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Week That Was: Why do the Kenyan Men Suck at 5,000? Kenny B Runs 19.49 and 44.83, Rachel Schneider Impresses Game of Thrones may have disappointed, but the Shanghai Diamond League most certainly did not. If you missed our extensive Shanghai coverage, catch up now:. Past editions of the Week That Was can be found here. Questions, comments, or a tip? Please call us at 844-LETSRUN, email us, or post on our forum.

Highlights From Last Week's Active at Altitude Spring Trail Running Camp Last week I helped coach runners at the six day Active at Altitude Spring Trail Running Camp, held in Estes Park, Colorado.

Eunice Kirwa Becomes Second 2016 Olympic Marathon Medalist to Test Positive for EPO Kirwa is the wife of Joshua Kemei, who also coaches half marathon world record holder Abraham Kiptum, who last month was suspended by the AIU for a biological passport violation. Quick takes below:. The 2016 Olympic women's marathon is now an infamously dirty race.

Rio marathon silver medallist provisionally suspended for EPO's Jonathan Gault notes also that Kirwa is married to Joshua Kemei, coach of Abraham Kiptum, who was provisionally suspended for doping in April after setting the world half-marathon record in October 2018. Kiptum was supposed to have run this year's London Marathon but was suspended just days before the race.

Mary Cain Is Back: Where Has She Been For the Past 2.5 Years? Leaving NOP, Moving to NYC Mary Cain opens up about the past two and a half years of her career since leaving the Nike Oregon Project and battling injury.

Day in the Life: May 2019 I didn't decide to write this post until I'd nearly finished the day, but at 10.15pm whilst walking the dogs at the house I nanny, I realised that days like this are more common than not. Days where there are so many random moments, that seem to be a miso-mash of all aspects of my life!

Lane 6, version 2, week 4: going the distance The kids worked on their endurance to help them prepare for their final track meet in three weeks' time.

Why We Fall for Diet Fads Exercise scientist Steve Magness on “bro science, ” social media bubbles and how to avoid getting sold an agenda.

The Rundown: World Relays, Vancouver Marathon, Flying Superman and More Recently we made some changes to The Shakeout Podcast. From now on, we'll be bringing you the weekly Rundown, recapping all the results and news from the track, roads and trails. Every second week, in addition to the Rundown we will release a longer episode including interviews and a deeper exploration into the exciting world of running.

Gwen Jorgensen has the same surgery as Galen Rupp On May 17, American triathlete-turned-marathoner Gwen Jorgensen of Portland, Oregon had surgery in Colorado to repair a Haglund's Deformity, a bony growth on the back of the heel that causes pain. Jorgensen expects to be out of training for three to four months as she recovers.

How Running "Easy" Makes You Faster If you're consistently feeling a little more fatigued than you want to be, a little too sore after most runs, and having trouble really making speedwork count, you might need to re-adjust what your easy/casual / endurance pace is by slowing down to get fast.

What a decade of marathoning has taught Reid Coolsaet Reid Coolsaet takes a look back on his career as he gets ready for this Sunday's Ottawa Marathon.

Nick Elson tests the legs at Skyrace Des Matheysins Elson will not be racing, as he will be toeing the line with Kilian Jornet at Zegama-Aizkorri 42.195K race with 5,472 metres of elevation gain in Northern Spain. A week later on June 8, he will be racing 44K for Canada at Trail World Championships in Mirandha do Corbo, Portugal.

How to start run-commuting And if you're thinking about run-commuting as way to increase your weekly mileage or just avoid the hassle of more traditional modes of commuting, now is the time to get started. Here are some things to consider when planning to run-commute. RELATED: Stories from the run commute: "I ran through my pregnancy.

Answering the big questions about dementia If you could ask one question about dementia, what would you ask? The Information Services team at Alzheimer's Research UK provides up-to-date and accurate health information to the public about dementia. They answer many varied questions about the condition, but a few questions come up again and again.

The original LGBTQ+ running club gets a helping hand from Brooks Brooks Running Company would like to change that, and in a ground-breaking partnership with International Front Runners, local LGBTQ+ running clubs can now get financial support for building their membership. RELATED: PHOTOS: Pride and Remembrance Run 2018.

Is the Next Great Sprint Rivalry Here? Noah Lyles Beats Christian Coleman At 100m, Coleman Fire Shots at Lyles on Twitter "…This is a rivalry at 100 now. And more importantly, the fans want to see it. Because now the fans are like, okay Christian, what you got? And Noah, was that a fluke, or is that how you're bringing it every week?" Earlier this year, Lyles told Reuters that he was not planning on running the 100 meters at USAs or Worlds in 2019.

Resistance Band Workout For Hip Strengthening And Glute Activation Tired of IT Band issues, knee issues, pain while running… it's time to add in more hip strengthening exercises for runners! This quick workout will get you started.

Can You Enjoy Racing Even If You Aren't in PR Shape? Anything beyond that was a bonus, and if I "wasted" energy giving kids high-fives or waving to the crowds, well, that was worth it. This was about the experience as a whole, the opportunity to participate in this iconic race, and I intended to make the most of it.

Are You Afraid? I did ten miles with Emilee and Maddie to start out the week! It was 39 degrees when we started so that was fun. Thank you Brooke for the picture. Brooke started off her week with the skip-it. We bought one for Knox too and these things have provided hours of entertainment for our kids already!

Five Reasons Why Runners Want to Eat Carbohydrates I hear way too many runners vowing to "knock off carbs" for their nutrition resolution. Most intend to eat less sugar. Some plan to cut out bread, pasta, potato and starchy foods, and others plan to also limit fruits and veggies. The reality is, carbs should be the foundation of your sports diet.

The Choice Like last month, I'm equal parts disappointed and relieved. On one hand, I wanted to get on with it. On the other, I'm excited to crack a beer and plot tomorrow's adventure. I'm not pregnant yet. Darn, and also phew. Let's not mince words here, I know I want kids.

Feeling the positive energy Neelima Chatterjee is a patient of Barrack Lane Medical Practice in Ipswich, Suffolk, one of more than 900 parkrun practices across the UK.

The Ironman Group Acquires World's Largest Fun Run. In addition to this iconic event, the acquisition will include The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, Melbourne Corporate Triathlon and Carman's Women's Fun Run. The IRONMAN Group will also seek to operate the Spring Financial Group Spring Cycle event which takes place on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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