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12 Joyful Book Picks for 2020: Fictional Hangover Book Challenge What I like to do with book challenges, is suggest books for each month that I think will ALSO satisfy my readers. So fun, silly, happy ending, light hearted, found family, queer friendly, etc… Sp here are my 2020 suggestions. Read the final book in a series.

Hot air balloon locket Necklace - steampunk edwardian vintage locket necklace, long locket necklace, traveler adventurous by soradesigns Hot air balloon locket long necklace. This amazing locket necklace has been made using a vintage brass locket that has been adorned on the outside with hot air balloon on a victorian style filigree. The locket hangs from a decorative filigree with two art deco style connectors on one side of the chain with antiqued brass finish.

Aussie Author Week on FB Readers Lounge I'll be posting between 11.30am-12.30pm. If you're on Facebook, then set your clocks to join me for a chat on Fantasy and Sci-Fi Readers Lounge. If you wish to comment you will need to join up. I'll be posting on steampunk, Australian settings in genre fiction, and my work-in-progress, A Fey Tale, the second book in The Aunt Enid Mysteries.

Bartlow's Dread Machine Feels Like a Steampunk Arcade Cabinet From Voodoo Vince creator Clayton Kauzlaric, the set-up for Bartlow's Dread Machine describes an inventor named Arthur Harrington Bartlow, who created an extraordinary contraption using clockwork and early electricity, which allowed people to engage in frivolous distraction from the pressures of 1900s society.

CAVALIER VEST - Gold Steampunk Paisley by ShrineofHollywood An elegant double breasted vest for formal occasions. A fitted vest made in rich gold/black / brown brocade fabric with a stand up top collar and wide sweeping lapels. Fastens on the inside with a sturdy button and buttons on the outside with five engraved brass buttons.

The Chronological Engine Working Steampunk Clock by SteamheadInventions The Chronological Engine was prompted by an idea for a clock where the hands can't travel right around the dial! In an invention reminiscent of Victorian machines, the Chronological Engine tells the time with separate hour and minute hands.

1st Power's Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? 1st Power's Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? 1st Player Is An OEM, Similar to CWT Or Seasonic Thankfully there is no sign of any boilers or steam vents in the various pictures TechPowerUp took of this.

Rainham model railway enthusiast has 'iconic life moment' as Hornby creates his steampunk designs A Rainham model railway enthusiast has had his futuristic steampunk designs patented by the British railway brand Hornby.

You're invited to the Winter Masquerade The enchantment has begun. You're invited to the masquerade ball where you'll discover yourself, and possibly, get to know someone else. That's what Ferris does in my eBook novella, Winter Masquerade. This fantasy ball is held on the Sea Queen, a cruise liner that isn't heading anywhere.

The Infernal Machine by C.W. Snyder: a Book Review The Infernal Machine by C.W. Snyder explores the concept of right and wrong, as well as the heavy burdens of one's past during a race to save humankind.

South Island Road Trip 2020 We decided to do another South Island, NZ road trip this year. Last January we did our first South Island road trip starting in Queenstown and did all the surrounding area right down to the bottom of New Zealand.

Edwardian Ball Celebrates 20 Years Once again, steampunk fans and other revelers will step into a neo-vintage fantasy world as the Edwardian Ball celebrates its 20th anniversary next weekend at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.

The treasure trove that is Bombay Stores A couple of days before Christmas Ellie came up for a short visit and we decided to go and do a bit of fabric shopping. I am trying not to buy things and to be good but I do need to make several new Steampunk outfits and I just do not have enough yardage of any one fabric to make all these so I thought I would treat myself to some for Christmas.

Steampunk Treasure Boxes I was recently accepted into Galleria Carnaval in El Morro New Mexico and decided to continue some little sculptures I call Steampunk Treasure Boxes. I made a few of these back in 2011 and had a gr…

Steampunk Digest - January 17, 2020 News roundup: Fallen London celebration; New steampunk puzzle game; Gustav Hoyer’s Steampunk Serenade; “Go Home Drama,” says A Halo Called Fred; New Gas-Lit Empire tale; Zombie Pirate’s Fantasypunk anthology; Auckland Steampunk #2; A steampunk take on The Thinker.

Endless Stars Magazine I should have posted about this earlier, but the fires had me fleeing my beautiful bush home and my writing routine. I was devoured by worry for friends and family as they faced the fury. While everyone I know came through things okay, our community will never be quite the same, with the bushfires destroying hundreds of homes in my area.

Inside the World of The Department of Curiosities, an Interview with Karen J Carlisle Welcome to another installment of my World-Building Showcase interview series. We're taking a little breather from my effective goal-setting series to talk about creating fictional spaces for readers to explore. Karen J Carlisle and I have been internet buddies for a while now.

Steampunk Wolf ~ What Can Be Cooler? by TheWolfeSpeaks What can be cooler than decorating your home with a steampunk wolf? The detail on this is just amazing. It is 6 inches tall and about 2 inches wide and.75 inches thick. It's the era of the steam trains combined with the mystery of nature. Below in my announcement space, I explain that I would like to help the wolves.

A Steampunk Menagerie Visit Tom Samui's showroom near Zurich, Switzerland, and you'll see a gallery of life-sized creatures--lions, dragons, maybe a T-Rex, and more--all fabricated from recycled car and motorcycle parts. Projects have included a 20-foot-tall King Kong and a pair of 10-foot elephants named Honey and Bro.

Review: The Armored Saint THE ARMORED SAINT by Myke Cole was one of the last books I read last year. It's a romping mix of steampunk and fantasy that feels as brutal as the game DIABLO, yet remains tender in the quieter moments. It was a fun, brief read and I cannot wait to get back to this world.

Clockwork Dragons is Now Available! My short story "The Mechanical Dragon" is featured in this Zombie Pirate Publishing anthology. I have a hard time not offending anyone. When I write horror, some of my friends are unhappy with me, and while I consider my "Dragon" story to be pretty benign, I know that anything to do with magic and dragons rubs some folks the wrong way.

SanDee & amelie's 2019 Winter Special Top 5 and Prize Winners Hi, servus and welcome to the announcement of our Top 5 and prize winners from the 2019 Winter Special Challenge! Thank you so much for all the amazing entries and for the loads of fabulous inspiration shared with us and our players here on our challenge blog!

Steampunk cuff watch, Steampunk wristband, Steampunk bracelet, Leather bracelet for cosplay by LullisCraft Steampunk wrist watch, Steampunk wristband, Steampunk bracelet, Leather bracelet, Leather wristband, Steampunk cuff, Steampunk cosplay. Amazing leather steampunk wristwatch. Unique wowing accessory! Height: 6,2 inch Wrist: please, choose the size of your wrist before placing order.

His Dark Materials S1 E8 - Betrayal This is it everyone, we've made it to the season finale. Whoever has been reading this, I hope you've been watching the series too because this review is going to contain a lot of spoilers just like the rest. Well, I'm ready so how about you? This finale answers a lot of questions I was left with from the previous episode.

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