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Sweetly Raw - Spinach Herb Dip 2 Ways I'm so jazzed about my new recipe for spinach herb dip that doubles into a creamy spinach pasta sauce! It is vegan, nut free, and gluten free. I've made this twice in the past few weeks because it's so easy to whip up and is satisfying and delicious! You can check out my short video HERE.

Dehydrated - Grain-Free Turkey Recipe Dehydrated - Grain-Free Turkey Recipe. Thank you to Roots Technology for selecting us as the December review winner on Instagram and this generous bottle of THK Grace! The Honest Kitchen has a brand promise that their food is made in the USA, contains no by-products, no preservatives, no corn, wheat soy or GMO, hormone free and antibiotic free.

Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium Unlike the previously reviewed premix, this diet requires 2~8% liver, and 6.7g of Alnutrin with Eggshell Calcium is to be added for every pound of meat. We are using the following for our current batch:. The formula, in the proper ratio, will help to make the raw meal balanced and complete.

Sweetly Raw - 3 Easy Chocolate Recipes Hello from a very snowy Victoria, BC Canada! I feel like I'm in a snow globe right now. I grew up in cold, snowy Northwestern Ontario and thought I was escaping that weather when I moved to the coast but apparently its our turn. Do you have snow where you are?

Raw chocolate cheesecake hearts These sweet raw vegan treats are perfect for Valentine's day. The biggest question mark will be deciding what kind of dish or molds to use. I've used heart-shaped silicone molds, but you don't need them. Just get a big brownie pan or cake pan and dump the entire recipe in it instead.

Replacing Junk Food With Healthier Options The act of giving up something you love is always difficult, especially when it comes to food. This is especially true when giving up certain foods. Fortunately for us, we live in a creative society that can turn kale into chips and soy into a chicken.

Is The Raw Food Diet Just Hype? Ask anyone who lives the raw vegan lifestyle and they'll all give you the same answer - no. A raw vegan diet is not a diet at all, rather it's a lifestyle where a person chooses to eat at least 75 percent uncooked, or living, foods. Not everyone eats fully raw food.

Are You Cooking The Nutrients Out Of Your Food? There is a great deal of evidence that tells us that some cooking methods are not appropriate for all foods. In fact, some foods retain all of their essential vitamins only when consumed raw. However, cooking does allow your body to digest other vital compounds more efficiently, making cooking a necessary part of a well-rounded, nutritious diet.

The Gainesville Winter Fruitluck was chilly but fun The Gainesville Fruitluck is starting to become a happening event. We had our third seasonal fruitluck on January 20, at the Ethnoecology Garden at the University of Florida. Despite the chilly weather, about 35-40 people attended, and brought a great diversity of fruit to share.

Sweetly Raw - Maple Peanut Butter Granola & Paleo Granola Have you ever made your own granola? Its REALLY easy to do and it allows you to control what goes into it. Lets face it, most store bought granola is filled with sugar and bad oil. My deep love for peanut butter inspired this recipe. I've been loving it with coconut yogurt and by the handful along with some dark chocolate chunks.

Raw Vegan Weeks 1 and 2 I'm into my second week of eating raw and I wanted to share my discoveries and insights. I've been eating vegan since September 2018 and recently I've been more curious about raw foods and what that really means. So I wanted to give it a try. I didn't want to call this a challenge, because health and diet is a lifestyle.

Sweetly Raw - Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake Today I'm sharing a new version of my peanut butter cup cheesecake. Chocolate and peanut butter is my all time favourite sweet combo. If you're in the same boat, this cake is definitely for you! These individual swirled cakes are SO good, and especially great for serving to friends.

Spinach Wraps I love a quick and easy lunch – Wraps are one of my favs – but they all have so many carbs!! These healthy wraps are perfect for a low carb healthy lunch! 3 c spinach 1 c parsley 1 &#82…

Dale Pinnock The Medicinal Chef Spills The Beans I am super excited to release another episode of Shazzie TV, a series of feature length interviews with people I know you will love. Enjoy my beautiful one! In this episode I share a cuppa with Dale Pinnock. You probably already know him - he's also known as The Medicinal Chef.

3 hours until your biz vault explodes Today, bang on midnight, your Xmas Biz Vault will self destruct. Inside the vault there are 23 24 inspiring tools to help you build your ethical business in 2019. You'll be able to download them all and keep them forever if you start now. Bliss U. Shazzie.

Your biz vault explodes at midnight Today, bang on midnight, your Xmas Biz Vault will self destruct. Inside the vault there are 23 24 inspiring tools to help you build your ethical business in 2019. You'll be able to download them all and keep them forever if you start now. Here's EVERYTHING you get:.

Sweetly Raw - Vegan Fajitas One of my very favourite meals is raw vegan fajitas. For years I've served them to guests when I want to show people how delicious and satisfying raw food can be. They're always a hit. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Throw these together just a few hours before eating, or allow the veggies to marinate 8-12 hours.

Here's everything you get Tomorrow, bang on midnight, your Xmas Biz Vault will self destruct. Inside the vault there are 23 24 inspiring tools to help you build your ethical business in 2019. You'll be able to download them all and keep them forever if you start now. Here's EVERYTHING you get:.

A Blast From The Past My friend Tony just sent me this photo. It's from Shazzie BC. At least 16 years ago. I used to travel the world giving talks on raw food and natural living. This was in San Diego at my friend and co-author David Wolfe's HQ… How times change. Being a single mum has been the most challenging yet rewarding career of them all, and I've had a few.

Back To Reality? It's that time of year when we decide we are going to start matching our actions with our preconceptions of how our lives should look… to get fitter, to read more, to fall in love or to build a business… I love dreaming this stuff in, and I also love making goals, and creating baby steps to reach those goals.

Sweetly Raw - Matcha Mango Detox Smoothie Bowl I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time ringing in the new year! Can you believe it's 2019 already? After all the indulgences of the holidays, it's time to lighten things up a bit. I'm not big on extreme diets or cleanses after indulging but its nice to bring in some lighter, more cleansing food so that the body can re-balance and hydrate.

32 Years Vegan… Happy new year, beautiful. I enjoyed dancing with one of my oldest friends and our kids… Mothers have to get their fun in any way we can! I also celebrate each new year with another notch on my vegan bedpost! I've just entered my 33rd year vegan, and am looking forward to the vegan movement getting even stronger this year.

Facebook Ads Training - Your Last Free Gift In The Biz Vault A lot of people waste tons of money on Facebook Ads simply because they don't have a strategy or understanding on how they work. To help you keep your costs down, I'm giving you my best suggestions that will help you avoid the most common mistakes and only pay for ads that are likely to bring you a worthwhile return on investment.

How To Become An Icon When you are an icon, you're pretty much blessed with the Midas touch. Everything, or almost everything turns to gold. The right people trust you, support you, and most importantly buy your products from you.

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