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Victoria's big solar and storage plan Victoria outlines plan for rooftop solar and battery storage scheme, while the regulator cracks down on dodgy trading in certificates. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
164 - Building a renewable energy development platform. Mark Goodwin, Apex Clean Energy 164: Apex Clean Energy Mark Goodwin is the CEO of Apex Clean Energy. We go deep into the process and definitions underlying building a renewable energy development company. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like from the inside of what has been referred to as the leading independent clean energy company in the nation, tune in! SunCast
Episode 176: Investors dive into water risks, IKEA's low-carbon shipping manifest In this episode, Ceres director of investor engagement Monika Frayman chats about why the investment community is scrutinizing corporate water strategy. Plus, IKEA's Angela Hultberg ponders the company's early experiences with electric vehicles and last-mile delivery. GreenBiz 350
Cutting the Carbs This week we're cutting the carbs. No, not carbohydrates, not carburettors, no we’re cutting carbon footprints. Yes, we will talk about food, in the context of food waste as I promised last time, and about food distribution and packaging. The supermarkets are stirring. The Sustainable Futures Report
223. Solar thermal home still cool after all these years Twelve years ago Ed Ma and Rhonda Blair of Calgary, Alberta built the greenest home they could long before all this talk of net-zero homes and it's still pretty cool! What did they do in this amazing home? And what would they do differently today? Find out in this week's episode of CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures. Green Energy Futures
Episode 65: Net-zero news, plastic-free communities and London Circular Economy Week Episode 65 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees edie's content editor Matt Mace and reporter Sarah George discuss net-zero legislation before introducing three exclusive interviews focused on resource efficiency with Canary Wharf Group, the Eden Project and the London Waste and Recycling Board. Sustainable Business Covered
Three Pathways to Uphold America's Paris Commitment Can consumers take the lead in reducing U.S. carbon emissions in the absence of strong federal climate policy? New research takes a look at three aggressive pathways to meet the U.S.’ Paris goals. Energy Policy Now
163 - Bridging Silicon Valley & Latam, YPF Ventures' Tomas Ocampo 163: Managing Director for YPF Ventures Today’s Entrepreneur is helping bridge the technology and financing gap between Silicon Valley and Latin America. SunCast
Episode 175: Some 30 Under 30 sound bites, circular thinking, electric ferries In this episode, we feature five individuals from our fourth 30 Under 30 list. Plus, meet Harald Friedl, the CEO of consultancy Circle Economy. GreenBiz 350
Even More Rubbish This week’s episode is about even more rubbish. Patron Shane suggested we look at electronic rubbish and there’s certainly a story to tell there. We’ll also look at plastic waste, and I warn you none of it is good news. The Sustainable Futures Report
162 - Drift, an Energy marketplace for consumers, w/co-founder Greg Robinson 162: Drift connects energy providers with buyers Greg Robinson and his team envision and have built a marketplace where the biggest companies in the world and individual consumers alike can buy true green power service at the best price possible. Today you’ll discover how. SunCast
Has the battery storage market gone flat? Battery storage put in too hard basket by installers; and is there an alternative to current crop of DC Isolators? Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
The Big Brexit Questions podcast: Low-carbon transport with Greener Journeys With Theresa May set to step down as Prime Minister this week after failing to pass her Withdrawal Agreement, edie's new podcast mini-series explores the impact of Brexit on key areas of the UK's green economy. Up next: Low-carbon transport. Sustainable Business Covered
Episode 174: UPS and Walmart share fleet strategies; a peek into Citi's sustainability strategy Plus, we debate direct air capture technology, Ford's robotics partnership and sustainability in the fashion industry. GreenBiz 350
Time to Talk The Metropolitan Police takes a hard line on Extinction Rebellion while CO2 reaches record levels in the atmosphere. Opinions on climate change diverge in the US, the new Australian government takes climate-related decisions, the Greens advance in Europe and we hear a perspective from Rotterdam. The Sustainable Futures Report
161 - Anne Hoskins, SunRun Chief Policy Officer 161: What exactly does a Chief Policy Officer do? Gain access to all the show notes and resources from this episode here - Join the Tribe? Check out Episode 86, in which I explain how YOU can become a SunCast Tribe member and support the growth and stability of SunCast moving forward! SunCast
