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The SWU Podcast LIVE - 12/06/19 On this episode, Dominic, Ben, and Chris discuss the latest round of The Rise of Skywalker TV spots and promos. They try to start to piece together the films based on the new footage. They also speculate about how many lightsaber duels we might see in the new film, and whether it might have more than Revenge of the Sith.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Prop Confirms Return of Scrapped Solo Idea A new prop photo from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals the full name of Lando Calrissian. The prop was revealed by Endor Express, a Star Wars fan account. "Ever wondered what Lando was short for?" the account wrote.

We Rode Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy's Edge We got an early look at Rise of the Resistance, the newest ride at Galaxy's Edge in Walt Disney World in Orlando. Ride along with the IGN Staff as they try to get out of Batuu in one piece!

Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams Reveals If He Plans to Make a Superman Movie The future of the Man of Steel on the silver screen is under a lot of scrutiny, especially in the wake of Zack Snyder's ouster from Warner Bros. Pictures and reports of movie executives acting unsure of how to proceed. But Superman remains a valuable property for DC Comics moving forward, even if they're not sure how to proceed.

Will we see Rey, Finn and Poe on screen after Rise of Skywalker? Also: Adam Driver on Kylo Ren and redemption, how Lando’s returned happened, and John Boyega takes on Hot Ones.

The Mandalorian Corrects The Empire's Fall In The Star Wars Timeline Disney's Star Wars canon put a new angle on the fall of the Empire, but The Mandalorian corrects that, reverting the story back to its original state.

JJ Abrams Discusses Bringing Back Lando For 'The Rise of Skywalker' Ever since the cast of The Force Awakens was revealed back in 2014, fans have been wondering why Billy Dee Williams wasn't a part of the sequel trilogy. Lando fans were dealt a further blow when it was revealed that Williams wouldn't be back for The Last Jedi either.

Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, & Oscar Isaac Talk Potential Of 'Star Wars' Return After 'The Rise of Skywalker' With the end of the sequel trilogy in sight, the stars of The Rise of Skywalker are already being asked if they would return to Star Wars in the future. It certainly wouldn't be the first time the franchise brought back it's stars, decades after they first thought they were done with their roles.

New 'The Rise of Skywalker' Posters Revealed With less than a month until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, Lucasfilm is making sure that everyone knows about it. There have been countless TV spots, still images, cast and crew interviews, and posters. Now, two more posters for the film have been released on the official Star Wars social media accounts.

New STAR WARS Jackets are Powered by Both Sides of the Force - Nerdist Columbia Sportswear / Lucasfilm. These new jackets are inspired by the ultimate battle between the light side and the dark side of the Force.

The most important Star Wars character of all time is Wedge Antilles, the other best damn pilot in the galaxy In the vast legacy of great supporting Star Wars characters, Wedge Antilles stands out not by being flashy, but by doing one thing really, really well.

Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+ pre-order before Rise of Skywalker release The next Star Wars movie will be released on the 20th of December, and Samsung has a special edition smartphone to sell in celebration. Naturally, Samsung's made the phone available before the release of the film, with a pre-order option starting tonight.

Sebastian Gorka says LGBTQ characters are "going to destroy Star Wars" And they're going to destroy Star Wars as well, we have the statement from J.J. Abrams that Star Wars is going to go LGBTQ. Well, you know, if you couldn't destroy the franchise already, let's destroy it a little bit more. The last installment of the Star Wars saga would include a member from the trans.

Jon Favreau Discusses Baby Yoda, New Technology Used In 'The Mandalorian' Even if you haven't seen The Mandalorian yet, there is one character that has permeated pop culture that you've likely seen or heard of: Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda has become so popular, with memes and song parodies and fan art, despite the fact that the character was kept completely secret prior to the first episode's debut on Disney+ last month.

Star Wars Phillipines Ad Featuring Girl Who Is Deaf I don't know much about Star Wars, but when a friend strongly suggested I watch a new commercial titled "A Star Wars Experience For All," I obliged. From the start, I was confused.

Jon Favreau Talks Baby Yoda And The Future of The Mandalorian In A New Interview with The Hollywood Reporter The Hollywood Reporter released another Mandalorian related article this morning, this time an interview with the series show-runner, writer, and creator Jon Favreau.

Thousands are left disappointed as Disney's new Star Wars attraction breaks down on opening day Thousands of fans who flocked to Disney's new Rise of the Resistance attraction on Thursday were left disappointed after operators were forced to evacuate the ride for an hour after it broke down. According to WDW News Today, around 7am several passengers became stuck on the ride toward the end of the attraction.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Actors Would Put Baby Yoda to Sleep With Pokemon's Jigglypuff Song Now that the full press push for the upcoming film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is on, odds and ends from various interviews have begun to make their way online.

Target: Free Star Wars Event in stores this Saturday, Dec. 7 Target stores are hosting a FREE Star Wars Event in stores on Saturday, December 7 with giveaways from Funko and LEGO and demos of some cool toys! The event takes place between 10 am and 1 pm on 12/7/19 at participating locations. Right now, many Disney Toys are Buy 2 Get 1 Free including a number of Star Wars toys!

Cardinals' Kingsbury, Murray focus of Star Wars-themed animated video An animated video from Bleacher Report parodied the current lay of the land in the NFL, specifically by making Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray the lead characters in a satire spin-off of the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

This cool OLED Star Wars Coke bottle sports a glowing lightsaber Coca-Cola Singapore has harnessed the flexibility of OLED displays to wrap special-edition sugar-free Coke bottles with light-up, glowing lightsabers wielded by Rey and Kylo Ren. German OLED marketing company Inuru created the special lightsaber label.

How Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Became Official Canon We sit down with Fallen Order's director, Stig Asmussen, and discuss all the design details of the game and what it took to build a well received Star Wars single player game, what it's like creating for the official Star Wars canon, and whether or not the game should have had multiplayer.

What it's like to update a classic Star Wars toy for The Mandalorian Hasbro's Sam Smith reveals how his team brought the show's AT-ST Raider home for collectors, and gives us a sense of how long it'll be before we see Baby Yoda toys.

The Grief of General Grievous: Revisiting Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker is set to be released in the coming weeks, effectively ending the main Star Wars franchise as we know it. I'm taking a stroll down memory lane to commemorate the good, the bad, and the ugly of arguably the most popular movie franchise of all-time.

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