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Judging a Book by its CoverThe old advice is to never judge a book by its cover but I often ignore that advice.

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Victories Greater Than Death, by Charlie Jane AndersThrilling action and creative worldbuilding cant quite compensate for thin characters and surprisingly flat prose.

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The Delicate Balance of Terror 23Returns now completed of the output of all classes of consumption goods show that the standard of living has risen by no less than twenty per cent over the past year.

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Thank You Recent Echo Purchasers and Echo Readers! ! !BerGibbity YerThoobenFloggen! Thank you Big Time to the people who bought Echo on Kindle or read Echo on Kindle Unlimited yesterday!

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13 Cooking Up Some TroubleWe meet Beatrix Marten, an incompetent servant and religious zealot who has become suspicious of Jules.

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The Genesis Temple Part 2He looked out upon the world slowly filling with water. Thousands of his people, his children were wandering in bewilderment.

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The Genesis Temple Part 3Damiron sighed, “The cleansing has begun. We have little time left. We need to get to the temple now and place the key in the vault.”.

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Tuatha de Danann Episode I Release Date and Pre-Order Information!I am proud to announce that my premiere work, Tuatha dà Danann Episode I: The Aes Sídhe, will be available for purchase on Friday, January 22, 2021!

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Foremost #shortstoryMay the bridges I burn, light the way.” Joel snorts, nearly tripping over himself as they strode down the hallway.

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Is Amazon Prime's ‘Songbird' an ode to the reckless?Living in a national pandemic, sweeping through life like a breeze, is definitely cinematic. Maybe only because we’ve already seen a thousand films about the impact of humanities recklessness.

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Amy Noelle Parks Brings The Romance of Math and Science To YAAmy Noelle Parks, author of 'The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss', pens a guest post about how math and science can be sexy.

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Alone by Abigail WallaceScarlet is a 17 year old girl, left alone in her world after a strange string of bombings occur all over areas of the United States of America.

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Point of Extinction  The Extinction Series Book 1: A Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series by Tara Ellis , Mike KrausAn ancient killer. A nation torn apart. One woman will stop at nothing to save her family  or die trying.

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Rereading "Beggars in Spain" by Nancy KressThis is the fifth novella of this reading project More than five years ago, I reviewed Nancy Kresss posthumanism novella which was later on extended to a full novel.

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray BradburyNot quite sure what to make of that. Guy Montag is a firefighter, but in this world it means starting fires rather than putting them out.

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Book Review: Of All Possible Worlds, William TennThis collection contains the third post in a loose series on SF short stories that are critical in some capacity of space agencies, astronauts, and the culture which produced them.

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Read an Advanced Review Copy of Planetary Anthology SaturnAs Ive mentioned before, my science fiction/time travel short story Saving the Apostle is to be featured in the Tuscany Bay Press Planetary Anthology Saturn.

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How to Stop Time"She smiled a soft, troubled smile and I felt the whole world slipping away, and I wanted to slip with it, to go wherever she was going& I had existed whole years without her, but that was all it had been."

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A Quote, and a Peek Behind the Curtain of My Creative ProcessAs I continue my writing, I like to peruse my previous entries looking for potential advertising type of material.

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SPOILER Review  Star Trek: Discovery  Season 3In episode two of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery, one scene in particular has really unsettled fans of the classic science fiction franchise.

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"Phenomenon": A SciFanSat Microfiction CompilationHighlights from the 01.16.2021 SciFanSat Phenomenon theme and event.

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DAVID MURDOCK COLUMN: On the books stuck in my headColumnist David Murdock talks about the two novels that he's started in his head.

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Seven Rules of Time Travel Roy HuffSeven rules of time travel is a science fiction story about Quinn Black. He has the power to travel through time and even change the future.

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The Oracle, part twoThe Oracle 2 Steff gazed at The Oracle slowly getting larger as they approached. She was on board a shuttle ready to take command of the ship.

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Chat A€“ Now Available In Print And Kindle Versions!The social media giants of the early decades in the 21st century have died and been replaced by ‘CHAT’, a new artificial intelligence network built on a powerful quantum computer, affectionately called the 'Engine'.

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The Incredible 2-Headed TransplantDirected by Anthony M. Lanza Featuring Bruce Dern, Pat Priest, Casey Kasem, Albert Cole, John Bloom and Berry Kroeger Dr Roger Girard is a scientist who is apparently rich enough to spend all his days working in his home laboratory perfecting his experiments in grafting a second head onto various animals.

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At Bakka-Phoenix, the beloved sci-fi and fantasy bookstore, you can let your geek flag flyFor almost 50 years, Bakka-Phoenix has been a gathering place for fans of sci-fi and fantasy. Shared .
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Cats Sleep on SFF: Tales of the Astonishing Black SparkKendall’s submission is not a cat, not asleep, but there is sff  Not sure if this counts but its an old empty bottle of wine in the shape of a cat, posing on one of the books I got fo...

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Second Round of 2020 BSFA Awards Nominations BeginsBritish Science Fiction Association members will have from January 18 until February 5 to help choose the BSFA Awards shortlists for works published in 2020.

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BookSnapSunday  Fahrenheit 451Forget them. Burn them all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean. Guy Montag is a fireman.

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The Return Trip  Episode 252THE RETURN TRIP  Episode 252 &Like a puppet on a string, the well-traveled ship from “home” dangles above its new dock& “The Stellar Explorer has entered into a descending orbit,...

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Nightflyers by George R.R. MartinUp until the day that HB brought this book home from one of his business trips, I had no idea that George R.R. Martin had written anything besides the A Song of Fire and Ice collectio...

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A Closed and Common Orbit Book ReviewAuthor – Becky Chambers Genre – science fiction, slice of life Rating – 4 stars This is the second book to the ‘Wayfarer’ series.

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Art Expressing the Collective Pains of Today: Children of MenWhat I believe to be the defining science fiction film of the 2000s and one of the all-time great science fiction masterpieces, Children of Men is a film about the importance of hope.


New Release!It’s finally finally released! First book in The Pebble Series: Recalibration Recalibration: The Pebble Series.

