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Melodi's "EC II" Video For the second year in a row, Eli Awbrey brings us a full-length gem from the East Coast that shines with originality. The stand-out soundtrack, authentic homie vibes and hard, savage skating make this a must-see. Don’t botch it, watch it!

John Dilo's "What The Dilo!" Shake Junt Part Dilo been dealing parts these last few years like nobody’s business, and this is another top-notch cut. Featuring the Shake Junt family and a banger track from the Sunglows, John drops the curtains with a HEAVY switch heel from the heavens.

Volcom's Behind the Build - 1986 Toyota 4Runner He can barely see over the steering wheel, but CJ handles this 4Runner as aptly as his four-wheeled toy. The Stone boys go all out building the ultimate desert pool scouring machine. And, yeah, they rip the hell out of them, too.

Masher: Concrete Jungle No one can lose Gregson, not even in a jungle. One of the fastest filmers in the game takes you on a full-speed rip-ride through São Paulo’s DIYs alongside Kowalksi and a few more lunatics.

One Year with the Louie Shoe Event Photos Thanks for the switch 5-0 180, you unicornThen he just flat out spoiled us with one hell of a nollie heelflip!Brad Cromer blasts his own take on the heelflipEast coast legends, Quim Cardona and Frank Gerwer of Thrasher Radio season two fameThe Southwest skate scene wouldn't be the same without them.

CJ Collins For Volcom - High Desert Skateboarding Our friends at Volcom just released a new capsule and video featuring CJ Collins off-roading to some remote desert spots with some of his Volcom.

Vans Opens New York Indoor Park: Space 198 Andale bearings welcomes Darren Navarrette to their team with this clip. Check it out. Very few skateboarders have had a lasting impact like Gino. Poets, his brand and friends, made a short film to celebrate the release of his new colorway.

The Beagle Tapes Episode 1, 2, 3 Here's some digging in the crates for ya. The legendary filmer, Beagle One-Ism, is blessing us all with a new series of raw tapes episodes called "Beagle Tapes." He posted three in two days, so here's episodes 1, 2, and 3 to check out. Hell yeah Beagle!

The Follow Up: Cambryan Sedlick It's not always matching pink pants and shoes, Cambryan gap snaps in all black. Where did @thatoneback3kid name come from? There's that one guy on Instagram and his handle is @dudedrinksonebeer.

Kanaan Dern, People's People Part If you didn't know, Kanaan is gnarly. He put it down for Brandon Cortez's indie video out of North County San Diego.

"Why So Sad?" Video Rattray is on a noble mission to land a proper sad plant while simultaneously organizing a campaign to reduce depression and suicide in skating and beyond. Watch this powerful mini-doc to get inspired.

Why So Sad? x Actions REALized Premiere Photos Photos and captions by Joe BrookIt was an incredibly wholesome scene. Skaters down for the cause, congregating by a bowl for an art show, video premiere and, of course, a jam Photo: Kurt Hayashi. Always good to start off the night by seeing Thrasher's own Ewan Bowman and the man of the hour, John Rattray.

John Clemmons' "Spitfire" Part With more power than a head-on car crash, John wrecks every rail in his path. This part is best viewed with speakers on full blast. Get hyped!

Why So Sad? x Actions REALized Board Always going the extra mile, Rattray's campaign includes a board with REAL. This might be the deck that will finally get you up on one hand-or will just look cool on your wall.

Nike SB Japan's "WAMONO" Video Nike\u2019s Japanese team goes big on their little island. Broaden your horizons watching Yuto and some new faces unleash on the most pristine spots in the world. Nike’s Japanese team goes big on their little island. Broaden your horizons watching Yuto and some new faces unleash on the most pristine spots in the world.

Chad Muska Interview Chad Muska is a true legend who has visited us more than a few times over the years. Whether on his first visit to Europe or bringing his infectious energy to the shop on numerous tours we have always been happy to see him. From the start of his memorable career to now, our stories interlace in many ways.

Natural Koncept, Steady Creepin' - Full Length Video Bonestalone, Juan Pablo Velez, TalKual and Carlo Carezzano star in NK’s sixth full length film.

Skateline: 01.14.2020 Kyle Walker and Ishod Wair's \"Be Free\" video, Bronze 56 K, Heitor Da Silva, Kevin Shealy and more in today's episode of SKATELINE. Kyle Walker and Ishod Wair's "Be Free" video, Bronze 56 K, Heitor Da Silva, Kevin Shealy and more in today's episode of SKATELINE.

Vans Skate Space 198 Brooklyn Opening Our good friends over at Vans invited us out to NYC last week to check out their new skatespace198 in Brooklyn and see what it was all about. Here's a little video recap to showcase what went down featuring Andrew Reynolds, Rowan Zorilla, Beatrice Domond, Anthony Van Engelen, and Zach Sheats.

Adidas Rivalry Hi OG by Na-Kel Smith Debuting this month, the Rivalry Hi OG by Na-Kel receives a custom overhaul, courtesy of the skater's bold personality and performance upgrades that repurpose the iconic court style for the street. " was originally a gift from adidas. I wore it so much that they asked if I wanted to release it," Nak revealed about the silhouette.

F.S.C Welcomes Kaito Murai F.S.C Skateboards Proudly Welcomes Kaito Murai to the international team with this ripping clip.

Nike SB Japan - WAMONO Nike SB Japan presents ‘WAMONO', featuring a cast of Japan’s finest, including Keyaki Ike, Kenya Okuno, Issei Morinaka, Ryo Motohashi, Yuto Horigome,.

5 Trick Fix - Nate Greenwood Nate Greenwood always come through correct. Here's a little 5 Trick Fix to get you through this Tuesday. Video by Bryce Pagter.

Heroin Skateboards "Earth Goblin" After messing us up with Bath Salts, Heroin’s back with another mind-expanding full-length video trip. Let Gou Miyagi and the gang’s off-beat skating reconfigure your brain.

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