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Super Galax-I-Birds - A super duper C64 Shoot em up! C64 owners do you fancy playing a rather cool shoot em up where the only goal is to get the highest score against your opponent? Well look no further than Super Galax-I-Birds!

Road Avenger - LaserDisc Racer as an Amiga release by ReImagine Games gets an update Things are slowly getting back to normal on Indie Retro News after my earlier computer failure, as we are pleased to announce ReImagine Games via Earok on the EAB forums, has released an update to the LaserDisc game 'Road Avenger ' for the Commodore Amiga.

Press Release: AtGames Announces Atari Games Included in Upcoming ‘Legends Ultimate Home Arcade’ Machine LOS ANGELES, February 21, 2019 – AtGames Digital Media Inc., a leader in interactive entertainment products, today announced additional details about the upcoming Legends Ultimate Home Arcade machine, which comes with more than 250 built-in games.

How to Spot Counterfeit N64 Carts / Fake Nintendo 64 Games The first thing I do when I encounter any expensive game is looking for serial numbers. For Nintendo 64 games look in the cartridge slot. On authentic games, if you look in the groves of the N64 game you see some numbering in the slots. You'll also notice the back label will have a number imprinted into the label for example.

GIVEAWAY - Gioteck TX20 Retro Stereo Headset So, not too long ago I wrote a review on the Gioteck TX20 retro-style headset, but in short, I loved it. My Gioteck TX20 is now my go-to headset at work and for leisure as well. The sound quality is just so good, and the headset itself is really comfy.

Sam's Journey Coming to the NES! Exclusive Screenshots The Knights of Bytes seem to have picked up on this idea, and today, we have some really exciting news to share with you! Knights of Bytes have been working hard since the release of Sam and we are excited to announce that Sam's Journey will be coming to the NES!

Tiki Taca - Ultimate Atic Atac inspired game from Climacus and Errazking! Oh well at least there's good news for this evening, as we've been told by Saberman that Climacus and Errazking's Atic Atac inspired remake of ' Tiki Taca ', is available to play right now on your ZX Spectrum via the ZX DEV MIA Remakes competition.

MiSTer FPGA: The Future of Retro Game Emulation and Preservation? As retro gamers, we all know the yearning to be able to play through a grand history of games from a variety of systems, but having to deal with the struggle of not only owning and maintaining an array of vintage hardware, but also having them constantly hooked up to our displays and audio systems.

Name your price for great art assets in The Humble Fantasy Game Dev Bundle! Normally, the total cost for the items in this bundle is as much as $717. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase. Download game assets. Download DRM-free asset packs and get started immediately.

Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny Arcade Games, Part 2 Quite a while back, I wrote a nostalgia piece about the old Coleco tabletop arcade games. While those vintage toys are still cool, there are scads of impressive new mini arcade machines out now, with more on the horizon.

Grow Faster in World of Warcraft You created your character, decided to go for the factions of Alliance or Horde, choose your race and class, customize your characters' physical appearance and ready to fulfill your destiny to save the world. What now?Well, you have a long journey ahead.

How Enjoyment And Being Productive Can Go Hand In Hand Many of us can barely get off the couch to start getting some work done or even our daily tasks. There is a reason why every social app is based on gamification, you post a picture, get likes and it's like getting points in a game. This is how social apps get you addicted to them without you noticing.

League of Legends - What Exactly Are You Supposed To Do? League of Legends is a game I've covered quite a bit on this blog recently, but there's one thing I've not really covered properly; what is the objective of League of Legends? After all, it's important to know what to do when playing a competitive online game, especially one that is so big in the eSports scene.

Tales of Gorluth III - The Third and Final Chapter gets an early demo AMIworx are back in the news this week as they have just informed the Amiga community of a brand new early teaser demo for their upcoming Action RPG game 'Tales of Gorluth III', which is the third and final chapter in the series.

Ryane McLaine - A new ZX Spectrum inspired game from Jetpack Jaxx dev gets a demo So yes this is one demo that keeps us wanting more from the full game when it does finally get a release.Links :1) Source: Labels: ANDROID, DEMO, GAMES, GAMING, PC, Psyshteek, RETRO INSPIRED, Ryane Mclaine You do not need an account to sign up or log in… Feel free to post a comment as a guest user.

Boulder Dash Junior II The Final Dig - An awesome C64 Boulder Dash Game! As we love retro games so much we were most excited to learn from Saberman, that Raiders of the Lost Empire had released a Junior version of First Star Software's classic game ' Boulder Dash '.

SOPHIA II - Enhanced remake of Matthew Smith's "Styx" available as version 1.01 Well if you enjoyed the game and want more, the developer has further announced Sophia II version 1.01 with a number of improvements.

Pinball Dreams CPC - Fantastic Amiga classic on the Amstrad CPC is nearly here! Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island - Adventure fan game gets a super release! RESHOOT R - Richard Löwenstein's new Amiga game gets a great website launch Booty The Remake - A fabulous entry from the ZX DEV MIA Remakes compo is released Blackthorne - DarkwyndPT takes a look at a very good classic action game!

Top Gun Subscribe to us on YT so you can cheekily listen to our podcasts at work!

Nintendo Consoles Timeline I made a Nintendo timeline for all of the Nintendo consoles and their sales. The Nintendo Switch has already beaten the Gamecube in sales and has probably already beaten the Nintendo 64 since it's sales were released last year, which will make it Nintendo's best selling 3D home console of all time!

Thalamus Lunark announcement - C64 and Spectrum Next? Legendary C64 publishing house Thalamus have announced that they will be porting Lunark to the C64 and Spectrum Next, if the Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac versions are successfully backed on Kickstarter. Lunark is a great looking cinematic platform game currently in development by Johan Vinet of Canari Games.

Go West: The Story of the Oregon Trail The Pet Shop Boys, and to a lesser extent Horace Greeley, once advised us all to GO WEST, and as a general rule I do what the Pet Shop Boys tell me to do. After all, life is peaceful there in the open air. Sadly, I was born roughly a century and half too late to take part in the westward expansion.

Classic Arcade News Feed: January 2019 Welcome to Classic Arcade News Feed for January 2019! This is the second instalment in this series. Feedback was good from last month's inaugural news article, so I can see this being a regular feature here on Arcade Blogger. Let's get to it!

Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells for over $US100K If you had a windfall of cash - let's say, in the hundreds of thousands, what would you purchase? A home? A Mercedes? Or a copy of Super Mario Bros.? I know it's a hard decision. Think carefully now. No matter what your spending preferences, a tremendous amount of dosh has recently been spent on an NES game.

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