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Eleven Months in and 2 Million Lives LostClick on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.) This week, the world reached a grim milestone since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wuhan China in early...

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Audiobook Review: Star Wars: Light of the Jedi by Charles SouleI received a review copy from the publisher. This does not affect the contents of my review and all opinions are my own.

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What Went Right With& The Cell ?The Cell is an underrated science fiction horror-thiller directed by Tarsem Singh. Originally a director of adverts, this was his directorial debut.


The Battle RagesSo you think youre free? Did you know that the wealth of the worlds billionaires grew buy a staggering $1.9 Trillion in 2020?

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Visits From A Man Named Nobody PT 13Paul gripped his mother harder. “I don’t hate you! ” He didn’t realize it was true until he said it.

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My Favourite bits and in MiiraStephen King famously advised writers to murder their darlings, but thanks to Audrey Driscoll, another excellent writer, Im about to do the exact opposite!

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The Philadelphia ExperimentThe Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment supposed to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, sometime around October 28, 1943.

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TW remembers the Man from Atlantis1978 and yet another sic fi series debut. And again this one was first broadcast as four, made for television movies, the success of which lead to the commissioning of 13 weekly episodes.

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Mockingbird by Walter TevisOnly the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods.-Walter Tevis Did you watch the recent Netflix series about a brilliant female chess player: The Queens Gambit?

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Pixel Scroll 1/16/21 I Was Deleted You Won The War, Pixel Scroll, Promise To Read You ForevermoreIt’s not Jung’s, it’s mine: Language-Magic” at the London Review of Books, Colin Burrow offers an overview of Ursula Le Guins career....But in the hands of an aut...

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The Worst Great Mind, pt. 1Call it happenstance. Call it determination. Call it destiny preordained. I am stood here all the same.

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Wrap-Up: The Epic Highs and Lows of Reading in 2020Eight days into the trashfire that has been 2021 so far, I realized—I hadnt done any sort of wrap-up for 2020 yet.

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Movie Review: "TENET"This review will either fascinate you or bore you to death. Read to the end to find out which!

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In Acolyte it's your job to bug-test an AI secretaryI saw a Kickstarter last year for a digital assistant called the Hybri, which came in various shapes though the marketing focused on hot cyberladies because of course it did.

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I'll Take The High RoadIt's a rainy night in Nivalis. You're a recently arrived immigrant and a newly signed-up courier for the slightly illegal delivery company C...

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TheWriteReads #BlogTour Review: The Unajdusteds by Marisa NoelleAn exciting first installment to an undoubtedly interesting trilogy! Thank you so much to The Write Reads and Marisa Noelle for allowing me to be part of this experience and also providing me with a complimentary digital copy!

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GC on the runway&Didn't plan to go dark again, but had many things happening at once. In meatspace, I was fighting some GI-tract infection while still going to DayJob, as the main pharmacy tech for oncology was out with a heart attack.

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Review: The Echo WifeBy Sarah Gailey Martine is a genetically cloned replica made from Evelyn Caldwell’s award-winning research.


Dystopia Nation  Techno TyrantsHere at Independent Voter site Balladeer's Blog, I can't help but reflect on how less than three full years ago when this blog post used America's increasingly totalitarian Big Tech fascists as examples for dystopian literature, it seemed like the dire possibilities explored might come within a decade or just under.

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PC Pick-and-Mix 2: The Obra Dinn's Returned and Star Wars Has Mustered Dark Forces? Play It Again, Bard&I like videogames and I like writing reviews, but sometimes I dont have deep enough thoughts on the latter to write particularly deep examples of the former.

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Doctor Who: Here's Why Our Next Several Doctors Need to be WomenWith rumors of Jodie Whittaker departing Doctor Who after Series 13, here's why the next doctors for the foreseeable future need to be women.

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The Delicate Balance of Terror 22"Which sub is that? said Winston, automatically feeling for money. About a quarter of one's salary had to be earmarked for voluntary subscriptions, which were so numerous that it was difficult to keep track of them." George Orwell They will Rise.

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Earth's Protective Magnetic Energy Field Is Evolving and Will The Human Being Survive It.By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author."Roman Honeymoon"  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story Synopsis: In free outer space greeting cards by popular SCIFI author Hank Curci, Hank discusses the sun’s damaging solar wind passing through the Earth’s protective magnetic field. Shared .

Beware the ides of JanuaryGet off my lawn! Hey Guys, This week has been hectic. Ive written 1000 words every day on the fantasy humor novel, the working title is Fairy Farts.

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The wonderful story behind why Captain America is back in the villages of North WalesMarvel's super soldier has been pounding the streets to spread a message of hope and goodwill.

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Review: Children of Time by Adrian TchaikovskyEvery once and a while you will pick up a book with the expectation that it will be fun, or interesting, and it simply blows your mind with how far it left your expectations behind. When I picked up Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky, I had no idea what I was in for. More than an epic space tale about intelligent spiders, Children of...

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MONSTRE: Volume One by Duncan SwanDay 0. From the wreckage of a research facility in Switzerland, a plume of toxic smoke and ash pours into the sky, forming an impenetrable cloud that is slowly smothering the world in darkness.

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A€˜Space Cadeta€™ by Robert A. Heinlein  My First Real Science Fiction NovelDespite the flaws that have become apparent in the intervening years, at its core ‘Space Cadet offers a good space adventure for new readers.

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The Peripheral a€¢ 2014 a€¢ Time Travel novel by William GibsonSynopsis:  In a small rural town in the U.S., Flynne and her brother Burton are hired for a security job in cyberspace.

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The Fearless Science Fiction Amazing Stories Art of Robert FuquaJoseph Wirt Tillotson, who used the name Robert Fuqua as a pulp painter and illustrator, is a science fiction artist deserving of attention.

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The Sci-Fi Concept Art of Shoutao TangThe amazing science fiction themed artworks of Shoutao Tang, a freelance concept artist and digital illustrator based in Shanghai, China.

