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Watch videos from vloggers who are part of the steampunk culture.

The Steampunk Beginners Guide # 10 - Technology in Fiction 2/2 Radio Retrofuture is an informative channel on speculative fiction, Steampunk and other forms of Retrofuturism.

Feline & Strange: SCIENCE FICTION Vintage Edition Who of you realised this harmless Steampunk song was about a bomb maker and reasons to run amok?. It's back on the setlist now…. Music: "SCIENCE FICTION" by "FELINE AND STRANGE". Lyrics:.

Steampunk clichés Explaining steampunk to someone is not always that easy, and mostly you need to go with the clichés… These are some of our own funny experiences. But I would love to know what your experiences are with explaining steampunk and/or clichés… Music:.

A guide to your steampunk character. In this video I try to explain the different steampunk archetype characters and how you can use them to make your own. Even where and how to find a suitable steampunk name.