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Ep. 91 - Is This a Joke? With Tom Deacon, Saints FC Fan, Comedian, Presenter and More There are some opportunities that may only come once in a lifetime. I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of hosting and speaking with a number of people on this show. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 different voices on the club have been aired on this show. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 47 - Chelsea at the Pub On Sunday the Saints FC Podcast regulars John and Tom found a conveniently located pub in East London to watch Saints lose to Chelsea. Here you can hear the conversation pre-match, at half time and after the inevitable defeat. Best enjoyed with three pints of beer. Saints FC Podcast
Episode 47 - Total Saints Podcast Another home game for Saints ends in the normal way these days - without a win! Chelsea the latest victors at St. Mary's, 3-0. Again, its a defensive horror show, with a mixture of familiar soft/sloppy goals being conceded. Far too easy for Chelsea in general. Total Saints Podcast
6: Week 8 - Chelsea v Southampton 3-0 post game analysis - Chiv's Chelsea 12 Fan Show Listen to two Chelsea FC soccer legends, Gary Chivers and Ron 'Chopper' Harris talk after every Chelsea FC home game this season outside the home of the Blues, Stamford Bridge. This week we look at Chelsea performance against Southampton. Make sure you stay tuned to for all of this brilliant content throughout the season! Audioboom - Southampton
Everton 1-1 Southampton - Instant Reaction Matt Jones, Mark Mosey and Nick Prebble react to Everton's disappointing Carabao Cup defeat to Southampton at Goodison. Audioboom - Southampton
Ep. 90 - Dancing with Wolves, with Yasmin Wiseman This week on this show I’m joined by Yasmin Wiseman, a long-time, dedicated Saints fan and a member of the Saints Voice Panel. So, the day after Wolves, after the long ride, the disappointment of the match, the late arrival home and despite not feeling well, she joined me. Southampton Dellivery
Episode 58 - Jose's Football Nightmares and City's Sweet Dreams Here we go folks….it's the inevitable 'we need to talk about Jose Mourinho' episode. It's unavoidable though and nit only his demise, but that of Manchester United in recent weeks, months and some would even say years. Audioboom - Southampton Football
Episode 46 - Total Saints Podcast Its another disappointing result for Saints in the Premier League this week as they lose 2-0 to Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux. With 7 games now played, and only 5 points mustered, the South Coast outfit continue to frustrate the majority of their fanbase. Total Saints Podcast
Conor Coady reacts to the 2-0 win against Southampton Conor Coady reacts to the 2-0 win against Southampton #WWFC. Audioboom - Southampton
Ep - 46 - Brighton and Liverpool Saints FC Podcast is back to talk about the draw against Brighton and the loss at Anfield, plus we look ahead to Saints visit to Wolves. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 89 - The Reds Leave Us Singing the Blues, with JJ Hughes of St, Mary's Musings Richard Brereton, you have won a copy of "Being a Saint" from last week's guest…. DM me your address and we'll get it shipped out ASAP! Thanks to everyone who participated! Saints made the long trip to Anfield and back with nothing to show. Southampton Dellivery
Episode 45 - Total Saints Podcast Total Saints Podcast returns after a short break during the International fixtures, but some thing's never change - Saints failing to hold onto a lead and/or managing to compete in a game with one of the Premier League's Top-6! Total Saints Podcast
Episode 56 - Reds and Blues dominate football, frustrated Saints and Kante's Korma The top of the league is looking more and more familiar by the day with the Blues and Reds all impressing, Spurs, Southampton and Burnley not so much. Audioboom - Southampton Football
Ep. 88 - Being a Saint, with Richard Walters Alright, alright, we’re up 2-0… okay, 2-1 now, but it’s only stoppage time left… and there’s a penalty… Oh… oh! Oh nooooo! We drew 2-2, at home to Brighton. Cool. That’s all I have to say about that for now. But, as far as this week’s episode goes, we had plenty to talk about. Southampton Dellivery
Ep 45 - Claus Lundekvam WARNING - Grown Up Content We speak to Saints FC legend Claus Lundekvam, life the universe and everything. Email: [email protected] twitter: @saintsfcpodcast. Saints FC Podcast
