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Bridge Strike - Modern 'River Raid' on the Amiga goes Free! But thanks to a heads up from our good friend Solo, he has told us the commercial version of the game can now be downloaded completely free while many of us are still in isolation.

Just $30 for over $1000 worth of Steam games and ebooks in the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle! Check out the amazing bundle here and support an important cause! Help fight coronavirus disease and rescue lives worldwide. No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. - Robin Williams.

Bug Blaster on Acorn Electron / Difficulty engaging with games? Bug Blaster on Acorn Electron / Difficulty engaging with games?

Why Are New Slot Games Resembling Old Arcade Games? The beauty of slot games has always been their simplicity. The allure is that you might get lucky. Fate will look down upon you and bestow you with wealth. You have been the chosen one. Yay! At least, that's how it used to work. All slots were completely random.

The History of Blackjack The magic and power of this game lies in its simplicity that captivates our senses. It does not have a bunch of complicated rules that need to be mastered. It is quite amazing that not a lot of ingredients are needed for assembling a quality card game.

A Guide to Virtual Sports Betting Betting on sports is a lot of fun and a great way to make money if you know what you're doing. Of course, sometimes there's just nothing to bet on. Especially in times like these where major sports events are being cancelled one after the other, virtual sports becomes the preferred form of entertainment to both fans and punters alike.

Merge 64 - A new C64 Puzzle game from Arla Games Still if you like puzzle games and have a C64, you might be interested in playing Arla Games latest C64 release called Merge 64; a game that was written while watching Shallan's 16-hour charity steam, in which he built the C64 game 'LUMA', and raised over $1,200 for Extra Life!

Bringing The Past Back To Life For many video game lovers, the closest they'll come to owning their own bona fide home arcade is a large-screen television fed by their choice of home console systems. For Rodney Minch, however, it began by collecting and repairing classic arcade machines.

Retro Gaming is Officially Making a Comeback! The technological advancements in the gaming industry are huge. When you compare a game from the 80s or 90s, with another from recent times, you will outrightly see the superiority of the present games. The gaming environment and graphics are much better, and the user interface more interactive and friendly.

Micro But Many Is A Micro Machines Collector's Dream You can now pre-order Micro but Many: an unofficial Micro Machines collection from Bitmap Books, and let me tell you, if you're a fan of classic Micro Machines, you're going to want to seriously consider it!

Vampire Vengeance - A lovely ZX Spectrum game from POE Games ZX Spectrum owners listen up! As we've just been told through our twitter page, that POE Games has now released a decent quality action platformer for the ZX Spectrum called 'Vampire Vengeance'. Yes indeed if you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum game to play then you've come to the right place!

Arcade Attack Podcast - March 2020 - Retro devices and Mega SG review We try out and review the Mega SG in real time, and it's revealed almost everyone was in a famous band in the early 2000's. Don't believe me? Have a listen… Podcast index. You can download the podcast on iTunes here, Spotify here, download on Stitcher here, Podbean here or stream it below:.

COVID-19 vs Goombas Goombas don't respect 6′ social distancing rules. One of the many tragedies of our current COVID-19 pandemic is our human struggle with isolation and new limitations on exploring this big and beautiful world. Now, going to a museum, arcade or airport is nearly impossible.

Black & White - A new ZX Spectrum 128k game by Pat Morita! Another game to cheer you all up on this rather awful weekend, as thanks to Saberman who contacted us today, he has told us Pat Morita Team has finally released their previously demo'd ZX Spectrum game of 'Black and White'.

Gunbird 2 on Dreamcast / ZX Spectrum Next - My thoughts Gunbird 2 on Dreamcast / ZX Spectrum Next - My thoughts.

City Bomber 4K - Megastyle’s one button bomber game released for free This one is for anyone who enjoyed the City bomber type games on the 8bit home computers. Inspired by Blitz on the VIC 20, I remember this type of game from playing Night Raider on my friend's brand new Amstrad CPC 464 in the 1980s.

Super NES VS Sega Genesis In an industry where originality is at a premium, it is not surprising to see the same games appearing on as many platforms the market will support. After all, companies need to be profitable and not every console system has the user base to justify spending the added time and expense associated with retooling an already existing game.

Motorhead - Commodore Amiga Review Where Motorhead's budget does show is the music, despite the efforts of the late, great Ben Daglish. It appears there wasn't enough money to license any of their back catalogue so there will be no smackdowns handed out to 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'Orgasmatron' or 'Jack the Ripper'.

The Best NES Games Under $15 Even though emulation has made playing NES games ubiquitous, there are many of us that want to build a collection of original cartridges. My goal with this guide is to provide a cost-effective place to start - both for picking up essentials, but digging into some rather hidden gems.

198X Review - Nintendo Switch No one in their right mind would get on the subway in this city at 2 AM, but you know exactly why you got on it. With your fists taped up and bloodlust on your mind, its time to take the violence that pulses into your Heart to the street gangs in the slums of the city.

Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch - Retro gaming classic gets an updated C64 port Sadly I was never able to buy one of them, but it's thanks to the hard work of Arla Games they not only ported Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch over to a number of systems of which we featured previously, but as of 5 hours ago they have updated the C64 version more in line with the others ie Vic 20.

Battlezone on Game Boy / Classic handhelds. Battlezone on Game Boy / Classic handhelds.

Retronator My ultimate respect always goes to works of entertainment that are able to get me sooo interested in something that I literally have to stop the movie or game and go to Wikipedia to immediately learn something about the subject.

Retrogaming Into The Next Decade Playing games is something that as a human race I don't think we will ever stop doing. Gaming in general always seems to be on the increase. Whether it's sports related games such as fantasy football, puzzle games on your phone, high-end PC gaming or simply board games at a house party, gaming is always going on.

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