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Howdy Erll Erll is a city on the southern coast of the Federation's territory and home to Erll-E Fisherman Factory. The Erll-E Fisherman is a boat that uses a steam engine to propel itself using fins similar to a large fish. Functionally the fins on the side of boat are oars that push the boat through the water while the rear fin is used as a rudder.

12 Joyful Book Picks for 2020: Fictional Hangover Book Challenge What I like to do with book challenges, is suggest books for each month that I think will ALSO satisfy my readers. So fun, silly, happy ending, light hearted, found family, queer friendly, etc… Sp here are my 2020 suggestions. Read the final book in a series.

Hot air balloon locket Necklace - steampunk edwardian vintage locket necklace, long locket necklace, traveler adventurous by soradesigns Hot air balloon locket long necklace. This amazing locket necklace has been made using a vintage brass locket that has been adorned on the outside with hot air balloon on a victorian style filigree. The locket hangs from a decorative filigree with two art deco style connectors on one side of the chain with antiqued brass finish.

Aussie Author Week on FB Readers Lounge I'll be posting between 11.30am-12.30pm. If you're on Facebook, then set your clocks to join me for a chat on Fantasy and Sci-Fi Readers Lounge. If you wish to comment you will need to join up. I'll be posting on steampunk, Australian settings in genre fiction, and my work-in-progress, A Fey Tale, the second book in The Aunt Enid Mysteries.

Bartlow's Dread Machine Feels Like a Steampunk Arcade Cabinet From Voodoo Vince creator Clayton Kauzlaric, the set-up for Bartlow's Dread Machine describes an inventor named Arthur Harrington Bartlow, who created an extraordinary contraption using clockwork and early electricity, which allowed people to engage in frivolous distraction from the pressures of 1900s society.

Walk the Plank - beauty and the clockwork beast - unpopular opinion time!! Aye, this be another romance so quickly after abandoning ship on the last one but this one was supposed to be different! Ye see it was described as "Jane Eyre meets Beauty and the Beast." These be two of me favorite stories. It is a steampunk fantasy romance.

A Pinch of Salt by Nita Round - Review About A Pinch of Salt by Nita Round. A survivor with no memory and a warrior looking for her path unite against the pirate horde. Two hundred soldiers walk into the burning sands of Gypta, but only a handful make it out. When Magda Stoner wakes in an infirmary halfway across the world, she discovers her memories of the desert are gone.

CAVALIER VEST - Gold Steampunk Paisley by ShrineofHollywood An elegant double breasted vest for formal occasions. A fitted vest made in rich gold/black / brown brocade fabric with a stand up top collar and wide sweeping lapels. Fastens on the inside with a sturdy button and buttons on the outside with five engraved brass buttons.

The Chronological Engine Working Steampunk Clock by SteamheadInventions The Chronological Engine was prompted by an idea for a clock where the hands can't travel right around the dial! In an invention reminiscent of Victorian machines, the Chronological Engine tells the time with separate hour and minute hands.

1st Power's Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? 1st Power's Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? 1st Player Is An OEM, Similar to CWT Or Seasonic Thankfully there is no sign of any boilers or steam vents in the various pictures TechPowerUp took of this.

Rainham model railway enthusiast has 'iconic life moment' as Hornby creates his steampunk designs A Rainham model railway enthusiast has had his futuristic steampunk designs patented by the British railway brand Hornby.

Girl Genius' Epic Mad Science Steampunk Adventures Introduce Underground Libraries and Underwater Science Labs Girl Genius continues to be one of the more fascinating adventure stories I've ever read. This web comic series has been putting out one new page three times a week since…what, 2002? And it keeps adding new fascinating setting and characters, revealing new dimensions to information first introduced over a decade ago.

You're invited to the Winter Masquerade The enchantment has begun. You're invited to the masquerade ball where you'll discover yourself, and possibly, get to know someone else. That's what Ferris does in my eBook novella, Winter Masquerade. This fantasy ball is held on the Sea Queen, a cruise liner that isn't heading anywhere.

The Infernal Machine by C.W. Snyder: a Book Review The Infernal Machine by C.W. Snyder explores the concept of right and wrong, as well as the heavy burdens of one's past during a race to save humankind.

South Island Road Trip 2020 We decided to do another South Island, NZ road trip this year. Last January we did our first South Island road trip starting in Queenstown and did all the surrounding area right down to the bottom of New Zealand.

Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May #YAFiction #YAFantasy Back before the start of summer I out a call for fantasy recommendations featuring faeries and badass leading ladies, and the lovely Danielle Jensen chucked this baby my way.

Edwardian Ball Celebrates 20 Years Once again, steampunk fans and other revelers will step into a neo-vintage fantasy world as the Edwardian Ball celebrates its 20th anniversary next weekend at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.

The treasure trove that is Bombay Stores A couple of days before Christmas Ellie came up for a short visit and we decided to go and do a bit of fabric shopping. I am trying not to buy things and to be good but I do need to make several new Steampunk outfits and I just do not have enough yardage of any one fabric to make all these so I thought I would treat myself to some for Christmas.

The Outlaw and the Upstart King - by Rod Duncan Map of Unknown Things #2. Fantasy, Steampunk, Alt-History. Angry Robot; January 8, 2019. 371 pages. I was somewhat divided on my intro to Elizabeth Barnabus after coming late to the party in The Queen of All Crows, Book 1 of the Map of Unknown Things but #4 of her combined journey.

Steampunk Treasure Boxes I was recently accepted into Galleria Carnaval in El Morro New Mexico and decided to continue some little sculptures I call Steampunk Treasure Boxes. I made a few of these back in 2011 and had a gr…

Steampunk Digest - January 17, 2020 News roundup: Fallen London celebration; New steampunk puzzle game; Gustav Hoyer’s Steampunk Serenade; “Go Home Drama,” says A Halo Called Fred; New Gas-Lit Empire tale; Zombie Pirate’s Fantasypunk anthology; Auckland Steampunk #2; A steampunk take on The Thinker.

Endless Stars Magazine I should have posted about this earlier, but the fires had me fleeing my beautiful bush home and my writing routine. I was devoured by worry for friends and family as they faced the fury. While everyone I know came through things okay, our community will never be quite the same, with the bushfires destroying hundreds of homes in my area.

Inside the World of The Department of Curiosities, an Interview with Karen J Carlisle Welcome to another installment of my World-Building Showcase interview series. We're taking a little breather from my effective goal-setting series to talk about creating fictional spaces for readers to explore. Karen J Carlisle and I have been internet buddies for a while now.

Steampunk Wolf ~ What Can Be Cooler? by TheWolfeSpeaks What can be cooler than decorating your home with a steampunk wolf? The detail on this is just amazing. It is 6 inches tall and about 2 inches wide and.75 inches thick. It's the era of the steam trains combined with the mystery of nature. Below in my announcement space, I explain that I would like to help the wolves.

Steampunkers Add Victorian Touch To Open Skate The walls between past, present, and future became a blur at the Bolton Ice Palace Jan. 11, as members of the Steampunk community came together for a their second annual Victorian Skate Fantasy, the first of event planner Oddball Newt's Twelve Months of Steampunk 2020 activities.

Steampunk, Salesforce Form Tech Integration Partnership Steampunk has joined Salesforce's Technology Partner Program in a move to leverage the latter's resources for various business processes and improve the delivery of infrastructure design support to federal clients.

A Steampunk Menagerie Visit Tom Samui's showroom near Zurich, Switzerland, and you'll see a gallery of life-sized creatures--lions, dragons, maybe a T-Rex, and more--all fabricated from recycled car and motorcycle parts. Projects have included a 20-foot-tall King Kong and a pair of 10-foot elephants named Honey and Bro.

Dust and Magic Ch. 5 Abrus stood in front of the door to the Chief Foreman's office. The steambike ride had been uneventful. The wind whipping by had made conversation impossible, and he felt like Sarah preferred it that way. He watched as she sped away, a lingering trail of dust following the machine that propelled her to Whitestone.

Review: The Armored Saint THE ARMORED SAINT by Myke Cole was one of the last books I read last year. It's a romping mix of steampunk and fantasy that feels as brutal as the game DIABLO, yet remains tender in the quieter moments. It was a fun, brief read and I cannot wait to get back to this world.

Clockwork Dragons is Now Available! My short story "The Mechanical Dragon" is featured in this Zombie Pirate Publishing anthology. I have a hard time not offending anyone. When I write horror, some of my friends are unhappy with me, and while I consider my "Dragon" story to be pretty benign, I know that anything to do with magic and dragons rubs some folks the wrong way.

