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Marvel, Game Of Thrones And Star Trek: Discovery Win Big At The Saturn Awards It wasn't just merry Mutant namedrops at this year's Saturn Awards. It was also a reminder of some of the season's biggest dramas in pop culture, albeit on a more amicable scale.

Star Trek: 10 Crazy Worf Theories That Were Actually Confirmed Here are 10 Crazy Worf Theories That Were Actually Confirmed. Related: Picard: 10 Questions We Have After Seeing The Latest Trailer. There's a running joke among the Star Trek community that the writers hate Worf.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets a Friends-Style Intro Have you ever wondered what Star Trek: The Next Generation might look like as a 1990s sitcom? Well, wonder no more. One Star Trek fan took the time to cut together a Friends-style intro for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

10 ways Star Trek: The Motion Picture changed Trek canon forever After Chekov takes over tactical in The Motion Picture, most Trek shows have tactical / security officers in the main cast; Worf and Yar in The Next Generation, Odo and Worf on Deep Space Nine, Tuvok on Voyager, Reed on Enterprise, and Ash Tyler and Nhan in Discovery.

Shawn Micallef: Lyft boasts it can get you from the Eaton Centre to the ROM in 10 minutes. In what traffic? Cars are not transporters like the ones on Star Trek, but you might think so at the Eaton Centre. The Albert Saint entrance to the mall has been branded as a Lyft pickup and drop-off point, a partnership between the ride-share company and Cadillac Fairview, the mall owner.

Star Trek Trying to Get Get Younger, More Relevant With Viacom-CBS Merger, Exec Says CBS chief creative officer David Nevins has a vision for Star Trek's future as CBS and Viacom merge to become ViacomCBS. Nevins spoke at a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Communications and Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles on Thursday.

CBS Says Michael Dorn Isn't Returning As Worf In Star Trek: Picard CBs has confirmed that Michael Dorn is not returning as Worf for Star Trek: Picard, and we look at what we know about the upcoming series.

CBS Wants Star Trek To Be More Relevant For Younger People CBS CEO David Nevins says the aim is to get the Star Trek franchise more relevant for a younger audience following Viacom merger.

Star Trek: Origin and Use of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch First appearing in an early episode of Star Trek's debut season, "The Enemy Within," Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch has been reenacted on numerous occasions through over 50 years' worth of movies and TV shows, all the way up to the recent Star Trek: Discovery series and the Kelvin Timeline reboot movies.

Black Mirror Alum David Ajala To Join Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 As Cleveland Booker After the drastic end of season 2, Trek lovers will be in tenterhooks to know what will happen in season 3 to the discovery crew. And now at San Diego Comic-Con, there is a whole batch of fresh data. The main announcement from the SDCC panel is a fresh cast member, David Ajala.

Black Mirror's David Ajala will be joining the cast of Star Trek: Discovery for season 3 as Cleveland booker It has been revealed that the British star Cleveland booker will be joking the cast of Star Trek : Doscovery Season 3 as Cleveland Booker. Star Trek : Discovery is an American web Series based on Science Fiction, adventure and drama and it is created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS ALL Access.

JJ Abrams Turns Down Apple TV+ Contract Apple has been turned down in a bidding war for exclusive content rights for their Apple TV+ service by JJ Abrams. JJ Abrams is a renowned creator of popular series such as Westworld, Alias and Lost. His most recent work was a 2009 film reboot of Star Trek.

Spider-Man, Supergirl And Star Trek Win Big at Saturn Awards And among the night's biggest winners are Spider-Man: Far From Home, Supergirl and Star Trek: Discovery. The event was held Friday night at the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, and everyone's favorite web-slinger won for in the categories of live-action and animated films.

J.J Abrams finds a new home at Warner Media Bad Robot, the production company "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" alum J.J Abrams runs with his wife and co-CEO, Katie McGrath, will now have all of its divisions - including games and digital - under the same roof for the first time, at Warner Media.

Captain Picard Meets his Actual Deepfaked Clone in Star Trek: Nemesis Scene Unforunately, Picard's face is a little blurry on Shinzon of Remus' body, but it's still super unsettling to watch.

INTERVIEW: Building an Interactive Tribble for TREK Fans We had the opportunity to chat with Kayleigha and Jay Zawacki, the founders of Science Division and the developers of the interactive tribble, to understand more about what to expect, the enduring popularity of the tribble, and how fans can get their hands on one.

Star Trek episode reviews: Man of the People and Relics It's been even longer for this post than the last one. All I can say is, I haven't been in a position to have dedicated time to put in the energy and resources I use in reviewing a TNG episode properly. I aim to rectify that! Thanks for your continuing patience.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Wins 3 Saturn Awards As we reported in July, Star Trek: Discovery was nominated for five Saturn Awards for season 2, just like season 1 before it. This season, Discovery can proudly say they won in three of the categories in which they were nominated.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Wins Big at 2019 Saturn Awards The cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery walked away with three big wins at Friday night's 45th annual Saturn Awards presentation. The CBS All Access streaming series won in the categories for Best Streaming Science Fiction Show, Best Actress in a Streaming Presentation, and Best Supporting Actor.

Star Trek: 40th Anniversary Date/Time September 15, 2019 to September 15, 2019 07:00 PM untill 09:00 PM Description Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on the big screen with the original 1979 theatrical cut, featuring Jerry Goldsmith’s rousing overture.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Wins Three Saturn Awards STAR TREK: DISCOVERY collects three wins at this year's Saturn Awards ceremony.

Star Trek: Nemesis Deepfake Recasts Patrick Stewart as Picard's Clone Shinzon The last time Star Trek fans saw Capt. Jean-Luc Picard was in the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. In that film, Picard encountered Shinzon, his clone that the Romulans had bred and then discarded on the planet Remus, where he lived in slavery alongside the Remans.

Was Lt. Hawk in Star Trek: First Contact Originally Going to be Gay? MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: Neal McDonough's character in Star Trek: First Contact, Lieutenant Hawk, was originally intended to be gay.

Star Trek: No, Michael Dorn Isn't Back as Worf in Picard Several members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast will reprise their roles for Star Trek: Picard, but Michael Dorn isn't one of them. Dorn played Starfleet's first Klingon officer, Worf, in The Next Generation.

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