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DAY 3 - Keeping it simple, raw & crispy This quote is the first thing that came to my mind as I stumbled across this gorgeous street on my morning walk. So, I wanted to share with you a little reminder that everything will work out just the way it was meant to. Be patient, stay safe and think positive!

Spicy 'curtido' - a Central American delight 'Curtido' is a ferment popular in Central America, similar to European sauerkraut or Korean kimchi. I've been making jars of it over the past few months, mostly based on red cabbage along with onions and carrots, chiles and herbs.

Best raw dehydrator recipes Now that I have been dehydrating for 5 years, I am happy to share my best dehydrator recipes with you! Here are some of my favourite raw dehydrator recipes. These links all go to my own simple raw dehydrator recipes, which I share with you for free here on my website:.

Butter - both dairy & vegan Here's the easy peasy way to make your own butter from whipping cream. Ingredients. 500ml organic whipping cream salt to taste large bowl of ice water. Method. Notes:. I know, right? How can butter be vegan? It can't! But here's a recipe I came across that makes a version similar to commercial butter substitutes.

3 Magical Ways To Support Your Clients And Audience During The Pandemic So many of my business clients have been asking how can they support their clients and audience during this pandemic. I help coaches, healers and health freaks build online businesses, and they are natural empaths who always want to help others. They want to help even more so in these uncertain times, as do I.

5 Simple Raw Vegan Salad Dressings If you're missing 'real' ranch dressing, then you have to try this Raw Ranch Dressing! You won't know the difference! Oh so cool and creamy, this dressing is perfect for your pile of greens, or used as a scrumptious veggie dip. Cashews are the surprising key ingredient in this recipe.

What are you waiting for? This post encourages the reader to stop thinking about going raw, and taking that actual first step. The Rawtarian offers simple tips to help achieve this.

Gifts To Lift Your Spirits Today I'd love to offer you something to lift your spirits, courtesy of my awesome business clients. They are an amazing bunch of coaches, healers and health freaks, and are doing everything to help their clients as they adjust to our new way of life.

Start Your Online Business in 24 Hours I hope you are starting to come out of shock now, and are feeling up to making plans for our brave new world. The medics, delivery drivers, shop workers and so many more are doing an amazing job at keeping us all going as we socially distance so the vulnerable members of our community can remain safe until the virus is beaten.

The easy way to make raw vegan nut milk Try my Raw Cashew Milk Recipe. You are going to wonder how you've ever gone without it! No nut bag required for this recipe. Now, wasn't that easy? Don't let the scary term, "nut milk bag" throw you off! In this Raw Almond Milk Recipe, all you do is blend and strain.

5 Awesome Raw Chip Recipes And they all taste oh, so good. Psst: you DO need a dehydrator for these recipes! These Raw Corn Chips are just a little moist and bendy, so they're perfect for dipping. Corn, yellow pepper, flax seed meal, cashews and seasonings combine to make a dee-lish snacking chip!

Are Your Ideas Killing Your Business? Being highly creative is a gift - you don't get bored and you love being alone because you can easily create worlds in your mind. But it's also a bit of a curse. Especially when it comes to business. You have a fantastic idea, flesh it out, start working on it and then… Noooooo… Your brain tells you "Here's a better idea".

Raw food recipes for breakfast Mornings are busy, but my quick and easy raw food recipes for breakfast are just what you need to kick-start your day. In making this silky green smoothie recipe, you just need to dump in all your fresh fruits and spinach and the rest of the ingredients in a high-speed blender, and blend until it becomes silky smooth in texture.

5 quick & easy raw dinners In a rush, and want dinner fast? With work and family and life happening around us 24/7, sometimes it seems like such an effort to make a meal. Don't let yourself go hungry, or grab something that isn't good for you. The next time you want food NOW, test-drive one of these recipes.

Raw food substitutions This articles offers substitutions for common raw foods like nuts, oils and sweeteners as it is often necessary to do so. For example, sub pecans for walnuts, or olive oil for hemp oil.

Easy raw desserts Just make sure to keep the basic easy raw dessert ingredients on hand, like dried coconut, some nuts, a sweetener and raw cocoa powder and you can whip up easy raw desserts in no time! When I am craving a simple raw food dessert here are a few of my go-to easy raw dessert recipes.

Is Raw food Healthier? Generally speaking, we cook most of what we eat. After all, we simply couldn't digest most things raw. While this is mostly benificial, it has its drawbacks. So it begs the question: is raw food better for us? Despite all the fearmongering about how plants are toxic, there are quite a few things that are largely begin.

What is Raw Dog Food? Dog parents are often very opinionated about what others feed their dogs. There are just so many options to choose from, so how do you know what is best for your pup? At first, I thought there was only dry and wet food, but I quickly learned about raw dog food too.

Raw Desserts for Easter For some of you that might mean a few extra days off work, and extra family time - two wonderful things! Holidays revolve around family and eating, which make perfect opportunities to share raw desserts with family! Nobody can resist dessert, including me!

Make your own homemade Sauerkraut Aside from the time that sauerkraut requires, it is actually one of the easiest things to make. Although I have a few canned brands of sauerkraut that I love, it is super easy to make your own and unless you need sauerkraut right now, there isn't a single reason you shouldn't make your own.

Raw Food Diet Meal Plan And what are these raw foods? Well, you can take a look at my raw food grocery list below for a thorough overview. But, in sum, raw food diet plans are simply based around eating nothing but fresh, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, unprocessed nuts and unprocessed seeds.

Raw food recipes for beginners Raw food recipes for beginners are my specialty. I call them my simple, satisfying raw food recipes, which are perfect for beginners. But many people who love my recipes are not raw food beginners; they are simply busy people on the go who don't want to bother with too much fuss - just like me.

How to make raw vegan cheese I like my recipes quick and easy. Enter my raw cheese sauce recipe. No fermenting. No waiting. No straining! This spreadable cashew-based raw cheese will rock your boat in so many ways. Freshly made, it's warm and liquid-y, perfect for serving over broccoli.

Raw Vegan Strawberry Matcha Cheesecake With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to break out the pink desserts! Whether you'll be celebrating the occasion with a loved one or not, I have a great recipe for two toned raw vegan matcha cheesecakes. Like most of my recipes, these are great for any time of the year.

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