1: Southampton - RAP 001 The first ever episode of the RunAway Podcast discusses Scott Cunliffe's vision and plans for taking on the 3000 miles of The RunAway Challenge. Scott's first ultra run is 260 miles from Turf Moor, Burnley to Southampton. Audioboom - Southampton
Ep. 87 - Interruptions, Injuries, and Confidence, with Emma Pinner of the Southampton Women's Football Club This week I am happy to bring you my conversation with Emma Pinner, a striker for the Southampton Women’s Football Club. If you have been around and listening to the podcast for a while, you will know that from time to time I get the chance to chat with the players and coaches of the Southampton Women’s Football Club. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 86 - Grounding the Eagles and Bringing Down the Gulls, with Alex Hammond Saints had quite a bit to celebrate this week, with two wins and two clean sheets in two chances, a number of members called up for international duty, and what seems some budding partnerships on the pitch, the mood and feeling are about as positive as they have been in over a year. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 44 - Two Wins for Saints What do Crystal Palace and Brighton and Hove Albion have in common? They both lost to Saints last week! The Saints FC Podcast returns with a happy John and Tom celebrating Saints first two wins of the season. Email: [email protected] twitter: Saints FC Podcast
Episode 44 - Total Saints Podcast A win - an actual Premier League win! This is not a drill…. Yes, for only the 3rd time in 2018, Total Saints Podcast have a Southampton Premier League win to reflect on - after the 2-0 success for Saints, at Selhurst Park. Total Saints Podcast
Ep. 85 - The Dane is Diving and We Aren't Thriving, with Jamie Grant of the @SouthamptonPage Another week, another instance of Cedric being out jumped at the back post, another late goal allowed takes points from Saints, and once again we drop points at home, to a team that we would expect to beat given that they were Vardy and Mahrez-less. Southampton Dellivery
Episode 43 - Total Saints Podcast Episode 43 of Total Saints Podcast follows the model of many previous TSP productions - trying to put a smile on the heartbreak of another flippin' last-minute defeat for Saints - this time against Leicester City at St. Mary's. Ben Stanfield is joined by regular companions, Adam Leitch and Steve Grant, to share in the general despondency! Total Saints Podcast
Ep - 43 - Saints lose at Everton The Saints FC Podcast are back to discuss Southampton's loss to Everton at the weekend, preview the games against Leicester and Brighton. We discuss your emails, the future for Saints youth players, the fans forum, bitcoin, fashion and more. To get in touch: [email protected] Saints FC Podcast
14: Southampton Pride 2018 Special To mark Southampton Pride 2018, Stuart Britton rebroadcasts an interview he did in 1993, asking three gay men who lived in the city of Southampton at the time what their lives had been like and what had changed. The recording is from an archive. It is, therefore, full of noises you won't hear on recordings today. Audioboom - Southampton
Ep. 84 - Not Much Good at Goodison, with Daniel Adam from the SaintsFCPage on Instagram Saints are coming off another loss at Goodison park. Once again, the team started slowly and was on the back foot for much of the first half, and went into halftime down 2-0. Many aspects of the match were similar to those we saw last season. A slow start, Cedric left along and losing a header, an inability to control the game. Southampton Dellivery
Legends Football Phone In : 20 08 2018 Sharpy & Aldo discuss the Everton's 2-1 win against Southampton and look ahead to Liverpool v Crystal Palace Legends Football Phone-In : 20 08 2018 Sharpy and Aldo discuss the Everton's 2-1 win against Southampton and Look ahead to Liverpool's away trip to Crystal Palace. Audioboom - Southampton
Legends Football Phone In : 20 08 2018 Sharpy & Aldo discuss the Everton's 2-1 win against Southampton and look ahead to Liverpool v Crystal Palace Legends Football Phone-In : 20 08 2018 Sharpy and Aldo discuss the Everton's 2-1 win against Southampton and Look ahead to Liverpool's away trip to Crystal Palace. Audioboom - Southampton Football
Episode 42 - Total Saints Podcast Few things in life are guaranteed - but Southampton failing to pick up 3 points at Everton's Goodison Park feels like one of them! And so it proved again in this past weekend's Premier League fixture, as the home side came out 2-1 winners. Total Saints Podcast
