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Porsche Will Offer the Cayman and Boxster With a Flat-Six Engine The Porsche Cayman and Boxster may get a flat-six engine option in the future instead of the turbocharged four-cylinder that's currently there.

Skoda Superb facelift teased before reveal later this month The Superb flagship is about to get a makeover, distancing it yet further from Skoda’s budget brand image.

Bentley wants to sell you a $255,000 Coffee-Table Book Only 7 copies of the $255,000 Bentley Centenary Opus coffee-table book will be produced and there are diamonds on it to justify the price. And it weighs 30 kilos! Bentley has taken merchandising to a new level with this – a coffee-table book which costs as much as a McLaren 600LT Spider.

Gold Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is a Mille Miglia Exclusive Well, Alfa Romeo won’t be putting this Mille Miglia-exclusive gold shade on the Giulia Quadrifoglio cars. The 2019 Mille Miglia race event was effectively utilized by Alfa Romeo to showcase a one-off Giulia Quadrifoglio finished in a retro-inspired Ochre shade.

Ferrari hybrid, 2020 Karma Revero GT, 2020 Toyota Supra TRD parts: Today's Car News Ferrari will launch a new hybrid supercar on May 31, and the performance is expected to eclipse that of the LaFerrari, Ferrari's first hybrid. This shouldn't be a surprise, as the 986-horsepower output of the new car is already 36 horses higher than in the LaFerrari.

Eriksson brothers keep it in the family as RallyX Nordic returns For the first time in RallyX Nordic history, the season began with a double-header, meaning double the opportunity to win - and double the entertainment for fans. The on-track action was first-class from the outset, from the headlining, flame-spitting 600bhp Supercar monsters to the supporting Supercar Lites, RX Academy and CrossCar categories.

Top Gear Puts the Honda NSX Up Against the Litchfield GT-R in a Dragrace It comes with 573 hp and 476 lb-ft of torque and can make the 0-60 mph run in just 3.3 seconds it also weighs just a little less than the GT-R. It's fast, but is it fast enough? Top Gear decided to put the Acura NSX up against the Litchfield GT-R to see how the two would compare on a quarter-mile dragstrip.

Evolution E-Types and Electrifi Will Build An Electric E-Type Evolution E-Types and Electrifi will take your E-Type and turn it into the ultimate electric sports car of the future. The conversion will cost $1 million.

Watch Ferrari's Upcoming Hybrid Supercar Get Chased by a Motorcycle Around Maranello The rider of a Yamaha Tracer 900 certainly broke a few speed limits trying to gather this footage.

Get a taste of the explosive acceleration of the new hybrid Ferrari And while the automaker is also developing a new platform for its mid-engine cars, it isn't clear whether the supercar will utilize the new platform or share a platform with the recently revealed F8 Tributo, which uses a modified version of the platform launched a decade ago in the 458 Italia.

Watch movie star Naga Chaitanya taking his Ferrari 488GTB for a ceramic coating job Naga Chaitanya, a famous actor from the Southern part of India is a Ferrari fanatic. Since many years, Naga Chaitanya owned the Ferrari F430 and roamed around in it in. Last year, the popular actor bought a brand-new Ferrari 488 GTB.

Fresh Mid-Engined C8 Corvette Rendering Depicts A Curvy Supercar Sightings of mid-engined Corvette prototypes have risen significantly in the last six months or so, and as a result, we've seen numerous fan renderings of what the actual next-generation 'Vette from Chevrolet might look like under the camo.

Pristine Honda NSX duo to headline Tokyo auction Top-condition examples of these can fetch Ferrari-esque sums, and this summer's BH Tokyo auction is set to see two of the world's best examples of R-flavoured NSXs do just that. First up is a 1995 'NA1' NSX Type-R - codenamed 92R - only 464 examples of which were produced over a three year span.

Charity boss visits Richmond in supercar during road trip Charity chief executive Simone Enefer-Doy made a pit stop at Richmond as part of an epic two week, 3,000 mile road trip with a difference in a bid to raise money for the little-known children's charity Lifelites.

Ferrari Hybrid Supercar Filmed Showing Impressive Acceleration A motorcyclist saw the electrified Prancing Horse in traffic and decided to follow it.

WATCH: Lamborghini's incredible Huracan Perfomante takes on Franschhoek Pass Wheels24 contributor Calvin Fisher recently got to witness pure supercar fitness with a drive in the new Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante. "It's a R6.1mil supercar that had me catching feelings before I even climbed into the driver's bucket seat," said Fisher.

Pagani Huayra BC Roadster & One-off Dragon Edition Spotted Again While only a handful of people will get to own the Huayra BC Roadster, the so-called Dragon Edition is a one-off commissioned by the owner of TopCar Design. Pagani is currently putting the final touches on the open top version of the Huayra BC. The Huayra BC Roadster is expected to be the most extreme versions of the Huayra yet.

The supercars coming to Australian shores this Quarter Search new and used cars, and get expert advice to make the right choice on your next vehicle from the team at

Supercar Ghosts With the McLaren Senna arriving shortly, I have been reflecting back on the different supercars I have owned over the years. They basically fall into three groups; missed and would like it back, enjoyed owning but it was time to move on, and thank god it's gone.

Driver of £100K Ferrari Testarossa forced to flee vintage supercar after it burst into flames in Hampshire THE terrified driver of a vintage red Ferrari was forced to flee the £100,000 car after it burst into flames. Dramatic pictures of the Ferrari Testarossa show it destroyed by the blaze after two fire crews battled to subdue the blaze in Wickham, Hants.

The Grand Tour Update: ISIS and Terrorism Fears lead to Episode Scrapping What could have been a truly epic episode of The Grand Tour just got scrapped at the brainstorming meeting. Jeremy Clarkson explains the reasons in his Sunday Times column. As announced by a teary-eyed and emotional Jeremy Clarkson in the last episode of The Grand Tour Season 3 final episode, the series is changing its.

Throttle House compares Honda Civic Type R with BMW M2 Competition Will the Honda Civic Type R be able to fend off the BMW M2 Competition in this track battle episode of Throttle House? It took the BMW M2 Competition 7:52:36 to lap the Nurburgring. The Honda Civic Type R covered the circuit in 7:43.8, thereby clinching the record for the fastest FWD car on the.

V8 SUPERCAR DOOR - Collectables - Gumtree Australia Bendigo City - Bendigo - 1218668909 Chris Pither signed door from Bathurst race Same year he won the championship, 1218668909.

Top Gear's Rory Reid pits a Honda NSX against a Litchfield Nissan GT-R Godzilla We won't be spoiling the results through words. The video tells the outcome much better than any words can describe. However, we'll place some numbers and facts on the table so that you can have some fun in making a calculated guess.

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