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Steampunk Fashion at the Morris Museum We recently spoke with the artists of "Steampunk Fashion," on view at the Morris Museum through October 6, and curator Kathy Francis.

The Five Best Steampunk Movies of All-Time Simply put, steampunk is a blend of retro and futuristic elements that are brought together to form a new genre that has gained quite a bit of ground over the years and has given rise to a few very interesting stories.

Elftopia Elftopia fantasy faire has grown during its four years into an event that can easily compete with others of the same nature. Sure, it has the same elements as most other fantasy faires: it's held on the grounds of a castle, there's tons of see and do, plenty of areas to take amazing photos in and of, and an incredibly varied programme.

Jazz Age Wednesdays — Want to Reveal? Wednesday, August 21, 2019. Welcome to Jazz Age Wednesdays! It's been a constant "Lindy hop" choosing between priorities, shifting them, balancing, juggling, but I've finally done enough toward bookizing the third novel in my Roaring Twenties series, A Ghost in the Kitchen, that I'm ready to do a cover reveal.

Steampunk rifle - Fully functional! You've GOT to see this!! Mark finishes his latest AR-15 rifle build. Inspired by the Steampunk art movement, this firearm not only looks cool, it is 100% functional.

Steampunk Fest Returns to Hannibal Once again, steampunks will take to the streets of Samuel Clemens' boyhood home as the Big River Steampunk Festival returns to Hannibal, Missouri over Labor Day weekend. It's one of the largest steampunk events in the U.S.

Iron Harvest 1920+ mixes old timey war and steampunk mechs Today at Gamescom we got a good look at Iron Harvest 1920+ from King Art Games, a strategy game in the works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Fantasy steampunk setting Eberron finally comes to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition The artificer class returns, bringing magical tech to 5e.

Ice trains and steampunk bars: Artem SFX's top ten props Mike Kelt, Chairman of physical SFX company and prop designers Artem, runs down his ten favourite projects from the last year. Picking ten props from the last year or so of projects is not an easy task! The areas Artem work in vary tremendously, and have changed over the years as clients realise it's possible to build virtually anything.

Ghostly steampunk: A review of The Song of the Sycamore If you died out there in the wilderness of a battlefield, been hollowed out and possessed by a vengeful spirit, then you might have a different perspective on things. You would be able to see ghosts. In fact, you would be compelled to seek revenge for their deaths in exchange for their song.

Steampunk Wall Lamp Sconces How to Make Today I present to you my latest work, the Steampunk Wall Lamp. In the creation of this lamp, I was very much helped by the CNC machine, which I finished doing a month ago. Without a CNC machine, this process would be much longer, otherwise I would have to cut everything with a hand jigsaw.

Steampunk Digest - August 16, 2019 This week in steampunk: Early reviews for Carnival Row; New Zealand’s Monster Penguin; Steampunk novel up for Dragon Con Award; Mark Twain’s lunar adventures; Steampunk theme for Northern Ireland eatery; Serbia and Croatia tussle over Tesla; and more.

ThePirateDressing Steampunk Victorian Cosplay Costume Mens Airship 100% Cotton Pants Trousers C1347 ThePirateDressing Steampunk Victorian Cosplay Costume Mens Airship 100% Cotton Pants Trousers C1347 Made from 100% Cotton fabric, the.

Brutus Monroe Steampunk Style Hope you're all doing well and have some fun plans! I have some happy craft time planned while hubby works overtime!. I am SO excited as yesterday afternoon I received my Brutus Monroe Inspiration Box! This box was filled to the brim with LOTS of cool items, so I couldn't wait to make something to share today with you:.

Healdsburg couple constructs Steampunk-style stargazing tower The rusted tower was re-imaged by Healdsburg landscaper and artist Jake Moss designs. It is set between a pond garden and a sea of ornamental grass.

Steampunk Cigarette Сase How to Make DIY 3# In today's video, I will show you the process of making a steampunk cigarette case for one of my subscribers. At the request of the customer, the cigarette case was made of brass, with a freely rotating fan and for 20 standard cigarettes. In this project, I combined different solder and rivet joints.

A clockwork grim fairy tale Many classic fairy tales are much darker stories in their original form than the ones we know. The story below is one of my own fairy tales, brought into a more modern world and with a bit of surrealism thrown in. The original version is in my anthology.

SE Solutions is now Steampunk - Welcome to the Revolution! MCLEAN, Va: Steampunk is being launched as the new name and brand for SE Solutions, Inc. After undergoing significant investment over the last year in new executive leadership, corporate facilities, infrastructure, and new capabilities - Steampunk is launching to redefine the expectations for how t.

Unbuilt Paris Take our tour of the Paris that never was! Jules Verne's Paris in the Twentieth Century was rejected by his publisher for being too far out-there, but actually got many things right. His 1960s have cars, skyscrapers, underground trains and a network of computers that can be used to send messages.

Why Steampunk is the Little Black Dress of Speculative Fiction Steampunk is a weird, niche little genre, when you think about it. Merriam-Webster defines it as "science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology." That's pretty darn specific.

Steam Wars Game I have been a bit tardy in posting details of bigger games played recently, but I do get around to it eventually. Mr Steinberg and I played out a decent sized Steam Wars game with his US Navy making an airborne assault against my Mechanica force.

Gothic Polarized Round Retro Sunglasses Steampunk Sunglasses Flip Up Sunglasses Everyone deserves his or her own sunglass. Different eyewear should bring you different emotions, and match your personality and lifestyle. Polarization Pure Colors: Colors look vibrant, sharp and true. Precise Details: See all the details you normally miss.

Simply Steampunk: A Cache of Kinetic Art We visit an exhibition of fantastic flying machines and kinetic sculptures inspired by 19th century science fiction. "A Cache of Kinetic Art: Simply Steampunk" features the work of twelve very different steampunk artists from across America.

Marvellous Machines Husband and I were so excited to go to this exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery, so we dragged the kids along without telling them what we were seeing. Girl didn't mind because she generally loves the art gallery, Boy was less impressed and wanted to stay home as pre-teen boys tend to.

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