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The trail runner's at-home strength workout Adding strength training to your schedule once or twice a week can take your trail running to the next level.

Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Race Ross says, "One of the best ways to treat it like a race is to structure it just like you would a normal race, and not giving yourself the flexibility to say, 'well, I'll do it sometime on Saturday when I'm up for it.'" If it helps solidify the specific time and place, pin on an old race number, or print one for your own race.

Partnered strength exercises to do with your isolation buddy This is the most difficult of the partnered exercises-if you and your isolation buddy can accomplish this, you've hit a very professional level. Emily Infeld is a World Championship bronze medallist in the 10,000m and this plank sequence is almost as impressive as that podium performance in 2015.

5-minute back workout We're taking some time to focus on our strength and stability with these quick home workouts.

Buy the Best Treadmill Whether you're looking for the best treadmill for your needs or another piece of home exercise equipment for moderate to heavy use in the privacy of your home, you need to be well-prepared and well-informed to ensure you are purchasing the best home exercise equipment for your needs.

Running tweets that didn't age well There are always tweets that don't age well, but when the world hits unprecedented times, that really accelerates the aging process. We've all got some social media posts that we're not entirely proud of, in retrospect, and here are a few running tweets that also haven't stood the test of time.

9 Powerful Benefits of Running Alone The benefits of running go far beyond burning calories. Running alone gives you a chance to dig in to the mental benefits that will flow over in to every area of your life.

They are still there I went to the hills today. It was my 'usual': from my front door, two miles of pavement, park and alleyway, before reaching the barricaded car park at Swanston at the foot of the Pentlands.

Friday Favorites! They told me they do planks in PE so we did a plank challenge together. It won't be long until they are beating me in this challenge. They are strong. I started out the morning with 9.09 miles with some new snow but I'm proud to say I made it through an entire winter without falling while running.

Celebrating 10 years of junior parkrun It is often said that children are great imitators, so it's important to give them something great to imitate. But what happens when the activity being imitated is not an enjoyable one, leaving a profound and long-lasting negative association?

Coffee Talk All files and information contained in this Website or Blog are copyrighted by Wendy Rivard / Taking the Long Way Home, and may not be duplicated, copied, modified or adapted, in any way without our written permission.

Exercise videos for older adults Health and fitness is important for all of us, no matter what our age. Here's some suggestions of exercise for older adults to start and keep active.

Time for safe & sensible running Further running advice during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020.

Donate a run for the NHS Running Bear invite you to donate one of your runs and a minimum donation of £1 to the NHS.

New 10K introduced by Cheltenham's Half Marathon Need a goal to aim for during this crisis? Enter the new 10K launched by Cheltenham's Half Marathon rescheduled to September.

Guest Editorial: Why We Don't Need Virtual Trail Running Events….Right Now This guest editorial was written by Pacific Coast Trail Runs Race Director Greg Lanctot. The views expressed are Lanctot's and don't necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the American Trail Running Association.

"I Prevented Them From Banning Kenyans" - Tsutomu Akiyama Part Three The world's window into elite japanese distance running, since 2007 Part three of three in JRN's interview with Tsutomu Akiyama, one of the people responsible for first bringing Kenyan athletes to run in Japan. Read part one and part two. Stephen Mayaka told me that jitsugyodan teams want Kenyans mostly for the New Year Ekiden.

A Sherbrooke running shop is running groceries to those in need Le Coureur, a running shop in Sherbrooke, Que., is running groceries to the elderly in their community. The shop is currently closed to the public, so the employees began delivering their product to local runners, and decided they could start delivering other things as well.

5 reasons to add hill workouts to your training schedule Adding hills to your routine is a great way to improve as a runner, both physically and mentally.

Dave Scott-Thomas apologizes for events that led to lifetime coaching ban RELATED: Dave Scott-Thomas gets lifetime coaching ban. His full statement, provided by his lawyers, reads: "In the course of my 22-year coaching career, I have always endeavoured to conduct myself with integrity and professionalism. In one case, I failed.

Shoe of the Week: Asics Gel Nimbus Lite Testers enjoyed the traction of Asics's lightweight high-abrasion rubber outsole and said it held up well, even when used off road. On the negative side, several testers had issues with the heel height and location of the cushioning.

Telehealth: the solution for injured runners during COVID-19 It's injury-prevention in your living room. Brittany Moran is a chiropractor at the Runner's Academy in Toronto. She says telehealth has been in the works for years, but COVID-19 expedited the process of getting the practice into clinics. "Much like if you're coming into the clinic, we're able to assess movement," Moran says.

Cyclocross Basics: A Beginner's Guide The good news is, more and more events are popping up around the country, and make for an excellent way to continue building fitness and improving bike-handling skills.

Looking For A Race? A Sporting Event To Follow? The Quarantine Backyard Ultra Is Saturday Are you looking for a race? Or maybe just an actual sporting event to get excited about? I've got good news for you. While the coronavirus has basically wiped out the worldwide sporting calendar in recent weeks, there is actually a newly-created race taking place this weekend.

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