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Giant Nazare After a strike mission to Ireland and scoring some great waves, Cotty came back to Nazarà with an injury, but managed to recover and surf some of the biggest waves he has ever caught at NazarÃ!

Prescription The pair journeyed hours to a mystical place that they had only heard about in myths and legend. The temperature in February exceeded our expectations, sunlight and little wind allowed Sebastian Smart to wear only a wetsuit and boots. The sensory advantage that this allowed helped with navigation through shallow grinding wave tunnels.

Kerby Brown Defies Death at This Demented-Looking Left The hard-charging hellman dances with one of Oz's heaviest slabs November 22, 2019 By Ashtyn Douglas Social icon rssSocial icon instagram If you were given the opportunity to get towed into mutant waves like the ones above, at a sketchy, likely-very-sharky slab in the middle of god knows where, would you take it?

Speed Painting with Mermaid's Coin Get inspired with your creative side and try this video from Mermaid’s Coin.

Dolce Far Niente: Go Slow Don't Burn Out Whether you're ready to embark on a cold winter or settling in for a summer filled with warm golden sunshine days, have you thought about how to approach the changing weather and to opt for a slower pace of life?

Oceania Cup Returns to the Pacific Surfing Calendar The Oceania Surfing Cup returns to the Pacific with the eight-day event taking place at Aganoa Beach, Savaii, Samoa starting this Saturday. Six teams from across the Pacific will be participating at the event which is being held for the first time in twelve years.

Australians Are Paddling Out En Masse This Weekend to Fight for the Bight If you haven't, here's a quick breakdown of what's been going on: Last year, Equinor submitted an environmental draft plan for a deep-sea drilling operation in the Great Australian Bight-a stretch of marine-rich ocean off the coast of South Australia.

Membership Coordinator Vacancy - Surfing England Role: Membership Coordinator. Location: Surfing England Office - Braunton, North Devon. Hours: Part time and full time considered. Salary: £17,000 p/a pro rata. Employment type: Permanent. Start date: As soon as possible. Surfing England. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in English surfing.

Introducing the Kids of Queens When the hooter sounded, her cousin, Kaniela Stewart-who now sat across from me at the table devouring a bowl of pasta-made his way through the umbrella-packed beach, handed her the Hawaiian flag and helped carry her to the podium. Stewart, who just turned 18, is one of the oldest in the bunch.

Mentawai Remix Banish the winter blues, pull into some aqua blue pits with Angelo Bonomelli.

Toxic Point… Ephemeral waves in Italy with Roberto D'Amico. Scoring good waves in Italy is very hard, but when it happens, take a deep breath and make the most of it, because it will not happen again anytime soon. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to the locals for taking me there and sharing one of the best sessions of my life.

Sessions: Firing Pipeline The Northern Hemisphere winter is without doubt the most exiting time on the surfing calendar. We've got tons coming up so pop your email in this box to subscribe and keep in the loop - we're talking giveaways, exclusive subscriber sales, discounts, competitions, brand news and the chance to win surf trips.

How much money does an average pro surfer make? Do surfers make a lot of money? Only a few will become rich, and only a handful will become millionaires. Let's understand why. The Championship Tour is the elite of surfing and features 34 professional athletes. The winner of each of the 11 CT events takes home $100,000.

Blue Collar Charger Laurie Towner Trades the Job Site for Draining Desert Tubes The hard-charging Aussie scores tube after perfect tube on a hard-earned holiday.

The Art of Making Freezing Cold, Backless Slabs Look Fun Coldwater tube whisperers Dane Anderson and Wilem Banks get deep in the North Atlantic.

Solite invent custom fit surf boots. But two men, Jamie Meiselman and Tyler Callaway, have come up with a unique concept using a Thermo-Form sole to create custom fit boots. Jamie and Tyler grew up surfing in freezing winters in the northeastern United States so they knew that booties were the key to cold water performance surfing.

Top 10 reasons for retiring from professional surfing Why do professional surfers retire sooner or later? The decision to hang the jersey and the leash is never easy but, sometimes, it's quite inevitable.

Surfer Awards Announcing the 2019 Surfer Awards nominees for Movie of the Year Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from SURFER Magazine SURFER has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

Jake Kelly Gets All Kinds of Radical at Home in Ventura County November 19, 2019 By SURFER Social icon websiteSocial icon rssSocial icon twitter If you're looking for a quick hit to get you amped for your next session, look no further than the short above, featuring aerial wizard and Ventura County native Jake Kelly.

Now And Then From the 'Then and Now' series, this bad boy features everyones favourite laid back Gold Coast ripper, Joel Parkinson. We've got tons coming up so pop your email in this box to subscribe and keep in the loop - we're talking giveaways, exclusive subscriber sales, discounts, competitions, brand news and the chance to win surf trips.

Kai Lenny Is Making Flips in Big Waves a Thing And more insane performances from photographer Ryan "Chachi" Craig during the last epic run of swell to hit the Aloha State.

What Carissa Needs to Do at Honolua Bay to Clinch The 2019 World Title The waiting period for the final event of the women's 2019 'CT season starts next Monday at Honolua Bay, the famed right point where we'll witness a three-way showdown between Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and supergrom Caroline Marks. Not only will they be vying for the title but also the two yet-to-be-filled spots on the U.S Olympic team.

SurfGirl Magazine Understand the water temperatures you will be surfing in. : Depending on where you are in the world will determine what thickness wetsuit you will get. Doing a bit of research before you spend the cash will make all the difference. Find out how cold the water will get and then go from there.

Invitees announced for 2019/2020 Perfect Chapter The event commission awarded two wildcards to a Portuguese and an international surfer who weren't picked in the poll, based on recent performances, notoriety, and relevance for the Perfect Chapter. They are defending event champion, William Aliotti, and local surfer, João Moreira.

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