SanDee & amelie's 2019 Winter Special Top 5 and Prize Winners Hi, servus and welcome to the announcement of our Top 5 and prize winners from the 2019 Winter Special Challenge! Thank you so much for all the amazing entries and for the loads of fabulous inspiration shared with us and our players here on our challenge blog!

Steampunk cuff watch, Steampunk wristband, Steampunk bracelet, Leather bracelet for cosplay by LullisCraft Steampunk wrist watch, Steampunk wristband, Steampunk bracelet, Leather bracelet, Leather wristband, Steampunk cuff, Steampunk cosplay. Amazing leather steampunk wristwatch. Unique wowing accessory! Height: 6,2 inch Wrist: please, choose the size of your wrist before placing order.

His Dark Materials S1 E8 - Betrayal This is it everyone, we've made it to the season finale. Whoever has been reading this, I hope you've been watching the series too because this review is going to contain a lot of spoilers just like the rest. Well, I'm ready so how about you? This finale answers a lot of questions I was left with from the previous episode.

Guitar.Steampunk electric guitar.Steampunk sculpture, Steampunk guitar. by slotzkin Real steampunk electric guitar. I made this steampunk guitar using Fender style electric guitar which I embellished with a steampunk sculpture resembling the old way of mechanical machines.

Pyogenesis's Steampunk Trilogy Nears Completion Pyogenesis will release the third and final part of their musical steampunk trilogy in the form of A Silent Soul Screams Loud. It will be released on January 24th, 2020 through AFM Records.

10 Food & Recipes That Made Me Happy in 2019 ~ Carry on, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.

Don't Miss This Clever, Steampunk Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale Rapunzel, The Lady in the Coppergate Tower, a Proper Romance Novel The third addition to Nancy Campbell Allen's steampunk Proper Romance series has finally arrived, this time offering a clever retelling of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel. For fans of the classic fairy tale and lovers of the Proper Romance Series, this supernatural, steampunk novel will be sure to excite and enchant you.

Tentacular Spectacular Whether they're 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or 6 feet over your dining table, octopuses have long inspired artists of all kinds. Today, we're looking at one such artist. This is the magnificent work of the Portland, Oregon-based Mason Parker of Mason's Creations.

Review: Predator's Gold by Philip Reeve Published on the 19th September 2003. Scholastic. Young Adult Steampunk Dystopia. My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

REVIEW: A cabinet of steampunk wonders took me back in time Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Kurios, is a wonderful, creative extravaganza full of amazing moments that took me back to my childhood.

Upcycled Steampunk Clothing, Mad Hatter Bow Tie - Alice in Wonderland Neck Tie, Handmade Bow Tie by enduredesigns Upcycled Steampunk Clothing, Mad Hatter Bow Tie - Alice in Wonderland Neck Tie, Handmade Bow Tie. Endure Upcycled Designs by Karen Yaremkewich Handmade Locally ~ One-of-a-Kind ~ Eco-friendly. This listing is for Mad Hatter Bow Tie only. Inspired by Tim Burton's Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Steampunk Digest - January 10, 2020 News roundup: Steampunk drama wins screenplay award; New music video from The Eternal Frontier; VR goggles have a steampunk vibe; “Stoker & Wells” on Comixology; New steampunk fiction; Steampunk belt bags; California school hosts steampunk tribute; New home for Key City Steampunk Festival.

Cities on Wheels The "traction city" of London in Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines and its 2018 film adaptation is probably the best-known example of a city on wheels. But it's not the only one! In fact, there are enough examples in steampunk to call this a genre trope. We'll start with Mortal Engines.

Steampunk Nerf Gun Copper and Silver Pirate Time Traveler Space Captain by HGBrasswell MgySgt William Sutton of the UIMC acquired this beautiful piece, which he calls "The Pirate" while serving during the battle of Xi-Tsu in 2527. He has graciously donated it to us to help fund our mission and in hopes that someone will find it useful during their upcoming battles.

Boland - Hat Cylinder Tuba Steampunk with Glasses for Adults, Brown, One Size, 54514 Buy Now for #Adults #Boland Hat.

Dr Charles Bennet - 28mm Reaper Chronoscope This week, despite various forms of domestic chaos, I managed to get another of my Reaper Chronoscope steampunk figures done. This one goes by the name of Dr Charles Bennet, billed by Reaper as a Steampunk Hero. I wasn't entirely sure how to base him but decided to give my recently acquired Green Stuff World UV acrylic water effect a go.

Delta Pearl Delay Saturday, January 11, 2020. Happy weekend, my chuckaboos! You must be tired of hearing me complain - I've had "the everything flu" for two weeks. I'm finally doing better, although sinus and tummy issues are still trying to hang on. Anyhow, after two weeks of it, I'm purely exhausted and couldn't get a chapter of The Delta Pearl ready.

Steam-powered drama from friends' first novel It’s a murder mystery written as a love letter to female friendship, the British Steampunk scene and classic novels.

Steampunk, penguins and earthquakes This is why AGMA will never be a travel blogger. It's taking me longer to get the posts done on our trip to Fiji/NZ than the entire trip lasted. AGMA's a bit like a hyperactive puppy. All kinds of things distract me and cause me to run amok for a spell.

Review: A Natural History of Dragons A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan. Synopsis. All the world, from Scirland to the farthest reaches of Eriga, know Isabella, Lady Trent, to be the world's preeminent dragon naturalist. She is the remarkable woman who brought the study of dragons out of the misty shadows of myth into the clear light of modern science.

Panasonic unveils 'steampunk' virtual reality goggles with eyeglass design Panasonic has unveiled the world's first high dynamic range capable virtual reality goggles. unveiled at CES 2020, the technology allows wearers to view high-quality content in a compact and lightweight design with an eyeglass-like shape. live from las vegas: designboom is covering all the latest launches from CES 2020 from the trade show grounds.

Handmade Leather Suspenders Steampunk with brass hardware by ADHLeatherCo Dual color suspenders with brown / oxblood combo, brass hardware, adds classy steampunk flare to any outfit. They are heavy duty made from 10 ounce genuine bridal leather, available in different colors. Ask about groomsmen sets/discounts. Notice:Due to the custom and made-per-order nature of this product i do not offer any exchanges or refunds.

Gods & Thieves Gareth Hanrahan borrows characterization and tropes from across fantasy and horror sub-genres, and somehow combines them into a highly original dark fantasy setting. Worldbuilding was definitely the standout feature of this book.

Arm of the Sphinx - Josiah Bancroft The Tower of Babel is proving to be as difficult to reenter as it was to break out of. Forced into a life of piracy, Senlin and his eclectic crew are struggling to survive aboard their stolen airship as the hunt to rescue Senlin's lost wife continues.

Steampunk enthusiasts heading to Shrewsbury for annual festival Steampunk enthusiasts dressed in their high fashion Victorian finery are heading to Shrewsbury once again this year.

Steampunk-Like VR Glasses The Panasonic VR Glasses Highlight a Retro Aesthetic at CES 2020 The Panasonic VR Glasses have been unveiled by the brand at CES 2020 as a headset that will accommodate immersive virtual reality experiences in a style-conscious manner.

Panasonic VR glasses are a steampunk dream for 5G Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR glasses shown this week at CES 2020 showed the world that such devices needn't look like a boxy nightmare.

Panasonic unveils 'steampunk' VR glasses at CES that let you binge watch your favorite shows in HDR Panasonic has unveiled the world's first High Dynamic Range capable virtual reality eyeglasses at CES in Las Vegas this week. The technology allows wearers to view content in a greater range of colors and luminance compared to that of a traditional display.

Panasonic's VR glasses support HDR and look pretty steampunk Panasonic is showing off prototype VR glasses at CES 2020. They’re the world’s first to support HDR and have a lightweight form factor.

Meet the Man Behind Afrofuturist Steampunk The author of around 100 short stories and more than a dozen books, Broaddus writes for and about people of color struggling to survive and thrive in industrial dystopian worlds dripping with intrigue and adventure.

Panasonic's Steampunk Inspired VR Goggles Bring HDR to Virtual Reality Video Game News, Community, Videos, and Reviews.

Steampunk leather bracelet with wrist compass, brown steampunk wristband, steampunk cuff, cosplay accessory by LullisCraft Steampunk wristband with antique brass compass, Brutal cuff for gothic cosplay in brown or black leather. Amazing leather steampunk bracelet! Unique wowing accessory! Height: 7-8 inch Wrist: please, choose the size of your wrist before placing order. Brown genuine leather.

