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Game review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PS4 serves up some cold chicken Fortnite's biggest rival finally comes to PlayStation 4 but has it ended up late to its own party? Almost two years after its debut, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has finally arrived on PlayStation 4.

Shroud Plays Whack-A-Stream-Sniper On PUBG Vikendi Map It was expected that Shroud would rarely touch PUBG when Blackout released and that's largely been the case, but now that Vikendi has been released on the PUBG Test Servers, it seems like Shroud is being tempted back to the game that has helped him grow his Twitch community.

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Global Finals: Tencent's lavish ode to the future of eSports As a PC PUBG player with over 200 hours, it was a shock to me to realize how much of a huge deal this game is. It's led to partnerships with luxury brands like streetwear legends 'A Bathing Ape' to launch custom in-game cosmetics.

PUBG PTS Patch Overhauls Parachute System A PUBG PTS patch hit the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC public test server Monday, implementing the parachute system overhaul. Although the patch received no official patch notes, ​PUBG community manager Hawkins detailed the patch's contents in a ​comment on the PUBG subreddit.

Best Cheap Phones To Play PUBG From Since PUBG was first released on PC as an early access title the world fell in love with game. The game has sold more than 200 million copies around the world since it left early access.

When is the PUBG PS4 FPP release date? Duos out now! FPP mode has been a popular in PUBG since its release. PC and Xbox have a large player base for the mode but PS4 is still waiting for its release!

Hang up your headphones with the NZXT PUBG Pan Puck and enjoy your chicken dinner There's nothing worse than finishing a gaming session and needing a place to lay down your headphones. It's better to use a holder of sorts to keep them off the desk and if you're a fan of PUBG, the new NZXT Pan Puck is for you.

This Couple Went For A PUBG-Themed Wedding Photography & The 'Shots' Were A Winner Winner Players underground, getting clicked.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a smash hit Ultimate is without a doubt the last biggest game release of the year, and it has made one hell of an impact in its first week. Unsurprisingly, the brawler has shot straight to the top of the charts, dethroning FIFA 19. Not only has the game reached the top spot, it has also broken a whole bunch of records along the way.

'PUBG Mobile' 0.10.0 Enters Beta Testing and It Adds the Snow Map Vikendi and the Release Date for This Map Has Been "Leaked" PUBG Mobile has once again had its upcoming patch notes "leaked". Currently in beta, Patch 0.10.0 brings winter to PUBG Mobile with the new map Vikendi. This map is a 6km x 6km snow map that is seemingly scheduled to go live for the public game on December 20th.

PUBG Vikendi Snow Map Release Date for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Revealed While PUBG Mobile's Vikendi snow map launch plans have leaked, PUBG Corp has confirmed when PUBG PC, PS4, and Xbox One players can put the hotly anticipated addition to the battle royale game through its paces.

Charted: India’s obsession with Chinese online game PUBG But game size and data consumption are still dampeners.

How To Improve Your Aim In PUBG Mobile Using This Super Affordable Gaming Controller The box package includes a pair of PUBG game triggers. This is somewhat similar to what Asus ROG Phone's Ultrasonic AirTriggers. In a nutshell, AirTriggers are programmable buttons that only take haptic feedback. Meaning, they are not tactile or clickable buttons that gamers otherwise find on most of the gaming controllers out there.

PUBG Esports Team issues ban to Dakota "Exko" MacLeod Metabomb brings you the latest news, guides and features for Hearthstone, Overwatch and Destiny 2.

PUBG Mobile: Have You Checked Out The Game's "Real Battleground" This trailer is termed #TheRealBattleground. USP of this trailer is the fact that players could find new positions to shoot down enemies from as well as virtually teleport into the PUBG essence in real world.

PUBG Mobile's Global Finals proved that mobile esports are serious business When you get invited to fly to Dubai to watch a bunch of people play a game on their phone, you don't say no. Especially when the people are professional gamers, the prize is $600,000, and the game is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG Revamps Its Parachute System, Changing The Way Players Freefall Onto The Map As per PUBG's plan, one of the first changes will be confined to their freefall animations. This update will have a significant impact on the overall animation. It will also let players glide or dive during freefall.

PUBG Stat Tracker: Which is the Best? PUBG stat tracker sites come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is tailored to a certain type of player. Here's the best PUBG stat trackers available.

PUBG Mobile Will Get This New Map On December 20 Recently, the well-known battle royale game, of course, I am talking about PUBG took the advantage of the Game Awards simply to unveiled a new map of the game which is known as Vikendi. With this all-new map, the fourth scenario is added to PUBG Mobile which considered by the tech giant Google as the best game available for Android.

PUBG PP-Bizon: PUBG Data Miners Leak Possible New SMG and Instant Revival Kit PUBG dataminers discovered evidence of a possible new SMG and instant revival kit in the game's files. The newest PUBG Vikedni ​trailer shows a player wielding a PP-Bizon like weapon. The PP-Bizon is an SMG with a history, making appearances in multiple first-person shooters.

GamingBytes: Five tips every PUBG beginner should remember GamingBytes: Five tips every PUBG beginner should remember 10 Dec 2018. PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is one of the biggest 'Battle Royale' games played, across the globe. Its immense popularity ensures that new gamers flock to it every day to try this realistic military combat.

PUBG news and updates: New Vikendi map played and reviewed Given its layout, the Castle would not appear to be owned by the National Trust, but it is a great place to explore, with plenty of nooks and crannies to both explore and take the unwary by surprise. Whoever designed this feature of the Castle would've been executed for architectural heresy.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi UPDATE: Latest news and reveals of new Tencent map PUBG MOBILE fans have had their first look at the new Vikendi map update coming to the game, although question mark remains over when the new content will reach global release.

PUBG Mobile Gun Attachments: A Detailed Analysis Every PUBG player rushes to upgrade their guns to the maximum for better performance, so that they can get by those last rounds without a hitch. But more than half of the players have little to no idea about what other attachments do, except the compensator, flash hider and suppressor, which are pretty much self-explanatory.

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