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Episode 61 - Who Made My Clothes? A Fashion Revolution Week special To mark Fashion Revolution Week 2019, episode 61 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees reporter Sarah George quiz some of the key figures helping to make the fashion sector a more planet-friendly and ethical industry. Sustainable Business Covered
154 - Jeff Wolfe, Solar Pioneer to E-Mobility Executive 154: Founded and sold groSolar, now focused on EV charging king Tritium. When I first started my solar company in 2006, one of the distributors I relied on was a smaller New England company called groSolar. Over 18 yrs, groSolar deployed more than 150 megawatts of solar PV systems across the US. SunCast
Jim Spano, Managing Partner of Spano Partner Holdings, Talks NJ Solar and New REIT Capital In this episode of SolarWakeup's podcast I talk with Jim Spano of Spano Partner Holdings. Jim is well known in the New Jersey solar market and continues to develop solar projects across the State. He recently launched a new company, Radiant REIT. EnergyWakeup - A Podcast From SolarWakeup
An Inside Look at the UN's Effort to End Energy Poverty Rachel Kyte, a leader of the United Nation’s effort to eradicate energy poverty within a decade, discusses the challenge of providing universal energy access while limiting climate impacts. Energy Policy Now
The Big Brexit Questions podcast: Resource efficiency and waste management With MPs failing to agree on a Withdrawal Agreement ahead of the 29 March deadline, the UK's green economy is continuing to ask questions about when and how we will exit the EU, and what impact this will have on business. Sustainable Business Covered
Thomas Byrne, CleanCapital's CEO, on Scaling Smaller Solar And Capital Markets Appetite For More In this episode of SolarWakeup Live I talk to Thomas Byrne of CleanCapital. We talk about the difficulty to scale smaller solar and what path CleanCapital is taking to achieve this. Since the interview CleanCapital has acquired several portfolios and taken an investment from BlackRock. EnergyWakeup - A Podcast From SolarWakeup
Retraining Coal Miners for Energy Efficiency Work - Rachel Norton This is a very exciting episode. It's the first in a three part series about a cool internship program that retrains out-of-work coal miners for energy efficiency jobs. All three The post Retraining Coal Miners for Energy Efficiency Work - Rachel Norton appeared first on Renewable Energy Podcast - Clean Power Planet. Clean Power Planet - A Renewable Energy Podcast
Next Week Who knows what will happen next week? By the time you hear this you'll know far more than me. But not necessarily in that order. The Sustainable Futures Report
153 - New Energy Nexus, Jon Bonanno Opportunity Zones for clean energy. Opportunity Zones are all the buzz in investment circles, but few in the solar industry understand them or how they can be leveraged to finance deals. Jon Bonanno from New Energy Nexus has built an extensive repository of resources directed at helping you figure it out. SunCast
Record installations, phantom sales, and the demise of the roof monkey Australian rooftop solar installations surge to new records, but as we reveal on this podcast some big retailers are making significant sales without the means to install the panels. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
152 - PreCharge is Coming, Puerto Rico is on the Rise Mastermind with local industry insiders in a unique 1-day intensive. Today is a mini-sode with James Ellsmoor, specifically focused on an upcoming opportunity for us to spend some time in real life together really getting into the mechanics of improving your business and market penetration. SunCast
151 - Puerto Rico's Green New Deal with PJ Wilson 151: 100% renewables in Puerto Rico by 2050. PJ Wilson is the Founder and President of the Solar + Energy Storage Association of Puerto Rico. SESA successfully advocated for what some are calling PR’s New Green Deal, Senate Bill 1121 which will help Puerto Rico reach the ambitious requirement of 100% renewables by 2050. SunCast
Episode 166: WeWork gets to work, seeking Green Swans Featuring interviews with Lindsay Baker, head of sustainability for the fast-growing shared workspace company, and Nicolas Brusson, co-founder and CEO of carpooling company BlaBlaCar. GreenBiz 350
All at Once You wait for climate change activists and then several thousand suddenly turn up at once. Apart from that, I'm going to tell you about the future of insects, views on climate change denial, more about glyphosate, some thoughts on population, and a new entry to Europe's top10 polluters. The Sustainable Futures Report
150 - What Tetris Did For Energy Storage, with Henk Rogers And Blue Planet Energy Founder, Henk Rogers, one of the world’s leading advocates and activists for weaning humankind from fossil fuels. Henk's efforts through Blue Planet Foundation have helped pave the way for Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy commitment by 2045. SunCast
Episode 60 - In the Green Room with Pernod Ricard's Vanessa Wright Welcome back to the green room - edie's exclusive interview hub for sustainability leaders, brought to you as part of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast. Up next to provide the insights of a leading sustainable business: Pernod Ricard's vice president of global sustainability Vanessa Wright. Sustainable Business Covered
