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Episode 376 Redux: O Sisters, Where Art Thou? This episode originally aired on the 5th of February, 2016. Hello sweeties! The ladies are back to their usual shenanigans. Heaven help us all! The Clockwork Cabaret
Episode 363 Redux: Friends with Automatons This episode originally aired on the 6th of November, 2015. Greetings! Well, Poppy's growing pains are rapidly becoming a major disease, which is odd for an automaton. We've sent her off to make friends and help us acquire a new airship… hopefully, it'll work. The Clockwork Cabaret
Wages of Sin session 5 We continue with our pulp adventures via the Indiana Jones system by TSR. Kim, John, and Todd continue the saga as we find out about the Lamont's past. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 324 Redux: We Ain't Afraid of No Monsters This episode originally aired on the 28th of October, 2014. Yes, this is The Clockwork Cabaret. No, Lady Attercop and Emmett Davenport aren't here. That's right. They went off to be monster hunters and I couldn't go with them because I had to announce this crummy episode… Happy Halloween, sweeties! The Clockwork Cabaret
BX Dungeons and Dragons session 6 A few small rules modifications continues! Bill, Steve, and Adam reprise their roles as: Radnor the large, Jazban the locksmith, and Nester Nettles the Elf. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 311 Redux: The Return of the Planet of Automatons This episode originally aired on the 26th of May, 2014. Automatons! Automatons! Everywhere automatons! 05.26.14 playlist: A.C. Newman - Take On Me Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys - We Don't Need No Humans CocoRosie - Not For Sale Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming Lothar and the Hand People - Machines Public Image Ltd. The Clockwork Cabaret
Turtles All the Way Down Episode 401: Dr Sage continues to travel without her friends. The Professor and Abigail surreptitiously follow after her time and time again, trying to figure out what she's up to. At home in the laboratory at Kings, Death takes on a new meaning. Sage and Savant
The Wages of Sin session 4 After a long break we come back to our pulp thriller by way of the Indianna Jones RPG by TSR! The players in this one were: Kym, John, and Todd. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 287 Redux: Waits, Waits Don't Tell Me This episode originally aired on the 2nd of December, 2013. Hello sweeties! This week's show is dedicated to one of Emmett and Lady Attercop's favorite musicians. Can you guess who it is? The Clockwork Cabaret
Pigsmoke session 14 Bootleggers part 2 Collegiate studies have never been so fun…or dangerous. We return to our Pigsmoke game as our not-yet tenured education The Players were : Joshua, Nick, and Marcus. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 286 Redux: Timey Wimey This episode originally aired on the 25th of November, 2013. Hello, sweeties! This week's episode is just a teensy weensy bit different than normal… Stand back or you'll get nerd on your shoes. The Clockwork Cabaret
Episode 24 Redux: Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla This episode originally aired on the 8th of July, 2008. Jump back in time with the Davenport Sisters, while they celebrate the birth of one of their favorite inventors, Nikola Tesla. They shall regale you with the wonderful poems sent in by their listeners about this 'Mad Scientist', and the story of his remarkable life. The Clockwork Cabaret
Dark Trails playtest session 1 The quick-start is not yet available to backers but is being worked on feverishly. This was released as a live stream on Twitch on the Notorious DMG channel. Thanks go out to : Steven the DM, OneCritWonder, Dustin, and DM Chuck as the players. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
B/X Dungeons & Dragons session 5 We continue our B/X Dungeons and Dragons game. We use a few house rules, but otherwise this game is as Moldvay intended. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 10 Redux: Captured by CLANNG This episode originally aired on the 1st of April, 2008. Welcome, dear listeners to the CLANNGwork Cabaret! The Davenport Sisters have been captured by CLANNG and forced to play only what CLANNG wants them to! Enjoy this festival of rage, evil, songs about jails and all the mockney you can stomach. The Clockwork Cabaret
B/X Dungeons & Dragons session 4 We continue in our old-school B/X Dungeons and Dragons. The players tonight are: Bill, Steve, and Adam. Of, Steam, Steel and Murder
Episode 315 Redux: Lady A's Birth-A-Palooza This episode originally aired on the 23rd of June, 2014. Lady Attercop has started her birthday celebration early this week. Say it with me, sweeties, restraining order. Very good. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant 06.23.14 playlist: Frenchy And The Punk - Birthday Fanfare Eric McFadden - Edgar Allen Polka Lee Presson and The Nails - The Mr. The Clockwork Cabaret