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What Really Happened When I Lost My CarIt was the last space available in the area. I occasionally found good things to write about on Saturday nights, so I went with it.

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Thank You Recent Echo Readers! ! !YarBoggleDoggle SnerYooberFock! Â Thank you big time to the folks who read Echo on Kindle Unlimited yesterday!

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The City and The City by China MievilleThis is a book recommended for all kinds of fiction fans – the literary enthusiasts, lovers of sci-fi or those who just like a good bit of thriller writing.

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Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Italian Tanith Lee Covers by AllisonMariella Anderlini was a behemoth of Italian SF art. Her covers graced entire years of science fiction editions for various Italian presses - for example, she illustrated the complete Slan.

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False Flag on the Balena AssetataChief Petty Officer Brayden Sullivan hadnt been on a single straight-forward operation in his impressive career, and this was clearly not going to be the first.

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One Week After the InvasionTom peeked out through the second level window. There werent much survivors. And most of the survivors are now mostly deranged.

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Sci-Fi Short Film: "BYGONE"Connect with DUST Website: for DUST newsletter: DUST on your TV: Available on Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV...

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Goldilocks, by Laura LamScience Fiction - Adult With the earth literally choking to death from pollution and overpopulation, countries around the world are working to develop a colony on another planet.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Episodes 14-20: The Desert DawnOur look at the HD remaster of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED continues! With all the leg work done in regards to the story, plot and central characters, we now move to earth as the Archangel is pitted against one of the best commanders in ZAFT.

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10 Planned Seasons Of Cancelled Sci-Fi TV ShowsNot every story gets to end the way that it had intended to, some just have to make do! Shared .

Star Wars Adventures #1 and #2Ever since new Star Wars comics started being published at Marvel and IDW, Ive been looking for a good place to jump on board.

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Dinosaurus!Was the third and final collaboration between distributor turned producer Jack H. Harris and former Methodist minister turned director Irvin S. Yeaworth following The Blob and 4D Man.

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ARC Review: WINTER'S ORBIT by Everina MaxwellBOOK DEPOSITORY WINTER'S ORBIT Everina Maxwell Genre: LGBTQIA+, Sci-Fi Publisher: Tor Books Pages: 352 Publication date: February 2nd 2021 While the Iskat Empire has long dominated the system through treaties and political alliances, several planets, including Thea, have begun to chafe under Iskat's rule.

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"Arrange": A SciFanSat Microfiction CompilationHighlights from the 01.09.2021 SciFanSat Arrange theme and event.

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The Black SableIn recent months, Ive been enjoying Zenescope Publishings Van Helsing series which tells the story of Liesel Van Helsing, inventor and daughter of Draculas famous nemesis.

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Novel Ideas  January 2021 UnboxingDid I mention in my last post about how I was pausing my Book Resort box because I had too many books to catch up on?

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"Ovni ", the TV UFO that combines humor and science fictionCanal + launches its year with this original creation in which a scientific genius finds himself obliged to investigate paranormal phenomena.

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The Illuminous Regression  Episode 6: Projection convectionArmy Project: Classified Illuminous Dr. Everett P. Brown Part 1: Laser Security system is an advanced version of the alarm that uses lasers with power enough to penetrate through skins of the intruders.

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The Illuminous Regression  Episode 5: PapyrusLeo rushed to his neighbor’s without wasting even a second. This was the first ‘real’ lead he had gotten as of now.

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Sci-fi scant in story of human-robot relationsA possibly apocryphal story describes the great Isaac Asimov, responding in shock to the murderously self-protective actions of the Hal 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey by saying "They're breaking the laws of robotics!"

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Spirituality and sci-fiYou wouldn't think the realms of Christianity and science fiction would occupy much common area in a Venn diagram.

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The BlobThere are few titles, for both fans and non-fans alike, that epitomise the 1950s American science fiction boom quite like Irvin S. Yeaworths The Blob.

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Fw Movie Pick: Star Trek BeyondAnd finally we've reached the third and currently the final entry in the film series in this "Kelvin Timeline", but Abrams returned only as a producer so he could focus on directing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ; so that's when "Fast and Furious" director Justin Lin came in to give us an installment that feels completely different from what we...


His Dark Materials Season 2 ReviewHis Dark Materials finally finds its footing in a thrilling, adventure-filled second season that is great to look at but does not inspire as much wonder as it ought to though Ruth Wilson’s performance is certainly a highlight as Philip Pullman’s adaptation returns to the small screen.

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Tears Of Isis, Other PMMP Titles On 20 Percent Off SaleDid I mention THE TEARS OF ISIS in the post just below. The long arm of coincidence striking, guess what has been announced Friday as being on sale?

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Rainbow Snippet for 1-16-2021Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation . Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.

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The Pearl Territory: A Surreal DramaThe Pearl Territory is a suspense filled; sci-fi, surreal drama written by Victoria Ray. The Pearl Territory is the story of 1,296 people that survived the near annihilation of earth after a gamma ray hit the earth.


The Slynx by Tatyana TolstoyaRead  13/01/2021 to 15/01/2021 The Slynx is a 2000 dystopian science fiction novel by Russian author Tatyana Tolstoya.

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BSFS Opens New Investigation of Harassment ComplaintsThe Baltimore Science Fiction Society has announced a new investigation of harassment complaints to be conducted by an outside investigator who will be looking into complaints the club addressed in an earlier statement.

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Author's Diary for the Week of January 15, 2021Weve started editing the appendices in Covenants playtest rules! Find out more now.

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Pixel Scroll 1/15/21 Scroll With A Pixel EarringBesides the Le Guin stamp coming out this year, the United States Post office has announced they will release a series of stamps highlighting images of the Sun captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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The Restless Moon: HalfwayCNN has been turned off for the evening. There is nothing like settling down with a good book on the first.

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Outside the WireMajor spoilers ahead This is one of those movies immediately off the bat you can tell its gonna be a propaganda puff piece for the US military.

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DuneBy Frank Herbert “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

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'The Expanse': the science fiction phenomenon you should knowThe series The expanse is perhaps one of those rare productions who It is preceded by the difficulties that led them to become a cult phenomenon.