160 - TT Sunrun Dir. of Policy & Storage Strategy, Chris Rauscher 160: Sunrun’s strategy for new markets and innovative storage initiatives. Chris Rauscher is one of the folks responsible for Sunrun’s strategy regarding new markets and innovative storage initiatives. Perhaps you heard they won a DER auction in the Northeast earlier this year? SunCast
Why Coal Persists Global demand for coal is on the rise, with dire implications for climate. A look at why coal use endures, and what might be done to limit its use. - The International Energy Agency forecasts that global coal use will increase over the coming decade. Energy Policy Now
Episode 173: Amplifying local impact, cleantech matchmaking, a 30 Under 30 alumna reflects Warning: This episode contains an abundance of climate-related word puns. GreenBiz 350
222B. Geothermal Revival Part II - This could be the only way to make big buildings net-zero In Part II of Geothermal Revival Jacob Komar says super-efficient geothermal heat pumps make bigger buildings much more efficient and may be the most economical way to make bigger buildings net-zero. We dig deeper into geothermal this week on CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures. Green Energy Futures
222A. Geothermal Revival - Getting to net-zero the easy way This week on CKUA's Green Energy Futures Jacob Komar tells us why Geothermal Energy is about to experience a great second coming! He says on a renovation project you can get to net-zero for half the cost of using a more passive heating approach. Find out what's shaking up the green building industry. Green Energy Futures
Episode 64: Unlocking innovation across sustainability and energy Day Two of edie Live saw the second LIVE broadcast of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast, this time focusing on unleashing the power of innovation with industry experts from Heathrow, AB Sugar, Yellow Octopus Fashion and Mitie Energy. Sustainable Business Covered
159 - Solar Pioneer Gary Gerber, 40 yrs of Sun Light & Power 159: Founded Sun Light and Power in 1976 Today’s entrepreneur has been building an iconic solar business since before many of you were even born! Gary Gerber founded Sun Light and Power in 1976, and has built one of the most trusted brands in the California market. SunCast
Episode 63 - Business leadership in the post-CSR era The Sustainable Business Covered podcast returns, this time in the form of a live panel discussion at the UK's largest sustainability conference, edie Live. In this episode, expert speakers discuss what sustainability leadership will look like in the near future. Sustainable Business Covered
Is Australia now un-investible for big solar? The shock-waves from the Coalition election win are being felt beyond Australia's shores. Nigel Morris reports back from Intersolar in Munich and why some big developers are changing their plans, and abandoning Queensland altogether. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
Running to Catch Up In positive news Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam was cleared by a jury over his King's College protest, the Committee on Climate Change believes that the UK 'can cut emissions to nearly zero' by 2050, Greta Thunberg addressed MPs and the UK Parliament subsequently declared a climate change emergency. The Sustainable Futures Report
Episode 172: How new packaging ideas bubble up at Sealed Air, talking green buildings Plus, why Republican Bob Inglis, a former representative for South Carolina, has made it his mission to educate conservatives about the economics of climate change. GreenBiz 350
158 - Know before you go, MIRECweek Mexico City 158: Jonathan Pinzon, Carlos Abad and Jamie Dowswell If you’re familiar at all with the Mexico market, then you’ll have heard of the Mexico International Renewable Energy Congress, now know universally as Mirec. SunCast
Episode 171: CDP's new leader speaks up, Steelcase CSO takes stock, Moody's wants feedback Plus, behind the renewed interest in measuring the impact of impact investing. GreenBiz 350
Episode 62 - Climate tipping points with Mars, UPS, ING and the Carbon Trust Episode 62 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast sees Matt and Sarah deliver interviews outlining how big-name companies in key sectors facing a climate tipping point are radically decarbonising their business to help spur climate action and transition to the low-carbon economy. Sustainable Business Covered
157 - Devin Welch, Sun Tribe Solar 157: Virginia’s fastest-growing solar company Devin Welch is Chief Strategy and Development officer at Sun Tribe Solar a relatively young but extremely impressive bunch of corporate renegades taking the Virginia market by storm. SunCast
221. Tesla Model 3 Best Selling EV in Canada The Tesla Model 3 is the best selling electric vehicle in Canada and electric vehicles have eclipsed internal combustion engines in Norway. So says Matthew Klippenstein, EV columist from Vancouver, Canada on this week's edition of CKUA Radio's Green Energy Futures. Green Energy Futures
