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'Beyond Blue' Video Game Pushed Back To February 2020 If you've been waiting with baited breath to try out the new "Beyond Blue" ocean exploration video game, you may have to wait just a little bit longer. The developers of "Beyond Blue" have pushed the game's release back to February 2020. According to a message posted on social media:.

Global Scuba Diving Regulators Market 2019 - Aqualung, Johnson Outdoors, Mares, Poseidon, Tusa, Oceanic The Global Scuba Diving Regulators Market report covers segment data, including: type segment, industry segment, channel segment etc.cover different segment market size, both volume and value.

The Hydroid Aquabreather Full Faced Diving Mask It looks like a futuristic space helmet, but it is what is called a High-tech Hydroid Aquabreather for scuba divers. It is an amazing all in one system that uses replaceable regenerative cartridges that absorb carbon dioxide and generates oxygen. The system is rated for 42 meters in depths and about 60 minutes of dive time.

Mysterious caves that allure scuba divers Diving in the caves is one of the most dangerous diving activities, but also the most interesting. Danger, facing fear, and the desire to prove themselves. Drives people into dark submerged places. This type of diving should not practice without adequate training.

Diving Fish Rock: The Best Australian Dive Site You've Never Heard Of Fish Rock may just be the best Australian dive site that you’ve never heard of.

Wreck site identified in Cyprus An extensive field of broken amphoras scattered off Akrotiri on the south coast of Cyprus has been confirmed as the remains of a 6th or 7th century AD shipwreck.

Only One World Left We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Only One World Left.

Family Diving with Three Generations When the underwater world is that shared interest, and diving adventures are those shared experiences, family bonding is a natural outcome.

Forget yoga: Here's why scuba diving will yield mindfulness The study concluded that the health benefits of diving for leisure include "a decrease in perceived stress and an improvement of multiple psychological factors associated with mindfulness abilities". In China, Shi En and Luo Min are exploring the concept of scuba diving as a means of managing depression.

Our first trip to Raja Ampat After dreaming about it for years, in May 2019 I finally had the privilege to travel to the remote Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, which exceeded all my expectations! But let's start from the beginning. Indonesia had been on my bucket list since I came back from Zambia in 2013.

Drive and Dive Bonaire To make planning even easier, here's a look at some top dive sites in Bonaire and why each deserves a stop on your underwater journey. Located on the northwestern shore of Bonaire, the stunning drop-off at Karpata is a steep wall that makes this one of the best wall dives in the area.

Australian divers ID iron sailing ship At the start of the year Australian scuba diver Marc Payne discovered the wreck of what he believed was the Herschel, one of the early iron sailing ships built in England in the mid-19th century.

Diving into the Pink with Siladen Resort A decorator crab, known as a candy crab due to its pink striping. Its coloration blends in perfectly with its pink soft coral home. I have never noticed how much pink there is underwater.

Scuba Tanks Market Forecast Report on Scuba Tanks Market 2019-2025 Assessment of the Global Scuba Tanks Market. The recent study on the Scuba Tanks market is a comprehensive analysis of the various parameters that are likely to influence the growth of the Scuba Tanks market. The historical and current market trends are taken into consideration while predicting the future prospects of the Scuba Tanks market.

Well, hell, I just signed up for ANOTHER dive trip. This addiction is expensive. Just went to my dive shop to pay for the Bonaire trip that's coming up and ended up writing a second check for a dive trip to Cozumel. I've been snorkeling with whale sharks off Cancun before but this will be a whole new ball game. I have been told to expect some fairly strong currents while diving there.

Lembeh Resort To Host Blackwater Photography Workshop with Scott Gutsy Tuason If you love staring at photos of undersea critters in absolutely dark conditions and have diving the waters of Indonesia on your bucket list, you may want to check out a workshop being held next March at Lembeh Resort.

Special Forces Take to the Sea Our veterans are heroes both above and below the surface. And thanks to organizations such as Force Blue, their mission to provide aid to others continues long after they return home.

Scuba Diver #34 OUT NOW Read the latest news, equipment reviews and travel reports in Scuba Diver #34, out now in all good dive stores or read it online. Tell us what your thoughts about this issue of Scuba Diver on our Facebook page. What would you like to see more of in future issues?

Interview with Ron Watkins - Underwater Photographer of the Week Ron Watkins is a professional photographer, writer, trip leader, presenter, storyteller, and photography instructor specialising in underwater and topside nature photography.

Mixing It Up at Santa Cruz's Quail Rock It was a strange sensation. It was like one minute we were diving the far reaches of the Northern Channel Islands, and the next, we were at Catalina Island. Water temperature had changed little but the marine life most certainly had. We were in the transition zone that often typifies diving Santa Cruz Island.

See video Scuba Claus, the scuba diving Santa Claus at Greater Cleveland Aquarium Scuba Claus will get in the tank to swim with angelfish, sharks and more around 1 p.m. at Greater Cleveland Aquarium.

Becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Changed My Life Below, are six inspiring MSD stories that show that any diver with enough passion and dedication can achieve this rating. Jonathan Alai.

Marine Species: Nautilus The nautilus is a living fossil, unchanged for over 500 million years. Fossil hunters frequently uncover remnants of these cephalopods in the Sahara and Gobi Deserts, individuals that died during the Cretaceous Period.

Global Scuba Diving Computer Market - Segmented By Application, Type, Product - Growth, Trends & Forecast The Scuba Diving Computer market has continued to have solid performance amidst a number of dynamic forces shaping the Scuba Diving Computer market, such as a potential trade war, skilled talent shortages, and straining supply chains.

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