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Q&A: Star Wars Vehicle Reissues, Episode 9 Toys, and That Line You Skipped I did specifically ask Hasbro if these were coming at Toy Fair - specifically, coming to the US and not just small numbers in Europe or Asia - and was told they are still planned to be released in the USA later on this year.

The Clone Wars 706 "Deal No Deal" - Ion Cannon #311 Join Tom, Stephen, and William, along with Matt Rushing from Aggressive Negotiations and the 602 Club, as they review the sixth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, "Deal No Deal." The Ion Cannon Podcast is your source for entertainment reviews from a galaxy far, far away.

The Clone Wars Strikes Back - "Deal Or No Deal" On this episode, Dominic, Ciaran, Ben, and Chris are joined by Kareem Dharsee from Order 416 to discuss the Clone Wars episode "Deal Or No Deal". They discuss Ahsoka's continued exposure to what life is like outside the Jedi order.

Join us Tuesday 31st March for our exclusive reveal on Star Wars: Fan Appreciation Day Be sure to come back here Tuesday 31st March for our Star Wars: Fan Appreciation Day reveal.

Accidental crossplay between Star Wars: Jedi Academy on PC and console is a slaughter Update: The original version of this story implied PC players on console servers were cheating rather than simply having access to features, such as chat and team health, not included in the console reissue of Jedi Academy. This has been corrected.

Balancing Past & Future: The Sequel Trilogy Podcast: Play in new window - Download. Karl reflects on the Sequel Trilogy now that it's all been wrapped up and posits that both JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson have crafted wonderful Star Wars stories yet from very different angles. So sit back, brew a nice cup of hot blue milk, and get reflective with this special episode!

Around The Galaxy Streaming Star Wars: Episode 16: Deal or No Deal We have launched a live show usually every Friday night at 10pm eastern time called Streaming Star Wars where we will be recapping, analyzing and discussing each episode of Disney Plus Star Wars content with each other, with guests and with the live audience in the chat room.

New Star Wars 1313 Images Leak Online And Tease What Could've Been While fan appetites for single-player Star Wars adventures have finally been satiated, thanks to Respawn's fantastic Fallen Order, the recent discovery of new images for 1313 has inevitably led many to wonder what could have been.

Jabbawookiee Urban Toy by RYCA When you've been collecting Jabba merchandise for as long as I have, you start to think you've seen it all. And then something like this comes along. It's so wonderfully bizarre that I just had to get one.

Vintage Vault: Star Wars and Letraset Part Three Although there was a lot of product available for Return of the Jedi, this is not true of Letraset which went into further changes and quality decline.

Babu Frik Actress Kept Star Wars Crew In Stitches On Set Of The Rise Of Skywalker Who wouldn't smile at the sight of Babu Frik?

'Star Wars' Box Office: 'Last Jedi' And 'Rise Of Skywalker' Were Christmas Openers With Summertime Legs Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley in 'Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker' Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story got big boosts from its Christmas release date, but The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker merely got protection from front-loading.

THE SITH LIST - Ahsoka - Clone Wars - Xmen - Westworld - Save our Comicbook Stores! Hope everyone is safe and healthy! Box Office. Star Wars Chit Chat. Pop Culture Breakdown / Reboots and Remakes. Comicbook TV/Movie News. Emails and Voicemails. Check out Making Star Wars for all your latest Star Wars news and rumors right here. @THESITHLSIT @TheSithlistBoo @Lesismore78 @ericstrothers @tomchansky.

Who are Adam Driver's parents? Hollywood star from childhood to Star Wars Adam Driver took an alternative route to Hollywood. The 36-year-old spent his early adulthood in the United States Marine Corps and did not make his acting breakthrough until he was in his mid-20s.

Episode Ix: 'being' Babu Frik! The charac… The Emperor - back from the dead! The aim of this blog is to educate, enlighten and, hopefully, entertain STAR WARS fans of all ages across the world.

Michael Biehn cast for 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian' - Report Michael Biehn has been cast in an undisclosed role in season two of "Star Wars: The Mandalorian" on the Disney Plus streaming service, according to Making Star Wars. Biehn is best known for his role as Sgt. Kyle Reese in the original "Terminator," as well as Cpl.

Just Kill the Star Wars Episode I: Racer Remaster…It Needs a Remake Star Wars Episode I: Racer is no exception to that. Like all games of the era, the game looks like someone made it out of cardboard. Sharp edges and low polygon count. In general, it doesn't look great, especially compared to modern racing games. It's likely that some sort of adjustments will be made for the Switch re-release.

Star Wars: 5 Most Evil Things Emperor Palpatine Has Done Arguably the most powerful and successful Dark Lord of the Sith to have ever lived, Sheev Palpatine had designs for galactic conquest since he was a young man. Ascending through the Galactic Senate, becoming Chancellor, and eventually the Emperor, Palpatine used some truly nefarious means to ensure his rise to power.

Anthony Daniels recalls proudest Star Wars scene Anthony Daniels' proudest moment as C-3PO in 'Star Wars' was his acting after the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi in 'A New Hope'.

'Star Wars Episode I: Racer' Returning on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch During the Nintendo Direct Mini it was announced that developer Aspyr Media, with Lucasfilm, will be bringing the classic Nintendo 64 title Star Wars Episode I: Racer to Nintendo Switch. In a press release, the developers also revealed that the title will also be coming to PlayStation 4.

Star Wars: 10 Most Powerful Jedi - Ranked The Order had thousands of members throughout the millennia, some capable of devastating Force attacks, some willing to showcase brutal lightsaber skills, and some who did both. There were many different paths that a Jedi could take; Guardian, Consular, Scholar - all of whom were responsible for the upholding of peace through the universe.

Meet Hackney’s star milliner behind the Maleficent headdress With an IMDB page that includes Star Wars and Dolittle, and a cv that includes Stella McCartney and Moschino, Justin Smith is one of the hottest properties in modern millinery – and he is based these days in de Beauvoir Town.

MSW Exclusive Look at the design of the bounty hunter Michael Biehn is playing in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season II! As exclusively reported earlier in the week, Star Wars: The Mandalorian's second season will have Michael Biehn in the series as a bounty hunter from the Mando's past.

PC Jedi Knights Are Destroying Star Wars Players On Nintendo Switch Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has finally been released on the Nintendo Switch, but there seems to be a disturbance in the force. There is reportedly an issue with the game's online multiplayer component.

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