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Star Trek: Discovery’: Two Major New Characters To Exit At End Of Season 2 According to sources close to the series, both Hell On Wheels alum Mount and Romijn had strictly one-year deals; the duo had been contracted only for Season 2 arcs as part of a plan to sync up Discovery with the original Star Trek lore by the end of the new series' second season heading into Season 3.

Star Trek Armada 3 Uprising Install Guide video Quick repost of our STA3 Uprising Install Tutorial. As you're already here, I won't include the link to the mod here! Stellar Parallax Discord: Gul's Youtube Discord:

Rounding Up: The Graphic Novel Collection Issues 44 - 47 Once more diving into the Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection, Ian Kimmins opens the pages of another four issues… Volume 44 Burden of Knowledge is written by well known Trek comic book writers Scott and David Tipton.

Picard-based Star Trek series adds Evan Evagora to cast While CBS All Access's new Picard-based series, starring the return of Patrick Stewart in the role, has been shrouded in mystery, production continues to moves forward and a new cast member has been added. Evan Evagora is a young Australian based actor who appeared in an episode of Secret City's second season and not yet anything else.

Zachary Quinto splits from Miles McMillan Zachary Quinto has "amicably" split from Miles McMillan. The 'Star Trek' actor has reportedly ended his relationship with the American model after six years together but they have vowed to remain friends.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review Star Trek: The Original Series is my favourite iteration of Star Trek and some years ago I ranked the movies starring its cast on this very blog. I left The Motion Picture out of the ranking because, to my eternal shame, I had never actually seen it.

Star Trek Online Crosses Into Mirror Of Discovery On Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Press Release: Star Trek Online Crosses Into Mirror Of Discovery On Xbox One And PlayStation 4.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Gets Renewed for a 3rd Season On Tuesday, CBS All Access announced that their hit show, Star Trek: Discovery, is getting a third season. And as the show embarks upon a third run, Michelle Paradise has been tapped to step in as co-showrunner alongside Alex Kurtzman.

Star Trek: Discovery's Ethan Peck on Landing the Role of Spock - and That 'Controversial' Hair and Beard The long wait is almost over, Star Trek: Discovery fans. After a half-season of hints and teases, we finally get our first look at a young Spock in Thursday's episode, with Ethan Peck stepping into the iconic role played by Leonard Nimoy on the original Trek TV series.

Star Trek Discovery S2.09 review: "Suffers from how much we've come to expect from the show" While it's a joy to get to know another of Discovery's little-known crewman better, the episode doesn't offer too much in the way of story progression and lacks the usual spectacle which makes Star Trek Discovery episodes standout, despite an emotional finale.

Your guide to 2019’s best science fiction and fantasy books by women From Star Wars' Rey to Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery and the new Doctor, recent pop culture has finally caught up to the fact that women are interested in seeing themselves assuming powerful roles in science fiction and fantasy. And the situation in books is also changing rapidly.

Fan Works to Remaster Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in 1080p HD, Using AI Paramount has no interest in remastering DS9. Maybe fans can fill in.

Fan Attempts To Remaster Star Trek: Deep Space Nine In HD Using AI Machine learning has been used for all kinds of things, but it seems that a fan of Star Trek has decided to take advantage of the technology to help remaster Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to HD. Known to the community as CaptRobau, Stefan Rumen has actually attempted to use AI to remaster content into HD in the past.

Hannah Cheesman Talks Airiam's Humanity On 'Star Trek: Discovery' And Filming "Project Daedalus" Also, find out who Cheesman's "Number One" crush was.

Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge - Exclusive It hooks up to your phone or device via Bluetoothョ and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Once connected, one touch answers/ends calls, plays / pauses audio, or accesses Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. Not, however, Majel Barrett.

Preview: Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 2 from IDW Star Trek: The Q Conflict No. 2 goes on sale Wednesday, February 27 and includes a pair of interlocking covers by Messina as well as a variant cover by George Caltsoudas. Welcome! To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads.

'Star Trek' Gets Three Limited Edition Fine Art Prints From Bye Bye, Robot Artist Cliff Cramp has created three new pieces of art inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The limited edition prints can be found at Bye Bye, Robot, the same art purveyors who previously released seven Star Trek-inspired art prints.

Star Trek Discovery: 2.9 Project Daedalus review Another week another storming episode of Star Trek Discovery, this time another Jonathan Frakes directed classic, Project Daedalus. There's Section 31, plenty of bridge time, Spock and Michael, Red Angel mystery and more, but it's really all about Airiam.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 While investigating the red angel's signal that appeared over Kaminar, Discovery gets caught in a time anomaly. Pike can't get over Tyler's Klingon side and it makes him not trust Tyler which makes their relationship tempestuous when they go to investigate the time rift.

Star Trek Armada III: Uprising is Available Now I bet you didn't know there was a Star Trek: Armada 3, did you? Well, technically there isn't, it's not a stand alone game, but it's a rather special mod for Sins Of A Solar Empire that effectively delivers what you would expect from a modern day Armada game.

'Star Trek' is Bringing Back the Skant Starfleet Uniform Longtime fans of Star Trek may remember Starfleet's "skant" uniform. The uniform variant was a unisex dress worn by men and women during the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The skant was rarely seen then and hasn't been revived since. Star Trek: Discovery's iteration of the Starfleet uniform is unisex in another way.

Opinion: Chief O'Brien from 'Star Trek' is the most positive representation of Irishness in pop culture The best example of this is probably 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part I'. There was an Irish coven of vampires that - no joke - included a red-haired woman, a man wearing a tweed jacket and flatcap with fingerless gloves, and a young girl with ringlets.

REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery 2.9: Project Daedalus Star Trek: Discovery finally casts the spotlight on Airiam, the cyborg bridge crewmember, in an episode that sees Pike take the fight to Section 31.

REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery 2.8: If Memory Serves Discovery leans heavy into the history of the franchise in episode eight, and the result may please the many while disappointing the few. At the end of last week's episode, Burnham realises that Spock has been muttering planetary coordinates backwards we were in for a surprise.

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