PHOTO GALLERY: Recumbent bikers, training for poll supervisors, steampunk-styled chair Thursday's photo gallery includes photos from Benton County Election Commission holding it's annual training for poll supervisors, some recumbent bikers on the Greenway Trail and the stainless steel tanks being taken out of the old Hog Haus Brewing Pub.

A New Decade As we go into a new decade, I can't help but reflect on all the things that I've encountered during the previous one. I know that most people tend to get reflective around the new year, but this one has hit extra hard going into 2020!

Velvet and Lace Steampunk Choker or High Collar by ambientzebra For this Steampunk inspired collar, I sewed a length of white Venice lace to a 26" piece of black stretch velvet ribbon. I then embellished the lace with brass and crystal rhinestone cup chain, beige pearls, and antique brass plated gears, finishing with beige pearl drops at the 5 front points of the lace.

2020 in Movies, Steampunk Edition At least on the big screen, no steampunk blockbusters appear to be on the horizon this year. But lots of movies on the 2020 calendar are likely to appeal to steampunk fans, including several period fantasy adventures.

His Dark Materials S1 E7 - The Fight to the Death We're almost done, for now. I'm going to miss doing these every week! This is another episode I was looking forward to, because we would get to see more armored bears! I think I'm satisfied with what I saw. Mrs. Coulter really needs to control her temper, like the past few episodes she's got pretty enraged when she doesn't get her way.

Steampunk Festival Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of OCSA's Creative Writing Conservatory The Orange County School of the Arts Creative Writing Conservatory commemorates its 20th anniversary with "20/20/20: Legends of Steampunk," a month-long festival dedicated to the special vision of James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers.

Of Coppers and Cracksmen is Under Contract! The next book in the Whitfield Files has been signed, a cracking fun paranormal steampunk romance romp through Victorian London! Keep tabs as we get closer to the April 2020 release! When Ellie Whitfield's accused for a crime she didn't commit, only one man believes her-the unlikeliest as well-Detective Bernard Taylor.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight Gets a Prime 1 Studios Statue Batman is going steampunka s we get a new thrilling statue from Prime 1 Studio from Gotham by Gaslight that is ready for your shelves.

My novels of the 2010s In my last post, I mentioned that I had the attitude of being a temporary employee at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Much of the reason I adopted that attitude in the first place is that then and now, I see myself first and foremost as a writer and editor.

Age of Sigmar: Kharadron Overlords Battletome Overview We've got our hands on the new Kharadron Overlords Battletome - it's time to take to the skies! Check out our first looks at the new Kharadron Overlord's Battletome. It's everyone's favorite Steampunk Duardin Sky Pirates! The Kharadron Overlords have one of the coolest and most unique aesthetics in all of Age of Sigmar.

Belle Poque Women's Steampunk Elastic Ruffle Thin Gothic Skirts Size 12 BP0204-1 3)Closure: Lace-Up and zipper Left. 4)High Waist, No Lining, No Elastic. 5)Mermaid hemline with ruffled details. 6)Corset style lace-up design in the left of front. 7)Garment Care: Hand-Wash or Dry Clean are recommended.

10 Things That YOU Did That Made Me Happy in 2019 ~ Borderlands Books, Overheard in the Store.

Steampunk Motorcycle Runs On Compressed Air, Is Pure Hacking Art Sometimes it's ok to sacrifice some practicality for aesthetics, especially for passion projects. Falling solidly in this category is 's beautiful, barely functional steam punk motorcycle. If this isn't hacker art, then we don't know what is.

The Art of Andrew Suryadi This Indonesian artist’s works are the perfect setting for a steampunk story.

Green Leather Steampunk Garter Pocket Accessory for Costume, Wedding and LARP An adjustable leather pocket intended to be worn as a garter. It has three points of adjustment via buttons and fastens with a loop of faux suede cord and an additional button. The garter straps adjust to three wearing sizes: 47cm, 51cm and 55cm. The pocket is between 8.5cm and 10.5cm across and 6.5cm down at the centre.

Steampunk Digest - January 3, 2020 News roundup: Anonymous donation saves Hannibal History Museum; Twain and Tesla inspire a new superhero; “Six degrees of Mark Twain” at UC Berkeley; New music from Steam Powered Giraffe; More works in the public domain; and more.

Benedict Baker - 28mm Reaper Chronoscope I thought I would kick start the New Year with my growing interest in a new genre for me - Victorian Steampunk. Now before anyone gets carried away, myself included, the emphasis is likely to be more on figures and small scenes rather than large dioramas featuring Jules Verne type machines.

Clockwork Ragamuffin The song has always held a great deal of inspiration for me personally, but on this particular listen, I just started to let my imagination wander and somehow stumbled across this already pretty well formed story. Think a Repunzel / Peter Pan retelling, only steampunk.

Belle Poque Womens Steampunk Elastic Skirt Black Victorian Gothic Outfits M Black Features: 1)well elastic waistline. 2)Garment Care: Hand-Wash or Dry Clean. 3)Closure: Pull-on, very easy to put on and off. 4)High Waist to build your wonderful waistline. 5)Four Tiers of Ruffles, making you become more flattering. 6)Front length is adjustable.

Took A Black Train Shadow 13 is the secret train of the Silver Line Brotherhood. Shadow 13 started out life as Silver 13 and was designated to take runs between Delgin and the Eternal City. It's conductor, Brother Silus, was known to be quite the inventor and was always tinkering with the train trying to improve its performance.

Dear Lord Akeldama: The Vampire Answers 9 Fashion Questions Speaking of which… this Sunday's Chirrup will offer the option to enter to win this goodie box! You'll need to be signed up and confirmed before it goes out, then there is a link to enter in the newsletter itself. I random number generate one winner, open to all who get the Chirrup.

'Frostpunk' Lets You Make The Rules As Humanity Faces Oblivion The citybuilding strategy game translates brilliantly to console, though it may be best to abandon hope before you enter its icy grips.

Steampunk city building on the Switch - Lethis: Path of Progress review I've had a bit of a tough time while playing Lethis: Path of Progress, on the one hand I am kind of into it but on the other I find it utterly infuriating. Recently released for Nintendo Switch by Triskell Interactive, I was keen to try it out as soon as I read it described as "A city-builder in a Victorian steampunk setting".

Brightstorm, by Vashti Hardy - 5.0 Stars Thanks to NetGalley and Norton Young Readers for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review. Release Date: March 17th, 2020. 336 Pages. Synopsis: Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm receive devastating news: their famous explorer father has died in a failed attempt to reach South Polaris.

Steampunk Fonts to Use for Creating A Futuristic Design As a retro-futuristic segment of SF, steampunk is an artistic style that has been used in many industries, including unexpected ones like typography. Below you will find a list of steampunk fonts that you simply can't miss if you're a fan of the trend.

Dust and Magic There wasn't much of a crowd at the Greycliff tavern. Most of the men had yet to return from their day at the mine. The Marshal and the deputy walked towards the bar, only catching the eye of the few regulars, old men that had lost their usefulness. Abrus caught the harshest eyes.

The Raging Goblin Reviews #40: Tectonic Fragdrill Time for the first review of the new year, and HOO BOY is it a big 'un! My local Games Workshop did a gift exchange in order to help get the newcomers into the hobby as well as fill out the collections of others.

Steampunk tights stripped leggins burlesque circus panty stockings by UchronicTime The perfect steampunk tights.

Getting your home ready for the new year As we w… This year be inspired to set simple and worthwhile objectives. Organized by the A? Design Award and Competition, the updated design rankings of countries is based o… Happy new year. Hell, happy new decade. It feels pretty appropriately timed, actually.

Architecture archives - designboom - architecture & design magazine Architecture breaking news and top projects from around the world.

Year in Review: Steampunk in the News Pundits declared that steampunk is dead, but fans of the genre offered lots of evidence that it’s alive and kicking. Here’s a look at the past year’s highlights in festivals, movies, TV shows, books, music, games, and more.

TBB cover photo for January 2020: Turning the clock back with this Steampunk City Our latest social media cover is brought to you by Stephan Gofers and Brick Rebel with this amazing Steampunk City.

RokGear neckties Steampunk clock works print - print to order on your colors by RokGear Groomsmen necktie set steampunk clock works print to order on your colors. Set of Five Includes: Five standard microfiber necktie. Tie Color: select your own Ink Color: select your own. The necktie is made of a soft microfiber, printed with high-quality, non-toxic, water based ink soft hand feel.

