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30 Years of Foundation's Videos Skateboarding is a world of high turnover. Here today, gone tomorrow. Foundation has made it 30 years and that is no small feat. Take a trip through time and watch ALL of their vids, since the very beginning.

GRIMPLESTIX: Evan Smith Trip out on Evan's new commercial for Grimplestix. Alien rock candy. Cosmic earth dirt.

Charlie Martin Welcome To Team Pain Team Pain is happy to welcome Charlie Martin to our concrete crew! Check out this full part filmed/ edited by Coburn Huff.

ARTFORM's "Hard to Earn" Video The squad is sick–and the lines last for days. Jack Curtin, Matt Miller, TJ Harris, and Jahmir Brown deliver on demand.

Garden Skateboards "More Information" Our friends over at Vague Mag just put out Garden Skateboards new edit called "More Information" which features Miles.

Yardsale's "Playback" Video From the UK to California to Asia, Yardsale sets the mood and settles you into their vibe… and it's contagious. Enjoy the show…

Sun Diego Am Slam Contest 2019 The Am Slam is series kicking off with two stops this year. The first one will be at the CA-TF in Vista with practice from 3-7 and the contest is on.

Alex Massotti - Singular Part Plural Skateboards is Adelmo Jr.’s company out of Brasil and Inspired by the Singularity of Skateboarders. Here’s Alex Massotti’s part from their new.

Adidas Skateboarding presents /// TYSHAWN "The shoe, the attitude, the anthem. Tyshawn Jones transforms Bronx born determination to worldwide recognition with the global release of.

Octopus Eyeballs and Stinky Tofu: Yardsale Tastes Taiwan The next ten days were kind of a blur-octopus eyeballs, insane skate spots, lots of partying and an attempt to try to shoot photos and film a video. By Dan Kreitem, Photos by Alex PiresCurtis Pearl came back drunk one night and pulled some Dave England shit in my hotel room as a prank.

Nike SB Australia - Disc The Nike SB Australia boys are back again, crushing it like usual. Ben Lawrie, Rowan Davis, Sam Sutton and Noah Nayef have been putting in the work, getting the tricks and crushing discs like they've been doing it for years.

Vans Park Series: Montréal Men's Highlights The talent is already off the charts in this Vans Park Series. But when these dudes start pushing each other, the level of skating is beyond belief.

Foundation's "After 30 Years" Montage These dudes slang more hammers than Home Depot. Big ups to the F-Troop.

Lanka Our friends over at Grey just put out this epic and beautiful film by James Craven, documenting a trip through Sri Lanka’s cities and countryside this.

Tony Karr - Loop 1 Part Here's a rad new part from Tony Karr called "Loop 1" for Doublesltd Skateboards filmed by Jestin Davila and Gunnar Hall. Edited by Andrew Burr. Song:.

"15th & JFK" Josh Kalis Here's another trailer for Chris Mulhern's upcoming Love Park documentary called "15th and JFK". This teaser features the one and only Josh Kalis.

Vans Park Series: Montréal Women's Highlights The future looks bright as established rippers are joined by prodigy new blood. Every inch of terrain gets torched as these female rippers ignite the park.

Vans Park Series 2019: Montreal Photos The Vans road show rumbled into Montreal leaving stoke, laughs and most importantly a spankin' new skatepark in it's wake. The Brazilians dominated, but everyone got a piece. O' Canada!By Michael BurnettSky view from the top of the Olympic stadium.

Skateline: 07.16.2019 Nyjah wins another EPSY, Ace Pelka rips curbs, Bronson's video and more in today's episode of Skateline.

Sour Files Episode 7 More raw clips from The Sour Solution II full-length that came out this year featuring Oscar Candon, Simon Isaksson, Nisse Ingemarsson, Martin.

Blake Norris' "Wicked Child" Part Vegas native Blake Norris has been terrorizing the streets of the Bay for a few years and it culminates with this wild ender at the Cardiel ledge. Twisted!

DLX's "Escape from SF" Art Show/Skate Jam Photos And since not all of us can have a private tour of their warehouse, they were kind enough to take a selection of goodies down to Black Long Beach for a lil' art show. Cardiel was spinnin' wax, Tommy G and Barbee jammed the guitars and countless sketches, planks and paintings adorned the walls.

Nike SB - Rio - Not Here By Luck Last January, European young-guns Lore Bruggeman, Keet Oldenbeuving and Charlotte Hym made their way to Brazil to compete in the SLS Rio contest. Nike…

Vans Park Series Montreal Women’s Podium Finishers Words and Photos by Becky Donohue.

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