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Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Returns for 2019 After the success of 2018, and an all-time national championship event in Nicaragua, Oakley is excited to partner once again with SURFER on the greatest shop series in the country." New for 2019, competitors at Oakley Surf Shop Challenge regional and championship events will also be surfing for the Nixon Base Tide Pro-Formance Award.

Catch a Wave for Your Health: The Top Health Benefits of Surfing Any diehard surfer can confirm that surfing is crazy addictive in all the best ways. Luckily for you, your surfing addiction allows you to maximize the many benefits of surfing. Looking to get into the sport, or looking to justify your beach bum life to your non-surfer friends?

Longboard vs. Shortboard: What's the Difference? Most beginners face the same question, longboard vs shortboard, what's the difference? We are going to help you know the difference so you can decide which style of surfing is right for you. These are the OG of surfboards. While the materials they are made out of has developed and changed over the years, the general design has stayed the same.

Surf Rock Godfather Dick Dale Passes Away at 81 Born in 1937, Dale was a surfer and self-taught musician who defined the musical sound of surfing with his blaring and lightning-fast guitar playing in the '50s. A natural showman, Dale continued to unabashedly shred at high volume live and in concert up until the time of his death.

WSL announces changes in the Championship Tour format The World Surf League is making important updates in the competitive format, and opens way to overlapped heats.

Arctic surfers are shaping surfboards made of ice Between February and April 2019, the coldest months in the Arctic region, the duo is gathering a group of surfers, a shaper, and an ice sculptor to try to build surfboards using ice as their core material. "We know it will work, but first we have to cut out pieces of ice from a lake or something.

The Winter Surf 2: This Is Korea The surf community in Korea are hardcore, check out the edit and waves.

Game of Kook… Beyrick de Vries vs Shane Sykes Well as Mr Beyrick De Vries states - "basically like SKATE, but in the ocean." A high vibes fun-filled session of fresh challenges. But nobody wants to be a KOOK right? To keep the flow going the following are the 'official' rules of Game of KOOK: - A game of rock, paper, scissors determines who sets the first challenge.

Why Mentorship in Big-Wave Surfing is Crucial I recently caught up with Alms to talk about that process, why she thinks that mentorship is so important in big-wave surfing and how it can shape the future of the sport. Tell me a little bit about how you met Annie and how her first Jaws session came about?: I first met Annie about 4 or 5 years ago.

The Paddle Out - Ep 010 In this episode we talk to the legendary surf photographer Ted Grambeau. Ted's journey is long and illustrious, being one of the first guys to shoot in the Mentawais and beyond. Come on this little trip with us as we pick through Ted's brain and memory banks.

Auckland Couple Swoop Titles at Ray White Duke Festival of Surfing in Christchurch Auckland based couple Paul Culpan and Sasha Brownlie claimed the premier Men's and Women's Longboard Divisions at the Ray White Duke Festival of Surfing completed at New Brighton Beach, Christchurch today and together surged to the top of the national rankings.

WSL rejigs the format The WSL is gearing up for the big league season start in April with the welcome confirmation that they've tidied up the way comps work, as detailed above and below. No more long painful Rd2 or random Rd5. This also means if conditions are pumping overlapping heats can be run, maximising waves on offer and shortening event windows.

Get Fricked with Micky Clarke Industry News Popular T&C Surf Youth Comp Returns To Waikiki "Fricked II" features some damn fine tubes, airs and turns from the California up and comer There's something in the water in Ventura, I tell you. No, not urban runoff from the relentless rainfall over the past few months-although probably that, too.

Duke Festival Finals Set For Tomorrow After Triple Arena Day Young and old enjoyed a special start to the day at New Brighton, Christchurch this morning before the Ray White Duke Festival of Surfing pushed through dozens of heats to finals of all divisions. On dawn, Event Founder Warren Hawke gave a warming speech which was followed by a karakia that was taken in by the 200 strong present on the beach.

East Coast Legend Gary Propper Dies at Age 72 Floridian legend and winner of the 1996 East Coast Surfing Championships, Gary Propper, reportedly passed away last night. According to the Encyclopedia of Surfing, Propper was one of the most talented pros of his generation. In the '60s and '70s, Propper was a staple among the international surf community and was a prolific competitor.

Now Vlogging: Alana, Jack and their Baby Industry News Popular T&C Surf Youth Comp Returns To Waikiki A day in the life of Alana Blanchard, Jack Freestone and Baby Banks involves more surfing than that of most budding families Vlogs are having a moment.

SurfGirl Workshop: March Motivation - SurfGirl Magazine A fun and inspiring evening at the SurfGirl March Motivation Workshop.

66-year-old surfer has heart attack at Mavericks Christy Davis was enjoying a session at Mavericks with his friend, and cinematographer Grant Thompson was capturing the action from Curt Myers' jet ski. Suddenly, he started feeling an acute pain on the left side of his chest where the canisters of his flotation vest are located.

Pre Christmas Punts With Skim Master Brad Domke Brad Domke brings it on with board tranfers, slides and airs, hit play.

Jesse Mendes - Intra Mentis Jesse Mendes off the grid outside the tour, hit up the link.

Watch William Aliotti Artfully Navigate Hollow French Sandbars Industry News Popular T&C Surf Youth Comp Returns To Waikiki Caribbean tube-hound William Aliotti's new edit will make you want to book a trip to Hossegor, like, now Sure, you can travel to the ends of the earth in search of perfect surf, but sometimes the best sessions you'll ever find are at your home break when it's at its best.

A guide to Newquay Fistral - probably the most famous surf break in the country. Without a doubt, one of the most consistent breaks in Europe with ridable waves ranging from a foot to as big as you can handle. It is surfable on most tides, picks up all swell, holds on shore, cross-shore and offshore winds well and always offers peaks of some sort.

Groms Battle Away in Small Conditions at the Duke Festival Before Comp Shutdown The Ray White Duke Festival of Surfing got underway with local Christchurch surfers dominating the small conditions on offer today at New Brighton Beach, Christchurch. The event was cut short this afternoon with the unprecedented acts of violence taking place in Christchurch.

An interview with artist Bree Poort An interview with surf artist Bree Poort, discussing art, life and her routine. Includes photos of her work.

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