Stoke City forced to announce the club 'does not support the BNP

Conversation started by Robert Bey

Robert Bey • Feb 17, 2017

David Furness of the BNP is right. The huge Brexit vote proved that the British people have had enough and are demanding change. We are fed up with the out-of-touch political and ruling Establishment. Voting for yet another Establishment career politician will make certain that nothing changes. Vote for David Furness - British National Party - Local People First at the Stoke Central parliamentary by-election on Thursday 23 February 2017.

Graham Mills • Feb 22, 2017

As members of the football family would Stoke city fans and community wish to be represented by the bigoted Paul Nutall,his views on Hillsborough along with claims that he was a pro with Tranmere,a vote for Tories/U.K.I.P is a vote for hospital closures and a private N.H.S. (BET HE'S NEVER HAD OATCAKES)

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