Division 1 players

Conversation started by Kevin ELliott

Kevin ELliott • Oct 18, 2016

A season ticket holder
Before I bought my season ticked in was told that the players fetched in would compete for a top ten finish
These players would struggle to get a top ten finish in leave 1
Mr Stewart has to take some of the blame
For not signing .
Funding money for a championship squad.
If that was a TV or radio that didn't work ,I could get my money back
Wish would say the same about my season ticket .
I am embarrassed to be a miller at the moment
Wounder if the players and board are too.

Kevin ELliott • Oct 19, 2016

How long has stubs got left

Jack Bauer 247 • Jan 24, 2017

@kevinelliott I agree pal shocking players never been championship players and warne as manager is another Aldi bye why not give young Paul hurst a go he's a miller through an through as @ the min we have no ambition to run with the big dogs you have to stop pissing with the pups

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