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January CoEd Retreat Highlight Video This week was one of our co-ed adventures. We had three couples and a trio of ladies join us for some long waves, awesome food, jungle hikes, and lots of surf improvement. One of the guys scored the best wave of his life on the trip after years of surfing.

Russell Bierke Will Leave No Slab Unpacked Unseen “B-clips” from the charger’s jaw-dropping 2019 short, “Flow State”.

Back To The Roots And the banks have not been perfect for many years, but it's back on form! Great to be back on that beach with this amazing wave. The french beach breaks are some of the most powerful and hardcore in the world especially in La Graviere. Filmed by: Michael Darrigade: Drone footage: Ikar Hegaldia: Music: Greta Van Feet black /Smoke Rising.

Shaping Icon Maurice Cole on Racism, Cancer and the Power of Surfing A new short dives into Maurice Cole's run-ins with the law, his health issues and what surfing has meant to him through it all.

Mateus Herdy is on the Fast Track to the 'CT As the son of Brazilian legend Alexandre Herdy and the nephew of Guilherme Herdy, Mateus is quickly following in the high-flying footsteps of Gabby Medina and Italo Ferreira.

Surfing England Announce 2020 English Nationals Format & Selection Policy for 2020 British Surfing Championships Following the consultation period and draft document for the 2020 English National Surfing Championships Format and Selection Policy for the 2020 British Surfing Championships we are pleased to share with you the reviewed and final policy.

Gabe Morvil's Tail Blow is a Work of Art The edit above is like a radical punch to the face. Sent to us by Metal Neck's Matt Tromberg, this 5-minute hit features a 20-year-old North Carolina kid.

Aritz Aranburu and Amaury Lavernhe win 2020 Quemao Class The fifth annual invitational surfing and bodyboarding contest was held in memory of David "El Fula" Infante, the legendary Canarian wave rider who passed away surfing El Quemao on January 1, 2009. The iconic reef break has once again delivered the goods, with 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders taking on the fast-breaking barreling wave.

One Day at Home, surfing Texas A great little edit into the characters and the community that makes up the super stoked surfing crew of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Saddle up and slide into a few with the crew.

Win £330 of winter kit from Typhoon Typhoon, People Of The Sea: Alan Stokes is up before dawn even in the dead of winter, drawn by the connection he has to the elements and the ocean. Feeling nippy? Typhoon make some of the warmest and most durable wetsuits in the world. To go along with Stokesys "People of the Sea" film we have all the kit he wears the video to giveaway!

Cold Comfort: A Tofino Surf Edit Embrace cold water surfing in Tofino with this beautiful edit.

The Origins of Surfing We used to believe that it was the Polynesians who pioneered the art of wave riding, famously documented by Captian Cook and crew when they arrived in the Pacific Isles. However, there is increasing evidence that people have ridden waves across the world for thousands of years.

The Wave in Bristol - honest review and helpful tips But back to the default response… Here's why you might want to pay for The Wave: - guaranteed chest-high clean waves - good chance of getting barrelled - you can choose to go left or right - crowds are not a problem - you get non-stop waves for an hour - no killer rips or harmful pollution - it's a fun experience.

5 green tips for eco-friendly surfers There are plenty of ways a surfer can increase the sustainability of their sport and reduce their impact on the water and beach environments they so frequently inhabit.

Ollie Dousset: the amputee surfer who challenged Nazaré Impossible is nothing." Discover the complete directory of adaptive surfing organizations.

Revisiting Kelly Slater's All-Time Soup Bowl Score From "Campaign 2" Just before the start of the 2004 ‘CT season, while filming for Taylor Steele’s “Campaign 2”, the planets aligned for the rarest of days in Barbados, and.

Matt Meola - A Surfing Surfer "Planet Earth" - like journey following Matt Meola surfing and fishing from Maui across the Pacific to the island of Fiji.

Matt Meola Goes Full "Planet Earth" in Hilarious Parody Through the narration of someone who sounds a whole hell of a lot like Sir Attenborough, Meola is identified as a species known as the "surfing surfer." "The island of Maui," the British voice begins. "This is the windiest place on planet Earth. For most surfing surfers, these harsh winds are a terrible nuisance.

Stephanie Gilmore: the profile of a unique surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore is a seven-time world surfing champion. In 2005, the Australian got a wildcard to compete at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and won the event. Steph qualified for the ASP Women's Championship Tour in 2007.

Jon Wayne Freeman Takes His Quest for Old Guy Airs to Lower Trestles "It's Tuesday morning and there's about 500 people here," said Jon before his session. "Nobody has a job, everybody's on electric bikes and rode in on their Sprinter vans. It's kind of a shit show, to be honest with you, but I'm excited! I really think it's gonna happen for me today." Was Jon right?

"Tappin' in with Jim" Ozzie Wright takes a few of the legendary Jim Bank surfboards for a spin. Joyous! Checkout Jim Banks range here.

Amputee Surfer Ollie Dousset Takes On Nazaré With One Leg! 18 months since docs told him he would lose his leg. Sydney amputee surfer is on a big wave mission.

New 5-Acre Wave Pool Proposed For West Side of Oahu It turns out those rumors are grounded in reality, as just this week the Hawaii Community Development Authority announced they're allowing big-wave surfer / Hawaiian legend Brian Keaulana to look into developing 19-acres of vacant state land in Kalaeloa, on Oahu's west side.

Light It Up! Captured over the course of the winter by cinematographer Tyler Hamlet with the help of Sweetgrass Productions, the visual journey features never seen before visual effects within nature and original artwork by Benchetler and Skye Walker.

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