SanDee & amelie's January 2020 Steampunk Challenge Happy New Year to you, dear steampunk and industrial style challenge friends! We're so happy to be back for another year filled with loads of steampunk inspiration shared via our challenges! Our challenge blog is just entering its 8th year! Wow! This is almost unbelievable, isn't it?!

New Year's Dream So, I originally wasn't going to do a New Year's short story this year, but then I had this idea, and, well, things happened. This takes place the winter before Mechanical Heart, so no worries about spoilers. That said, you might want to hop back and read "New Year, New World," last year's New Year's story.

His Dark Materials S1 E6 - The Daemon Cages Well, that certainly was an episode full of surprises! Welcome to another review! I was initially surprised that we jumped to Bolvangar next in this one, but the facility looks a lot more intimidating, like at the beginning this girl gets called into this room and we have this woman who appears to have no daemon.

Ultimate Steampunk Curated Collection by EspressoPressDesign Ultimate Steampunk Curated Collection. Over 100 elements to satisfy your steampunk and pre industrial revolution creation desires. From gears, machines, animals, clocks, ornaments to distressed wallpapers, text and frames this collection is sure to inspire your next creative project for labels, invitations, posters, printables and more!

Apex Legends Fan Designs Steampunk Octane Outfit Apex Legends fan and artist u/Sorotrax has designed a steampunk riff on Octane's look called Wormwood as a speculative take on some cosmetics. In Sorotrax's vision, which they shared to the Apex Legends subreddit Friday, Octane ditches his usual green and white ensemble and decides to cover up his stomach for once.

Year in Review: Top Stories of 2019 For a genre that's supposedly dead, steampunk sure kept The Explorer busy this year. Enough so that we've split our "Year in Review" into two parts. Here, in Part One, we'll look at the stories on the site that generated the greatest interest among our readers.

Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident Audio Now Available & FAQs AKA the Hedgehog Incident. It is ONLY A SHORT STORY! It is NOT A FULL BOOK. The audiobook is just a little over an hour long. Because I feel like audiobook listeners never get any special treatment they are always left waiting for their version and it usually comes last.

PNP Workshop - Episode 12 Welcome back to the Pacific Novel Project writing workshop podcast. The goal of this podcast is to present an example of how the workshop process works with clear, honest critique, and generate interest in our work. We've had to miss some time, but haven't quit.

Steampunk Mini Top Hat Fascinator - Peacock with Embellishments and Bird Cage Netting by ArcaniumDesign This colorful mini top hat/fascinator will add the perfect finishing touch to your steampunk look, and is as versatile as it is fashionable! Whether you're gearing up in full costume, or simply going out for a night on the town, it stays firmly in place, thanks to two alligator clips underneath.

Kids Aviator Hat, Pilot Costume and goggles, Steampunk Hat for Children, real brown leather, for boy and girl, CA2 by CoteCuir Kids aviator hat, perfect for a pilot costume, steampunk hat, with or without goggles for children, real brown leather, boy and girl. Sizes : corresponding to head size*.

Zombie Steampunk Faux Leather and Bronze Brain Top Hat by SheenasBellaBows For those who love Zombies and Steampunk!

Fathom finishes miyanishi yakeyama hair salon in japan with wall of greenery + copper pipes Fathom has based the design of the miyanishi yakeyama hair salon in the japanese city of kure, on laputa, the flying island in castle in the sky, a japanese animated steampunk fantasy-adventure film written and directed by hayao miyazaki.

Steampunk-Themed Wedding Ideas The Industrial Revolution was monumental for technological advancements - and also a surprisingly cool source of wedding inspiration. This steampunk-themed styled wedding was the brain-child of event planner Victoria Stallings. Now, you might be wondering what exactly is "steampunk"?

Gwynn Place: A short steampunk adventure A life-changing surprise is in store for the family at Gwynn Place… The winds of change are blowing-Lady Claire is a big sister again with the arrival of little Caroline, and eight-year-old Nicholas is preparing to go to Eton.

PNP Workshop - Episode 11 Welcome back to the Pacific Novel Project writing workshop. The goal of this podcast is to present an example of how the workshop process works with clear, honest critique, and generate interest in our work. We've had to miss some time, but haven't quit.

Steampunk Hatband by MernickleHolsters These steampunk hatbands are perfect to spruce up your cowboy hat and give it a unique style! We can make these custom to you! There is not one like the other so it will truly be a custom steampunk hatband! Buy Now. Your email address will not be published.

The Art of John Malcolm This British artist’s portfolio includes several steampunk pieces.

My Version of an Antique Toy Ship A few blogs back I mentioned I was working on a project featuring an Antique Toy Ship. I have to admit, this project started out slow and then stopped completely for a while. Let me explain:.

Fueri Mens Ruffled Gothic Shirts Steampunk Victorian Pirate Medieval Cosplay Viking Halloween Renaissance Costume Ghillie Tops Fueri Men's Ruffled Gothic Shirts Cosplay Steampunk Victorian Pirate Long Sleeve Halloween Costume Blouse Tops. Features: Size: M, L, XL, XXL. Color: White, Black, Blue, Green, Red. Different colors show different styles. It sits very well and gives a nice figure.

Book Review: "Kiss of the Spindle" by Nancy Campbell Allen 5 out of 5 stars for Kiss of the Spindle.

Steampunk Christmas To me, steampunk and Christmas go hand in hand. Steampunk is all about Victorian-inspired fantasy worlds. What's more, Victorians in England and America gave us many of the trappings of the modern secular Christmas.

Tarnished Silver over Shimmer I am changing it up this week. Last week I had the prediction that I would not have enough time to get my Christmas manis ready for this year and I was right! Oops. So instead, I am doing a week of Hanukkah-inspired manicures! Some are more obvious than others, but most are just blue and silver :-p.

The Scent of Monsters Stopping by to drop another quick excerpt from today's progress on Queen of Nothing! Enjoy. We slunk single-file into the corridor, the creak of cedar punctuated by the rapid thump of my heart. Superseding that was the slithering, suctioning, cranking of the monster one room down, warning us back as much as it spurred us on.

MiVT: SteampunkPro Steampunk is a genre of science fiction which typically features Victorian era machinery rather than advanced technology. One man has taken to the bright idea of creating Made in Vermont lamps in this style. Gerry Conlon never thought that he was good working with hands.

Harvey Duckman Presents… Special: Christmas 2019 A last minute Christmas surprise is coming to Kindle ebook courtesy of the happy little elves at Sixth Element Publishing. The mysterious Harvey Duckman presents a festive edition in his series of collected works of suspense and mystery in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunkery.

The steampunk color palette and colors to use in your room décor The Steampunk color palette is not as popular as other ways to decorate your home, but it is its uniqueness that makes it so attractive. The bold combination between the Victorian style and the gears give it a warmer touch than that of the Industrial Decor, and much more metallic than that of the Rustic Decor.

The Night Circus Review The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: My rating: 3 of 5 stars: Ok Story With Major Plotholes: This novel has been hyped up on bookstagram and made it to the New York Times Best Sellers List, so I placed this on my TBR to check it out for myself.

Steampunk sculptor is moving up a gear One of the biggest cultural phenomena of the past decade, steampunk is now firmly established within the arts scene, enjoying mainstream respect at exhibitions and festivals all over the world.

Skylark Saga Part 3: Gratitude and 'To Be Continued' This is the last in three blog posts about my work on the Skylark's Saga book trailer. The trailer is available below. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed sharing some of the process with you.

Steampunk Digest - December 20, 2019 News roundup: Steampunk Fox unmasked on reality singing show; Gail Carriger’s “Meat Cute” available for pre-order; New Bill and Ted adventure set for summer release; Jamestown+ on Steam and Nintendo; Steampunk-cyberpunk thriller on Kickstarter.

Scenes from the Mad Hatter Parade Bay Area steampunk fans got a taste of Burning Man as the Mad Hatter Holiday Festival and Parade returned Dec. 14 to Vallejo, CA. The event featured a procession of wacky art cars along with pyrotechnic sculptures and kinetic art that one might see on the playa of Black Rock Desert.

PNP Workshop - Episode 9 Welcome back to the Pacific Novel Project writing workshop podcast. The goal of this podcast is to present an example of how the workshop process works with clear, honest critique, and generate interest in our work. Sidebar references: Our one patron and bad parents; 11 friends of Jesus; state employment and death; smokers.

