Sectarian songs

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Stephen • Aug 28, 2019

i first went to a Rangers game when i was 3 yrs old and now i am 66 yrs of age, i am a season ticket holder and travel up from Newcastle every home game, but now now that might change because of mindless thugs or louts, the thought of not seeing Rangers every other week fills me with sorrow, at Ibrox now we have supporters and players of all Religions coming to see and play for Rangers, so now we all have to change and keep the sectarian song for the July marchers, uefa will be sending over people who will listen for these songs, as well as uefa we all know there are other people out to do damage to Rangers, as we know sooner or later we will make their team look mediocre compared to Rangers, so as well as the true Rangers fans and most of all the Union Bears must stand up and be counted, they must stop this sectarian singing, or get the hell out of Ibrox, if i could not look forward to going to Ibrox every other week it would be heart breaking, so come on all you true Rangers supporter join together and get these songs out of Ibrox, we have lots of Rangers songs that are not sectarian, so lets join and sing those songs, lets show the world that our fans are the best, as TAM says on RTV, THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS, and THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TEAM IN THE WORLD, please dont give these people the rope to hang us, STOP THE SECTARIAN SINGING , and make Ibrox a place to bring your families RANGERS TILL I DIE, S,Lauder

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