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This isn't a normal park, this is a Real Skifi dream park The crazy Fins that make up the Real Skifi crew are always concocting new and usually never-before-done ways to get greasy on a pair of skis. In the latest edit from this wild bunch, Ilkka Hannula builds his dream park—which isn’t necessarily anyone else’s idea of a dream—but he certainly has his fun with it…

Killington Resort begins construction on new K-1 Base Lodge Featured Image: Chandler Burgess. On Tuesday of this week, Vermont's Killington Resort was given the green light to break ground on the ski area's new K-1 Base Lodge, which is set to open at the beginning of the 2020-21 ski season.

Top 10 Tips for Beginner Skiers The only way to learn is to fall and just because you're skiing shouldn't make it scary. There are some ways to fall that you can try if it helps: Try to fall to your side versus forwards or backwards, which might make you twist something.

VIDEO: Wild Horse Kicks Speedo Man In The Privates VIDEO: Wild Horse Kicks Speedo Man In The Privates.

VIDEO: Wingsuiters Fly In Formation Over Egyptian Pyramids VIDEO: Wingsuiters Fly In Formation Over Egyptian Pyramids.

VIDEO: Acapulco Cliff Divers Risk Their Lives Everday For Tourist Money What if getting rad was literally your job description? Well if you work as a cliff diver in Acapulco then getting rad gets you paid. There is a small group of professional divers that put their li…

How Missing California Hiker Says She Was Able to Flee Knife Weilding Attacker Missing ,California, Hiker, Knife, Attacker.

Frankie MacDonald's Official 2019/20 Winter Weather Forecast Official winter weather forecast, outlook, prediction, for 2019/20 - Snow Storms and Extreme Cold.

Faction Presents: 'The Collective' Jaw-dropping skiing from some of the best freeskiers in the world.

News Roundup for 7/19/19 Bodensteiner Hired on with the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation. Luke Bodensteiner left U.S. Ski and Snowboard as Chief of Sport on July 15, he was named the Soldier Hollow General Manager and Chief of Sport Development on July 17. Bodensteiner's new positions are under the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation umbrella.

Delta Airlines Eliminates Fee for Sporting Equipment Including Skis and Bikes You can now fly around the world on Delta Airlines with your skis, surfboards, bicycles, golf clubs, scuba gear and other large-sized sporting equipment without paying any additional charge. Delta is the third major airline behind American and Alaskan Airlines to remove the high baggage fee for sporting equipment.

Bear Strolls Into South Lake Tahoe City Hall Take for instance this black bear who strolled right into South Lake City Hall after smelling a ready-made meal…

VIDEO: Thoughtless Golfers Use Glacier National Park As Personal Driving Range VIDEO: Thoughtless Golfers Use Glacier National Park As Personal Driving Range.

Athletes Need To Be Given Greater Voice - Planetski And so it will be; a luxurious hotel… INNSBRUCK: NEW SKI and CITY PASS - The shape of things to come on a winter holiday? Skiing,… LEGACY CLAIMS BY BEIJING 2022 - It has revealed its legacy plan for the Winter Olympics….

Big Air World Cup in Duesseldorf cancelled The FIS Snowboard and Freeski big air World Cup competitions scheduled to take place on January 3-4, 2020 at the ARAG BIG AIR Freestyle Festival in Duesseldorf have been canceled by the organising committee due to a clash with the DFL's calendar scheduling.

July News In Brief - Planetski The lift was shut after the incident but has now re-opened after repairs were made. The Yellowstone Club in Montana has Bill Gates from Microsoft, Eric Schmidt from Google and the singer Justin Timberlake among its members. It appears the club has been selling alcohol illegally at one of its bars.

New Organisation Aims To Increase Accessibility For All to Verbier and its Slopes A new charitable association has been founded with the aim of enabling anyone, regardless of physical or visual deficit, to access Verbier's mountains all year round. Verbier4All intends to provide the necessary equipment and trained 'buddies' to provide assistance.

New Hampshire Ski Jump Added to National Register of Historic Places The Nansen Ski Jump in New Hampshire has become the newest member on the National Register of Historical Places. Opened in 1938 the ski jump has been a training ground for winter Olympians for generations until it was closed in 1988. A resortation project began in 2015 and is still in process.

The best photos of FREESKIER Volume 21, Part I Within the twenty-one volumes of FREESKIER magazine, we've printed countless images showcasing the best photography in skiing. From timeless park sessions to first-descents and glorious powder shots, our contributing photographers have a keen eye for capturing the best athletes in our sport through their unique lenses.

Investigation Launched By Forest Service: Illegal Independence Pass Snowmobiling By David Lesh Founder of Virtika, David Lesh, is entangled in an investigation by The U.S. Forest Service after he posted pictures of himself snowmobiling on designated wilderness land atop Independence Pass in Colorado.

Alaska Solstice Junior Flyer Camp by Jed Hinkley As I flagged Josie Johnson and Augie Roepke at midnight on the longest day of the year, a smile came to my face, and I let out a big hoot. I have been around Ski Jumping for over 30 years, but I had never experienced what I was experiencing at that moment: the 2nd 12-hour jump-a-thon on the Summer Solstice.

For Sale: Snowmaking Fire Truck For Just $12,000 Snowflake 1 is a snowmaking fire truck that you can buy today for just $12K. Listing below from Fire Truck - fully functioning with a 1000 GPM pump at 150 PSI. 23,XXX original miles. 1985 Ford F800, 429 Lima racing engine, manual transmission,.

Scientists Propose Radical Geoengineering Project To Save Antarctic Ice Sheets Scientists Propose Radical Geoengineering Project To Save Antarctic Ice Sheets.

That One Dude Who Won't Let The Ski Season Die… That One Dude Who Won't Let The Ski Season Die…

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