Steampunk Meets Fantasy in Dragon Whisperer, From Alex Deluca and Glen Fernandez in March 2020 I noticed this pop up on the trademarks a few weeks ago, but couldn't get any more info. But for those of you in Game Of Thrones-withdrawal but who managed to make it through the rest of the year with Carnivale Role, this and if you can make it to March 2020, Red 5 comics will have something waiting for you.

Characters as Cinnamon Rolls The home page of author Gail Carriger: comedic, urban fantasy, steampunk, historical, romance, mystery, and more sub-genres than one can shake a parasol at. Books include Soulless and Changeless.

Aima Wars: Steampunk and Orcs - Tactical Warfare in the Skies Aima Wars: Steampunk and Orcs is a very original MMO that starts slow and demands your time and dedication, feeling like a niche game at its core.

Free Ebook Friday: Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis by H.L. Burke Being a bookworm ain't cheap. Fortunately, there's a ton of free ebooks out there. Unfortunately, sorting through them to find one you like can feel as tedious as searching through receipts during tax season. Free ebook Friday spotlights a free ebook I've personally read and enjoyed, and hopefully, it'll help you find a good read.

The Gigantron This is my gift to you all for your support over the past year. "Miss Stevens, your car is ugly." Renee rolled her shoulders to relax the tension sitting between them, and pretended she didn't hear the comment. She didn't bother looking up from her white wine.

Queen's Brian May Reveals His Experimental SteamPunk Style For The First Time The legendary Queen guitarist Brian May posted a tremendous video on his verified Instagram page today and shared his new clothing style with his beloved followers today. As you may see the photo of Brian right below, lots of fans stated that this new outfit should be his stage uniform next January.

Steampunk Punch and Judy Graphic Novel Illustration Punch and Judy steampunk style Limited run of only 100 Picture size 20x28cm Mount size 35x28 cm Signed with print number indicated.

Airships of War But why let such facts get in the way of a good story? Perhaps the first time an airship appears in combat is in George Griffith's The Angel of the Revolution. In the book, a terrorist group attempts to bomb the nations of Europe into submission.

Philomena takes her leave. I am so sorry I have been absent as of late but so much has happened and I was under the weather as well. But now I am here and am just BURSTING to tell you my news! *sets out a table with tea and cakes for anyone that wishes to sit* Please, make yourself at home!

Steampunk animals made from junk with dozens of moving parts Igor Verniy finds inspiration in junk… elegantly aged and curiously mechanical junk. The art begins as objects like scrap metal, old bike chains, and silverware and is transformed into extraordinary depictions of animals and insects.

His Dark Materials S1 E4 - Armour I've been looking forward to this! Sorry, just a bit of fangirling, anyway, welcome to another review of a new episode of His Dark Materials. We are introduced to Lee Scoresby and his daemon Hester in this episode. He's an aeronaut and it doesn't take long for one to realize that he's Texan.

Aima Wars: Steampunk & Orcs Is On Steam Now! Aima Wars: Steampunk & Orcs has come to Steam, bringing with it a world of steampunk and airships. You can join in the action on Steam today.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley Generally speaking, I prefer to talk about things I like rather than things I don't. So I will begin by discussing the things I enjoyed in this book. Now that we've gotten the good things out of the way, let's get to the bad things.

Close to the Sun - A "Modern Bioshock Experience" Close to the Sun, an ambitious puzzle / survival RPG by developer team Storm in a Teacup, released on PC this summer and on console in mid-November.

Audiobook Review: Goliath by Scott Westerfeld Goliath by Scott Westerfeld: My rating: 4 of 5 stars. The one thing I like about this series is that, unlike other novels set in WWI/WWII it doesn't mainly center the war but instead the action happens at other events surrounding it.

Dear Lord Akeldama: The Vampire Answers 8 Very Intrusive Questions Yours in delicate balance,. Miss Gail. Your Moment of Parasol… Your Infusion of Cute… Your Tisane of Smart… The True History of Human Flesh Books and Other Tales. Your Writerly Tinctures… Book News:. Author Gail Carriger and Amara In Seattle chat re: writing, conventions, travel, etc.

PNP Workshop - Episode 8 Welcome back to the Pacific Novel Project writing workshop podcast. The goal of this podcast is to present an example of how the workshop process works with clear, honest critique, and generate interest in our work. Sidebar references: Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations, Newton, alpacas vs quokkas, Jurassic park, I'm livid, Steve's smoking.

Holiday Steampunk by Melanie Karsak and Anne Renwick - Two Reviews About Hauntings and Humbug by Melanie Karsak. It's Christmas Eve in Victorian London, and Ebony Scrooge is hard at work tinkering weapons of mass destruction and avoiding all things Christmas.

Grebrafan Chain Steampunk Corset for Women Plus Size Faux Leather 2XL, Brown) Product Features: Design for Party, Wedding, Show, Clubwear Corset top, lace, embroidery, adjustable ribbon; Function: slim body; body sculpting; waist protecting; abdomen holding, The tightness is adjustable with the ribbon back; steel busk in the front great for waist… #Brown #Chain #Corset.

Review: Eberron, Rising from the Last War My reviews aren't thorough, and I don't review things I don't like - there's enough negativity around. That's not to say that I like everything - just, if I'm not a fan, I don't see the point of telling the internet. But if something is good, I like to share why and how it's good, and give a feel for how it could be used in one-shot games.

Steampunk Alphabet You'll find the 26 letters of the Steampunk inspired alphabet. 50% discount! 13 free letters! Offer a letter or first name on the occasion of a birthday. The letters are modeled on both sides.

The Art of Hethe Srodawa Hethe Srodawa is a virtual designer from Los Angeles, who has worked on the video games Grand Theft Auto V, L.A. Noir and Max Payne 3, among others. Her personal work includes a few steampunk piece…

Steampunk Digest - December 13, 2019 News roundup: Google lists "Steampunk style” as a top 2019 search term; Tesla and Edison slated for Dr. Who episode; David Tennant to star in Around the World in 80 Days; New kinetic art exhibit; Factory Girl gets new editions; VR game puts Silk Road in outer space.

A Steampunk Christmas Village-Free Fun for the Family Friday December 13 2019: FREE ADMISSION - You are invited to step back in time to a steampunk Christmas village. Mingle in the village square…

'Leviathan' combines WWI and steampunk culture Now we all know about the story of World War I. But what happens when the story of WWI integrates with steampunk culture? For those who don't know what steampunk is, it's 19th-century regalia combined with steam-powered technology. That can be hard to imagine within a novel.

Ruth-Ann Nowakowski Joins Steampunk to Lead Business Development for Its DoD Sector Steampunk is pleased to announce an exciting leadership addition to its Department of Defense business sector. Effective December 9th, 2019, Ruth-Ann Nowakowski joined the company as the Vice President, DoD Sector.

Preparing To Leave Before heading to Kazakhstan I had a few things to sort at home. Such as buy a camper-van, try to sell my boat, flog most of my belongings, pack Margot and any items I wanted to keep into my camper-van and drive them to Spain for safe keeping, turn 30, you know, the usual things.

Victorian, Steampunk, Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque full size Hat. by Amayn Beautiful Victorian style riding hat. Perfect for any steampunk party or Dickinson fair! Also, l can make custom request for other colors. All of the materials are up-cycled. Buy Now. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

Miss Gail Cooks with Tea: Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu Reticence: The forth and final Custard Protocol Book! USA and Canada: Amazon print and digital and audiobook - Kobo - B and N - Apple - Audible - Other. UK digital and print - Kobo - Apple UK coming soon I hope. Amazon Overseas DE - FR - AU. Kobo Overseas DE - FR - AU.

Corepunk is a new top-down MMORPG introduced in a sarcastic trailer Corepunk is Artificial Core's first game. The open beta will launch in Q4 2020. You can check out more by visiting the game's official site. Username. Password. Lost your password? Username. E-mail.

Steampunk purveyors Abney Park on burning calliopes and Victorian sci-fi Platte Ave., $20, all ages; 227-7625, In a world where nostalgia for an idealized past is promoted by political and corporate interests, the steampunk movement deserves credit for maintaining a wide-eyed DIY approach that puts playfulness over profit.

His Dark Materials S1 E3 - The Spies Here we go with another week of His Dark Materials, this is getting interesting! I felt like I couldn't fully pay attention to what was happening in this episode due to me having a headache on the left side of my face like my eye couldn't stay open. Anyway, we get to see more of the Gyptians in this episode, but not before we are treated to Mrs.