A Hard Look at Negative Emissions Much faith is being put in the ability of negative emissions technologies to slow the pace of climate change. Glen Peters of Norway’s Center for International Climate Research looks at the potential of negative emissions strategies, and the steep challenges to implementing them. Energy Policy Now
Episode 165: Paint, predictive data and the path to reduced shipping emissions Plus, Associate Editor Holly Secon chats with Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley about affordable, appealing alternatives to animal protein. GreenBiz 350
H2much/H2little There's too much water - or maybe not enough. In this episode I'm also talking about energy: coal, Hinkley C and hydrogen; about transport, specifically the future of HS2; about cleaning up Canada and about pollution: plastic pollution and air pollution. The Sustainable Futures Report
149 - Bernadette del Chiaro, CALSSA's Solar & Climate Policy Maven Welcome to Episode 149 of SunCast! Today’s Guest doesn’t consider herself an entrepreneur, but after listening in I’m sure you’ll agree most corporate leaders and startup founders alike can learn a lot from Bernadette del Chiaro. SunCast
What is going on in Victoria? New rules, new interpretations of old rules, and restrictions best described as network stuff-ups is causing confusion and anger in the Victoria solar industry, currently the country's biggest market. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
217. Geothermal promise of endless heat in agriculture Geothermal energy could be harvested from tens of thousands of spent oil wells in Alberta - enough to support a revolution in agriculture. So says Dr. Johnathan Banks of the UofA in this co-production between CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures and Rural Routes to Climate Change. Green Energy Futures
216. German waffle cone factory heats the homes of the village A German waffle cone factory has sparked an ingenious small-scale green energy initiative. Waffel Meyer, the largest manufacturer of waffle cones in Europe is using its waste heat to heat the homes in the tiny village where it operates. We talk to owner Christian Meyer zu Venne on CKUA's Green Energy Futures. Green Energy Futures
Episode 59 - World Water Day and the 12 Goals Of Exeter Episode 59 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees Matt, Sarah and newcomer James Evison deliver interviews discussing World Water Day, low-carbon buildings and a 12-step plan to improve health and sustainability in the city of Exeter. Sustainable Business Covered
Episode 164: Sacramento links 5G wireless and mobility innovation, a dose of Climate Reality Featuring interviews with Louis Stewart, Sacramento's chief innovation officer, and Ken Berlin, the CEO of Al Gore's climate activist network. GreenBiz 350
Vox Pop Youth of the World on the march. I've been reading There is no Planet B by Mike Berners-Lee and I'll tell you how it compares with The Uninhabitable Earth which I reviewed earlier. I’ve been in touch with Jem Bendell. He's totally overwhelmed by responses to his paper but I hope to be able to interview one of his colleagues later in May. The Sustainable Futures Report
Contractors Corner: Rosendin Electric KP is a history buff, so this month's interview is super exciting! Rosendin Electric is celebrating 100 years of electrical contracting this year, and the company has morphed into one of the largest solar EPCs in the business. Solar Power World
148 - How To SimpliPhi Batteries, Catherine Von Burg Welcome to Episode 148 of SunCast! Today’s entrepreneur has spent the better part of a decade following a very inspiring mission to provide clean electricity and energy access to the world. SunCast
S3 E6: Women in Power: The C3E Story Meet the women who are leading a clean energy revolution, with a little help from C3E. It's part support network, part annual gathering, part awards show - and all about empowerment. Direct Current - An Podcast
200 Years of Energy History in 30 Minutes The current energy transition is fraught with economic and social implications, not to mention abundant political squabbles. An economist looks at the past 200 years of global energy history and finds that difficult transitions are nothing new. - The world faces an urgent need to transform energy systems toward cleaner, renewable fuels. Energy Policy Now
A World of Renewable Energy - Dave Renné This is our second conversation with Dave Renné. He has such a wide range of experience in renewable energy that we invited him back for another interview. He has focused much of his career on measuring and analyzing the amount of solar energy that renewable energy developers around the world can expect. Clean Power Planet - A Renewable Energy Podcast
Episode 163: A 'ROSI' path for calculating sustainability ROI Plus, thoughts on podcasts to add to your audio library of sustainability resources. GreenBiz 350
Another Day of Action Jeremy Leggett puts China's climate mitigation lead in the context of geopolitics. Jem Bendell thinks we're all deniers. I look at what he has to say and I hope there will be opportunity to ask him some questions for a future episode. I told you about the Carrington Event just before Christmas. The Sustainable Futures Report
Solar Insiders: The solarisation of South Australia's grid The solarisation of South Australia's grid, and hunting down solar cowboys in Victoria. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
