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In perfect harmony You may be well versed in prenatal vitamins, the best sleep positions for your bump and staying hydrated during the nine-month stretch, but knowing what's normal for your nether regions during pregnancy is equally important. Your personal pH tells a lot about your vaginal health and can fluctuate while you're expecting, signaling an imbalance.

At Home Pregnancy Workout: The 10 Minute Pregnancy Workout Burn We have an at home pregnancy workout that only takes 10 MINUTES that will engage your whole body, get that heart rate up, and hopefully, get you sweating, all of which are very important to do regularly while pregnant. This short workout is designed for the soon to be mom's that have yet to get their body in motion during their pregnancy.

Get to Know Shady Grove Fertility's Dr. Brad Swelstad Shady Grove Fertility welcomes Doctor Brad Swelstad to the Virginia Medical Team. Brad B. Swelstad, M.D. earned his medical degree from Saint George's University and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas.

I Had An Elective C-Section And It Was Awesome I had an elective C-section. In a world that has a population that is 49.6% female, I know that statistically, I can't be the only one who has made this choice. Maybe other women who have made the same choice also feel that they should keep it to themselves.

How to get pregnant with PCOS As if trying to conceive weren't hard enough, a PCOS diagnosis can make things even more complicated. Here's what you need to know about PCOS and pregnancy.

Why I Took a Childbirth Class When I Knew I'd Have a C-Section A labor and delivery class isn't just for moms having a vaginal delivery. It also benefits women having a C-section. Here's why.

Can yoga help you overcome infertility? We investigateā€¦ Studies have revealed yoga not only helps to lower stress levels linked to infertility, but also assists conception through breathing techniques and poses.

Childproofing Your Home: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Infant Safe Like most toddlers, Becky was curious. She was a healthy, active 17 month-old girl, who liked to explore. Because of this, her mother was very cautious about keeping her safe. She had locks on all the cabinets to keep Becky from getting into dangerous cleaners, medicines, and other chemicals.

What 5 Miscarriages And One Stillbirth Taught Me About PCOS I remember telling him that if he could hear me, that the one thing I wanted was to get pregnant and have a child in my life, and that if he didn't think I was ready, he was wrong. I remember pleading with him, telling him how angry I was and that it was not fair.

The Power of Guilt While I was expecting all of these different emotions, there is one emotion that I had after losing Uriel that I didn't expect to carry on while cooking my rainbow baby and that is GUILT. I mean I've never been one to feel guilty about anything more than eating pizza when trying to diet.

14 Ways To Piss Off A Pregnant Lady And sing along with me, "One thing is not like the otherā€¦." So back off! Seriously, what good can possibly come of this?? Keep your mouth shut, I'm terrified as it is! First of all, some of us pregnant ladies DO have to chase kids. Second of all, I can't wait to be chasing this kid because I'm happy to be a parent.

Plastics and fertility: What's the link? We find plastic everywhere in our world and use different types of plastic in daily life. Ever wonder if they have any effect on trying to have a child? What are Plastics? Plastics are made from materials found in gasoline, coal and oil. They are endocrine disruptors which means they interfere with the way hormones work in the body.

What is Spinning Babies? Throughout most of pregnancy, a fetus treats your womb almost like a floating jungle gym. Flipping and turning every which way is normal behavior. By about the 30-week mark, though, 75% of babies turn head down, and many of the remaining 25% will join them by around 34 weeks.

8 Reasons Why You Can't Sleep At 8 Months Pregnant If you're getting near to the end of your pregnancy, then you know getting a good night sleep is virtually impossible right now. Here are 8 reasons why:. Right now, your bladder capacity is at an all-time low because of your growing baby. Plus, it seems like the urge to pee is bigger at night than during the day.

29 Mums Share Their C-Section Scar Pictures In fact, the incision only needs to be big enough for a baby's head to fit through, so the average C-Section scar is about five-inches long, says Lana Selitsky, DO, an ob-gyn in private practice at Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology, in New York City.

Blood Spotting During Implantation or Early Pregnancy When you want to be pregnant, any bleeding might make you worry. The truth is, there is a whole range of normal during early pregnancy. Some people experience spotting or even bleeding and go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies, while others do not have any bleeding during pregnancy at all.

Sarah's Bump Day Blog, Week 23: A Champion for Loss Am I really that bad of a person? In an ideal world, bad things don't happen to good people, so you think well maybe I'm not such a good person. But what I have learned is that bad things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.

7 Affordable Plus Size Maternity Coat Options This resource goes well beyond your basic maternity jacket and gives you unique ideas to keep you warm throughout your plus size pregnancy. You'll also read quotes from plus size moms sharing what worked for them during the inclement weather months of their pregnancies.

5 Things I Need You To Stop Asking Me In My Last Month Of Pregnancy Here's the five things I wish you would please stop saying to me or asking me as I hit Week 40 - and a few things you should ask. I have a major problem with this one. It makes me feel angry and guilty at the same time. Why shouldn't I be here? My family needs the money and my paid leave is limited.

Are spicy foods okay in pregnancy? 3 ideas to flavour food Can I eat spicy food while I am pregnant? The answer is, yes - if you can handle it! Heartburn is a common complaint in pregnancy that may occur when eating spicy foods. Heartburn may be a burning feeling in your throat or chest, or the feeling that food is caught in your chest.

Easy Pregnancy Workouts Created By An Expert These expert-created pregnancy workouts are fun and easy to do. In addition to simple-to-follow pregnancy exercises, there's pregnancy stretches, too.

Schizophrenia During Pregnancy and Lactation Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder. This means a condition in which psychosis is the most prominent feature. Psychosis features disrupt thoughts and emotions to the point that you are out of touch with reality. The disconnection with reality shows up as symptoms, particularly delusions and hallucinations.

Nutrients in a nutshell "The analogy I share with my patients is, 'you can't build a house without the bricks.'" That also means that while your supplement friend packs a nutritional punch, you can't indulge every potato chip and ice cream craving only to depend on a vitamin to meet your babe-to-be's developmental needs.

Feeling Heartbroken over my Rainbow Baby's Gender When I found out my first rainbow baby's gender was a boy I was so mad. I felt completely unlucky and unloved. How could I have yet another boy when I lost my precious baby girl? How could I not have another girl? How dare life hand me yet another bad hand.

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