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Ep. 41-2 Goals, 1 Point, and a Lucky Draw, with Richard Brereton Link to donate to a Saints family who lost their home and possessions in the wildfires currently raging in Northern California. Mary’s after the international break… we changed the system, we scored, we equalized twice and came away with a point, but we also fell behind twice to newly promoted, tight-wad Newcastle. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 40 - Enjoying the Break, with James George, Post2Post Pod, and the Exiled Geordies I think I made the most of my international break. I spent some time with family, ruined a family picture, jumped from a moving vehicle, and a bunch of other things I’m not willing to commit to writing. If you followed my Instagram story I’d like to apologize for what you may have seen. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 16 - Michael Cox Saints FC Podcast talk to Michael Cox author of The Mixer. Michael Cox of and the Totally Football Show podcast speaks to the Saints FC Podcast about all things tactics, following the release of 'The Mixer' a book he's written about 25 years of tactics in the Premier League. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 39 - Stunned but Still Stoked, with Chris Hughes and Kirsty Bell This week I am joined by TWO, yes TWO guests. The first is Chris Hughes, site expert at Saints Marching. He is a Saint loving journalist who brings passion and professionalism to his job and the team. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 15 - Richard Chaplow The Saints FC Podcast are joined by Richard Chaplow all the way from Orange County in California, USA. Richard recalls his two spells at Southampton, firstly in the Championship as Saints were sinking towards their lowest ebb and then joining the Saints again in League 1 before double promotion to the Premier League. Saints FC Podcast
FOOTBALLER LOVE LETTERS: Matt Le Tissier This new feature on The Football Hour, Alex writes love letters to footballers after their moments of magic. This week's heartfelt letter is a slight throwback all the way back to 1993. So the other day I was minding my own business scrolling through Twitter, then bang, crash GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLL. Audioboom - Southampton Football
Ep. 38 - To United We Fall, But Together We March On, with Dan James Dan James is a regular guy… if by regular guy you mean an absolute stud who hasn’t missed an away day in 3 years, who coaches and works for the Saints Foundation and who appears almost every week on the Ugly Inside Fan Cams. Dan was kind enough to find time to chat with me after the ManU match about all sorts of things. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 14 - Saints Beat Palace and Lose to Utd John is joined by both James and Tom for this episode of the Saints FC Podcast as they discuss their trip to Selhurst Park in the victory against Crystal Palace and the loss at St Marys to Manchester United. Saints FC Podcast
EP. 37-3 Points, 3 Points, and Again I say 3 Points, with Blake Hampton This week Saints went to Selhurst Park and refused to go Dutch, taking all three points from a Crystal Palace side playing their first match under new manager Roy Hodgson. Saints played well for most of the match, with good performances all the way up the spine of the team. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 36 - No CAM, No Shots, No Service, with Dan Hargraves Finally, the international break is over. I was anxiously awaiting the end of the break and very much looking forward to the return of the Southampton Football Club… and then we played Watford. Southampton Dellivery
13 - Ep - Saints Lose to Watford and Palace Preview John and Tom are back together in the famous Saints FC Podcast 'studios' to talk about what has gone wrong at Saints? Saints lose to Watford, after a draw with Huddersfield and getting knocked out of the cup by Wolves. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 35 - He Came In Through the Transfer Window The international break can be a time of boredom, but, luckily for us, the first half of it was filled with the final week of the summer transfer window. Depending on your perspective, that could make it better or worse. I, for one, am glad the window is over. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 12 - Bonus: The Ugly Inside - Transfer Talk The Ugly Inside take over the Saints FC Podcast for 'Transfer Talk'. As a little bonus, we are bringing you 'Transfer Talk' a review of Southampton's activity in the transfer market by Nick and Freddie from The Ugly Inside. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 34 - Wolves and Terriers and Birdies This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Nashville SC’s newest intern… he also goes to Belmont University, writes for The Saints Report, EIF Soccer, Breaking the Lines and SB Nationand answers all of the my texts. His name is Christian Candler and you can find him @_candler on Twitter. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 11 - Saints beat West Ham and draw with Swansea The Saints FC Podcast are joined by stand-in co-host James Bailey as Tom is sent packing to Edinburgh by his employers. John and James celebrate Southampton's win agains West Ham United and seeing some goals at St Marys thanks to Manolo Gabiadini, Dusan Tadic and Charlie Austin. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 33 - A Gift from Fonte, with Luke Osman Luke Osman joined me again this week to discuss all that’s going on with the Southampton Football club, from the sale of the club and our 3-2 win against West Ham and Jose Fonte, to our dealings in the transfer window. We even took some listener questions. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 13 - Beyond Frustrating Sometimes life is frustrating… I mean it. But, I’m done with that now. My guest this week is Chris Rann, and he’s fantastic! If you haven’t seen his website, be sure to check it in the link below. We talk the non-darby, the website, life in Dubai, and the rest of the season. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 12 - On International Duty There are a lot of aspects of training and sport, from physicality to tactics, to speed and technique. Every sport is different, but all have some common traits. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 11 - Not As Planned Made plans, checked them out and ensured that everything is in order, only to have it all fall apart in the final minutes. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 10 - Mark Sanderson Part I: Author of the Bobby Stokes Book and So Much More I was lucky enough to have a long conversation with Mark Sanderson, Author of Bobby Stokes: The Man from Portsmouth Who Scored Southampton’s Most Famous Goal. Mark is so much more than an author. Besides that fact that he’s married, has kids, and loves Saints, he has a regular job, just like most of us. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 9 - Beautiful Football and The Ugly Inside For the first time on the podcast I had 2 guests on 1 mic. Freddie and Clive from the Ugly Inside were kind enough to make time to talk to me on Sunday afternoon. Clive was there in 1988 when the Ugly Inside started, making copies by hand and distrubiting almost 3,000 fanzines at each home game. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 8 - The EFL Cup Final: Thoughts and Refelctions on a Day at Wembley Christian Candler and I connected over Skype on both Sunday and Monday to talk about the EFL Cup Final. Sunday was weird. I watched the match in a pub, which changed my viewing experience. I lost my voice, so the first half of the interview sounds like a croaking frog. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 7 - WeAreSouthampton and WeAreGoingToWembley This week I am joined by the one and only Matt Beling. He runs the wearesouthampton page on Instagram and I talk about him each and every week because he designed the artwork for the show. He also designed my phone case, which I talk about too many times during this episode. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 6 - What a Difference a Striker Makes This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Allen Gunn, who, in addition to loving the Patriots and a bit of banter, runs the social media account and writes for @StMarysMusings. We talked at length about the club, our defense, our strikers and matches past and future. Southampton Dellivery
The Saints FC Podcast John Bailey and Tom Parker launch the first episode of the Saints FC Podcast and are joined by two Saints legends, Jason Dodd and Neil Maddison. We talk about the 3-1 loss to West ham United, the brand of football under Claude Puel and look forwards to the EFL Cup Final. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 5 - There's Light at the End of the Tunnel… but it's just Sunderland This week Luke Osman stopped by to help me work through what’s going on at the club. We cover new signings, non-signings, and the perils of finding a Center Back outside the transfer window. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 4 - Just the Facts Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes! iTunes, Acast, Stitcher, Google Play, Tunein All feedback can be sent to @SFCDell_ivery and questions can be submitted using the hashtag #sfcdell. You can also email the show at. Southampton Dellivery
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