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Today's talking pointTHE Government’s campaign of fear and psychological warfare against its own people has plumbed new depths this last week.

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Tim Allen Reveals How Alan Rickman's Passing Affected Galaxy Quest 2As of last Christmas, Galaxy Quest celebrated its 21st anniversary of irreverent science fiction comedy, with the Tim Allen-led ensemble comedy still holding up.


A Hidden Gem in the World of Old-School Science Fiction: Interview with Author Mark S. GestonBorn in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1946, Mark S. Geston began writing science fiction novels as a student in the 1960s.

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Sci-fi or reality? What hotels will do to make us feel safe during a pandemicThis post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products.

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‘For All Mankind' Season 2 Trailer: Apple's Science Fiction Series Wages a Cold War in SpaceIMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

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Review: VallistaWhat's the difference between a fun book and a good book? I've been thinking about Steven Brust's Vallista, the fifteenth novel in his Vlad Taltos cycle, in the context of Kameron Hurley's The Light Brigade, which I reviewed earlier in the week and which I read around the same time as Brust's novel.

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An ON TIME Excerpt: "The Time Loop Loophole" by Madison EstesEnjoy an excerpt from Madison Estes’s “The Time Loop Loophole” featured in our new anthology ON TIME.

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Ursula K. Le Guin to be Featured on Upcoming USPS Literary Arts StampThe Portland science-fiction author will be honored on the 33rd stamp in the series, joining James Baldwin, Flannery OConnor, and others.

Portland Monthly Shared .

Invisible KingdomVolume 1: Walking the Path By G. Willow Wilson A spoiler-free review G. Willow Wilson has shown that she can have quite the diverse style of writing.

Seraphina's Tasty Reviews Shared .

Mini-Movie Review: TenetImage Source: / Over the Christmas holidays, my family watched Tenet. There was actually some debate as to whether we should watch the movie as one of Christopher Nolan's other movies, Interstellar, which we saw in the theaters was one that my mother disliked intensely.

OtherWorlds: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Web Journal Shared .

Soar Together: Science FictionIn January, our monthly family program at the National Air and Space Museum will explore science fiction!

National Air And Space Museum Shared .

My 2020 in BooksLike most, a good chunk of my time otherwise not doing anything in 2020 was spent with books and graphic novels.

Prax Writes Stuff Shared .

Star Trek: Discovery and Lower Decks took turned the Orions from sex slaves and pirates into take-charge villains and scientists.For decades the green-skinned Orions were pirates and slaves and not much else. This year, two shows changed that.

Slate Magazine Shared .

Understanding Amaya Mishka's ‘Ascension Warriors'Indigenous culture meets science fiction in this debut novel by a Santa Barbara author.

The Santa Barbara Independent Shared .

A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.I read this in mid-2018 and put down some disjointed, unorganized notes. I typically let these comments of mine sit for a while before I organize them better and make a normal post.

Ikuhabe's Not-So-Personal Thoughts, Works And Opinions Shared .

The Matrix Reloaded box office download full movie online 2003Here you can watch a great many movie streaming Movies online! ✔ No downloading ✔ No Ads ✔ Only instant streaming The Matrix Reloaded budget $150,000,000: Six months after the events depicted in The Matrix, Neo has proved to be a good omen for the free humans, as more and more humans are being freed from the matrix and brought to...

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Friday Flash Fiction  Click and CollectI logged in on my dashboard computer – Friday 15th January 2040. I was getting a new work experience person today.

Times And Tides Of A Beachwriter Shared .

Nicolas Cage Coldly Murders Nightmare Animatronics in the Trailer for Willy's WonderlandBefore you ask, yes, what we need right now is another Nicolas Cage movie with dubious dialogue and powerful glowering.

Tor Shared .

WandaVision Plays With Reality and Sitcom History in Its Two-Part PremiereIt’s strange to think that this is our first official Marvel Cinematic Universe story in roughly a year.

Tor Shared .

New Trailer for Apple's For All Mankind Teases a Coming Nuclear WarApple is set to release the upcoming sophomore season of For All Mankind—it's alternate history series where the Soviet Union reached the Moon first, rather than the US—on February 19th, and with just weeks to go, they've released a new trailer showing off how things are faring between the two superpowers.

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Frost Flower, Chapter 22Bella spent the trip over trying not to pace and mostly succeeding, double checking her supplies, making sure everything in her bag was where she needed it to be and packing it in a case they could drag into the temple - her bag wasn't quite rated for this level of pressure or cold.

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The Stone Age and science-fiction collide as Jet Kave Adventure launches on Xbox One, Series X-S and PCWhilst those of us brought up on late 1970's TV would kill for a Captain Caveman video game, for now it looks as if our only prehistoric, Stone Age hit will come in the form of Jet Kave Adventure on Xbox One, Xbox Series X-S and PC.

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Book Review: Network Effect by Martha WellsThe Blurb Murderbot returns in its highly-anticipated, first, full-length standalone novel. You know that feeling when you’re at work, and you’ve had enough of people, and then the boss walks in with yet another job that needs to be done right this second or the world will end, but all&.

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The Cool VFX Sci-Fi Art of Mehdi HadiThe cool futuristic sci-fi themed creations of Mehdi Hadi, a freelance art director, concept artist and VFX motion designer based in Paris, France.

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Rian Hughes delivers a modernist sci-fi saga of epic proportions in his debut novel, 'XX'Author Rian Hughes pushes the boundaries of modern sci-fi novels with his debut release from The Overlook Press, "XX" Shared .

All the New Horror and Genre-Bending Books Arriving in January!Head below for the full list of horror and genre-bending titles heading your way in January!

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Am I writing for a 1960's audience?My Science fiction novels tend to be stand-alone military science fiction novels, mostly having to do with an invasion.

T.J. Manrique Author Shared .

Top New Science Fiction Books in January 2021Looking for space opera or alternate Earths? Here are some of the new science fiction books we're most excited about and/or are currently consuming in 2021.

