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Speakers Call for Two Upcoming Shows Baltimore / DCDiveShow and BayAreaDiveShow We are pleased to begin recruiting speakers for the upcoming US Dive Shows! Please CLICK HERE to express interest in presenting at either the DC Dive Show or the Bay Area Dive Show in 2020. You will be contacted by our team to explore your speaker proposal.

Scuba Dive Through An Underwater Park Gruner See is located in Austria and every year in the spring it becomes a diver's paradise as the snow-melt in the Karst mountains fills the lake basin with crystal clear water. The lake is typically 3-7 feet deep most of the year except for the spring when it is filled to a depth of about 40 feet with crystal clear water.

Poland's Agnieszka Kalska Sets New AIDA Pool Freediving World Record Poland's Agnieszka Kalska set a new AIDA Women's World Record this past weekend at the Polish Freediving Pool Championships. Kalska swam 253 meters/830 feet in the Dynamic with Monofin discipline. Under AIDA rules, her record is pending doping tests and other paperwork.

Pirates take over Cayman Brac Beach Resort celebrating 15 years of Adaptive Diving Eighty travelers take over resort for the week of celebrating the life-changing adaptive sport. "When I was diagnosed with MS, I thought my life was over, I didn't leave my house, I was so mad at this hand life had dealt me.

Dave Freygang Joins the PADI Team as Managing Director of PADI Club PADI is committed to building a more energized and involved community of divers, and continues to invest in new avenues and staff to drive growth and added success for PADI Retail, Resort and Professional Members as well as the dive industry at large.

Models! Models! Everywhere…at Stuart Cove's! In the latest episode of Last Man Diving, our inimitable host Stuart Cove celebrates an abundance of "models".

Industry Mourns Jesus Ortega of Huish Outdoors It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of our friend and colleague, Jesus Ortega's passing. On Saturday, June 15th, Jesus was attending a family gathering and suffered a medical emergency from which he did not recover. Jesus leaves us at the young age of 49, and is survived by his pride and joy, his children, grandchildren and wife.

Shallow Diving in Raja Ampat - diving with a PFO Here Julia Tyndall shares her experience of diving in Raja Ampat's shallower depths, a necessity for divers with a PFO, dispelling scuba myths and proving that shallower really can be better… It's the 3rd April 2018, and our group descends into the water at midday.

Job Offer: Lembeh Resort seeks Photo Pro Situated right amongst some of the finest underwater macro photography in the world, the job will involve running and expanding the services offered at the in-house photo center. If you are interested, please email) a copy of your CV, a covering letter and a link ti your portfolio.

5 Reasons You Should Go On A Freediving Liveaboard These liveaboards are designed to give the same experiences of a scuba diving liveaboard: providing food, accommodation, and non-stop diving adventures, with the exception that the diving adventures are centered around dive sites that are excellent for snorkelers and freedivers.

The ABCs of Technical Diving: U through W We're nearing the end of our tech-diving ABCs series with the letters U through W: U for understanding your limits and W for wetsuits vs drysuits. Check out the ABCDs, E through H, I through L, M through P and Q through T as well. Technical diving is about expanding your limits underwater.

Can you dive with epilepsy? Divers who have epilepsy should consider all the factors of their condition before going underwater, as a seizure while diving can have serious implications for the diver. The terms 'epilepsy' and 'seizures' are generally used interchangeably. Seizures are paroxysmal manifestations of the electrical properties of the cerebral cortex.

Global Scuba Diving Regulators Market Outlook, Revenue, Trends and Forecasts Research Report 2019-2025 - Aqualung, Johnson Outdoors, Mares, Poseidon, Each section of the report reveals critical information about the global Scuba Diving Regulators market that could be used to ensure strong growth in the coming years. All of the segments included in the report are studied on the basis of different factors such as Scuba Diving Regulators market share, consumption, revenue, and growth rate.

New Nudibranch species discovered in Europe Divers searched for what were thought of as Trinchesia caerulea around Europe - in the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia and Russia. Even though the European nudibranch fauna is one of the best studied in the world, after detailed analysis of the specimens the scientists declared three new species.

Statuette sale to honour clearance divers Divers are being asked to help support a campaign to fund a memorial to British military mine-clearance divers. "These are often unsung and unseen heroes who undergo some of the most arduous military training there is," say Paul Guiver and Tony Sexton, who came up with the initiative.

Alessia Zecchini, Mateusz Malina Set New CMAS Pool Freediving World Records Three new world records - two of them by Italy's Alessia Zecchini - were set this past weekend at the CMAS Freediving Indoor European Championship in Istanbul, Turkey. Zecchini set a new Women's CMAS Dynamic with Monofin World Record with a 253-meter/830-foot swim, and a separate record with a 228-meter/748-foot Dynamic with Bi-Fins swim.

Diving Walindi Plantation Resort Diving Walindi Plantation Resort, Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea. This boutique resort features high on lists of the world's best dive resorts. The resort boasts a waterfront location on Kimbe Bay, a biodiversity hot-spot, and the experience here combines extraordinary diving with friendly customer service, great food and accommodation.

New Podcast Shines A Light On Humpback Whale Society In a new podcast, host Vaughn Wallace interviews National Geographic Explorer Brian Skerry about his latest work on humpback whales in the South Pacific. The podcast also features humpback whale researcher Ellen Garland from the University of St Andrews.

Long Beach Scuba Show: Catching up with Reef Check and Ocean Sanctuaries Kristin Butler dedicates her Scuba Series in remembrance of her beloved mother, Marilyn Butler, who passed along to Kristin a deep love for science and nature along with a pair of pink scuba diving fins.

Gove's "green Brexit" promises challenged With Environment Secretary Michael Gove out of the running as Britain's next prime minister, conservationists are urging him to concentrate on reversing what they describe as "unlawful" Brexit regulations.

Aqua Lung i770R More importantly, it seems to be built and to work well enough to deliver sufficient pride of ownership for that diver never to want anything else. It really is a cracking little unit. My only real question is why Aqua Lung didn't see fit to incorporate trimix gas use and a CCR mode.

Scapa Flow – unexploded torpedo found during 100th anniversary week A Royal Navy bomb disposal team is now in the Orkney Islands after an underwater survey on Saturday revealed an unexploded torpedo lying on the seabed. HM Coastguard has set up an exclusion zone and erected warning signs urging people to stay at least 500 metres away from the torpedo, which was found between Hoy and Cava.

Fluorescent Night Diver Specialty Course Now Offered By Fantasy Island Roatan Fantasy Island Resort on Roatan is now offering a distinctive Fluorescent Night Diver specialty training course. During the course, divers can experience the underwater realm in a totally new way and see creatures in a new light. Instead of using traditional dive lights, divers learn how to use UV diving lights.

Cranbrook scuba club dives in to lake cleanup When a group of Cranbrook-area divers teamed up to explore local waters, they decided to start with a so-called trash dive in which they clean up underwater debris. The Cranbrook Scuba Diving Club chose Jim Smith Lake, about four kilometres outside the city, for their inaugural meet-up Saturday.

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