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After 35 years the TRS-80 Color Computer will get a faithful port of the classic game 'The Oregon Trail' Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Apple II / Featured Article / Retro Gaming / Retro News / TRS-80 Color Computer.

Castlevania - Nintendo Entertainment System Leaves changing color, then falling. The blowing wind, the cooler temperatures, topped off by the perfect holiday for any fan of scary films. For myself, I use the entire month of October as an excuse to indulge in my predilection for ghost stories, haunted attractions, horror films and creepy video games.

Rodney vs Kfc - RUFF N TUMBLE inspired work in progress on the Atari ST Another early heads up and no not Doom related, as thanks to petsasjim1who was kind enough to reply in one of our articles, he has told us Padman and team have released an early work in progress game of ' Rodney vs Kfc ' for the Atari ST.

DOOM 64 - 1997 Nintendo 64 cult classic is coming to modern platforms! As we've just been told by a good friend of ours on Facebook, Bethesda has announced the 1997 Nintendo 64 cult classic DOOM 64, will be coming to modern platforms as from 03.20.2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. - DOOM 64 is available for free if you pre-order DOOM Eternal.

Retro Releases You May Have Missed Part One. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Featured Article / MSX / News / Retro Computing History / Retro Computing Magazines / Retro Gaming / Retro Memories / Retro News / Scene News / ZX Spectrum.

The Best Sega Saturn Games Under $35 Of course, the Sega Saturn has always been one of the consoles that has never been especially cheap - especially if you want complete copies of your games.

Frostbite - Yet another Atari to C64 conversion from Chopper Command team is coming! Glorious news if you have a C64 or an Emulator to hand, as we've just been told through Facebook that the same team behind the Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command and the previously released Keystone Kapers, has announced the next game in the trilogy line up as 'Frostbite'.

Atari Flashback X - Upgrade to Support External USB Drives What follows is a guide on how to upgrade the AtGames Atari Flashback X to support external USB flash drives. Note that this guide is provided solely as a reference and all responsibility falls on the person performing these actions, including the possibility of damaging your console and voiding your warranty.

Designing Yars' Revenge - By Howard Scott Warshaw My first game for Atari ultimately became what is now known as Yars' Revenge. This is not how it started. Originally it was assigned as a coin-op conversion of a. Cinematronics arcade game called Star Castle. The key to design is knowing what you're trying to do.

I tested out a very cool bean bag gaming chair I sometimes get offered gifts from companies who are looking for reviews, but I normally refuse them because the items being offered aren't very relevant to me, and I would only want to receive something that was genuinely something I would be interested in and think about buying for myself.

Classic Gaming: Video Shelf "Joysticks" Review by Kyle Snyder. One of the things the 80s was infamous for was the glut of teen sex comedies across the movie screens of America.

AQUABYSS - Previously announced Amiga game by AgedCode gets new screenshots According to the creators AgedCode. This game will have inspirations based on games like Sid Meier's Pirates!, Elite Frontier II, Freelancer, Aquanox and some other good games. However the game does not contain arcade elements and, as it was said on other occassion, it's not a 3D type.

Max Downforce - Racing game with classic Arcade inspirations gets a Windows release Well if you remember this game, you'll be interested to know that Robbert Prins of Foppygames has released a very similar game for Windows which he calls 'Max Downforce'. Max Downforce is an arcade racing game. You control your car with the arrow keys.

Chuckie Egg - An eggy PC Remake released today! We've come across a new PC remake of that classic game, which has been released by pj_crozza, developed using Game Maker and is based around the style of the Atari 8-bit version!: Playing as a little yellow man or blue jeaned green hat guy in this version, you must collect twelve eggs in each level before the timer runs out.

Retro gaming ensures its presence at Brazil Game Show 2019, and ViTNO was there to witness! It was a quick but great experience to visit BGS this year, knowing how well-represented was the retro gaming community! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Body Blows - Kicking ass in this retro review from DarkwyndPT So, which game made me curse worse than a drunken sailor suffering from Coprolalia? One of the few original fighting games released exclusively for computers, Body Blows. Body Blows is a fighting game made by Team17 and originally released in 1993 for the Commodore Amiga and DOS.

What Nintendo SHOULD Do Next: A Suggestion. I can hear you already, "Oh great another opinion piece from Ben. Nothing we haven't heard before!" Well if you would put your torches and pitchforks down for a hot second I think I'm on to something here. Now in the past I've written how Nintendo has been knocking it out of the park recently regarding their old school games.

Mini Street Fighter II Arcade Cabinet Released by New Wave Toys New Wave Toys announced the launch of the limited edition Street Fighter II X RepliCade, a fully-playable 12-inch tall replica of the original Street Fighter II: Champion Editioncabinet. This 1/6-s…

A Slow Year Even if you're a fan of pre-NES homebrew video games, such as those available from AtariAge and Intellivision Revolution, you may not be aware of one independently-developed Atari 2600 game from back in 2010 titled A Slow Year, one of the most unique video games I've ever seen.

Analogue's $200 Pocket Could Be the Ultimate Retro Gaming Portable A multi-video-game-system portable handheld. A digital audio workstation with a built-in synthesizer and sequencer. A tribute to portable gaming. Out of the box, Pocket is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color and GameBoy Advance game cartridge library.

Pick-Ups - Sega, Sega and more Sega! It's with mixed emotions that I present to you my most recent Sega pick-ups! I found a pile of Sega CD games for sale on Kijiji which weren't very local to me. Admittedly the advertised prices were not amazing with everything priced a bit higher than what I found at

The Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast - Interview His Atari Jaguar Game By Game Podcast is everything a Jaguar fan could wish for so it seemed only right that we fire a ton of Jag questions his way for your reading enjoyment. Ade should really podcast with him too, right? Can you give our readers a little background of yourself and your earliest and fondest memories of gaming while growing up?

Arcade Attack Podcast - October 2019 - Sean Cooper The Syndicate creator and outstanding Bullfrog employee chats to our Adrian about what it was like working for Bullfrog, the birthing of Syndicate, the eventual demise of the legendary company and much much more. Fancy discussing this podcast? Please tweet us @arcadeattackUK or catch us on

The Console Warped Towards the end of HBO's gripping miniseries Chernobyl two of the main characters, Soviet chemist Valery Legasov and nuclear physicist Ulana Khomyuk, testify at the trial of three men believed to be responsible. The miniseries is about the 1986 nuclear disaster of the same name.

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