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Steampunk Festival returns to Blists Hill - with PICTURES and VIDEO The Ironbridge Gorge Museums teamed up with the organisers of Asylum, the Lincoln Steampunk Festival, to bring the two-day event back to Blists Hill Victorian Town. Throughout the weekend parts of the town turned into a fantasy world inspired by Jules Verne and HG Wells.

Cigarette Сase How To Make DIY In this video, I'll show you the process of creating a steampunk cigarette case.

Jason's Authors You Should Know - Eric Asher Today's author you should know is Eric Asher. So…Eric Asher. The dude is amazing! His writing is so engaging and entertaining. If you don't know him, he writes urban fantasy and steampunk and he writes it well! Eric hails from Saint Louis but you'll most often find him out in the wild at some type of reader / author convention around the US.

Have You Got an Event or Anthology Call Happening Soon? We Want to Feature it on the Journal! If you want to tell people about an art exhibit or anthology that needs submissions, or want to let the world know about some other gathering or project, we are happy to share it for you using our platform.

Steampunk Tiny House with Flip Down Porch, Full Size Bathroom, and Large Kitchen This is a Steampunk Tiny House on Wheels built by Titan Tiny Homes. It's one of their Everest Models. From the outside, you'll notice the built-in porch that flips up and down plus the beautiful french doors to invite you in.

Furniture Arriving with only a bed frame wasn't without it's problems. A visit to IKEA on my first day sorted me out a mattress, but when I returned home to put the bed together, I found that I didn't have the bolts for it. I put the mattress on the floor, and it was comfortable enough, but I couldn't sit on the bed very easily.

Yes, I'm still fiddling about with covers… Rebecca Marwood is trapped in her guardian's house, but something in the night draws her to the fire and steel of his exotic menagerie. And there she finds freedom in the strangest of places… A short, steampunk and very naughty story you can buy from any of these places.

Jason's Authors You Should Know - Jay Noel Today's author you should know is Jay Noel. Jay lives in Missouri and is a super-talented writer of science fiction, steampunk, and more. He's a USA Today bestselling author and all around good guy. I first met Jay at an event in Saint Louis last October.

10 Things you can expect at a steampunk festival Young, old and everyone in between. That's who you'll see at a steampunk event. There isn't a 'typical' steampunk - the appeal crosses gender-lines, is inter-generational and consumes whole families from grandparents to teenagers. Cowboys, Victorians and Zombies.

IKEA ideas Before I'd moved, I went to IKEA for some decorating and furniture ideas. I wasn't bringing a lot of furniture with me, so would need new stuff, or at least ideas for what to look for. The very first demonstration room I saw in IKEA was quite pleasing.

Pictures: Ilfracombe Victorians and steampunks go to town Renamed the Ilfracombe Victorian and Steampunk Celbration and condensed to five days, the event boasted a number of new features this year.

How to Marry A Werewolf Audiobook Available NOW Carriger Quartet: Collected Shorts. Yours Truly Recommending 9 Queer Fantasy Books for Pride. Let me know if you like this kind of thing and want more Gail in audio? Amazon - Kobo - B&N - iBooks. Direct from Gail. How to Marry a Werewolf ~ A Claw and Courtship Novella by Gail Carriger features a certain white wolf we all love to hate.

Steampunk festival returning to Blists Hill The popular festival, which starts on Saturday, aims to blend the old with the new, taking a modern twist on Victorian tradition by mixing it with the latest modern technology and ideas. The town will be filled with eclectic market stalls, unusual exhibitions, talks and shows celebrating all things steampunk.

A Little Fun from Another Me As an artist I learned my creativity far exceeded any box that society or gallery marketers tried to shove me into. So when I started writing novels, I saw if I published under only one name, readers would scratch their heads on their second purchase with a great big, "How did we get from there to here?" So, Kennedy J.

Steampunk Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watch, Retro Bronze Antique Leather Self Widing Wrist Watch Clock for Men P368 Brown MCE 01-0060061 Fashionable Skeleton Dial Analog Automatic Mechanical Wrist Watch - Golden + Silver. - Please wind up the watch before every usage. - Please wind the mechanical watch by screw the crown clockwise for15 to 20 complete revolutions. over 20 can do harm to the watch mechanic.

Magic Kingdom Monday! Magic Kingdom is truly magic! It is so beautiful and there is so much to see, and today I wanna talk about how visually compelling Tomorrow land is! There have been some major changes since it opened in July of 1955! My favorite time in tomorrow land was the late 90's and early 2000's!

The Range of Cover Art ~ Gail Carriger's Heartless What do you think of the different covers? Anything surprise you? Any one you really love? Want more behind the scenes info? This stuff goes to my Chirrup members, because I love them bestest. Sign up here. Not into newsletters? Get only new releases by following Gail on Amazon or BookBub!

Sucker Punch Concept Art Zack Snyder's 2011 movie Sucker Punch is a bit of a mess, but it has a very cool steampunk World War I scene in it, full of biplanes, zeppelins and undead German soldiers. You can watch parts of it on YouTube. Jerad S. Marantz was one of the concept artists who helped design the German soldiers.

Jason's Authors You Should Know - Greg Alldredge Today's author you should know is Greg Alldredge. Greg is an author of science fiction, steampunk, and more. He's an extremely busy person working as a teacher in China while writing book after book. His proficiency is something I admire! Greg's writing is accessible and fun.

Steam Powered Giraffe at the Historic Paramount Theatre - A Review Thanks to a kind lady's generosity, my mom and I got to see and meet my favorite band, Steam Powered Giraffe at their first concert in Colorado on June 16, 2018. Can't thank you enough!!

How to Get to SteamPunk HQ Who would have thought Steampunk HQ would be in a little seaside town of Oamaru in New Zealand? I would have assumed it been in London. Well, you know what? It makes sense. New Zealand is so far away from everything that it has very limited imports which in turn has encouraged a 'fix it" culture rather than a throwaway one.

Steampunk Dragon Tote Animal Linocut Hand Printed Cream Shopping Bag Steampunk Dragon natural / cream tote bag. Hand printed 100% cotton shopping tote bag. Hand printed linocut print of a Steampunk dragon in burnt umber oil based ink. This is Errol my handmade Steampunk Dragon puppet who visits lots of Steampunk events with me, as you can see in the last photo!

How to make Cheap Steampunk Survival Lighter Make your own Survival lighter under 10$ out of materials from hardware store. Lighter is very heavy and bulky but that is tradeoff for durability and waterproofness ,also it wont dry out. like ,comment ,subscribe if you want so.

What is Steampunk? Sometimes, I take it for granted that everyone has at least a vague understanding of what steampunk is. Even if a person's knowledge only goes so far as "cogs and goggles, right?" there is at least someplace to start and my random references to steampunk events and activities don't usually leave me with completely blank stares.

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