The Steampunk Art of Burning Man Photo Gallery: Burning Man is known for its spectacular art installations, but you don’t have to spend a week in the desert to see these projects. Here’s a look at places in California and beyond where Burning Man art is on display.

Christmas Train Every experienced hobbyist keeps a weather eye out at Christmas. Amongst all the Christmas decorations there is a gem or two for terrain. This year that gem turned out to be pretty big.

Winter Drinks + Books Pairings, Getting Cozy to Read How to Marry is not a particularly wintery book. I see Channing as quite cold and biting so I'm thinking peppermint. Faith would get in there and add a little honey, so Channing wasn't denying himself. He probably prefers it without, but humors her because he likes that she's looking after him.

Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977 Welcome everyone to my Monday blog post. Today I have a neat pair of Vintage binoculars to show you. These guys are really tiny, only about 3″ wide! The brand is Kanto, a Japan manufacturer who made binoculars from 1967 to 1977. Yes, these still work, too.

The Art of Mauro Cerati Explore this artist’s incredibly detailed steampunk version of Moscow.

Steampunk watch movement tie clip A beautiful, top-quality watch movement set on a tie clip. Stylish and perfect for a snappy dresser! Certain to get admiring attention for the originality and intricate details. Each one is unique and comes in a gift box.

Steampunk watch movement tie pin A beautiful, top-quality watch movement, with all its intricate details, mounted on a tie pin with strong epoxy glue. A real talking point! Perfect for a special occasion, or snapper dresser!

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Philomena doesn't want kids. The Iris Chateau is a beautiful three-story Victorian brick home with white and gold accents and gorgeous Irises that bloom every Spring in the front garden. This particular day, Mr and Mrs Chesterfield, along with their twins, Lucius and Letitia sit down for tea, little cakes, and biscuits.

Steampunk Digest - December 6, 2019 News roundup: Famed steampunk eatery to get Hollywood location; Nikola Tesla meeting Dr. Who?; Manga series gets a steampunk zine; New fiction from Joe R. Lansdale and Darren Callow; Steampunk fan preps for undersea adventure.

Top Steampunk Goggles - The Costume Rag Steampunk goggles are an essential part of any Steampunk costume. No one is too sure exactly why they have become such a staple. However, many cite the emphasis on Victorian industry.

A job to do, and three walking stink bombs for company OPINION: I've just returned from a week of patting an extraordinarily large, remarkably stinky, dog.

Steampunk “Humachines” at Google Artwork based on Bruce Rosenbaum’s Humachines is now on display at Google’s offices in Cambridge, Mass. The framed illustrations by Brett Kelley depict famous authors and inventors as mechanical comic book superheroes.

Top Brass Gather in Sacramento Photo Gallery: Each year since 2016, the Sacramento Steampunk Society has hosted Top Brass, a formal dress-up gathering held before the holiday crush. Here’s a look back at past Top Brass events thanks to our guest photographers.

Sci-fi style Christmas at Langford Steampunk museum extravaganza REVELLERS enjoyed an afternoon of quirky entertainment thanks to a Steampunk-themed Christmas event. Frozen in Time took place at the Museum of Power in Langford and saw visitors and enthusiasts enjoy the festive atmosphere. There was a mix of timeless historical engineering, Victorian science fiction and Father Christmas.

Our Favourite Steampunk Sunglasses One of the many joys of Steampunk fashion is the ability to take advantage of cool modern - or even futuristic looks - with the elegance of the Victorian era.

Steampunk Joins MuleSoft's Tech Partner Program to Further Support Gov't Clients Digital design services provider Steampunk has joined a MuleSoft program that seeks to help customers build application programming interfaces and integrations.

Steampunk Continues Alignment with Salesforce Public Sector Steampunk is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with MuleSoft as it officially joins their Partnership Technology Program.

Steampunk Lapis Lazuli Hot Air Balloon Earrings Stocking Filler Gift Beautiful Lapis Lazuli 10mm beads are paired with antiqued bronze beads and bead caps to make these Steampunk style unusual hot air balloon earrings. They would be perfect as a gift for the lady who loves one of a kind jewellery or be a great addition to any outfit…… to wear on your Time Travels.

Book Review: The Black God's Drums, by Djeli Clark. The thing about Steampunk is that it's not very punk at all. More often than not, Steampunk novels boil down to yet another story about Lord Whifflebottom and Lady Corsetgear foiling yet another assassination attempt against Queen Victoria, and otherwise upholding the status quo.

Welcome to the World of Philomena Chesterfield. My name is Lady Philomena Chesterfield. I was born on February 5th, 1871 at our beautiful home, Iris Chateau, which is in Alderford, the very posh neighborhood of Southern Tinkerburg. I am the youngest of four. I have two brothers and one sister. The oldest brother and sister are twins.

The Palace That Was a City Dropping in to leave you guys a little excerpt from today's progress on Queen of Nothing! This baby is a little over halfway done. Hoping to have it signed, sealed, and delivered when Throne of Exile goes live on January 31st, so you don't have to wait even a single day to get your hands on the sequel.

Beauty and the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen Beauty and the Clockwork Beast is the first in the steampunk fairy tale re-telling series, Steampunk Proper Romance, by Nancy Campbell Allen.

Steampunk Continues Alignment with Salesforce Public Sector by Solidifying MuleSoft Partnership Steampunk Continues Alignment with Salesforce Public Sector by Solidifying MuleSoft Partnership.

Review of Mortal Engines: Mortal Engines Quartet #1 - Phillip Reeve London is a city on wheels - a future city like you've never known before. In the terrible aftermath of the Sixty Minute War, cities which survived the apocalypse became predators, chasing and feeding on smaller towns. Now London is hunting down its prey, getting ready to feed.

Bronze Steampunk heart necklace Tiny resin-set watch parts in a bronze alloy setting. Chain approx 30cm. Pendant approx 3cm. Will be sent in a presentation box.

Legacy: Bounty Hunter by Michelle_E_Lowe Legacy: Bounty Hunter by Michelle E. Lowe. My rating: 4 of 5 stars. Foiled again by the partial review "save" demon…losing everything to, maybe this time, the void. So…reconstructing…life and a holiday interrupted the reading of this - it's an easy read and the differential from start to finish dates doesn't reflect that.

Steampunk resin-set heart pendant Heart-shaped bronze coloured necklace and chain with resin set watch parts. Will be sent in a gift box.

Charmian Women's Steampunk Gothic Heavy Strong Steel Boned One-Shoulder Faux Leather Spiral Stripe Shape Zipper Corset Black XX-Large Charmian Women's Steampunk Gothic Heavy Strong Steel Boned One-Shoulder Faux Leather Spiral Stripe Shape Zipper Corset Black XX-Large Steampunk overbust.

Holiday Steampunk Pin/Brooch with Colored Ornament by DesignsbyAuntVV *NOTE* This pin can be turned into a necklace! Please add a necklace chain to your cart if you desire to do so! These unique Steampunk pieces are one of a kind. They are created with an eye for creativity. They can really get a conversation started. Made from various metal silver, bronze and gold metal pieces.

Throne of Exile - Chapter One The apocalypse couldn't have picked a worse moment to strike. But I guess it's never a good time. It wasn't as if tomorrow would be better, or after I freed Barthahla from tyranny, only to watch it crumble like a house of cards in its all-too-optimistic, fleeting moment of triumph.

His Dark Materials S1 E2 - The Idea of North I've stumbled upon reviews other people have done, one episode at a time, and they're way longer than mine. Maybe my style is different! Anyway, welcome to another rundown of my personal thoughts of His Dark Materials, now onto the second episode. One thing that I've been noticing about this series so far is that it doesn't just focus on Lyra.

Santa Was Here? Looking for a steampunk Christmas tree and ornaments? DaD made that for you in a rich gacha collection called The Steampunk Nutcracker Collection and it’s available right now at The Arcade Ga…

Oamaru - Steampunk! Penny Farthings! Old Cars! HubNut Social! After a joyous morning at a railway, I headed to Oamaru, which turned out to be an amazing town undergoing a serious transformation. It is home to Steampunk HQ, people who let you ride penny farthings and lots of arts and crafts generally. Recommended.

Music Through the Ages Even if I hadn’t been working this year, I’m not the kind of person to stand in line for Black Friday deals. That said, I did take advantage of one Black Friday special this year and I&…

Steampunk Journal Custom Order Thank you so much for watching! Patricia Viramontes. If you would like to support this struggling artist, the link bellow allows you to make a donation that will go towards supplies used by this channel. Thank you so much for your support.