147 - Impact Positive - Katherine Ryzhaya Welcome to Episode 147 of SunCast! If you haven't listened to yesterdays mini-episode with Jon Bonnano, please go check that out, as it’s the prologue to this interview you’re about to hear! This episode is the first up in a new series we’re calling Impact Positive. SunCast
146 - Introducing Impact Positive, with Jon Bonanno Welcome to Episode 146 of SunCast! - For resources from today's episode and more information on how you can support Suncast, head over to to the blog. Join the Tribe? Check out Episode 86, in which I explain how YOU can become an Energy Tribe member and support the growth and stability of SunCast moving forward! SunCast
215. Energy Efficiency essential for the planet, great for the economy Doubling down on energy efficiency in Canada could create 118,000 new jobs, save 40% on home energy costs and secure half of the emissions reductions need to meet Paris goals. This week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures we talk to international energy expert Philippe Dunsky envisioning Canada's energy future. Green Energy Futures
145 - Tara Doyle, Part II - Leadership & Life Welcome to Episode 145 of SunCast! If you’ve jumped straight to this episode and haven’t yet listened to Part 1 with Tara, well I strongly encourage you to go back and check that one out first. Today is Part II, picking up where we left off to go further into her story and discuss regular topics such as Lessons Learned and Hot or Hype. SunCast
Episode 58 - International Women's Day 'Switch Lists' and understanding energy excellence The edie podcast returns to uncover what energy management excellence looks like with both E.ON and our Energy Leaders Club members, before discussing International Women's Day with RenewableUK's Emma Pinchbeck and domestic sustainability with One Home's Angela Terry. Sustainable Business Covered
Episode 162: More voices from GreenBiz 19, parsing Lyft's environmental ambitions Among those featured: Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew and Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp. GreenBiz 350
The Uninhabitable Earth This week: a review of The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, the attention that climate change is getting in Parliament and reactions to the American Green Deal. There’s more on extreme weather, on air pollution and a follow-up from The Lancet on the Planetary Diet. The Sustainable Futures Report
144 - Tara Doyle, PVEL's Secret Weapon Welcome to Episode 144 of SunCast! Today’s entrepreneur just took a HUGE leap, literally taking her company with her. Tara Doyle and her solar lab tech nerds at PVEL sold their company, then called, PV Evolution Labs, to DNV-GL half a decade ago. In January, they spun it back out as a separate business retaining the PVEL brand. SunCast
How Will Decarbonized Power Markets Work? This one is for the grid geeks! With the Green New Deal now a hot topic in the US Congress, while wholesale power markets still struggle to figure out how to accommodate new kinds of resources even as coal plants and nuclear plants continue to retire, the question of how wholesale power markets should work, The post - How Will Decarbonized Power... The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder
214. Saerbeck, Germany - a model Climate Community of the Future The small community of Saerbeck in northwestern Germany refers to itself as "The Climate Community of the Future." Residents decided to strive for carbon neutrality in 2009 and today produce 400% more renewable electricity than they need! This week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures take a tour of Saerbeck. Green Energy Futures
Can Norway's State Oil Company Be A Climate Champion? Norway is pursuing a future rich in fossil energy and climate solutions. Can its oil company, Equinor, reconcile these priorities and continue to reliably finance the country’s expansive social welfare system? Equinor’s Clean Energy Chief weighs in. Energy Policy Now
Episode 161: The voices of GreenBiz 19 Inspiration from former NFL football player Ovie Mughelli, and insights from Tiffany and Co.'s chief sustainability and philanthropy officer Anisa Kamadoli Costa. Plus, Morgan Stanley's Audrey Choi on the mainstreaming of ESG. GreenBiz 350
S3 E5: Microbiomes! Live at AAAS There's an invisible world of microbes living all around us - on our skin, in our guts, even in the ground beneath our feet - and we're only just beginning to understand their function. Direct Current - An Podcast
Looking on the Black Side This week it’s mainly about carbon. Carbon emissions, carbon capture, US government carbon policy, cutting carbon by getting rid of gas, a carbon-cutting stealth tax with the very best of intentions and a new carbon-reducing diet which is not designed to make you slim. The Sustainable Futures Report
143 - Emerging Market Dynamics with Luis Morales Welcome to Episode 143 of SunCast! Luis Morales has been involved in growing the Latam and Caribbean solar market for nearly a decade, having run Latam for Enphase and dominating markets like Puerto Rico and Mexico. Today we hear his insights into the common mistakes he sees when entering new markets. SunCast
The Solar Bill of Rights and Solar Rights Alliance with Dave Rosenfeld In this episode I speak with Dave Rosenfeld of the Solar Rights Alliance about the bipartisan legislation that was filed in California last week, the Solar Bill of Rights. EnergyWakeup - A Podcast From SolarWakeup