How to approach chelsea

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Sage • Dec 28, 2016

How to approach Chelsea.

johnson - shawcross- pieters
Allen shaqiri crouch walters
diouf bony

Less is more in defense.The golden rule is that defense starts higher up the pitch in the first place, if your forwards and mids are not making the possession retaining tackles up there then the chickens come home to roost at the back! Chelsea are soft in the middle that is why Arsenal whipped them and hence the move to 5 in the middle. Important also is to limit aimless long balls, chelsea you beat with movement and forward passing speed, not static aimless long balls. They also start slow first and second half, that is when you pounce.
If mark hughes can drop the tired Sir Alex Ferguson playbook from 10 years ago for this match and do these basics, you will be surprised by the outcome. He has nothing to lose....nobody is expecting him to win anyway!

Franco's Bruvva • Dec 29, 2016

The last soft Chelsea midfield was against Arsenal and since then Conte has played a different formation giving much more power in midfield. They have won twelve games on the trot and apart from a Cahill o.g. the only goal scored against them was a screamer from outside the box by Eriksen of Tottenham, a game they ended up losing 2-1.

At present Chelsea look strong in defence, solid and compact, and they fight to take the ball. If they do, their speed of counter attack is awesome and with Fabregas and Luis both capable of pinpoint long passes, they are a scary outfit on the break.

Sage • Dec 29, 2016

The new formation is a bandaid covering up the vulnerability at centre. Conte went 3-4-3 to get help to costa by dropping one defender to move hazard forward. If you mark the 4 man midfield diamond man on man then the supply to the strikers dry up and the problem re-surfaces. Imbulas job is to receive the balls frm those duels and distribute it to the left wing via walters crouch and bony. If they suffle left to try to stem this attack they leave alonso exposed to the pace of allen, shaqiri and diouf on the right. Crouch makes the long ball over the top to costa a challenge as well. They also sre notoriously slow starters so if you strike quick at the beginning of both halfs in short 5min all out bursts, they crack. Cut the unneccesary long balls and dont stand still while u assess your next pass and they get really dizzy ball watching.

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