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Avoiding Loneliness as a New Mom During Coronavirus Isolation Bringing a baby into the world during a global pandemic was never going to be straight forward. Having sailed through your pregnancy fairly stress-free, suddenly in a matter of weeks, your whole world has been turned upside down.

Do Night Terrors Increase in Pregnancy? Parasomnia is a benign sounding medical term for some strange and frightening sleep disorders. These include night terrors, sleep paralysis, and the ominous sounding exploding head syndrome. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, there are 11 types of parasomnias.

Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest For the Week Ending March 29, 2020. Home or hospital? If you got pregnant before the coronavirus hit you will probably not have the birth experience you were anticipating. As many fear that hospitals become overtaxed, some pregnant women are opting for a home birth instead.

How to Give Birth Alone in a Hospital - Mother Rising When support can't come to the hospital because of illness, travel issues, visitor policies, or ahem* a global pandemic, it's important to know how to give birth alone. The following are my best ideas on how to give birth alone in a hospital. Let's get started!

Moving Your Toddler to Their Own Bed Of all the baby and toddler milestones, the one that made me the most emotional was the day we decided to move our children from their cots and cribs into a "big bed". It felt a bit like the end of an era; an admission that our girls weren't babies any more, and made me have to accept that they were growing in confidence and independence.

No More Business as Usual So much has unfolded and changed in the last few weeks, and while MY life feels mostly the same I wanted to share some of the reflections and perspectives that I have had stewing, just waiting for the right time to share. The are strange and wonderful things happening in the world right now.

COVID-19 Tips for TTC, Expecting and Brand New Moms During the global COVID-19 crisis, pregnant, trying to conceive couples and those within weeks / months of giving birth are questioning the safety of going to the hospital, doctor's office, labs and clinics. Yale University Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Mary Jane Minkin ffers tips and tells women to stay calm but be prepared.

Breastfeeding Isn’t As Easy As You Might Think! One Mom's Breastfeeding Tips To Help First Time Mothers Overcome Common Breastfeeding Problems My top 5 breastfeeding tips for new moms to help you solve common breastfeeding problems. These are all things that I've learned firsthand, after having 3 children. Plus my favorite resources to help you start breastfeeding like a pro!

Pregistry's Friday Recipe: Date Nut Bars These easy, two-bowl bars are as versatile as they are delicious. Swap out the dates and almonds for your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Replace the flour with a gluten-free blend or almond flour. And you can use peanut butter or sunflower butter in place of the almond butter used here.

What Not To Eat While Pregnant, A Short Guide For New Moms Because your body's working overtime to develop your baby, it is imperative that you eat a healthy diet. It can be confusing and frankly a bit overwhelming, to know what foods to avoid completely and which ones can be consumed in moderation.

Pandemic Part 3: Getting Your Flu Shot and Other Vaccines Note: This article continues the Pandemic series which began with Pandemic Part 1: A Primer on the Biology of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and the Terminology that You are Hearing and Pandemic Part 2: Pandemics of the Past.

Safe homeopathic medicine in pregnancy Homeopathic medicine is a good solution. It's safe to use during all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and is effective in treating pregnancy niggles like morning sickness. ALSO SEE: Useful tips to relieve allergies during pregnancy. Homeopathy is an ancient system of medicine.

Tips to Eat Eggs Safely During Pregnancy When pregnant, anything that goes in has to be double-checked, run by a doctor, and overcooked two times. However, eggs are always a point of contention. Many people do not know of the benefits eggs provide especially during pregnancy! The suggested egg intake ranges from one to two eggs daily, depending on your cholesterol level.

Fitness Recommendations and Guidelines for Pregnant Moms Pregnancy puts your body through a lot. That's why taking care of your body during this experience is critical. Both your health and your little one's health will benefit if you take certain key steps. Exercising is one of them. That said, you may understandably wonder just what types of exercise you can do when pregnant.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Family and Home for Baby Number Two Baby number two is on the way! You may be wondering how to prepare you family and home for the new baby. Here are 10 ways to get prepped!

When should my baby start kicking during pregnancy At what stage should your baby start kicking during pregnancy? How often should you feel the baby move? Here's everything you need to know.

COVID-19 and pregnancy The good news, according to obstetrician Dr Brad Robinson, is that, from what we know so far about coronavirus, there is no increased risk for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Dr Robinson says that because the virus was only first detected in November of last year, there is not a great deal of data.

Body Scan Guided Meditation to Raise Your Vibration We don't have control over the world, or each other, but we can be responsible for our inner state of consciousness. I hope you enjoy this simple guided body scan that may help you replace negative feelings with positive ones. Podcast : Download. Subscribe Apple Podcasts - Android - Stitcher - Spotify - RSS - More.

What your bump size really means There's a misconception among some moms that the size of their bump indicates the size of their babies. Dr Van der Griendt says bump size has nothing to do with baby size and that having a big or small bump depends on:. ALSO SEE: Is your bump too big?

Pulmonary Hypertension in Pregnancy For the topic Pulmonary Hypertension, go here. These expert reports are free of charge and can be saved and shared. Pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in the lungs, could be a very dangerous-potentially life-threatening-condition during pregnancy.

What To Call the Quarantine Babies No doubt, we may be welcoming some new Coronavirus Quarantine kids in 9 months or so. Now, these kids cannot be given names too obvious about the world circumstances that surrounded their conception. Therefore, we've got to be creative when it comes to giving them names to not be too obvious.

3 pregnancy super smoothies A nutritious smoothie is a convenient way to get all the extra nourishment you need when you're expecting and, as heavy meals may not be that appealing, snacking on healthy smoothies is a much better option. ALSO SEE: The A-Z of prenatal superfoods. *Makes 1 - 2 servings.

Guided Meditation for Anxiety during Pregnancy This guided meditation for anxiety during pregnancy is meant to be a safehaven, a place for you to go when the world doesn't make sense. Read now.

Pandemic Part 2: Pandemics of the Past To get perspective on a pandemic, such as the COVID-19 disease that is troubling humanity at the present time, sometimes its helpful to look back at pandemics of earlier eras. With this in mind, there are numerous infectious diseases that expanded in epidemic proportions throughout history.

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