What is going on in Queensland? Confusion and frustration in the Sunshine state as the government seeks to justify new rules that will add costs to solar farms and make some installations impossible. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
S3 E7: DUNE: The Neutrinos Must Flow The key to this age-old mystery could lie with neutrinos, elusive particles that flow all around us and by the trillions. Direct Current - An Podcast
The Big Brexit Questions podcast: Green finance with the City of London Corporation In the wake of Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to delay the deadline to organise a departure from the European Union, edie's new podcast mini-series explores the impact of Brexit on key areas of the UK's green economy. Up next: Green finance. Sustainable Business Covered
Episode 170: Trusting the circle, the 'paddle power' of water bikes Featuring highlights from the first of two GreenBiz-organized webcasts this month about circular economic opportunities. Next up, unwrapping circular packaging. GreenBiz 350
156 - Impact Positive - Sandra Kwak, Cleantech Woman of the Year 156: EarthX Cleantech Woman of the Year Sandra Kwak is a serial entrepreneur and one really smart and savvy leader. Sandra founded 10 Power to provide light and hope to the people of Haiti and beyond, and today we dig deep into the details on the who, what, when where and why of the Impact she seeks to make. SunCast
Retraining Coal Miners for Energy Efficiency Work - John Craft This is the second episode in a three part series about out-of-work coal miners in Eastern Kentucky that are being retrained to do energy efficiency work through the New Energy The post Retraining Coal Miners for Energy Efficiency Work - John Craft appeared first on Renewable Energy Podcast - Clean Power Planet. Clean Power Planet - A Renewable Energy Podcast
220. Rural Routes to Climate Solutions finds fertile land on Alberta farms Derek Leahy is a farmhand, podcaster and the guy behind Rural Routes to Climate Solutions, an innovative project that works with farmers on farm solutions that are climate solutions in Alberta. Green Energy Futures
219. Osnabrück county produces 80% renewable energy The county of Osnabrück in northern Germany produces 80% of its electricity from renewable sources, smashing national goals that call for 60% by 2050. We talk to Andreas Witte, head of climate change and energy about how the county is meeting Germany's Energiewende goals. Green Energy Futures
218. Effect Homes has off-electricity grid office in the big city Mike Holmes was on had when Effect Homes has cut the cord to the electricity grid in their new off-grid solar-cogen office in Edmonton, Alberta. This self-sustaining office produces its own electricity using solar and micro combined-heat-and-power units. Green Energy Futures
The Big Brexit Questions podcast: Renewable energy with the REA With MPs extending the deadline to organise a departure from the European Union, edie's new podcast mini-series explores the impact of Brexit on key areas of the UK's green economy. Up next: Renewable energy. Sustainable Business Covered
What's the FERC, and How is it Shaping Our Energy Future? Former FERC Commissioner Colette Honorable explains the work of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and its often contentious role in shaping the future of U.S. electricity and natural gas systems. - Fundamental changes are taking place across the U.S. Energy Policy Now
155 - Mexico Hedge Fund Artha Capital Betting Big on Solar with Prana 155: Prana Power VP Jose Jove discusses the market dynamics Jose Jove is VP of Distributed Energy at Prana Power, one of the fastest growing and most well-capitalized clean energy developers in Mexico. SunCast
Episode 169: Schwarzenegger on climate change, Maersk dips toe in sustainable shipping Plus, a visit from the executive director of The Solutions Project, the clean energy advocacy group co-founded by actor Mark Ruffalo. GreenBiz 350
Tipping Point Have a Swedish schoolgirl, a naturalist in his 90s and a civil disobedience campaign in the streets of London finally led people to realise that the climate is in crisis and that it affects us all? The Sustainable Futures Report
Australia and the art of the stop-start solar policy Australia's suite of stop-start solar policies is driving some parts of the industry crazy with frustration, as the phone stops ringing in Victoria and strict new workplace rules are imposed in Queensland. Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast
The Big Brexit Questions podcast: Natural Capital with Friends of the Earth With Brexit discussions set to resume as MPs return to Parliament after an 11-day Easter break, edie's new podcast mini-series explores the impact of Brexit on key areas of the UK's green economy. Up next: Natural capital. Sustainable Business Covered
Contractors Corner: Rosendin Electric KP is a history buff, so this month's interview is super exciting! Rosendin Electric is celebrating 100 years of electrical contracting this year, and the company has morphed into one of the largest solar EPCs in the business. Solar Power World