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Valentine's Day Projects from WeAllSew Make your Valentine's Day a handmade celebration of love this year! Our heartfelt projects and tutorials will make the perfect gift for that special Valentine and add some love to your home decor. This heart mobile will look sweet anywhere in the house, or would make a cute baby gift.

Sewist Spotlight: Meet Duane! When we were first introduced to Duane via instagram he had just posted his version of the Sienna Maker Jacket and I had to check the hashtag a few times to realize that it was in fact our pattern he was modelling. Or at least a version of it!

Sudley Sewalong Schedule Although Sudley has been around for a little while, we've never done a sewalong for the pattern…can you believe it?! So of course, as we introduce the updated and extended sizing Sudley this month we thought it would be the perfect time to do one! I'm so excited to help walk you through making your Sudley dress or blouse.

Simplicity/Eve Appeal Hackalong: Carpenter Jeans Today I'm taking the baton for the Simplicity Hackalong in aid of the female cancer charity The Eve Appeal. If you're not familiar with it, essentially Simplicity are harnessing the power of sewing to help raise awareness of the charity and the female cancers it deals with.

Easy DIY Infinity Scarf - with just a yard of fabric! Let's face it, sometimes moms forget to accessorize. Well, this infinity scarf made with just a yard of soft cotton voile is an easy accessory that you can wear anywhere. And it has fine french seams and a neat 1/4'' hem. Lovely! So let's get started!

Friday Spotlight: Beckie's Awesome Kid's Busy Bags! We’ve got a fabulous Friday Spotlight for you! There’s nothing better than being fully prepared to be on the go with kids. Check out these amazing Busy Bags from Beckie at Let’s face it…kids love to be busy:) Let’s help them be busy in a fun and creative way!

How to Add a Hemstitched Pocket to a T-Shirt With this tutorial, personalize those shirts by adding a custom linen pocket stitched with a hemstitch needle and heirloom stitches. Go from plain to eye-catching with some of the built-in stitches and features of the B 475 QE. Here's the How-To:.

Hannah // By Hand London v2.0 I know I shouldn't be surprised at how much I love this pattern but I still am! This is my second By Hand London Hannah dress and it's cemented how well it works for me! I made this version with a simple midi length skirt and added a puffed short sleeve.

Bow Tie Baby easy, easy, easy! The bow tie quilt block makes the perfect quilt for a baby boy, I think. It's sweet and simple and goes with just about any fabric. But it makes an adorable little girl quilt too… so let's not discriminate!

Hexagon Appliqué with Clear Foot #34/34C/34D Appliqué is a great way to embellish fabric for almost any type of project. From whimsical to rustic to elegant, appliqué designs can add any style to plain fabric. Appliqué is not a hard technique to stitch but it can be a little fussy, trying to follow the corners and curves to cover the edges of intricate shapes.

Blazer Bound: Research and Design We're designing a curve-friendly blazer sewing pattern, and it's time to get the party started! We've known for a while now that we want to add a blazer pattern to the Cashmerette collection for a number of reasons, not least of which is that you all tell us you want a blazer every time we release a new pattern.

Discovering Couture Sewing with Susan Khalje Login to your sewing class. Earlier this week I talked about our word of the year: Quality. The longer I sew, the more I come to value this idea in all my sewing projects.

Cosy Sewing Projects for Staying Indoors January is a time when sewists can stay home and sew completely guilt-free… after all, it's your New Year resolution to sew more, right? And what's more appealing to the Stay Home and Sew Crew than stitching up snuggly garments you can throw on straight off the machine?

Creative Quilter's Fabric Club Box Reveal This year, I'm joining the Creative Quilter's Fabric Club. If you've ever been on a diet of any kind, you understand the struggles. Toss in the temptation of seeing amazing eye candy around the internet, Instagram, and Scrappy Girls Club group and the pressure to stay on track is intense.

Sew Chair Pockets for a Classroom! I must admit that I was a little wary of this project when Cadie's teacher first asked me, but it turned out to be really fun and a lot easier than I expected. So if your kid's kindergarten or first grade teacher ever asks you about making chair pockets for the class, say yes - I'll show you how!

How to add a bust dart to a dartless pattern If your bust is larger than a B cup, you might want to make the following simple adjustments to some patterns to add a bust dart in order to help get a better fit. For this example, I'm using our Gallery Tunic and Dress, but these instructions can be applied to many patterns without a dart.

Sew Easy Big Tote Bag - free sewing tutorial I'm so excited to share with you a super easy, super gorgeous bag that is soooo fast to sew. I made this bag in just a couple hours, and I was taking pictures along the way! UPDATE: This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that's optimized for printing.

A Barkcloth Lamour Dress I’m dusting off this old blog yet again! I created so many wonderful things last year and have yet to share them. I either get indifferent about blogging or too busy creating to d…

My Favourite Sewing Pattern Releases in 2019 I've published my first vlog of 2020, which is a look back at my favourite sewing patterns released in 2019. You can watch the vlog below or via my YouTube channel. If you fancy revisiting some great previous pattern releases, see also my favourite patterns in 2018 and 2017.

Blazer Bound: A New Blog Series from Cashmerette Enter, our Blazer Bound blog series! It's always interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at a how a pattern is developed, and we think it'll be even more interesting to see it happen in real time.

Sew to Serve Animal Rescue We thank all members of the community of sewists and crafters for your effort to help the Australian animals in need!

Chaval coat sew-along We hope you're ready to start making your Liesl + Co. Chaval Coat. We're glad you're joining us for the sew-along. If you aren't ready to get started yet, rest assured the sew-along will still be here for you when you're ready to get going!

Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day Celebrate the day by getting your sewing desk clean and organized, and you'll be ready to tackle your "to-sew" list in the new year. Start with our top organizing tips to keep your sewing space neat and tidy.

Reflections for 2020: Quality is Queen One of my New Year rituals is to choose a word I want to focus on for the year to come. I find this exercise helps channel my focus, and provides a helpful framework for planning and thinking about what we want to achieve. For us this year, that word is Quality.

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