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16 Online Brain Games for Elderly that Help in Improving Memory Playing free brain games is a simple way to keep their brain sharp as well as active. An online crossword puzzle game that remains the go-to cognitive for diseases like Dementia in the elderly. The game is intricately designed to satisfy the craving of a word lover.

Crossword Nation Checking in From NYC To my dear Crossword Nation Subscribers: Many of you have written in, asking if I’m okay during this difficult time for our city, state, country and the world. I am fine, thank you. I hope that you and yours are… finish reading Crossword Nation Checking in From NYC.

Looking Forward to More Crossword Mysteries There are always puzzly events to look forward to, big and small. Maybe yours is solving the Sunday Times puzzle with a cup of coffee in hand, or starting a new jigsaw puzzle with coworkers over lunch. Maybe yours is reuniting with fellow puzzlers at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, or Lollapuzzoola, or a yearly puzzle hunt.

LA Times Crossword 7 Apr 20, Tuesday The 4/7/20 crossword is by Gary Larson. Themed answers each include “HAM” as a hidden word, i.e.

Times Quick Cryptic 1586 by Trelawney A quick quickie from Trelawney completed in just 5:35 - probably a PB. I didn't get 1ac at first pass but a few checkers made it click. The rest of the grid fell into place leaving a couple down the LH side. 7dn, 12dn and 22ac the last to fall in that order.

No 12903, Tuesday 07 Apr 2020, Sunnet Day 14 of 21 Stay Safe at home ACROSS 1 Improperly insist on demonstrations SIT-INS 4 Last nam e / Surname is used for ID…

The State of Things Trent Evans is back and he offers us a smooth and Tuesday-easy puzzle. In addition, he is a Ph.D and clinical psychologist, and has some words of wisdom in his notes that I thought were very generous and heartfelt. Keep on solving and hang in there with our crossword community.

Times Cryptic 27632 Solving time: 33 minutes. Fairly straightforward, and the few bits I didn't know were solver-friendly. As usual definitions are underlined in bold italics, and. I usually omit all reference to positional indicators unless there is a specific point that requires clarification.

Bringing Order to Chaos Finally, I turned to crosswords. Crossword puzzles are pristine, and space abounds yet is already compartmentalized, with no risk of a letter spilling into the next cell. After a few minutes spent filling them in, I felt my muscles relaxing, my breath slowing down, my brain zooming into a focused dot so small that it could not be split further.

CROSSWORD #1250: Themeless Monday After last week's Marching Bands detour, we're back with the regularly scheduled Themeless Mondays and the themed Thursdays. Frabjous joy, callooh callay. Enjoy. Speaking of frabjous joy, Crooked Crosswords, the weekly Sunday-sized puzzles I make with Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, have relaunched under a brand new name: The Hub Crossword.

What Can You in Quarantine and Not Get Bored? This Game is for You As social distancing and self-quarantine continue, you may certainly be going crazy as you can't go anywhere and do things like you used to earlier. But do you know what? Now is the time to relax. It is your time so yes; you should make the most of it.

LA Times Crossword 6 Apr 20, Monday That power became a curse, as everything he touched turned to gold, including his food and drink, and even his children. The Chicago Bulls have won six NBA championships in the life of the franchise, all of them in the nineties. They won in the 1991, 1992 and 1993 seasons, and then again in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle Andrea Carla Michaels and Brian ThomasRelative difficulty: Easy THEME: Speak of the Devil - Theme answers are alternate names for the devil.Theme answers: Cologne ; Kölsch: Kölle is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-most populous city in Germany.

No 12902, Monday 06 Apr 2020, Skulldugger Day 13 of 21 Stay Safe at home Some nicely hidden anagrams today. ACROSS 5 Recluse to ignore a thing’s t radin g limits SH…

Times 27631 - Tiptoe, through the kitchen…. No outrageous vocabulary, no cleverly hidden literals, rather simple wordplay using stock cryptic elements - really nothing more than a jumped-up Quickie. If I was a top solver I would have posted a sub-five-minute time, but I am no such, as most of you have probably figured out by now.

QC 1585 by Teazel - Life During Wartime I think this was the easiest QC I've ever done. Apart from one clue. And even that was easy but I just didn't see it. An example of being hidden in plain sight if ever I saw one. I wrote everything in straight away apart from that single clue which took me about 3 minutes.

The Meaning of Life Occasionally, an idea might come pouring out of a constructor's brain in stellar condition, like one of Mozart's works, but most of the time, puzzle makers spend hours polishing their opuses.

LA Times Crossword 5 Apr 20, Sunday The 4/5/20 crossword is by Paul Coulter, and is titled "The Other Half". Themed answers are phrases with a word switched to THE OTHER HALF of common idiom.

Special, Sunday 05 Apr 2020, Crucifix Welcome to our new setter Crucifix. Bouquets and Brickbats welcome. 4 Taking away by force, part of a building remaining inside. 17 What police do to criminals is the opposite of what our PM currently did to us?! 21 One of the sixteen perfect Iranian lands in East, also potentially a nightmare for all of us!

Mephisto 3109 - Don Manley Times and comments on the Times crossword from a team of solvers It seems interest in the Mephisto has been picking up over the last few weeks which is awesome, it is definitely a puzzle that takes longer to solve than the dailies, and takes a real investment into care with wordplay and an opportunity to visit the nether reaches of the dictionary.

Ancient Greek poet sometimes called Tenth Muse / SUN 4-5-20 / Nickname for Ernie Banks / Second-most common Vietnamese surname / Cartomancer's deck / This was a pretty good puzzle, but for me, too easy for a Sunday. That's 2 days in a row now where I had no business flying through the thing like I knew what the hell I was doing.

The Sunday Crossword No 3094, Sunday 05 Apr 2020 PATE Acrostic Semi and lit 4 Boots out Democrats: Biden's finally implicated DOC MARTENS over 5 Hot air from 19th choice of squad? STEAM S is the 19th alphabet 6 Spaced, Ideal, Taxi, Catastrophe, Outnumbered, Miranda and Seinfeld primarily?

Sunday Times 4806 by Robert Price - off the grid Not a difficult puzzle but a fun solve, partly because of the unusual grid: apart from the long ones across and down the middle all the answers are eight-letter words, and if you can solve all of those then you will have thirteen of the fifteen letters of the long ones.

Double Talk SUNDAY PUZZLE - Jim Peredo is a steady contributor with nine New York Times puzzles, but we haven't seen a weekend grid from him since 2014. I know him only from the Grumpy Cat memorial puzzle, his most recent, but I find his style of cluing really distinctive and enjoyable.

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