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Awesome Video Games of the 90s The 1990s really were the best decade when it comes to video games. The games that were released that year transformed the entire industry, and it also led to huge releases that would go down in history.

Chopper Command - Final version will be released tonight Indie Retro News have been given the heads up that Chopper Command is currently in the process of being released, and will be available to download this evening. Final bug testing was completed this week after we helped Beta test the game live on Twitch.

We've Got Space To Chat About Lunar Lander Inspired by the space race that saw the USA put a man on the moon in 1969, the game tasked players with balancing thrust, gravity and momentum to safely land a spaceship on the hazardous lunar surface. Failure to come in at the correct speed or angle would result in the destruction of the craft.

A Brief History Of: The Commodore Amiga Commodore's attempt at competing with IBM PCs and Apple's newly introduced Macintosh, 1985's Amiga was an impressive piece of kit for its time though most of us don't remember it for its computer productivity features and, instead, reminisce about its awesome library of games.

Malasombra - Eye candy NES title announced by 4mhz! Yes that's right one of our most eagerly awaited Amstrad games, will now be releasing on the NES complete with high quality detail, fabulous sound and hopefully as they put it as a NES masterpiece. As noted by the description, Malasombra is a new video game in development by the 4MHz team for the NES videogame console.

Retrospective: Playing the Sega Genesis Mini In the event that you've been living under a cave, retro mini consoles are a hot commodity right now. Nintendo got the ball rolling with the NES Classic Edition, Sony did their best to compete with the poorly received Playstation Classic Edition and even some of the more obscure consoles from back in the day received the mini retro treatment.

Fallout - An amazing game reviewed by Cola Powered Gamer Released in 1997 and developed by Interplay, Fallout is certainly one of the most important RPGs ever developed. Its development process was rough and full of problems, but the result is one great game: Initially, Fallout was supposed to be the sequel to Wasteland, but Interplay didn't have the rights.

Wonder Girl in Monster Place - An updated Amiga game tease by Moya Once again another Amiga game has been mentioned, as we've just come across a post on our Commodore Amiga Facebook group, of an updated game tease by Moya called Wonder Girl in Monster Place.

The Rescue Expedition - Upcoming Atari 8bit action platformer accepting pre-orders Putting aside the Amiga and C64 news now, as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we've been told Gorgh and Retronics Publishing action packed platformer of ' The Rescue Expedition ', is now ready for pre-orders priced at PLN 149 for a collectors boxed edition.

1942 By Brandon Poe Each month in Retro Revisited, Classic Console's very own Brandon Poe picks one classic game to play. This month's classic: Capcom's 1942. This month I decided to sit down with a game I really did not have much experience with.

Playstation: 20 years The road to Sony's involvement in the video game industry began way back in 1986. It is a story littered with broken promises, court cases and Sony almost walking away from ever being involved in video games. Eventually redeeming themselves with the creation of a system that certainly defines the 90's and disc based gaming as we know it today.

Quasarius Rush - New Amiga Shoot em up announced, wip tease! But now after a heads up by Per Ola, another Amiga game has appeared and is a work in progress, and that's Rafael Lima's ' Quasarius Rush '; a top scrolling shoot em up that has been shown off in this latest footage, giving us an early glimpse at the first level.

Best Body Armor in Escape from Tarkov The Norvinsk region is a gloomy place to be in, and it is not for the faint-hearted. The countless gunmen and scavengers scattered around the former metropolis are determined to destroy anyone attempting to flee. You will not get out of the chaos-ridden Tarkov without proper ammunition.

Top Commodore 16 and Plus/4 Games Written by C64Glen Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Commodore 16 / Commodore Plus/4 / Featured Article / Reviews. Top Commodore 16 and Plus/4 Games Written by C64Glen.

5 Things Every Business Should Invest In When starting a business, many factors will determine how your business will perform in the market. The fate of most companies is determined by how they started and the choices that were made then.

MARS - A new C64 game from Sputnik World, a mission to MARS! As thanks to a hearty heads up from Psytronik Software, they have announced a brand new game coming to the C64 called 'MARS'.

Old School Gamer Magazine Exclusive: Inside Galerider: Free to Fly Old School Gamer Magazine chats with Galerider dev Daniel Choo, who lets us know how a love of Panzer Dragoon played a role in his beautiful iOS game. Old School Gamer: How was Galerider born? Daniel Choo: The original idea of Galerider came to me about five years ago.

ALPHARAY - A fabulous shoot em up for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and the PLUS/4 On the topic of brilliant looking shoot em ups, one such game caught our eye, and that's Stefan Mader's and team ' ALPHARAY ' by Puls4r. This game released recently at the Evoke party, is a stonkly good shoot em up, which was released by the Bauknecht Group for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and or PLUS/4.

Inviyya - An in-development Amiga Shoot Em Up, and we can't wait! But one such game is high up on my wishlist, and that's TigerSkunk, Triace and Premium's upcoming Amiga Shoot em up ' Inviyya '. This game of which we have featured many many times since its first announcement in October 2016.

32X Support is Finally Coming to the Mega Sg The Mega Sg, by Analogue, is a jack-of-all-trades FPGA Sega console when it comes to the 80's and 90's. While it can play Genesis/Mega Drive and the Master System out of the box, additional adapters can also be obtained so Game Gear, Mark III, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000 games can be played through the Sg.

The Scorpion Engine - The next best creation tool for the Amiga? As most of you are aware, there are different ways to create Amiga games, either through Amos, Blitz Basic, RedPill or through the rather lackluster Backbone.

Leading Farming Brand Claas Joins Farming Simulator 19 Farming Simulator has a huge fan-base of gamers that love to own farms and do all the activities like harvesting their crops and taking care of their animals without having to actually break a sweat. So when Claas Machinery joined forces with Farming Simulator 19, it was quite the shock yet exciting piece of news.

Top Ten - Rarest Atari Jaguar Games! With only 70 odd games released it certainly isn't impossible to build a substantial collection - however it is worth noting that more and more titles are regularly being added thanks to the thriving homebrew scene. Below we look at some of the rarest and most valuable titles on this misunderstood console:.

Arcade Visit: Up-Down, Des Moines, Iowa Finding myself in Des Moines, Iowa, I discovered Up-Down arcade! But what was I doing right smack in the middle of Iowa? I live in Wisconsin. My son goes to college in Kansas. So, dropping him off and picking him up at the beginning and end of each school year is a pretty long slog.

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