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Wild Diet Green Smoothie Hey guys, I have been spending a$10 a week on food as a raw vegan at least 90%raw.

Raw Food Are you eating salads, acai bowls and drinking smoothies and iced coffee in the winter months? Do you feel cold, bloated or gross afterwards? Raw food may be to blame. I know, I'm a dream crusher and I'm fine with that. Raw food can be hard for your body to digest, even in the best circumstances and weather.

Matcha Chocolate Bark & Pumpkin Alfredo In honor of Halloween which is quickly approaching, I have an easy, healthy, and yummy recipe for you! My Matcha Halloween Bark is a wonderful sugar-free treat. And, another Fall favourite of mine - creamy pumpkin alfredo that is so cozy and delicious.

Mushroom Mania At the local farmer's market, I found a vendor who sells a huge variety of mushrooms. Up until recently, I was not a connoisseur. Then I got introduced the wild wonderful world of mushrooms and since then I have been experimenting with a variety of them.

Raw on $10 Revival… COMING SOON Easy affordable raw food recipes, raw meal plans, menus, vegan recipes, and lifestyle tips.

Sugar Free Treats E-book - NEW! I'm so excited to announce my new e-book that I've been working hard on lately! SUGAR FREE TREATS is exactly that - sugar free recipes that are also Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Easy to Make, and are 8 ingredients or less. The recipes are inspired by my recent experience on a sugar-free/keto diet for 5 weeks for gut healing and to smash my sugar addiction.

I tried a fruitarian diet for a week. Here’s what I experienced. I've always been intrigued by something I've heard about raw food diets: the energy and mental clarity people say they experience while eating that way.

Cauliflower Hummus & What I Eat In A Day I have an awesome variation for you. My cauliflower hummus recipe is ultra creamy and is bean-free. It's vegan, paleo, and keto. It's great with veggies, crackers, in wraps, and as a creamy pasta sauce. I can't wait for you to try it. I've been on a keto diet for 5 weeks now.

Minimising food ingredients - 1 food diet Every day I constantly search for ways in which I can simplify my everyday life. That may sound pretty simple but it can sometimes be quite the opposite. At the moment I am working on simplifying the food I eat without making it completely tasteless.

Chocolate Thick Shake & The Best Green Dip I have a few new recipes to share with you today! I've been on a keto diet for a week now in order to heal some gut issues and WOW, I've had huge success already. I'm going to share a video about it on my YouTube channel soon.

Sweetly Raw - CBD White Chocolate Bars I'm so excited to share this simple and delicious recipe for healing CBD white chocolate bars today - you can make it as cups too. This recipe is keto, vegan, and paleo. Have you tried CBD yet? It's popping up everywhere these days: in skin care products, pet food, snacks, treats, as tinctures, and I even CBD infused water recently.

Dr. Bobby's Rockin Raw Vegan Pizza Love and blessings, Bobby.

Being Vegetarian Compared to Raw Foodist Is there a difference between vegetarian and raw food diets? A raw foodist is a vegetarian, but one who generally is not going to cook his vegetables or fruits. A vegetarian is someone who simply doesn't eat meat, fish or poultry, but only consumes vegetables, pasta, and rice.

The Raw Look - 6 reasons you should start eating raw now. Eating raw will give you The Raw Look: a natural healthy beauty, glowing, radiant complexion and sparkling eyes that are full of life. I can recognise it a mile off in people. I met Kendrick, a tour guide in Grenada. I could see he was raw the minute I met him.

Without enzymes life would not exist part III Enzymes operate on both chemical and biological levels, and science cannot measure or synthesize their biological or life energy. Without the life energy of enzymes we would be nothing more than a pile of lifeless chemical substances - vitamins, minerals, water, and proteins.

Sweetly Raw: New E-Book - How to make money as an influencer / content creator Apologies for back to back notifications of a new post. I decided that yesterday's post just contained way too much content so wanted to put the content creator e-book information into its very own post. I'm so excited to be sharing my secrets for how I work as a full time content creator in my new e-book so that you can do it too!

Raw Food and Skin Health Your skin is a mirror of what's going on in the rest of your body. And when your organs and blood are fed the nutrition they need to function properly, that shows in your skin. Get your vitamins and moisture from foods like apples and carrots. When you do, then phrases like "inner beauty" and "inner glow" will be applied to YOU.

Unprepared Raw Day! So I sort of forgot until I woke up yesterday morning that I am trying to do raw Mondays. One of the big helps to do a raw food day is being prepared. So here's what I managed to do! There only raw fruit I had in the house was one red banana! They're really delicious - as long as they're ripe!

Sweetly Raw - How to Make Money as a Content Creator, Chocolate Hazelnut Dip, & New Videos Ah so much to share today, where do I begin?! Well first, you HAVE to try my vegan chocolate hazelnut dip recipe if you're anything like me and loved nutella as a kid! Here's a healthier and more delicious version. I don't want to tell you how much I ate straight from the spoon hehe.

Vegan Tomato Kibbeh with Watermelon Mint Water Infusion This weekend was unbelievably hot. I don't have central AC, so my kitchen doesn't always get as cool as the rest of my apartment. Thus, I rarely want to use the oven or stove. So I decided to try a recipe that was both from my childhood and didn't require a heat source.

Food List - What I Eat Below is a truthful account and example of what I eat and I really do feel amazing for it. Im not going to dilute it to make it more popular or commercial. There are tips at the bottom for saving money or for those on a tight budget. Every body is different.

Carl's Raw Pasta This dish is my husband, Carl’s, creation. Quick, easy, pretty and oh so delicious! The mushrooms can be left undehydrated but the dish is tastier when they have been. Can be served as an entree or main course with a side salad.

Eat: Hoki Poke Last month Jeff went to Vancouver for a few days for a wedding. For me, it was finding places to eat for dinner as I didn't feel like cooking for one. For the first evening, I went to Hoki Poke, a poke restaurant in the Yonge / Wellesley area and walkable distance from work.

Without enzymes life would not exist part II Enzymes are created by the microbial cultures found within fermented foods. The root word "enzyme" comes from the Greek word "enzyme" which means "to ferment" or "to cause a change." The body will always borrow enzymes from different organs for digestive support if one is not eating living foods or taking enzymes supplements.

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