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Revealing The Bronzed Beasts, the Epic Conclusion to Roshani Chokshi's Gilded Wolves SeriesIt's time to rejoin SÃverin and his crew for the final adventure! We are thrilled to share the cover and preview an excerpt from The Bronzed Beasts, the third and final book in Roshani Chokshi's epic fantasy The Gilded Wolves series.

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Mother of Sands Short Story by Sun Hesper JansenThe Hhest, my ancestors, called this soft twilight Ssayat Tlichat – the Awakening Hour, holy to harvesters and hunters and travelers and priests.

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Friday Reads for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fans, Part 2Hello Book Lovers of Bloglandia, With the release of the second box set for my Osteria Chronicles series, I went a bit nuts this month joining in on a few author collaborations.

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How Star Trek Helped NASA Dream BigAnd how NASA helped Star Trek stick around.

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The Queen's Gambit Creator Has A Wild New Sci-Fi Show Heading To TVThe Queen's Gambit creator just lined up a new project that couldn't sound more different than a chess drama.


Discovering Immortality in Eternal CodeI had to rely on my imagination in considering how souls are moved in the makeshift medical facility Corey infiltrates.

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Skeptical young fellowJust story today. Sample Bad Writing There was nothing to be done. She was not only married in an official Heshmess ceremony, but she was also being kept captive in a back room with a sound-cancelling barrier and plenty of secure locks between Emily and the rest of the luxury resort.

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The Voices of Time a€¢ 1960 a€¢ Dystopian novelette by J. G. BallardSynopsis: In a dystopian Southwestern U.S. near future, everything goes downhill: a research clinic in an arid landscape after drought, sterility following nuclear fallout,  humans turning into "sleepers", and life itself is in decline after the peak of evolution.

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Terry Pratchett Book Club: Wyrd Sisters, Part VCurtain up, it’s time for the only show that matters in Lancre—which brings us to the end Wyrd Sisters.

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Start OverOnce, on another planet, Jumpret, someone bought an iPhone 7. The iPhone and the person were compatible.

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BOOK REVIEW: Koko Takes A Holiday, by Kieran SheaSeries: Koko. Publisher: Titan Genre: Cyberpunk Pages: 332 Publication Date: 2012 Verdict: 3/5 Koko has given up the life of a mercenary in favour of running a brothel in the utopian island chain of The Sixty.

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The Prefect and Reynolds' Depth of CharacterIve said it before, and Ill say it again. Alastair Reynolds is one of my favorite writers working in science fiction today.

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Vintage SciFi Month: Mysta of the MoonIt’s Vintage Sci-Fi Month again! For those of you not familiar with this not-a-challenge, it runs every January and is about reading vintage science fiction.

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Five Thrilling SF Stories About Patrolling SpaceAfter a painstaking process that apparently consisted of determining from which movie / comic books they wanted to lift a name, members of the US Space Force have officially been dubbed “Guardians.” Whether this is in reference to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or the interfering blue dome-heads from Green Lantern is unclear. Shared .

Review: Marc-Uwe Kling  QualityLandScience fiction Published in German in 2017 Translated to English in 2020 by Jamie Lee Searle QualityLand is run by the almighty algorithms, ensuring total satisfaction and efficiently for its quality citizens.

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Virtual Reality Now Makes Remote Training Truly ExperientialIn recent years VR has jumped from science fiction to blockbuster gaming and now into corporate training and development.

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Ambitious fantasy and science fiction works that fell off the radarSusanna Clarkes long absence after Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was published in 2004 called to mind other authors who published ambitious works of science fiction or fantasy but then.

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The best recent science fiction and fantasy reviews roundupThe Stranger Times by CK McDonnell; Radio Life by Derek B Miller; Hall of Smoke by HM Long; Inscape by Louise Carey; and Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline.

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Book Review: The Art of Stars Wars: the Mandalorian by Phil Szostak.These stories were something that I had been working on for a long time. I didn’t know it would be for television....

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Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe GilholyGame of mass destruction is a dystopian sci-fi book written about Yuzuko. She is forced to take part in the game of mass destruction.

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Kids round-up: RTE preps first childrens slate; Sky Kids and AnimeLab pick up Yu-Gi-Oh! ; Rainbow and Toonz partner for PinocchioRTÉ launches first global kids sales slate Ireland's RTÉ Programme Sales has announced its first-ever slate of kids programming for the global market.

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449. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 ReviewMartin , Richard Dawkins , Wil Wheaton , Bill Nye , Margaret Atwood , Neil deGrasse Tyson , and Ursula K. Le Guin.

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Review: DuneDune Its finally here. The time has come to do a review of Dune, Frank Herberts legendary science fiction classic.

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Review: Yesterday Is HistoryDRC provided by Sourcebooks via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review. Representation: Black gay protagonist, gay deuteragonists, Japanese-American queer tritagonist.

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10 Most Powerful Sci-Fi Movie VillainsSci-Fi's Baddest Villains - Star Wars, To The MCU, To Aliens And More! Shared .

THE PHLEBOTOMIST, by Chris PanatierTo call this novel ‘surprising’ would be a massive understatement: what began as a story set in a dystopian future soon turned into something else, something very unexpected - and this sudden twist ended up enhancing my enjoyment of the story, to which I happily sacrificed some sleep just to see where it would lead me in the end.

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The Taste of Ashes  Kent WayneTitle - The Taste of AshesSeries - Echo Volume 2Author - Kent WayneGenre - was the point of trudging through life after knowing those fine, electric moments found only in battle?

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Squadron 51 Is a PS4 Shoot 'Em Up Inside a 1950s Sci-Fi MovieOne look at Squadron 51, and you'll know exactly what it's gunning for. From publisher Assemble Entertainment, this is essentially a 2D shoot 'em up, but it's the presentation that sets it apart.

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The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #AdviceOkay, so it looks like I'm still getting a lot of publishing questions. These are recurrent questions I get on a regular basis, and while I want to try to respond to everyone who reaches out to me, I don't want my blog becoming redundant.

