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Pregnancy After Loss, a Chapter of My Life I have read about people looking back on their lives, noticing in the bigger scheme that their life is composed of many chapters. Some chapters are clearly defined, some overlap, some are longer, some are shorter. In looking back or even focusing on the present, you can see the effect they had or are having on your life.

7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Questions Women Are Scared To Ask It should resolve in the weeks after baby is born and should serve as a general reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises. If you find things don't improve after baby is born, see your GP and get referred to physio - no need to be embarrassed, they see this all the time and will sort you out.

Should I get an epidural? Chances are, you've already been asked if you're going to get an epidural. Around 60% of women in the US choose to get an epidural, but there are risks to be aware of. If you're wondering if you should get an epidural or not, keep reading!

HCG Levels: What They Tell You About Your Pregnancy It's a hormone, it's a fascinating science, it's what gives you a positive pregnancy test, it's what kicks those early pregnancy symptoms into gear, and it's not actually that complicated to understand. So let's dig in and explore what hCG levels do and how they relate to pregnancy.

Taking care of you: Mother's health during pregnancy To allow your bundle of joy to achieve a healthy birth, you need to be careful and follow safety and nutrition tips to stay healthy for yourself too. When you are through your pregnancy stage, it is crucial you do not engage yourself into something, which could be harmful for you and your baby.

I'm The Mom Who Ate The Poppy Seed Bagel, This Is What People Need To Know I now have a closed case file on record that I will need to contact a lawyer to have expunged. It all seems an awfully high price to pay for half of an everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

The Truth About Fertility Supplements Are fertility supplements cleverly marketed placebos, or helpful remedies containing nutrients vital to conceiving and supporting a healthy pregnancy? A quick google search suggests many prospective mothers have the same question - typing in 'fertility supplements' returns almost 9 million google hits in under half a second.

8 amazing things you probably didn't know about your unborn baby Research shows that strong flavours, such as garlic, anise and ginger; and sweet flavours, are all known to change the flavour of amniotic fluid. From as early as 15 weeks, your baby starts to show a preference for sweeter food - swallowing more amniotic fluid when it's sweet and less when it is more bitter.

What Is The Pelvic Floor And Why Is It Important In Pregnancy? Throughout pregnancy your body changes in many obvious but also in some not-so-obvious ways. While it's easy to see some changes, such as your baby bump expanding, other changes, such as the stretching of your pelvic floor muscles, are not as visible but very important in preparing your body for childbirth.

5 ways to ease the quease Unfortunately for taste buds, the best way to battle queasiness is to eat small, bland meals throughout the day. Chicken soup or broth, crackers and plain potatoes generally keep things in check. And any kind of ginger you can add to your diet will help as well.

Nurturing the Womb: The Best Food for Early Pregnancy Poor nutrition can lead to a number of irreversible issues, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. To prevent these health issues, make sure you're consuming healthy foods in the right quantities from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end.

How To Apply For A Canadian Passport For A Child Passport was relatively easy. But when it came to his Canadian passport, my first attempt at his application was denied - because I was missing information: proof of his Canadian citizenship. Apparently, my Canadian birth certificate and Canadian passport were not eligible ways to prove his automatic citizenship.

3 Popsicle Recipes for Your Pregnancy Cravings Despite her growing belly, this Le Cordon Bleu trained chef has continued to work as the culinary co-founder of Plated, the premium meal kit service that allows foodies to create healthy and delicious meals in the comfort of their homes.

3 No-Stress Meal Ideas In all the rush of getting ready for baby's arrival, are you taking care of you? A simple way to take care of yourself is to eat a balanced meal. Providing your body with the foods and nutrients it needs will:. Preparing a balanced meal doesn't have to be hard.

How Long is Pregnancy? It's hard to say for sure, because it differs slightly from mama to mama and even pregnancy to pregnancy. Other commonalities between mothers who had longer pregnancies include:. If your pregnancy goes past 42 weeks, your healthcare provider may decide to induce.

15 Truths Of Secondary Infertility It can feel difficult, maddening, depressing, isolating, and downright ridiculous. So, let's get real about it… You know you're dealing with secondary infertility if… 1. Your child's response when you tell him you're going to the doctor for another poke is, "To our regular doctor or to the doctor with the _____ ?" 2.

5 ways to bond with your baby in utero While some women feel an instant connection to their unborn baby, for others it can take until the birth for that special connection to form. Spend some time each day talking to your baby. Tell her how you're feeling that day and about the things the two of you will do together once she's born.

Mouthing Off On Bottle Feeding And Your Baby's Teeth So much to learn about your new baby. His feeding pattern. What his cries mean. Whether that's a normal dirty diaper. What that rash is. When there are so many concerns about what you can see, it can seem overwhelming to think about things that you can't see!

HELLP Syndrome - causes, symptoms, and treatment - Bub Hub HELLP is a complication that occurs during pregnancy. It is thought to be a more serious variation upon preeclampsia, and normally happens in the later stages of pregnancy, and, on occasion, after birth. It stands for H - haemolysis, EL - elevated liver enzymes, LP - low platelet count.

Pregnancy Discharge: Is What You're Experiencing Normal? When a woman's body is preparing for ovulation, she will see an increase in cervical mucus and discharge around the time she is most fertile, however, if a pregnancy is not established, the cervical mucus dries up within 24-48 hours. However, ongoing vaginal discharge may tip you off to the possibility that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Mask: It Sucks, And What To Do About It It's often diagnosed through random dark blotches on various areas of the face like the forehead, cheeks, and lip area. "The mask" can also target facial marks like moles and freckles causing them to become more pronounced.

Can A Doula Help If I'm Having A C-Section? Doulas are professionals trained to physically, emotionally, and informationally support a pregnant person and her partner during labor, birth, and, in the case of postpartum doulas, the postpartum period. Though doulas often have basic safety training, they leave the medical care to the doctors, midwives, and nurses assisting a birth.

Julie and Joe's First Homebirth In this video, I had the honor of chatting with a family I supported almost a year ago in their first home birth. Joe and Julie are truly some of my favorite people, and you will hear why. They are the picture of powerful; they created an ordinary and completely sacred birth experience for themselves, at home, for their first baby.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Just Had A Baby, But She's Wearing Heels! In my opinion, Kate Middleton is one of the most iconic female celebrities to emerge from the woodwork in the past couple of years. It is not only her poise, elegance, and beaming smile but, honestly, what baffles me the most is how good she looks after delivery.

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