babies' water broke at 21 weeks.

6 Truths About The First Trimester You'll feel guilty for writing a complaining article because some day as you stare down at your beautiful new child, you'll forget all the horrible things about your first trimester. But right now, you know you're right. You'd bet a million dollars on it.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy High blood pressure during pregnancy affects less than one in five women. High blood pressure during pregnancy is also known as hypertension and comes in two main forms:. Hypertension varies from mild to severe, and this is judged by the heart rate itself.

These Powerful Photos Capture Just How Incredible the Birth Experience Truly Is Still, some birth stories are just a little more unforgettable than the rest. Just take the birth story of Jes Hogan, a 31-year-old mom from Kansas, who delivered her sixth child, Maxwell, in the hospital hallway last year.

Lotus Birth: Is it Safe? Beneficial? Too Extreme? Lotus birth is about keeping the umbilical cord and placenta with the baby while he or she gently transitions to life outside the womb. It is a quiet and respectful transfer of attachment, without the trauma of being cut from the mother.

Cervical Mucus During Early Pregnancy Cervical mucus-that sticky, slippery, or watery clear fluid that comes out of your vagina - varies during your menstrual cycle and can tell you many things about your body.

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The Brutal Truth Of A Twin Pregnancy My fiancé thinks it's an unfunny joke and I'm still trying to comprehend the fact that there are twenty fingers and twenty toes growing inside of me. I gloat to my doctor about lack of morning sickness. I must be one of the lucky ones, right? Ha, fat chance!

This Is Why We're Not Trying For Another Baby Or so you assumed, anyway. "I don't know," I said casually. What I didn't tell you is that I've already been pregnant with baby number two. And baby number three. I didn't tell you how I lost them both within months of each other. In both cases, everything started to go wrong with a trickle of blood.

7 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name This is a name that you baby is going to have for life, so it's not an insignificant decision. Here are seven tips to help you when choosing your baby's name:. Have you chosen a name for your baby yet? Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock.

Birth Matters, Even at the Quirky BabyLand General Hospital If you're curious about the American birthing culture during the majority of the 1900s, you're in luck. BabyLand General Hospital, the birth place of the iconic cabbage patch dolls, is a unique time capsule not only for the children of the 80s, but also, unfortunately, the height of the medicalization of childbirth in the United States.

Why Walking is Good For Your Fit Pregnancy Just because you have a bun in the oven doesn't mean your daily walks or exercise routine have to cease to exist. In fact, exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial to both you and your baby.

Getting Pregnant Right After Stopping The Pill A common reason for stopping oral contraceptives or oral birth control pills is a desire to get pregnant. But, how soon will it take to get pregnant once you stop the pill? There are some general guidelines available, but every woman is different.

Why I've Used The Fertility Awareness Method As Birth Control For 20 Years BUT, if you meet those criteria and are game for it, I'm here to tell you that the Fertility Awareness Method is actually a really awesome and effective form of birth control. You can use it all on its own, or in tandem with other methods-all without the hassle and sometimes awful side-effects of other birth control methods.

How to Boost Pregnancy Energy Levels If you're suffering from low energy during pregnancy, no matter which stage you are, there are some things you can try for an energy boost:. What are you doing to boost your energy levels during pregnancy? Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock.

A Mom's Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Baby's First Airplane Ride - What I've Learned About Flying With A Baby On An International Flight From The In just over a month, I will be boarding a plane and traveling with my baby to my home and native land - Canada, eh. I am so excited to make the trip. And yet I'm terrified at the same time - because it will be just baby and I. Leaving the house with my baby can be a daunting task at times.

Is your baby tired? Learn to read her tired signs. By Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns ~~~. A good way to encourage healthy sleep is to get to know your baby's sleepy signals and put her down to sleep as soon as she seems tired. She is counting on your to help her, a baby cannot put herself to sleep, nor can she understand her own sleepy signs.

10 things not to say to a pregnant woman And while most of the comments are kind and well-meaning, nearly all pregnant women have experienced some absolute doozies. Many are not meant to be hurtful or upsetting, but for a woman experiencing the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy hormones it can make them feel a bit deflated.

The Term 'Advanced Maternal Age' Shouldn't Scare the Sh t Out of You Yep, I'm in a fun category called "Advanced Maternal Age." At first, it was kind of funny and my husband took no time to crack some ridiculous jokes about Benjamin Button growing backward in my ancient lady parts - that is until the doctor started talking to us about some scary sounding tests for genetic and metabolic disorders.

Your Baby Carries Your Genes and Non-Human Genes! Most new parents very aware today that one's characteristics depend on pieces of information called genes that are made from DNA whose information-carrying ability depends on the ability to combine different genetic letters into long words, and that genes are passed from parents to children.

9 Weeks Pregnant: To Do List If you're experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy, the idea of having a to-do list may be laughable at the moment. If you are surviving by doing the bare minimum before collapsing in bed at 7pm, you may not be up for creating a to-do list.

The 100% natural way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks Pregnancy is definitely a time of growth. While your baby is busy growing and developing, you're growing too! You're growing emotionally - your heart is filling and your mind expanding. Then there's the physical growth. Your feet are a size bigger and your ankles are swollen.

Weird Ass Week It has been a weird ass week. On the good list of surprises was a really amazing, really fast, really easy birth. I offered to head home after a quick check in and pool drop off, since it seemed like this mom was likely still pretty early on in the birth process.

The 20+ Comfort Foods You Crave When You're Preggers Seems strange, since it's not really a food and doesn't seem in any way satisfying to those of us not with child, but for some reason pregnant women just can't get enough. Those with anemia are more likely to be seen chewing on ice, since it can relieve inflammation of the mouth and tongue.

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