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The Return Trip  Episode 251THE RETURN TRIP  Episode 251 and the line of potential Eridanian adolescent suitors for the McKinney daughter extends past Orion’s sword& What are the inexpressible words which wil...

Writing Is Fun-damental - From Gwendolyn Hoff Shared .

The King: Eternal MonarchIf evil men didnt try to corrupt the world for their own selfish greed, then all the world would turn out to be a beautiful place of love, happiness and joy.

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End of TimeEvery day was a new day for Robert. And today, especially, was a odd day.

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Fw Movie Pick: Star Trek Into DarknessConsidering how popular the first movie in the "Kelvin Timeline" ended up being for "Trekkies" everywhere, making a sequel was a no brainer and J.J. Abrams was still the perfect director for the job, while most fans probably already guessed it already or the were completely caught by surprise that this second film in the series would end up...


Omniscient Reader: Flashy And EmptyOmniscient Reader tries its best to be this edgy, clever, and action-packed comic. Yet it is none of these things and here's why.

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Theories on a Riot  a science fiction short storyAll Mutt wants is to steal a giant TV, but the freaks in the store have some questions for him.

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Veiled Sun CelebrateLit TourI hope the start to this new year finds you well and enjoying a marked improvement to last year.

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Babylon 5: A Tragedy of TelepathsA Tragedy of Telepaths opens like a season 4 episode, with one of those Captain’s logs. Maybe it’s a needed buffer because this episode feels like only half a story. I’m glad the story contains so much of Centauri Prime but I can’t help but wonder, if that went into a different episode, could we have concluded the Byron...

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Training With Koolaen, Part 1Part 1 of Training With Koolaen, from the forthcoming fantasy-nonfiction novel Povs In Kyrum by W.T. tuqMairtin.

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Moons Of Saturn, "Autumn" Pulp Lit Appears In Computer Cave MailboxSo, okay, its late, but then were still in the midst of a pandemic. Also it crossed a border from Canada so lets just celebrate that its here.

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Ex MachinaTitle: Ex Machina Director: Alex Garland Cast: Domhnall Gleason, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac Summary:Caleb Smith a programmer at a huge Internet company, wins a contest that enables him to spend a week at the private estate of Nathan Bateman , his firm's brilliant CEO.

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Cinema and sci-fi flicker into view in the best of gallery offeringsFor 16 years artist Tracey Moffatt and experimental filmmaker Gary Hillberg collaborated on a series of cinematic montages that read like a love letter to the history of cinema, while also reflecting an unnerving repetition in our cultural history.

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IslandersSettlements Louise watched the blizzard lash the window. A storm like this she knew could last for days.

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Pixel Scroll 1/14/21 The Unpleasant Pixel Of Jonathan ScrollThe Waukegan Public Library is taking submissions to its Cosmic Bradbury Writing Contest through January 29.

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Live Chat: Exploring the Creation of Science Fiction in WritingFantasy and science fiction authors Christopher Paolini and Charlie Jane Anders join National Air and Space's curator and chair of the Space History Department Margaret Weitekamp in this live discussion about science fiction writing.

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Doctor Who Through InfographicsIt is an action-adventure series about an immortal alien called a Timelord. This Specific Timelord goes by the name The Doctor.

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Miss Pickerell Goes to MarsMiss Pickerell is angry when she finds out that a science team has appropriated her cow pasture for their experiment, but when she gets into their space ship to give them a piece of her mind, she is accidentally launched on their voyage to Mars with them.

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Melinda Gates Is Funding Carol Shields Prize for Fiction by WomenThe Carol Shields Prize for Fiction, which comes with an award of $150,000, will be awarded starting in 2023.

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Snakes evolve a magnetic way to be resistant to venomCertain snakes have evolved a unique genetic trick to avoid being eaten by venomous snakes, according to University of Queensland research.

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Escape Pod 767: ShadowboxerAuthor : Paul Di Filippo Narrator : Scott Fletcher Hosts : Serah Eley and Alasdair Stuart Audio Producers : Adam Pracht and Serah Eley Discuss on Forums Contains violence, some sexual content, and disturbing themes.

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Focus On: Blak TonyTune your AUX minds to FM with Anthony “Blak Tony” Horton, one of Detroits legendary electronic pioneers.

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Revel in the Ribaldry 24Its no good; when it comes to selecting which book supplies the next extract, Ive completely lost the plot. Walking The Fine Line Between Clever And Shared .

Bloodshot #10: Interview With Artist Pedro AndreoWith Bloodshot set to tackle his 'One Last Shot' in Valiant Comics, Screen Rant gets a preview of what's next from artist Pedro Andreo directly.

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Most Remote SF Bookstore in the World?Despite its remoteness, it boasts a classy bookstore highlighting its Science Fiction specialty.

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Reading Smoke and Iron: Book 4 of the Great Library by Rachel CaineJess Brightwell and his friends and colleagues have rebelled against the Great Library, which controls access to and dissemination of all written knowledge in the world.

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Cushing Exhibition Showcases Role Climate Change Plays In Science FictionCurators say the climate change theme is popular in science fiction, especially in recent years.

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Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow Might Be Coming to FXPer Variety, Queen’s Gambit co-creator, director, and showrunner Scott Frank is adapting Mary Doria Russell’s classic novel, The Sparrow, for FX.

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What About Luciferase?A TRANSHUMANISTS WET DREAM Bill Gates caught on video admitting vaccine will CHANGE our DNA FOREVER.

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Hotel Artemis  Film ReviewEasily one of the most overlooked and films of 2018, Hotel Artemis is one of those rare releases that feels very unsuited to the genre its actually a part o...

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Starfight Series: Good straightforward military Sci-Fi.This is straightforward military Sci-Fi action and I have to say that I quite liked it.

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Read an Excerpt From Epic Fantasy The Moonsteel CrownThe Emperor of Aria has been murdered, the Empire is in crisis, and Dead Men walk the streets&.

