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IntelliVania - Castlevania on the Intellivision and it's coming this year! As many of you are aware by now Matthew Kiehl is not only bringing the classic game of Prince of Persia to the Intellivision, but also Mega Man 2 and one of my favourite games of all time on the NES, with Castlevania.

Yan's World - A very special Virtualboy and PC homebrew project is coming! Something of a special treat for Virtual Boy owners, as not only is this the first feature on Indie Retro News for the 32-bit table-top portable video game console, but as of today we've found out that People Please will be releasing a first of its kind game to the Virtual Boy and PC called Yan's World.

BeebEm - BBC Micro emulator on the RG350 handheld BeebEm - BBC Micro emulator on the RG350 handheld.

The Gateway - Cola Powered Gamer takes a look at classic First Person Shooters! Welcome to The Gateway by Cola Powered Gamer! The Gateway is a new series of articles from myself, that presents the best games to start you in the said genre. This time the games covered will be, FPS or First-Person Shooters such as Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D and even Quake!: This is where it all started.

Old School Gamer Magazine Exclusive: Inside 'Shadowy Contracts' Old School Gamer chats with Mark Nasr "Shadowy Contracts" developer to find out what makes his game a special one. Old School Gamer Magazine: How was Shadowy Contracts born?

Legends Ultimate home arcade v4.2.0 firmware update is now out! The incredibly versatile AtGames Legends Ultimate full-size home arcade machine has another new firmware update this week. To update, go to Settings per the usual one-click process. Here are the release notes direct from the website:. Legends Ultimate v4.2.0.

The Top 5 Sega Games Online The classic gaming company Sega has been a much-loved favorite since the 1960s when the company was first founded. Their classic arcade-style games are ones many of us grew up with, and the recent release of their Genesis Mini Console proves retro games will never go out of style.

Lode Runner Legacy Launches January 29th on PlayStation4 - January 16, 2020 - Lode Runner Legacy, the latest edition of the cult classic Lode Runner series, will launch for the PlayStation4 console on January 29, 2020 at the PlayStation Store for US$11.99. This is the first time gamers have been able to enjoy this beloved action puzzler on the PlayStation platform since 1994.

Half-Life Games Free On Steam Thanks To Valve - Funstock Retro In anticipation for Half-Life: Alyx - the new VR title from Valve which takes place before Half-Life 2, Valve have announced that the entire history of Half-Life games are free on Steam. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 released back in 2007, so it's been over 12 years since a true Half-Life game.

How to Know If Your Online Gaming Site is Legit Technological advancements paved the way for gamers and casino patrons to enjoy their favorite games, wherever they are as long as they are connected to the internet and whenever they please through handheld devices. Thus, more and more gaming sites emerged to cater to the increasing number of players.

How I Tapped Out on Tapper If you're anything like me, you probably haven't played too many of the original arcade games since your youth. Sure, there is the occasional Ms. Pac-Man or Galaga, but when was the last time you actually played the real arcade version of Tapper or Jungle Hunt or Moon Patrol?

Mr. Borf, Make It So! By Earl Green Now that you've pulled your DVD player out of the box and watched The Matrix sixteen bajillion times - both with and without the commentary - what next? Well, believe it or not, your DVD player may be a real live classic gaming machine.

Katabatia - C64 rogue-like announced 8+ years ago gets a release! Although not the highest quality graphics we've seen in a C64 game don't let that put you off, as in this game especially for fans of rogue-likes, it's full of dungeon crawling entertainment!

Why Retro Video Gaming is So Famous How can it be that your old Nintendo is worth such a lot of cash? Why are individuals so intrigued by old out of date equipment? What could be so alluring about it? As games advance and the illustrations show signs of improvement it appears that one of the most significant parts is forgotten about.

Ghosts'n DJs - Ghosts 'n Goblins inspired game coming to Steam Feb 6th! Ghosts n' Goblins is getting another feature for this week, as we've been told through Twitter, that Dr. Kucho! Games will be releasing their GNG inspired game of ' Ghosts 'n DJs ' as of Feb 6th on Steam for PC and MAC.

Street Fighter Replicade - By Michael Mertes The third release in the 1:6 scale RepliCade arcade cabinet lineup is here, and with it comes a fierce Dragon Punch right to my arcade memories. The Street Fighter II: Champion Edition RepliCade arcade cabinet contains two different versions of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

Practical Transwitcher Maintenance Tips For Your Electrical Transformer Electrical transformers are used to make machines run efficiently and effectively. And for you to get optimal performance as well as increased product life, you need to perform regular maintenance checkups. If this is done on a routine basis, then you might not have to undergo breakdown maintenance.

Arrow Of Death on Acorn Electron / The impact I've had on people's lives? Arrow Of Death on Acorn Electron / The impact I've had on people's lives?

Jump! - Amiga version of Yoomp! gets its first footage teaser! The Amiga scene just keeps on giving us the good stuff, as not only do we now know that Jump! is still coming to the Amiga, which is the Amiga AGA/ECS version of a game originally called Yoomp! But as of today a new teaser trailer has been released below.

Raymaze 2000 - A new Atari 8bit game based on the Taito arcade game Raimais Don't worry Atari 8bit owners we haven't forgot about you, as early today we found that a new game was released for the Atari called Raymaze 2000!

Who Dares Wins - Retro classic gets an MSX2 remake But the news of today isn't for the C64, as we've recently been told by @nenefranz, that the Who Dares Wins remake for the MSX2 by Retroforce had been released and can still be downloaded for free!

Ice Climber Subscribe to us on YT so you can cheekily listen to our podcasts at work!

Arcade Attack Podcast - January 2020 - Amiga Classics - Walker Ian Dunlop and Neill Glancy's side-scrolling shooter captured the imagination of our Adrian and Dylan when they were teenagers. It struck such a chord with Adrian that he's structured a whole podcast about it!

SNES: The System I Love to Hate By Damien Quicksilver I often think back to how I used to look forward to the introduction of new video game systems. This changed with the introduction of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That was when the "classic" spirit jumped up inside of me and said, "Newer isn't necessarily better!" Things haven't been the same since.

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