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Why You Should Prioritize Getting Better Sleep in Pregnancy Why should you prioritize getting better sleep in pregnancy? Sleep is directly correlated to your emotional well-being!

What Is PUPPP Pregnancy Rash: How Do You Get Relief? PUPPP is not a stutterer trying to say puppy, it is an acronym for the most common itchy rash that pregnant women get. PUPPP stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. PUPPP is a mouthful, but it describes the skin rash very well.

Study Suggests Stress During Pregnancy Could Increase Your Odds of Having a Girl Everyone experiences stress, but extended periods of it can have a significant and negative effect on your health. When experienced during pregnancy, stress can increase your chances of going into labor prematurely. A new study also suggests it could impact the gender of your baby.

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Mental Health Check Ins to Make During and After Pregnancy However, a lot of mothers find it difficult to jump back into their old life, and it's not just because of the bodily changes. The past nine months have been all about preparing for your baby's arrival, which means that moments of genuine self-care - where you were only thinking about yourself - were probably few and far between.

Marjanna's Bump Day Blog, Week 32: What's In A Name We don't yet know her name. We have a short list of favorites, of ones that feel right. Hawthorne and I each have a different front runner. Recently, we went to see David Sedaris speak, one of our favorite authors. During his Q&A session at the end, Hawthorne asked what a good middle name for our child could be.

Recipe: Middle-Eastern lentil pita pocket Are you looking for more plant-based protein ideas? Here is a recipe that is full of protein and has plenty of fibre to keep your intestines moving during pregnancy. This lentil recipe is based on a recipe that I found on the New Canada's Food Guide website and I combined it with some of my favourite toppings.

Diabetic? You can still become Pregnant A few years back people believe that, if they are suffering from diabetes then there are less chances of being pregnant. However, the time has now changed a lot. With the help of medicines diabetes can be controlled. Also giving proper care will help the expectant mother to get a healthy pregnancy.

The Top 10 Foods To Increase Your Breast Milk Production When it comes to breastfeeding, everyone swears they know exactly what to eat to make the most and the best this world has to offer. After all, you do need to know your baby will get everything necessary for proper growth from your breast milk.

How to Dress Your Bump for Halloween Halloween is right around the corner. eval;. If you are expecting and plan to celebrate the day and dress up, there are loads of fun costumes you can dress you bump up as. You can just paint your pregnant belly or wear a costume of a famous pregnant person from pop culture like Juno from the movie.

Rachel's Bump Day Blog, Week 16: Running on Empty Between growing a tiny human, spending a larger amount of time than usual with a three-nager, and office politics, I was OUT OF SPOONS. I was chatting with another loss mom about my day and venting about what was going on. Scared that this baby won't make it.

9 common pregnancy food aversions and what they mean When your pregnant, certain foods and smells can cause your stomach to churn. But why do we get food aversions in pregnancy and what do they mean?

How to Cope with Doctor's Appointments in Pregnancy After Loss Doctor's appointments in pregnancy after loss can be especially triggering. But there are some things you can do to help navigate the triggers. Here are some tips on how to cope… I used to refer to my OB office as the 9th circle of hell.

Expert advice to help you budget for baby Having a baby can be wonderful. It can change your life in so many positive ways. But, it's also expensive. Marlies Kappers, chief marketing officer at financial services provider, DirectAxis, says it's difficult and probably not that helpful to work out an average cost, because expectant parents' circumstances and choices differ so much.

What is Pre-eclampsia and How Will it Affect My Pregnancy? Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects pregnant women and is associated with having high blood pressure. It is a fairly common condition during pregnancy for women, affecting up to six per cent of pregnant women in the UK. Pre-eclampsia usually occurs 20 weeks or later into pregnancy.

12 essentials to pack in your hospital bag Make sure you include these little extras in your hospital bag. They’ll make the world of difference to your birth experience.

What to Do About a Burn During Pregnancy An accidental burn can happen to anyone at any time. But many women experience a bit of clumsiness or distractedness during their pregnancies, which means that an accidental burn may be more likely to happen to them then. You know the feeling. You're tired and you didn't get a good night's sleep.

Dating Again After Having A Baby It seems that, after you had a baby, your life, your partner's life, and your baby's life are all open to public speculation. And it definitely seems that, soon after you had a baby, people start asking you when you will go out on a date with your partner again.

Natural ways to overcome pregnancy fatigue Besides nausea and vomiting, pregnancy fatigue is one of the most common discomforts women suffer during pregnancy. "Fatigue is difficult enough to deal with at the best of times, but add pregnancy and a busy lifestyle to the mix and it can make you feel absolutely exhausted," says Johannesburg-based homoeopath, Dr Vicky Compere.

10 cool-down hacks every pregnant woman should know Being pregnant in the warmer months also means you're more prone to heat exhaustion, which includes excessive sweating, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and abdominal cramps. Relocating to the North Pole might be a bit extreme, so we have a few hacks to help you stay cool.

Anaphylaxis During Pregnancy Many women of child-bearing age have asthma and allergies. These conditions can worsen and new allergies can develop during pregnancy, and women who have never had an allergic reaction before may experience anaphylaxis - a severe, whole-body, life-threatening allergic reaction that includes breathing and circulatory problems.

12 honest truths about being pregnant Whether you are having yourself and bump out of bed or dealing with well-meaning strangers, maybe it helps to know you are not alone and that there are some universal struggles for all mums-to-be… What truths can you relate to? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Helpful Tips For First Time Breastfeeding If you're a first time mom struggling with breastfeeding, take heart! Breastfeeding is depicted in the media as a beautiful, natural thing: glowing images of you and your baby quietly enjoying each other as your baby gets all the nourishment they need.

When Your Rainbows Will Be Close in Age My second and third rainbows will be close in age - 20 months apart, if all goes as planned. I find myself trying to mentally prepare for two under two.

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