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How Did I Miss This Anniversary? Celebrate Mars Reconnaissance #nasascience #MarsI can only blame my negligence on the distractions of our crazy virus-contaminated summer, but last August was the 15th anniversary of NASAa launch of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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Catching Up With George R.R. Martin's Wild CardsThe Wild Cards saga is vast at this point, and may seem like an intimidating fictional milieu to attempt entering.

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Queens Gambit Writer to Adapt Sci-Fi Novel The Sparrow for FX"Queen's Gambit" co-creator, director and showrunner Scott Frank is writing every episode of FX's adaptation of the visionary modern classic, "The Sparrow." Emmy Award-winning director Johan Renck has been tapped to direct the sci-fi project.

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Fable: The Computer Which Took 169 Years To Build198 years ago a former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge started building a mechanical computer, If completed at that time, it would have cont.

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Microsoft's Smith Talks ‘WarGames,' SolarWinds Hack at CESScience finally caught up with science fiction last year, Microsoft President Brad Smith said during his keynote at CES 2021 this week.

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Hoshijo Joins SagaThe magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field with news, reviews, and author interviews.

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Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: Fourth Season OverviewStar Trek: Voyager Fourth Season Original air dates: September 1997 – May 1998 Executive Producers: Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor Captains log.

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The End of Men by Christina Sweeney-BairdPublished by Borough Press. Synopsis:Set in a world where a virus stalks our male population, The End of Men is an electrifying and unforgettable debut from a remarkable new talent that asks: what would our world truly look like without men?

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Book Review: Our Lady Of The Ice by Cassandra Rose ClarkeSo, you ever go over to your shelves looking for your next read having a pretty good idea of what youre going to pull out, but then go with something completely unexpected.

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Michael's BurdenIf Michael Burnham has overcome every physical and emotional obstacle placed before her, why is she met with such vitriol when she’s rewarded for her efforts?

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Sci-fi's most evil robots, from androids to computersFrom Toho terrors to MCU monsters, here are some of the scariest, most bad-to-the-CPU robots and machines featured in science fiction. Shared .

Stories sought from Larne to help put pins on Jo's mapA unique arts project is helping to put stories from east Antrim on the map - quite literally - and the author involved is appealing for more input from the Larne area.

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Monocle Reads: Cory Doctorow, Meet the WritersCory Doctorow is a journalist, activist and science fiction author. His output has ranged across short stories, novels and graphic novels, including multiple ‘New York Times’ best sellers.

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All the New Young Adult SFF Books Arriving in January!Head below for the full list of SF/F Young Adult titles heading your way in January!

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Star Trek: What a Ride!The other day I revisited Star Trek: Into Darkness for the first time in seven years and to my great surprise I enjoyed the heck out of it.

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New DestinationCaptain Brecht stood just outside the bunk module of the Veneration. The terminator line split Jupiter in half beyond the crystalline viewport.

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Exploring the People of Middle-earth: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, an Unexpected HeroIn this biweekly series, we’re exploring the evolution of both major and minor figures in Tolkien’s legendarium, tracing the transformations of these characters through drafts and early manuscripts through to the finished work.

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A TV Adaptation of Brian McClellan's Powder Mage Series Is in the WorksDark Matter creator Joseph Mallozzi has a new project: adaptating Brian McClellans Powder Mage books for television.

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A rift in the retina may help repair the optic nerveIn experiments in mouse tissues and human cells, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have found that removing a membrane that lines the back of the eye may improve the success rate for regrowing nerve cells damaged by blinding diseases.

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Weekly Science Roundup: 1/14/21Love hard science? We've gathered the coolest science-related news we can find and put it all here in one place for you to explore.

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Matt Reeves is Developing a Series Based on Dan Frey's Forthcoming Book The Future Is Yours for HBO MaxDan Frey’s forthcoming novel, The Future Is Yours is set to hit bookstores in a couple of weeks, but already, it looks as though it could end up on HBO Max as a television series.

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Revealing In the Watchful City, the Debut Novella From S. Qiouyi LuWere thrilled to share the cover for In the Watchful City, the debut novella from acclaimed short fiction writer S.

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Immortal Wars: Light, Blood, and Tears Part 1Disclaimer: A warning to those who continue. This is a sequel to a previous story. Both of these were written in the mid-1990's. While the first one was slightly edited and vanity press published, this one has not been touched in over 20 years. I figure I should do something with it and people may get a laugh or fright from how I used to...

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Sudden RevelationsNow a strange mood took hold of me, as I walked silent and alone through the last of the pines and the cypress knees that seemed to float in the black water, the grey moss that coated everything....

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How New Tech Is Changing the Filmmaking IndustryEnvision how today's tech can transform an industry like filmmaking. Take a look at ways even indie filmmakers can use tech to produce cool creations.

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Rhythm of War Reread: Interludes 1Hello, my Cosmere Chickens, and welcome to the first REAL installment of the Rhythm of War reread!

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Sci-Fi Short Film: "Here Comes Frieda"It's 2040, a foreseeable future where so much has advanced and yet so many are left behind.

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Return To Sci-Fi's Golden Era As New Shmup Squadron 51 Launches On Switch This YearScience Fiction's golden era really is calling to us lately. After the news that Grey Skies: A War of the Worlds Story is coming to Switch next month, it's now been confirmed that developers Assemble Entertainment will bring us a 1950s-style Shoot 'Em Up game called Squadron 51 later this year, working with WhisperGames.

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While in the Middle of an EditBlog Post No. 425 Editing continues for Break / Interrupt. Im currently waiting on a couple of reviews.

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Amazing Stories Nears 100th AnniversaryIn our interview with publisher Steve Davidson, we talk about the history of sci-fi, as seen through the eyes of its first dedicated magazine.

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Tales From the LoopSuch is the competition for our attention on the major streaming services, and such is the daunting depth of choice, that sometimes something of real quality can slip through the net for a while.

The Wasteland Shared .

DUNE by Frank HerbertDeep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense.

Starry Eyed Enigma Shared .

Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is ClearThe songs race between sounds, encompassing noises straight out of a science fiction soundtrack, electronic inflections as sharp and as delicate as glass, and the unadulterated, pulsating noise of violent guitars and drums.

