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Bristling With Beard Ideas Steampunk is a personal culture and your experience will be different from that of everyone else's. That being said, to embody the essence of the culture, there are certain styles and fashions that best fit the bill.

Mostly Curious Games Steampunk Iron Man Statue Review In pop culture, there are all kinds of phenomenons and movements, with steampunk being one that's really taken off over the last few years. Victorian aesthetics are mixed with modern technology to create quirky designs.

Steampunk Conventions are NOT Dead Steampunk Cons Are Not Dead. In the last month, the Steampunk fandom has experienced a major shake-up in the northeastern convention market in the U.S. As most readers here already know, Steampunk World's Fair imploded among many accusations. Its future is murky at best, and details surrounding the con are changing almost hourly.

Game review: The Chaos Engine In the early nineties, British video game developers The Bitmap Brothers tried their hands at multiple genres, arguably producing masterworks in each. Developing primarily for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers, their foray into the top-down shooter genre was announced with The Chaos Engine, a testosterone-infused bullet hell.

Lady Mechanika, Volume 3: The Lost Boys of West Abbey There may be fewer pages, but the tale is spun equally masterfully this time around, delving a little into Mechanika's past as well as into the premise of both mechanics and magic in the world of Lady Mechanika through villainy and heroics alike.

Interview 108 - Shades of Aether author, Gail B. Williams, Part Three Welcome back to part three of our chat with Gail B. Williams, author of Shades of Aether. Read part one here. Read part two here. Airship Ambassador: Is there any special takeaway idea or theme for people when they read Shades of Aether? Gail B. Williams: Respect.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunk-art: steampunksteampunk: By Alex… Steampunksteampunk: “ By Alex Ruiz ” Steampunk Art ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunk-art: steampunktendencies:… Steampunktendencies: “ Zhoujialin ” Steampunk Art ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunktendencies: Illustrations by Demizu… Illustrations by Demizu Posuka ”.

Image Comics: Steampunk, assassins, and adventure collide in THE FAMILY TRADE, VOL. 1 1 will be available in comic book stores on Wednesday, April 11th and in bookstores on Tuesday, April 17th. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

One Week Left to See the "Steampunk III" Art Show in St. Louis What's most interesting to me, as a steampunk artist, is that the gallery has used steampunk as a show theme for three years running. It has been one of their most popular events, with artists submitting pieces from as far away as Poland.

Steampunk Tendencies - thephantomgirl11: steampunktendencies:… Thephantomgirl11: “ steampunktendencies: “ Sculptures By @JasonStieva ” Wow! This is amazing. ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - The Cthulhu SG completed, featuring Seymour Duncan… The Cthulhu SG completed, featuring Seymour Duncan Invaders and a custom tentacled scratchplate by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts Steampunk Tendencies.

Bibliotheca Eclecticus Paul Edward Montador is The Scotsman behind the "Bibliotheca Eclecticus" Paul Edward Montador. Literally Translated from Latin it means Eclectic Library. This is my goal, to give you an eclectic mix of Book reviews, from cooking to religious, thrillers to comedy, Fiction to Fantasy, Sci-Fi to Steampunk.

Interview 108 - Shades of Aether author, Gail B. Williams, Part Two Welcome back to part two of our chat with Gail B. Williams, author of Shades of Aether. Read part one here. Airship Ambassador: Looking behind the scenes, how did you keep the characters relatable for the readers yet still grounded in the circumstances of the story?

Runway Radar: Chelsey Wong's steampunk-inspired Textilier crafted for the theatrical Wong's graduate thesis collection, Textilier, consists of steampunk-inspired garments that are of high quality both in fabrication and construction. She blends Victorian era silhouettes with modern design details for the woman who values the theatricality, community, and culture of steampunk.

Steampunk Tendencies - Steampunk Airship designed and built by Jarosław… Steampunk Airship designed and built by Jarosław Suchocki. 350 working hours, 3500 rivets, a few square meters of linen, some pipes and plenty of plywood. Made in Karkonosze, Poland. Credits photos: Agnieszka Małek Credits video: Modele Suchocki. Steampunk Tendencies.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunktendencies: 'Trigger the cat' by Ruslan… Trigger the cat’ by Ruslan Svobodin ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunktendencies: Illustrations by Tom Kidd… Illustrations by Tom Kidd ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunktendencies: Illustration by Ben Wootten Illustration by Ben Wootten ”.

Steampunk Tendencies - steampunktendencies: Steampunk Style R2D2 by… Steampunk Style R2D2 by Paul X Stewart ”.

A Singular Steampunk Heroine Makes a Triumphant Return in Stone Mad In 2015, Elizabeth Bear's Karen Memory introduced a singular voice in the steampunk genre: the title character, former prostitute-turned-independent woman Karen Memery.

Handmade Card - Steampunk Air Travel This steampunk style card features craft paper with an old-fashioned air travel theme which is embellished with a bronze organza ribbon. The design is further enhanced with steampunk style die cut cogs and is finished off with a bronzetone hot air balloon charm.

Interview 108 - Shades of Aether author, Gail B. Williams This week we are talking with Gail B. Williams, author of Shades of Aether. Airship Ambassador: Hi Gail, thanks for coming by for a chat. Gail B. Williams: Hello Sir, it's wonderful to be here. AA: Readers may know you from your previous work, including Locked Up, Sinful Pleasures, and Last Cut Casebook.

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