Ep. 83 - My Good Friend Mario, With Christian Candler The first match of the season has come and gone, and Saints get out of it with a 0-0 draw against at home to a Burnley side that was coming off a Thursday night Europa League qualifier in Turkey. The team looked lost during the early going, and it we seemed unable to really control the match in the middle of the park. Southampton Dellivery
Ep - 42 - Saints Draw with Burnley The Saints FC Podcast are back in the swing of things as we discuss the draw with Burnley at St Marys. While there may have been no goals to talk about, there is a lot of discussion about Mark Hughes' approach to the team selection, formation and how Saints new signings got on as they made their debuts. Saints FC Podcast
Episode 41 - Total Saints Podcast Ben Stanfield, Adam Leitch and Steve Grant discuss another busy week at St.Mary's - in Episode 41 of Total Saints Podcast, sponsored by Total Saints Podcast
Ep. 13 - Beyond Frustrating Sometimes life is frustrating… I mean it. But, I’m done with that now. My guest this week is Chris Rann, and he’s fantastic! If you haven’t seen his website, be sure to check it in the link below. We talk the non-darby, the website, life in Dubai, and the rest of the season. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 12 - On International Duty There are a lot of aspects of training and sport, from physicality to tactics, to speed and technique. Every sport is different, but all have some common traits. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 11 - Not As Planned Made plans, checked them out and ensured that everything is in order, only to have it all fall apart in the final minutes. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 10 - Mark Sanderson Part I: Author of the Bobby Stokes Book and So Much More I was lucky enough to have a long conversation with Mark Sanderson, Author of Bobby Stokes: The Man from Portsmouth Who Scored Southampton’s Most Famous Goal. Mark is so much more than an author. Besides that fact that he’s married, has kids, and loves Saints, he has a regular job, just like most of us. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 9 - Beautiful Football and The Ugly Inside For the first time on the podcast I had 2 guests on 1 mic. Freddie and Clive from the Ugly Inside were kind enough to make time to talk to me on Sunday afternoon. Clive was there in 1988 when the Ugly Inside started, making copies by hand and distrubiting almost 3,000 fanzines at each home game. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 8 - The EFL Cup Final: Thoughts and Refelctions on a Day at Wembley Christian Candler and I connected over Skype on both Sunday and Monday to talk about the EFL Cup Final. Sunday was weird. I watched the match in a pub, which changed my viewing experience. I lost my voice, so the first half of the interview sounds like a croaking frog. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 7 - WeAreSouthampton and WeAreGoingToWembley This week I am joined by the one and only Matt Beling. He runs the wearesouthampton page on Instagram and I talk about him each and every week because he designed the artwork for the show. He also designed my phone case, which I talk about too many times during this episode. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 6 - What a Difference a Striker Makes This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Allen Gunn, who, in addition to loving the Patriots and a bit of banter, runs the social media account and writes for @StMarysMusings. We talked at length about the club, our defense, our strikers and matches past and future. Southampton Dellivery
The Saints FC Podcast John Bailey and Tom Parker launch the first episode of the Saints FC Podcast and are joined by two Saints legends, Jason Dodd and Neil Maddison. We talk about the 3-1 loss to West ham United, the brand of football under Claude Puel and look forwards to the EFL Cup Final. Saints FC Podcast
Ep. 5 - There's Light at the End of the Tunnel… but it's just Sunderland This week Luke Osman stopped by to help me work through what’s going on at the club. We cover new signings, non-signings, and the perils of finding a Center Back outside the transfer window. Southampton Dellivery
Ep. 4 - Just the Facts Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes! iTunes, Acast, Stitcher, Google Play, Tunein All feedback can be sent to @SFCDell_ivery and questions can be submitted using the hashtag #sfcdell. You can also email the show at. Southampton Dellivery