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Star Trek: Picard Drops New Promo The legend returns, the legacy continues in the just released Star Trek: Picard promo. The email will only be created once you click on the "Send Email" button. CBS Entertainment - This site and its contents  and  2020 CBS Studios Inc.  2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc.

Star Trek: 10 Most Hilarious DS9 Memes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is both an overlooked and underrated Trek series. And, here are 10 memes about the show that prove to be hilarious.

Star Trek Returns to the Kelvin Timeline in The Unsettling Stars Star Trek fans will have the opportunity to return to the Kelvin Timeline in April. The official Star Trek Twitter revealed the cover for the novel Star Trek: The Unsettling Stars by Alan Dean Foster. The novel is set in the alternate timeline created by the 2009 Star Trek movie following the events of the film.

Star Trek: Voyager Would Have Been Completely Different Under Captain Riker Star Trek: Voyager would have been completely different under Captain Will Riker. Jean-Luc Picard considered Riker to be one of the finest officers he'd ever met, but his Number One was famously reluctant to leave the USS Enterprise.

Sir Patrick Stewart was initially refused Jean-Luc Picard role Star Trek: Picard brings back Sir Patrick Stewart as The Next Generation legend 33 years on - but at first he was hated for the role.

STAR TREK: PICARD Character Posters Debut in London Check out these new STAR TREK: PICARD character posters and cast photography collection!

Get a small taste of Star Trek Picard with this new clip A short Star Trek Picard clip shows Jean-Luc Picard in life after Starfleet, lounging around Chateau Picard with doggo, Number One. The clip is short - and we mean short - coming in at 1 minute and 9 seconds.

New Star Trek: Picard Trailer Brings Back the Enterprise-D CBS All Access has released a new trailer for Star Trek: Picard. The new trailer offers a brief glimpse at the USS Enterprise-D, the Galaxy-class version of the Enterprise that Jean-Luc Picard commanded throughout his adventures in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Were Star Trek: Picard's Real Villains Just Revealed? The new Short Trek “Children of Mars” offers a surprising revelation about the plot of the upcoming Patrick Stewart series Star Trek: Picard.

Netflix Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Back Again, Cast And Plot You Shouldn't Miss This Character Talks About Their Experiences. The sci-fi American television show Star Trek Discovery will soon be returning with its new season. After their first and second season, it's time for fans to see the third.

Netflix Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Release Date Seemingly Revealed By Members, Interesting, Plot, New Bonds And Many More. With its new season, the sci-fi American TV show Star Trek Discovery will be launching shortly. It's time for the fans to see the third one after their first and second season. While its release and premiere needs us to wait a while, we have a Star Trek Discovery's third season trailer.

'Star Trek' actress Nichelle Nichols subject of 'Woman in Motion' documentary coming to Chagrin Falls Though Thompson is still tinkering with "Woman," and trying to sell it, he has two other projects on the burner. "Pre-Fab" is a look at the Beatles before they got really famous.

Star Trek: Picard's Patrick Stewart Discusses Comparisons to Logan Patrick Stewart is returning to his Star Trek: The Next Generation character Jean-Luc Picard in the new series Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. Back in 2017, he returned as Professor X for one more installment of the X-Men movies, Logan.

Short Treks - How Children of Mars Sets Up Star Trek: Picard It's unclear if Kima or Lil will appear in future episodes of Star Trek: Picard, but Mark Pellington thinks that's kind of beside the point. "It's a legitimate question to ask. Maybe they could appear as adults in the new series. You'd have to ask the big man!

Essential Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes to Watch Before Star Trek: Picard One bald head out of five. Okay, if you're a completionist, this is the obvious place to start. The very first adventure of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-bloody-D. We're introduced to the characters, to the concept of Starfleet, to the world of the 24th century.

Prelude to PICARD - Retro Review: "Destiny" And given that Star Trek: Picard looks to include some Borg elements in it, what better book to finish this series than with the Star Trek novels that gave us an origin story for the Borg, and a totally satisfying ending to the Borg arc?

Five Heart Podcast Episode 160: It’s Been a Busy Week Welcome to this week's Five Heart Podcast with Greg and Jon. We apologize that it's a couple days late, but Jon's wife had a birthday! This week we talk about coaching staff changes and player retirement, New Orleans and Odell Beckham Jr., Nebrasketball and Husker wrestling!

Factions of Star Trek: Picard part one - Romulans Before the show kicks off I wanted to take a look in a little more detail at a few of the factions that we're likely to encounter in the new series. This time we'll look at the Romulans. Early History. The Romulans are, biologically speaking, the same race as the Vulcans.

Star Trek / Seinfeld Actor and Orca Talk on N. Oregon Coast Star Trek / Seinfeld Actor and Orca Talk on N. Oregon Coast. Published 01/18/2020 at 6:25 PM PDT By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff. - Orcas and some engaging stage drama are on the menu for the north Oregon coast, with two distinctive and fascinating events coming up in Cannon Beach and in Manzanita.

Star Trek technology of the future is here Kirk had amazing technology at his fingertips. Cloaking devices and holodecks were cool, but they didn't seem nearly as cool and accessible for my little 9-year-old brain as the wrist communicator. I wanted that wrist communicator, but we didn't have much money for toys.

Quentin Tarantino probably won't direct a Star Trek movie We won't see Pulp Fiction in space anytime soon. Quentin Tarantino has always said he plans to direct ten films and then retire. Tarantino never really considered his R-rated Star Trek film to be part of his ten-film plan. Tarantino then stepped down from the film he originally pitched to Paramount.

Quentin Tarantino unlikely to direct a Star Trek movie While there's no release date to cite for director Noah Hawley's untitled fourth Star Trek film, CBS All Access will kick off the weekly run of Star Trek: Picard on January 23; a run that will eventually be followed by Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 later this year.

Star Trek 4 Might Be Another Reboot: Really? It does sound as though another reboot isn't out of the question, but all in all it also feels as though if this happens it's going to be about as effective as a game station that's been rebooted manually again and again, eventually something's got to give and one or more key components are going to become corrupted in a very disastrous way.

Ranking the Star Trek TV Shows from TOS to Discovery The newest entry in the Star Trek television franchise, Star Trek Picard, has its much-anticipated debut on January 23rd. With that series joining the seven existing shows, I thought it would be a good time to look back and rank the shows that have preceded it.

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