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2020/2021 Gear Preview: K2 Snowboarding Three boards, a boot… and plenty more!

Austin Smith Bids A Fond Farewell To Nitro After 12 Years Of Good Times As of late, Austin has once again found himself on the cusp of a new chapter. This season was Austin's last spent atop a Nitro board. As much as Austin is optimistic about taking his career in a new direction, leaving Nitro, a sponsor that he has proudly called home for over a decade, brings with it feelings of melancholy.

2020/2021 Gear Preview: Airblaster Remember to wash your hands before and after reading this, practice social distancing by sending this to a friend that is far away, and STAY THE HELL ON YOUR COUCH UNTIL OUR NEXT POST.

VOTE NOW: X Games Real Snow 2020 "X Games Real Snow 2020 videos dropped on March 30. Invited athletes include Jesse Augustinus, Zak Hale, Craig McMorris, Rene Rinnekangas and Mark Wilson." Okay, get out a scratch pad, sharpen your pencil, and do your part to judge who has the best snowboarding part for X Game Real Snow 2020.

Chloe Kim: Higher Learning - Beyond the Bib Episode 2, Season 4 Hear more of her story in her second episode of Beyond the Bib SeasonFour, now playing on Directed by Jeremy Pettit. More from SNOWBOARDER Magazine here!

9 Creative Things To Do With Your Old Snowboard This week, I bring you my 9 favourite picks on creative things to do with your old snowboards including one special snowboard that we decided to keep. UPDATE - March 2020: This list has now become 10. We came across a very cool way to upcycle a snowboard and just had to include it!

Mark Wilson's X GAMES Real Snow 2020 Part-Watch and Vote! Although, the speed he garners from the terrain in front of him could actually classify him as a "streaker"… but this comparison as a way to contextualize Real Snow for the average sports viewer is being made on the fly, so cut us some slack. We aren't used to writing for you either.

Rene Rinnekangas' X GAMES Real Snow 2020 Part-Watch and Vote! X Games Real Snow… where buildings become standard jib features.

Craig McMorris' X GAMES Real Snow 2020 Part-Watch and Vote! The biggest sports bracket of March?

Jesse Augustinus' X GAMES Real Snow 2020 Part-Watch and Vote! Dutchman Jesse Augustinus drops a hammer part for Real Snow!

Zak Hale's X Games Real Snow 2020 Part-Watch and Vote! Watch Zak Hale x Justin Meyer's entry for Real Snow 2020 and vote on who's part you like the best!

Snowboarding a Hay Field? Sending It on Flat Ground What do you do if you want to snowboard, but everything around you is flat? This snowboarder found a solution. This little 5-minute gem of a video brought to us by Red Bull is especially entertaining. Here's some background: Minnesota snowboarder Benny Milam was struggling with the closures of ski areas due to COVID-19.

Global Pandemic Pages: Snowboarding an Empty Mountain in Southern Colorado It's been just over a week since a friend of mine and I headed to the hills to hunker down right before the global pandemic was about to change our daily lives. Forever. After a couple days of high winds, teener temps, and cabin fever, I struck out to snowshoe up and snowboard down the abandoned ski area next to my place.

The Impaler - The Reelest Vol. 2 2 is like X-games Real Snow except make it midwest and make it WAY more hardcore. The boys over there decided now was a good time to.

2020/2021 Gear Preview: Vans Snow The Taxwood, Longo, Kuzyk and more!

Great Locations for Snowboarding in Switzerland Although snowboarding is somewhat harder to master initially than skiing, once a person is linking turns, he or she can make transitions with ease to slopes that are steeper and to off-piste flow. In Switzerland, where there are excellent pistes and powder terrain, exhilarating snowboard freeriding and freestyling are very popular.

2020/2021 Gear Preview: Nikita Clothing While the rest of this season is in limbo, or more realistically all but over, we thought we would drop some of the products that will be out next year for your enjoyment. So… enjoy!

Strength Training Exercises for Snowboarders Snowboarding can be an absolutely exhilarating sport. Being a sport, it can also place an enormous amount of load on one's body.

Jeremy Jones On Being Back In The Mountains After Being Caught In An Avalanche It has been a long road of recovery for Jeremy Jones since suffering traumatic injuries back in 2017 when he was caught in a slide, but with the help of mountain biking, Jeremy has been able to slowly get back to the place he loves. Check out his latest update above.

Bad Plans // 4 We can always count on the Norwegians to hit us with that real shit.Taking the reigns from Andreas Grong, Scandavian Savant Markus Rustad makes sure we are entertained in a time where we need it most. "There was no project planned for 2019 but mid january we figured it was time to start film something.

Around "Future of Yesterday"-AN OLAV JOINT If you are not familiar with Olav Stubberud, just know he is probably a bigger pop culture icon than you can ever hope to be. A Norwegian photographer that sharpened his teeth in snowboarding, he is now a photographer to some of the biggest musical acts in the world.

Mark McMorris Locked Down In Whistler Mcmorris, Brock Crouch, Darcy Sharpe, and Tyler Nicholson rip around Whistler in these strange times.

Some Times-mike Rav SOME TIMES—MIKE RAV Some times you have some times that you want to dedicate some time to showing people. Mike Rav just hit us with with an E-mail saying.

Quarantine ReScreen - The Low Pressure Podcast - #137 Jeff Schmuck If you're like me, that means a lot of scrolling, and quite a bit of combing through content in search of something that a) I want to watch or listen to, and b) something that will hold my attention. So, it seems an appropriate time to roll out the #QRS, or, the Quarantine ReScreen.

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