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The Art of Nicholas Maxson-Francombe Nicholas Maxson-Francombe is a Belgian artist, many of whose brilliant digital paintings are set in a dark steampunk world that he calls “1895 Welded Iron”.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Double Negative The rather awkwardly dubbed The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing released album number four, Double Negative, in 2018 following On from 2015's Not Your Typical Victorians.

How To Make Steampunk Shoulder Armor. EVA Foam Armor Templates for Steampunk Costume Ideas Make your next steampunk costume out of EVA Foam! This shoulder armor tutorial, combined with the templates will help you create an amazing cosplay that looks like you just came off a movie set. Even if you are not into steampunk, the base armor pattern provides an excellent starting point for other costume ideas as well.

Extreme Ironing Extreme Ironing, designed to illustrate unnecessary ironing's futility, is surely one of mankind's greatest sports. From the depths of the ocean to Mount Everest, this noble activity has achieved some magnificent feats of garment de-creasing since its inception a few decades ago.

Steampunk felted bag - ribbon strap and cogs galore! This item is a wet felted bag made with corriedale and merino wool. Wet felting is a prcoess of binding wool fibres together using hot water and soap. You rub them repeatedly and then roll it all out hundreds of times. Once the body of the bag dried, I sewed in a very pretty octopus cotton lining.

Book Review: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve This book has been on my peripheral for a few years, but it wasn't on the top of my list until I say the trailer for the movie adaptation in 2018. The trailer looked interesting and though the movie got pretty bad reviews, it made me curious to read the book.

Hidebound Hump Day - Cornelis Drebbel 39 Conclusion Wednesday, April 17, 2019. It's time for Hidebound Hump Day, my chuckaboos! I'm grateful to everyone who started this wild ride on the #steampunk train, and then the submarine. What mode of transportation will we take next? As you know, the serials on this blog are pantser stories.

This skin concept delivers Steampunk art design to Fortnite Steampunk themes are quite popular in games and books, but the genre can be hard to accurately design. This concept, however, hits the art style dead on. If you've never seen Steampunk art or games, you may confused as to why it has this name and where it comes from.

Mens fasion steampunk leather wrap bracelet, Rocker bracelet, Bracelet with studs, Woodland bracelet, Gears and cogs, men bracelet by ByEmilyRay -ABOUT PRODUCT - Real leather steampunk bracelet with slide charms, 100% handcrafted. The slide charm is made with hand picked, vintage watch parts and crystal clear resin with the color of your choice. Materials: - real leather - vintage watch parts - dermatologically tested, eco-friendly resin - nickel and lead free metalic base.

Alexia's Clothes in the Parasol Protectorate Victorian 1870s Attire One of the things I always tried to do, for example, was find time during copy edits to write in a small paragraph describing the dress Alexia wears on the cover within the text. The scene for Changeless was particularly fun to write for various amusing Ivy-related hair styles.

Review - Vaporum What would you do if you shipwrecked, lost your memories, were the only survivor and the first thing you saw was a gigantic steampunk tower? Me, I’d start trying to hitchhike another ship, but in V…

SASPC March 2019 Top 5 and Prize Winners Hi, servus and welcome to our monthly announcement of the Top 5 and prize winners from the previous month's challenge! As always we were blown away by your creativity and the imagination of all the projects entered! Sadly we had to exclude some makes from the Top votes and prize draws as they had no back link to our challenge blog.

Who Killed Steampunk? A frequent lament is that the mainstreaming of steampunk has made it less interesting. But if steampunk were truly mainstream, shouldn't it be more popular? A related theory is that steampunk was taken over by unserious tinkerers and cosplayers. Eric Renderking Fisk made this argument in 2017 :.

The Department of Curiosities Book Blog Tour Schedule Some of you may be asking ‘what’s a book blog tour?’ A group of generous bloggers, authors and steampunks have allowed me to share their online space for a post celebrating my new…

Shocked by The Ghost Machine Kickstarter So my publisher set up a Kickstarter to fund the relaunch of The Ghost Machine and Clockmaker earlier this week. I was originally intending to write this post to ask everyone to consider helping it reach its goal of five hundred dollars, which I was worried it would never manage, but… well… It met its goal 24 hours after launching.

Leather Thigh Harness, Brown Steampunk by Vontoon Thigh Size: 13.5 - 23.5 inches approx Side: 11 - 21 inches approx Colour: Brown. This heavy duty leather thigh harness can not only be worn on high altitude raids but is smart enough to be disguised as a part of an everyday outfit, so if any musket fights break out you are half way ready for action.

Steampunk Digest - April 12, 2019 This week in steampunk: "Missing Link" hits the movie screens; Musical escape room in Colorado; Publisher set for Iron Harvest; A firefighter’s steampunk lamps; The latest from Frenchy and the Punk; Wizard of Oz gets steampunked. . . with zombies; and more.

Scenes from the Spring Faire The producers of the Big River Steampunk Festival debuted a smaller event at the Mark Twain Brewing Co. in downtown Hannibal, Missouri. Guests included Doc Phineas and numerous stage performers. Here's a photo gallery.

Salute 2019 - Victoriana & Wild West There were a couple of 19th century shenanigans going on at Salute 2019. The always gorgeous OSHIRO modelterrain cooperated with Highgate Miniatures and Wiley Games on 'Horror in Limehouse'. The game introduced the new 'Tales of Horror' supplement for 'Fistful of Lead'.

Dear Lord Akeldama: On Modern Identities & Future Appearances When will we read you again? What, this isn't good enough? Well then, darlings: August 2019… And I think the good vampire has given you enough hints to be going on with. Yours, in evilness,. Miss Gail. The 5th Gender. Preorder on Amazon - Elsewhere - Direct from Gail: Print and audio are coming, but will not be available for preorder.

Shadow Phoenix Takes Flight My brand new young adult steampunk vigilante superhero serial launches online with Amazon today. I’ve sent rumblings and grumblings and hints of this awesome new st…

Maybe Just A Bite The Epicurists are an elite secret society of enlightened and educated eaters. Started several years ago as a challenge to serve exotic and forbidden foods for dining pleasure, the epicurists quickly took a dark turn. They've done rare and unusual creatures.

Stephen Coghlan, an IN THE AIR Author Interview On the verge of a new anthology, we are celebrating IN THE AIR with a behind the scenes view of authors and their stories. Here's a look at Stephen Coghlan and his story "By Trial and Conviction." ABOUT THE STORY. Tell me a little about your story and the world you've created.

Steampunk C3-PO magnet by NomadDesignsbyAmy Steampunk C3-PO as a magnet will help bring order to your refrigerator, locker, or office with a little whimsy. It uses 2 super strong neodymium magnets on the back and measures 1.5" in length and 1" in width. Buy Now. Your email address will not be published.

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