Code: Realize - Character Design Analysis The process to create a video game starts with an idea that is built taking in consideration different sources of inspiration. These sources have to be thoroughly researched to develop an interesting and consistent concept.

Factory Girl: Interview with Stephen Palmer Stephen Palmer is the author of fifteen novels, dabbling in a variety of genres from science fiction to slipstream, including steampunk, alternate history, and fantasy. He tells tales of the past-that-might-have-been, and the future-that-might-yet-be.

A brief review… I don't always have the time to do long reviews on here, and sometimes long reviews are not whats needed. On other occasions I make a note to do someone a quick review on Amazon and then get distracted… As I am trying to avoid just forgetting to do a review I plan to try and post them up on here as an when I do them as well.

Robot picture book! "The AlphaBots" a steampunk robot alphabet book for kids and adults! by WinterbourneWorkshop "The AlphaBots" Yes! I wrote and illustrated at steampunk robot alphabet book! The project was over four years in the making, and now "The AlphaBots" is available to everyone! "The AlphaBots" is a steampunk fueled alphabetical journey through the creations of The Winterbourne Workshop.

The “Fetish al Fresco” Collection Plowing ahead, I followed standard procedure, stitching each seam twice, then clipping curved seams and ironing them. I zigzagged the seams to finish instead of binding them - not as pretty, but it works. I opted against interior boning. I then faced the shoulder straps and the neckline before I set the sleeves.

DIY Steampunk Water Valve Light Switch Thanks for watching and remember. If you put your mind to it - You Can Do Anythingsource.

Steampunk Art Dog Digital Collage Sheet Images for Cardmaking, Coasters Large Image Background Scrapbooking Decoupage Journaling by DigitalCollageClub This is a "Steampunk Dogs" Digital Collage Sheet! It's great for your craft projects and for coaster making. download and print A4 paper jpg file 300 dpi resolution………….

Community Creations: November 2019 Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the November recap for Community Creations! November's theme was Steampunk and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists! No clue what's going on?

War of the Worlds aliens: The Martians in HG Wells’ book are VERY different – Here’s how The War of the Worlds aliens in the TV show are very different from The Martians in HG Wells’ novel. Here’s how.

First Attempt At A Steampunk Cake First Attempt At A Steampunk Cake Chocolate cake - made for a Halloween Party 2019. I wish I would have made the draped fondant more purple…

Parasolverse Read-Along - December 2019 We are heading into the seventeenth month of the Parasolverse Read-Along. The book for December is Reticence book four of The Custard Protocol Series. Reticence Pages: 352Start Date: December 1, 2019Post Review: December 26, 2019Add to Goodreads.

Steampunk Digest - November 29, 2019 News roundup: Scenes from Sanford Steampunk Soiree; Zeman films box set; Steampunk film on YouTube; Latest from Alice’s Night Circus; Steam Marines 2; New Misfit Squadron tale; Mad Science exhibition returns to Watch City; Clockwork Alchemy welcomes the O’Hares; Mad Hatter festival.

The Delta Pearl Saturday, November 30, 2019. Welcome back to the steampunk riverboat, my chuckaboos! For those of you who are celebrating an extended weekend for Thanksgiving, stay safe and warm! With the holiday in mind, I expect a lot of readers will miss this chapter.

El futuro según el steampunk - Retrofuturismo En esta ocasión es tiempo de hablar del steampunk, que al igual que otras corrientes retrofuturistas esta se inspira en una época específica, en este caso la época victoriana. Acompáñeme a conocer este…

Steampunk I went to a steampunk photo shoot and it was great! I have to confess, I was a little anxious because this year I have not went to many photo shoots and I think this is something you have to practice a lot to master, just been too busy. So anyway, I went to one and it was really good!

Steampunk shelving system Wall mounted rail with an assortment of height adjustable shelves in the Steampunk style, complete with valve and steam whistle! Designed to be used with 20 mm diameter electrical conduit as the rail.

Review: How to Marry a Werewolf by Gail Carriger How To Marry A Werewolf by Gail Carriger Steampunk, Fantasy, Romance, HistoricalAdd to Goodreads. SynopsisGuilty of an indiscretion? Time to marry a werewolf. The monsters left Faith ruined in the eyes of society, so now they're her only option. Rejected by her family, Faith crosses the Atlantic, looking for a marriage of convenience and revenge.

COKOHAPPY 6 Sets Rhinestone Mermaid Face Jewels Tattoo - BODY STICKERS Crystal Tears Gem Stones Bindi Temporary Stickers Discover How to Add Beautiful Design and Sparkle to Your Crafts or Makeup Without Breaking the Bank. Rhinestone Jewels are pre-arranged crystal gem designs embedded in an self-adhesive backing. At COKOHAPPY, We harness the artist in you with the ability to liven up any crafts, face, or festival.

WSO-502 High Low Steampunk Skirt by TheFairiesPyjamas We love designs that are multi functional. Especially when they can transition from costume / cosplay/festival wear to everyday urban wear. The High Low skirt is already higher in the front and lower in the back. You can then use the railpulls to manipulate the skirt to become shorter by pushing up the fabric and tying a bow on each rail.

Steampunk DIY Rudolf And Sled I made a Steampunk diy Rudolf and Sled using strandbeest, i hope you like it 🙂source impact diysteampunksteampunk christmassteampunk diysteampunk rudolfsteampunk santa sledsteampunk sledsteampunk strandbeeststrandbeeststrandbeest diyTheo Jansen's Strandbeest Carrie Hughes Vintage Steampunk Open face Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with...

Forum Novelties - Steampunk Gear Earrings Previous ArticleCharmian Women's Steampunk Victorian Gothic Lace Trim Ruffled High Low Skirt Fashion Temporary Tattoo Transfer Stickers - 8 Sheets Large Size Tattoo Body Stickers for Man and Women Waterproof Removeable Non-Toxics and Safe for All Skin 36pcs Clock and Watch Dial Face Movement Charm Alloy Multistyle Steampunk Pendant Connector for...

Charmian Women's Steampunk Victorian Gothic Lace Trim Ruffled High Low Skirt : Charmian Steampunk Victorian Gothic Lace Trim Ruffled High Low Skirt. It adopted high waist and ruched design, ankle length, both side of waistband is decorated by button accents, drawstring straps to adjust the length of skirt, two tiers skirt, embellished with black sheer floral lace trim hemline.

Review: The Fugitive and the Vanishing Man Title: The Fugitive and the Vanishing Man Author: Rod DuncanPages: 400Series: The Map of Unknown Things #3, Gas-Lit Empire #6. Elizabeth Barnabus, our intrepid adventurer, having made it to the Free States of America, is pursued, caught, and eventually escapes the custody of Gas-Lit Empire agents.

Orchard Corset cb-925 Womens Faux Leather Original Steampunk Corset Belt Prepare to wow when you complete your outfit with this amazing faux leather corset belt. A steampunk look to keep you on trend, this super stylish wide front corset belt with polished buckles will add a dramatic curve to your favorite outfit.

Langford's steampunk museum back for Christmas spectacular fayre A MUSEUM will be decking its halls this weekend for a steampunk Christmas celebration. Langford's Museum of Power is hosting its Christmas 'Frozen in Time' event on Sunday. The day will see the wonders of historical engineering meet science fiction for a Christmas spectacular.

Amscan Steampunkd Child Costume Price: Line Dry.No Bleach.

VintageBee 4 Pairs Elf Ears Soft Pointed Anime Fairy Goblin Ears Halloween Party Cosplay Steampunk Dress up Costumes Suitable occasion - Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, cosplay, masquerade, carnivals, parties, dress parties Material - Made of latex material, good workmanship and durable, can be recycled to use Feature of this ears - Soft latex elf ears, can dress up elves, fairies, pixies, goblin and more Color - Three different colors, you also can use...

Sepia Cyber Goggles Steampunk Welding Goth Cosplay Vintage Goggles Rustic : Sepia Steampunk Goggles are 5″ wide and each lens is 2″. It holds on the head with an adjustable rubber strap that the extended version is 12″, and the shorter version is 7″. These glasses are ideal for playing dress up, pretend play, and for Halloween costume accessories, etc.

Trophy T: Steampunk Style with Ultra4 Chops Turning inspiration into action is no easy task. But, that's exactly what Odell did with his all-new shop truck build for which he's dubbed the Trophy T. From a functional standpoint, it's essentially a 4400 Ultra4 Racing car wrapped in sheetmetal from a 1946 Diamond T.