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Flashback: The Bionic Woman Top Ten EpisodesIt's been over 40 years since the original TV series, The Bionic Woman, came to an end.

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Blog Tour: The Cronian Incident by Matthew Williams @storybywill @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #TheCronianIncident #ScifiTo celebrate the upcoming release of the final installment of The Formist series, were going back to where it all started in The Cronian Incident!

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Talking about the book: The Phlebotomist by Chris PanatierTitle: The PhlebotomistAuthor: Chris Panatier War brought the Harvest. Willa Mae Wallace is a reaper. A bit about the author Chris is a writer, artist, and attorney, who "represents people who have been injured, poisoned, or killed due to the conduct of others." - from the author's website His artwork, including the cover of his debut novel,...

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Soldier: An Underrated GemGroomed from birth, a soldier defies his programming when he is decommissioned and must confront the enhanced soldier that replaced him.

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The stark divide by J. Scott CoatsworthThe stark divide is a sci-fi series, an epic story of the first-generation ship heading for the stars.

Review Tales Shared .

Robert Smithson: The Archetypal Nature Of ThingsRobert Smithson explores interests in cartography, geology, architectural ruins, prehistory, philosophy and religion.

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Arecibo telescope, icon of science fiction, sinks after 57 years of operation  04/12/2020  ScienceThe Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico collapsed Tuesday morning , the National Science Foundation reported.

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SciFiNow+: Issue Two Out Now!We discuss Archive, Max Cloud, Blithe Spirit, WandaVision, Relic and The Bionic Woman and much more in SciFiNow+ issue two!

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Adam-Troy CastroYou have just been attacked by a Kharbat. It has sprung on you from hiding, in some place where you foolishly imagined yourself safe; and even as its many glittering fangs sink deep into the flesh and bone of your shoulder, you know that any attempt to save yourself is futile, that you were always fated to perish in this way, and this beast was...

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Chapter 54: Aren't You a Little Young for Treason?MICA Last time we saw MICA&. Mica and Ben flee the strange and terrifying things on the Wall and make their way into Windrose City.

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New Release Spotlight! Sci-Fi Meets Espionage in Beneath the Dragon's TriangleIf you could pound a stake through the heart of the Bermuda Triangle until it appeared on the opposite side of the Earth, you would be in the dreaded Dragon’s Triangle.

Marianne Sciucco, Author Shared .

Colin Dexter and Brian Aldiss added to Oxford Dictionary of National BiographyIt was only after war service and while working as a bookseller for Sanders bookshop in Oxford that he began his prolific career as a published writer, initially of comical sketches for The Bookseller, but soon as a science fiction writer, anthologist, and essayist, while also working as literary editor of the Oxford Mail.

Oxford Mail Shared .

Endemic by D.M. TaylorThis book weaves the lives of two people and one family together in such a thrilling way!

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Flash Gordon Episode #1: Flash Gordon and the Planet of DeathD:Gunter V. Fritsch P:Edward Gruskin W:Earl Markham, Bruce Eliot Plot: When Dr. Zarkov is denied a request to test a new anti-gravitation device on a remote planet, due to the recent deaths of a scientific expedition sent there, Flash and company decide to do some investigating of their own, with the only surviving expedition member in&.

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We Journey No More by Sahara FoleyTime Travel Science Fiction  246 Pages Teenagers Don and Janet run off to California to start a new life together.

The Magic Of Stories Shared .

Away Review: The Great EscapeAway isn't a perfect film but finding anything to criticise feels like an incredibly mean-spirited thing to do - the animation, for example, is simple and the art style is basic but you can forgive it for any shortcomings when you remember that it was all done by one person, and it has an endearing charm all of its own that adds a lot of...

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Away: Interview with creator Gints ZilbalodisWe speak to Gints Zilbalodis about single-handedly creating the beautifully animated fantasy Away as well as what he has coming up next...

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Rebecca Roanhorse, "Black Sun"The first chapter of Rebecca Roanhorse's new novel, Black Sun , features a mother and child sharing a tender moment that takes an unexpected turn, ending in violence.

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The Return Trip  Episode 250THE RETURN TRIP  Episode 250 &how many times had their sons looked at Orion the constellation, unaware of their parent’s presence, there 10 light-years distant& The huge sliding...

Writing Is Fun-damental - From Gwendolyn Hoff Shared .

Johnny Mnemonic a€¢ 1981 a€¢ Cyberpunk short story by William GibsonPlot twist: This post is NOT about the abysmal 1995 movie featuring Keanu Reaves, reaching a low 12% at rottentomatoes.

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"The Stack"As I’ve already mentioned, a self-proclaimed Casual Bibliophile like myself doesn’t read with a TBR.

The Casual Bibliophile Shared .

Book review: Jillian vs Parasite PlanetSo what's it about. Jillian is a young girl who has anxiety. She's trying to keep it all together for a take your kid to work day, because her parents have the coolest job: they go to other planets to collect resources.

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Blithe Spirit: The Ex From HellBlithe Spirit, Noël Coward's comedy about an embittered ghost who refuses to let her widowed husband move on, is still a beloved classic.

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Fw Movie Pick: Star TrekThe whole idea of a prequel centering on the main characters of the original Star Trek television series portrayed by a new cast was up in the air for many years and it wasn't until famed lens-flare science fiction director J.J. Abrams brought that idea to fruition by setting it in an alternate reality because of time travel by both Nero and the...


The "Star Wars" hologram technology is no longer science fictionA young American scientist, a fan of the "Star Wars" series, decided to bring the hologram technology used in the legendary movie to the masses.

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Pixel Scroll 1/13/21 The Scroll Is A Harsh MistressAmazon just unloaded Parler but now they’re bringing back Sauron? What are they thinking? io9 has the story: “Amazon Reveals Lord of the Rings TV Show Details—S...

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Shudder Releases Eerie Trailer for Mary Shelley's A Nightmare WakesShudder has released a trailer for its latest original, A Nightmare Wakes, a gothic thriller dramatizing the writing of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

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In Defense of ReadingAn essential tool to make sense of the world.

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