ZLY Medieval Gothic Steampunk Corset Tailcoat Halloween Costumes for Women, Victorian Renaissance Pirate Vampire Jackets Coat : A fun retro medieval renaissance corset tailcoat for Womens Halloween costumes.* Put on this fashion adult pirate vampire jackets coat and you will be the most charming of the Halloween party.* Scream and Shout! * Medieval Gothic Steampunk Corset Tailcoat Halloween Costumes for Women, Victorian Renaissance Pirate Vampire Jackets Coat.

Anjoy Drop Leg Bag Fanny Waist Thigh Packs Outdoor Motorcycle Costume Pouches : Features: 100% cotton canvas traveling leg bag. Dimensions: 11.4 x 7 x 0.8 inch. Three zipped pockets, one cell phone pocket. Portable and Convenient for Assorting Things, such as cell phone, earphones, coins, Credit Cards, Wallet, Keys, Bus Cards etc.

Cyberpunk 2077's mo-capped sex scenes put the steam in steampunk Developer CD Projekt is well-known for their, erm, authentic representations of intimacy - The Witcher 3 famously shot 16 hours of mo-capped sex scenes - and it'll be interesting to see how Cyberpunk 2077 makes use of the technology and the more intimate first-person perspective.

Scenes from the Dickens Fair Cow Palace near San Francisco has been transformed into a re-creation of Victorian-era London for the 37th Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Highlights include Prof. Phineas J. Flockmocker III and his eight-foot tall Steam Man. Also: Readings by Edgar Allan Poe and tea time with Charles Dickens.

KII Steampunk Gas Mask : KII design offices in Hong Kong, Tianjin, Hermosillo, Germany and Los Angeles are totally dedicated to creating new mask designs to fulfill customer's needs. KII now carries the largest selection of laser cut masquerade masks in the world.

HDM S1 E1 - Lyra's Jordan Hello and welcome to the first review of the first episode of His Dark Materials! I'm going to try something new with this approach and I hope it'll work out for me and my viewers. So let's not waste any time shall we?

Womens Gothic Punk Asymmetric Hem Long Sleeve Loose Hoodies Dress Cloak Costumes Vintage High Low Sweatshirts Tunic Tops : If you like it, you would bought it at once, Caught the chance. We have confidence that you will love our item, if you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. Season:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Gender:Women / Girls Occasion:Daily, Casual, Holiday Party, Daily Wearing, Meeting Friends or Dating.

Killreal Women's Halloween Party Masquerade Brocade Lace Gothic Corset Skirt Set Two kinds of Item: Steampunk Overbust Corset and Steampunk Overbust Corset with Skirt Set. Each item is suitable for Steampunk-themed, Night Out Dancing, Halloween Party or Other Occasions. If you want item comes with corset and skirt, please order the Corset with Skirt Set.

Ellie Shoes Men's Amos Steampunk Boots - Victorian Costume Shoes : Ellie Shoes Men's Steam Punk Boot Look the best at your next Halloween or costume themed party by not missing a single costume detail. Bring your character's look to life with Ellie's Costume Shoe Line. Step into your favorite character for the festivities and explore the world through your theatrical self.

Paint Your Wagon In earlier posts, I've discussed how my parents loved Westerns on television and at the movies. I've also discussed how the classic show The Wild Wild West taught me there was a type of western that I could fall in love with to.

Yiitay Halloween Lipstick Matte, Vampire Witch, Goth, Punk, Emo, Vamp, Waterproof Long Lasting Lipstick Halloween Makeup Cosmetic for Party and Cospla Firstly moisturize your lip with lip balm. Then cover the deep color of your lip with concealer so as to show the original color of the lipstick. Apply it from the middle to the both sides, and then purse the lips, get your lips smooth and attractive.

T: Vintage Steampunk Journal Monogram Letter T Beautiful Artistic Clock with Gold Metallic Gears 110 Wide Ruled Lined Pages 8.5″x11″ Price: This Vintage Artistic Design Cover has butterfly, Gold, Bronze, Metallic and Silver colors. With an old timer clock with a peacock feather. Perfect for back to school student in elementary, middle, high school and college teen. Awesome gift for a man or women who loves time travel designs.

Steampunk Victorian Marlow Leather Top Hat A sense of romance with a naughty dark streak flavors the Marlow leather fedora. From the top of the flat crown to the shapeable wire brim with finished leather edge, this firm, structured hat crowns you with a signature style of days gone by. The leather band with a rear tie sports a studded crosspiece and a flourish of colorful feathers.

RESTORATION of Badly Rusted SteamPunk Oil LIGHTER I bought this lighter online and paid really good price to buy this. I don't know this is antique item or not but it is such a beautiful crafted lighter. There were about 30 to 40 screws in this Steampunk lighter.

Steampunk Heart - Cosplay Sci Fi Fantasy Mechanical Gears Anatomy Unisex T-Shirt The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company grew from a dorm room project between two friends at the University of Michigan, to a couple of 22 year olds sleeping in a warehouse alongside their printing press, to a business with 50+ employees and a few dogs shipping apparel all around the world from Michigan!

100 Pieces Steampunk Eye Decals Steampunk Gothic Eye Costume Steampunk Clothing Accessories DIY Jewelry Making Crafting Dress Up Steampunk Gears for H : 100 Pieces steampunk eye decals steampunk gothic eye costume steampunk clothing accessories diy jewelry making crafting dress up steampunk gears for halloween punk party.

Soulless by Gail Carriger Published: 1st October 2009/26 September 2017 Publisher: Orbit / Hachette AudioPages: 357/10 hrs and 48 minsNarrator: Emily GrayFormat: AudiobookGenre: Steampunk / Paranormal - 5 Stars. Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many social tribulations.

PTC Steampunk Dark Crow Raven Setting on Skull Skeleton Sculpture Statue : This handsome steampunk raven is a great addition to any collection. Featuring a beautiful brass finish on a durable poly-resin body, the piece has been hand painted and detailed. The smaller design of the piece makes it a great decoration for a desk or end table, and it's smooth flat base means the piece is easy place and display.

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Amscan Steampunk Wings Halloween Costume Accessories for Women, One Size : Who said being an adult means you can't have fun? Travel back in time when you wear our Steampunk Wings featuring a gold frame bordering copper and gold gears. The 19 1/2in wide x 14 1/2in tall wings will give you that neo-Victorian style.

Arm of The Sphinx Review Paperback, 448 Pages Fantasy/ Steampunk/ Adult By: Josiah Bancroft Rating: 3/4. Senlin Ascends Arm of the Sphinx 3/4. I preferred Senlin Ascends a little bit more than Arm of the Sphinx and that's why I couldn't give it a full 4 stars but rounded my rating up.

The Hybrid Project: Hey, look over there! The Tiki-Plague Doctor is rollerskating The drawing teacher gave the instruction to complete a "large" drawing, then the details fell apart for me. What style, what subject, what… everything? These were the questions of my fellow classmates and the answers came back in such a fashion that it seemed anything would be accepted.

KBW Adult Unisex Steampunk Copper Cat Ear Helmet Mask with Goggles, Vintage Victorian Style Retro Punk Rustic Gothic Motorcycle Pilot Aviator Eyewear : Accessorize your steampunk costume with this Steampunk Copper Cat Ear Helmet Mask with Goggles! This copper steampunk helmet features a distressed finish and metallic faux wiring and other steampunk inspired accessories. This copper helmet is a fun addition to your steampunk cosplay.

Badiya Couples Multifunction PU Leather Waist Packs with Cell Phone Pouch Waist pack top size 10.9″ and bottom size 7.6″, the front pocket size 3.9″ x 6.1″. A total of 5 holes on the belt, each hole is about 1.56″ apart. Waistband Length: 21.5″ + 14″, Strap will adjust to a maximum of 17.4″-21.3″.

Ellie Shoes Women's 414-Mary Boot Imported Rubber sole Shaft measures approximately 14.75″ from arch Heel measures approximately 4″ Platform measures approximately 1. inches Boot opening measures approximately 10.5″ aroundVictorian boot.

Nuanxin Retro Round Gothic Steampunk Polarized Sunglasses for Men or Women UV400 & HD Polarized Lens Unisex Design Black Gold Looks very cool and passionated:. Nuanxin's small round lens sunglasses can bring you cool and trendy personality style, which makes you stand out in the crowd. Retro sunglasses bring you the old fashion to evoke the spirit when you going out. Suitable for all seasons:.